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Denham, which are to be sold towards his assessment of 1,000Z. Noted "none
found." [A 3, p. 348.]

Jan. 3. Col. Forbes and Capt. Barkley informing that they can discover several con-

cealed estates of delinquents, order that i the moneys coming in on their dis-
coveries be paid towards the arrears due to them for their service. [A 3,
p. 348.]

Jan. 6. The assessment of Jonathan Andrews discharged, he having contributed SOI.

at Worcester on the propositions in the na;me of Ellen Frogmore, in October
1642, as appears by receipt of Lord Brooke and others ; and having since lent
lOOL towards the reducing of that county, and been plundered and driven from
his house.

Eoger Fletcher to have 40s. for informing of Sir John Lead and Mr. Symons,
who paid &01. each for assessment. [A 4, p. 3.]

Jan. 10. Col. Ant. Eouso to have yV '^^ money and estate of delinquents discovered

by him towards payment of his arrears, and to give in theirnames before any
proceedings are taken against them.

Sir John Stanicott complaining that [Fras.] Lawrence, a collector, hired of
him a house at 161. a year, and has paid no rent for 3 quarters, order that
the committee will not protect Lawrence, but leave the case to cornmon law.

[John] Trefusis to have 4 the moneys brought in on his discoveries of
Papists' and delinquents' estates, towards satisfaction of his losses sustained in
Cornwall. [A 4, pp. 7-9.]


1645. Vol. A LXXXII.

Jan. 13. A trunk of mercery wares seized in Wm. Browne's house, to be delivered to
Rowland Witherington, on affidavit that they belong to him.

David Bamsay to have J of moneys arising from his discoveries of delinquents
estates, towards payment of his arrears. [A 4, pp. 10, 11.]

Jan. 17. Thoa. Yaughan, cook and menial servant to Lord Pembroke, discharged from

Capt. Manby, taving formerly lent 701. 7s., respited assessment till the State
shall pay his arrears. lA 4, p. 15.]

Jan. 22. Committee for Advance of Money to the Chamberlains of the City of London

and others concerned. Ton are to deliver to [Grab.] Beck, for the use of this com-
mittee, an abstract of all warrants or assignments come to you for payment of
sums raised by virtue of any Act under this present Parliament, and of the
payments made thereon, and to whom, that this committee may see what
remain unpaid. [A 4, p. 23.]

Jan. 27. Mr. Pester's assessment respited, his estate being at Bristol and Devizes,
and he receiving no benefit therefrom, and having no other maintenance.
[A 4, p. 23.]

Jan. 28. 1. Ordinance of Parliament, on information that some few goods in Dorset

House, which are enjoyed by the Earl of Rutland, together with the said house,
are threatened to be taken away by the Sequestrators of London, referring the
case to the Committee for Sequestrations ; and ordering that the Earl, under-
taking to be responsible for the goods, be permitted to enjoy them till the
pleasure of the House be further known, he having suffered much for his
fidelity to, and attendance on. Parliament, [f pa^ge.^

Peb. 5. Order that those who are assessed and make affidavits do not pay above 6^.

for the affidavit.

John Hewaon, of the Baukside, respited till he receive the debts and arrears
due to him from the State. \_A 4, pp. 29, 30.]

Feb. 7. Col. Art. Forbes and Alex. Henley to have the money they discover of

delinquents, towards the debts and arrears due to them from the State.

The first 1001. of the assessment of Mr. Palmer, now in the Fleet, to be for
payment of Col. Ant. Eonse. [A 4, p. 32.]

Feb. 10, Mrs._ Thompson's assessment discharged, she having lent 28?. 12s. on the
proposition, and her husband, being master of Trinity House, having lent in
August 1642, lOOZ. for Ireland.

Mr?. Chamblett, assessed at 4001., having made affidavit that she is not worth
lOOZ., yet having a far greater estate, with plate and money concealed, order
that they be sought for in her house, and that of Mr. Green, and brought away.

Sir John Lenthall to send Ellen Thomas on Fridav to answer obiections.
[A 4, pp. 35, 36.]

