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4 Jan. 1643. EIOHARD BULL, Delinquent,. London. •

Notice that he is considered able to lend Parliament 400Zi, 88 37a
deducting what he has already lent on the propositions.

27 March 1649. Information that Anne Parker, lately married 21 181
to John Dethick, Alderman of London, owes him 300Z.

B.EP. 88 373 7 April 1649. Order that the Camden House Committee certify 6 259
in the case.,


Order in the House of Commons that the former order for 1 109'
restraint of the levying of moneys on 26 merchants of the
Intercourse named be renewed, and in force till the House
take further order. [^Printed in Commons' Journals, Vol. II.,
p. 915, but wifhowl the names.l

1-0 June 1643. The merchants are to appear before this com- 2 16.
mittee about their pretended privileges, and meantime the
collectors are to forbear levying their assessments by distress,
as they have undertaken that no goods liable to satisfy their
assessments shall be removed.

13 Oct. 1643. Order that the merchants of the Intercourse be 2 111;
heard to-morrow, and that the secretary to the Merchant
Adventurers attend.

14 Oct. Petition that, by ancient treaties with the House of 88 38
Burgundy, the merchants of England and of the 17 Provinces

of the Low Countries are mutually exempted from all taxes,
and the English there are exempt not only from them but
from all loans, even on extreme occasions for the mainten-
ance of wars. This present Parliament has freed merchant
strangers from subsidies, poll-money, the bill, of 400,000?.,,
the 3^0, and the weekly assessments.


Vol. No.
6 Jan. 1643. A or.p.

Ton beg tlie loan of 1,100Z. whereon we summoned the com-
pany, but considering the ill-consequences that would follow
in future, we must beg to be excused. The unhappy differ-
ences in the kingdom have enforced many assessments, and
some of us have received tickets of assessment, and this loan
would be considered a tax, and made a precedent. We beg
you not to be displeased with us, but we fear inconvenience to
the company, and offence to the State of the Low Countries,
f our superiors.

14 Oct. 1643. Order that the merchants be heard about their 2 114
privileges, and those enjoyed by English merchants beyond
seas, and that meantime they be not molested for any contri-
bution without further order.

14 March 1645. The merchants of the Intercourse to bring 4 77
in a list of their company, and show evidence why they

should not pay assessments.

21 March. They are to bring a certificate that none have been 4 86
added to the list of the Intercourse, and at what time they
were admitted.

20 Jan. 1643. SIE GEOEGB WHITMORE and his Sons GEORG-E and

WILLIAM, Langborne Ward.

Order in the House of Commons that Sir George be committed to 1 82
prison at Yarmouth by the Committee for Advance of Money
for non-payment of an assessment of 1,500Z.

31 March and 4 April 1643. Wm. Dash, his tenant, ordered to 1 120
bring in his lease, and pay no more rent to Sir George.

15 April 1643. Order that, as his assessment remains unpaid, 1 127
Col. Walter Long levy it out of rents or other moneys due to 88 39

4 Sept. 1643. His dividends and stock in the Bast India Com- 2 72
pany to be detained in the company's hands, for non-payment
of his assessment.

13 Oct. 1643. His lands in Essex to be sequestered for non- 2 111
payment, and the tenants to pay their rents to the collectors
of the Committee for Advance of Money.

23 Oct. Lord Mayor Isaac Pennington begs forbearance for 88 40
him, as to the seizure of his goods, till his steward comes
out of the country.

ACCTS. 88 41 24 Oct. Thos. Weldon, his tenant, whose cattle have been 2 123
distrained, to have them restored, on payment of 44i!., due for

10 Nov. 1643._ A bill of 201!. paid to the oflScers who have 2 142
distrained his land.

o. 2 161 21 Nov. The assessments of 3002. on Wm. Whitmore and 2001. on 63 94
George Whitmore, respited, because their father Sir George, 2 158
has given them no allowance for 12 months.

