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act in place of Mr. Sedgwick, deceased. Dated Dublin, 28 Sept.

This encloses the copies of the three letters above referred to.
9 pages and 2 halves.


i,.„- Vol. XXXIV.

Sept. 29. 56. " An abstract of tlie produce of His Mat'es revenue in Ireland
for one quarter ended at Michaelmas 1G95." 1 jjage.

[? Sept.] 57. A representation by the officers of the Excise who quitted their

employment in the year [1695], made to the Lords of the Treasury.
They state that on the 2ord of August they attended the Treasuiy
Chambers, not knowing on what account tliey were sent for, and
were asked the reasons why they resigned their employments, but
not being fully prepared to answer, they only gave such reasons as
readily occurred to them. They row laid before their Lordships
their reasons, under 13 divisions. Their principal complaints seem
to have been against Mr. Everard, the general surveyor of London,
who they said was absolutely unqualified for such a station ; further
that all vacancies in London were supplied with country offi-
cers, and they believed a thorough change was aimed at in the
London Brewery, by bringing up country officers aud sending the
London officers into the country. They repudiate the charge of
combination to lay down their employment. Undated, but see the
Minute Booh, vol. 6, pp. 72-74, where are entered tlie examinations
of the several officers, and at p. 7G is the following minute, 28 Aug.

" To write to the Com^'^ of Excise that the officers (heard 21st
instant) having been heard upon tlie reasons of their quitting y"
service, my Jj^^ think fitt to direct that none of y<= s'^ officers be
hereafter imployed in y^ Excise w^out particular direction of this
Board." 5 parjes (brief size).

Oct. 2. 58. Letter of the Earl of Montague, Master of the Great Wardrobe,

to William Lowndes, Esq., respecting a present for Tripoli, consisting
of cloth and gold watches. In a postscript he desires Mr. Lowndes
to lay before their Lordships a warrant for the new lodgings at
Richmond. Dated 2 Oct. 1C95.

Also a requisition signed " Dorsett '' for a great variety of articles
to be supplied for His Majesty's immediate service in his house at
Richmond Park. Dated 22 Sept. 1695. 2 pages.

Oct. 2. 59. Representation by the magistrates of Bristol, addressed to

Charles Brawne, Esq., at Redlinch, that the collectors of the King's
tax, had made complaint to them, that by reason of the badness and
scarcity of silver, it was impossible to make good their collections ;
unless they were permitted to receive and pay guineas, at SOs. ;
praying to have the matter laid before the Lords of the Treasury.
Dated 2 Oct. 1695. 1 page (quarto).

Oct. 3. 60. Copy of report of Mr. S. Travers, Surveyor-General, to the

Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of John Rayner, Esq., who was
farmer of the perquisites of courts, escheat lands, &c., in the lordship
and soke of Kirton in Lindsey, Lincoln, and had discovered divers
small parcels of land at Missen within that lordship, and defsired a
lease thereof for 31 years, to be passed with the small parcels in
Spalding and Kirton ; advising that if their Lordships granted
the same, one-sixth of the yearly value should be reserved, &c.




The messuage and lands in Yaddelthorpe were granted to Dr.
Willm. Lincoln for 31 years, in 1660, and the lease had expired in
1691, but as the lands were so interspersed no one until the peti-
tioner had offered to accept them ; advising that he should have them.
Dated 3 Oct. 1695.

Minuted : — " Agreed."

Also copy of the petition. 2^ pages.

Oct. 7. 61. Report of the Coma's of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury,

on the petition of Richard Peirce, one of the five under-searchers in
the port of London ; in favour of admitting Mr. Thomas Walijer
as his deputy. Dated 7 Oct. 1695.

Minuted : — " Agreed."

Accompanied by the petition and a certificate. 2^ pages.

Oct. 7. 62. Report of the Comics of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury,

on the petition of Jeremiah Holycross, setting forth that he served
12 years in the customs as waiter and searcher at Sydmouth, in the
port of Exeter, and was turned out of his employment without any
. fraud laid to his charge ; praying to be admitted a tidesman in fee.
The report admits that the terms of the petition are true, but states
that he was dismissed for drunkenness and debauchery. Dated
7 Oct. 1695.

