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time for withdrawal of men, &c., 27655, 27679.

WILSON, Mr. JOHN, M.P.,Secretar}r, Durham Miners'
Association. (See questions 35372 — 35914.)

AccNients :

FaUs of roof and sides, number of, 35417.

Bain, Mr., Report on, 35450.
Haulage accidents, see title Haulage Roads.
Inspection after :

By Hom3 Office Inspector, 35701.
By men, 35473, 35596.
Investigation :

Coroner's inquests :

Adequacy of, views on this point, 35460,

35569, 35871.
Jury, constitution of, 35464, 35474.
Men's representatives, power to attend
and ask questions, and curtailment of
coroner's right of veto advocated,
35460, 35481, 35569, 35873.
Object of, 35467, 35474.
Second inquiry under Section 46, adequaey of
provision for, 35478.
Legislation, preventive, difficulty of, 35675,

Acts of Parliament and Special Rules, knowledge of
by boys and men, desirability of, 35809.

Airways* Return, instruction of men as to, advocated,

Altofs Explosion, Coroner's inquest: certificate
demanded frrm men's representatives before
admission, 35876.

Ankylostomiasis, no case of in Durham, S5486.

Bain, Pir., evidence of, reference to, 35400, 36424,
35432, 35685, 35818.

Banksman, employment of, 36863.

Baths and facilities for washing, 35536, 35581, 35902.
Cornwall, 36538. 36531.
Water supply in relation to, 36906.

Bill for compulsory certificates for engine-winders,

Boys :

Proportion becoming miners, 35799.

Schools, training in mining matters in, advocated,

Work done by before admission to coal face,


" Caviling " system in Durham by which man gains
knowledge of whole mine, 35772.

Gbeckweiflimen, appointment for inspection of mines
on behalf of men, views a8^to,^36766.

Goal Mines Rofulation Act, Section 48, Clause 8, as to
men's representatives at coroner's inquests, possible
interpretation of, 36873.

Dust, increased attention to, advocated, 36672.

Engine-Winders :

Certificate of competency for, views as to whether

desirable, 36367.
Duties phould be confined to winding as long as

engine is working, 35860.
Efficiency of, 35855.

Escape Shaft, instruction of men as to, advocated,


Advantages of prosecution as compared with

fining, 35U9, 36551, 36636, 36738, 35829.
Attitude of men as to fining, 36i20, 25424, 36737,
Refusal to submit to fining, 35623.
Trade Unions, attitude of, and extent of
power to protect men, 36549.

WILSON, Mr. J., M.?.-<ont.
Fines — cotu.

Decision as to fining or prosecution, 36687.
Extent to which practised in Durham, 36420,
36431, 36622, 36683 :
Mr. Bain's evidence as to, 36818.
Home Office, attitude of, as to maintenance of

discipline, 36616.
Offences suitable for punishment by fining, or by

prosecution, respectively, 36655.
Truck Act, regulations of, as to, 35637.

Foreigners, employment of, dan{^er of, 36885.

Qermany, salaries of working-class inspectors in,

Haulage Roads and Travelling Ways :
Accidents, 36535.

Endless-rope haulage, danger of, 35461, 36534.
Gangway, separate, danger of, 36452.
Man-holes, necessity for, if separate travelling

road is provided, views as to, 35731.
Position of hauliers when tram is in motion, 36593.
Ridmg on *' gun," 36688.
Separate travelling way and haulage roads, 35461,

35628, 36731.
Width of (space between rails and side of road),


Houses, Miners' :

Baths, provision in, views as to, 35539, 36582.

Instance of provision, 35902.
Distances frcm pit-hecuj, 35910.

Inspection of Mines by Men :

Appointment of two men to make periodioal
examination for a district, views as to, 36767.

Cost of borne by the men themselves, 35513.

Extent to which practised, 36400, 35511, 36750.

Official accompanying men, 36597.

Owners, reprisals by, or objection to this inspec-
tion, no instance of in Durham, 35514, 36596,

Qualification of men making this inspection,
extension of views as to, 35405, 36754, 35769,

Inspection of Mines by Mines Officials :

Adequate inspection impossible under present
conditions, 35409, 35417, 35606, 35703.

