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3 weeks after each quarter-day or usual day of payment. With note of like
letters to the County Commissioners of Kent, Hereford, Chester, and Essex.
lA 24, p. 188.]

Jan. 24, 25.

Jan. 27.

Jan. 27.



Jan. 28.



Jan. 31.
Jan. 31.

Feb. 5.

Feb. 5.

Feb. 9.

Feb. 1«.

Like letters to the Commissioners of cos. Grloucester and Durham.

lA 24, p. 190.]

Like letters to the Commissioners for cos. Cambridge and Northampton.
[A 24, pp. 192, 194.

Committee for Advance of Money to the County Commissioners for Lincoln-
shire. We send orders for sequestration of some in your county, the money to be
paid in to Haberdashers' Hall, and a return sent in 3 weeks after quarter-day.
You are also to return an account of your proceedings on our order of Sept. 30,
for levying certain assessments ; also we enclose summonses for 2 who have
removed, which you are to leave at their last abode or with their tenants, and
give us notice of such serving of them. [_A 24, p. 195.]

Committee for Advance of Money to the County Commissioners for
Cheshire. We send summonses for persons in your county to pay their assess-
ments, which your agent must deliver ; take affidavit of the time of delivery,
and transmit it to us. l_A 24, p. 194.]

Like letter to the County Commissioners for cos. Cambridge and Cornwall.
[A 24, p. 195.]

M. Dallison to the County Commissioners for Yorkshire. The committee
have youis of the 29th Dec. about moneys received on the -jq and re-
turned by Mr. Wright; but it being directed to the Commissioners for
Compounding instead of Advance of Money, it lay on the table till Jan. 21,
when I gave it to the treasurer, who has sent daily to Mr. Wright, but cannot
get the money. Wright is in town, but cannot speak with him.

As this causes delay and disappointment to those who were expecting the
money, the Commitee for Advance of Money beg you will take order that it
may be paid, and that you with speed return the rest of the moneys you have
received on the ^. [A 24, p. 193.]

76. County Commissioners for Cheshire to the Committee for Advance of
Money. We have sequestered the estates ordered 26 Jan., but 2 were already
sequestered for delinquency. We have also sent the several summonses ordered
28 Jan., for non-payment of assessments, but 2 of these are also sequestered for
delinquency, and one is dead. Particulars of cases. [1 pageJ]

77. County Commissioners for Cambridgeshire to the Committee for Advance
of Money. We have executed your order for levying the ^ ; particulars of 2
cases. [1 page.~}

78. County Commissioners for Northamptonshire to the Committee for
Advance of Money. According to your orders, we return our agent's affidavit
of delivery of summonses for the -Jj. [f page.'] Unclosing,

78. I. Affidmit hy Sam. Eearne, agent, of his delivery of 13 summonses for the

Jg- 9 Feb. [1 page.']

79. County Commissioners for Northamptonshire to the Committee for
Advance of Money. Report the re-seizing of one estate, and the discharge of
another, according to orders received. [] page.]



Feb. 25..

Feb. 26.

Vol. a LXXXVI.
Whereas by consent of the Arraj Committee, 150?. was allowed to Martin
Dallison and his- 2 clerks, who are fully paid' to 14 Nov., since which 371. 10s.
has become due to them for the last quarter, — order for payment thereof. With
note of IS March 1652, that the approval thereof by the Arm.y Committee has
been signified to the treasurers at Groldsmiths' Hall. [A 11, p. 230.]

The Commissioners for Sequestrations, for London, to transmit forthwith all
bonds and bills in their custody, for money due to delinquents or recusants.
[.4- 11, p. 226.]

Feb. 79a: List of causes depending for which dates of publication and hearing

have been fixed, from 17 Jan. 1651 to 25 Feb. 1652; [2 slieets, damaged.']

Ffeb. 80. Like list, not so full. [1^ pages, damaged.]

March 5. 81, County Commissioners for Cambridgeshire to the Committee for Advance
Cumbridge, of Money. We send yon an affidavit of the delivery of your sammoTises. There
is^l,500J. worth of timber belonging to Sir Ant. Cage, ii page.] Enclosing,

81. I. Affldavil hy Thos. French, jun., of Camhr.idge, he/ore the County Com-
missioners, of his delivery of summonses for i and'-^, to- 11- persons, one
could not te found. Particulars of cases, 4: March. [2 pages.]

H«Tch 5. 82, County Commissioners for Durham, to the Committee for Advance of
Durham. Money.. Accounts of 6 particular oases on which they received orders, 27 Jan.
1652, for seizing the estates for non-payment of assessments, [l^ pages.]

