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31 July 1643. HEN. PITCHPOED, Leonard's, Shoreditch.

Assessed at 30Z. - - . - . . - 61 38 39

90 106 28 Aug. 1643. His assessment discharged, as it appears by affi- 2 66

p.G. l i

P.D. J

107 davit and particulars that he is debtor more than his whole

DBP. 90 108 estate.

13 Sept. 1643. Deposition that he was heard to swear that he 90 109
had SOL a year ; that the fee simple of his house in Moorfields
is 30Z., and that he confessed a judgment to avoid payment of
his assessment.

31 July 1643. SIR EOWLAND ST. JOHN, Shoreditch.

Assessed at 160Z. No proceedings - - . - 61 39





or p.





31 July 1643. THOS. SQUIRE, the Welyard, Little St. Bartholomew's.

Assessed at 600Z. ... - -.
18 Aug. 1643. On information that 4,O0OZ. has been seized by
Col. Edm. Harvey in his house, and that he has contributed
S6l. 12s. Od. ; order that the balance, being 5142. 8s. Od., be
sent forthwith by Harvey, and that the residue of the money
be safely kept till further order.

LADY ELIZ. SYDLEY, Highgate, and SIR WM.
SYDLEY, Bart., Temple Bar.

31 July 1643. Lady Sydley assessed at 1,500Z. - - - - - 61 38

11 Aug. 1643. Order for her respite till the committee speak 75 44
R. 75 84 with the assessors.

9 Oct. 1643. Lady Sydley being brought up in custody, by 2 106
warrant from the Committee for Examinations, to be released,

Sir Ant. Weldon undertaking that she shall appear and pay

the assessment.
16 and 17 Oct. Note of her appearances, but not being brought 2 114

before the committee.
18 Oct. On her paying 375Z., to make, with 375Z. formerly 2 117

lent, ^ her assessment — order that she be allowed to make

oath as to her proportion.
o.c. 2 129 1 Nov. 1643. Order on her affidavit that 375i!. is her full propor- 2 132

tion, that the 3751. deposited be returned to her.

10 Nov. Sir Wm. Sydley assessed at 1,0002. - - - 63 91
3 July 1645. Sir Ant. Weldon [Sir Wm. Sydley's guardian] to 90 110

the Committee for Advance of Money : — I sent your letter to
the lady, who says that she has received no ticket, nor has
she or Sir William been within 20 miles of London since she
acquitted herself by oath at Haberdashers' Hall, and the
house has been long since tenanted. A plentiful fortune has
soon been swallowed up by necessary payments, not only the
ward's [Sir Wm. Sydley's] estate and the lady's jointure, but
she is engulphed in the usurer's books, which, I believe, is
unprecedented in the kingdom.
9 July. Sir Anthony to say what he shall pay, and where, 4 197
put a period therein, and certify this committee.

11 July. Sir William being assessed at l.OOOZ. for his \ and 4 199
^, and it appearing that most of his estate is under power of

the King's army, and for what is under power of Parliament
his guardian pays 1,1602. a year to the Court of Wards ; — order
that the assessment be discharged, and neither he nor his
guardian further troubled.

11 April 1649. Sir William Sydley again assessed at 1,000Z.

26 Dec. 1649. He summoned to pay ....

2 Jan. 1650. His assessment discharged, as it appears that he is
no delinquent, and by the Ordinance of 5 June 1648, the assess-
ment is only to be levied on delinquents.

31 July 1643. ELIZ. WISEMAN, Shoreditoh.

Assessed at 1002. .......

15 Aug. 1643. Order that as she has been assessed at 1002. as an
inhabitant of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, but dofs not. live
within 20 miles of London, and lias only 802. a year within the
said compass; alpo as her pastures have been digged up for
turfs for a great fort for the safety of the city — ber assessment
of 1002. be discliargcd on payment of 162., the ^ of her annual
31 Aug. A' quittances sbewn for payment of the 162. - - 61 39














Vol. No.

31 July 1643. A or p.

26 Aug. 1644. Again assessed at 1501. - - - - 65 153

18 Sept. 1644. Order for her discharge from this latter assess- 3 240

ment on account of the former.

