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the goods.

27 March 1643. Order to the Commissioners of Customs to make 1 117
diligent enquiry thereon, the former order having been de-
livered to other officers of the Custom House, to whom it did
not belong.

16 May 1643. Order that Hen. Box, drugster, who owes Sir 1 149
Peter 2581. 7s. Od., pay it to this committee, and not to Sir
Peter. Also like order for Phil, and Abr. Holditoh who owe 1 150
him 666 crowns on a bill of exchange.

19 May. Order that as Sir Peter is assessed at 1,500Z. which 1 151
is not paid, a trunk of goods consigned to him from Leghorn,
and now in the Custom House, be seized and carried to Guild-
hall, to be disposed of.

15 Aug. 1643. Order that— as the case of the Portugal merchants 2 54 60
who claim goods distrained as Sir Peter Richaut's, referred '

by Parliament to the Committee for Advance of Money on
29 April last, is proper to be discussed by merchants, — Aid.
Hendrioh and 6 others consider the letters and papers pro-
duced, and certify in 8 days, whether the goods belong to
Richaut or the Portuguese.


Vol. No.
14 March 1643. A or p.

2 Sept. 1643. Order, on report of the referees that the sugars 2 70
seized as Sir Peter Richaut's are the goods of the Portugal
merchants who claim them— that the distraint thereon be dis-
charged, and the moneys due for the same be paid to the
right proprietors.

15 Jan. 1645. Peter Smart, minister, to have J the money that 4 12
comes in on his information that Claxton and Waldo of Cheap-
side owe Sir Peter 200L

7 Feb. 1645. Ol-der that Claxton and Waldo pay to this com- 4 S2
mittee the 1791. 4s. Oi.' they owe to Sir Peter.-

11 Aug. 1645. Information that the East India Company owe 21 23
Sir Peter 1,200Z. for a ship bought of him. Also that CApt.
Goodlad owes him 500Z. for ordnance.

18> Nov. 1648. Sir Peter, who has attended on summons to 6 115
answer as to his assessment of 1,6002. for his ^,. to be heard
next Saturday.

O'.c. 6- 152: 9 Feb. 1649. His estate to bo sequestered for non-payment of 6 165
his A-

20 Feb. He is to be heard on Tuesday about his ^, and' mean- 6- 176
time to bring in a particular of his estate compounded

for at Goldsmiths' Hall, that the clerks may compute his
"3- March 1649: His assessment discharged, it appearing that 6 195
350Z. is his full ^, that 288J.' has already been made by the
sale of his goods, and that he has suffered much in his estate.-

15 March 1643. MOSES TRTON, Old Jewry, Coleman Street Ward:

Promise of Peter Tryon, on behalf of his father, Moses Tryon, 1. 119
to pay an assessment of 400Z. by Saturday next, and 2801. be-
fore 5 April next. With note March 16, that the 400Z. was
paid; that 2501., part of the 280Z., is to be paid to George'
Witham, in part of 4001. lent by him 9' Feb. last-, on the
order of 8 Feb. ; lOOJ; he received back 11 March, and 50Z.
he is content to pay on the subscription of 18 Feb. towards
the 60,000E. [for Ireland]. Also- that the 1001. named was
allowed at Guildhall, being the money of Mrs. Brereton of
Cripplegate Ward Within.-

21 Aug. 1644. Moses Tryon assessed at 4,0002: - .- - - 65 145-

4 Sept. 1644. Order that in 10 days he make up J his assessment 3 ■ 229
and be heard, or take oath what is his ^\,, or say what he will
be willing to advance^

R. 3 233 23 Sept. Respite allowed him,,but alLhis treasure and estate to 3 244
be secured till further order.
30 Sept. Sir Edw. Barkham and 2 others to consider and report 3' 248 j
what he should pay for his ^, or he to make oath or pay his
J in 10 days-, and the security taken for his goods to be re-

B,. 3 255 18 Oct. 16'44. Order that as he- paid a former assessment of 3 262-
261 1,3002., if he pay 200Z. before 190ct., his assessment of 4,0002. 65 145-

be discharged, and he no further troubled for his ^, and that
he have the Public Faith for the sum.

