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\ to be paid in 6 weeks.

16 April. Order that the hay be sold at 20s. a load, and the 3 83
corn at 3e. a bushel, tec go towards the doctor's assessment, and

that Rich. Dee's cart and horses bring the same in when

30 Jan. 1646. Exton's assessment respited till farther order, he to 4 405
take oath what his estate is in 14 days.

4 Feb. 1646. His estate discharged, he not having lOOZ. , and 4 417
24Z. 19s. 45. being made of his goods at Tottenham, seized for

18 Oct. 1643. HEN. FIELD, Grocer, Fleet Street.

Assessed at 600Z. - - - - - - - 63 76

CEET. 92 220 18 Dec. 1643. The 247Z. 10s. deposited to be in discharge of his as- 75 153
sessment, he having lent 52J. 19«. id.

18 Oct. 1643. ERAS. FINCH and LADT FINCH, Kensington.

He assessed at 250?. and she at 150Z. - - . - 63 73

15 Nov. 1643. Ordered to pay. With note that she paid the 150Z., 75 115
and he was discharged for 125Z. for which he had the Publi6 63 73


18 Oct. 1643 NICH. PRANKLTN, Proctor, Lincoln's Inn and Cripplegate


Assessed at lOOZ. - - - - . . -63 76

25 Nov. 1643. Order that, as he was assessed at lOOJ. for his Jg, and 2 164
for non-payment, committed to Ipswich gaol by the Committee
of Examinations, and has since had IIZ. 5s. distrained of his
rents, and goods, value 262. 9s. sold, if he put in security for 30Z.
more he may be liberated, and on payment of the 30!. discharged
from sequestration, the committee being informed that he cannot
pay the residue. He is also to pay the collector's salary and

7 Dec. 1643. John Rushwoi-th to Dallison. If my security may be 92 221
accepted, I promise to pay 30Z. to the Committee for Advance of
Money, according to the order made for Mr. Franklin, also the
collector's salary.

17 Jan. 1645. Again assessed at 200Z. - . . - 67 107








,„„ Vol. m.

18 Got. 1643. A or p.

21 Feb. 1645. Deposition by him that 671. Us. is his full ^ ; that 92 222
his estate of 120Z. a year for his wife's life is in the power of the
King's army, and he has received no benefit therefrom since
1642. With note 9 Feb. 1656, that as it lies at Stretton-in-the-
Dale, between Ludlow and Shrewsbury, no benefit has yet been
received from it.

21 Feb. Order that he be respited till his lands be restored, 76 736
having paid 671. 14s. on a former assessment in Oripplegate
Ward, which is his proportion.

18 Oct. 1643. SIB THOS. HANMBR, BART., Isleworth, Co. Middlesex,

and Hanmer, Co. Flint.

Assessed at 250Z. Not to be found at Isleworth

2 May 1645. Asses.sed at l.OOOJ. - . . . .

14 May. Sir Thos. Hanmer, Bart., Hanmer, co. Flint, protected
from arrest or restraint for 6 days, to come and go to this com-
mittee to satisfy his assessment.

B. 4 158 8 March 1648. To be sequestered for non-payment - - - 5 397

167 172

10 May 1648. Respited till further order, and meantime the seques- 5 433
tration of his estate by this committee to be taken off.

12 May. His assessment for his ^ discharged, it appearing to this 5 437
committee that he has lately done very good service to Parlia-

18 Oct. 1643. ROB. HENLEY, Master of the King's Bench Office.

Assessed at 2,000Z. - - - - - - - 63 76

18 April 1644. To be brought in custody to pay his assessment - 3 ' 84

o.c. 4 297 10 Nov. 1645. To be heard on Friday, and bring in a particular of 4 316
K. 4 300 his estate, and of what he has contributed.

21 Nov. To pay in 1,000L, i his assessment, and then be further 4 332

o. 4 340 22 Deo. 1645. Order that on giving bond with his son to abide the 4 364
o.c. 4 347 order of this committee about his assessment, he be respited and

his sequestration taken off.

