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HOPKINSi Mr. W., Agent, Monmouthshire and

South Wales Enginemen's Associatipn. (See
questions 28397—28736.)

charge of ventilating fan.

Engineer in
prosecution of, 28729.

Act ef Parliament, aeneral and Special Rules :

Copies of Special Bules, supply of, to men,
amendment of Section 67, Sub -section 2, as to,
advocated, 28467.

Engine-winder, Rule 24, as to, amendment of,
advocated, 28436, 28451, 28641.

Prevention is the object of suggested amend-
ments, 28622.

Bediineg, over-winding accident at, 28629.

Sellers, see tide Engines and Boilers.

dydach Vale, accident m engine-house, 28429, 28683.

Engine-hense :

Ingress and egress, provision of two ways advo-
cated, 28426, 28582.
Accident owing to lack of such provision,
28428, 28683, 28590.
Signal by telephone or other means between
banksman and engine-winders, advocated,

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HOPKINS, Mr. ^.—cont.

^mfinmn and Enf iiMimn, other than engine-winders :
Certificate for» advocated, 28599.
HooEB of work:

Eight-hours shift advocated, 28458, 28681,

In certain collieries in South Wales and
Monmouthshire. 28461, 28729.

CngiMS aiHl B«i«n :

I Cleaning, more frequent, advocated, 28560,

Explosions :

Board of Trade enquiry after, 28574.
Number of, Witness has no statistics, 28568.
Inspection, increased, and appointment of Gov-
ernment inspectors advocated, 28411,
28557, 28561, 28669 :
Factory Act Regulations as to inspection,

Special Rule in force in certain districts,
28561, 28663.
Other engines than winding engines enumerated,

Protectors in front of water-gauge glasses, advo-
cated, 28421, 28580.
Injury to man resulting from absence of,
(See ako me Shafts.)

fiBfliM-windert :

Age and qualifications. General Rule 24 as to
amendment advocated to make it apply to
case where one man only is riding, 28435.
Collieries in which managers take advantage
of present wording of rule, information
as to, promised, 28451.
Appointment of :

Dispute between managers and miners, as
to, 28499, 28505. 28511, 28619.
Accident, supposed to have resulted
from, 28537, 28626, 28716.
Preference frequently shown to man from

another coUiery, 28662.
Responsibility of manager, extent of, 28521,
28616, 28641, 28653, 28656, 28659, 28727.
Certificate for :

Advantages of, 28715.

Strikes or lock-out, possibility of appoint-
ment of incompetent men in event of,
under present system, 28724.
Training of engine- winders :

Decision as to men to be trained should
rest with Union and not with manager,
28491, 28495, 28705.
Managers have right to use engine for
purposes of teaching when engine-
winder is not there, 28707.
Capacity of managers to teach,
Membership of Union, question whether
a condition of training, 28490, 28495,
'28499, 28506.
^ School for, attitude of Union, as to,

Hours of work, excessive : suggestions as to
eight-hours day, 28458, 28480, 28683,
Accidents, percentage of, under eight hours
^ and other system. Witness has no statistics

as to, 28470, 28487
Arrangement as to, in certain collieries in
South Wales and Monmouthshire,
28461, 28466, 28470.
Agreement as to eight-hours day, where
300 tons of coal are wound, 28478,

Increased strain with modem speed and

engines, 28734.
Less coal wound in districts where longer

hours are worked, 28471, 28486.
Responsibility of winders : prosecution in
event of mistakes, 28648.
Defence by Union, circumstances under
which undertaken, 28650.

Factory Act. examination of boilers under, 28416.

Rule 24, as to appointment and qualifications
of engine-winder :
Amendm<ent advocated, 28435, 28451.
Responsibility of manager, extent of, under.

HOPKINS, Mr. W.— conf.

Oray, Mr., evidence of, reference to, 28499, 28512. «

Hovn •! Work i

Coal hewers. South Wales, 28406.
Engineers, 9ee thai tide.
Engine-'winders, see thai tide.

I : Special Rule 91, as to examination of
boilers, 28561.

QualHICttloiit of Witness, 28397, 28731.

lUwarth, Mr., evidence of, reference to, 28404, 28458.


