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Rent of a public-
house called the Grey- £ i
hound, situate in the
parish of St. Peter the
Apostle, in Sandwich 56 - -

Rent of a piece of
ground in Fisher-
street, St. Clement,
Sandwich - - - 10

£.56 10 -

Sandwich Harbour:

Of the trustees of £
Ramsgate harbour the
annual sum of - - 200


Sandwich Gaol:

Half cattle-market £. s. <?,

tolls - - -55-

Half fair tolls - 1 6 6

£.6 11 6

A yearly sum not exceeding
200/. out of the public rates,
stock or funds, in the nature of
a county or liberty rate, raised
and to be raised within the town
and port of Sandwich, and its

One-third part of the yearly
surplus of the tolls and duties
payable at Sandwich bridge, esti-
mated upon the average yearly
amount of such surplus at the
five audits immediately pre-
ceding ; the last sum received on
this account amounted to
116/. 7s. Q}d.

Sandwich Liberty Rate:

A rate on the town and liber-
ties, in the nature of a county or
liberty rate.

Penalties and forfeitures on
summary convictions.

- - Sir Henry Furnese, of Wal-
dershare, in Kent, who died in
1712, bequeathed by his will to
the mayor and jurats of Sand-
wich, 500/. to be laid out in
the purchase of a freehold estate
to be settled on them and their
successors ; accordingly in 1727
the mayor and jurats purchased
the estate at Weddington for
528 /., which was conveyed to
them on 10th May in that year,
subject to an annuity of 5/.
a year.

The extra sum of 28 /. of the
purchase-money was generously
given by Sir ftobert Furnese,
the son and heir of the testator.

- - These estates were given by
Mr. David Turner, an inhabi-
tant of Sandwich, to the mayor
and jurats, by his will, dated
7th March 1665.

Purposes for which same
were Given.

- - In trust to dispose of the
rents, issues and profits of the
same, with the advice of the
town-clerk and the churchwar-
dens for the time being, upon
the 30th May yearly, being Sir
Henry Furnese's birth-day,
two-nftbs to the poor of St.
Peter's, and a moiety of the
other three-fifths to each of the
other two parishes in Sand-

- - In trust to pay and dispose
of the rents to such person or
persons as the mayor and jurats,
or the major part of them (the
mayor for the time being always
being one) shall think fit and
approve of under the seal of office of mayoralty, for a teaching
schoolmaster, to teach to write and read English, and be
to teach for the same all such poor children, male and female,
as to the said mayor and jurats, and their successors, or the
greater number of them (the mayor for the time being
always being one) shall, under the seal of office of mayoralty,
declare and judge fit persons to be taught for nothing, or to
have their teaching given them.

- - By an Act of Parliament
made in the 22d year of the
reign of King George 2, intituled
"An Act for enlarging and
maintaining the Harbour of
Ramsgate, and for cleansing,
amending and preserving the
Haven of Sandwich."

- - By an Act of Parliament
passed in the 10th year of George
4, intituled " An Act for vesting
the Appointment to the Office
of Bailiff or Verger of the Town
and Port of Sandwich in the
Mayor and Jurats of the said
Town and Port; and for the
building and maintaining a new
Gaol for the said Town and
Port, and its Liberties."

By the above-mentioned Act -

By the above-mentioned Act

- - By the several Acts of Par-
liament passed for the assessing
and levying of county and
liberty rates.

- - By the several Acts of Par-
liament imposing the penalties.

- - For cleansing, scouring and
depthening, preserving and
maintaining the haven of Sand-

- - Towards the expenses of
passing the Act, purchasing a
site for, and erecting, furnishing
and completing the gaol and
house of correction at Sand-

- - Towards the above expenses,
for which purpose the mayor
and jurats by virtue of the Act
borrowed the sum of 2,000 /. on
security of this fund.

- - Towards making good the
deficiency in the fund to be
raised by virtue of the Gaol Act
for the above purposes ; and the
mayor and jurats were em-
powered by the Act to raise
such deficiency by mortgaging
such portion of the surplus tolls ;
and the sum of 1,657 /. 15 f. 1 d.
has been borrowed on security
of this fund for the purposes of
the Act.

— Maintaining the prisoners
confined in the gaol, prosecutions
and expenses at sessions, officers'
salaries, and other usuat charges.

Present mode of Distribution
and Application.

- Given in bread to the poor
of the three parishes in Sandwich,
according to the direction of Sir
Henry Furnese's will, after pay-
ing the annuity of 5 /. per annum,
the repairs of the buildings and
other usual outgoings.

