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ments be discharged, and the Public Faith given for the
747?. 8s.

Also his own assessment of 1,0002. to be discharged on payment 3 335
of 54Z., he having paid 900?. to Mr. Newman, and 46?. in
CO. Herts.

15 Jan. 1645. Granted 14 days to pay in the rest of the 4 12

Elwayes' assessments.

14 May 1645. Mr. Elwayes to be brought in custody, and his 4 155

assessment secured.

21 July 1646. Bownest re-assessed at 600?. - - - 69 69
^ 6 March 1646. Hen. Elwayes to pay in .50?., i his assessment, 4 444

and be heard.
Mr. Elwayes paying in 20?. more than the 60?. paid to be dis- 4 444

charged, and have the Public Faith for the 70?.
1646 ? Note that he had the Public Faith in full, because his 66 9

time expired only by reason of the dispute between this

committee and the committee for Surrey.

25 July 1643. JOHN OABPENTER, Martyn, Surrey.

Assessed at 1,000?. No proceedings - - - - 63 2

26 July 1643. SIR EDWARD and LADT GRESHAM, Titsey, Surrey.

He assessed at 350?., and she at 150?. No Proceediugs - - 63 2
















or p.





25 Jii]j 1643. GEOEGE MYNN, Epsom, Surrey.

Assessed at 1,0002. ......

3 Oft. 1643. Order that if Sir Eob. Parkhurst p ly by Thursday
500Z., ^ of Mynn's assessment, and undertake to pay as ranch
more as this committee thinks fit, with the collectors' salaiy
of 3d. in the pound on all assessments, and all charges, the re-
straint on the estate be discharged. With note that Parkhurst
refusing this, distress is to be made for the assessment.

13 Oct. The Camden House collectors claim fees for the 2 111
wire seized of Mynn. Also Mynn being assessed at l.OOOi!., and 2 112
the wire distrained sold for 1,850L (or 1,851Z. 3s. 7id.) ; order
that Sam. G-osse pay 1,000Z. of the money coming in from the
wire to the Guildhall TreaaurQi-s, and they give acquittances
to persons whose moieties were borrowed by this committee,
and paid for Aylesbury garrison.

17 Oct. Order that as 800Z. has been borrowed from Haber- 90 44
dashers' Hall to repay sums lent for the army on an order

of 7 July last, and 8002. for payment of Windsor, as recom-
mended by the House of Commons, as also 800Z., part of 1,000Z.
for Aylesbury garrison, the 1,850Z. received for Mynn's wire go
towards repaying these moneys.

18 Oct. Mr. Gosse to require payment of the 800Z. still 2 118
unpaid for the wire, and if it is not paid to-morrow, to sell

800Z. worth of wire, and bring the money to this committee.

21 Oct. Order that if the 8502. balance for the wire is not 2 120
paid to-day, the whole parcel of wire is to be brought to
Haberdashers' Hall to be sold.

21 Deo. 1643. Mynn promising an affidavit of his estate, and 2 199
payment of what is due, he is to be discharged.

p. 2 217. 29 Dec. Order that Wm. Ford, collector of the committee 2 207
who discovered the wire belonging to Sir Basil Brooke and 90 45
Geo. Mynn, be allowed 50Z., being 12d. in the pound on the
l.OOOi. paid in therefrom, and after the same rate for the other
851Z., when it comes to the use of the State.

9 Jan. 1644. William, Lord Say and Scale, to Wm. Stroude. 90 46
Let the committee know that for the 2001. of the 1,000Z. men-
tioned in the draft of an Ordinance which Sir Rob. Harley
showed me, I knew nothing of it, but the 800L Harley
lent for the setting forth of Sir William Waller at night,
when it was greatly needed to make up the 1,000/. which he
had at his first setting forth, when my Lord-General went
towards Newport. John Carter came to me to Haberdashers'
Hall, and told me he would pay the 800L to Harley, without
which I told him he could not have the wire. He said it was too
dear ; yet as a friend of his laid down the 1,000Z., he would take
- it and pay the rest. The wire was put into Harley's hands for
the 800Z. and this 200Z. ; therefore I thought an Ordinance
should be passed in Haberdashers' Hall for the 1,000Z.

