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late Lieutenant-General Kirk might be stated to dischai-ge a debt
of IjOOQli which the lieutenant-general owed the regiment, formerly
under his command, as it fell on the personal pay of the officers :
showing that 1,965?. was due, and that tlie lieutenant-general had
received the pay of the regiment and applied it to his own use.
Dated 30 June 1C9C. 2 images.

July 1. 73. Letter to the Secretary of the Treasury, docquetted, "Navy

estimate of what [is] duo for wages." Dated 1 July 1696. 1
July 2. 74. Letter from William Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes, sending the
particulars of the extraordinary charge of the army for the year,
showing a deficiency of 350,000?. Dated at the camp at Gemblour,
J^ July 1696.

The account, i pages.

July 2. 75. Report of William Tailer, deputy auditor of the duchy of

Cornwall, to the Lords [of the Treasury], in reference to a letter of
Mr. Willm. Gribble of Truro, in Cornwall, complaining that Mr.
Henry Herle, a merchant there, had melted down about two tons of
tin into bars, without giving him notice. He (Mr. Tailer) had
written to the deputy receiver of the duchy in relation thereto, and
his reply was, that several persons Jjad set up " kettles " in their
private cellars, particularly at Fowey, Truro, and Penryn, where,
under pretence of re-melting into bars tin duly coined in the block,
they could run down uncoined tin and defraud the King of the duty
and undersell the fair dealing merchant. The practice had been
complained of when the now Duke of Leeds was Lord Treasurer,
and the exportation of tin without the stamp was prohibited by
warrant of 23 Sept 1G76, &c. ; advising the prohibition of the expor-
tation of all unstamped tin, or carrying it out of the stannary where
made in bars, as well as blocks ; and that it was requisite that the
small stamps as well as the greater hammers should be kept under
the care and control of the respective officers of the stannaries ; and
tliat the owners of blowing houses should present their blowers to
the Stannary Court, to be sworn against embezzlement of tin within
their care ; and that all private melting places should be suppressed.
Dated 2 July 1696.

Accompanied by the two letters, and the warrant above referred
to. 5 pages and 2 halves.

July 7. 76. Minutes of proceedings of the [Lords Justices of England], in

relation to the land bank, viz., on 15, 28, and 30 May and 7 July
1696. 2 pages.

The following is entered in Vol. VI. of the Minute Book, pp. 336
and 337, 3 July 1696, touching the land-bank.




" Comfs for the National Land Bank come in. S^ Thomas Cook,
My Lords, I am com'ieJ to acq' yo'^ Lops since we were last here, no
subscriptions are taken ; therefore ye Coma's for ye service of ye K .
have mett, to consider of such methods as might be for His Ma^^
service, & have putt their opinion in writing, vfoh he presents, & is
read, viz' :- -

" Mercers Hall. At a gen" meeting there held on Friday the

of July 1696, h}' the Com>^a for taking subscriptions to the Nacional

" Resolved, that it be humbly represented to ye R' Hon^'^ ye L'^^
Comi's of His Mata Treasury, as foUoweth : —

" That the exig* occasions for m" & ye great advantages to be madg
thereof upon all securitys, as well publiq[ue] as private, have left ye
Com^^s wtJ^out liopes of receiving any more subseripcions, upon ye
all[owance] of 5li per c, & ye Comics having endeavourd to satisfie
themselves, upon w* allowance y^ subseripcions may be expected, are
h^ambly of opinion that an allow, after ye rate of 300,000'' for ye
whole summe of 2, .56^,000'' will yet bring in ye subseripcions ; but,
ye time lymitted for taking them drawing so near to an end, if ye
adjusting thereof be defered, it will render the accomplishm' to be
very doubtful!.

" The Com^s therefore do humbly desire that their LoPs pleasure
may speedily be declared therein, and if their LoP^ shall think fitt
to make ye allowance a[foresai]d, that ye Comfs mciy receive from
their LoP^ such assurance thereof as may be a reasonable security
& satisfaction to ye subscrib'^^ for ye same. Upon confidence
whereof, & such other fav"^s & conveniencys as are in their LoP^ power
to grant, the Comi"^ have great hopes of success.