3 May 1644. Balmes Farm and other lands in Hackney, 3 100
and St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, belonging to Sir George, and
lately tenanted by Wm. Dash, let to Thos. Eichardson
[waggon master-general], of London, for 3 years, at 3001.,
he leaving it in good repair, the fences, hedges, &o., being
now ruined.

9 May. Eichardson to be put in possession of the said mansion 3 108
house, garden, &c.

10 May. Sir George assessed at 3,000Z., the Public Faith to be 61 157
given him if it is paid in 10 days ; if not, he is to pay 3d. in the 88 42
pound to the collectors.


Vol. No.
20 Jan. 1643. A or p.

11 May 1644. The keeper of Winchester Honse Prison to deliver 3 113
Sir George to the keeper of Lambeth House, there to be
detained till further orders, or till he pay his assessment
of 1,500J.

7 June 1644. Abr. Condall, of Eamsey, Essex, a tenant who 3 144
has paid 451. rent to Sir George, to be committed to Lambeth
Honse till he repay it to this committee, and in case of refusal,
it is to be levied on his estate.

14 June. As Eichardson has 2251. due to him for disburse- 3 149
ments, and pays money daily in executing his place, order that
his a year's rent of 150J. be allowed him thereon, and the 300i.
in future on account, and that 501. monthly be paid him till
the 500Z. desired in his petition is paid.
NOTE 3 270 18 Sept. 1644. Thos. Weldon, a tenant, who owes 217Z. 15s. 6d., 3 240
to pay 57i!. 10s. in 3 weeks, and the rest in 4 quarterly pay-

25 Oct. 1644. Order stating that Hen. Bnrridge, as executor 3 304-6
to his mother, owes 265T. 19s. 2d. for rent, at 74Z. a year, of
Dovercourt Rectory, on Sir George's estate, for which his
bailiff distrained, though it was previously sequestered. Also
that in August last, Eich. Hurlock rented the- said sequestered
parsonage for 551. from Sir George, who put Burridge out for
non-payment. Therefore Burridge is to be reinstated at
65Z. rent, and Hurlock considered for his loss and damage in
being outed.

18 Nov. 1644. Weldon, who owes Sir George 300Z. on bond, to 3 293
have lOOZ. excused, if it appear that he has been a great loser
by the farm.

25 Nov. Order for repayment to Hurlock of 291. 2s. id. dis- 3 307
bursed on Dovercourt Parsonage, of which SI. lis. 9d. is to
be allowed to Burridge from his next rent. With details of
other matters of account between Burridge and Hurlock, and
orders therein.
o. 4 5 • 27 Deo. 1644. The wood and underwood on Sir George's estate 3 344
in Essex to be sold towards his assessment.

7 Feb. 1645. John Staner, of Dovercourt, appointed bailiff 4 33
to sell the wood on 10 acres, and Eich. Edwards, late bailiff,
not to intermeddle, and the tenants to allow the wood to be
carried through their grounds. Staner to pay the money to
the Committee for Advance of Money, and have allowance for
his pains.

28 Feb. The committee recommend to the bailiff for Sir George's 4 62
woods the petition of Eob. Beart, to be allowed to carry the
wood, and also to purchase some on reasonable terms.

o. 4 191 3 March 1645. The rents of other tenants, co. Essex, reduced, 4 65
and to be paid to the Committee for Advance of Money.

4 April 1645. Information of a debt of 300Z. due to Sir G. 21 5
Whitmore by John Gibbon of London.

16 June 1645. Information repeated by Capt. Geo. Wood - 82 10
P.O. 4 207 14 July 1645. No Court having been held for 3 years on the 4 212

estate of Sir George in Essex, sequestered for non-payment of 88 43
an assessment of 3,000Z., so that the rents and perquisites
cannot be correctly ascertained, Wm. Foswist, of Lincoln's
Inn, appointed steward of Hobbins and Eamsey manors, &c.,
and to hold Courts as customary, and have the usual fees.
11 Aug. 1645. Thos. Gent to have a house of Sir G. Whitmore's 4 233
at Grays, Essex, where widow Griffin lately dwelt, at M. a
year rent.