9 Jan. The wire to be delivered to Sir Rob. H,j,rley till paid 2 222
the 800Z. he lent for the army.

23 Jan. The 501. allowed for discovery of Mynn'stin [wire^tobe 2 235
divided between Ford and Mills, who took as much pains as

6 Feb. 1644. The difference between Ford and Mills referred to 2 254

3 of the Sequestration Commissioners.
17 Feb. Ford is to bring in the said 501. to the Committee 3 9

for Advance of Money, it not appearing due to him, and he is

to be committed to Peter House till he pays, Mills having an

equal interest in the discovery.
12 June 1644. Mills to be allowed Is. in the pound on 860Z. 3 147

residue of the proceeds of the wire which he discovered.


Vol. No.
25 July 1643. A or p.

21 June 1644. Mr. Carter to pay in 10 days to Sir Rob. Harley 3 1 57
400Z. due for Mynn's wire iDought by him, and Carter is to
have no money from Haberdashers' Hall till this be paid.

21 Not. 1646. No person to pay in any money or goods to Geo. 5 154
Mynn, but to detain them till further order. Sir Hum. Foster
to detain all his debt.
E.w. 5 154 27 Nov. On information that John Massingbeard, [merchant of 5 141
London], treasurer to the Bast India Company, holds 3.0001.
DEP. 90 47, 48 belonging to Mynn, he is to detain this and all other moneys
CASE 90 49, 50 owing to Mynn till further order.

30 Nov. The house of Mr. Arnold, Islington, co. Dorset, to be 5 154
searched for papers, books, &o., concerning the Office of the
Hanaper, wherein Rob. Squibb, Geo. Mynn, Sir John Baker,
and other delinquents are concerned, to seal them up in pre-
sence of 2 of the County Committee and bring them to this
committee. Mr. Lane to pay lOZ. to the officers towards their 5 155
expenses in excuting the order.

29 Dec. 1646. Order in Parliament, on report from the Com.- 6 165
mittee for Advance of Money that Mynn is a delinquent, and 90 51
his estate should be sequestered, that out of the 4,0003. pay-
able to him by Sir Hum. Foster, Buls. Whitelocke have 2,000?.
for his losses in the late troubles, and Sir John Meyrick, M.P.,
the remainder of the 4,000Z. That Mynn be required to de-
liver up all the papers he holds relating to Foster's estate,
that they may be returned to him on his payment of the 4,000Z.
This done, the House will consider about admitting him to
a composition for his delinquency. Foster to be indemnified
PK. 90 62 for paying in the money as ordered. ^Printed in Gammons'

Journals, Vol. V. p. 32.]

1 Jan. 1647. Sir John Hippesley to have ^ of the debt due by
Foster to Mynn, and discovered by him ; Mynn to bring in
Foster's evidences, as required.

1 Jan. Information that Mynn has a judgment of 10,000Z. on
the estate of Sir John Winter.

2 Jan. Particulars of the case relating to Massingbeard's debt

9 Jan. Order in Parliament that Mynn compound for de-
linquency with the Committee for Advance of Money,
aooording to the directions given to the Commissioners for
9 Jan. Warrant to Mr. Lane, the treasurer, to pay the sums 6 170
ordered to Whitelock and Meyrick, which shall be allowed
on his account.
Also the Camden House Committee to make no further seizure
on Mynn's estate, he being ordered to make his composition.
Like orders to the Commissioners for Surrey, Bristol, Hert-
o. 5 172 ford, and Carmarthen.

o. 5 179 16 Jan. Order that Mynn appear before the committee, and 6 174
bring in particulars of his estate and debts.

21 Jan. The County Commissioners for Surrey ask whether 90 65
his estate is to be sold, that they may take care of the third

part, which by Order of Parliament belongs to the county.

22 Jan. Particulars of his estate and debts ; with note that, 90 66
being an officer, a third part is to be taken, [which is cal-
culated at 16,367f. 3s. lOd.}

22 Jan. The particulars given in by him referred for examina- 5 179
tion, and the County Commissioners for Surrey to appear
on Friday.