Before shift, time of this inspection, 36781, 36787.

Districts, size of, reduction advocated, and closer*
inspection of roof and sides, 35409, 35417,
35518, 35605, 35703, 35746.

Duties of deputies, 36408, 36412, 35417, 35516,
35605, 35839.

Hours of work of deputies, 35836.

Importance of, 35834.

Master shifter, inspection of roof and sides by,
possibiUty of, 36606.

Number of deputies in a colliery, 35784.

Qualifications of deputies, class of men appointed
desirability of certificates of competency, &o.,
35408, 35830, 35837, 36901.

Time that would be occupied in adequate in-
spection, 35781.

Wages of deputies, 35895.

inspectors. Home Office :

Accidents, inspection after, 35701.
Adequate inspection, views as to, and as to what
constitutes adequacy, 36377, 36602, 35702,
36714, 36778.
Clerical work, 36700.
Districts, decrease in size of, views as to whether

desirable, 35491, 35494, 35698.
Managerial responsibility would not be affected

by increased inspection, 35496, 35632, 35704.
Number of inspections desirable, 35376.
Number of inspectors and suggestion as to in-
crease, 35373, 35381, 35491, 35686.
Residence, place of, and time occupied in travelling,

Salaries of working-class inspectors, views as to,

36386, 35508.
Working miners holding certificates of competency,
appointment as additional inspectors,
advocated, 35382, 35387, 35389, 35492,
35501, 35509, 35608, 35813.
Duties to be undertaken by Uiis class, 36608.
Length of practical experienoe, 35396.
Number of miners holoing certificates, 35388,
35630, 35706, 35816.

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WILSON, Mr. 4., M.P.— con/.

MaHAftr, proBecutioQ of > for failure to prosecute men,

M«naftr*t Otrtificat« of Gompettncy :

Adequacy of system, views as to, 35484.
Working miners holding, 35388, 35630, 35706,

Mt«lioil Off Working Mines, Durham district, 35792.
Creep in long-wall as compared with pillar and
stall workings, 35793.


Ambulance certificate, holding by, desirability of,
35486, 35541.

Piclcorinf, Mr., evidence of, references to, 35633,

Prosecution :

Advantages of as compared with fines, see HUe

Manager, prosecution of, for failure to prosecute

men, 35650.
Number of, in Durham, 354^3, 35427.

RosciM Woric nnil Appliancos :

Training of men in, advocated, and compulsory
ambulance certificates for officials, 35486,

Safoly Lonps : *

Extent to which used in Durham, 35458.
Type of, 35459.

Sclioois, Dnrhnn Oounty Council, instruction in mining
subjects in, 35802.

8lMi-flrinf :

Charge, weight of, decision as to ehould be left to

man firing shot, 35671.
Notice to manager and permission from him

before shot is £^ed in mam haulage read, \iew8

as to, 35670. S6673.
Person firing (deputy), 35516.

Special Rules:

Introduction of :

Advertisement of rule by Home Office to
give opportunity to men to state objections,
views as to, 35665.
Discussion between owner and men advo-
cated, 35436, 35526, 35660.
Durham, procedure as to in, 35437,
Suggestion :

Men, suggestion by, views as to, 35444.
Owners, suggestion by, views as to,
Observance of certain roles, possible effect of,
on facilities for getting coal, 35587.

Timboring :

Accidents from falls of roof and sides, number of,
Mr. Bain's Report on, 35450.
Durham, system in, 35446, 35599, 35724, 35849.
Inspection, closer, advocated, 35746.
Person setting: deputy or men themselves,
systems compared, 35446, 35517, 35599, 35720,
Systematic timbering, views as to, 35450.

Variations in systems in different districts,
Thin seams and thick seams, danger compared,

Wages question in relation to, 35741.
Day wages possibly advisable, 35743.

Track Act, regulations as to fining,^ 35637.

Unskinotf Men, employment of, 35882, 35884.


Day wages, possible effect of. on number of acci-
dents, 35741.