Amount of coal raised daily, 28734.
Engine-house, see thai Me.
Engine-winder, see that tide.
Overwinding :

Brakes, steam and foot, provisioa advocated,

Detaching hooks or visors, proviskm adyo-

cated, 28406.
Number of accidents from> in South Wales,

South Wales Mlitry Enginoiiifii't, te.» Ai io c i rt ioM ,
MtrnfeMTtllip, 28398, 28402.

Social Rules:

Boilers, examination of. Special Rules as to,

28561, 28663.
^Py of, supply of, to men whether f^^plied for

or not, advocated, 28457, 28607, 28612.

Trodtfar, accident to pipes leading to engine-house,

VtntHating Fan : Hours of work of enginaman,

reduction advocated, 28728.

HUGHES, Mr. EDWARD. Secretary, North Wales
Miners' Association. (^See questions 37184 — 87387.)

Accidents :

Falls of roof and sides, number of, 37211, 3721&
Fatal accidents, 37317, 37327.
Safety lamps, introduction of, piobable
effect of on, 37235.
Inspection by Home Office inspector after, 37259.
Investigation :

Board or Court of Inquiry, constitution of,
advocated, 37236, 37252.
Cost of, how to be defrayed, 37244.
Coroners' Courts:

Adequacy of, views as to, 37344.
Juries, ignorance of technical matters,.

Representation of men at, 37345.
Section 45, powers of Secretary of fiteto to '
direct inquiry under, 37238, 37249.


Advantages of prosecution as compared with

fining, 37192, 37296.
Attitude of men as to, 37194, 37296.
Extent to which inflicted, 37296.
Return of fines to men, 37196.


Separate travelling roads, provision advocated,

Travelling on, prohibition while wagons are in

motion, 37220, 37331.
Width of: space on same side as manholes for

men to travel along advocated, 37220, 37335.

imptetion aff Mines by Mints Oflciais :

Districts, size of, reduction advocated in some
instances, 37191, 37286.
Decision as to size should rest with Homo
Office inspector, 37293.
Duties other than inspection performed by

firemen, 37288.
Number of inspections and extent of ezaminatioiu

views as to, 37294.
Qualifications of firemen, class of men appointed,
desirability of examination and certification,
&c., 37370.
Time at which inspection takes place, 37348.
Wages of firemen, 37373.

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HUGHES. Mr. E.—corU.
iRtptcton, Home OfliM :

Accidents, inspection after, 37259.

Adequate inspection, viev» as to what constitutes,

Districts, size of, 37256.
Number of inspections, 37i85, 37261.
Number of inspectors, increase advocated, 37185.
Residence, place of, travelling entailed by, 37250.
Working miners, appointment of, as additional
inspectors, advocated, 37188, 37264.
To be eligible for higher grades, 37190.

HhUMftr'l CartHlctIt of Oomptitncy* working miners
holding, 37267.

Accidents from falls of roof and sides, number
of in relation to use of safety lamps, 37235.

Extent of use of, 37342, 37348.

Introduction wherever gas has been found, views
as to, 37228, 37343.

Rvltt, introduction of, consultation of men
before, advocated, 37207, 37298.

Tinktriiif :

Miles of road without timbering, 37212.
Person setting, 37303, 37355.

Greater freedom to, advocated, 37311, 37330.
Supply of :

Deficiency in, withdrawal of men in conse-
quence of, 37280, 37380.
Payment of wages in similar instances
advocated, 37381.
Special Rules 53a and 111 as to, 37354,
Systematic timbering, 37211, 37309, 37363.
Wages question in relation to, 37311, 37313,
37320, 37330, 37357, 37381.

Wagii :

Firemen's, as compared with colliers', 37373.
Timbering, wages question in relation to, 37311,
37313, 37320, 37330, 37357.

HUSHES. Mr. T., North Wales Miners' Associa-
tion. {See questions 27056—27190. )

Hattlag t :

AccidentB arising from low roofs, and suggestions
as to handles on wagons, 27092, 27135,
Ripping to increase height, 27136, 27182. *
iMpteton, Homt Office :

Wales, North, inspectors appointed for, should
be Welshmen, speak Welsh and live in
Wales, 27064, 27100, 27103.
District, size of, 27098.