Jan. Geo. Mynn petitions the House of Commons. The 90 57
oppressions by persons lately in power did not make him
adhere to the enemy; always lived in Parliament quarters,
&c., and had in iron and wire 8,000Z. in Bristol, 17,000i. in Car-
marthen, and 15,0002. in Monmouthshire, total 40,000J. On











Vol. No.
25 July 1643. Geo. Mtnn — cont. A or p.

the King's taking of Bristol, all this was seized and sold. In
July 1643, there being no orders to the contrary, he petitioned
the King to free his goods, followed him to Grloucester, waa
sent prisoner to Oxford for his compliance with Parliament,
and kept 6 weeks, but lost the whole estate seized, save that
he accepted an enforced security put on him by Lord Herbert
for 5,000Z. On account of these addresses to the King, he
is declared a delinquent, and a debt of which but i is his,
disposed of, but he is admitted to compound. Begs that that
debt — he undertaking to satisfy the other party for his J —
may be accepted as the fine for his delinquency.

[10] Feb. 1647. Certificate by_ Sir Rob. Parkhurst that i the 90 58
debts of ThoB. Brocas, and Sir Hum. Foster, and all that of Sir
Basil Brook, and Sir John Winter are his own proper money.

Like certificate of Thos. Webbe that J the debt of Almott Clench 90 59
of 1,800Z. on. mortgage is his money.

p.D. 90 60-62 12 Feb. Mynn to bring in the writings he has for Lord 5 192
p.E. 90 63 Howard's debt and Massingbeafd's bond, and to perfect his
-72 particulars.

19 Feb. He is to deliver the deeds concerning a debt of 4,1501. 5 195
by Edward Lord Howard, which was sequestered by this
committee before he was referred to make a composition, and

also the bond whereby Massingbeard is bound to pay him

20 Feb. Note of his delivery of the said mortgage and bond, 6 196
and promise to bring in the other documents required.
Lord Ho^rard allowed ^ of his debt, he having discovered it.

26 Feb. The clerk to write to the committee where his
estates lie, to take oflf the sequestrations on the debts in the
CEKT. 90 73-75 particular for which he has compounded. Massingbeard to
pay in his 3,000i. in a week.

1 March 1647. Bond of Geo. Mynn that as the fine of 4,9362. is
set upon him, to which he submits and has paid in 1,500Z.,
whereupon the sequestration of his estates is discharged, he will
pay the residue at the times ordered, and any further fine set
on him by Parliament.

1 March. Order that Thos. Hodges report the case to the House,

and inform them that Ijord Howard first discovered his own
debt ; that Mynn only brought it in at 1,333Z. 13s. 4id., but after-
wards owned it at 4,150Z., so that they may take order therein.
Also that Massingbeard's 3,000i. and the 851L balance from
sale of wire, was sequestered before Mynn was ordered to com-

March? Lord Howard requests that as J the 4,150Z. is due to him 90 79
as discoverer, the other J, 2,075Z., may be allowed him in satis-
faction of 4,000J. losses in Parliament service.

March ? Proposed Order in Parliament that Mynn, being ad- 90 80-83
mitted to a fine for his delinquency, his pardon be prepared,
with restitution of estate, except advowsons, but not to
free him from composition for under-valuations, or omissions in
the particulars of his estate.

2 April 1647. Massingbeard is to bring in his 3,0002., and it is to 5 232
be locked up with the bond in an iron chest, till the House of
Commons or this committee take further order.

11 June 1647. The officers to have their salary for the 3,0002. 5 270

paid by Massingbeard, as due to Mynn.
25 June. The bond to be delivered up to Massingbeard, and he 5 271

indemnified for paying the 30002. to this committee.

3 Sept. 1647. 40s. to be paid to Joan , she pretending to 5 284

have made a discovery of Mynn's delinquency.















or p.







25 July 1643.

17 March. 1649. Parliament Order that the remainder of Mynn's

flue be called in, and paid by the Treasurers at War to the

Mayor of Berwick, for repairing the fortifications of the

20 March. The executors of the late George Mynn to appear 6 259

and satisfy the remainder of the fine due on his composition.