15 March 1643. THOS. BOWTER, Coleman Street Ward.

Certificate by the assessors of the ward, that they first assessed 88 127
him at 2002., but on better information of his estate and of
his good oflBces, having lent 622., and being, willing to lend
1082. more, making 1702., thoy think the other 301 should be



21 Marcli 164,3. JOHN ROBINSON, Vintiy Ward.

Summoned before the Committee for Advance of Money on
22 March.

21 April 1643. Order that as he has nndertaken to pay 500Z.,
part of his assessment of 1,000Z., the collectors forbear prose-
cution till further orders.

7 Nov. 1645. Order that he be discharged from sequestration,
and set at liberty by the serjeant-at-arms, nothing being
proved against him.

Vol. No.
A or p.

88 128

1 130

4 315


Order in the House of Commons referring the petition of the 88 129
40 warders and the moneyers in the Tower to the Committee
of the Tower, and meanwhile the collectors of London,
Middlesex, or elsewhere, are to forbear levying any assessment
on them, or distraining their estates for assessments.

28 Aug. 1643. Note of assessments of sundry of the warders 61 69
at 101. each.

14 Aug. Edw. Greene, moneyer, of Tottenham, Middlesex, 61 48
assessed at 150Z.

2 Sept. 1643. To be heard about his assessment - - - 2 70

12 Sept. Order in the Committee for Advance of Money for bus- 2 87
pension of 6 moneyers assessed, they producing the above
Order in the House of Commons.

B. H. 2 234 4 Jan. 1 643. The moneyers respited 14 days, on motion of Sir 3 217
Rob. Harlow.

12 Mar. 1644. Greene to be brought up in custody to pay - S 47

April 1644. Note by Lord Mayor, Sir Isaac Pennington, to 88 130
the collectors of loans or taxes in London, requiring obedience 131

to the Order in the House of Commons, of 24 March 1643, pre-
fixed, which is reasonable, as the warders' places afford no
great profit at the best, and now little, or none, and they have
received no pay these 3 years, though they have sued earnestly
for it, so that they are hard put to it to subsist. With list of
the 40 warders, and note of the assessments of some, being
from 31. to 15Z. each.

27 April. Order that the warders, moneyers, and other officers 3 90
of the Tower be prosecuted to pay their assessments.

2 Aug. 1644. The moneyers who refuse payment of the assess- 3 198
ment to be committed to the oiistody of the Lieutenant of
the Tower, till further order.

5 Aug. Simon Corbett, Thos. Robinson, Jas. Clay, Thos. 3 200
Young, John King, and Edw. Greene, moneyers, to pay i
their assessments in 10 days and give security, or else to ba
committed to the Tower. -

22 Jan. 1645. Greene being lately deceased, his assessment re- 4 19, 21
spited, and Major Mainwaring giving security that Mrs. Greene
shall abide the order of this committee about his assessment,
the sequestration for non-payment of assessment on his estate
in Grub Street, Chigwell Street, value 60L a year, which is
engaged for his wife's jointure, discharged.

19 Feb. 1645. Petition of Simon Corbett. Edw. Greene, late 88 132
graver of the Mint, who was sequestered, has lately died ; was
engaged for him, and is in danger of losing 200Z. To cover his
loss, has taken the administration of Greene's estate, and begs
some abatement of the rent due by him to the State, as
other tenants have, and aid for finding and possessing his


24 Maroh'1643.

19 Feb. Whereas the late Edw. Greene held of Lord Ooleraine,
who is assessed for his ^, lands in Tottenham, worth
1401. a year, which rent is 2 years in arrear, of which
Greene has paid 701. into Haberdashers' Hall, and his goods
have been seized and appraised, and the tenants warned
to keep back their rents : And whereas Simon Corbett, provost
of the Mint, has administered to Greene's estate, begs reduc-
tion of the rent to 901., and will pay the arrears at that rate,
amounting to 135^., and also Greene's assessment, with the
collectors' charges : — Order that all Greene's goods be delivered
to Corbett, and the house let to him at 901., and that the
tenants to pay him their rents and arrears, towards the debt
owing him by Greene.


Vol. m.

