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Captain Adam Meredith has mustered and transported to Ireland
his troop of horse as promised. His bond to be delivered up to be

Beck to audit and state the accounts for Irish service of Capts.
Adam and Wm. Meredith.

Some of the officers who are claiming the benefit of the order of
the House of Commons of the 18th inst. were resident in this
Kingdom for some time before the order was made and did not
come from Munster on the occasion mentioned therein because
they were driven out by Lord Inchiquin. Only the accounts of
those mentioned in the House's orders shall be so stated.

Several of these officei^s cannot produce good certificates of what
has been paid to them for part of their service already.

The auditor shall make it a rule to iiiclude in the audit for such
service no more than each man's personal pay.

Other details.

Ealph Whistler is reported for obstructing the levy of the Irish
assessments in Berks. He shall appear before the Committee and

Other details.

Capt. Euddock, of Col. Henry Grey's regiment, landed and
mustered in Munster a foot company of ten officers and 95 men.
His bond to be delivered up to him to be cancelled.



Captain Thos. Chandler of the same has landed and mustered
in Munster a foot company of 105. £6 5s. Od. to be deducted
for the five men wanting to make up 110.

Capt. Fen of the same has mustered and transported 10 officers
and 83 men. His bond to be delivered up to be cancelled. £21 5s.
to be deducted for the 17 men short.

Derrick Hoost, Nicholas Corsellis, Adam Lawrence and Morris
Thompson have sent in an estimate of their expenses during the
journey to the Low Countries to negociate a contribution thence for
the distressed Protestants in Ireland, in 1643, 4 and 5. The House
to be asked that £1,000 more may be divided among them according
to their various services.

Beck to audit the accounts for Irish service of Major
Christopher Elsyng of Col. Blount's regiment, and Capt. Thos.
Chandler of Col. Stubber's regiment, who were driven from their
commands under Inchiquin.

Other details.

Hardwick to arrest and bring before the Committee the following
delinquents : Christopher Purnell of Webly, William Pace of the
parish of Longney, John Matchin of the parish of Barkley, Hugh
Purnell of the parish of Thornbury and Thomas Eussell of the
parish of Marshfield, all in the division of Blakeley in the county of
Gloucester. If they pay or give satisfactory security, he may release

Matthew Crew and the rest of the assessors of the parish of
Alderlidge, Gloucestershire, refuse to make a rate for their parish for
the Irish assessments. They shall at once do so or apjjear to

Thomas Shaw, high constable of Halfshire hundred, John Wild,
gent., high constable of the same, John Sheffield and Edward Nott,
high constables of Doddingtree hundred, James Eosse and — Yareton,
late high constables of Doddingtree hundred, and John Hunt, high
constable of Blakenhurst hundred, all in Worcestershire, have re-
fused to bring in certain accounts and statements regarding the
Irish assessments in their county which were recently ordered.
They shall make these returns within ten days or else appear

John Widows, jr., Anthony Dyde, William Oakley, Wm. Allen,
Ealph Milles, John Wells, Eichard Corlett, Wm. Weale, Eichard
Fletcher, Eichard Capman and John Higgins, sub-collectors of the
weekly assessments in the east part of Oswaldslowe hundred in
Worcestershire, have neglected their duties in collecting the Irish
assessments. They shall make their collections or appear here.

Same for Wm. Eande, of Ingborow, Worcestershire, to obey the
order of Eichard Trennell, high constable of his division, or appear

Same for John Marten of North and Middle Littleton, John
Hiett of Church Honyburn and Poden, John Beard of Wickamford,
Edward Asherine of Bredforton, Francis Grone of Badsey and
Aldington, John Newington of Offenham, and Thomas Beard of



South Littleton, in Worcestershire, have neglected their duties as
collectors. They are to obey their high constable or appear here.
Same for Thos. Farmer of Week Epo and Kenswick, John Walker
of Lindridge, Thomas Wyatt of Knighton, John Lincock of Kempsey,
Thomas Malton of Claynes, John Bullard of Hartlebury, Thomas
Braniield of Hallowe, Edward Cox of Battenhall, Whitington and
Sidbury, William Willietts of Wolverley, Thomas Dennis of Kipple,
Wm. Clarke of Berrow, Richard Mayo and John Jackman, sen., of
Prudock, Francis White and Wm. Lane of Kidmarley Dabirott,
[Eedmarley d'Abitot] and John Jeffe of Upton-upon-Sabryn, in
Worcestershire, sub-collectors of the weekly assessments for Ireland
in the hundred of Oswaldslowe. They are to obey their high
collector within 10 days or appear here.