7 April 1649. The executors to pay in 3,4641., residue of his fine
in 14 days.

11 April. Petition of Anne Mynn, widow, and Thos. "Webbe,
administrator to George Mynn. Beg abatement of the fine,
on account of losses of 40,000J. by the King's party, and the
16,000i. in ready money or securities deposited, already paid
to Parliament. Most of the debts being in the hands of
desperate men, they beg acceptance of 1,4361. now, and 2,00OZ.
on Midsummer-day next. Granted. 6 264

13 April. Order in Parliament that all the rest of Mynn's fine as 24 224
well that ordered for Sir John Meldrum, but not yet paid to
his heir, as all the residue, be paid to the Mayor of Berwick
for the fortifications.

13 April. Sii" John Meyrick to the Committee for Advance 90 96
of Money. On my discovery to the House of Commons of
Mynn's delinquency, they ordered me a share of his estate,
but notf wishing to be greedy in demanding my arrears, I sub-
mitted myself to you, and you ordered me 300i. of which I
have only received 200?. As his executors are paying in more
money, I beg the other lOOZ.

20 April. Committee for Advance of Money to Thos. "Webbe, 24 46
executor of Geo. Mynn. The Council of State writes us
that 700Z. is wanted to make up moneys for the forces in
the North of Ireland. We gave you till Midsummer to pay
the remainder of Mynn's fine, but we must beg you to advance
6501. in 4 or 5 days, and we will give you equivalent prolon-
gation of time for the remainder.

4 May 1649. On a Parliament Order of 21 Nov. ]646, lOOZ. 6 310
to be paid to Sir John Meyrick from Mynn's fine, which, with

200Z. paid before, is to be in discharge for his share in the
17 Deo. 1649. Information that the late George Mynn omitted 21 323
from his composition 1,700L, for which Sir Thos. Nightingale
mortgaged to him the manor of Burnt Pelham, co. Herts.

31 May 1650. Anne Mynn and Thos. Webbe beg confirmation by 90 87
the House of the composition made, and also leave to com-
pound for the mortgage of Lord Howard's lands, which now
lies dead in the committee's hands, and then restoration of
the mortgage and all other writings, and discharge of Mynn's
delinquency. His fine was at -^^ of his personalty and 2 years'
value of his real estate 4,936Z., of which he paid 1,500Z. and
they have paid the rest, but this mortgage was not allowed to
to be compounded for. Beside the fine, Parliament had 4,300Z.
Sir H. Foster's debt, 3000Z. Massingbeard's, and 859Z. surplus of
assessment, total, 13,096Z.
LET. 24 78 31 May. Order for a letter to Lord Howard ta desire his 8 355
attendance on Wednesday, when Webbe will be heard about
this debt.

5 June 1650. Order on hearing both sides that the committee 8 376
adhere to the orders of the late committee as to the sequestra-
tion of the debt, and Lord Howard is to be heard touching the

July 1650. Committee for Advance of Money to Lord Howard. 24 83
Tou are to pay in the debt by 14 Aug., and we will provide
for your indemnity.


Vol. No.
25 July 1643. G-eo. Mtnn— com*. A or p.

2 Aug. 1650. Anne Mynn and Thos. Webbe, as guardians of 90 88
George, eon and heir of G-eorge Mynn, petition on his behalf
for leave to compound for the mortgage, the rather that since
the father's death, they have been compelled to pay 2,000Z. of
the mortgage money which was lent by strangers.

2 Ang. The case to be considered on Wednesday week, and Lord 9 65
Howard to be requested to attend.

LET. 24 87 4 Sept. 1650. The estate to be sequestered till the debt is paid, 9 113
H. 9 126 and a letter sent to Lord Howard that, unless he pay it in

136 149 14 days, the commissioners will execute the sequestration.


29 Nov. 1650. The registrar to state the business concerning 9 248
Mynn's composition, relating to the proportion of -^ or J.