31 July 1643. HENRY SOMEESET, 10th Earl and 1st Marquis of

11th Earl and 2nd Marquis of Worcester ; and HJfiNEY
LOED HERBEET, of Eaglan.

Inventory of the goods and chattels of Earl Henry, a 91 1
delinquent, seized for the State, with their valuation
275J. 19«. 9^., and note that they sold for 258Z. 19s. ^d.,
of which Serj. John Glynn bought to the value of 235Z. 5s. 3d.

DEP. 91 2a, 25 1645? Instructions for the demanding of the rents of their 91 2
estates in co. Worcester, for 1643 to 1645, with the replies of
the tenants thereto.
17 Nov. 1645. Earl Henry assessed at 10,0002. - - - 69 108

20 Nov. 1647. On information that several cabinets, trunks, and 5 304
boxes of goods belonging to the Earl of Worcester are in the

house of Mat. Herbert of Wood Street ; — order that they be
seized, secured, and inventoried.

1 Feb. 1648. Information of sundry arrears of tithes in co. 21 92
Worcester due for the years 1643-5, to the late Earl of Wor-
cester from 7 persons who held the tithes on rentals varying
from 30Z. to 400J. a year.

10 May 1648. Order to accept 402. as the rent of a farm of 100?. 6 434
a year, held by Wm. Marlyn of Evesham, from the Earl of
Worcester, as Martyn suffered great losses for adhering to
Parliament, and many of his crops were burnt by the enemy.

10 May. Wm. Walmore, tenant to the Earl for tithes in 5 435
Evesham at 222. a year, to be discharged on payment of 112.,
having suflfered much from free quarter by the King's forces.

21 June 1648. Order that Giles Pidgeon, one of the holders, 6 15
pay in 402. arrears due for Badsey tithes.

29 June. Order renewed, on pain of being brought up in custody 6 140
to answer his contempt.

25 July 1648. Order that 52. 6s. 8c2. be paid to [Stephen] Kirk 6 26
for charges in summoning the Earl's tenants.

16 Jan. 1649. Ste. Kirk, who married the widow and adminis- 6 153
tratrix of Capt. Rich. Hill, to have 102., i of 202. paid in by
Giles Pidge in, as an arrear of rent due to the Earl, and dis-
covered by Kirk, towards the arrears due to Capt. Hill, for
service to Parliament.

23 May 1649. The collector for the committee at Westminster 7 2
to give in the original inventory of the Earl's goods sold by
that committee.

15 Jan. 1653. County Commissioners of Devonshire complain 91 3
that the purchasers on the Act for Sale of Chulmleigh barton

and lodge, belonging to the Earl, disturb the tenant to whom
they had previously let it for 7 years ; beg redress, or it will
damp the spirits of those who meddle with public work.

13 May 1646. Information by Thos. Lindsey that Earl Henry has 21 69
1 ,5002. a year made over to him by Wm. Smallmak, of Kin-
neralcy, co. Hereford, in lieu of 6,0002. lent him 8 years since.

16 March 1649. Information by Lndowick Lloyd that the widow 91 4
and executrix of Wm. Smallman, owes the Earl 5,7142., with

22 March. Information repeated by Ant. Harrison - - 21 178
6 Sept. 1650. Certificate by the CouQty Commissioners that they 91 5

have viewed the deeds relating to Smallman's lease, that 4002. a










Vol No.
SlJuly 1643. ^ or p.

year was to be paid to the Earl, and that the estates now pay
400Z. a year to the State. That Smallman's peraonal estate was
compounded for with the County CommiB.iioners, and his
widow, now wife of Capt. John Booth, paid 70Z. for her per-
sonalty. Also that the CommissionerB for Compounding have
discharged Capt. Booth from delinquency.

15 May-1646. Information that Thos. Wigmore, Shobdon, co. 21 70
Hereford, owes Lord Herbert 2,500!1.

22 June 1646. Wigmore summoned to pay in the 2,500Z. -

16 March 1649. Information by Ludovic Lloyd that Thos.
Wigmore owes the late Earl 1,200?., with interest.

22 March, Information repeated by Ant. Harrison
6 June 1649. Order that as he owes the late Earl 2,100?.,
beside interest, and has delayed or refused to pay, the sum' be
again demanded ; and in case of refusal, recovered from the
rents of hia estate, and the sale of his goods and chattels.