Also the petition. 1^ pages.

Oct. 8. 63. Report of Lord Ranelagh to the Lords of the Treasury, on

the petition of Mr. John Ward, late agent to the Earl of Bath's regi-
ment, in favour of his being paid 800^. in part of the clearings of
the regiment, from 1 April 1692 to 1 April 1693, and the remaining
1,000?., when the regiment should be fully cleared. Dated 8 Oct.

Minuted : — " To be layd before ye K. when j^e E. of Ranelagli is
present. To be paid when the clearings are paid. But if it be a
particular case on an Order of Counsel my Lords are to examine it and
to give him relief according as they find his case." Again, "The 800?..
to be Tp^."

Also the petition and a letter relating thereto. 2^ pages.

Oct. 9. 64. Copy of a resolution passed at a meeting of the chief officers

of the army in the great chamber of the Horse Guards on 9 Oct.
1695, in relation to a petition of Elizabeth Culliford in belialf of
the orphans of Capt. William Webster, late of Lieut.-Gen. Kirk's
regiment, who lost his life at Phillipstown in Ireland, viz. : for
application to be made to the King for the payment of 122?. 10s.
out of the contingencies of the army, which had been respited.

Minuted : — " To M'' Clark to prepare a warr' for taking off the
respitts." 1 page {quarto).

Oct. 9. 65. Report of the Comics of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury,

on the petition of Cornelius Dennis, and several other Euo-lish
merchants ; in favour of granting a " non pros." as was desired ;
they being owners of the ship " Two Friends " whichhad brouo-ht





certain currants and other Turkey commodities, which were seized,
under pretence that the ship was of foreign build. Dated 9 Oct.

Minuted : — " Granted."

Also the petition and an affidavit. 4^ pages.

Oct. 9. 66. Agent's report concerning the arrear due from Mr. Bearcroft,

late receiver of the taxes for the county of Worcester. Dated 9 Oct.

[In December 1691, the receiver having sent up 6,500^., of the
King's money, the waggon, at a place near Gerard's Cross, in the
county of Buciss, was robbed of 2,343^. or thereabouts.]

Minuted: — "9 Oct. 1695. My Lords will allow M"^ Bearcroft
2,500?. for liis loss and cliarges by the robbery, by tally on y'' Excise ;
but he & his suretys must first pay in his whole arreare as rec'', &
clear his acco*." 1 2Jcige.

Oct. 11. 67. Presentment by the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the

Treasury, stating that they had been obliged on occasion of the
King's arrival, to leave a discretionary liberty with the land-surveyor,
on the coming up of tlie King's fgoods, &c. or of persons of quality
attending His Majesty, to go with tlie goods to their respective
houses, for their immediate accommodation, &c. : praying their Lord-
ships' approbation thereof Dated 11 Oct. 1695.

Minuted : — " My Lords cannot give a gen^ liberty." 1 page.

Oct. 12. 68. Report of the Coma's of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury, on the
memorial of Mr. Jolm Baber, solicitor, for prosecuting and defending
causes before the Com" of Excise and Appeals in London and the
weekly bills of mortality; respecting the nature and manner of dis-
charging his duties, the method of hearing complaints, &c. by the
Commissioners, their jurisdiction, &c. ; containing detailed historical
particulars of this office. Dated 12 Oct. 1695.
Also the petition. 11 pages.

Oct. 14. 69. "A state of the case relating to the gallon made use of in

Ireland for measuring liquids containing 217'6 cubick inches."

A paper so entitled, containing a good deal of information relating
to the gallon measure, the laws regulating it, &c.

On the other side is —

A cojoy of the opinion of Sir John Mead, one of His Majesty's
counsel at law, on the case submitted to him relating to the gallon
measure, expressing the opinion that the duty on wines, &c. ought
to be received according to the 2 1 7 cubic inches. Dated 14 Oct.
1695. 2 pages.