March 12. Order that on request to registrar Dallison, after search and certificate by
him, he draw up orders, with the certificates annexed, for discharge of assess-
ments for the ^ on those who have been summoned, but no further proceedings
taken, and on those who have been assessed but not summoned, but that in
all other cases he have special order therein. [A 11, pi 244k]

March. 17. 83. Ol-der that in all cases where informations have been given, of
dtelinqnency,, or of omissions and under-valuations in compounding, the
registrars of the Commissioners- for Compounding ' and Advance of Money
certify proceedings, and whether they were sequestered before 1 Dec. 1651 ;
and in case they were not, prepare disoharggs for them for all offences since
30 Jan. 1649, on their taking the engagement. In these oases the bonds of the
prosecutors are to be returned for their, discharge. Cases of assessments to be
discharged where the person is only assessed and' summoned, but where the
sum has been set, special order is to be had. [Printed form, 1 page, signed
by Martin Dallison.]

March 18-. 84, List of 18 discharges on the Act of Pardon of gentlemen in Cumberland
and Westmoreland, at request Thos. Wharton intheir behalf. [IJ pages.]

March 19. 85, 86, Notes by Thos. Turner of 5 persons, for whom he desires discharge
of asseBsment on the Act of Pardon, all which passed 19 March 1662. [2 papers.]

March 23. Committee for Advance of Money to the County Commissioners for Gloucester-
shire. In yours of the 13th, you note that the Act of Pardon has put some
stop to your proceedings, and ask directions. All. seizings and secnrings of
estates are discharged, thereby, if no judgment has been taken ; those who apply
on this ground we discharge, and order return of their securities, but it
would not be safe for you to proceed without .special order. No sequestrations
made before 1 Dec. last are pardoned by the Act. Send us a list of those in your
county who were then sequestered, with. their estates, and on what grounds, and
we will direct you.

Persons behindhand for their yo> '^^^ have been assessed or summoned, .wa
discharge on their address to us. But where orders for levying the assessment
issued before 1 Dec, we hear the cases before order. As to those who under-
valued their estates on compounding, those whose estates were sequestered
before 1 Dec. 1651, are not discharged. We can give no rule for further pro-
ceedings in such cases, and you are to certify ho.w far you have proceeded,
that we may give orders- for continuance of sequestration, or for discbarge.
[A 24, p. 205.]

March 24. 87. County Commissioners for Devonshire to the Committee for Advance of
Exeter. Money. On your order of 1 September for sequestering estates for the -^-g, one
was summoned, one cannot be found, and 2" others are dead. Particulars of
cases. \_i page.]



1652. ■Vol. A LXXXVI.

March 24. 88. Order that in all cases of delinquency, where the charge or proceedings
were before the late or present county commissioners, and not originally
before the Commissioners for Compounding or Committee for Advance of
Money, the registrars are to receive petitions for county commissioners to
' certify proceedings ; and on return of such certificates, if there have been no
judgment or sequestration, orders are to be set down for discharge ; if
otherwise, the case is to be set down for hearing. [1 page; also A 11, p. 293.]

March 26. Discharges to be also granted on motion or petition in all cases, on the
registrars' certificate that no sequestration has issued. lA 11, p- 287.]

March 28. 89. List of 23 delinquents whose charges or depositions were sent up by the
Commissioners for Sequestrations for co. Devon, as also of 6 received from
Mr. Bayley, but subsequently returned to him. [li pages J]

April 6.

April 7.

April 8.


April 8.

April 9.



April 9.


Committee for Advance of Money to the County CommissionerB for
Lancashire. On 31 March last, we, as Commissioners for Compounding, sent
you orders touching persons engaged in the late war with the King of Scots,
directing you to proceed according to instructions. Oar registrar says that
some of the estates have been seized 3 months, and no appeal made to us, and
that several, if not most, or all of the persons still enjoy their estates. We
desire yon, according to the 5th in.struction, to sequester the estates of all
whom you returned to us, except such as have orders from us to stay rents in
the tenants' hands, or receive them on security. We desire a report of your
proceedings, and an account of such as are not yet returned. [^A 24, p. 206.]