25 July 1649. Sequestration discharged on proof that Shobdon 7 185
Mansion House, with the grounds, is in jointure to Amy,
mother of Thos. Wigmore, and that all the goods therein
ACCTS. 91 6 are her goods.

24 Oct. 1649. Amy and Thos. Wigmore complain that, this order 91 7
notwithstanding, the former sequestrators, with Mr. Codd, an
agent for the Irish Committee, on some ancient order, have
seized Amy's cattle, and locked up her barns, towards the said
debt, though Thomas is now on composition for his reversion
of the estate, and have exacted large sums fi'om them. Beg
that they may be no further molested.

24 Oct. The Committee for Advance of Money complain to 24 60
the County Commissioners that in spite of the discharge, 91 8
one of their officers exacts money from Wigmore, and beg
tha/t he may be punished for exorbitanoies so injurious to
the people.

30 Oct. Information by Col. Purefoy and Bdw. Cole that 21 312
Thos. Wigmore, of Shobdon, co. Hereford, owes the Earl
2,000?., for which he has a mortgage on his house and lands
in Shobdon.

EEC. 91 9 3 Dec. 1649. Trustees for Irish affairs to the Committee for 91 10
Advance of Money. You accuse our agent of corruption in
reference tcAmy Wigmore's jointure manor of Shobdon; hia
vindication is that there has been failure of producing the evi-
dences to prove her claim thereto. There is a rent of 160?.
due from the manor to the Earl of Worcester, whose right is
vested in us by Parliament, and we therefore desire that the
rents may be paid us according to the Ordinance.

13 April 1650. Like information by Col. Edw. Moore and Major 22 37
Wm. Poe, adding that several days had been agreed on for
paying off the mortgage, but it had not been done.

18 Djec. 1650. Order that the depositions and proofs in the case 9 297
taken before the late County Commissioners be sent up to the 91 11
Committee for Advance of Money.

23 April 1651. Lord Grey requests on behalf of Lloyd, the 91 12
informer, that the case may be revived, the obstiuction of

E.w, 28 124 jointure being now removed.

o.c.c. 91 14 17 Aug. 1661. The County Commissioners enclose an order 91 13
22 June 1646, whereby the late County Commissioners ordered
the payment of the 2,000?. owing by Wigmure to Capt. John
Hill, for his arrears, but there is no proof that any part of
it was paid.

24 Sept. 1651. Poe and Moore, the informers, beg that as the 91 15
County Commissioners have now returned the required depo-

E0623. O


Vol. No.
31 July 1643. Masqtjis op "Woecestbe — cont. A or p ■

sitions, they may have an 'order for seizing Thos. Wigmore's
estates till the debt is paid.

24 Sept. 1651. Note that on proof being brought of the mother's 17 34
death, further orders will be given.

10 Deo. 1651. Poe and Moore having proved Amy Wigmore's 91 16
death a year ago last March, beg that the property which now
descends to Thos. Wigmore may be sequestered till the debt
of 2,000Z. is paid. Granted. H 2

10 July 1646. Information that Sra Hen. Williams, of oo. 21 73
Brecon, owes the Earl upon land 3,0001., and that James
Parry owes him 1001. on land in Poston, co. Hereford.

1646 ? Petition of Jas. Dyer, carpenter. Rich. Corbett, tiler, and 91 17
Anne, widow of Wm. Aldridge, mason, to the committee for
disposing of delinquents' estates. The Earl of Worcester being
seized in fee of Poston manor, co. Hereford, let it to Fras.
Matthewes, who contracted with them to repair the ruined
houses, and went beyond seas, leaving them unpaid, so that
39Z. lis. Qd., 91. 10s. Od., and 61. 17s. 6d. are due to them re-
spectively. The estate is now let for the benefit of the State ;
they' beg examination of the case by the County Commis-
sioners for Hereford, and payment for the repairs.