Same for Thomas Howsman of Kidderminster, "Forrayneand
burrough," and Walter Boyer of the same, and for Valentine Lamb
and Francis Hoghmay of Chadgoley [Chaddesley] Corbett, Wheeler
Perks, John Whyte, Walter Brace, John Gibson, Roger Higgins, John
Bennett of Belbroughton, Wm. Clymer, Wm. Hunt, Wm. Aston,
John Bacon, and Edward Pillett of Stone, Anthony Yate, John
Nash, Charles Webley and Thomas Norris of Rushook, William
Field, John Best, Humi^hrey Thatcher and Charles Bacon of Elmely
Lovett, William Batch, John Incks, Thomas Baynes, John Hodges,
jr., John Shaw, Henry Peyton of Dudley, William Gosling, Wm.
Smith and Richard Southall of Franckley, John Jeston, jr., Ralph
Goodyard and Robert Vincent of Hagley, Francis Taylor, John
Darby, Francis Witten, John Maning, John Compson and William
Hancocks of Old Swynford, John Patchett, William Cox and Edward
Miller, jr., of Pedmore, all in the hundred of Halfshire, in Worcester-
shire. They shall obey their high collector, John Cole, or appear

Charles Gwynn, of Gwempa, to pay the money he has in his
hands which has been collected in the co. Carmarthen for the
British army in Ireland to the treasurers at Grocers' Hall or else
appear here.

Oilier details.

£100 from the weekly assessments to Auditor Gabriel Beck.

The Committee have considered the claims of Adam Lawrence and
others {see above), negociators for the Dutch contributions; also
whether some fitting manifestation should be made to the people of
the United Provinces who have charitably contributed £31,218 12s. 5d.
for the poor Protestants in Ireland. They offer the manifestation
drawn up for the Houses' approval and suggest that iEl,000 more
be divided among the Commissioners for the contribution. Details
given. Pjj. 9. Ibid. pp. 121-9.

24 April. Further Orders of the Same.


Present : —

Annesly, Temple, Temple, Priestley, Massam and Moore.

Mrs. Price to have payment of the 430 ordered for h^r from half




of certain concealed monies, which she says she has discovered to
be at the disposal of this Committee.

Letters to be written to Devonshire and Berkshire for laying on
and bringing in assessments. P. f . lUd. p. 130.

28 April.


The General Commissioners [of the Confederate Catholics] to
General Preston.

They have sent reinforcements for the artillery and are labouring
with the Commissioners of the Co. Kilkenny to provide for Preston's
force there. Other details. P. 1. Endd. S.P. Ireland 266, 2.

3 May.


Further Orders of

Present : — ■

the Committee of both Houses for Irish

Sir Algernon Sydney, Sir John Temple, Cols. Temple and More,
Westrow, Chaloner and Prestley.

Eesolved upon the question, That it is the opinion of this Com-
mittee that those officers who were driven out by Lord Inchiquin or
escaped from fear of the defection should be looked on as driven
from their commands, and have their accounts audited as if they
had been particularly named by the order of the House relating to
these who were driven out by Lord Inchiquin. All subsequent
commissions by Lord Inchiquin should be considered void.

That Captain Thomas Harley who had no command, Captain
Thomas Keslack, who was never in actual service, and Ensign
Symon Noble, who died in August, are not of this order.

That officers who discover delinquents or concealed monies shall
have half their arrears paid out of such monies.