M«lh«i of Working, Bersham Colliery— longwall,
27106, 27161.

Packing, defects in present system, and suggestions
for improvements. 27082, 27130, 27140, 27186.

Qnaiilicaliont of Witness, 27056, 27104, 27119.

Spocial Rules :

Discussion by men before introdaotion of, advo-
cated, 27070, 27120.


Dds, making and setting by men themselves^

views as to, 27126.
Propping: Suggestion as to two props under-
neath and bar at top, 27072, 27104, 27160.
Spragging: Supply of sprags by owner, and,
special payment to men for making sprags,
suggesti<Hi as to, 27078.
Old props, sprags made out of, under present
system, 27156.
Supply of, point to which timber is brought,

System at present employed, Bersham Colliery,

JENKINS, Mr. H.| Agent. East Glamorgan District,
South Wales Miners' Federation. (See qo/esiims

IND£X U. 519

JENKINS, Mr. H.—cont.

ffaotage : Double coupling, suggestion as to, 35289.

IntHCtion of Mines by Men : Reprisals by owners,
possibility of, and difficulty of getting men to make
inspection, 35273.

Inspectors, Home Olliee :

Number of inspections desirable yearly, 3c300,

Number of additional assistant inspectors desir-
able, 35300.

WcMrking miners holding certifioates of com-
petency, appointment as additional inspectors
advocated, 35274, 35297.

Manager's Oertiflleate off Competency, working miners
hokling in South Wales, 35276.

Quallfleationt of Witness, 35269.

Small Coal, deposit of, in gob or waste, objection to,.
Payment for small coal if sent out, question as-
to, 35366.

Timbering :

Distances, varying in each district, to be decided

by manager after consultation with work-

r men, suggestions as to, 38278, 35312^


Arbitration in event of disagreement, 35322,

Besponsibility of manager in event of
accident, 35325.
Person settine ; greater discretion to minera

advocated, 35326, 35358.
Besponsibility of manager in event of acoident
if timber set by miner has been knocked out
by deputy, 35361.
Special Rules 50 and 67, South Wales District,.
Continuation until new rules are in force,,
advocated, 35334.
Supply of :

General Rule 22 as to, amendment advocated,
and supply of timber sufficient to meet
emergencies, 35286.
Special Rules 10 and 11 as to, 35286.
Systematic timbering advocated, 35277, 35312,.

Unskilled Men, employment of alone, 35338.
Accident resulting from, 35339.

Inquest, inadequacy of, 35344.
Proof of experience should be required before
engagement, 35343, 35354.

MHNSONp Mr. J., M.P., Durham Miners^
Association. (See questions 35915 — 85969).

Enflne-Wintoe :

Certificate of competency :
Bill for, 35920.

Strike or other emergency, winding by
uncertificated men in event of, question
ss to, 35929.
Efficiency of, 35923.

inepeetlon by Mines Offieialt : QuaUfications desirable
for deputy, views a& to, 35933.

t OertMcale eff Oompetincy :

Ambulance work, qualification in, desirabihty of,

Board of examination to be appointed by all
Boards in the kingdom, views as to this sugges-
tion, 35951.

Variations in standard in different districts i
Scheme for uniformity, 35948.

OlMalt, qualification in Ambulance work desirable^

Shafts :

Overwinding, visor for prevention of, 35943.
Safety catches for cages, 35941.


Advantages of prosecution as compared with
fining, and suggestion as to abolition of fining,
35272, 36291.

Attitude of miners as to, 35293.

r cages, 35941.

Met-Mng :

Danger of permitted explosives, 35937.
Person firing shots, certificate of competency for»
views as to whether desirable, 35936.

WHenn, Mr^ evidence of, references to, 35917, 35933^

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JONES, Mr. T-i General Secretary, South Wales
WincUng Engineers' Association. (See questions

Olytech Vale, accident proving necessity for two
ways of ingress and egress in engine-houses,

Engine-houMt :

Ingress and egress, two ways of, advocated, 28746^
Accidents resulting from lack of such
provision, 28801.
Sanitary condition of, improvement of, and
provision of sanitary conveniences, advocated,
28740, 28791.
Signal by telephone or other means between
banksman and engine-house, provision advo-
cated, 28774, 28787.

