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of Lancashire towards Ulster, in Ireland and afterwards taken at
sea by the Wexford rebels but again rescued by one of the
Parliment's ships and delivered to Lord Inchiquin. The ship has
been valued at £140.

Capt. Hampden to set down the terms upon which he will take
his troop of 100 horse, now in Warwickshire, to Munster.

Other details.

Draft of a letter to the Committee of Devonshire urging it to
bring in the assessments. Those who sell for distresses for non-
payment to receive a fee of not more than Id. per l.s,

Same to Cornwall.

If Dixon, of whom complaint is made here for hindering the
committee's service in Worcestershire clear himself, Valentine
Dobbins, the Committee's agent in Worcestershire, of whom
complaint is made thence, shall receive due punishment. He
is not a receiver of those monies, but merely a solicitor to bring
them in.

Some of the Collectors, Churchwardens, &c., of Gloucestershire and
Worcestershire are detaining Irish assessment money in their hands.
John Bunbury and A'alentine Dobbins to repair thither and take in
those monies, giving receipts.

John Norwood of Bread St., London, grocer, and — Lewis of the
Old Change, London, draper, appeared before the Committee to-day,
to answer a charge of contempt. Norwood confessed " that he did
not pay the said assessments when they were demanded of him, and
that he did rescue his goods when they were distrained for the same,"
and Lewis confessed " he did say he would pay none of those
assessments until an account was given of what was already given
for Ireland and that he would take his course in law against
him that came to distrain for them." Norwood to be imprisoned by
Hardwick, and Lewis to pay before next Thursday or appear

Draft of certificate to the Commissioners of Excise of clothes, &c.,
furnished by Mr. Downs, for Ireland. Pp. 4|. S.P. Ireland, 266,
pp. 76-80.

17 Jan. FuETHBB Order of the Same.


Present : —

Annesley, Masham, Jephson, Knightly, Priestley, Scott, and



Sir Hardress Waller's bond for raising and the transjDorting 70
horse to Ireland to be delivered to him as he has fulfilled its

John Yeo, one of the collectors of Irish assessments in Exeter,
confessed to the Committee that he had not levied the whole sum
assessed or attempted to get it in by distress (saying some were too
poor to pay the sum assessed and others too eminent to distrain
upon). Committed and fined £5.

Nicholas Sommers, John Lavers, Geo. Edmonds, Henry Eowdiff,
Philip Burroughs, jun., and Geo. Shapcott, collectors of the
weekly assessments for Ireland in Exeter to be fined £5 each for
remissness in collecting.

Further details.

Gilbert Addington, Francis Taylor, Symon Penycote and Wm.
Archer to be assistants to the collectors in the several wards and
divisions of the city of London and the liberties thereof.

Watson, surgeon, of London, to be free of a charge of doing
violence to one of the collectors.

John Norwood, of Londoii, who has paid what he owed, to be free
of a similar charge. Pj). 2J. Ibid, 81-3.

15 Jan.


Order of the Lords and Commons in Parliament, assembled.

£1,000 which is to come in on the late Ordinance for Adventurers
in Ireland, to be paid to the Vice Treasurer at Wars for Ireland
and sent to Munster, together with the letters of the Committee for
Irish Affairs at Derby House. P. ^. Followed by

20 Jan.


Further Order of the Same.

The residue of monies coming or to come in to Grocers' Hall to
be forthwith sent to iMunster. P. J. Endd. In all, p. 1. S.P.
Ireland 266. 1. See H.L. Journals, IX, 663 and 670.

20 Jan.

In the prison
at Middleburg
in Zealand.

— Plunkbt to his Uncle, General Preston,

Hopes for release.

Transferred to S.P. For. Holland for this date.

24 Jan. Further Orders of the Committee of both Houses for Irish

[Westminster.] AfFAIRS.

Present : —

Annesley, Sir John Temple, Col. James Temple, Prestley,
Masham, Jephson, Scott and Berkeley.