3 Dec. 1650. Committee for Advance of Money to Lord Howard. 24 90
We have written divers letters to you about this debt, but got

no satisfaction. We wish you would make speedy payment,
and tell us what you intend ; we must else levy it on your
estate, which will bring a further charge on you.

lET. 90 89 6 Dec. On motion of the executors as to whether Mynn should 9 270
be fined at j^ or i, the case to be reported to Parliament,
unless the executors will abide the judgment of this committee
without further appeal.

Order as to Lord Howard's debt, on hearing him, that as Parlia-
ment allowed him ^ as discoverer, he pay 400Z. in a month, and
2,800Z. in J yearly sums of 700?., and Mynns's executors give
him a discharge of the debt.

18 Dec. The executors are to give Massingbeard a release from
his debt, paid long since.

21 Feb. 1651. Committee for Advance of Money to Lord How-
ard. A month having elapsed and you having paid no part of
your debt, we must proceed to sequestration unless prevented
by payment.

26 Feb. Lord Howard allowed till the end of April to pay the
400J. , as he cannot pay it till his rents come in.

18 April 1651. John Evett, of Woodhall, co. Worcester, to pay
in a debt of 6001. due to Geo. Mynn and not com.pounded for.

30 April. Order that if Lord Howard pay in 400?., lOOZ. be
allowed him in part of his ^ as discoverer, and the receipt be
given for 500Z.

CASE 90 94 12 June 1651. Committee for Advance of Money to Lord
Howard. Tour first instalment of 700Z. has not been paid. If
you do not observe the times of payment, we must levy the
whole sum on your estate.

12 July 1651. County Commissioners on order of the Committee 86 31
for Advance of Money, sequestered Lord Howard's estate for
non-payment of the debt of 2,800Z.

20 Jan. 1652. John Williams petitions that he has an annuity 90 96
of 20 marks payable out of Escrigg Manor, co. Tork, which was
paid from 1629 till last Martinmas, when it was in default,
because the lands of Lord Howard, Baron of Escrigg, are
sequestered. Begs an order for payment.

22 Jan. Order referring the petitioner's claim to [John] Rending 11 107
to report, the estate being sequestered for a debt due to George

Mynn, delinquent.

CERT. 90 97 30 Jan. Order that the deed named in the report be 11 164
EBP. 90 98 allowed, and Williams paid his annuity, with arrears since


0. 17 98 26 May 1652. On petition of Rob. Squibb, one of the wit- 11 402
nesses in Mynn's case, for restoration of a trunk of private 90 99

















Vol. No.
25 July 1643. A or p.

papers, brought up with others required for his examina-
tion ; — Order that the registrar peruse the writings named,
and report.
7 July 165'2. On report from the County Commissioners of 12 5
York that they have levied on Ijord Howard's estate by seques-
tration 2981. 10s. toward? the 2,800^. due of the debt of 4,0002.
(deducting 800Z. for the ^ and 4002. already paid), and an offer
of Chas. Howard, of Norwood, od. York, to pay 600Z. a year, if
he may hold the lands till the debt is paid — order that if he
give in a bond in 4,0002. to make the said payment, he be
allowed to hold the lands, but in default of payment, they are
to revert to the State.

LET. 90 100 11 Sept. 1652. Committee for Advance of Money to the County 25 26
0. 12 135 Commissioners of York. You are to pay the 3002. to the treasurers

of Goldsmiths' Hall, now our treasurers, but to state in all
payments whether they are on order from the Commissioners
for Compounding or Committee for Advance of Money, as the
accounts are kept distinct.

CERT. 90 100 14 April 1653. Order that as the sums received, including 12 349
3002. lately received by Ealph Eymer before the order of 90 101
7 July, reduce the debt to 1,9012. 10s., and as Lord Howard 102

and Chas. Howard offer to pay this in 2 years, or sooner if
they find a purchaser for the land, provided they may have
the writings delivered up, — they be delivered on bond in 4,0002.
With receipt by Lord Edw. Howard and Chas. Howard for the
bond, 20 April 1653.
3 Aug. 1653. Order that as the Howards are in treaty for sale 12 403
of the lands, to effect which they require a release from Thos.
Webbe, a draft of which they have presented, that the draft
be referred to Peter Brereton, and a copy sent to Webbe to take
exceptions, and then he is to appear, and sign and seal it.

o. 12 417 14 Sept. 1653. On Webbe's statement that he, being only ad- 13 1
ministrator, has no right to sign the release, which should be
done by the husbands of Mynn's two daughters, who are his
heirs at law ; — Order on Brereton's report that Webbe sign it,
and be indemnified against the co-heirs and their husbands.