Feb. 14. The assessment of Thos. Byett, of Sudbury, discharged for 301. formerly lent,
being his proportion, he being well afi'ected, and the information given by an
ill-affected person.

Whereas Edw. Ash, M.P., affirms that the house in Martin's Lane of Mr.
Garrett, late Mr. Gore's, is charged with 8001. to the State, and whereas the
house was some time employed by Ash for keeping India goods for the State's
service, and whereas by Ordinance of Parliament the rent of sequestered houses
ought to be paid — order that, for the time the house was employed for the
State, the rent be allowed, and deducted out of the money with which the-house
is charged to the State. [A 4, pp. 39-41.] -r

Feb. 17. Nich. Hewes to be committed to the Serjeant's deputy till he satisfy the
Committee for Mitigation for his offences offered to them. With note that he
has given satisfaction by acknowledging his offence. [A 4, p. 43.]

Feb. 19. Thos. Eyre, one of the committee for county Berks, having lent 4:2,1. 19s. 4d.
on the propositions, and been plundered in the country, his assessment

Eliz. Hammond's assessment discharged, as she set forth her sons in the
army, and one of them was slain, and she has been plundered of bOOl. at
Chertsey, Surrey. [A 4, pp. 45, 46. J



Feb. 21.

Feb. 28.



Marob 3.

March 7.

Vol. a LXXXII.

Greg. Gawsell having contributed 290!. in county Norfolk, served in person,
and the State being indebted to him, order that his assessment be respited till
he is paid his dues.

The assessment of Art. Swetnam of Bristol discharged, he being driven
thence bj the enemy. [_A 4, pp. 50, 51.]

The assessment of Eich. Scutt, who is doorkeeper to the Committee of Both
Kingdoms, respited till his land in Hampshire be reduced.

Mr. Lane to lend to Lord H[oward] lOOZ., which his lordship promises to
repay next April. [_A 4, pp. 60, 61.]

2. Notes of exceptions made by numerous persons who took aflSdavits as to the
value of their property, relating to certain portions of it — as estates under the
hands of the enemy, and doubtful or desperate debts — in reference to which
they claim exemption from assessments ; May 1 644 and February 1645. [3 pages.']

3. Rules to be observed concerning sequestrations of delinquents, and their
estates concealed, depending before tbe Committee for Advance of Money : —

1. The discoverers to give in the charge under their own hands to the clerk
of the Committee for Advance of Money, inserting the witnesses who

' can prove it.

2. The clerk to enter it in the book of informations,
fi page, imperfect.]

The assessment on Rich. Eider respited till the State pay him the debt of
lOOZ.. which they owe, he having been a captain in actual service.

The assessment of 80Z. on Bdw. Child discharged, he making affidavit that 91.
is his proportion, having lent 40s., and there being money due to him for cartage
and billetting soldiers.

Lieutenant Hen. Fuller to have ^ the money he discovers of delinquents'
estates for payment of his arrears. [A 4, pp. 64-66.]

Wm. Payne and John Ward, inhabitants of Kent, and at great charges there,
to pay their ^ and -^ to the County Committee of Kent, and be acquitted from
assessments here.

Wm. Atwood's assessment discharged, he being one of the Essex Com-
mittee, where he has taken great pains, and has contributed.

Mr. Lane to pay Lawrence and Eagdale 30s. salary for Mrs. de Djux Ville's
assessment of 200l a year, and she is to pay the other 20s. [A 4, pp. 72, 73.]

March 10. Lady Hewett to pay Lawrence the salary for Mr. Eichardson's full assess-

Nich. Grice of Lincoln's Inn to be brought up in custody, being 50Z. behind
of his assessment, and having often been summoned, and not appeared.

At request of the Fishmongers' Company, who are landlords of a tenement in
Barbican, where Mrs. Holl lately dwelt, they are to have the key delivered
up, the house being out of repair, and in arrears for rent. [A 4, pp. 74-76.]

March 14. No inhabitants of co. Bucks to be assessed here without special order of
that committee.