A or p.
4> 48

27 March 1643. EDW. HAURIS, merchant, Tower Ward.

Certificate by the assessors for the ward that he has an unexpected 88 1 33
loss of 2,600Z. by the King of Spain's reducing black money
to be of no more value than copper, so that he cannot pay his
own debts, much less his assessment of 501., and request that
he be acquitted of any payment for his ■^.

30 March 1643, WM. WHITWORTH, Olave's, Southwark.

Obliges himself to pay, in plate, money, or horse, lOZ., the residue 88 134
of his assessment, before 14 April.

30 March 1643. FRAS. THOMSON.

Promises to pay to the Gnildhall Treasurers before 12 April lOZ.
assessment, which he protests is his ^.

88 135

31 March 1643. EODERIC POWELL, Vintry Ward.

Promise to pay 51. to the Guildhall Treasurers on 5 April next,
in full of his assessment.

88 136

[April] 1643. WM. DANVBRS, London.

Declaration that he will pay the Guildhall Treasurers 20Z. in two 88 137
sums this month for his assessment, unless meantime he
produces a certificate of the assessors for abatement as to the
A; of his estate.

1 April 1643. RICH. MACKERNES, Vintry Ward.

Obligation signed by him to pay 13Z. for his assessment on
10 April. With note of payment of 61. 10s. the 10th, and
61. 10s. the 20th April.

88 138

5 April 1643. THOS. FOWNES, St. Mary Axe.

Order that the goods distrained from him be delivered to Thos. I 122

Inoe, who has bought them for 14-71. 15s., but that the house

be kept till Fownes' assessment of 600Z. is paid.
6 April 1643. Order on information that 160Z. had been bidden 1 122

for the said goods, and that the committee was abused in

granting the former order, that the 147Z. 15s. be made up to

160Z. before the goods are delivered.
26 Jan. 1644. Order that Mr. Dethick, Mr. Moyer, Gnalter Frost, 2 241

and Thos. Smith let the house of Thos. Fownes, assesssed at

600Z. for such time, fine, an3 rent as they think fit.



5 April 1643.

NOTE 88 140




or pi

1 July 1644. Mr. Dethick produces a lease, 14 February 1644,

by Grualter Frost and ThoB. Smith to Rob. Tiohborne, of the

houses of Fownes, assessed for hi& J^, rent 30Z. a year.
Sept. ? 1644 Note of Fownes' sales of indigo to Mr. Amies for 88 139^

751L &s. 4i., of which 650i. 19s. is paid, and he will pay the

balance before May.
10 Oct. 1644. Note that on the order of 26 January, Fownes' 3 256

dwelling-house at St. Mary Axe was let to Tichbome, a linen-
draper, for 15 years, at 30Z. a year.
6 Jan. 1645. Order that Adrian Hendris have one of Fownes' 4 4

houses next Mr. Dethick's, at 22Z. a year.
6 March 1645. Lease renewed to Hendrix for 2 years at the 4 444

same rent.
1646 ? Demand of Hendrix for disbursements in repairs and 88 141

other losses connected with the house, total, ^l. 2s. 2(i.
26 Feb. 1648. Hendrix summoned to appear before the Com- 88 142

mittee for Advance of Money.


He petitions that being assessed at 300Z., far above others of his 88 143
rank and ability, he has been sent prisoner by the Committee
for Examinations to the Poultry Counter, where he now
remains. That 9 horses with arms, &c., value lOOZ., and his
library, value 1,OOOZ. at least, have all been taken for this
assessment of 300i. Begs his liberty, on which depends the
fortune of his family, and of divers other fatherless children
committed to his charge by their deceased parents.

6 April, 1643. Order that as sufftoient distress has been taken of 88 144
his goods for the 800Z., and security given for payment, on
re-delivery of the goods distressed, the doctor be not molested
in person or goods till further order. '

1 Jan. 1645. Order that Mr. Waterhouse pay in the lOOZ. he 3 347
engaged to pay for the residue of Dr. Montfort's assessment.
K. 4 10 10 Feb. 1645. Order that as Waterhouse has paid 200i. and lOOZ., 4 34
17 he have for security the books distrained from Dr. Montfort

for his assessment.