29 Dec. Order that he do not pay any debts to persons who are 4 374
delinquents or in arrears for their ^, without leave of this

12 Jan. 1646. Petition of Sam. Whitwick or Wightwiok, Prothono- 92 223
tary of the King's Bench, to the Committee for Advance of
Money. I am joint patentee with Mr. Henley in the ofiEioe of
prothonotary of the King's Bench, and I agreed that he should
have the profits of the office, except -^ for me, and I gave a bond
of 2O,O0OL to pay the same to his executors, if he should die, and
he did the same as to my ■^. I have always been forward for
Parliament in co. Berks, in the Committee for the Associated
Counties, and have had my house and goods plundered, and my
eldest son carried from his house prisoner, and most cruelly
used, almost to death, and I have 8 children. I beg that if Mr.
Henley be adjudged incapable of the office for delinquency, the
whole office then being mine by right, you will consider my
interest and care, and add something to my -j^.

12 Jan. Note of its reading in the Committee for Advance of 4 385
Money, but no'order.


Vol. No.

18 Oct. 1643. A or p.

30 Jan. 1646. It is to be reported to Parliament that Henley has 4 407

oifered 7,O0OZ. composition for the profits of his office, and his

other estate, forfeit for delinquency.
9 Jan. 1646. He being ordered by Parliament to compound with 4 383

this committee for his delinquency, and having made several

offers about it, none of his woods are to be cut down and sold,

nor his property defaced or removed.
8 April 1646. Order that he pay in 5,200Z., part of his composition, 5 9

and prepare security for payment of the rest, according to the

order of the House of Commons of 8 April.

15 May 1646. Having compounded with, both Houses of Parliament 5 53
for his delinquency, they fined him at 9,000Z., of which 5,200Z. is
paid, and he having secured the remainder to be paid at the
times limited by Parliament, the sequestration of his estate is
taken ofi', and he allowed to receive his rents, debts, &c.

15 May. The bond of Henley and his son to be taken for payment 5 36
of 3,800Z; the remainder of his fine at the time limited by Parlia-
ment, and their former bond for payment of the -^ to be returned.

His request for the Public Faith for 2,000Z. his yj to be further

28 Aug. 1646. Henley having been ordered not to pay any debts 6 96
due to delinquents or to persons in arrear for their assessments,
he is required to compound for the debts due to Richard,
Ambrose, John, and Hum. Bennett, Sir Thos. Nott, the Earl
of Antrim, Judith Edwards, and others, and meantime to
detain the debts in his hajids.

25 Sept. 1646. Mr. Lane to advance to Mr. Lawrence 61. 13s. Od. 5 107
due to him from Mr. Henley for salary.

CASE AKD CERT. 3 July 1647. On information that though he has paid his \ and -^-g, 5 274
92 224 he is assessed by the County Commissioners, oraer for stay of
all proceedings and restoration of what has been taken.

18 Feb. 1648. Summoned to appear about a debt of 3,000Z. to the 5 378
Earl of Antrim, a delinquent, sequestered by this committee.

1 March 1648. Dismissed from further attendance about this debt 5 384
of 2,890Z., on proof that it was paid in 1641.

16 Jan. 1649. Summoned to appear about divers debts due to 6 152

18 Oct. 1643. GEOEaE SCOTT, the Poultry.

Assessed at 1,0002. - - - - - - - 63 77

21 Aug. 1644. Ordered to pay lOOJ. in 14 days, and be discharged,
or else to make up his J and be heard, having lent 250Z.

26 Aug. Ordered the Public Faith for the last lOOZ. paid - - 3 223

3 219

18 Oct. 1643. EOGEE VIYIAN, Lime Street Ward.

Assessed at 1,0002. ... - - - 63 74

17 Dec. 1643. The lOOZ. deposited by him to be repaid, as by his 75 121
affidavit the 4002. which he paid on the Ordinance of 29 Nov. 1642
is above his ^, and his assessment discharged.
17 March 1654. Certificate by Martin Dalllson, registrar, that 3502. 92 225
was paid to Sam. G-osse, late receiver of the Committee for
Advance of Money for goods and moneys on distress, for
redemption of Vivian's goods, towards his assessment of 4002.

18 Oct. 1 643. SIE THOS. "WROTH, Coleman Street, Petherton Park,

Co. Somerset.

Assessed at 5002. . . - , - - 63 77


Vol. No.
18 Oct. 1643. A or p.

16 Not. 1643. Order for discliarge of his assessment, on sufficient 2 147
information that he is plundered of his estate, and utterly dis-
abled to pay his assessment, or any part thereof.