The committee have taken into consideration the account of the
treasurers "employed for receiving and disposing of the contribu-
tions brought in unto them from the good people of the Unite,j



Provinces in the Low Countries towards the relief of the Protestants
in L-eland, as the said account hath been presented by Adam
Laurence, Dierick Foste, Maurice Thompson and Nicholas Corsellis,
merchants of London," who were appointed to negociate that busi-
ness. Beck and Hawkins to cast up the accovints, confer with
"such of the Committee of Citizen Adventurers at Grocers' Hall as
managed that business," and report to the Committee.

The Commissioners for this business to send in a statement of
their expenses.

"And that the declaration or manifest now drawn and prepared
for acknowledgment to be made by the Parliament of England to
the people of those provinces of their pious and charitable sense of
the miserable condition of the Protestants in Ireland, expressed by
their benevolence towards their relief," be transcribed and reported
to the Houses.

John Goddard, Edward Martin, Robert Browne, Gabriel Martin,
Thomas Goddard and Wm. Jesse, persons acting as a select Com-
mittee for the divisions of Marlborough, Devizes, Warminster and
part of Selkely, in Wilts, had by their order and command taken
from the high collectors £370 or so. These monies, which they
diverted to other uses, they have not yet restored. If they do not
do so by 10 Feb. they must appear in the Star Chamber to answer
for their conduct.

Hardwick to arrest and bring before this Committee Thos.
Waldron, high collector of the hundred of Ramsbury, Thomas
Dogrell, late constable of Meare hundred, Edward Daniell, late
constable of Lurgishall in Aymsbury hundred, and Richard Staples,
collector of the parish of Boram, all in Wilts ; also John Langley
and Charles Wrench, the now and late tithingmen of Norton
Bavant in the hundred of Warminster, and William Humphreys,
tithingman, of the Chantery in the hundred of Westbury, Wilts.
If they give proper security for payment they may be

According to the order of the Lancashire Committee, Richard
Fleetwood and John Bamber shipped certain meal, &c., on the
Charity from Wyer Water for Ireland.

The Committee learn by letters of Lord Inchiquin that the
Charity was taken by the Wexford rebels, and then recovered by
Capt. Laurence in the Tenth Whelp, after which she went to Cork
for relief of the Protestant forces there. Capt. John Hodder, the
Parliamentry Commissary there, got certain provisions from her,
and others were embezzled. {Details given) . £400 to be allowed
by the Houses to Bamber and Fleetwood for ship and cargo.

John Yeo discharged {see above p. 4). £50 to Thos. Scott for
taking a troop of horse to Munster. Pp. 3J. S.P. Ireland 266, 6,
pp. 84-7.

17 Feb. FuRTHBE Order of the Same.

Westminster.] p^.^^^^^ ._

Annesley, Brereton, Scott, Prestley, Knightly, Berkely, Alenson,



Mrs. Grace Gill has been brought before the Committee for suing
and getting damage, in the hundred court of Lifton, Devonshire,
from Thomas Newton. She sued him for trespass when he came
upon her land to get her contribution for Ireland. She is discharged,
but must pay £1 19s. Od. to the Devonshire Committee


John Morris, of Twickenham, to attend the committee and
answer charges.

Warrant to Hardwick to arrest Eichard North, collector of
the Irish assessment in the ward of Basinghaw, in the city of

This Committee have no present means to pay the £200 to Sir
John Borlase, which the House recommend.

Lord Inchiquin to favour John Newton, clerk, vicar of Athnowens
or Owens in Munster, who is loyal to the Parliament.

Lord Inchiquin's certificate shows that he received about Mar. 13,
1645, 53,2071b. of cheese, out of a vessel called the Patrick, of
Liverpool, John Little, master. These goods belonged to Sir Wm.
Brereton, kt., and to Wm. Harris, Thomas Browne and George
Goldsmith. The public faith for £300 to be given to Brereton, the
balance to be paid to the others.

John Goddard and others of the Wilts Committee to have time
given them to pay back the £370 which they had diverted to other
uses from the Irish assessments.