- - The fund, after payment of
the repairs of the buildings and
other usual outgoings, is applied
agreeably to the trusts of the
donor's will ; viz. to die master
of the charity school in Sand-
wich, who instructs six children
nominated by the mayor aud
jurats, oyer and above those who
are nominated by the subscribers
to the charity school.

- - Applied pursuant to the di-
rections of the Act of Parlia-

- - Paid to the treasurer of the
gaol fund, and applied to the
purposes of the Act.

- - Paid to the treasurer of the
gaol fund, and applied in dis-
charge of the interest, and also
the principal by instalments.

- - Paid to the treasurer of the
gaol fund, and applied in dis-
charging the interest on the
money borrowed, and providing
ar fund for repayment of the prin-
cipal money.

- - In discharge of the usual
liberty expenses*.

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Cohporatb Officers — Sandwich.


Henry Matron (dead) -

Augustine Smithers (dead) -

Richard Emmerson (dead) ....

William Slaughter (dead) -

David Taylor

William Wyborn Bradly (the present mayor) •

John Harrison (resigned) ....
John Maris Cocking (dead) -
John Fowle (dead) .....
Joseph Stewart (dead) .....

Richard Emmerson, jun. -
William Cocking (resigned) -
Stephen Bradly (displaced, Ind restored by

William Pettman - - -.

Frederick Pettman (displaced on the restoration

of Mr. Stephen Bradly).
Richard Harrison .....
Charles Emmerson .....
Edward Slaughter -
Daniel Hodgson - - -.
George Noakes (dead) - - - - -
William Henry Rolfe - - -
Valentine Hoile - - -.
William Robert Ashley Pettman (dead) -
SloMden Castle, jun


- - Linen-draper and Banker, and afterwards retired
from business.

Grocer, and afterwards retired from business.


Fellmonger and Tanner.

• - Upholsterer, afterwards a Farmer, and now

retired from business.

- - Brewer, Wine and Spirit Merchant, and now
retired from business.

Farmer and Woolstapler.



- - Esquire (late Secretary at the Sick and Hurt

Surgeon and Banker.
Stationer and Bookseller.

- - Brewer and Spirit Merchant, and now retired
from business.

- - Superannuated Comptroller of His Majesty's,

Comptroller of His Majesty's Customs.

Fellmonger and Woolstapler.

Grazier and Banker.

Grazier, and now retired from business.



Gentleman, farming his own estate.


Captain, n. n.

Deputy-assistant Commissary-general.

John Mourilyan, Town Clerk.


Charitable Funds.

Grammar School.

It appears from corporation books, that previous to the year 1648 there existed a charity under
the name of the Grammar or Free School, and in the above mentioned year it was removed (in con-
sequence, as supposed, of the demolition of the old school -house during the civil wars) to a part of
St. Mary's Church, called Farrer's He, which was by order of corporation " to be made fit for
a school-house, the money received of the former one to be employed towards the work."

The school has ever since this period been kept in the above place, and called the Church or
Grammar School.

The only endowments attached to the charity are the two following : — -

Gregory Fishy by will, 1640, devised as follows: " I give and bequeath to the Grammar School
where it now is or shall be within the liberties of Scarborough, one close, with the appurtenances,
lying in Wellington Grove, which I purchased of my brother, Thomas Fish, late in the tenure of
Kiger Nightgate, to remain to the said school for ever. And my will is, that in consideration of the
close so given to the said Grammar School, there shall be four poor scholars continually kept, being
of my own kindred or near alliance to me ; if none such there be, then to be made choice of by the
minister for the time being, or the overseer of the said school, and what remains, to the use of the said

Hie close contains »by admeasurement 1 a. 2 r., and is let by the master for his own benefit to
James Bailey, at the yearly rent of 6 /.

The corporation of Scarborough claim the right of appointing the master of the school ; and it
appears they formerly exercised such right. Of late the appointment by election seems not to have
been kept up, and the situation of master has been filled sometimes by the vicar, at other times by
the curate or some other person nominated by the vicar, with the acquiescence of the corporation,
but without any formal appointment.