Whereas petitions are presented, and motions made, in cases where there
have been former proceedings, which are kept back by the prosecutors, and the
last order in the case not produced as directed, and attempts made to keep
from our knowledge former proceedings ; — no order is now to be granted till
the registrars give a certificate that the proceedings therein named (except
published depositions) are all that have taken place in the case. For such
certificates the registrars are not to demand fees. No petition to be exhibited
in future without such certificate. Where there have been no proceedings, the
registrars are to certify the same. They are not to give out any order unless
the former orders in the case have been taken out. And that none may plead
an excuse for not producing the last order in his case, a copy of this resolve
is to be fixed on the door, and another to lie before the committee, so that the
same may be duly observed. [^A 11, p. 324.]

Committee for Advance of Money to the County Commissioners for Devon.
Ton sent us last October charges and depositions against several persons, which
were delivered to our registrar. Some you have seized and secured, and others
we have ordered to be seized and secured. Send word whether any of them
were actually sequestered before 1 December 1651. Noted, that no return was
made, as it had been made to the Commissioners for Compounding. [^A 26, p. 2.]

90. " A particular of all estates under sequestration within the county of
Southampton, and how the same estates are let, from Michaelmas 1651,"
arranged in the division of the county — 106 estates — total rental 2,615Z. 2s. 2if.
Signed by the commissioners, Edw. Muspratt, Jo. Champion, and Edw.
Hooker 20 March 1652. Exhibited 8 April 1652. With a good index.
INarrow folio book, 16 pages, in parchment cover, much damaged.^

Committee for Advance of Money to the County Commissioners for
CO. Salop. In yours of 29 March, you say that you are proceeding against
persons engaged in the late war with the King of Scots. Ton are to take and
secure the estates of those against whom you have proof, to send up the deposi-
tions, and to be very diligent in finding out all who were active therein, and
proceed according to instructions. {_A 25, p. 3.]

Committee for Advance of Money to the County Commissioners for
Worcestershire. We received yours of 29 October, with dep >sitions against
those who had engaged in the late war with the King of Scots, some of whose
estates we doubt not you have seized and secured. Tou are, according to your
5th instruction, to sequestrate all whose estates have been seized 3 months,
unless yon have orders for staying the rents in the tenants' hands, or receiving
them on security. Also to the efiect of the latter part of the preceding letter.
[A 25, p. 1.]



April IS.


April 13.

April 17..

"W orcester


April 20.

May 4

May 5.

May 7.
May 7.

Vol. a LXXXVI.
Committee for Advance of Money to the County Commissioners for
Cheshire. Having received, from several counties into which Charles
Stuart and Ms army entered last August,, returns of persons who were active
and in arms for him, and depositions thereon, we wish you to make like
enquiries, and' take like proceedings in yoar county, and send us the deposi-
tions speedily. With note of like letters to the Commissioners of cos.
Hereford, Cumberland, Westmoreland, and GJoncester. {A 25,p. 4.]

91. Lite letter tathe Cbunty Cbrnmissioaeus for Northumberland. [J page,

92. County Commissioners for Worcestershire to the Committee for' Advance
of Money. On your order of 19 March, we send yoa a list of all the persona
sequestered in the- county since 1 April 1643, and not discharged. We will
observe youn directions of 9'and 13' April. We have not, nor shall we suspend
or discharge any on the Act of Pardon without your order. Particulars of
cases. We want an answer to our late letter about Major Blackwell's taking
distress of tenants to sequestered estates for 14! or 16 years' arrears of chief
rents, and also to the particular of the sheriffs taking distress for the debts
of proprietors. [2 pages.2

93. County Commissioners for Cheshire to the Committee for Advance
of Money. In answer to yours of 13 April last,, we cannot hear of any
in this county who appeared for Charles Stuart, son of the late King, except
John Sayer [see Tables]. Berchenhead, of Nbrthwich, was discharged from
sequestration as not worth 200Z. ; his estate is only 3/. or 4i. a year, and his family
live partly on charity. He was bailiff to. the Earl of Derby, and on Charles
Stuart's coming to Northwich, proclaimed him King, went with the earl to
Lancashire,-esGaped in the rout at Wigan, and is now living in or near London.

Sonne of Nantwioh gave money to Chaples Stuart, to preserve the town
from plundeii ;, we will inquire into^ this. Most of this county declared for
Parliament, and 4 regiments of foot, and one large troop of horse, raised at the
county's charge, marched to- Worcester, and. were at the battle. The old
delinquents that had compounded aided, the said troops,, and kept aloof from
Charles Stuajl;, Direct us if any discovery is made to. you, not known to us.
[1 pa^ei]

Committee for Advance of Ifoney to the- County Cbmmissioners for
Lancashire. We received yours of 9- December.; with depositions against
those who had taken part with Charles Stuart ; but contrary to our directions,
they were taken in. a promiscuous way, intermixing divers delinquents in one
deposition,, and sometimes only examining one witness. We desire you to take
further examinations, keeping the persons separate, or publication cannot well
be made in one case without naming the rest, and send us up your proofs
speedily. With note of like letter for the Commissioners of co. Worcester.
[4 25,^7.5.]