The officers and artificers of the late train of artillery appointed to
attend Lord Lisle to Ireland to be called in and told that this
Committee never listed them and that they are to expect no pay
since the time the army was dissolved. This Committee, will,
however, inquire into their grievances and do them justice.

Mr. West, lieutenant of the train, to appear before this Committee
for the purpose of investigation.

Certificates of attendance to Hawkins, Dobbins and Hardwick.

The Committee of Accounts to send in an abstract showing the
income and outgoings of the Irish assessments.

Hawkins and Beck (the secretary and auditor to the Committee)
to examine Eowe's account for the £5,000 put into his hands for
Ireland in accordance with his petition.


Edward Eainsford, who should have paid £50 to the Committee,
says that he paid it long since to the Sub-Committee of Accounts
of Warwickshire, Sir Simon Archer, Eichard Townsend and
Mathew Holbeche being present. The Sub-Committee bear out his
statement ; but they asked for the money a second time. They are
to be reproved for doing so.

Mr. Hawkins to investigate the offer of Mr. Harvey to sell some
arms, &c., which he has at Kinsale in the charge of Mr. Trestram

Henry Dixon to have till Monday next for answering certain
charges against him, which he denies, but which are proved by
the letters of the Committee of Worcestershire.

Henry Leman, agent of this Committee in the North, to receive



the clipjDed money which the Committee of Yorkshire have in their
hands ; the Committee at Grocers' Hall to i-eceive the money, issue
it at what it will bring and debit the Yorkshire Committee with
the loss. No farther clipped money to be received.

Boddicott, Warner, Alleson, and other collectors of the weekly
assessments in Kingston-on-Thames to be discharged.

Hardwick to summon Col. Purbeck Temple, Capt.William Paterson,
Capt. Verdon and Capt. Edmond Temple to answer charges regarding
the transportation of their troops to Ireland.

The Assessment Treasurer to pay ^60 to Thomas Clayton,
Commissary for the Musters in Ireland.

Otlier details.

Letters to be written to the Surrey and Sussex Committees to
hasten the sending in of Irish assessments. Similar letters to the
Committee of Suffolk.

Other details i

Further letter to Mr. Wolveredge, of Hants, desiring him and
other Justices of the Peace to investigate the charge against Park-
house, of Alton.

Warrants to be sent away for John Rudston, Joseph Carr, John
Chantry, Mathew Denham, Matthew Hicks, John Way, John Baynam
and Peter Clark, as assistants to be employed on the Committee of
Exeter and Devonshire.

Austin and Muddle, high collectors in Sussex, who have long
kept money in their hands, to bring it in by 10 March or appear.

Eobert Middleton, of Whetston, Derbyshire, in the township of
Tidswall, to appear and answer the charging of rescuing a distress
made upon him. He beat the collector.

The Committee of Derbyshire to inquire into the charge against
Eichard Skinner, an assessor in Derbyshire, and remove him if he
is guilty of the offences charged to him.

Mr. Davies to bring in names of men suitable as new Committee-
men for Berks and Surrey. Dennis Gawden and John Spencer, of
Bedfordshire, to be collectors in Bucks and Beds.

Farther order for Mr. Woldrich [Wolveredge] regarding
Parkhouse of Alton.

Austin and Muddle to pay in the money they owe from Sussex or

Hardwick to arrest Eobert Middleton, of Whetston, Derby-
shire, to answer the misdemeanours laid to his charge. P}^. 10.
S.F. Ireland 266, 6, 2U^- 88-97.

7 Mar. Fuethbk Obdbbs of the Same.


Present : —

Annesley, Temple, Norton, Knightly, Jephson and Scott.

Capt. Campbell's bond for sending horse to Ireland to be delivered
up, he having fulfilled its conditions.

With regard to Col. Temple's two foot companies, ninety-six
mustered at King's Eoad in May, 1647, and these shall be counted



as one foot company. He alleges that he was prevented from
keeping the others together by not having got in some money which
was owed him in Oxfordshire. His former bond shall be delivered
up, and he shall enter into a new one with regard to the second foot

Other details.