460. 3 K T**

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The other benefaction to the school consists of a sum of 100L in the hands of the corporation,
understood to have been given by Francis Thompson, Esq., who was burgess of the corporation in
the year 1692 ; but there is no evidence to show on what trusts in particular this donation was given,
except the minutes relating to it in the corporation books. The following one, which occurs in
a book called the Vote Book, under date of 5th July 1 757, is the one principally relied on for this

" Voted, that Mr* Woolfe, the present master of the Grammar School, at Scarborough, shall
have paid him by the corporation 5 /. a year, by two equal half-yearly payments, as the interest of
100/. given by Mr. Thompson to the corporation, the interest of which monej' was to be for the use
of such grammar-school, and that such yearly payment be continued to him during the time he shall
well and truly execute that office."

Thompson's benefaction of 5 /. was paid by the corporation, down to the year 1 82 1 , to the vicar, and
not to Mr.Irvin, the acting master, the corporation believing that they are not bound to bestow it on
the master, but may appropriate it to the repairs of the school, or to its use, at their discretion.

The corporation are in possession of certain estates, the rents of which, about I. annually, are
appropriated towards the repairs, &c. of the church, of which this school is part; and the providing
of sacramental wine, and other ecclesiastical purposes.

Some amicable arrangements have of late years been entered into between the corporation and the
present master of the school, the Rev. Mr. Irvin.

The above statement is made to show the extent of the corporation connection with a management
of this charity.

Sir John Laxvson, who died in 1665, gave 100/., the interest thereof Jo be paid by the corporation,
yearly, on St. Thomas's-day, to the poor of Scarborough, for ever.

This donation, with 40/. more given by ■ Conyers, and 20/. by A lice Chambers, are vested in

the corporation at 5 1, per cent, interest, which is regularly paid out of their funds.

The interest is added to the sacrament money collected at ^lristmas, and the whole is distributed
by the churchwardens, to whom the corporation leave the application of the above funds, amongst the
poor of the parish, selected by them and the minister, in small sums, at their discretion.

Sedmans and Magginsons Charities.

Thomas Sedman, in 1 714, devised to the bailiffs of Scarborough, for the use of the poor, a house and
garth, in Carr Gate, for an hospital for six poor people, and a close, with a piece of ground adjoining
the same, called Bun Causeway Close, near the Segg Garth, the rent thereof to be paid on the
1st day of May, at the church-door of St. Mary's, to all such poor as frequent the same, except 20*.,
which he directed to be for the repairs of the hospital, if needful ; and if not, then to be paid to the
poor of the hospital. •

William Magginson, in 1697, devised a close or piece of ground, containing 2 a. 2 r. 20 p., called
Glover Pitts, adjoining the above, the rents thereof to be distributed to the poor of Scarborough,
annually, on May-day.

The house left by Sedman, now divided into three tenements, is inhabited by six poor persons,
men and women, placed therein by the corporation. The lands, which comprise in the whole
4 a. « R. 32 p., are let to William Sandwith, by agreement for three years, at 17/. a year, which is
the full annual value.

The rents, after deducting 20 s. for the repairs of the premises, are paid over to and distributed
by the churchwardens once a year, on May-day, amongst poor persons of the parish who attend
church. The repairs of the hospital, over and above the 20 s., are provided for by the corporation,
and the edifice is kept in substantial repair.

Farrars Hospital.

This consists of two small tenements or cottages, under one roof, situate in Cook's Row, near
Low Conduit, in Scarborough, which are stated in one of the benefaction tables in the church to
have been given by Mr. John Farrar, who died between the years 1627 and 1630, for the habitation
of as many 'poor widows as the same could conveniently contain.

The tenements are occupied by three poor persons appointed by the corporation, who keep up this
building also at their own expense.

North's Hospital.

This hospital is described on one of the tablets of the church as the gift of North. It is

situate in Tollergate, and contains four small tenements, which are at present inhabited by five poor
persons appointed by the corporation.

St. Thomas s Hospital.

It is stated by Tanner, in his " Notitia," that Hugh de Bulmer, temp. Hen. 3, gave lands towards
the founding an hospital in Scarborough, to the honour of St. Thomas, and that the hospital was
finished and endowed by the burgesses of that place.

The hospital is a brick building, situate at the north-western extremity of the town, and contains
13 separate tenements or habitations, which are occupied by poor persons, rent free, nominated and
appointed by the corporation. Both sexes are admitted into die hospital, which, at the time of this
inquiry, was inhabited by 14 poor men and women, and some children.

Attached to the hospital is a plot of ground, divided into 13 small gardens, for the use of that
number of the inmates, who are allowed to occupy or let them at pleasure. The best are let at the
rate of 7 s. a year each.

Burgh's Hospital.