Under-offioials, wages of, as compared with wages
of men at face, 35895.

Water Supply in relation to baths in miners' houses,

WIngats Colliery Explosion, rescue work at, 35486.

WILSON, Mr. JOHN, Agent, Scottish Shale Miners'
and West Lothian Coal Miners' Associations.
{See qu€8tmn8 2266»— 22863.)

QnalMlcftllons of Witness, 22668, 22868.

ShalO Minos, Scotland:
Accidents :

Haulage, see that sub-heading.
Investigation into under Accidents Enquiry
Act, 22764.
Procurator-Iiscal, private practice as

a lawyer, objections to, 22852.
Report, verbatim, supply of copy of,
free, to relatives, advocated, 22852.
Ambulance wagons, desirability of provision,

case proving, 22863.
Baths and facilities for changing clothes, desir-
ability of provision, 22861.
Evidence of Witness is given with reference to

22812, 22857.
Explosions of gas in shale mines, number of, 22676.
Gradient of ^ale mines, 22726.
Haulage accidents, number of, and suggestions
for prevention of, 22683, 22739.
Jack, use of, 22739.

Runaway points on strong iron tree, 22689,
Ingleston, fatal accident from miss-fire shot at.

Inspection of mines by men :

Compulsory use of powers, advocated, 22843,

Independent practical workmen advocated

for making inspection, 22843.
Owners and managers, attitude towards,
Inspection of mines by mines officials:

Appointment by employer, objections to, and
suggestion as to appointment and dismissal
by Government inspector and pa3rment
by employer, 22845.
Qualifications of firemen : certificate of com-
petency advocated, 22847.
Inspectors, Home Office, number of, increase

advocated, 22843.
Manager's certificate of competency:
Fees, abolition advocated, 22849.
Qualifications of candidates : *' Five years'
personal experience," loose interpretation
of, 22849.
Safety lamps, use of in, Witness knows of no

instance of, 22675.
Sanitation, improvement advocated, provision of

sanitary conveniences, 22852.
Shaft accidents :

Act of Parliament: Coal Mines Regulation
Act, Generid Rule 20 as to casing, lining,
or otherwise securing shafts, 22791.
Breaking of winding ropes, 22701.

Examination and renewal of winding
ropes, 22700, 22702.
Cages, bars advocated, 2^48.
Examination of shaft, perfunctory character
of, and suggestions as to amendment,
22697, 22790, 22792.
Overwinding, compulsory preventive

measures advocated, 22849.
Special Rule 48 as to examination of
machinery, ropes, &o,, amendment
advocated, 22792.
Shot-firing in, 22671, 22741 :

Act of Parliament : Coal Mines Regulation
Act, application also to shale mines, 22742.
Miss-fire snots :

Accidents arising from, 22823.
Period that should elapse before men
should revisit spot, 22677, 22680,
22743, 22822.
Number of diots to be fired simultaneously,

views as to, 22751, 22755, 22815.
Person firinff shots, 22674, 22678.
Powder used chiefly, 22731.
Strum or fuse, shots fired by, 22679, 22751.
Time at which shots are fired, 22682, 22818.
Special Rules, endorsement bv Joint Committee
representing employers and men, advocated,

Aocioonts from falls of roof and sides, 22705,

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WItMff, Mr. J.-eoii/.

Tim bering — cant.

Act of Parliament: Goal Mines Regulation
Aei^ CSonMsal Rule 91> amandmeat advo-
cated, 22708.
Inspection of roof and sidan, madaquMsy of,

22706, 22728, 22769.
Ftorfimstory natufe of prwent timbering,

Special Rules, 22714, 22842.
flappiy of timber, penon bringing timber
to working faea, &c., 22721, 22832.
Gompvilsion on ovnar and manager to
mmXf timber at working face
adVoeated^ 2d6(»3, 22772.
Wagea, leadjuatmtnt in this event,
views aa to, 28786.
Lengths of timber, 22603, 22774, 22828.
Position to which timber is usually
brought by management under present
system, 22772.
Systematic timbering (ciowns and ranees
every 8 feet in travellinig roads), advocated,
29705, 22766, 22638.
Uniformity of seams in relation to, 22828.
Unskilled men working alone. General Rule 39

as to, loose interpretation of, 22849.
Ventilation i

Act of Parliament: Coal Mines Regulation
Aet, General Rule 1 s
Adequate ventilation, olaarer definition

advocated, 22731, 22736, 22836.
Bxaminatbn of air-eunente, 22808.
Defect, chief, in, 22836.
Measuring of air-onrrent, 22733, 22804,
Fnqnenoy of, 22810, 22814.
Water for drinking, provision i^lTocated, 22862,