Henry Dixon, recently charged before the Committee with having
obstructed the collection of the assessments, is discharged on an
assurance that he will help in tliat service in future ; the Committee
of Worcestershire to encourage him and the rest of their Sub-Com-
mittee of Accounts.

,£20 to Eichard Smith, master of the Joliii and Robert, who
took provisions at Lord Inchiquin's request to Youghal instead of

Licence to Mrs. Margaret, relict of Thomas, Lymeburner to
transport certain articles of clothing from London to Carrick-
fergus. Addressed to the C^istomers oj London, dr.

Other details.

Pp. 8. Ibid. pp. 98-100.

17 May. Fuether Oeders of the Same.


Present : —

Temple, Earle, Knightly, Norton, Corbett and Eolles.

Mr. West to deliver fifty handmills which he has in his possession
to Dobbins, commissary for sending provisions into Ireland.

Sundry drums, spades, &c.,to the value of £3,247 in all, which were
to be delivered in Ireland by Davies, Gawden, Chesten and Eodberd,
shall not be delivered ; but their value in corn shall be sent

Details folloic.

Certain provisions to be delivered in Ireland.

Details folloic.

Notice accordingly to be sent to Col. Muncke, Lord Inchiquin and
Col. Jones.

Mr. Thomas Pigot who has suffered great losses in Ireland shall
seek out some part of the assessment which has not yet been paid
in. He shall receive half the sums so brought in up to £400.

The authorities given to Edward Barker, John Chesten and Dennis
Gawden, to take accounts of ministers employed in the assessments
for Ireland, being agreeable to the authority given to Mr. Gawden
were signed.

Same for John Bunbury, Edward Barker, John Chesten and Dennis

Instructions given to Armiger Warner to negotiate assessments in
Hampshire and Somerset.

Certificates of attendance for Hawkins, Dobbins and Hardwick.

Henry Stephens states that he recently carried some corn
and salt to Ireland as an adventure, and relieved the Protestants in
Ireland. For this he was prosecuted by the Irish party in France

Ireland— CHARLES i. 9


and lost large sums by the King's ships. Some of his hides which
had paid duty into Ireland were also requisitioned by the Lords
Justices. The House to be asked to pay him i;i,400 in

Licence to James Hamilton, of Bangor, and John Wilson, of
Newtown in the north of Ireland, to transport certain quantities of
cloth, &c., from Chester and Liverpool to Strangford, Bangor, or

Same to Edmund Davies, of Carrickfergus, to transport other
cloth and arms, &c., from Liverpool to Carrickfergus. In all, j)}). 5.
Ibid. pp. 101-5.

'27 Mar. Further Orders of the Same.


Present : —

Annesley, Norton, Roll, Temple, Prestly, Knightly, Jephson,
Corbett and Lisle.

The Lord Mayor to allow Davies, Chesten, Gawden and Rodberd
to export wheat to Ireland.

Capt. Lisle was not paid in full or punctually for the horse
troop he raised for service in Ireland, under Col. Chidley Coote.
His troop is consequently disbanded. Col. Coote to be informed of
this. The money given to Col. Lisle to be entered.

Other details.

Col. Jephson's bond for raising, &c., a troop of horse for Munster
to be delivered U23, he having fulfilled its conditions.

The Committee have considered those resolutions of March 2nd,
1646-7, for recruiting Col. JeiAsons regiment with 100 horse. None
of the means proposed have availed to raise the required horse.
ii970 to be paid to Jephson for buying and arming 100 horse.

Capt. Fisher, who has landed his troop in Dublin, to be paid.

Davies to be paid at the usual rate if he provides arms and
saddles for Capt. Colvile's troop in Ulster. Col. Munk, commander
of the Parliamentary forces in Ulster, to give a certificate of the
goods delivered before payment is made.

Lord Colvile's bond to be delivered uj) to him, no money having
ever been paid to him.

The petition of Richard Warburton and John Madden to be
considered by the Treasurers at Grocers' Hall.