94:, County Commissioners for Cnm.berland.. to the Committee for A<dvance-
of Money. We send a list of those who were in arms against Parliament in the
three war&, and have not compounded nor appeared in the county since, and*
their estates have lain. under sequestration. The following compounded for the-
seeond war, viz., John Senhouse of Seascale [see Case^, Jos. Patriokson of
the How, and Wm. Patrickson of Weddicar, but were in arms in the third war,,
and haive not appeared in the county since. Their estates, real and personal,
are secured, [iipage.'] Annexing,

94, 1. List above referred to, viz. , Sir Tim. Featherstonehaitgh, KirlcoswaU ,-,
Sir Phil. Musgrave, Bart, Eadnell ;. Lancelot Walher, Torpenhow ; Rob^
Whitfield, Randell Holme. [5 pageC]

95. List of 11 cases on which discharges were granted foB delinquents, and,
of 14 more to be heard on 7 May. [1 pagei]

Committee for Adivance of Money to the County Commissioners for-
Dorset. Having sent you orders for levying sums on persons assessed, we
want to know what money you. received, before 1 December last, and what
goods, cattle, or rent you. have seized ; you are to return to Haberdashers'
Hall, not to Goldsmiths' Hall, the moneys so received, and the names of those-
on whom it was levied. We have much money charged on our receipt which.,
requires present payment. With note of like letters to the Commissioners,
for cos. Dorset, Lincoln, Tork^ Chester, and Devon. [A 25, p. 6-1




May 8.

"Worcesl er


May 11.


May 12.


May 14.

May 14.

May 18.

May 29.

June 2.

June 11.

June 12.

June 16.


96. County Commissioners for Worcestershire to the Committee for Adrance
of Money. Eich. Thatcher discovered in 1650 an estate of Thos. Smith, Papist,
of Bromsgrove, worth 111. 18s. a year, and the rent has been paid in over
since ; also in 1651 the estate of Wm. Nash, Papist, of Hanbury, worth 17/.,
which has been since paid in to the State. [1 page.l

97. County Commissioners for Yorkshire to the Committee for Advance of
Money. We send you our accounts for the \ and J^. We paid in more than
we received, as Mr. Eymer will tell you at his coming. [5 page.'] Enclosing,

97, 1. Note hy Ralph Rymer of receipts for assessments, 7481. 6s., and repay-
ments, 2761. 9s. lOd., leaving a halance of 4711. 16s. 2d. Also of 500/. and
100/. already paid in. [f page.^

98, County Commissioners for Cheshire to the Committee for Advance of
Money. You ask us to certify our receipts on assessments for the yb before
1 December last. We levied no money on assessments before then, as all the
persons whom you ordered us to sequester paid in their moneys at Haber-
dashers' Hall. The Act [of Pardon] has put a stop to all orders received since,
[f page.}

99, List of cases and reports set down for hearing. (1^ pages. ^

100, E. Wall to Dallison. When yours of the 7th came, the commissioners
had adjourned, and were on business about their accounts and keeping courts
on sequestered estates, but I gave it to Mr. Cunliffe. He fears that if the
witnesses are re-examined, many will deny what they aflSrmed, this being
often done in composition oases, and he wants to know whether it is needful
in all cases, or only in those where only one witness was examined. [1 page."]

M. Dallison to E. Wall, clerk to the County Commissioners for Lancashire.
In answer to yours of the 9fch, I do not think that by the letter of the
Committee for Advance of Money of the 4th, they wished yon to re-exa,minG
witnesses already examined, but to take distinct, and not promiscuous
depositions. \^A 25, p. 7.]

101. County Commissioners for Westmoreland to the Committee for Advance
of Money. By your order of 13 April, we have examined those who were in
arms with Charles Stuart in the last engagement, and sent the examinations,
and seized their estates. We will try to find out more.

We intend to send up all the Court rolls, and an account of the moneys
received by way of fines. We are in hand with the old accounts, but the work
is difficult and takes much time. [1 page.]

