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done, in relation to such of the great shijjs as shovild be laid up
for the winter, as to paying off the men, &c., referring also to a
letter of the 21st instant, which they had sent informing them that
the fleet had come into Torbay; and that several of the sliips would
be speedily ordered into harbour, by reason of their defects, &c.
and would require to be paid off. Dated 23 Aug. 1G93.
Also the letter referred to. oh pages.

Aug. 20. 7. Report of the agents for bringing in taxes, to tlie Lords of
the Treasury, on the petition of Chas. Brawne, Esq., Receiver-
General of the Quarterly Poll for tlie county of Somerset and
city of Bristol, in favour of the transfer of 1,099/. ].3.s. ad. (paid
in surplusage) to his account of the 4s. aid ; as prayed by the peti-
tioner. Dated 29 Aug. 1693.

Also the petition and the Auditor's certificate. 3 j^ja^/es.

Aug. 30. 8. Report of the Coma's of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury,
on the case of William Smith, who had been a considerable mer-
chant, but was reduced to a miserable condition by the capture of
his ships by French privateers ; and was then in prison, and
indebted for customs nearly 500L Dated 30 Aug. 1C93.

There are four ininutes on the dorse, the last of tvhich is : —
"4 June 1693. To be discharged by supersedeas, giving a new
bond" &c.

Also a certificate and memorandum relating thereto. 3 pages.

Aug. 30. 9. Memorial signed James Leece, on behalf of the Board of
Ordnance, laying before the Lords of the Trea.sury an estimate of
the requirements of that Board. Dated 30 Aug. 1G93. 1 page.

Aug. 31. 10. Report, signed Geo. Clark, to the [Lords of the Treasury],
on the petition of Major David Bourk, Major Donnell O'Donnell,
Capt. Jacob Wilson, Capt. John Bourk, Capt. Patrick Hughs,
Capt. Miles Bourk, Lieut. Fergus Kelly, Lieut. Clement Fanning,
and Ensign Darby Inly, who were appointed to serve in the
regiment sent from Ireland into the Emperor's service, but stayed
behind by permission of the Lord Iveagh, colonel of that regiment
for recovery of their health ; viz., as to certain claims of the peti-
tioners, they having recovered and being willing to go into
Germany. The report also mentions that Serjeant Timothy Dyer
and Martin Cahan, drummer, had also stayed behind, sick ; but
were then ready to go with Major Bourk and tlie other officers.
Dated 31 Aug. lf;93.

Minuted:— '"2.7 Oct. '93. Nothing can be done in [this]."
li pages.


1693. ^ - ^^I^-

Sept. 4. 11. Letter signed Jo. Knight, addressed to the Right Hon. Sir
Stejjlien Fox, excusing himself from attendance on their Lordships,
on account of illness ; and stating that if his attendance were
required, in relation to the 1,100^. latelj^ paid into his hands, for
duty on coffee, tea, &c., he craved leave to inform their Lordships
that he had spoken with tlie Patent Officers again, who persisted in
their opinion, that that duty could belong to no other branch than
Customs ; further that all new duties, not particularly directed to
be kept apart, by Act of Parliament, were constantly placed under
the Act of Subsidy, &c. Dated 4 Sept. 1693. 1^ pages {de-

[About 12. Petition of Richard Payne to the Lord.* of the Treasury, to

Sept. 6, be appointed landwaiter in fee.

1693.] JfinitfefZ.- — "6tii Sept. '93. Referred to Comiss. of Customes."

1 'page.

Sept. 7. 13. Petition of Isaac Pereyra, to the Lords of the Treasury,

showing that the petitioner's accounts for the management of the
bread waggons and for delivery of bread to the forces in Ireland,
was delivered in 16 months before, and referred to the Auditors of
imprest, for examination and report ; praying an order to oblige
Mr. Auditor Done to forthwith present his report.

Also a note, written most likely to the Secretary of the Treasury,
transmitting the petition. Dated 7 Sept. 1693. 1-|- pages.