The assessments of John Southing and Mr. Abbott, of Denham, co. Bucks, to
be discharged, they having compounded in the county for their \ and J^, the
order of the Mitigators for their payment of 31. each notwithstanding.
[_A 4, p. 79.]

March 17. The assessment on Mrs. Dixon of 400Z., and that on her as of King's Langley
of 1501., to be both discharged, she having been assessed and discharged,
13 October 1643. [A 4, p. 81.]

March 19. Thos. Walkden to have § of delinquents' estates that he discovers towards
payment of his arrears, and warrants to be granted therefor.

No exceptions to be admitted in affidavits without special directions of the
Committee for Advance of Money, or the Committee of Mitigations, and only
such as they shall direct to be allowed. [_A 4, p. 84.]

March 21. On information of delinquents' goods concealed in the house of Natb. King,
near the Custom House, London, order that they be seized in that, or any of
the adjacent warehouses, and brought away, to be disposed of by this committee.


March 21.

March 24.

Vol. a LXXXII.

Lient.-Col. Cory, Major Bdw. Shepard, Oapt. Wm. Pease, Oapt. Smalpeece,
Sam. Trumball, and Capt. Hen. Thornton, to have | of such discoveries as they
shall make of delinquents' concealed estates.

Capt. Wm. Halford to have a like moiety, and warrants to be granted for
seizing such delinquents' estates as he shall discover.

Like order on behalf of the New England captains, viz., Nath. Phillips,
Rob. Sanders, Jos. Wells, Nich. West, Hugh Peters, and — Read, towards
payment of their several arrears.

Order for the seizure of goods of delinquents concealed in a house not named,
to be brought and disposed of by order of this committee.

Order that Thos. Jarvis and others search for the goods, plate, and concealed
estates of — Bierley and Dr. Payle, delinquents, which are in the house of
Bierley, in Gray's Inn Fields, and seize, inventory, and bring them away.
lA 4, pp.86, 88, 92.]

Information that Luke Wood of Ratoliff, merchant, of the John and Mary,
went from Dartmouth to Oxford, and got a commission from the King to burn,
sink, or take all ships employed in Parliamentary service, and that Ambrose
Chappell, master of the ship, was consenting to it, and fitted out the ship, and
built her a deck for a man-of-war. [.i 21, p. 2.]

March ^4. 4. Summons for Thos. Fabian and Rob. Dixon, collectors for Kentish Town,
to gather in the sums taxed for maintaining the forces under Lord General
Sir Thomas Fairfax, levying them by distress if needful, and to pay them to
Rich. Graves, clerk of the peace of co. Middlesex, at his house. Chancery Lane,
3 April next. [Printed form, filled up, signed ly John Sippesley and 4 others,

March 28. Rich. Nicoll to have 4 the money that comes in on delinquents' estates to be
di.'icovered by him, towards payment of the moneys he lost in the west.

Like order for Col. Burghill and Capts. Thos. Burgis and John Shute, to be
employed towards payment of arrears due by the State.

Chris. Rudds, who suffered Col. Smith to escape, to be committed to the New
Prison, Maiden Lane, till he give security to pay the 501. which the House of
Commons on 20 January ordered to be paid to this Committee.

Fras. Bellers, having formerly lent 12?., and brought in 20 pairs of pistols
without holsters, at 22j. a pair, the whole being 34Z., — order that on paying 61.
more, his assessment be discharged, that being his proportion on oath
lA 4, pp. 98, 100.]

March 28. Information that several goods of Monsieur Tilly, a trader to Dublin, and
other quarters of the Irish, are in the house of — Hogshead, innkeeper, in.
custody of his tapster. [A 21, p. 26.]

March 28. Order that they be seized and brought away. [A 4, p. 101.]