" Loi'd Godolphin, I observe there is no certainty, but onely liopes,
if what is proposed should be consented to.

" S' Tho. Cooke, the Com^s have had a meeting & with an unani-
mous consent have agreed to make this proj)osition ; & are all
resolved to subscribe as farr as their abilitys will give them leave ;
and others abroad have declared that they will subscribe considerable
Bums. We believe if it were lawfuU for us to take subscriptions, on
the termes proposed, we could give assurance under their hands the
whole sume would be subscribed, but we are advised we could not
take such subscriptions without the danger of a iweiimi^nire, and it
is our opinion the thing will succeed upon what is here proposed.
And if there be any other method more advantageous than this
seems to be, if yo'' Lo''^ will please to lett us know them, we shall be
ready to proceed therein. They withdraw & are called in againe.
" Ld Godolphin[.s] an-") Lord Godolphin, gent™ my Lords have
swer [to] ye bank [-considered yo"^ paper and yo"^ proposall,
abt subscriptions. J and have com<i<='3 mee to tell you, that in
all the stepps [that] have been made in this matter, they have had
that precaution & care not to do any thing of themselves, but as you
have made propositions they have layd them before ye Lords Justices
&; have rec<i their directions in all the particulars, from time to time ;
and can make you no other answer at present, but tliey will take




ye first opportunity, and lay this proposition before tliem to-morrow
morning, & receive tlieir direction as soon as is possible.

" S'^ Joseph Herne. When shall we waiteagaine.

" Lord Godolphin. According as you shall lieare from them."

July 8. 77. " M^' Solicitors opinion upon y^ brewers double forfeiture for

false & undue entries." Dated 8 July '96. 1 fage.

July 8. 78. Letter of the Comrs of t,]-^e Navy to the Treasurer, enclosing

an estimate of the charge of building a new sixth-rate ship at
Sheerness, desiring him to solicit the Lords of the Treasury for the
money. Dated 8 July 1696. 2 jKiges.

July 10. 79. A paper relating to payments under the head victualling for

the Navy, &c. ; totals only. Dated 10 July 1696. 1 sheet.

July 10. 80. Letter of the Comi'^ of the Navy to Mr. Lowndes, reporting
on a letter from Mr. Francis Riggs to the Lords of the Treasury,
respecting goods by him contracted to be imported from Norway,
amounting to 18,711/. Us. 2d. Dated 10 July 1696.

Minuted : — " My Lords will consider of this." 2^ pages.

July 10. 81 . Letter of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to the Lords of the
Treasury, sending a report made by the Attorney-General on the
petition of Maurice Annesley, Esq., with various other papers, fully
showing the petitioners' sufferings by the rebellion in Ireland,
concurring with the testimony of Lords Romney and Coningsby in
their certificates concerning the petitioner, and recommending him
as deserving such a grant as he prayed for. Dated 10 July 1696.

With the following docquet : —

" Maurice Annesley, Esq. petitions the King, praying His Ma^^
title to such discoveries as he had made, or should make, of con-
cealed debts, forfeited by Irish Papists, not exceeding 2,000/. in
consideration of his sufferings and losses by the late rebellion in
Ireland, and chiefly of his wood destroyed in that time by His
Majesty's army.

Referred to Lord Deputy of Ireland, &c. &c.

The letter is accompanied by two reports, two petitions, and other

3Iinuted :—" U Apr. 1697, rejected. 21 Apr. 1697, granted."
13 2Jff5'es and S halves.

July 10. 82. Copy of articles of agreement, between the King's waiters
and land waiters, in the port of London, as to their fees, perquisites,
and profits. Dated 10 July 1696. 3 pages.