Sept. 8. 14. Representation of the Comi's for sick and wouaded seamen,

&c., to the Lords of the Treasury, as to the sums they were indebted ;
stating that at the return of the fleet great numbers of .sick seamen
would be put on shore at Dover, Deal, Chatham, and Rochester, and
that they depended upon the receipt of 7,200?., which they promised
to pay to the " Quarterers " till Midsummer 1G92, which promise
they were unable to perform, as none would advance monej' on the
tallies at any rate. Praying an order for 8,800L, without which the
seamen as they were landed must starve in the streets. Dated
8 Sept. 1693. 1 p«(/e.

[About 1.5. Petition of Jane Roper, wife of Richard Roper, to the Com^s

Sept. 8.] of the Treasury Chamber, stating that she was descended of a very

honourable family, and was grandchild of Sir Adam Loftus, K.G.,

but was ruined by the wars in Ireland, &c. ; praying that her husband

miofht be made a coast- waiter.

Minuted: — " 8 Sept. '93. Referred to the Commissioners of the

Also a certificate relating thereto. 1 page and 3 lines.

Sept. 14. 16. Letter signed Ri. Bovett, addressed to the Lords of the
Treasury', as to certain diamonds which were landed before entry,
and seized. They were entered at .500/., though believed to be
worth 10,000?. or more. Dated 14 Sept. 1693. ] page {quarto).



Sept. 15.

Sept. 20.

[? About
Sept. 21.]

Vol. XXIV.

17. Eeport of Sir Christopher Wren to the Lord.s of the
Treasury, in favour of admitting Thomas Taylor as purveyor of the
vi^orks, in the room of Mr. Radcliff, who was old, and willing to
resign his grant of that office. Dated 15 Sept. 1693.

Minuted:—" 4 Oct. '93. Speak with Sir Ch. Wren."
Also the memorial or representation on which the report was
based. 1 \ pages.

18. Memorial from the Comi'^ for Transportation to the Lords of
the Treasury, stating that their Lordships had signified that they
were to receive no more money from the office of Charles Fox, Esq.,
and asking for a j^rivy seal for the transport money, and that it
might be received by a cashier, and proposing Mr. Edward Pansford
for that office. Dated 20 Sept. 1693.

Minuted: — ''A privy seale to bee prepared for this, and M^^
Pauncefort to bee their cashier." 1 jjaj/e.

19. Petition of Jerom Russell, Esq., late collector of the port of
Sligo, in Ireland, showing that he was made a collector of the port
of Sligo, immediately after the surrender of that fort, that most of
the houses were beaten down, and not habitable when he went
there; that he repaired a house for the custom house and excise
office ; that food was excessively dear ; tliat the people were rude
and barbarous, the Rapparees being numerous ; that he carried on
his duties at great hazard, &c., notwithstanding which he was
suspended, and one Mr. Griffiths put in his place. Praying to be
restored, and that he might receive the charges he had laid out.

Minuted : — " 21 Sept. '93. Referred to the Commis. of the
Revenue of Ireland.''

Also an account, referred to in the jietition, of money disbursed
by him in a journey to Kinsale, and from thence to Galway by sea,
and on to Dublin.

And another schediile of sums disbursed. 4 pages.

20. Petition of Ellen Carlyle, widow, to the Lords of the Treasury,
showing that she had a pension of 801. per ann. settled on her for
a debt of 1,200?. and upwards, lOOl. of which pension was in
arrear ; further, that she lost her two sons in the wars in Ireland.
Praying for at least some part of what was due.

Minuted : — " 26 Sept. '93. To bee considered in the next list."
1 page.

Sept. 27. 21. Memorial of the Com^'s for sick and wounded seamen, &c., to
the Lords of the Treasury, stating that they had by repeated repre-
sentations acquainted their Lordships that none would advance
money on the tallies allotted to them ; that though their Lordships
had ordered 1,000Z , yet the debt was so great at Rochester and
Chatham that the quarterers had refused to receive the sick men,
then lately sent from their Majesties' ships, into their houses ;
alleging that they and their families are like to starve, and they
had better let the sick men die without, than hunger them within.
Dated 27 Sept. 1693. 1 j^a^e.

[? About
Sept. 26.]