Oct. 15. 70. Memorial of the Com'^s of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury,

praying for directions as to the payment of guineas at 30s. each by
the brewers for their duties in consequence of the scarcity of silver
money. Dated 15 Oct. 1695.

In the Mifiute Book, Vol. VI., p. 98, 16 Oct. 1695, is the following
entry : — " My Lord Godolphin informs the King of the hindrance
in the collection of the taxes, by the bad moneys, and their forbearing




to give any direction concerning guineas current at SQ^^ w"^ preju-
dices the Exchange. The King saies they must hold it out as long
as they can, without coming to any direction." 1 page.

Oct. 15. 71. Presentment by the Comics of Customs to the Lords of the

Treasury ,*laying before them an examination before a notary at Fal-
mouth, of Timothy Evans and otliers, mariners, lately belonging to
the " Isaac," brigantine of London ; ■which in coming from Bar-
badoes was taken by a French privateer, retaken by Capt. Hutchins,
commander of one of His Majesty's Groin packet boats, and was
stolen out of the harbour of the Groin by a shallop, with 25 men;
which shallop, upon sight of a vessel coming out of the Groin,
quitted the brigantine again to the possession of the English, and the
brigantine was afterwards seized by a Dutch privateer, named the
" Mount Etna," &c. Moving their Lordships that the Dutch
Ambassador might be applied to, in order that further proceedings
might be prevented, the ship and cargo being about to be con-
demned as prize. Dated 15 Oct. 1695.

Also the examination. 2^ pages (one brief size).

Oct. 16. 72. Report of the Coral's of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury,
on the memorial of Wm. Blathwayt, Esq., His Majesty's Secretary at
War, as to certain Indian goods imported by him from Holland, and
by the Act of Navigation forfeited. Recommended for favourable
consideration. Dated 16 Oct. 1695.

The memorial and list of the goods. 3 pages.

Oct. 18. 73. Letter of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to the Lords of the

Treasury, on the petition of Dr. Robert Gorge, praying payment of
his salary as secretary to the late Duke of Schomberg, and for 6s. a
day granted to him by King Charles II. on the establishment of the
kingdom ; stating that he had referred it to the Attorney-General,
whose report he transmitted, adding that the case seemed to deserve
compassion. Dated 18 Oct. 1695.

[The report not now with it.]

Minuted: — " L4 Ap. '97 rejected." 1 page.

Oct. 21. 74. Letter by command of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, to the

Attorney and Solicitor General, sending the petitions and other
papers concerning Robert McCarroU, merchant, desiring them to
certify wherein the report of the Comics of the Revenue in Ireland,
and McCarroll's answer differ ; and what were the particulars which
remained in controversy concerning the ships and goods claimed by
McCarroll. Dated 21 Oct. 1695. 1 j^ge.

[About 75. An address of the knights, citizens, and burgesses in Parlia-

Oct. 26.] ment assembled, to his Excellency Henry Lord Capell, Baron of
Tewkesbury, Lord Deputy-General, and General Governor of Ireland,
praying that he would order 600^. to be paid to Mr. Warburton,
clerk assistant to the late House of Commons out of the funds
given or promised to His Majesty ; as they found that the former
order of 28 July 1666, for the payment of that sum, had not
been carried out, and by their resolves of 26 Oct 1695, they had

GG 2




agreed that it was still due ; assuring his Excellency that if the
funds fell short of paying the sums intended for the present supply
of 163,32-5/. and 30,000/. for the debts of the army, and 6,000/. to
the sons of Sir Audley Mervin, and this 600/., they would make
it good in the next sessions.

Accompanied by a copy of an order in his favour. Dated 28
July 1666. If pages.

VOL. XXXV. 1695. November and December.