10 April 1643. SAM. POTTER, Bridge Ward.

Obligation by him to pay to the Guildhall Treasurers 20/. in full
uf his assessment.

88 145

12 April 1643.

BOND 88 147

o.c. 1 128



Wm. Langhorne having, on distress of their goods for their 88 14&
assessments of 1,500/. and 500^., undertaken to satisfy the
sum, and paid the 2,000/., order that the goods distrained be
returned to Langhorne, and that the collector who distrained
them deliver them all into his custody.

10 Nov. 1643. Dan. Harvey assessed again at 5,000/., and Eliab 63 89^
at 2,500/.

23 Nov. Dan. Harvey to be taken into custody till he pay his

18 Deo. 1643. Order that his debtors, viz., — Clayton, Wm.
Prescott, and Mr. Hasilrig, appear and give in particulars
of their debts to him. Hasilrig, when ordered not to pay his
debt of 1,500/. to Harvey»but to this committee, said that ho
assigned to Harvey in part a debt of 150/. near Bristol.

2 161

2 195


Vol. No.

12 April 1643. A or p.

Mr. Clayton appearing, was ordered to give particnlars of his 2 193
debts to Dan. Harvey. Also Mr. Prescott to bring in a list of
his debts to Harvey.

[Edw.] Trussell, of Paternoster Eow, to bring in a list of his 2 194
debts to Dan. or Eliab Harvey.

20 Dec. 1643. The goods seized in the house of Eliab Harvey, 2 197
near Patney, to be sold towards his assessment.

29 Deo. Mr. Humfreyes, of Paternoster Row, says he owes 2 209
Harvey nothing. Mr. Trussell says he owes him 24Z.

30 Jan. 1644. Order that Rich. Piggott have 37 bags of aniseed 2 245
in Dan. Harvey's warehouse returned to him, he declaring

that they are his own goods.

5 April 1644. All Daniel Harvey's rents, goods, and estate to 3 73
be seized and sold towards his assessment.

31 May 1644. He committed to Lambeth House for non- 3 130

14 June 1644. Mr. Prescott not to pay him a debt of 57Z. ISs. due 3 150

to him.
1 July 1644. Col. West, having undertaken to pay for Eliab 3 165

Harvey's goods at Roehampton, Surrey, appraised at hOl., is

to have 14 days to pay in J. "-

24 July. [Wm.] Reynolds to have a month to pay the money he 3 191

agreed to pay for Dan. Harvey's goods at Croydon.

ACCTS. 88 148- 19 Aug. 1644. Daniel Harvey to be sent by sea to Plymouth, 3 217
159 and kept there till he has paid his assessment,

o.c. 3 262

20 Sept. 1644. His goods in Snelling's house. Broad Street, to 3 241
be discharged, being those conveyed to Langhorne on his
payment of 1,500Z. for them.

20 Sept.. Mr. Biddolph to pay to this committee 227Z. he., due 3 243
by him to Dan. Harvey.

4 Nov. 1644. Edw. Trussell and Wm. Reynolds engaging 3 281
themselves for payment of 1,000Z., in part of the assessment,

by Friday, and that Harvey shall abide the committee's order
for the residue, order that he be released from Lambeth
8 Nov. His sequestration discharged, he having this day 3 286
brought in 1,000^., which makes up his \, and ;given security
to abide the committee's order for the residue ; he is to have
14 days to appear and treat about it.

20 Nov. Order that he pay 500Z. in a month, and then be further 3 296

20 Dec. 1644. Having paid 1,500Z. in Dowgate Ward, and 1,500Z. 3 336
to Treasurer Lane, order that he pay 1,000Z. more in 6 weeks,
for which he shall have Public Faith, and be discharged.

0.0. 3 350 10 Jan. 1645. The party that shall discover the person of Eliab 4 9
Harvey to have Is. in the pound of all the money that shall
come in on his assessment.

5 Feb. 1645. He to be brought in custody to pay his assessment. 4 30
7 Feb. Isaac Smith, Eliab's servant, to be kept in custody - 4 32
Susan Grreenwell, Eliab's servant, to be committed to Bridewell, 4 33

she refasing to be examined concerning her master, or to
answer the questions of the committee.