1693. VO..XXIV.

Sept. 27. 22. Report of the Coma's of Customs to tlie Lords of the Treasury,
on the petition of Edwd. Browne and Charles Peers, of London,
merchants, as to the shipment at Cadiz of certain cochineal (in
consequence of an expected bombardment of the city by the French
fleet) in foreign built ships, manned with foreigners, in favour of their
being allowed to enter the same and pay the customs. Dated 27
Sept. 1693.

Minuted :—■" 4 Oct. '93. Agreed to."

Also the petition and an affidavit. 2 imges and 2 halves.

Sept. 28. 23. Report of Mr. John Richards to tlie Lords of the Treasury,
on the petition of Richard Champion, one of the keepers of their
Majesties' privy galleries at Whitehall ; stating that several of the
servants were paid by Lord Griffin, in the year 1688, and others
left behind. The quarter to Midsummer 1688 was still due to Mr.
Champion, although Mr. Pawlett, the other gallery Iceejjer, had been
paid. Dated 28 Sept. 1G93.

Minuted : — " 4 Oct. '93. When money is appointed for y« Trea-
surer of y<^ cliambers, he shall be made equal w^'i his fellow. 3 Ajj'^
'95. A letter to Mr. Richards to pay this out of ye mo[ney] he has
in his hands."

Accompanied by the petition. 2 images {quarto).

[Sept. 29.] 24. A schedule of the names of persons and sums. Endorsed :
^" Particulars of 2per cent. p<i at the Custome House, to Michas. 1693."
1 large page.

Sept. 30. 25. Letter from Sir Wm.Beeston [Lieutenant-Governor of Jamaica],
to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that he had acquainted their
Lordships that Capt. Groves had lost his ship on the south side of
Port Royal, having 100 hhds. of sugar and some ginger aboard, for
their Majesties' account. One hlid. was saved and 62 bags of ginger.
He had ordered the naval officer to take care of the sick men of the
" Faulcon," and to lay out 60Z. coming from a prize, but it cost above
lOOL more, which he knew not how to discharge, as the Treasury
was much in debt. He meant to send the accounts to the Auditor-
General, if he could get them timely enough from the Receiver, who
was very dilatory. It would be a manifest kindness and safety to
the island if their Lordships would grant the 1,000?. he begged for,
towards the fortification.'^. Dated 30 Sept. 1693. 1 page.

Sept. 80. 26. Letter of the Lords of the Admiraltj^ to the Lords of the
Treasury, stating that Her Majesty's ketch, the "Talbot," formerly
taken by the enemy, had been re-captured by the " St. Albans,"
and the Judge of tlie Admiralty was of opinion that the only legal
course for returning her into their Majesties' service was to buy her
of the Com^s for Prizes ; desiring their Lordships to order her to be
bought. Dated 30 Sept. 1693. 1 page.

Oct. 3. 27. Report of the Coma's of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury,

on the petition of Laurence Culliford, comptroller of the customs
in the ports of Bridgewater and Minhcad, as to the renewal of


1693. _ _ Vol. XXIV.

his '•' Constitution," for the office of comptroller, and the payment
of arrears of his salary ; not objecting to the jiayment of the arreai',
nor the renewal of his constitution. Dated 3 Oct. 1093.

Minuted : — ■" His arrear to he paid, his ballance of account to be
deducted out of it, a new constitution & a dormant warrant for

Also the petition and two certificates. ] pfli/fl cmd 3 parts of

Oct 4. 28. Letter of the Lords Justices of Ireland to the Lords of the

Treasury, on a report of tlie Solicitor-General, made upon a petition
of John Sliuckburgh, Esq., stating that they found the allegations
in the report and petition were true, and that the right in law to
the lease of the manor of Portlester, for 1.5 years then to come, was
vested in the petitioner ; but that he was not thereby entitled to
the King's favour, for anew lease in reversion, since Maurice Eustace
the first lessee who mortgaged his lease, had reserved one-half year
in it, to keep the right of tenancy ; and further the King, by letters
patent of 1 June last, had granted an estate of inheritance in that
manor, among the rest of the private estate of the late King James
in that kingdom, to Henry Guy, Pv,obert Rocheford, and Matthew
Hutton, Esq. ; advising that the trustees be directed to make
a further lease to the petitioner of the same, as he was more likely
to improve the lands. Dated 4 Oct. 1G93.