Nov. 5. 1. Letter of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to the Lords of the

Treasury, stating that the Commons having taken into consideration
tlie debts due from the army to the country, and a debt of 6,000/.
to the children of Sir Audley Mervin, formerly Speaker of that
House, for his loug and faithful services to the Protestant interest in
that kingdom, had addressed him, to beseech the King to allow
30,000/. to be paid to persons who had stated their accounts due
from the army, which sum, and 6,000/. to the heirs of Sir Audley
Mervin, they were desirous should be paid out of the additional
duty on tobacco and other commodities : inclosing their address,
and also anotjjer in favour of Mr. Richard Warburton, clerk's assis-
tant to the House of Commons, for 600/. for his services. Dated
5 Nov. 169.5.

Accompanied by the address.

In the 3Iinute Book, Vol. VI., p. 103, 15 Nov. 1695, mention is
made that these addresses were to be laid before the King ; and
again at p. 114, 27 Nov. 1625, these addresses were read and respited.
3 'pages and 2 halves.

Nov. 5. 2. An application of Mr. Aaron Smith to the Lords of the Trea-
sury, for 500/. or 600/., to defray the expenses of prosecutions and
defences of suits for the Crown : further laying before them, that
for all the business of the last Trinity term he received not one
penny, and had to borrow 200/. or 300/., to carry on his duty, &c.
Dated 5 Nov. 1695.

Minuted : — " For the K. . Done . Mr. Aaron Smith

to acco* before Lady Day next or else my Lords to rep[rese]at to
the King again."

In the Minute Bool; Vol. VI., p. 114, 27 Nov. 1695, is the same

Also a list of the prosecutions, &c. for Michaelmas Term 1695.
2 1 pages.

Nov. 8. 3. A letter from the Lords of the Council in Ireland, to the Duke
of Shrewsbury, stating that encouragement had been given to the
French Protestants to plant in that kingdom, and 450/. was to be
raised out of lines of leases, and paid to Mr. Moden, to transport them


TG95. Vol. XXXV.

thither, and altogether 1,500?. was to be raised; in expectation of
"which, many families came, whose necessities were so pressing that
they were supplied out of the concordatum to the extent of 400?. ;
but that being charged with the rebuilding the Four Courts, &c.,
and the Treasury being so low, they could not supply them further ;
praying him to move the King to send the intended relief. Dated
8 Nov. 1695.

Minuted : — " To be laid before y" K." 1 jpage.

Nov. 11. 4. Report of Robt. Rochfoi-t, Attorney-General for Ireland, on the
petition of Sir Lawrence Parsons, Bart, as to an arrear of Crown
rent of 305?. Is. 9c?. out of the rectory of Dunboyne, in the county
of Meath ; advising that be should have the discharge he prayed for.
Dated 11 Nov. 1695.

Accompanied by — ■

Report of the Comi's of Customs at Dublin to the [Lords Jus-
tices], on the petition of Sir Lawrence Parsons, Bart., relating to
the rectory of Dunboyne, finding that it was charged with
70?. 16s. 8;^f?. ^jer ann., and that it was returned in arrears by the
collector of the district of Trim, in 1688, 305?. Is. 9i:?.

Tbe petitioner for some time after the abdication defended the
castle of Birr for their Majesties' service, till he was forced to sur-
render, and in Feb. 1688 was confined, and soon after condemned
to be executed, and was kept 16 months in confinement.

The tithes of that rectory were set for more than 200?., yet they
could not conceive that the profits could be applied to the discharge
of the arrears, but the petitioner deserved favour. Dated 22 Feb.
] 694-5.

On the dorse is: — " The Lords Justices can give no ans^ on this
pet"." 3 pages.

Nov. 11. 5. Presentment of the Comics of Customs to the Lords of the
Treasury, on the memorial of Mr. Arthur Bailj^, a considerable
Virginian trader; as to the allowance of 6 p'^r cent, for the time
unexpired, of tlie bonds given by him for impost duty. Dated
11 Nov. 1695.

Minuted : — " A warr* for Mr. Baily. But as to ye settlem* by
law, my Lords desire when they next attend they will come pre-
pared with the form of such a settlement as they desire."