23 Nov. 1647. Information by Col. Jones that Sm John Stepney, 91 66
Bart., of Prendergast, co. Pembroke, owed Henry, Earl of
Worcester, 2,500Z., for which his estate in co. Carmarthen is
engaged. With note from Speaker LenthaU, recommending
the discoverer.

26 Nov. Order on this information that the debt be seques-
tered for the Earl's delinquency, the money paid to this com-
mittee, and Stepney saved harmless. Col. Phil. Jones to see
this order executed.

18 Feb. 1648. Information by John Clarke that Sir John
Stepney owes the Earl 2,000Z.

29 June 1649. The County Commissioners to seize all his goods
and chattels, and his debtors and tenants to retain his moneys
in their hands, and John Clarke, the discoverer, to be paid his
soldier's arrears from ^ che money paid in.

1 Jan. 1651. Stepney to appear to satisfy a debt of 2,O00Z. to
Henry, late Earl of Woi'cester, and Charles, Lord Somerset,
his son, or show cause to the contrary.

19 Feb. 1651. His counsel appearing and denying the debt,
the prosecutor is ordered to prove it.

7 May 1651. The prosecutor states his readiness to prove the debt

21 May. The prosecutor producing a copy of a record of 15
Charles, in which Sir John acknowledges a debt to the Earl
of 4,000/.. , is required to prove on oath thiit the certificate is a

DEP. 91 25 true copy.

22 May. This being proved, John Clarke requests that Sir John 91 88
may pay the debt, or show cause to the contrary.

20 June 1651. Sir John to show cause within a month why he 10 426
should not pay the debt, or it will be levied on his estate. 91 26, 27

10 Dec. 1651. On -proof that this notice has been served on Sir 17 117
John, the order repeated, and the sequestration to be made 91 28
CASE 91 29 without further order, unless he pay in a month.

14 Jan. 1652. The County Commissioners of cos. Pembroke 11 126
and Carmarthen to levy the money forthwith. 91 30

LET. 24 196 23 Jan. Committee for Advance of Money order the County 24 189
LET. 91 31 Commissioners to raise the money forthwith on the estates

















31 July 1643.
tET. 91 32
LET. 91 33

of which Sir John was possessed when he entered the statute,
which can easily be done from the rents.

Vol No.
A or p.

4 Nov. 1662. Committee for Advance of Money express surprise 25 38
that only 501. has been sent up from co. Carmarthen, and
request a rent-roll of the tenants and their rents. No claims
to be allowed upon the estate without order.

14 Jan. 1653. John Clarke begs an order to the Goldsmiths' 91 34
Hall Treasurers to pay him the said 501., he having prosecuted
CEKT. 91 35 36 the debt at great cost and trouble, and having an order in
Parliament that he should be paid his debts from his dis-
coveries of delinquents' estates. Granted. 12 276

1653 P He complains that he has no benefit by his discovery, 91 37
because the lands are sold as part of the Earl of Worcester's
estate, and the money paid in to the Drury House Trustees.

24 Nov. 1652. Anne, widow and executrix of Augustine Spalding, 91 38
of Wrington, co. Somerset, petitions the Commissioners for
Compounding to know why the Commissioners of oo. Car-
marthen disturb her in raising 1,500Z. on Sir John Step-
ney's lands, for recovery of a rent of 1001. a year on certain
lands leased to her husband 11 Charles, but reconveyed to
Stepney, who entered into a statute of 1,500Z. for performance
of covenants.

24 Nov. The Commissioners for co. Somerset to examine 17 442
the case. 91 39

DEP. 91 42 1 Dec. 1652. Petition renewed to the Committee for Advance of 91 40

INT. 91 43 44 1 Dec. 1652. Order that Eeading state the case, examine wit- 12 240
nesses in town, and give notice to Mr. Olai-ke, the prosecutor ; 91 41
Sir John Stepney to have a copy of the petition, and to state
what sum is unpaid of the debt.


91 48-51

91 55-58

CEHT. 91 59

DEP. 91 60
P.E. 91 61
DEP. 91 62

20 April 1653. Mrs. Spalding begs an order to the County Com-
missioners for examination of witnesses to prove her title in
CO. Somerset, where they live, and an order also to the
Commissioners of co. Carmarthen, to certify the cause of their
disturbing her.