17 Sept. 1645. Thos. Eichardson to be allowed deductions from 4 264
the 150Z. due for Balmes Farm of 191. 6s. laid out in taxes,
assessments, and repairs.



Vol. No.
20 Jan. 1643. -4 or $■

31 Got. 1645. Sir George complains of being assessed at 500Z-Gr-130-185.
for " our brethren of Scotland," though, he had not lived in
London for 12 months before the date of the Ordinance, and
his estate was seized for 1,500.\ for his -^, though he pays-
that assessment in the country where his lands lie.. Since his-
imprisonment, he has been assessed 3,000L for his ^, and all
his revenue for 3 years seized, and yet by the neglect audi
charges of the officers, not 1,500 J., brought in- Begs discharge-
of the assessment, or its reduction, when he will endeavour
to pay it.

31 Oct. Order that if he make up what has been received 4 307'
from his estate to 3,0002., he be discharged from his imprison-
ment, and all sequestrations on bis estate for non-payment
of hia ^o taken off>

ACCTS. 88 44-47 10 Nov. 1645. Abated 50L of the 3,0002-, because of 4 borsea 4 317
CEKT. 88 48, 49 of his, value 58L, seized, and other reasons-

o.c. 5 60 20 Nov. 1646. Sir George to appear concerning Burridge - 5. 138

ACCTS. 88 50 17 March 1654. Certificate of his having paid in rents and 88 61, 62

moneys 2,664L Os. 4d., and by sale of goods hSl., of which 302.
was returned by the committee, but that all the payment*
were out of time.

10 Jan. 1643. FLORENTINE TANTURIER, Blackfriars.

Lawrence Squibb requests Mr. Marsh to pay Florentine Tanturier 88 52a
1002. in part of the rent owing from his lord [the Earl of
Arundel} to Lord Cottington, and that without fail, "for
I know he wants his money, and both our lords' credit lies at
stake if he miss thereof."

19 Jan. 1644. Assessed at 2502, - - - - -63-140

20 Feb. 1644, Order that Tanturier be brought up in custody 3 14
to pay his assessment.

H. 4 288 25 March 1644. The 102. deposited by him, with, the 662.. 76 265
formerly lent, to be in discharge of his assessment, being his
proportion on oath.

3 Oct, 1645. Information that he has sent several sums of 21 40
money to Lord Cottington, and corresponded with him.

3 Oct. Order that his estate be seized and secured - - 4 283

20 Jan. 1643. THOS. NEVELL, Goldsmith, Lombard Street, Langborae


Order that he be imprisoned in Norwich county gaol for non- 1 82.
payment of an assessment of 3002.

30 Nov. 1643. He being imprisoned, his house is to be let to 2 168-

23 Jan. 1644. The seizure of his house discharged, as it is 2 236-
not worth more than the 302. head-rent to his landlord-

1 Nov. 1644. On Mrs. Hunt's petition, order for his release 3 276-
from prison, giving security to pay | his assessment in
14 days, and abide the committee's order for the rest.
p.B. 88 54 Nov. 1644 P Thoa. Novell to Dallison. I cannot pay J the 88 53.
assessment ordered. I have a wife and 10 children, and owe
nearly 8,0002. I beg to take my oath as to my estate, or if that
cannot be granted, I will give security to pay in 4 months as
much of the 4 as is not paid by sale of my household stuff in
Lombard Street, or return to prison. Pray obtain me these
23 Dec. 1644. Order for his release from Norwich gaol, his 3 340
wife giving security to pay 502. in 3 months, and for his
appearance to abide the committee's further order.


Vol Ka.
20 Jan. 1643. A or p.

4 March 1645. Reuben Bourne to Edw. Nevell. I am 88 55
involved in disgrace by your brother Thos. Nevell. I hear
nothing from him, and have nothing to satisfy the creditors

to whom he has miserably engaged me, and then left me to
ruin. I have paid some interest for him, but more is dne,
and I can neither pay it nor the principal, so I must die in
prison for the most unthankful man in the world, a monster
of ingratitude, who has deprived me of all my means, and
left me to pay his debts. Could he not compound for these
bonds wherein I am bound, and not leave me totally to ruin
and misery ?