WINSTONE, Mr. JAMES, igent. Eastern Valleys
Diitriot, South Wales Miners' Federation. (See
qimtiona 34698—34864.)

Falls of roof and sides, proving necessity for

closer inspection, 34728.
Haulage, 34711, 34787.
Investigation : Coroner's inqueste, presence of

men's representatives at desirable, and abolition

of coroner's right of veto, 34737.

Airways, Itetwn, use of by men on withdrawal from
mine advocated, 34774, 34787.
Ventilation would be improved by, 34778

•tyt ( Interval for meals. 34824, 34832.

Engine- WMtn, eertifioato of competency, desirabilitv
of. 34862.

Bxplosivtt Or^r, amendment of tm regards caro of
e^losivf and detonator advooated. 34746.

H«Ulap Roail:

Accidents proving necessity for separate path-
way for hauUers, 347 U, 34787.
Separate pathway for hauliers advocated, 34708.
Space required. 34768.
Separate travelling road, views as to, 34781.
Signals, poaition of on. 34708.
Width advocated, 34769.

WIN8T0NE, Mr. ^.-conl.

Firemen. 34707, ^769.

Women employed &t surface, 34828.

inspectiMi ef Miiio vy mmim OMeMN ■

Adequate inspection, views as to, and as to :
Desirability of inspecting Uie tc^, 34701.
Accident proving. 347^.
Duties of firemen, Ifmitetion to examination

advocated, 34707.
Hours of work of firemen, reduction advocated,

34707, 34769.
Importenoe of firemen. 34836^.
Qualifications of firemen : desvabiUty of practical
knowledge and of certificate of competency,

McLartn Explotioa, reference to, evidence of Mr.
Thomas as to, 34699.

Mtals, intervals for, 34798. 34824, 34832.


Acoidente proving necessity for examination of
winding ropes, 34716, 34789, 34806. 34817,
Machinery and gearing :

Annealing ol chains, suggestioa as to. 34810.
Examination of winding ropes, &c.. 34716.
34789, 34796, 34816, 34818.
^eals, no arrangement as to interval in winding
for, 34798, 34824.

Shot-Hring :

Between shifte, 34864.
Explosives :

Care of explosives and detonator, 34742.
Supply of, free of charge, advocated. 34742.
In coal, practice as to, 34867*
Person finng shoto, 34742 :

Qualifications, deeirabfli^ of certificate of
competency, iflbo.. 34847,

Thomas. Mr., evklsnoe of. referenoe to. 34608, 34742,
34767, 34774.

TimNring :

Aooidente proving necessity for closer inspection,

Systematic timbering, desirability of. 34724.

Tirpentwyi MiifnTf Panty^Mlf accident at, caused
by defective winding rope. 34716, 34789, 34806.
34817. 34819.

Woinon, employment and hours of work, 34827.

YORKSIN, Mr. WILLIAM, Polish Miner, Bothwell
Park Colliery, near Glasgow. {See questionB

ForelgMn, Employment of:

America and Canada, foreigners passing on to

from Scotland* 22^.
Oompensation, payment to, 22927.
Conscription, avoidance of, 22927.
English language, knowledxce of, 22927.
Germany, Polish miners going to. 22916, 22920.
Likinff for the country, question as te, 22923.
Period of work in Scottish mines, 22911, 22927.
Previous experience, 22912, 22922.
Wages, amount of:

Adequacy of, views as to, 22924-
Exorbitent demands alleged, 22927.
Wife and family, 22927.

Qwdillcallom of^Witness, 22911. 3

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