14 March 1654. On Lord Howard's request to pay 9012. 10s. 13 82
now, and the other 1,0002. 14 April 16j5, provided he may

have the foimer bond delivered up and cancelled — order that
it be granted, on bond of the Howards to pay the 1,0002. on
14 April 1655, or eailier if they receive the purchase-money ;
the bond to be restored on payment.

15 March. This being done, the former bond is to be delivered 13 83
up and cancelled.

28 July 1643. WM. COUETBEN, Langborne Ward.

Order that he pay 3002. to make up with the 1002. already paid 89 117
4002., and 1002. more to make up his h when order will be
given about the residue.
CEET. 90 104 31 July 1643. Whereas he was first assessed at 1,0002. and then 2 47
the collectors thought 4002. as much as he would afford, which 90 103
he has paid, and whereas most of his estate lies in foreign
parts, or under power of the enemy, order that the 4002. be
accepted, and 1002. returned to him [he having deposited 5002.,
his i.]

31 July 1643. MAEG. DANIELL, Widow, Covent Garden.

Assessed at 1502. - - - - - - -61 38

2 Feb. 1644. Order that if any party of repute will come and 2 249
give security for payment of 4 her assessment, she be discharged
of her assessment and further heard.





or p.





















31 July 1643. LADY ALICE DUDLEY, ailes-in-the- Fields.

Assessed at 150Z. . - ..-.

13 Sept. 1643. Note of her deposit of 150?., in full of her

15 Sept. Discharged on showing acquittances for the IbOl.

28 Nov. 1644. Again assessed at 800Z. ....

4 Dec. 1644. This assessment disohai-ged, she having been

formerly assessed and discharged.
E. 4 175 16 June 1645. Her business to be heard, and some of the Savoy

Committee to be desired to be then heard.
28 June. To be sequestered for non-payment of her assessment -
25 July 1645. Ordered to pay bOl. to the Savoy Committee, or

to show cause.

31 July 1643. EVEEARD PAULKNEE, Cornhill, or Couzens Lane.

Assessed at 1001. .-.-..-

7 Aug. 1613. His assessment discharged, on showing acquit-
tances for 601. and other contributions, he having been
plundered by the King's forces in the country.

23 Feb. 1644. Order that his assessment of 5001. {sic) be dis- 3 21
charged for 60Z. lent by him on the propositions, and lOOJ. lent
in Rutlandshire, he being very forward in all contributions,
having been formerly assessed and also plundered, and coming
hither for safety.

31 May 1644. To be brought in custody to pay his assessment - 3 133

14 Aug. 1646. Again assessed at 601. - - - - 71 36

2 Oct. 1646. Order repeated for him to be brought iu custody • 5 112

31 July 1643. SIR JOHN PAEBWELL, HoxLon, Middlesex.

Assessed at lOOZ. - - - - - - - 61 39

23 Nov. 1643. His estate being under power of the King's army, 2 160
his assessment to be forborne till it is freed.

8 Feb. 1644. Bond by Sir John in 200Z. to John Hunt, serjeant- 90 105
at-arms attending the House of Commons, in whose custody

he now is, for his appearance on notice left at his bouse.

31 July 1643. WM. GAEEETT, Mughill Street.

Assessed at 1001. - - . . . . - 61 38

9 Feb. 1644. Pras. Beelon, his servant, to be brought up in 2 261
custody for refusing to pay his rent to the committee towards
Garrett's assessment.

3 Nov. 1645. Garrett having made up 50Z., half of his assess- 4 311
ment of 1001., order that he be discharged from sequestration.

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