This consists of four tenements in Dumple- street, mentioned in a benefaction table to have been
given to the poor of Scarborough by a person named Burgh.


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The tenements were occupied at the time of this inquiry by five or six poor persons, put in many
years ago by the Rev. Cornelius Burgh, a descendant of die donor, and who then acted as a trustee
of the chanty. Mr. Henry Burgh, of the Pipe-office, in London, is supposed to be the present
representative of the family ; but he has never interfered in the trusts of the charity, and is under-
stood to have resigned the management of it to the corporation, who have recently nominated a poor
widow to one of the apartments. The building itself is in a very dilapidated state, and is in danger
of becoming altogether uninhabitable. # *

Robinson 9 s Almshouse*

William Robinson, as stated in the benefaction table, devised to the poor in Scarborough a house
situate in Long West-gate.

This tenement was occupied for many years after the death of the donor by a family named
Ombler, and had fallen into a state of entire decay. Upon the decease of the last occupier of that
name, about 10 years ago, it was put in repair at the expense of the corporation, and has since been
let by than to James Brown, at the annual rent of 1 /. l s.

The rent has hitherto been applied in liquidating the expense of the repairs ; the corporation
intend, however, when the debt is discharged, to apply the rent, with their other charitable funds,
for the benefit of the poor of Scarborough.

Corporate Officers— Scarborough.

Names of Corporators elected Magistrates.

William Travis, third time (deceased) -

JosephThirlwall (deceased) -

Joseph Wilson, second time (deceased)

William Moorsom (deceased) -

John Coulson, fourth time (deceased) -

John Peirson (deceased) -

Joseph N. Vickerman, second lime (deceased)

John Hill Coulson ♦-

William Chambers, second time (deceased) -

Henry Byron - - -

Joseph Thirlwall, second time (deceased)
Henry Cooke (deceased) -
John Travis, third time (deceased)

Richard Wilson

William Moorsom, second time (deceased) -
John Bell (deceased) - - - - -
John Woodall, jun., third time - - -


John Hill Coulson, second tune - - -
James Cooper (deceased) - - - -

Henry Cooke, second time (deceased) -
Robert Marflitt (deceased) - - - -

Richard Wilson, second time - - -
Henry Hugall - - -

John Bell, second time (deceased)

John Wharton - - -

Robert Marfikt, second time (deceased)

.Edward Hopper Hebden - -

John Tindall, second time - - - -

Edward Dormer -

Edward H. Hebden, second time

George Kesfield -

John Wharton, second time ...

John Woodall - - -

John Hill Coulson, third time - - -
George Fowler - - -

Samuel Wharton, jun. -

William Bean Fowler - - - -

Henry Cooke, third time (died in July 1831)

Richard Wilson, third time -

Joseph Tindall - - -

Edward Dormer, second time - - -
Samuel Beswick . - - - -

Edward H. Hebden, third time - - -
Thomas Dowker Woodall - - - -

Profession or Trade.

M. D. -

Wine Merchant -

Collector of Customs

Wine Merchant -
Shipowner -
Architect -
Shipowner -
Wine Merchant -
Shipowner -
Shipowner -
Collector of Customs
Merchant -
Shipowner -
Wine Merchant -
Merchant -

Wine Merchant -
Shipowner -
Shipowner -
Sailmaker -
Gentleman -
Shipowner -
- Shipowner -
Shipowner -
W T ine Merchant -
Timber Merchant
Gentleman -

When Elected.

30th Sept.


John Woodall, Town Clerk.


3 K 2

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Charitable Funds.

per annum.

The Corporation of Seaford holds, under a grant from the Crown, certain waste lands, occasion*
ally flooded by the sea, the rental of which is 51 & 10*. per annum.

The Corporation pays out of this amount,

For a school -.-

Poor's rate - - -

A composition to the port of Hastings - - - - -

Salary to the town-clerk - - - -

The fike to the town-serjeant ......

Repairs, upon an average


Any surplus is divided equally amongst the freemen.






4 -
4 -

12 is 6



Charles Harrison, Esq.

Thomas Chambers, Esq.

Sir John Leach, Knt, Master of the Rolls.

The Rev. Thomas Evans, Vicar of Seaford.

James Brooker, Esq.

Robert Stone, Esq.

James Chambers, Esq.

William Chambers, Esq.

Thomas Harben, Esq. -

The Honourable Charles Lenox.

John Sargent, Esq.

Officers — Seaford.