Also another paper relating thereto. 2^ pages.

Nov. 15. 6. Report of the Com^^s of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury,
on a letter from the Earl of Montague, touching some china and
Indian pictures, which came from Holland, for his Lordship's use ;
which were not of 30?. value. Dated 15 Nov. 1695.

Minuted : — " The Comi^^ may do it as well as they can." 1 page.

[About 7. A list of the French refugee ministers in England, with their
Nov. 16.] ages. Also a roll of the Royal Charity, showing the rates which

the French ministers had received from the year 1686 to 1695.


Referred 16 Nov. 1695. 2 large pages.



Vol. XXXV.

Nov. 19. 8. Presentment of the Comra of Customs to the Lords of the
Treasury, touching the impost duty on tobacco, suggesting that there
should be a regular settlement of the subject by law. Dated 19
Nov. 1695. 2 pages.

Nov. 19. 9. Letter of Mr. Francis Babe to the Lords of the Treasury, re-
specting the importation of French goods in a ship which sailed from
Ireland to Bilboa, in Spain, and returned with a French as well
as a Spanish pass ; the crew on the outward voyage were all subjects
of the King of England, and were discharged at St. Sebastian's, and
a new crew of Spaniards taken aboard, which had been the common
practice. By this means 200 or 300 of our seamen were forced to
beg from door to door, besides those in other parts of Spain and
Portugal. He had given notice to the Com^s of Revenue that he
had seized the ship, but they gave no directions for putting the
goods into the King's store. He gives a further account of the pro-
ceedings in relation to the ship, which, without consulting him the
Com'"s admitted to an entry contrary to the Lord Deputy's order,
&c. ; the design he had in this seizure was, to detect a constant trade
and correspondence with France. A Scotch merchant's letter, who
resided in Dublin, was seen and read in France, giving an account
of a great number of transport ships for the invasion of France,
some little time before the disappointment we met with at St. Malo.
[St. Malo bombarded in 1695.] Dated 19 Nov. 1693. 2^ pages.

Nov. 19. 10, Petition of Samuel Shepheard, of London, merchant, to the
Lords of the Treasury, stating that he had bought of the Com>^s of
Prizes the French man-of-war, the " Invincible," lying in Kinsale,
in Ireland, and had fitted her for the King's service as a cruiser ;
and having occasion to send cables, &c., for the use of the ship (now
named the " Scarborough,") he prayed to be allowed to ship them
duty free.

Also a letter from him to William Loundes, Esq., on the same
subject. Dated 19 Nov. 1695. 2 -pages.

Nov. 21. 11. Order in Council to His Majesty's stationer, to provide and
deliver to Henry, Bishop, of London, 20 large folio Bibles, 20 Common
Prayer Books, in folio, 20 books of the Canons, 20 copies of the 39
Articles, and 20 tables of marriage, to be sent to Maryland. Dated
21 Nov. 1695.

Minuted :—" 22th Sep^ '97. Respited."

With a memorandum of the delivery thereof, l^j^af/es.

Nov. 22. 12. A certificate of Chas. Chetwynd, Deputy Auditor of Wales,
that there was due and payable to Sir John Combes, Knight, as
Chief Justice of Chester, by ancient usage, 500L per ann., for his
salary, which was to commence on 5 May last. Dated 22 Nov.
1695. ^ page.

[About 13. Petition of Richard Butler to the King, showing that several

Nov. 22.] sums were due to him, that he had been in many ways serviceable

to the King ; had never received any reward, and had been a great


1695. ' Vol. XXXV.

sufferer by the loss of his employment as customer in the port of
Boston ; praying that his case might be referred to the Lords of the

With a note at the foot, that it was so referred on 22 Nov. 1695.

Accompanied by the case of the petitioner as referred to their
Lordships. Amongst other things it states that the petitioner pro-
posed to Henry Viscount Sydney, now Earl of Romney, then
Secretary of State, the method of raising seamen, which took good
effect, and had been observed ever since.