March. 5. Return of the Kentish Town alias Pancras assessment {see No. 4 supra),

giving the names of the inhabitants in Tottenham Court, Green Street, Kentish
Town and Londoners, Brick Houses and Londoners, Highgate and Cane Wood ;
Thos. Weaver, Thos. Hogg, assessors, the sums varying from 4i. to 31. 10s'.
[4 columns.'l

April 1. Information by several captains and others lately come from New England,

that Wm. Stiles, being at Oxford, his landlord, Cole, of Sunbary,—

gave intelligence from him, and entertains one that came from him with
letters, &c., and therefore ought to be sequestered. [A 21, p. 26.]

April 2. Russell Alsop respited the 261. which by his affidavit is his Jg. till the State

pays him 4Sl. due for arms, on warrant of the Committee of, Safety of 4 May

Order that Major Wm. Knight have i the proceeds of such goods, jewels,
plate, money, and estates of delmquents as he shall discover, towards arrears
for his service, and his losses in Ireland. [A 4, pp. 106, 107.]

April 7. The assessment of Mrs. Bateman discharged, because she only came to

London on a law-suit, and has no residence within 40 miles of London aa
Mv. Trenchard, M.P., affirms. [A 4, p. 110.]


1645. Vol.. A LXXXII,

Capt. Rob. Fiennes, alias Clinton, to have i the moneys coming in on his
discoveries of delinquents' estates, towards the arrears due to him by warrant
from the Committee of Safety of 24 March last. [A 4, pp. 110, 113.]

April 7. Committee for Advance of Money to the Militia Committee of London.

We hear that Capt. Cooke, of the Yellow regiment, has granted a warrant to
his marshal to apprehend and carry to Wood Street Counter Martin Dallison
and Dan. Cox, our clerks, and Rob. Dnnscombe, one of our officers, and there
to remain 2 days without bail, because, being his soldiers, they came not out
at the sound of the drum, to perform duty. It was the captain's duty, as
they are our officers, and in immediate service of Parliament, to acquaint ua
before he issued his warrant. Consider that their whole time is spent in the
service, and they are often out of town. They desire no freedom, from other
taxes, but this of finding men and arms, which during their employment is
reasonable. We send you a list of the 12 oflBcers for whom we desire exemp-
tion. I doubt not you will take notice thereof. With list of the names,
being the three above-named, and

Eras. Lawrence.
Wm. Ragdale.
Solomon Richards.
lA 4, pp. 110, 111.]

Thos. Jarvis.
John Moody.
Hen. Starkey.

Eliah Pargiter.
Rich. Cole.
Wm. Coulson.

April 11. Order that ^ the moneys that come in on discoveries to be made by the
agents of Lord Willoughby of Parham be allowed him towards payment of
his arrears, and the other half for Abingdon garrison, and the 3 associated
counties, according to Order in the House of Commons of 5 April last. Repeated
14 April. [A 4, pp. 115, 119.]

April 14. Information that Mrs. Drake, widow, of Fenchurch Street, and Mr. Wilcox,
of Tottenham, owe 5001. to Mr. Bradley, of Ivy Lane, who was paymaster to
the King's army. [J. 21, p. 6.]

April 16. Information that Rich. Smith owes money to King, the merchant who was
in the treason with Tompkins, and that he was executor to Peter Smith, and
may have money in hand " owing for wine at 40s. a tun, when the project was,
and when it was a monopoly." [J. 21, p. 7.]

April 18. Capt. St. George Du Bois to have J the moneys coming in on his discovery
of delinquents towards his arrears.

John Middleton to be brought in custody about 4,O0OZ. owing by him to
Sir Rich. Crane, delinquent. [A 4, pp. 126, 128.]

April 21. The assessment of Abr. Holditch discharged, he having lent 2,000Z. in
arms, &c., and been a captain in actual service.

Mr. Nevett's petition referred to the assessors of Langborne Ward, to report
what should be abated of his assessment of SOOl. \_A 4, p. 129.]

April 23. The assessments of Wm. Wilson, of Tewkesbury, and his son Edward,
assessed as inhabitants here, discharged, as William is only a sojourner here,
for safety and to dispatch business, and has been plundered by the King's
forces, and paid his \ and -jq in the country, and his son is not worth 1001.
[A i, p. ISO.]