Beck to audit the accounts for Irish service of Lieut. -Col. Crispe,
Capt. Eobert Manley, Capt. Samuel Jervoys, Capt. Thos. Hayford,
Lieut. Bennyworth, Lieut. William Battle, Quartermaster Wm.
Stotesbury, Ensign John Gethings, and Ensign John King,
officers of several regiments in the province of Munster, who have
been driven over from Lord Inchiquin's army.

Otlicr details for Beck's guidance.

Colonel Temple offers 100 new pikes to Dobbins in part execution
of this undertaking, for raising, &c., 100 men for Ireland. Dobbins
to receive and appraise them in this sense.

Other details.

Col. Symon Nedham [Needham] in execution of his bond
transported and mustered in Ireland a regiment of 805 common
soldiers. This is 195 men short of his contract, for which
^243 15s. should be deducted from the money promised
him. As however the regiment was diminished by delays
due to the Lord Lieutenant's order, only £143 shall be

Certificates for Hawkins, Dobbins and Hardwick,


On 10 May instructions were drawn to Mr. Thomas Peers to hasten
the assessments from Somersetshire. Pp. 3^. S.P. Ireland 266, 6,
2)p. 131-4.

11 May. FuRXHEK Order of the Same.


Present : — ■

Lord Lisle, Annesley, Knightly, Moore, Scott, Chaloner and

Beck to audit the accounts of Capt. Eichard Cope, Col. Purbeck
Temple, Commissary Wm. Hartwell, Capt. Walter Clifford, Cornet
Cadwalidor Wynn, Lieut. Wm. Walker, Lieut. Walter Pymcent,
Ensign Wm. Moore, Capt. John Sidenham, Leiut. Josias Petty,
Thomas Michell, Ensign Gressingham and Drum-Major George
Symons for service in Ireland. They have been driven from their
commands by Lord Inchiquin.

The House to be asked that the accounts of Col. Henry Grey,
Capt. Lieut. Wm. Pinckney, Ensign Symon Noble, deceased, and
of Sir Wm. Fenton, kt., and Col. Edmund Temple, Lieut.-Col.
Eobert Phayre, and Major Nicholas Purdon, prisoners in Ireland, be
audited in like manner as those of the officers lately come over here.

Same for Major Eobert Manley of Col. Needham's regiment.

Eeport to the House concerning the defalcation from Col.
Needham's pay.

Other details.

Alex. Geering, merchant, to appear before this Committee in
connexion with the charge against Capt. Eobt. Thornton, late Mayor
of Londonderry. Mr. Harrington to bring up any papers regardmg
the question which he possesses.

Benjamin Goodwin to appear here on Tuesday to answer the
charge in the petitions of John Gibbs, master of the Pembroke.

Nicholas Combe and Elizabeth Wagstaff, poor people of Ireland,
to be relieved from one-half of sums concealed, due for the Irish
service, which they say they can collect.

The auditing of the accounts of the officers who have been driven
from their posts by Lord Inchiquin show the following sums to be

List follows of sums due.

(1) To the following officers of Col. Needham's regiment : —
Col. Needham, Lieut.-Col. Geo. Cooke, Major Pincham, Captains

John Loftus, Hercules Arnett, Robert Todd, Robert Manley, Henry
Harbottle, and Alexander Barrington ; to Lieutenants Geo. Walker,
John Francklyn, Thomas Conkley, Faithful Chapman, and Wm.
Walkes, to Ensigns Thomas Gressingham, John Wilmott, Thomas
Bennett, Matthew Dodd, and Eobert Orchard, to Marshal James
Houghton, to Surgeon Francis Lisle.

(2) To the following officers of Sir Arthur Loftus' regiment : —
Sir Arthur Loftus, Col. Geo. Hooper, Capt. William Tynte,

Capts. Henry Gibbon, Thomas Hart, John Jefford, Capt. -Lieut.
Dudley Loftus, Ensign Adam Loftus, and Marshal Edward



(3) To the following officers of Col. Stubber's regiment : —

Col. Stubber, Major John Gray, Capts. Thomas Chandler, Samuel
Playford, Andrew Euddock, Lieuts. Thomas Davies, Bennyworth,
and Wm. Battle, to Ensign John Gething, and Qr.-Mr. Wm.