5 March. Reuben Bourne to Mr. Dallison. Mr. Novell having ^ 56
agreed with Parliament, and being freed out of prison to
recover the rents due to him in Cheshire, finds his lands

there sequestered by the county commissioners, and his goods
and rents carried away without order, before the sequestration
was granted, so that he can neither pay Parliament nor his
creditors, of whom I am the chief. I have not only trusted
him with money, but engaged myself for him for 500Z. or
600Z., which I cannot pay, so that unless he can have his
sequestration taken off, and call those to account who wronged
him, he had better have remained in prison. If you can help
him, you will much oblige your old friend.

6 May 1645. Order that Nevell's assessment of 300Z. be taken 4 142
off for 601. paid and 31?. made by his goods, as he has had

great losses, and that the County Commissioners for Cheshire,
who have sequestered his estate, discharge the sequestration.

23 March 1654. Receipt by Nevell of a Public Paith certificate 88 57
for the 501. paid in for his •j'g.

20 Jan. 1643. MICH. GARDINER, Vintner.

Order that he be sent to the city gaol, Norwich, for non- 1 82
payment of an assessment of SOOl.

31 Oct. 1645. Order that on his making up the sum, a certi- 4 308
ficate thereof be given to the Committee for Examinations,
that he may be discharged his imprisonment at Norwich, and
all sequestration on his estate for non-payment of his ^.

23 Jan. 1643. ROGER WARFELD, Minister of Bennet Finkes.

Report by the Churchwardens to the Committee for Advance of 88 58
Money. On Tuesday, 14 Jan. , we delivered him an Ordinance,
which he read, but naade no exhortation. We then gave him
another, with your order to read it, and exhort the congre-
gation thereon. He wished to leave out the first part, which
concerned the King, but at length said, "Well, I will read it,
for it is their words and not mine ; " and he did so, but made
no exhortation. Endorsed — " Answers of parishes whose
minister have not read the declaration, 7 Jan., or not ex-
horted thereon."

9 Jan., 1646. Assessed at lOOZ. - - - . - 71 8

June 1646. Warfeld allowed a month to take his affidavit before 5 47
a Justice of Peace or Master in Chancery of his estate, and if
he is not worth lOOZ., debts paid, his assessment to be dis-

29 June. He producing an affidavit to that effect, his assessment 5 63
taken off, and the sequestration discharged.


VoL. No.
26 Jan. 1643. EIOH. OWING-, Rector of St. Swithin's, London Stone. A or p.

Information by Eras. Barton, cbnrcliwarclen, that having the 88 69"
declaration of Parliament delivered to him, he read it, but
spoke not a word to stir up the people, and at the vestry,,
would not subscribe a penny, which caused his friends to do
nothing, being favonrers of the malignants. Mr. Owing
has several articles against him of misdemeanour by the

31 Jan. 1643. WM. COOKAINE, Augustine Friars, Merchant of London.

Ordered to pay an assessment of 200Z. for his ^ - .88' 60

24 March 1643. Receipt of the said 2O0Z. - - - 88 61

23 Aug. 1643. Certificate that this 200?. is in addition to 200Z. 88 62
lent by him before assessment.
K. 2. 173 15 Dec. 1643. Order that as he contributed large sums, and 2 192
has large sums owing him by the State, which cannot be
allowed out of his -jj, the committee leave him to his volun-
tary contribution, and he shall be no further molested for an
assessment of 1,000Z. for his -^-g.
13 March 1654. Certificate that 2002. was levied on him by 88 63
way of distress, 24 March 1643.

1 Feb. 1643. AUDITOR ERAS. PHELIPS, or PHILLIPS, Lime Street

Ward, and ERAS. PHELIPS, of Teddington, his Son.