Engine-Windtrs, hours of work :

Reduction advocated : agreement with, evidence

of Mr. Hopkins as to, &c., 28749, 28783, 28823.
South Wales engine-winders, hours worked by,


Engines :

Brakes, indicators, &c., see title Shafts.
Separators, provision advocated, 28760.

General Rule 30 as to indicators, amendment advo-
cated, 28771.

Hopkins, Mr., evidence of, references to, 28749, 28801.

Llynpia, shaft accident at, 28835.

Qualiflcttlons of Witness, 28736.

Rowarth, Mr., evidence of, reference to, 28823.


Indicators, provision advocated, 28771, 28784.
Overwinding : brakes for prevention of, provision
advocated, 28754, 28818, 28823, 28828.
Accidents owing to inadequate brakes,

questions as to, 28833, 28835, 28845.
Act of Parliament relating to, 28755.

KELLYp Mr. MICHAEL, Member ol Executive
Committee of Lanarkshire Miners* Union. {See
qitestimis 22375—22666.)

Amorica : Baths and change of clothes at pit-head,
question as to provision in, 22635.

Ankylostomiasis :

Bats, possible spread by, in event of outbreak,

Sanitary conveniences, see that title.

Baths and facilities for change of clothes at pit-head,
advocated, 22640
America, question as to provision in, 22636.
Houses, imperfect sanitation in, necessity increased
by, 22641.

Oadztw Ooilisry, inexperienced man appointed as
fireman, 22402.

Expiosivss Ordsr, provisions as to detonators, 22552>
22659, 22661.

Firemsn, see title Inspection of Mines by Mines Officials.

Haulage Accidsnls :

Account of serious accident in Eamock Colliery,

Prevention of, 22490.

Chains, 22490, 22577.

Compulsion advocated, 22494.

Runaway points, 22494, 22677.

Htttses occupied by miners, imperfect sanitation,

Inspectioii of Mines by Msn :

Cost of : guarantees of payment by Miners' Union,

Extent of in Lanarkshiie, 22457.

Lanarkshire Miners' Union, action as to, 22456.

Owners' and managers' attitude towards, possible
effect on men making adverse report, 22525,

QualifioationB of men making inspections ; em-
ployment in same mine, views as to, 22523,

Report to Executive Committee, 22462.

Witness, inspection by, 22513, 22519.

KELLY, Mr. M.— con/.

Inspectioii of Mines by Mines Officials :

Appointment of firemen by managers, objections

to, 22405, 22600.
Districts, varying in size of, decrease neoesBaiy

in some oases, 22389, 22591, 22596.
Duties other than inspection performed by firo-
men, 22391.
Limitation advocated, 22399.
Shot-firing, duties as to, 22*431, 22444.
Importance of firemen, 22410.
Number of firemen, increase advocated, 22592,

Qualification of firemen, class of man appointed,
&c., 22401, 22578, 22597.
Instances of appointment after three months*

experience, 22401, 22565.
Training of men for post of firemen, 22406.

Inspsctors, Home Office :

AccidJents, inspection after, 22427.

Adequacy of inspection, views as to: Witness

has never seen inspector making inspootion,

Number of increase advocated, 22428.

Managers' Certificate of Competency, miners holding,

Qualifications of Witness, 22375, 22386, 22417, 22507»

Rats in Mines, 22503.

Cafety Lamps:

Charge to men for use of, 22472, 22480.
Dispute as to introduction of, 22466, 22475.
Wages, extra, payment when safety lamps are
used, 22474.

Sanitary Conveniences, provision of, necessity for,

22497, 22621 :
Absence of provision, 22503, 22648.
Houses occupied by miners, defective sanitation

in, 22641.
Women working at pit-head, provision for,

question as to, 22654.

Cliot-flrinc :

Acts, Orders, Regulations, &;c., 22429, 226o9»

Accidents, 22444, 22556, 22585.
* Between shifts, practice as to, and views as to

desirabiUty of, 22545, 22547, 22568.
Detonators, served out to miners by firemen,
22441, 22548, 22554, 22588, 22656.
Explosives Order, contravention of, 22552,

22659, 22661.
Inspectors and managers, cognisance of this
practice, 22657, 22659.
Electricity, shot-firing by, 22443, 22448, 22566.
Extent to which practised, 22437.
Notice to manager and permission from him
before shots are fired in haulage roads,
advocated, 22568, 22569.
Permitted explosives, 22595.
Person firing shot, 22431, 22449, 22554.