Samuel Dunch, Thomas Fettiplace, of Fernham, Richard
Knowles, Timothy Averie, William Trumbull, Wm. Hide, Wm.
Barker, Charles Fettiplace, Ralph Knight, Humjjrey Dolman,
Samuel Whitwick, Richard Dew and Edward Jennings, to be added
to the Committee of Berks for assessments.

The papers and examinations sent by Sir Wm. Cole concerning
one of his officers, Major Wm. Graham, to be delivered to the
secretary of the Committee at Derby House.

Other details.

Letters to be sent to the Committees of Cumberland and Stafford,
Carnavon and Anglesey to expedite the assessments.


£25 to be paid to Mr. Eowe, secretary to the Parliamentary
Commissioners, Dublin, in payment for his pains in receiving and
paying money in Ireland.

£970 to be paid to Col. Jephson. (See above.)

Lord Forbes' petition considered. (Details.) It was formerly
recommended by this Committee that he should receive £602
towards what seemed justly due to him for providing arms, &c., for
Ireland. Other sums appear by certificate of the Commissioners of
the Navy to be due to him. [Details given at length.'] The House
to be asked to take some course for his relief in the particulars
before mentioned.

The Committee are informed that several sums are due from
various parishes in Hereford. From Hampton and Tupslee in
Grimesworth hundred, whereof Wm. Smith, John Bound, Thomas
Barker and William Eavenell are sub-collectors ; from Wellington
and Dynmore [Dynedor] , within the said hundred, whereof William
Webb, John Morvarn and Edward Wolridge are sub-collectors ; from
Norton Cannon parish in the same, whereof James Kirwood and
George Smith are collectors ; from Lyonhalls parish within the
hundred of Stretford, whereof Eobert Estop, John Tranter, Edward
Hall, Wm. Driver, Richard Smith and Eichard Horneblow
are sub-collectors ; from Kingsland parish, in the same,
whereof William Baldwin, William Jenks and Henry
Barrar are sub-collectors ; from Clifford parish in the hundred of
Huntington, whereof Philip Higgins, John Eossas, Henry Eogers,
John Penley and John ap Thomas are sub-collectors ; from Eye
parish within the hundred of Wolsy, whereof William Yeavans,
Wm. Williams, Eobert Whitehill and John Vale are sub-collectors ;
from Rickaits [Richard's] Castle parish within the same, whereof
Wm. Towne and Edward Gilley are sub-collectors ; from the
ward of Wigmarsh in the city and liberty of Hereford,
whereof Francis Jenkins, John Philpotts, Wm. Price and
Wm. Hayward are sub-collectors ; from the parish of Bosbury
in the hundred of Eadlow, whereof Wm. Nash, Eichard
Blecher, Philip Phibinch, Eichard Baker, James Powell,
Launcelot Farlee, Edward Wood and Eichard Moore are
sub-collectors ; from the parish of Cradly in the hundred of Radlow,
whereof Richard Lous, Thomas Stokes, John Turner, Eichard
Harvey, Leonard Hill, Eowland Hayles, Mathew Stopton and John
Smith are sub-collectors ; from Bishop's Froome, whereof John
Freeman, Lancelot Skinner and Thomas South are collectors, and
whereof Eichard Browne, John Arundell and Eichard Mayfield are
under the ordinances of August 15, 1645, and March 9, 1646, also
collectors, such sums \_details of sums due in each case are given] are
due. These persons shall pay them to Thomas Careless, high
collector in Herefordshire, or else appear before this Committee.

John Hutton, John Harben, John Eigham, Joseph Michell,
Hercules Toby, Henry Port, Henry Meach, George Masters, George
Briggs, George Gregory, Simon Tarr, Samuel Bull, William Hunny-
burne, William Childes, Wm. Ivory, Eobert Markes, Eichard Outing,
Thomas Cooke, Laurence Ceele and Anthony Combs to be assistant
collectors of the assessments for Ireland in Dorsetshire.




The Treasurers of the weekly assessments to pay £154 to John
Davies for saddles. Pp. 8J. S.P. Ireland 266, 6, 106-114.

7 April.


April 13.

Further Orders of the Same.
Present : —

Temple, Earle, Norton, Morley, Moore, Knightly and Scott.