(4) To the following officers of other regiments : —

Col. Francis Eoe, Lieut.-Col. Hunks, Capts. Thos. Heyford,
Eichard Cope, and Th. Scott, Major Christopher Elsyng, Lieut.-
Col. Peter Crispe, Capts. Samuel Jervoys, Walter Clifford, Lieut.-Col.
Phane Beecher, Col. Purbeck Temple as Major and Capt. of
Horse, Cornet Cadwallader Wynn, and Commissiary Wm. Hartwell,
and Cornet John Ward.

It is difficult to find out what has already been paid them. The
Committee suggest that debentures for two thirds of these sums be
given to these officers and that the remaining third be retained in
case it is necessary to make charges upon it in the future for money
already paid.

Instruction to be drawn up for Elisha Coles to be agent for
bringing in the Irish assessments for Northamptonshire and
Northampton town and county. The contributions from Northamp-
ton to be hastened in. Hardwick to arrest John Wood of Stanton
Harcourt, high constable of Wotton hundred in Oxfordshire, upon
the complaint of the contractors with this Committee.

Letters to be sent to the counties of Berks and Oxford to hasten
their payments.

All goods taken by way of distress in Devonshire, Exeter, Essex
and Cornwall shall be brought to Thomas Whitacre and Eobert Cox,
or any one of them. These shall appraise and sell them, and
deliver their proceeds to the local collectors.

John Goddard, Thos. Goddard, Gabriel Martin and Eobert Browne,
who have not yet restored some money belonging to the Irish
assessments which they had by their warrant diverted from the
hand of a Mr. Strange in Wiltshire, and applied to some other use,
must pay in that sum before June 14, or appear here.

Other details.

Thomas Lampard, Abiell Coles and John Clendon to be assistant
collectors in Oxfordshire.

The Committee of Worcestershire to proceed against its own
neglectful collectors.

Same for Herefordshire. Pp. 5|. S.P. Ireland 266, 6, pp. 135-40.

8 June. FuRTHEB Orders of the Same.


Present : —

Annesley, Temple, Knightly, Col. Sydney, Moore, Prestley and

On the order of the House of Commons of 30 May for Berkshire,
certain provisions were made regarding the contribution of the
county to the Irish service.

Details given.

2555 B


Lord Fairfax's letters concerning the providing of dBl,000 for the
rehef of Youghal to be reported to the House.

According to the desire of Sir Charles Coote knight, the £560 which
was to have been paid to Sir Thomas Meredith for raising
troops shall be devoted to recruiting two troops of horse in

Other details.

Certificates for Hawkins, Dobbins and Hardwick.

The warrants of 27 March for John Raymond, Symon Tarr, George
Gregory and Richard Outing (as collectors in Dorsetshire) to be

Lieut.-General Algernon Sydney has mustered a troop of horse
consisting of 100 men and officers near Bristol. The troop has been
transported to Ireland. Lieut.-General Sydney's bond to be
delivered up to him to be cancelled.

Upon the report of Hartwell that he mustered at Youghal on
14 Feb., 1647, a troop of 64 officers and troopers mounted, trans-
ported under the command of Capt. Edward Doyley, and on April 12,
1647, a troop of 74 officers and troopers mounted and transported
thither under the command of Sir John Bridges. These were both
transported under the agreement with Col. Algernon Sydney with
this Committee on July 30, 1646. His articles and bond to be
given up to him.

Beck to audit the accounts of Capts. John and James Parsons
and of Colonel Edmund Temple during their period of service in

Capt. Oswald Croome, employed as a collector in Berks, to appear
and make good his charges against Ralph Whistler, who has denied

Ralph Hardwick to summon the following collectors from
Southwark before this Committee : — John Holmes, John Colling-
ton, Thomas Jerman and Richard Loe of the parish of St. Olave's,
Charles Foxe and Caleb Phinins of the parish of St. Saviour's,
John Tidman and Thurston Massey of the parish of George's,
and Luke Aden, Laehens Perkins and Mr. Gurford of the parish
of Thomas.