Method described, 22444, 22583.
Safety -lamp mines, ^ot-firing in, 22545, 22547.
Stemming shot and boring hole, 22438, 22570,

Tsmperature of Lanarkshire Mines, 22621.

Timlmring :

Acts and Rules, 22619, 22620.

Length of timber supplied, frequently too long,

Person setting : special appointment, practice as

to, and desirability of, 22536, 22604,

22608, 22619.
Wages, readjustment of, in event of, viowj* as

to, 22540.
Special rules not enforced, 22619.
Wages, Piecework, effect of on efficiency of

timbering, 22537, 22544.
Withdrawal of men if timbering is inadequate,

Water for drinking, provision of, necessity for, 22502.

Women, employment of, at pit-bank, 22650 :
Objections to, 22655.

Sanitary conveniences, provision of, question aa
to, 22654.

Digitized by




LATHAMi Mr. W.p Secretary, Shropshire Miners'
Association, (^e questions^ 32954—33442) .

Accidentt :

Face, large propartion of accidenta at» 3333 1»

FaUs of roof and sides, 33331, 33336, 33399 :
Complaints as to oondition of roof not made,

owing to fear of dismissal, 33340.
Securing of place after, extent desirable and

extent practised, 33342.
Winding should be suspended until timber
has been set, 33046.
Inspection by Heme Office Inspector after, 32962,
32986, 32992, 33092, 33320.
Change in scene of accident, prohibition of,
until after this inspection, 33035, 33201.
33330, 33405.
Investigation :

Coroners' inquests :

Adequacy of, views as to, 33176.
Constitution of, 33093, 33141, 33151,

Object, chief, of, 33136.
Second inquiry under Sec. 45, views as to,
33141, 33174.
Shaft accidenta arising from two-deck cages,

33062, 33414.
Unskilled labour, accidents caused by, 33049,
Friendly society statistics as to, 33051.

Aft Limit for beginning work at pit, suggestion as to,
33227. 33439.

AnicylosttiRiafit, prevention of, steps taken in Shrop-
shire for, 33115.

Bill promoted by Miners' Federation, consideration of
by Shropshire miners, 32957.

Boyt :

Age limit for employment in pits and at surface,

Hours of work, amendment of law as to, advo-
cated, 33279.

Meal-times, Special Rule as to required, 33026.

Proportion becoming miners, 33260.

schools, training of boy.s in, in mining matters,
advocated, 3326G.

Coal Mines Regulatioii Act, 1887 :

Section 35 as to leaving scene of accident un-
disturbed until after inspection, 33202.
Section 48 as to coroner's inquests, 33152.
Section 7 as to meal-timss for boys, 33027.

Contractors :

Decline of this system, and its effect on efficiency

of timbering, 33371, 33413,
Special Rules for guidance of, 33366.

Dust, effect of, on health of men, 33059.

Finos :

Advantages of prosecution as compared with

fininff, 33022, 33253.
Attituito of m3n as to, 332i9.
Choice between fines and dismissal, 33250.
Extent to which fining is practised, 33247.

Haulage : Watering in relation to horse haulage,

Inspoetion of Minos on bohalf of Mon :

Extent to which practised, 33007, 33009, 33294.
Owners or managers, reprisals by, in event of
adverse report, possibiUty of, 33008.

Inspoetion of Minos by Minoi Officials :

Districts, size of, 33018.

Duties of firemen, other than inspection, abolition
advocated, 33017, 33388.
Increase of duties owing to decline of con-
tractor system, 33371.
Importance of firemen, 33352.
Qualifications of firemen, class of men appointed
under present system, and suggestions as to
certificate of competency, 33350.
Wages of firemen, reduction in recent years,

Inspoctort, Homo Office :

Accidents, fatal, inspection after, 32962, 32986,
32992, 33085, 33092, 33320, 33330.

LATHAM, Mr. W cofU.