20 April. Granted, provided Mr. Clarke, the prosecutor,
have notice to attend, to cross-examine if he pleases -

7 Sept. 1653. She begs an order to the County Commissioners
of Carmarthen to examine witnesses.

7 Sept. Granted, the prosecutor having notice






91 52, 53

12 435
91 54

9 May 1654. Mrs. Spalding pleads that she extended part of 91 63
Sir J. Stepney's estate in 1650, and received the rents, till the
County Commissioners for Carmarthen claimed them on pre-
tence that a debt due to the Earl of Worcester must first be
satisfied. But as the statute to the Earl was entered into
long after that to her husband, and as Sir John in his compo-
sition craved allowance for the debt due to her husband, and
swore to the same, also as Sir John has a much larger estate
than she has extended, she begs to be allowed the benefit of
her extension.

HEP. 91 65
H. 13 108

9 May. Referred to Mr. Eeading to report

28 Aug. 1654. Order on report that the extent be allowed, but
no arrears ; that the sequestration be taken off the lands
entended, and she allowed to receive the rents till her debt is




13 109









Vol. No.
31 July 1643. Marquis op Wobcester — coni. A or p.

paid, and that she account yearly with the auditor for the
23 Nov. 1647. Information by Col. Phil. Jones that Rowland 91 66
GrWTNN, of Taliares, co. Carmarthen, owes the Earl 1,400Z.,
for which his lands are engaged, and recommendation by
Speaker Lenthall that Col. Jones prosecute the debt.

26 Nov. Order that the debt be sequestered and paid to the State,
and Gwynn saved harmless. Col. Phil. Jones to see this done.

18 Feb. 1648. Information by John Clarke that Rowland G-wynn
owes the Earl about 1,500?., not yet sequestered.

8 March 1648. Thomas Lindsey and John Clarke to demand
from Rowland Gwynn a debt of 1,600Z. due by him to the late
Earl of Worcester, with interest for several years past, and in
case of non-payment, to levy it by distress on his estates.

12 July 1648. Information by Col. Butler and others, that 21 105
Rowland Gwynn, and William his son owe the Earl 2,800Z.

25 Aug. 1648. The 2 Gwynns summoned to pay the debt, and 6 45
abide the committee's further orders. 91 69

22 Sept. 1648. The county commissioners to examine witnesses 6 63
in proof of Gwynn's delinquency.

lET. 91 70 25 Sept. Rowland Gwynn to Martin Dallison, clerk to the 91 71 72
Committee for Advance of Money. I have received the order,
and shown the bearer of it my lease for lands value llOZ. a
year, from the late Earl of Worcester and his son Charles,
and the receipts for rent up to 5 May 1646, soon after which the
late Earl of Worcester died, and the estate was sequestered,
but T produced the last receipt of the sequestrators for the rent
of 16 Aug. 1648 ; the counterparts of the lease and defeasance
are with the Earl's papers? I never owed the Earl any money ;
I will pay my rent in future to the Committee for Advance of
Money, if 1 may have the allowances granted by the Ordinance
for Sequestration. Being infirm and aged, I beg 6 days' time
for my appearance.

29 June. The county commissioners to seize all Rowland 7 112
Gwynn's goods and chattels, his debtors and tenants to.
retain his moneys in their hands, and John Clarke, the dis-
coverer, to be paid his soldier's arrears from J the money
paid in.

14 Sept. 1649. Request that in the order to bring Gwynn up in 91 73
custody, Capt. Valentine Read may be the messenger, and that
command be given to the governor of Carmarthen to assist.

14 Sept. Order that Gwynn be brought up in safe custody to pay 7 284
the said debt by Thoa. Jarvis and Capt. Valentine Read, and 287

that the governor of Carmarthen and all officers, civil and
military, assist.

CASE 91 74 1 Nov. 1649. R. Gwynn gives in an account of his payments, 91 75 76
and begs allowance of 154Z. taxes paid in 3^ years, since he
accounted with the Earl of Worcester.