The father being assessed at lOOZ., addresses Parliament, stating 88 64, 65
that it is far above his ■^'j, his chief subsistence being oSice
fees, which for 3 years past have not been paid him ; that
he has taken much pains in auditing the accounts of the
late Farmers of Customs, and other accounts, and was ordered
150Z., but has not pressed for it on account of the times, so
that he has not enough for his needs. He begs respite of
assessment till paid the moneys due to him.
9 March 1643. Granted the respite requested - - - 1 116

17 Dec. 1643. Mr. Phillips, of Teddington, assessed at 501. - 63 111
29 Dec. It being doubtful whether a ticket of assessment on 2 208
Mr. Phelips, of Teddington, was meant for Auditor Phelips
or his son, the assessors are to give information, and if it is
Auditor Phelips, the assesment is to be respited till he is paid
160Z. due to him from the State.

4 March 1644. Order for his release from Peter House, having 88 66
paid the arrears for which he was sent thither.

8 Nov. 1644. Eras. Phillips assessed at 200L - - - 67 46

29 Nov. Inforipation that Phillips spent lOOZ. 14s. for collecting 88 67

29 Nov. To be brought in custody to answer matters objected 3 311
against him.

5 Dec. 1645. F. Phillips, jun., assessed at 3001. - - 69 122
8 June 1646. The assessment on Eras. Phillips, jun., dis- 4 46.

charged, his father having already been assessed and paid,
and he having no estate but what he receives from his father ;
0.0. 5 249 the goods seized for his non-payment, or the money made

by them, to be returned to him.

15 Feb. 1643. LIONEL PLATER, of Greenwich, and of the Farthing

Order in the House of Commons that the sequestering the 1 115
rents and profits of the Earthing Token Office, and calling 68 68
the officers to account, be referred to the Committee for
Advance of Money.


Vol. m.
IS Feb. 1643. A or p.

15 March 1643. Order in the Committee for Advance of Money, 1 1191
that Lionel Plater, employed by Lord Mowbray to manage the 88 69
the Farthing Token Office, do not issue any money from the
office other than formerly accustomed, for servants' wages,
workmen and materials, without order of this committee, and
that he continue the business, and appear with his accounts
before the Committee for Advance of Money on 20 March.

12 April 1643. Order in the House of Commons that Mr. Plater 1 124
be enjoined to make no more farthing tokens, and that the
Committee for Advance of Money see that he perfects his
accounts concerning the tokens, and seize all those now made
and in hia custody, with all instruments and materials for the
making of farthings, have them appraised by understanding
men, and then consider the petition of Jas. East, this day
presented. [Much fuller than the dbsiractin Commons' Jov/rnals,
Vol. III., p. 41.]

12 April. Order that Jas. East repair to the Farthing Token 1 123
Office, and take an inventory of all the farthing tokens,
moneys, tools, coppers, furnaces, and other instruments con-
cerning the making of farthing tokens, and give an account
thereof to this committee on 13 April, according to an Order
in the House of Commons.

Order that Lionel Plater bring in on 13 March all his 1 123
accounts and patents about farthing tokens, according to the
Order in the House of Commons.

14 April. Order that next Monday L. Plater bring in lihe par- 1 124
ticulars of 2,318Z. mentioned in the end of his account about
the Farthing Office, with the acquittances concerning the same.

28 April. Order that Martin Pinder take the accounts of 1 132
Lionel Plater, late maker of farthing tokens, from July last,

with his acquittances, and report thereon to this committee,
and that Mr. Bast deliver to Pinder the accounts from 20 July
last, formerly brought in to this committee by Plater. With
note, May 4, that Pinder made his report to the committee,
whereon Mr. Corbett signed the account as just and true.
4 May 1643. Account by Plater of the receipts and expenses of 88 70
the office from 20 July 1642, to 7 April 1643. Audited by
Miles Corbett.

3 Feb. 1644. Request in the Committee for managing the said 88 68
Office, which is sequestered, that if the books belonging to it

are under the power of the Committee for Advance of Money,
they may be delivered to James or William Harrington, to
peruse and produce before the Committee of the House of
Commons for regulating the office, they leaving a note of
their receipt, and of the number of books received ; with list by
WlU. Harrington, 14 March 1644, of 17 parcels of books or
papers received by him.