July 13. 83. Letter from Mr. Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes, expressing the
King's pleasure that tallies should be delivered to the order of Her
van Odyke for 96,608 guilders, expended in Zealand, on the transpor-
tation of the forces from thence, at the time of the late intended


1696. ^°^- XXXVIII.

invasion, there being no ready money for the same. Dated at the
camp at Attre, 23 July 1696. [?N.S., i.e., 13 July].

Minuted:—" Read 7 Aug. '96. M'' Franshaw is told my Lords
will take care of this in a short time." 1 ^:)a(:/e {quarto).

July 14. 84. Report of the agents for taxes to the Lords of the Treasury,

on the petition of Ralph Williamson, Esq., receiver-general of the
third 4s. aid, for the counties of York, Durham, and Northumherland,
■who craved one per cent, on 110,488^, 13s. lOd. as his commission,,
viz., 1,104?.. I7s. Gd., leaving it to their Lordships' decision. Dated
14 July 1696.

The petition and a letter from him to the Lords of the Treasury
subsequent to the report.

Minuted: — " Read 21 7br. '27. My Lords will speak w* th'
agents." 3^ imges.

July 15. 85, Presentment of the Comi'^ of Customs to the Lords of the
Treasury, as to the usefulness of keeping a distinct account of the
impoi'ts and exports of all commodities into and out of England,
viz., from whence they came and whither they went ; recommending
Mr. CuUiford for this special duty, under the character of inspector-
general of the exports and imports. Dated 15 July 1096.

Minuted :—'■ Read 28 July '96. Respited."

In the Minute Booh, Vol. VI,, are the following minutes as to the
employment of Mr. CuUiford : —

(p. 332.) "30 Juae 1696.— Comi's of Customes cal'd in. My
Lords propose the imploying M"^ CuUiford ; S"^ Robert Southwell sales
they were of opinion ag* it in a former report, but now for his
part he has a great deference to my li^ opinion for imploying him.
Ml" Godolphin sales he thinks he may be imployed to the advantage
of ye revenue, but he does not know in w* capacity my TA^ intend
him. Their report of 25 S^"' '94 is read. S"" W. Young saies in a
former survey, made per M^ CuUiford, good officers were putt out to
place others less deserving. M^ Chadwick thinks ye power wilbe
too great. Lord G. thinks a riding surv' wilbe able to do more good
then a Comf of the Customes sent out. M^ Clerk saies he never
knew any benefit by former survey[or]s. The Com's generally
say they have not alterd their opinion in their former report.

" M^' Godolphin thinks he may be well imployed port Lon''", par-
ticularly in prosecuting debts, &c., & in overseiug the officers
below .staires, respecting frauds ah* debentuT'S, & prosecuting the
same, & he can propose many other things if he hath time to
propose them. Mr. Chadwick saies, as to debts, the present prose-
cutor should be heard, if any failure as to debenturs M^" W^son
has made a proposon, w* M"-' Ch. thinks should be first heard.

" M"^ Chancy if there is any occasion in the }-evenue for an
experienced officer the Comics should let my Lords kno it, my Lords
having a good opinion of M^ CuUiford.

" M"^ Godolpliin saies W^son sold his place a year agoe, & now
would have another for nothing, w^li 400ii a year.




" My Lords recom^ it to the Comrs to take care that the past
frauds aL* deb™ be detected, & future frauds therein prevented."

(p. 858.) " 5 Aug. 1G9G.— Mr Culliford to be the officer of y" acct^
of imports & exports, & my Lords will speak w^^ ye Com'^^ of
Ciistornes ab' him on Friday."

(p. 380.) " 4 Sept. 1G9C.— M"^ Culliford to make ye accot^ of
imports & exports wth 500^ a year for liimself & 200^^ a year for
S clerks, viz., 100^' a year to his chief clerk & oO^' apiece to ye other
two." 1 1 jjar/cs.

July 17. 8G. Presentment of the Com^s of Customs to the Lords of the

Treasury, lajdng before them a complete establishment for the port
of Milford for the better guard of that port and coast. Dated
17 July 1G9G.

Minuted : — " Approved."

Also tlie scheme of the establishment. 2 pages.