14 Feb. Smith to be released, Col. West promising he shall 4 38
appear when required.

14 Feb. Col. West paying 85/. 17s. M., the appraised value 4 38
of Eliab Harvey's goods, is to have the same without
interruption. Mr. Jarvis to have lOi. 9s. 6(J., charges in
seizing and appraising the goods, and searching for his person.


Vol. Ko:

12 April 1643. A ovig.

14 Feb. 1645. Dan. Harvey ordered to pay 260/. to night, and 4 39

250/. in 14 days-.
21 Feb. Snsan Greenway (sin) released, on acknowledging her 4 50'

23 May 1645. Dan. Harvey tabe brought in custo% to answer 4 164-

objections against him.
28 July 1645.. Dan. Harvey is to pay the collector's salary on 4 219

his assessment of 5,00W., or in case of default, it is to be levied

on his estate and goods.
E.- 4 177 1 Dec. 1645. Eliab Harvey is to make up his I in 14 days, and 4 341-
187 be further heard ; till he do this, he is to= be committed to 342

Peter House.
17 Dec. This order notwithstanding, he is to be discharged 4 358

on paying in 500Z. more than the 500/. paid in the ward.
2S Dec. If he will give security to-make up what has been paid 4 370

and levied to 1,000/., his assessment of 2,500/. for his ^ to be

discharged ; otherwise the order for payment of 500/. ta stand.
9 Feb. 1646. He having paid in 100/. more, and this committee 4 425

having further considered bis estate, order that his assessment

be discharged, if he pay 200/. more in 8 days..

27 Feb. Certificate that he has paid 500/., and 85/. 17*. M. - 88 160
3 Feb. 1647. Order for payment to the collectors of 48/. 15s., for 5 188

levying 2,800/. on Daniel and Eliab Harvey, 13/. 15s. being
for charges, and the rest for salary.

28 Nov. 1651. Eliab Harvey's petition for Public Faith referred' 17 99
to the registrar, to state and report.

23 April 1652. Ordered Public Faith for 885/.. 17s. Sd., paid by 11 352
him as assessment for his ^o-

24 Sept. 1662. On proof that Dan. Harvey had paid 1,500/. in 12 177
his ward, and 2,600/. for his -j^, and on petition of Eliab
Harvey, his executor, and affidavit that 1,360Z. was Daniel's

full proportion, order that the Public Faith be allowed for
3,000/. of the 4,000/. paid, without interest.

32 April 1643. WM. MONGER, Olave's, Sonthwark, Surrey.

"Warrant from the County Committee of Esses to Ba,ra. 88- 161
Clerke, keeper of Colchester Gaol, to take him into custody,
because the inhabitants of Eochford complain that whilst
sheltering among them, he came not to church for 3 weeks,
and dissuaded people from paying moneys for Parliament, and
much hindered the public good and peace.

14 April 1643. Col. Walter Long to the Committee for Advance 88 162.
of Money. Having lately received a certificate from you that
Monger had paid his 40/. assessment, and was a constant com-
municant in his parish church, I send you the warrant of
his commitment. "We think his conduct dangerous, where
there have been many endeavours to hinder the payment of
assessments, and it would much discourage the upriglit if he
were instantly released. I know many untruths have been,
told to some M.Ps.

I will do my best to get money for the army, but I dare not
propose a new subscription, as the people are so averse ;.
I could do more if you sent me an order to assess the
malignants and Papists in Essex, as you did in London. I
have sequestered some of Sir Geo. "Whitmore's rents.

May 1643. Committee for Advance of Money to "Walter Long. 88 165
"We do not mean to liberate any man that is ill-affected, but
we could not deny Monger the justice to certify what he paid
here ; we leave him to his proper place, the prison, and to
your discretion. "We will send you an order about the
recusants and ill-affected.



Vol. No.
12 April 1643. A or p.

30 June 1644. The Tower Hamlets' Committee are to make 4 25
his peace, and if not done in 18 days, a warrant of distress to

13 April 1643.

DBP. 88 167


p.E. 88 169

E.w. 6 118

E.w. 8 16

L. INT. & DEP.

88 171-
PUB. 8 116

88 174
LET. 24 109

SIE HEN. VAUG-HAN, Whitwell, York.