4 Oct. 1645. Plater assessed at 150Z. - - - 63 4C

H. 75 97 30 Oct. 1643. Plater having been assessed at 501. and paid it, 2 130

and now being assessed at 150Z., and willing to pay 20J. which
appears his full ■^, order that his assessment be discharged.

29 March 1644. Letters having been intercepted from Bristol, 3 64
advising him to bring such money and plate as he has to
Bristol, it being probable he has other malignants' estates in
custody, order that he be brought in custody to-morrow.

31 July 1645. Whereas on 15 Feb. 1643, the House of Commons 4 221
refeiTed the sequestration of the Farthing Token Office to this
committee, and it was sequestered accordingly, yet the
County Commissioners for London, sitting at Camden House,
have seized certain quantities of farthing tokens and other
things in the office, and whereas the officers thereof are in
arrears of their wages, and have desired the same ; — order that


Vol. m.

15 Feb. 1643. 'A or p.

all the tokens in the office be melted down, some of the Cam-
den House Committee seeing it performed, and sold, and the
proceeds paid to the several officers named, in the proportions

16 Feb. 1643. WM. GOEE, Merchant, Oandlewick Ward.

Order in the Committee for Examinations to apprehend 88 72
Wm. Gore and Eich. Elton, and bring them to answer objec-
tions against them.

8 May 1643. Gore being assessed in 7001., which is unpaid, and 1 142
divers trunks! of his, intended to be transported beyond

sea, being stayed at Ipswich, the collector of the ward is to
bring in all such trunks and goods to Guildhall, to be sold
towards the assessment, and the parties holding the said
goods are to deliver them to him.

29 May. The goods distrained as his not to be sold till further 1 136

10 June 1643. Gore being deprived of most of his estate by the 88 73, 74
King's army at Oxford, and having paid 600L towards his
assessment for his -5%, and undertaken to pay the rest when the

King's forces are removed from his estate near Oxford, — order
that his person and goods be freed from all seizure for the 7001.,
until the King's forces are removed, or till further order.

16 June. Gore having paid 400Z., and being deprived of 2 17
most of his goods by the King's army at Oxford, the SOOZ. 88 75
residue respited, his sequestration discharged, and all his
goods seized to be returned.

26 April 1644. Calvin Brewen, who was driven from his home 3 88
in Chelsea, and lost his estate, to have convenient rooms in
Mr. Gore's house.

7 Jnne 1644. The house wherein Gore lately lived in St. 3 143
Martin's Lane, having been sequestered for non-payment of
his ^, and it appearing that by a lease of 26 Jan. 1630, 78Z. is
to be paid therefrom yearly to Benedict Garrard, of Maldon,
Essex, which rent is 1^ years in arrear ; — order that the seques-
tration be discharged, and that Calvin Brewen have 14 days
to provide himself elsewhere.

19 Aug. 1644. Whoever inhabits the house lately held by Mr. 3 218
Gore, of Candlewick-Ward, is to pay rent to Mr. Garrard,
since the sequestration was taken off, and the goods in the
house are to be seized and kept for the State.

9 Sept. 1644. Peter Matthews to be allowed to view his goods 3 232
in the cellar, and sell them.

11 Sept. The goods of Peter Matthews and John Eoberts 3 234
in Mr. Gore's house to be delivered them, on their giving
security to abide the committee's orders as to the house.

[Nov. 1644.] Names of persons who have goods, &c., of Gore's 88 76
in their hands, and transact business with him, viz., his father-
in-law, Thos. Smith, of Aldermanbury, Peter Vandermash,
St. Martin's Lane, by Cannon Street, and Fras. Miohelbourne,
Milk Street.

[Nov.] Particulars of Gore's assessments, subsidies, &o., total 954Z. 88 77

21 Deo. 1644. Order in the House of Commons that as Gore is 88 78
a delinquent, and has deserted the kingdom, leaving his
assessment unpaid, he is within the Ordinance of Seques-
tration, and therefore his estate is to be seized and sold, and
the proceeds issued towards the 2,530Z. ordered for relief of
widows and soldiers.

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