23 Oct. 1643. SIE ABRAHAM DAWES, London (late), and SIR THOS.

DAWES, Mark Lane, and JOHN DAWES, his Sons.

Order in the House of Commons that all their estates be sequestered 92 226
into the hands of Sir Rob. Pye and 5 other M.Ps., with 6 other
gentlemen sequestrators, who shall have power to let, sell, or
dispose thereof, and fell and dispose of timber, the proceeds to
be issued as the House shall direct.

17 Jan. 1644. Sir Thomas Dawes assessed at 5002. - - - 63 138
6 Feb. 1644. To be brought up in custody to pay his assessment - 2 265
6 April 1644. The order of the House of Commons about his estate 3 72

to be produced to the Committee for Advance of Money.
19 April. Eras. Burt, of Gracious Street, and Rich. Stookdale, of 3 85
Clerkenwell, 2 of the sequestrators, having undertaken to pay 92 227
I Sir Thomas's assessment, and to abide the order of this com-
mittee about the residue, his goods seized by the collectors are
to be restored to him.

1 Nov. 1644. Sir Thomas to be brought up to answer his contempt, 3 276
and such matters as shall be objected against him.

4 Nov. As he is in the King's Bench on an execution, and yet 3 280

goes to and fro to Roehampton, and abides there, contemning
' this committee and its officers, — Sir John Lenthall is to keep

him in safe custody, and not allow him to be at liberty till

farther order of this committee.
6 Nov. Burt and Stockdale are to bring him in custody to pay his 3 282

8 Nov. The order of 4 Nov. for his close committal to custody 3 285

4 Dec. 1644. The 2501 due to him from the Custom House to be 3 319

paid as part of his assessment.

2 Dec. 1645. Order in the House of Commons, on the petition of 92 228
Sir Thos. Dawes, one of the creditors of the Royal children, that

the annuity of lOOi. to Mrs. Blythe, and the pensions given by
Sir Abraham's will to the poor of Putney, be continued, and the
rest of the money raised by the sequestration be paid, J to the
advance creditors, and the other ^ to the creditors of the chil-
dren, two of the chief of whom are added to the sequestrators.
The Customs' officers are to pay all fees in arrear to the Davreses
to the said sequestrators. Also ■the assessment of bOQl. on Sir
Thomas for his ^V *o ^^ discharged.

8 Deo. Order in the Committee for Advance of Money that, as a 4 350
fee of 5001. a year, due to Sir Thomas from the Customs, has
long since been sequestered towards his assessment of 6001., but
nothing paid, that 500Z. of the said money be paid to this com-
mittee, and for so doing the Customs' officers shall have the
authority of Parliament against Dawes and others.

24 Dec. His sequestration taken off, on his giving security to abide 4 372
the orders of this committee.

24 Oct. 1643. THOS. BIRKETT, without Aldgate.

Assessed at 140Z. - - 63 77

14 Nov. 1643. Order that the sum be paid in 10 days - - 92 229

6 Dec. 1643. Order that his assessment be discharged on payment 75 141
of 211. 2s. 8d., which, with 781. 17s. 4d. formerly ler't, will make
up 1001., the loan being before the assessment.

50623. S


Vol. No.

24 Oct. 1643. A or p.

CEET. 92 231 1646 P Begs a Public Faith bill for the 21Z. 2s. 8d. paid according 92 230

to the Ordinance of Parliament of 12 Aug. 1645. Granted. 63 77

24 Oct. 1643. EOWLAND MORETON, Gutter Lane.

Assessed at 801. .... . - 63 77

9 March 1644. He shows acquittances for 41. formerly lent, 63 77
91. 8s. Wd. paid for redemption of his goods distrained for non-
payment, and lOZ. paid out of time.

11 March. Order to m.ake afildavit what is his ^, or else his 3 43
assessment to be discharged for the 131. 8s. lOd. formerly paid,

and 261. lis. 2d. deposited.

CEET. 92 232 14 March. Order that 16Z. Us. 2d. be repaid him, and the other 3 48
lOZ., with the 13Z. 8s. lOd., be in discharge of his assessment,
23Z. being his proportion on oath.

March 1664. Note of a Public Faith certificate given - - 63 77

24 Oct. 1643. WM. TREADLE, Thavies' Inn.

Assessed at 40Z. ...... 63 78

12 March 1654. Receipt from Dallison, by Sam. Edwards, of 92 233
a certificate purporting that in Nov. 1643, Treadle paid 40Z. 63 78
for his Jj, and that no greater assessment was laid upon him.