Accompanied by the petition and report referred to, which states
that the manor of Portlester, in the county of Meath, was demised
by the late King James, when Duke of York, to Maurice Eustace,
of Portlester, Esq., who demised to Michael Tempest the castle and
certain parcels of the said manor, which lease was conveyed to
Richard Shukburgh, Escp, who was executor to the above petitioner.

The report contains various other particulars about the manor,
&c., and concludes by stating that the petitioner was a Protestant, and
on His Majesty's arrival in England in 1688, attended him on his
march from the west of England to the city of London, and was
then in the commission of the peace for the county of Warwick.
Dated 23 June 1693. 5 images.

Oct 4. 29. Memorial of the Com^'** for sick and wounded seamen, &c., to

the Lords of the Treasury, stating that they had hoped, with the
2,000?.. seasonably ordered, and with tallies for 1,500L, they should
have satisfied the quarterers at Rochester ; but they would not accept
the tallies at any rate ; that the " Diamond " frigate and fireship,
with several Barbadoes men were carried to France, where we had
o-reat numbers of prisoners, and tlie masters of the transports refused
to carry the French prisoners and fetch our seamen home, until part
of their freight was paid. Praying for a further order for 2,000?.
Dated 4 Oct. 1693. 1 page.

Oct. 4. SO. Report of Sir Edw. Ward, Attorney-General, to the Lords

of the Treasury, upon the petition of Charles Hedges, Robert Wood-
ward, Doctor of Laws, Thomas Pitt, Esq., and Wingfield Brockwel,





Oct. 4.]

[? About
Oct. 4.]

Oct. 4.]

Oct. 4.]

[Oct. 5.]

Vol. XXIV.

gent., praying the grant of one moiety of a dwelling liouse, and
other edifices at Christ Church, a wharf and key, and tlie beach
adjoining, enclosed therewith, to Charles Hedges and his heirs, and
the other moietj^ to the other petitioners ; the said buildings having
been erected upon soil belonging to the Crown, by Henry Hedges
and Thomas Dennett, two of the undertakers for making the River
Avon navigable from Christchurch to New Sarum, and a new
harbour near Christchurch (if required) ; and further petitioning to
carry the pier some furlongs into the sea, &c. Approving the grant,
but recommending that the otlier works should be "communicated
to tlie whole undertaking," and be confined to some certaintj- and
limits. Dated 4 Oct. 1693.

Also the petition and two affidavits relating thereto, i^ pages.

31. An authorization for Mr. John Jones to go into Wales, on
their Majesties' service, to collect evidence in connexion with a suit
in the Court of Exchequer ; touching their Majesties' title to the
estate of the late Marquess of Powis, in the county of Montgomery,
seized on his attainder.

Minuted :—" 4th Oct. '93. Transcrib'd for yo Li's to sign." 1
2yaf/e (quarto).

32. Report of the Com's of Prizes to the Lords of the Treasury,
on the petition of Capt. Bartholomew Clements, certifying that he
delivered to Thos. Clarke, their Lordships' agent at Yarmouth, two
ships and their lading, without embezzlement, which were con-
demned as prizes in the Admiralty Court, and were disposed of for
1,011Z. 9s. Id., besides the charges ; and further recommending that
the obligation of the captain should be discharged.

if mufetJ .-— " 4th Oct. '93. Order 'd to be pd 50^ & it shall be
allow'd on their ace*."

Also the petition and an affidavit. 3 pages.

33. Petition of Capt. Stephen Godfrey, showing that he raised a
company at his own charge, which he commanded in Londonderry
during the siege, and that his estate was ruined by the enemy ;
praying for the allowance of 40Z. here and 40^^ in Ireland, being the
same as was allowed to the other captains, or the whole in Ireland.

Minuted. : — "4th Oct. '93. The L^s can make no more allowances
of this nature."

Copies of two certificates as to his services. 3 pages.