The Right Hon. Charles Rose, Lord Seaford.
The Right Hon. Charles Augustus, Lord Howard

de Walden.
The Hon. Augustus Frederick Ellis, a Colonel in

His Majesty's Army.
Thomas D'Oyley, Esq., Serjeant-at-law.
John Fitzgerald, Esq.
Thomas Leach, Esq.

Thomas William Chambers, Esq. *

John Evans, Esq.
Thomas Allwork, Esq.

B. Harding Gell, Town Clerk.


Charitable Funds.


How Acquired.

Matthew Chubb founded an alms-
house for 16 poor women.

Margaret Chubb charged some land,
said to be purchased by the corpo-
ration previous to the year 1630,
with the payment of 61. per annum,
towards the support of the said
alms women.

John Boden, William Grove, and Jane,
his wife, charged some land, situate
in St. James's parish, with the pay-
ment of 26 /. per annum, towards the
support of Chubb's almshouse.

Francis Weeks gave 100/. in money
towards the support of Chubb's

Anna Murrell gave 100/. in money
towards the support of Chubb's

John Bennett gave 100/. in money
towards the support of Chubb's

Thomas Petty charged some land, in
Shaston St. James, with the pay-
ment of 1 /. annually, towards the
support of Chubb's almshouse.

* - Supposed by deed
in 1611. ,
Not known

Not known

- - Will, dated 26th
June 1738.

- - Paid to the cor-
poration by Mrs.M ur-
rell, 12th September

- - By will, dated
16th April 1771.

How Distributed or Applied.

Occupied by the 16 alsmswomen.

- - The amount is regularly paid to
the almswomen.

- - The amount is regularly paid to
the almswomen.

- - The corporation pay the interest
thereof regularly to the almswomen.

- - The corporation pay the interest
thereof regularly to the almswomen.

- - This 100/. was paid to Mr. Thos.
Tucker, the then mayor, and the
money is still in the hands of his per-
sonal representative, who has given his promissory note
to the mayor and burgesses fbrZpayment of the principal
on demand, with interest in the meatrtime ; the interest
is regularly paid to the almswomen.

- - By will, date un-

To the almswomen.

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How Acquired.

How Distributed or Applied.

- - The interest of this 100Z. is regu-
larly paid to the almswomen by order
offcthe mayor and common council. '

William Lush gave 100Z. to the mayor - - Bond, dated 22d
and burgesses to purchase lands, April 1713, and will,
the profits thereof to be disposed of dated 27th February
as he, by deed or will, should ap- 1718.
point; for want of such appoint

ment, to such poor persons as the mayor and common council should think fit ; and having
made no such appointment, he gives, by his will, to his trustees therein appointed and their
successors, full power to dispose of this charity with the rest, provided the mayor and cor-
poration for their own use agree to it, but if that be refused, the said sum was to be paid by
trustees under the will, to discharge the bond, desiring the yearly interest might be applied
to such uses as are mentioned relating to the same

By will, dated
23d August 1721.

- - The 2 1st December every year,
as directed by the testator.

Simon Whetcombe gave 50 /. to the
mayor and burgesses, and the rector
of Holy Trinity and St. Peter's,
Shaflesbury, to be lent to 10 poor tradesmen residing within the borough, to each of them
5 /., who are to give security for the repayment of the same, without interest, at five equal
yearly payments

Other Property.

The corporation are also entitled to
various houses, lands and heredita-
ments, within and near the borough
of Shaftesbury, which have been al-
ways granted out by them for leases
of 99 years, determinable on lives,
under .certain reserved rents: the
annual amount of such reserved
rents now amount to about 135/.
per annum.

- • Principally by
grant from the Crown
in the reign of Queen
Elizabeth, dated 15th
July, in the 27th year
of her reign (1585),
as well as by subse-
quent conveyances.

- - After payment of the interest of
the different sums bequeathed in fur-
therance of the women's almshouse,
and keeping the said house in repair, the
remainder is applied by the mayor for
the time being, in paying the salaries
of the corporation officers, and other
expenses incidental to his office.

Corporate Officers— Shaftesbury.

Michaelmas 1812,

— - 1813,

— 1814,

— 1815,

— 1816,

— 1817,

— 1818,

— 1819,

— 1820,

— 1821,

— 1822,

— 1823,

— 1824,

— 1825,

— 1826,

— 1827,

— 1828,

— 1829,

— 1830,

29 June 1833.

Richard Buckland -

John Cooper -

David Gillingham

John Rogers -

Thomas Bennett

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