Oct. 1643. JAS. MARTIN, Fishmonger, London.

Particulars of 10 sums lent by him 12 Nov. 1641 to 12 Oct. 1643, 92 234
on Public Faith, total 1,730Z.

Oct. 1643. JOHN or ROB. BOWLES, Gray's Inn and Peckham, Yeoman

of His Majesty's Tents at Clerkenwell.

He complains that in Sept. 1642, Fras. Allen, of Fleet Street, by 92 235
virtue of an Order in Parliament, took him to the Tower to view
1,000 tents, and to provide poles, ropes, &c., to fit them for
service, which cost 90Z.

Also that on 14 and 15 Sept. last, being absent himself, Dan. Jndd
and others came and seized all His Majesty's tents, 41 of his
own, which are now employed in the service under Sir Wm.
Waller, and other goods value 200Z.

21 Nov. 1643. His assessment respited till Allen satisfy the com- 2 157
mittee as to his demand about tents.

23 Nov. Assessed at 200Z., but respited till lOOZ. due to him for 63 95
tents is respited. 2 160

14 Dec. 1643. His assessment of 200Z. at Peckham, as well as the 2 189
former one of 20Z., respited till this lOOZ. is paid.

U Dec. 1644. Mr. Bowles to be brought up in custody to pay his 3 327

13 Oct. 1645. Assessed again at l.OOOZ. - - . - 65 94
31 Oct. Respited to pay his | - . - . - 4 309
7 Nov. 1645. To be admitted to swear to his i and J^, a former 4 313

order for payment of his J notwithstanding.

His assessment to be discharged for the 88Z. paid by him, being his 4 316
proportion on oath.

1 Nov. 1643. THOS. SMITH, Isleworth, formerly Messenger of the Chamber

in Ordinary.

Petition that, in obedience to the Houses' commands, he executed 93 1
some services as churchwarden, for which His Mjjesty cast him
out of his place and service at Court, which was his chief live-
lihood, so that for affection to the Houses he has lost his support.
He therefore begs discharge from the present assessment.


Vol. No.

1 Nov. 1643. A or p.

1 Nov. 1643. Order that as he, being one of the guards, has 2 132
suffered by the soldiers, and his place, which was his subsistence,
is likely to be lost, his assessment of 40J. be discharged on pay-
ment of 101.

6 Deo. 1643. Eeceipt for the said 101. - - - 93 2

2 Nov. 1643. WM. LEACHLAND, Merchant, Shipowner, and Purveyor of

Wines to the King, Tower "Ward.

He being assessed at 500Z., which is unpaid, and thereon his wines 2 134
having been seized, as there is need of 2 tuns of French wines for
his Majesty's children, order that he choose and deliver them for
the said purpose.

9 Nov. 1643. Order that he pay J his assessment forthwith, and 2 140

the rest in 14 days.
5 Dec. 1643. He petitions the Committee of Navy and Customs for 93 3

payment of his share, being i, of 1,608/. and 3,000Z. due for hire

of ships for Parliament service, that he may be able to pay the

second J of his fine, having had great losses lately.

5 Dec. Order in the Committee for Advance of Money that 2 177
the Navy Committee be requested -to certify what they owe
Leachland, he stating it at 5502., and to pay him the same.

6 Jan. 1644. He having paid 260J., and the Navy Committee 2 219
having promised to pay into Haberdashers' Hall 2501., part of

the sum due to him for freight, order that his assessment be
discharged, and that the Sequestration Committee restore him
his wines, &o.

3 Nov. 1643. ABRAHAM CALEB, Parson of Lewisham.

Assessed at lOOZ. 63 81

22 Nov. 1643. Having deposited i, he is to pay the rest, or make 75 125

I Dec. 1643. The 342. 12s. deposited, with 15Z. 8s. lent, to be in 75 136
discharge of his assessment, being his proportion.

3 Nov. 1643. RANDALL CREW, Hatcham, Barnes.

Assessed at 1,OOOZ. 63 79

25 Jan. 1644. To be brought in custody to pay his assessment - 2 239
13 Feb. 1644. His assessment discharged for 150Z. paid in Surrey, 2 263
" which is his proportion on afiBdavit, he paying the collector's

salary, as the State is much indebted to him.