Committee for Advance of Money to the County Commissioners for Cornwall.
You are not henceforth to give certificates for money paid on the propositions,
or for ^ and ^, on pretence of the originals being mislaid or lost, until you
have a certificate from our registrar that the party has not used his
acquittance at Haberdashers' Hall by having the money deducted from his -j^
paid formerly. In these cases we have taken the acquittances; and if they
have new certificates, they may double the money, and thus raise a present
profit on what has been already allowed in part of their assessments. [A 25,
p. 11.]

102. All cases of delinquency in the former and latter wars to be heard
before this committee as Committee for Advance of Money, and the registrar
to them as Commissioners for Compounding to transfer the depositions and
papers to the registrar of the Committee for Advance of Money, [.ipage;
also A 12, p. 6.]

103. County Commissioners for Devon to the Committee for Advance of
Money. On your order of 7 May, we certify that all your orders for summonses,
seizures, and sequestrations for the ^ and -^ have been issued from time to time,
but we have only had the enclosed return, [j page.] Enclosing,

103. I. Returns on a warrant of 29 Jan. 16bl for raising sums on the estates of
5 persons named. [1 page.]

104. In cases of titles and of debts discovered owing to delinquents or
recusants, copies of the depositions are not to be given to either party until
both certify that they have examined all their witnesses, unless special order
is given where there is nut effectual prosecution, [j page ; also A 12, p. 27.]


1652. Vox,. A LXXXVI.

June 23. 105. In all Auditor Sherwin's certificates, he is to say when the return and
accounts he has from the late or present County Oommissioners begin and end.
• [i pa-ge ; 0-^0 A 12, p. 20.]

June 23. The Solicitor for the State to see that all orders for the benefit of the State be
drawn up by the registrars, and sent to the commissioners of the several counties
for execution.

The registrar and treasurer to have henceforth a special order for granting
the Public Faith for moneys paid on the -^, before they grant certificates in
such oases. \_A 12, p. 27.]

June 28. 106. Ealph Eymer to Jos. Beverley, agent to the Committee for Advance
York. of Money for co. York; to be left with M. Dallison. I send an answer to
yours about the 500f. I have directed payment of 200Z. more, and if more is due
on my books, I will pay it. Baylie has sent an answer to our queries about the
papers left with him, but those in Mr. Leech's charge are not sent, nor the
contracts which are confirmed, only an order naming that they are confirmed.
[1 'page.'] Enclosing,

106. I. Walter Rasby to Ralph Rymer. You have written me to pay the 600Z. to
Saberdashers' Hall, hvi my waster ordered me to pay it to Goldsm,iths'
Hall. Let me have a line about it. London, 26 June. With Itymer's reply
requesting him to pay it to Mr. Dawson at Haberdashers' Hall, and take his
receipt. 29 June, TorTc. [1 page.]

June 30. 107. Mr. Dawson to perfect his accounts with the auditor in 10 days, and
Herring and Waring henceforth to be treasurers to the Committee for Advance
of Money, and keep separate accounts for them, [f page.]

June 30. 108. Whereas by Act of Parliament of 4 Feb. 1652, all titles of honour

granted by the late King since 4 Jan. 1642 are made void, and are to be
brought into the Court of Chancery by their owners, under a penalty; and
whereas Sir Rob. Thorold states that, in a trunk seized by the late Committee
for Advance of Money, as belonging to Rob. Squibb, there is a patent for a
baronetcy conferred on him at Oxford, 14 June 1644, which he desires to have,
that he may deliver it up accordingly ;— order that the treasurer deliver over
the said patent to the Commissioners of the Great Seal. [1 page, A 12, p. 63.]

July 9. Committee for Advance of Money to the County CoKimissioners of Lanca-

shire. On reading your depositions in the case of Hen. Houghton, we find
many things in which we are not satisfied, and therefore cannot proceed to
judgment, viz., whether the witnesses were examined on interrogatories, or
answered viva voce to questions propounded by you; whether they brought
their depositions ready drawn and subscribed, which were accepted by you.
Some of the depositions in this and other cases are taken before Mr. Sawrey
and Fell, who are not authorised commissioners. Were these acknowledged
by the deponents before yon as commissioners ? Many persons examined
swore to the delinquency of many in a promiscuous and disorderly way, so
we are sending for 4 to be examined by our examiner. [A 25, p. 17. Bee
Henry Houghton, in Cases.]

July 30. 109. County Commissioners for Worcestershire to the Committee for Advance

of Money. Bequest for directions in particular cases. The cattle of several
of the tenants to whom we have leased sequestered estates have been driven
away by the sherifi", for the debts of the proprietors of the land, and the tenants

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