April 25. Information that there is 1001. in the hands of old Sir Jae. Cambell's
executors, which he gave towards the building of Paul's, and that young
Mrs. Cambell is one of the executors.

Information by Capt. John Holmes that several Papists' and delinquents'

goods are in the hands of Mrs. Browne, a Papist, and of Markham, of

Old Street, which things he desires to seize, and undertakes to pay all charges
and damages, if they be not found. [A 21, p. 9.]

April 25. Order to Hum. Bury and Hen. Wilson to seize and sequester the said goods,
and bring them to this committee, to be sold for the benefit of the State.
lA 4, p. 134.]

April 29. Order in Parliament, at request of the Committee for Advance of Money,
and on their report of the inconveniences that arise by pretences of dis-
coveries of malignants' estates, that no one be henceforth allowed to make such


1646. Vol. A LXXXII.

discoveries without recommendation to the committee or one of them from
the House ; but the discoveries already made are to be pi'oceeded upon.
[^ 4, p. 137.]

April 29. 6. Six notes of orders relative to assessments. [^ page.}

May 2. Order that White, an officer of this committee, who has abused it by

his carriage, and not discharged his trust, be cashiered, and no farther
employed, [jl 4, p. 141.]

May 5. 7. Joan Garway to Mr. Stroud, M.P. My sad sufferings compel me beg to

the benefit of the Ordinance of Parliament that those that endeavour to serve
the State shall not suffer for it, which I do. I am imprisoned out of malice,
as the executrix of my husband, though I never administered, nor had any
of his goods, nor have I money to right myself, my estate lying in the King's
quarter. I wrote to your clerk, Mr. Cox, to tell of my great sufferings.

Sir Kob. Harley, to whom I made the first discovery, last Whitsuntide, has
kept me in hopes ever since that the business would prove very advantageous
to the State, but by some means it is discovered, and I am abused by some of
those whose names I gave to Sir Robert. End my sufferings by calling me
before the committee, to show what service I have done, and can do, if
encouraged. [1 page.'}

May 5. Information that there are several wares, goods, and merchandizes in ware-

houses of and belonging to the Custom House, which have long been there,
and not been taken up, and which are conceived to belong to enemies of
Parliament. [A 21, p. 1.]

May 5. Order that a list be made of the said goods, stating, how long they have

been there, and to whom they belong, and return be made thereon.

Order that Wm. Lane deliver to Mrs. Mordaunt her debenture that is in his
hands, making (marking?) the money paid on the back side of it that was paid
her out of a discovery made by her. \_A 4, p. 144 ]

May 7. Mr. Langley, surgeon to the Earl of Essex, to have 4 a discovery made to

Mr. Strode before the Order in the House of Commons for restraint of
discoveries, towards payment of his arrears. \_A 4, p. 145.]

May 9. The assessment of Capt. Berkin, of Canning Street, who has been a captain

of dragoons under the Earl of Manchester, and is much in arrear, respited ti 1 J
his arrears are paid. {_A 4, p. 149.]

May 12. Information on behalf of the Earl of Stamford, that there is 1,100Z. a vear
about Eltham belonging to Mr. Eoper and his wife, recusants, who are at
Oxford. \_A 21, p. 9.]

May 14. Sir Balthazar Jerbere [Gerbier] to be brought in custody to pay his
assessment. [A 4, p. 165.]

May 21. All whose assessments are respited are to pay salary only for what they
pay in.

Col. Eidgeley ordered \ such money, jewels, or estate of delinquents as he
shall discover, charges being deducted, and the other half to be employed
for the purposes expressed in an Order in the House of Commons of this date.

Whereas goods, merchandize, &c., of delinquents have long been in the
Custom House, without any knowledge to whom they belong, and have not
been claimed according to the custom of merchants; — Order that they be
searched for, inventoried, and brought to warehouses and places appointed, to
remain until the committee take further order ; the Customs' Commissioners
to assist this committee's officers therein.