3 Nov. 1643. WM. DELVE or DELL, the Bishop [of Rochester's ?] Secretary.

Assessed at 400Z. 63 79

28 Dec. 1643. The keeper of Peter House to take him into custody, 2 204
and keep him till he has paid the 400Z.

4 Jan. 1644. Order on his petition for his hearing, on making up, 2 216
with what he has paid in Kent, i his assessment.

II Jan. His assessment to be discharged for the 200i!. paid here, 2 223
and 102. paid in Kent, he paying the collector's salary and

3 Nov. 1643. DR. WM. SKINNER, Beokenham, Kent.

Assessed at 2502. - - - - - - -63 80

29 Deo. 1643. Certificate that he has been assessed and paid 62. 10s. 93 4
for his ■!■ and -jV. that he contributed 302. on the propositions, and

has paid 802. more now.

S 2





or p.













3 Nov. 1643. SIR HUM. STYLES.

Assessed at 400Z. - - - -

6 Feb. 1644. His sequestration to be proceeded in, according to
the Ordinances of Parliament, towards satisfaction of his

11 March 1644. He is to make affidavit of what is his ^, and 3 44
bring it in accordingly.

18 March. He having lent 261., deposited 601., and made affidavit 3 52
that 50Z. is his ^, order that 261. of the 50Z. be returned, and the
rest be in discharge of his assessment.

6 Nov. 1643. WM. .GIBSON, "Woollen Draper, St. Antholin's, "Watling


Note of a warrant for seizing his estate, on information that he 93 5
absented himself to avoid payment of assessment, and was aiding
in the wars against Parliament. With account of his estate and
debts, &c.

20 Dec. 1643. Assessed at 600?. . . - .

2 Oct. 1644. His goods, appraised at SI., to be sold towards his
assessment, and Mr. Eichards to have 10s. for the discovery.

29 Nov. 1644. Assessed at 1,0002. - - - . .

28 Sept. 1645. Order that he be brought up in custody to pay his

17 Sept. Information by Eliah Palmer that John Watkins, 21 33
merchant of Essex, owes Gibson 480L, and the informer will
pay all charges if the debt is not proved.

22 May 1646. Watkins to be brought up in custody to answer a 5 41
charge against him.

9 June 1646. Order that, as Watkins has refused to pay 500Z. 5 52
which he owes to Gibson, who is assessed at 1,000Z., still unpaid,

the sum be levied by distress on his goods.

12 March 1647. Miles Newton to be summoned to pay 300Z. owing 5 217
by him to Gibson, notwithstanding the order of the Camden

House Committee, who pretend priority of seizure, the seizure
being originally for the ^.

22 Oct. 1649. Information that Miles and Thos. Newton, of Lon- 21 287
don, owe Gibson 310L 10s.

24 Oct. Order for payment of the same - - - - 7 329

E.w. 28 22 46 25 Dec. 1649. Miles Newton to appear and pay the debt - - 28 15

47 3 May 1650. He petitions that he believes the debt was paid by 93 43
o.c.c. 93 44 Rich. Morecroft, now dead, who was bound with himself for
payment, and the rather that Gibson has not demanded it these
12 years. Has lost 12,O00L in Ireland and is now bankrupt ;
begs consideration if the debt is due.

3 May. Miles Newton dismissed, and the debt to be levied on Mrs. 8 318
Newton's estate. Mr. Belt, of Bread Street, summoned as a 8 319
witness in the case, to be respited tiU his return from Yorkshire.

14 Dec. 1648. Information that Sm Thos. Soame, Alderman of 21 140
London, owes 900Z. to Gibson, who has deserted his home and
gone beyond seas to avoid payment of taxes, and is therefore
liable to sequestration.

10 .Ian. 1649. Information that Soame's debt is 1,463?., and that 21 146
Gilison has fled and has not compounded.

t July 1649. Information that Soame's debts to Gibson are 1 090Z. 21 248
and 338Z. 9s., as appears by Gibson's book of debts. '

4 Jnly. Soame to appear and pay the money due to Gibson . 7 115


Vol No.