Beck to audit and state the accounts for their Irish service of
Captns. Randall Clayton and Thomas Brocas, Cornet Richard
Brocas, Captains John Ridgeley and John Hynton, Surgeon
Thomas Smith, Surgeon Thomas Weldish, Captains Thomas Harley,
Philemon Owen, Samuel Norwood, Humphrey Hurd, Charles
Cranley, Thomas Raymond and John Millington, Quarter-
master Wm. Jones, Captain Robert Mallery, Lieut. Wm.
Sippens, Ensign Richard Ames, Ensign John Halfeaker, also
officers of several companies in Munster. Also the accounts
of Wm. Weldish, Frances Fenner, Matthew Walbank, and
Richard Martin, troopers, that are come over and were driven
from their commands under Lord Inchiquin. He is to report
same to the House.

The Assessment Treasurer to pay £400 and interest to Richard
Fleetwood and John Bamber for provisions sent to Ireland. Their




barque was taken by the AVexford rebels and re-taken by the
Parliamentary forces.

The same to pay £100 to Capt. Henry Fisher, as a compensation for
his possible losses in procuring the money ordered to him by this

The same to pay £122 8s. Od. to Tobias Norris, for his services as
Commissary for the Ulster army.

Same to pay £27 to James Cook, for same as Commissiary at
Chester, Liverpool, &c. This, with £10 previously paid, makes
£37 for 111 days.

Thomas Robinson, Thomas Williams, Anthony Slatford, Richard
Hawkins, John Hunt, Patrick Brees, Michael Godfrey, Wm. Corps,
Wm. Harwood, Wm. Gyles, Thomas Taylor, Thomas Davies, Wm.
Edwards, Thomas Cox, Richard Greene, James Dudley, Solomon
Moore, Stephen Clarke, Michael Crips, William Cole, Wm. Andrews,
Edward Bolton and Thos. Greenwood, who are amongst the collec-
tors in Oxford city, have neglected their duties. They shall send in
accounts and reports within ten days to Grocers' Hall or appear here.

Similar order for George Damzell, John Haywood, Richard
Allen, John Giles, Richard Binder, and Francis Stephens, collectors
at Henley-on-Thames. Pp. 8. S.P. Ireland 266, 6, 141-8.

9 June.


Oedeb of the HoTJSE of Commons.

Concerning the pay of the officers sent from Munster.
See H.C. Journals, V., 590-591. Pp. 2. Endd. S.P. Ireland
266, 3.

15 June. Certificate in favour of Col. Francis Roe.

In pursuance of the order of the Committee of both Houses for
Irish Affairs of this day, these are to certify that there is due to
Col. Francis Roe for his service in Ireland £1,514 4s. 8d.

£504 14s. lOd. to be paid to him at once, the other third to be
charged upon lands in Ireland after the Adventurers first satisfied.

The other third to be kept back in case there be anything to
charge against it within two years. If within that time no charge
is brought against it, the residue shall be paid as the House of
Commons think fit, and as by the vote of the House of Commons of
9 June, 1648 [see foregoing] , may appear. P. i. Followed by

Memorandum that on 15 Oct., 164-, Col. Roe assigned to Robert
Earl of Loudon the one-third part within-mentioned to be paid out
of the British assessments. P. i. On hack of the certificate.
In all, p. |. Endd. S.P. Ireland 266, 4.

15 June. Further Orders of the Committee of both Houses for Irish

CWestminster.] AFFAIRS.

Present : —

Annesley, Sydney, Temple, Moore, Jephson and Prestley.

The House to be asked to order £200 and interest to Lady Borlase.


1648. —

Certain words to be omitted fiom the order recently sent to Berks.

In pursuance of the order of the House of Commons of 9 June,
[see last page] concerning the officers who have served in
Munster, it is ordered that £9,188 19s. 9d. be _ charged on
the weekly assessments for Ireland, to be paid after all
former engagements are quit towards the satisfaction of these

The assessments of London, Westminster, Middlesex and Surrey
are £24,991 10s. M. in arrear. These officers to be paid out of that
sum with the consent of the contractors. After each £1,000 of the
arrears has been brought into Grocers' Hall, £100 shall be paid
for the officers. This shall be the rule until the contractors have
got £7,000 and the officers £700. After that, payment of these
officers shall be a first charge in the arrears. The Treasurers at
Grocers' Hall to make payment accordingly to the contractors and
to Henry Aldrich, Esq., Deputy Treasurer at Wars for Ireland.