Also six other brief documents touching the case. 8 pages, or
parts of pages.

Nov. 23. 14. Report of the Coma's of Customs of Dublin, stating that they
had received a command from the Lord Deputy to admit Mr.
Reading [in place of Sir Richard Levinge], as counsel to the Com™
of Revenue ; and the reason why they had not long since made a
report on Mr. Medlj'cot's petition concerning the employment was,
that they were directed by his Excellency to make no report without
his further order. Dated 23 Nov. 1695.
Minuted : — " To be layd before ye K."

" Sr Richd Levinge, late Soil'" Gen^ & councill to ye Commas of ye
Revenue of Irl<J, being remov'd, my L<i Deputy recomends to 'em
My Jno Reding, as a person duely qualify'd to serve His Maty as
their Councill for his good knowledge in y^ law, his perfect honesty
and integrity, & his having been very instrumental in bringing over
y^ party from adhering to ye sole right, & of great use in promoting
ye public mony bUls, & desires ye L^^ of ye Treasury to concur
w* him in y^ approbation of M^. Reding for ye said employm*, at
je usual salaiy of lOQl' p. an." | of a page.

Nov. 25. 15. Letter signed William Blathwayt, addressed to Mr. Lowndes,
enclosing a copy of the answer of the Assembly of Virginia, with
the abstract of their journal relating to a proposal made to them by
Sir Edmimd Andros, Governor-in-Chief of that colony, in pursuance
of Her Majesty's order of 19 July 1692, for making a law to pro-
hibit the exportation of tobacco in bulk ; desiring, on the part of
the Committee of Trade and Plantation, their Lordships' opinion.
Dated 25 Nov. 1695.

Accompanied by the abstract referred to, but the answer of the
Assembly is not now with it. 2^ pages.

Nov. 26. 16. Letter of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to the Lords of the
Treasury, on the petition of Robert Fitzgerald, Esq., concerning the
arrears of salary due to him as comptroller of the musters and
cheques of the army in Ireland, since Michaelmas 1688, at 365?.
per ann., and 1001. per arm. for his deputy ; transmitting the re-
ports of the Muster-Master- General, the Deputy Receiver-General,
and the Attorney-General, to whom he had referred the matter ; ad-
vising that the King might grant the arrears from 1 Jan. 1691.
Dated 26 Nov. 1695.

Minuted ;— " Read SO Mar. '95. The K. will be putt in mind of
it when my Lords Ranelagh & L^ Coningsby attend,"


1695. V«- XX^^-

Accompanied by copies of tlie petition, a report of Stephen Fox,
and others, and a letter of Lord Sydney ; also a warrant and a
report of the Attorney-General. 5 pages and 4 halves.

Nov. 26. 17. Memorial of Sir Joseph Heme and Sir Stephen Evance to the
Lords of the Treasury, showing that 8, .557/. 10s. \cl. were due to
them, for clothing the Earl of Donegall's and Col. Cunningham's
regiments in April 1693 ; praying to be allowed interest, on account
of the delay in paying the same. Dated 26 Nov. 1695.

Minuted: — "To Lord Coningsby & Mr. Fox, to state this

A certificate as to the amounts and times of payment of tlie. said
sum. 2 2^a[/es.

[About 18. Petition of Edward Lord Bishop of Worcester, to the Lords of
Nov. 26.] the Treasury, sliowing that Philip Bearcroft, receiver of the
taxes for Worcester, being robbed of moneys wliich he was bringing
to London in a waggon (including lOOl. belonging to the Bishop),
had applied for an allowance of the whole money ; praj'ing that
before it was paid, if it were allowed, the said Bearcroft should pay
the lOOl.

Minuted : — •" Read 26 9'^'-" '95, My Lords do not think it rea-
sonable that ye allowance made y® rec"^ should be applyed to any
other debt than that wo'i he owes ye K. in the Excheq'^, and his
LoP will have his remedy at law." 1 page.

[? About 19. Petition of Thos. Medlicut, barrister-at-laAV, referring to his

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