6 Nov. 1643. ^ orp.

3 Aug. 1649. On Sir Thomas' proving that l.OOOZ. of the debt was 7 22:5

released to him by Parliament Order, he is discharged therefrom, 93 6

and the prosecutor is to have 6 weeks to prove the residue of the


25 Jan. Information by Nioh. Cheltenham that Anne Paekeb, 21 151

since married to Aid. John Dethiok, merchant of London, owes 93 7

Gibson 756Z.

o. 6 161 25 Jan. 1649. Dethick summoned to show cause why he should 6 157

LET. 24 122 not pay the money. 93 8

o.c. 10 351 16 May 1651. Dethick desires further time, as the case is depending 10 306
H. 11 51 before the Council of State, but he is ordered to pay the money
in 14 days.

27 June 1651. The needs of the State being urgent, if the money 24 139
is not paid the Committee for Advance of Money will be com-
pelled to levy it.

10 July 1651. Order that Dethiok give security for payment of 93 9
the money in 2 months, unless Parliament order the contrary, or
else in 14 days it will be ordered to be levied on his estate.

19 Sept. 1651. Cheltenham, the informer, begs an order for 93 10
levying the 756Z. on Dethick's estate.

19 Sept. Order that the 756Z. be levied by sequestration if not paid 17 29
by Wednesday.

DEP. 93 11 14 Jan. 1652. Dethick pleads that this debt of 756Z. 15s. was 93 14
rUP. and cbet. sequestered in December 1643 by the Commissioners for Seques-
93 12 tration of London from Mrs. Anne Parker, his now wife ; that

HEP. 93 13 Gibson being in Flanders, where he has turned Eoman Catholic,
attached the estate of Mrs. Parker in Flanders for the debt, on
which account it has, till lately, been allowed to remain in peti-
tioner's hands. Begs an order to pay in only f of the debt, Gibson
having been sequestered for absenting himself and not paying his
assessment, and for recusancy, but not for delinquency.
H. 17 161 170 14 Jan. Order for the Camden House Committee to examine 11 92
the cause of sequestration, and then the report as to the first
discoverer of the debt will be heard.

4 Feb. 1652. Dethick having paid in the whole debt of 756?. 15s. is 11 172
indemnified therefor, and if Gibson, who is beyond seas, attempt
to recover ic, the Committee for Advance of Money will report
the case to Parliament.
LET. 93 15 4 Feb. Order, on full hearing of the case, that there is no reason 11 178
CEBT. 93 16 17 to reverse the former order for sequestration of Gibson's estate,
as a recusant and delinquent ; that the first discoverers of the
debt were the late Commissioners for Sequestration at Camdeij
House in 1643, but that as Nich. Cheltenham and the late
Wm. Ford have been at charges in renewing the case, they be
allowed Is. in the pound between them, viz., 171. 10s. to Chelten-
ham, and 17Z. 10s. to Ford's children, by the administrator,
Edw. Webb.
19 Feb. Edw. Webb and Nich. Cheltenham complain that this sum 93 18
does not cover the expenses of prosecution, and beg an order for
^ of any further discoveries of Gibson's estate. If this is granted,
they hope to bring in a far larger sum.

24 March 1649. Information that Rich. Lea, of St. Helen's, Lon- 21 180
don, owes Gibson about 671.

30 April 1649. Information that Mr. Liddiate is indebted to Gibson, 21 196 j
a Papist and delinquent, in 150Z., and that Rich. Lea of Great
St. Helen's stands bound for it, and has paid 701. on account to
the Committee of Camden House, so that 8QI. remains due.

4 May 1649. Order that Lea pay in 80i., part of 1601. due by him 6 310
to Gibson.


Vol No.
6 Nov. 1643. "Wm. GiTBsas— continued. A or p.

0. 7 42 16 May 1649. Order on proof that only 50Z. of Lea's debt re"inains 6 338
o. 7 52 unpaid, and tliat the bond of 207Z. to Sir George and Sir Wm.

H. 7 174 "Whitmore was only in trust for Gibson, that on payment of the

50Z., the debt be discharged, and the bond released.

CASE 93 20 12 Feb. 1649. Information that Sra, George and Sifi "Wm. Whit- 21 161
MOKE owe Gibson 520Z. 8s. A^d. book debts. 93 19

12 Feb. Sir George summoned to show cause why he should not 6 166
pay the debt.
o. 6 243 20 Feb. The clerk at Camden House to certify what pro- 6 173
o. 6 231 ceedings have been taken about the debt, and why it was not

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