Inspoctort, Homo Office— con/.

Adequacy of inspection by, views on this point,

and as to what constitutes adequate inspection,

32962, 33309, 33316.
Complaints, anonymous, to: reprisals of owners,

Districts, size of, 32969, 33091 :

Division of districts and appartionment of
work, suggestions as to, 32977, 32981,
33306, 33308.
Number of inspections by, and number desirable,

32962, 32967, 33312.
Number of inspactors desirable, 32969, 33298,

33306, 33323.
Preparations mide at mine before inspector's

visit, 33317, 33324.
Qualifications, certificate 3, &c., 33300.
Travelling, time spent in, reduction desirable,

Working miners, appointment as sub-inspectors

advocated, 32983, 33299.

Manafor't Oortiflcato off Oompotoncy, Examination for :
Fiery mines, knowledge of, aavocated, 33115.
Local examinations, views as to, 33107, 33112.
Uniform system of examination, views as to,
33107, 33111.

Qoaliflcationt of Witness, 32954, 33264, 33296.

Sanitary Oonvanioncos, provision of, unnecessary,

Schools, training of boys in, in matters concerning
mining, advocated, 33266.



Persons riding on two decks, prohibition

advocated, 33062, 33414.
Safety catches and detaching-hooks, 33073,
33083, 33213.
Winding-rope, care of, re-capping, &o., 33218.

Shot-firing, withdrawal of men during, for avoidance
of noxious fumes, advocated, 33119.

Spaoiai Rules, introduction of, discussion before,
33025, 33041.
Shrop3hire Rules proving necessity for, 33025.

Staffordshire District :

Boys becoming miners, number of, 33260.
Size of, and of mines, average number of men
employed, 33256, 33284.

Stalimon, unskilled men appointed as, 33049, 33433.

Tomporaturo, excessively high, withdrawal of men in
event of, advocated, 33119.

Timhoring :

Accidents from fall of roof and sides, setting of
thnber after, 33046.

Contractor system, decline of, effect of on effi-
ciency of timbering, 33371, 33413.

Persons setting and supervising, 33049, 33433.

Supply, defective, accidents caused by : timber
sent down before scene of accident is inspected,
33204, 33405.

Systematic timbering advocated, 33044.

Unslcillod Lahour, employment of, in mines, objections
to, 33049, 33224, 33396, 33433.
Employment and payment of unskilled men as
drawers, &c., by colliers, 33229.
Consent of manager necessary, 33242.

Ventilation :

Adequate amount of, desirability of clearer
definition of General Rule 1 as to, &o., 33117,
33119, 33389.

Withdrawal of men in event of inadequate ven-
tilation, 33117, 33119, 33389.

Watering in Mines, suggestion as to, where horse
haulage is used, 33054.

LOVETTy Mr. L., Secretary, Leioestershire Miners^
Associatiou. (^iSee questions 3691 7 — 37 183. )

Accidents :

Falls of roof and sides, number of accidents from»
37021, 37029.
Less numerous when candles are used than
in safety lamp mines, 37125.
Timbering more important than use of safety
lamps as a preventive, 37129.


Digitized by




LOVETT, Mr. L.— con*.
Accidents— con^.

Inyestigation :

Coroners' Inquest:

Juries, constitution of, 37154, 37168.
Men's representatives, right to appear
and ask questions advocated,
Delay caused by necessity of getting
appointment in writing by
majority of men, 37166.
Second Enquiry under Sec. 45, possibility of,

AnkytottomiasU : provision of sanitary conveniences
advocated, 37177.

BatlM and facilities for washing, provision of, views
as to, 37000.

Electricity Rules, introduction of, 36946, 36956.

Explosives in Goal Mines Order, 1896, retention of
words: ''in such quantities as to be indicative of
danger" advocated, 36981.

Fines :

Advantages of fines and prosecution compared*

36927, 37088.
Attitude of Miners' Association as to, 36934,
37025, 37048.
Defence of men by Association in event of
unjust fining, possibility of, 37061.
Dismissal, possibility of, if man refuses to be

fined, 37060.
Manager, fining by inspector for breach of rules,

views as to whether desirable, 37094.
Offences punishable by fining, 36928, 37030,

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