Beck, the auditor, to audit and state the accounts of Col. Simon
Needham, Lieut.-Col. George Cooke, Major Philip Pincham,
Captains John Loftus, Henry Harbottle, Hercules Arnett,
Eobert Todd, George Walker, Lieuts. Thomas Conkley, John
Franklin, Faithful Chapman, Ensigns Thomas Bonnett, John
Wilmot, Bobert Orchard, Matthew Todd, Marshall James
Houghton, Surgeon Francis Lisle, and Paule Sele, minister
for service in Ireland, these being officers in Col. Needham's
regiment. He shall also audit and state the account of
Lieut.-Col. Phane Beecher, Col. Francis Eoe, Col. Hunks, Captain
Scott, Major Pitson, Captain Sidenham, Cornet Ware, Cornet
Temple, Captains Nelson, Playford, and Euddock, and Mr. Pechell,
also of Major Bethell, killed at the siege of Bristol, to whom the
said Pechell is executor. [Three copies of this passage — two loose.
S.P. Ireland 266, 6, p. 115 a and h.]

Certificates for Hawkins, Dobbins and Hardwick.

£320 12s. 8d. to be paid by the Treasurers of weekly assessments
to Capt. Henry Fisher so soon as other orders are satisfied. This
with previous orders pays what is due to him for a month's pay and
transportation for his troop of horse. As he transported his men
before he got the money, he is to receive interest at the rate of 8 per
cent, since January 7 last, the day he shipped his horse and men for

The Mayors, bailiffs, &c., of England and Wales to assist in
arresting several troopers who have run away from CajDt. Henry
Fisher's colours after receiving pay.

Commission to Peter Byram to be quarter-master in Capt. Henry
Fisher's troop of Col. Michael Jones's regiment of horse.

Same for Eobert Bromwell to be lieutenant of the company of foot
soldiers in Col. John Moore's regiment in Leinster.

Pass for the Hopewell, of London (Paul Dod, master) , to carry to
Dublin certain pease, &c., which Mr. Gawdenhas laden upon her.
Add. to the Customers of the j)orts, dr., and dated A2')ril 13.

Same for the Sarah and Susan (Eichard Davies, master), laden by
the Gawden with guns for Carlingford. Pp. 3f . Ibid., pp. 115-8.

17 April.


Further Orders of the Same.
Present :—

Annesley, Sir John Temple, -Jephson, Col. Temple, Morley, Moore,
Knightly and Chaloner.

This Committee hear that certain provisions, arms, &c., which
they recently ordered Mr. Davies and others to ship for Munster, to

1648. -^

the President of the province, have now been shipped on the Nicholas
of London (WiUiam Bray, master). They are to be sent to DubUn
to Col. Jones, who commands the Parhamentary forces there.

Pass for this ship to go to Dublin. Add. to the Customers, dc.

In accordance with the order of the House of Commons of 13th
April last, Beck, the auditor, is to audit and state the accounts for
Irish service of Col. Sir A. Loftus, Lieut.-Col. Geo. Hooper, Captains
W. Fynte, Thos. Hart, John Jefford, Henry Gibbon, Capt.-Lieut.
Dudley Loftus, Lieuts. Adam Loftus and Edward Westby, marshal,
officers of Sir A. Loftus' regiment; also of Col. Stubber (Col.
of a regiment of foot in Munster), John Gray, Major of
that regiment, Thomas Davies, lieutenant in it, and of Capt.
Alex. Barrington, capt. of a company of Col. Needham's regiment.
These officers are come over and were driven from their commands
under Lord Inchiquin.

Commission to Col. James Trayll, to be captain of a company of
foot soldiers in the regiment of Viscount Claneboy. Pp. 2. Ibid,
pp. 119-20.

20 April. FuETHER Orders of the Same.


Present : —

Sir John Temple, Colonel Temple, Jephson, Moore, Prestley
and Chaloner.

Col. Moore to report to the House of Commons that Eichard
Fleetwood and John Bamber be more speedily paid £400 owing to
them for provisions sent to Munster for the army.

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