Statement signed by him, that being ordered by the 88 164
Earl of Newcastle to pay 200/. towards the maintenance
of the King's army, he will contribute as far as able, bat
cannot get in his debts. Out of 80L due to him by John
Cholmley, of Braham, for lainds in Whitwell, he will give
501. to the army, which he authorizes Cholmley to pay. With
note of its receipt, 20 June 1648.

Deo. 1647. Charge of delinquency against him, that he fur- 88 165
nished the Earl of Newcastle with men, money, horses, and
arms, signed the bill for raising money for his party, sent a fat
ox to John Bellasis, Governor of York, to be freed himself from
paying assessments, and to have them laid on Parliament's
friends ; used the Earl of Newcastle's soldiers to distrain for
his rents, &c.

He denies the charges, and says he was imprisoned for not 88 166
lending money, and was forced to write the letter to Cholmley ;
was taken prisoner with Sir Hugh Cholmley, and had to
pay 401 for his release. Paid BOl. to the Parliamentary
Committee when tried for delinquency, but was not found

3 Jan. 1648. Order on information that he is a delinquent, 5 338
i that Jos. Beverley seize, sequester, and inventory his estate,
I real and personal.

16 Sept. 1648. Beverley to seize his chattels and stay his rents 6 57
in the tenants' hands.

6 March 1649. Thos. Jarvis and J. Beverley to levy the rents 6 197
and arrears on his sequestered estate, by distress and sale of
goods if needful.

25 May 1649. He being a delinquent within the Ordinances of 7 9
Sequestration, Jarvis or Beverley are to appraise and sell

all his goods, and pay the money to this committee. Also
to demand his rents, and in case of rfefuaal, to levy them
by distress, and pay them to this committee.

3 Aug. 1649. His goods not to be sold for 6 weeks, on his 7 214
giving good security for them. 88 170

26 April 1650. Order that as, on perusal of the depositions, he 8 307
is adjudged within the Ordinance of Sequestration, his estate, 88 175
real and personal, be sequestered, and the profits received

for the State.

Also order to Beverley to appraise and sell the goods and
chattels, levy by distress, if needful, all rents and arrears,
and give in accounts to the committee.

May 1660 ? Vaughan begs a re-hearing. Is 80 years old, and 88 176
long waited in town to be heard, but the cause being put out of
the list, he thought it would not be prosecuted, and thus a
verdict was given in his absence ; can prove his innocence.

19 July 1650. Order on Sir Henry's petition that he be heard, 9 49
to show cause why his estate should not be sequestered
according to order.

24 July. Order repeated, and meantime his estate to stand 9 55
inventoried and secured, and his rents to remain in the
tenants' hands.










Vol. No.

13 April 1643. ^ or p.
H. 9 204 29 Nov. 1650. Order that he be not admitted to a hearing, and 9 253

that his personal estate be forthwith seized and sold, and his
rents and arrears levied and paid to this committee,


his son, St. G-eorge's, Southwark.

Accis. 88 178 John Bromfield, now in custody, discharged by the Committee 88 177
for Examinations.

14 April 1643. John Bromfield being assessed at 5002. but de- 88 179
daring that 250Z. is his ^, the case referred to the assessors,
who certify that he is many ways engaged for his father, and
is in debt 4,000Z. and should be abated 250Z., whereon he is
0. 88 180 to protest that 250Z. is his -^.

23 Feb. 1644. John Bromfield released from imprisonment 3 20
and his sequestration taken off. Aid. Chambers having under-
taken that he shall make np his assessment 460Z.

3 May 1644. Sir Edward Bromfield assessed at 1,000Z.,

3 May. Refusing to pay, ordered to be sent prisoner to the
Fleet, and bl. ordered for the men that brought him up from
St. Alban's.

10 May. Ordered to make up i his assessment ...

18 Nov. 1644. John Bromfield sent to prison for not paying an
assessment of lOOZ. levied on him in Southwark.

30 Jan. 1646. The 1,0002. to be levied by distress on Sir Edw. 4 406
Bromfield, and in particular those rents that John Bromfield
lays claim to, it appearing that the estate properly belongs to

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