34. Petition of Henry Price to the Queen, for the remission of the
fine of 20 marks imposed on William Purchase, " his son," a journey-
man bricklayer, for an assault on William Challoner, gent., and for
his release from imprisonment.

Minuted :—" 4^ Oct. '93. Referred to Mr. Aaron Smith. " 1 'page.

35. Report of Mr. Chas. Fox to the Lords of the Treasurj-, on the
petition of Q[uarte]r-master Abel Thomas, who served under the
Duke of Schomberg in Ireland, which was addressed to the Queen,


1693. Vol. XXIV.

for payment of arrears, amounting to 1621. 18s. He was in great
want, through sickness and extraordinary losses since by raparees,
who burnt his house and destroyed his substance ; leaving it to
their Lordships to say how long the allowance should be continued.
Dated 5 Oct. 1693.

Minuted : — " 11 Oct. '93. The King hath ordered that no more
halfe pay bee paid in England to ofBcers of this nature." 1^ pages.

Oct. 5. 36. Presentment by their Majesties' Principal Com^s of Prizes,

addressed to the Lords of the Treasury, recommending Charles
Bishop, surveyor of customs at Harwich, for the appointment of
agent for prizes at Harwich, in tlie place of Joseph Sanders, late
surveyor and agent there. Dated 5 Oct. 1693.
il/wmfecL-— " lOtJi Oct. '93. Granted." ^ 'page.

Oct. 9. 37. Report of the Comi^ of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury,

on the petition of Richard Warner for a waitership in the port of
London, which Mr. Andrew Haynes held by patent for life ;
approving the transfer. Dated 9 Oct. 1693.
Also the petition. 11 pages.

Oct. 10. 38. Virginia,"! Abstract of proceedings of the Assembly in relation

1693. J to the Act for Ports, the Act for advancement of
the manufactures of the country, and an Act against the exporting
tobacco in bulk.

The Assembly was held on ] Oct. 1693. 2 pages.

Oct. 10. 39. Letter of Isr[ael] Fielding to Mr. Guy, at the Treasury

Chambers, as to attendance at the Treasury Chambers with his

(Mr. Fielding's) vouchers to his account. Dated 10 Oct. 1693.
1 page ( quarto).

[About 40. Petition of John Diserote and Walter Hurst, who had dis-

Oct. 10.] covered an invention for taking up wrecks, addressed to the Queen,
praying for Hberty to get up such wrecks as they should discover,
which were not already granted to other persons, and for such
wrecks as were granted to other persons, after the expiration of
their grants, upon payment of one-tenth of all bulhon, gold, silver,
and other goods recovered, and half the value of guns taken out of
the royal ships.

Also a schedule entitled: — "Grants already pass'd to sundry
persons for wrecks upon the coasts of England and Ireland."

Referred to the Lords of the Treasury to report thereon. Dated
10 Oct. 1693. 2 pages.

Oct. 12. 41. Letter of the Lords of the Admiralty to the Lords of the
Treasury, transmitting a copy of a letter from the Navy Board,
which the latter had received from several East Country merchants,
who served their Majesties with naval stores, complaining of the
remote tallies assigned them ; declaring their inability to deal any
longer if better funds were not provided, and their future bills paid
in money. Dated 12 Oct. 1693. 1 page.



1C93. VO..XXIV.

Oct. 13. 42. Report of Mr. Charles Fox to the Lords of the Treasury, on
the petition of divers non-commissioned officers and private horse-
men of Col. Theodoras Russell's late regiment ; praying payment
of the arrears due to them at the time the regiment was broken,
viz., as to the payment of the same. Dated 13 Oct. 1693.
Minuted :—" 20 Oct. '93. To stay till ye King's return."
Also the petition and an account. 6 pacjes.

Oct. 17. 43. Memorial of the Commissioners for sick and wounded seamen,
&c. to the Lords of the Treasury, praying an order for 4,000?. to
carry on tiieir service ; viz., to clear the "quarterers " at Rochester,
" till Midsummer gone twelvemonths," and to pay Mr. George
Dickinson, late agent at Plymouth, then removed to PIull. Dated
17 Oct. 1G93. 1 ixirjc.