Blank warrant for the searching for, seizing, and carrying away of such
money, plate, jewels, and other estate of delinquents as remain in private
houses. [.4 4,^^.160-162.] ^

May 23. Mr. Blakiston to certify what goods of Sir John Wolstenholme and
Mr. Gardner, delinquents, are come to his hands, and whether he has any
proceeds in hand to satisfy the discoverer [Hum. Bury], who petitions this
committee for allowance. \_A 4^, p. 164.]

May 30. 8. Order for notices to 6 persons named to pay in their assessments of from

60/. to 300i. 23 and 30 May. [Printed form, filled up. f ^jaye.j


1645. Vol. A LXXXII.

June 4. Tbe assessment of Dr. Oolleden respited, till the pension of lOOZ. a year be

settled on him for his attendance on the King's children, and then he is to pay
his Jq for that pension, having no other estate.

John Rand to be committed to Newgate, for affronting this committee.
[A 4, pp. 171, 172.]

June 6. The petition of Thomas Ferrers, assessed at IQOl., referred to Justice Hubbard

and 5 others of the Tower Hamlets' Committee.

The assessment of Thomas Davenish, keeper of Winchester House, respited,
till be receive much money owing him by the State. [A 4, pp. 173, 174.]

June 11. 9. Order in the House of Commons, on the petition of Major Rob. Thompson,
and 6 others, that the estates of such Papists and delinquents as are discovered
by them shall be employed, i to pay their debentures, when duly cast up, and
the other i for sick and maimed soldiers in and about London, and for the pay-
ment of apothecaries and surgeons employed in healing them, for their provi-
sions and pains, [f page.']

June 13. Thos. Herbert being one of the Committee for the Army, his assessment is

Mr. Rea's assessment discharged, he living in Lincolnshire, and only coming
to London to pay his rent to Sir Ant. Irby, and about a suit at law. [A 4), p. 177.]

June 16. 10, Particulars of tbe Papists, and delinquents' estates discovered by George
Wood, to the Haberdashers' Hall Committee, for payment of his own debt
concerning Ireland, and for the benefit of the State ; in six sums. Total, 11,090Z.
[1 page.']

June 18. Several persons having lapsed time, after due notice, for payment of the
as.sessments levied on them towards the 4,760Z. to be raised in the Tower
Hamlets, Westminster, and Southwai-k, their goods and chattels are to be
seized, and they committed to Peter House, or elsewhere, as the Southwark
Committee shall appoint, there to remain until they have paid their assessments.

*Lady Dudley - - - — *Sir Mat. Mennes or Mince 100

John Dixon - - - 50 *Leonard Ward - - - 60

Rich. Draper - - - 50

* John Pearce - - - 50

'Bassett Cole - - - 50
[4, 182, 183.]

June 21. 11. Roger Hill and Denis Bond to Martin Dallison, clerk of the Committee
for Advance of Money. — We beg you to send us a list of sequestered houses fit for
Sir John Northcote, M.P., and 20 of his family to live in. He lost all his estates
and goods by the Dunkirkers, in coming hither by sea from Lynne. [1 page.]

June 27. 12-14. Petition of Capt. Jas. Francis Delatour and Lieut. John Drowint to
the House of Commons.

Having served faithfully 2 years in Sir Wm. Waller's regiment of horse, they
have ai-rears due, for want of which, being strangers here, they suffer much.
They beg an order for | of such concealed delinquents' estates as they shall
discover. [2 copies.] With note by Speaker Lenthall, June 20, recommend-
ing this discovery to the Committee for Advance of Money. [Scrap.]

Jane 27. No counsel to be in future admitted to plead in any cause in this committee
without leave, and no afiidavits to be taken without special order of this

Capt. Fras. De la Tour and Lieut. Drowint, recommended by the Speaker, to
have 4 the money that comes in on the discovery of Capt. Pinchbeck's estate,
towards their arrears. [.4 4, pp. 186, 187.]

June 28. Information by them that Capt. Pinchbeck, who died last March, left 1,000Z.

in the hands of Brampton, in trust for his son, who is a captain in service

against Parliament. \_A2l, p. 14.]

June 30 The House of Commons having, through their Speaker, recommended

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