1 Jan. 1651. Order that both the Gwynns appear before the 9 326
committee on 29 Jan. to answer the debt. 91 77 78

LEI. 91 79 21 Feb. 1661. Clarke pleads that, in prosecution of his discovery 91 80
of Gwynn's debt, he has made 3 journeys into "Wales, spent
200Z. and gained no benefit, and begs a lease of the lands
engaged by Gwynn for the debt at a reasonable rent.

21 Feb. Order that the personal estates of Gwynn and his 10 46
son be seized for the debt, and that the tenants retain their 91 81 82
rents ; and unless Rowland Gwynn appear in a month, his
estate will be sequestered.


Vol. No.
31 July 1643. A or p.

12 March 1661. The Gwynns petition that they paid the rent 91 83-84
agreed on to the Earl of Worcester, then discovered the rent to
the county comiliissioners.and paid them the arrears. Then the
Committee for Irish Affairs, who had the disposal of the Earl
of Worcester's estate, claimed it; the Committee for Com-
pounding also claimed it, and in the midst of these orders,
Mr. Clarke brought them a summons to come up and pay it to
the Committee for Advance of Money, and appearance was
made, but there was not leisure to hear them.

Soon after, Rowland Grwynn was again summoned, and though
very aged and infirm, came up ] 60 miles with his papers, and
stayed 4 or 5 weeks at great charge ; but though he much
pressed for it, he could not obtain a hearing. No sooner
had he returned than the county commissioners sequestered
all his rents, allowing him to be tenant of his estate, and
now Clarke prosecutes them with fresh orders to sequester
their whole estate, and to take needless journeys to attend the
committee, on pretence of 1,S00Z. concealed in their hands.
Beg that the case may be refeired to the county commis-
sioners, and that petitioners may not be prosecuted in so
many places on the same matter ;. they also beg stay of
proceedings meantime.

9 April 1651. Committee for Advance of Money to the Com- 24 113-4
missioners for cos. Pembroke, Carmarthen, and Cardigan. 91 85-87
Ton say that you sequestered the rents of the lands in question,
engaged for the Gwynns' debt to the Earl of Worcester. They
say they discovered the rent to the county commissioners, and
paid in arrears. We beg you to call them before you, to examine
their deeds and acquittances, and certify the time of sequestra-
tion, and the receipts from, the lands, when And'. Sherwin
will peruse your accounts.

LET. 91 89 22 May 1651. Clarke begs that as the county commissioners 91 88
have made no return in the Gwynns" case, the order of 21 Feb.
may be executed.
20 June 1651. Order that as all proceedings in the case have 10 424-5
been rendered fruitless by the county commissioners, they pay 91 90 91
in all their receipts from the Gwynns, levy the remainder of
the debt from their estate, pay it in 2 months, and deliver
the return of their proceedings to John Clarke and John
Math ewes.

LEI. 91 92 1 Aug. 1651. Committee for Advance of Money to the County 24 151
Commissioners for Pembroke. We reinforce our orders about 91 93 94
levying the debt due to the Earl of Worcester on the estate of
the Gwynns,- and note how the State has been prejudiced by
your retarding the business. Mr. Clarke will bring you this
order and return your proceedings therein.

8 Oct. 1651. Copy by Gwynn of his receipts for moneys- paid on 91 95
account of the said debt.

Nov. 1651 ? Petition of John Clarke, that as Rowland Gwynn, 91 96
when summoned to appear to pay the arrears of rent, and to
become tenant to the Committee for Advance of Money in
future, allleges that he has paid the arrears,, and will obey
orders as to the accruing rents,, having allowance for taxes,
Mr. Cox may examine his acquittances for arrears, and that
from the rent to be paid, petitioner may have the arrears
due to him by the State,, according to former orders.

CASE 91 97 18 Jan. 1652. Exceptions taken by Clarke to the acquittances 91 98
produced by the Gwynns of rents and moneys pretended to be
paid by them, and request that the originals thereof may be
28 Jan. The original debt was 1,500Z., and the arrears of rent 11 144
for 51 years are 632L lOs., but all orders for their recovery 91 99

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