Oct. 17. 44. Letter of the Lords Justices of Ireland to the Lords of
tlie Treasury, transmitting a report made by the Com"'" of
Revenue upon a letter from their Lordshi]-i.s, and the petition of the
Lord Lanesborough to His Majesty, fur a grant of c[uit rents out of
his Lordship's estate in Ireland, in consideration of his losses ;
objecting to the granting away any of the settled revenue of the
Crown, " especially at tliis time, when it falls so much short of the
necessary expense for the support of the Government." Dated
17 Oct. 1G93.

Minuted : — " The King agrees to the L'l'* Justices' opinion."
Accompanied by the rej^ort and petition. 3 pages.

Oct. 17. 45. Report of Mr. Charles Fox to the Lords of the Treasury, on
the annexed memorials of Col. Richard Coote and Col. Robt.
Ecclynn, praying that the accounts of their regiments might be
stated, and debentures made out for the arrears of pay due to them,
before 1 Jan. 1691 ; when they, with several other regiments, were
placed on the new establishment of Ireland ; in favour of the
memorialists. Dated 17 Oct. 1693. Z pages.

Oct, 17. 46. Order of the Earl of Nottingham, upon the petition of the

Spanish Ambassador, for the shipment, (without molestation from
the custom authorities,) of two bells bought in London, and intended
to be made use of at Cadiz in Spain. Dated 17 Oct. 1093. 1 page.

Oct. 18. 47. Memorial of the Board of Ordnance to tlie Lords of the Trea-

sury, stating that there is an arrear of 1.57,000/., that they had been
so long without the " ordinary " of the otHce, from wliich source all
the fortifications of the kingdom were formerly supported, that
they had fallen into decay. Upon a survey taken, the forts on the
River Med way were found extremely ruinous; they had ordered the
estimates of repairs annexed, and hoped their Lordships would order
the necessary moneys, the Parliament having rejected their de-
mands for such services. Dated 18 Oct. 1C93.
United are the estimates. 4 pages.


1G93. ^'o^- ^^^^•

Oct. 20. 48. Petition of Thos. Neale, Esq., to the Lords of tbe Treasury,

praying tliat he might have au allowance for himself and three or
four others concerned with him; for his third part of the seizures
made by the East India Companj', and not accounted for to tlie
Crown. The moiety of the seizures being due to the Crown. Dated
on the back 20 Oct. 1693.

Minuted : — "Nothing can be done." 1 page.

Oct. 20. 49. Memorial signed Fr. Negus, addressed to the Lords of the
Treasury, praying for the order of 1 QQl. towards the charge of
repairing the mews, in connexion with the water supply. Dated

20 Oct. '93. 1 page (quarto).

Oct. 20. 50. Eeport of the Coma's of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury,
on the petition of John HoUond, collector of customs at Hull,
recommending his transfer to London, as a surveyor of the land-
waiters, &c. ; also Mr. Pye to be sent to Newcastle, and Mr. Nash
to be clerk or registrar of the coast bonds. Dated 20 Oct. 1G93.
Minuted : — " Agreed." 3 j^ages.

Oct. 21. 51. Copy of a letter of Lord Nottingham to the Com^'^ for the sick
and wounded, for care to be taken of certain " landmen " who came
from the West Indies, on board Sir Francis Wheeler's squadron,
by providing lodging, nurses, &c. for them at Portsmouth. Dated

21 Oct. 1693. 1 2Mge.

Oct. 23. 52. " Memorial for the workes " to their Lordships, praying a

tally for 800^. to pay Capt. Studbolme, Mr. Negus, Mr. Clarke, "fee.
Dated 23 Oct. '93. 1 page.

Oct. 23. 53. Report of the Comi' of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury,
on the law and practice with regard to the exportation of foreign
coin, or buUion of gold or silver, certain chests of bullion having
lately been seized by captains Baron and Nash, on board sevei'al
men-of-war and 5'aclits. Dated 23 Oct. 1693.

Mimded : — " Agreed to the report, & that the bullion bee car-ried
to the Mint to bee coyned."

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