Auditor Beck to deliver to each officer mentioned in the House of
Commons' schedule of the 9th, an account of the pay due to him,
dividing the same, as prescribed, into three parts.

Letters to be drawn up to help the contractors to bring in the
arrears from London, Middlesex, Westminster and Surrey.

Licence to Captain Henry Fisher to take some woollen cloth, &c.,
from Liverpool to Dublin. Addressed to the Customers, &c. of
Liverpool, Chester, &c.

Othe7' details regarding officers' accounts.

The Assessment Treasurers to pay £220 12s. 2Jc?. to Captain
Jasper Hartwell for one-third of the pay due to him as captain of a
foot company in Ulster.

Commissary Hartwell and Munster to certify what service Capt.
Pinchbank performed in Ireland.

The contractors should be empowered to take up certain monies
now lying in Yorkshire, which cannot be safely brought up to
London, giving acquittance for the same sums to the Grocers'
Hall Treasurers. This plan has worked well hitherto.

The late Capt. Thos. Beale, commanding the ships in Munster,
delivered certain artillery and ammunition in January and February,
1645, at Duncannon and Haleboling, to the value of £70 13s. 4rf.
His widow, Katherine, now married to Roger Drayton, merchant,
should be paid the sum. Report accordingly to the House.

Benjamin Goodwyn to appear and answer the charges of John
Gibbs, master of the late ship Pembroke.

Lord Inchiquin's son, now in the kingdom, should be sent to the
ships on the coast of Munster and offered in exchange for Sir Wm.
Fenton, Major Purdon and Col. Phayre. Report accordingly to

Beck to audit the accounts of Cornet Josias Petty, who served
without commission as a cornet in Ireland, from 7 Oct., 1646, till
July, 1647, after which Lord Inchiquin commissioned him a
lieutenant. He afterwards left Ireland in dislike of Lord
Inchiquin's proceedings.

John Collington, Thomas Jerman and Richard Loe, of the parish



of [St.] Olave's, Charles Fox and Caleb Phinims, of [St.]
Saviour's, Thurston Massy, of [St.] George's, Luke Aden,
Zaeheus Perkins and Wm. Gurford, of [St.] Thomas', all in
Southwark, being collectors for the assessments for Ireland,
appeared to-day before the Committee, and promised to do
their best to collect the sums due. They shall return their
accounts within two months.

Licence to Eobert King, of Enniskillen, to export to Ireland,
customs free, certain bridles, cloth, buttons, &c., to Londonderry for
the use of the English army.

Add. to the Customers, &c. of Liverpool, Chester, &c.

Same for Hugh Edwards, of Londonderry, to export, customs free,
similar articles to Londonderry for the use of the army there and
in Connaught.

Add. as above.

Same for Gilbert Eccles to export similar articles to Antrim for
the use of the army there.

The Treasurer of weekly assessments to pay £200 to Lady Borlase,
the relict of Sir John Borlase, as part of what was due to Sir John
for his service in Ireland. Pp. 9|. S.P. Ireland, 266, 6, pp.

4 July. FoBTHER Orders of the Same.


Present : —

Temple, Knightly, Chaloner, Moore and Scott.
The Court of Aldermen in London to be requested to conform
to the ordinance of Parliament of 9 Mar., 1646, by issuing warrants
for the collection of assessments.
Other details.

Sir John Temple, Col. Moore, Mr. Chaloner and Mr. Scott to be a
Sub-committee to treat with the creditors of Sir Arthur Loftus.
Other details.

The contractors for the arrears in London, Middlesex, West-
minster and Surrey are willing to pay to the Munster officers £100
out of the first money they get in.
The contractors to arrange details.

Eleven of these officers to be employed as assistant collectors in
these places as follows : —

In the city of "Westminster and liberties thereof —

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