July ] 7. 87. Presentment by the Com^s of Customs to the Lords of the

Treasury re.specting the collection of the duty on tobacco, viz., as to
whether Sir Jolm Shaw was chargeable with the collection of the
impost duty thereon in the port of Loudon. Dated 17 July 1696.

Accompanied by two other papers, one headed : —

" The case of the collector inward in the port of London."

The otlier docquetted : —

" Instruction to the officers in the port of London relating to
ys impost duty on tobacco."

The following is in the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 363, 11 Aug.
] 696, in i-elation to Sir John Shaw : —

" S^ John Shaw (upon a presentm' of the Com''* concerning the
rec' of the impo on plantation goods) offers his case in writing, which
is read ; proposing to compute ye same, but not to receive the money.
My Lords agree that the receipt of the subsidy & impo. of plantation
goods, be continued in Mr. Wolstenholme, and that S"^ John Shaw
take the charge of computing the same and keeping a due cliarge,
as well of ye m° as bonds upon ye rec*, and that the other Patent
officers do comptroll ye same as if rec<i per S' Jno Shaw, and for
their trouble a representation to be made to this Board." 5 pages.

July 18. 88. Presentment by the Corn's of Customs to the Lords of the
Treasury, on the petition of James Whitwood and others, concerning
339Z. in milled money, shipped contrary to the law and seized by
them ; recommending a moiety to be allowed them. Dated 18 July

Minuted : — " Granted."

Also the petition. 2 pages.


VOL. XXXIX. 1696. July 18— ArGUST.

July 18. 1. Presentment by the Comra of Customs to the Lords of the
Treasury, on a memorial of Robert Williamson, late a searcher in
the port of London, for the purpose of preventing frauds in drawing
back money by debenture. Dated 18th July 1696.

The memorial and three other papers relating thereto.

There is a minute on it, finishing : — " The Comrs are then to offer
any expedient for securing ye K. in the matter of debr^."

In the Minute Book, Vol. VL, p. 362, 11 Aug. 1696, is the
following : —

" Comrs of Customs cal'd in with the patent officers & M^
Williamson ; M"^ Godolphin thinks it wilbe an unnecessary charge
to sett up an office proposed per M"^ Wn^son, ab* examining deb"^.
The business is ye same that is or should be done per M"" Cook. Ye
established "method is good already, but not well executed : he
proposes the Com'" should compare the debentur yf^^ the entry in
y« book. S"" Nic. Crisp sales 1 2 persons are now entrusted in
examining deb^s & other matters about them, & multiplying officers
may make confusion. M^ Nicholas jji'sents a paper of their present
methods. S"^ Nich" sales never any mistake but was discovered
before paym*. Mr. Chadwick allows that : but sales, he would have
an officer to see all be done fairely. Mr. Godolphin sales there has
been frauds & gives an instance. M^ Clerk thinks the Com''* may
examine ye entrys in ye books, and to erect a new office, were to
repose all in one man & tliere would be no more security then at pre-
sent. My W™son sales the occasion of his mem'l was irregularitys by
obteyning double setts of deb'^s. When he was an officer such
things were attempted, and he finds such attempt,? are continued.
He will not say m° has been actually rec'^ by fraud, but if he had
noc prevented, it had. He gives an instance, where the same clerk
signed a 2'i sett. The Coma's of the Customes are to consider of the
best method that shall appear to them, to obviate frauds in the
obteyning or paym* of debenturs." 5 pages.

July 20. 2. Letter of the Com^s of the Navy to the Treasurer, as to the
works at Portsmouth and Plymouth, being at a stand if money were
not speedily provided, enclosing copy of a letter of the surveyor.
Dated 20 July 1696. 2 parjes.

July 21. 3. Report of the Corn's of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury,
on the petition of William Del Rose, one of the collectors of excise
for Hampshire and part of Wiltshire, as to his salary and allowances.
Dated 21 July 1696.

Also the petition and a letter. 4 pages.

July 21. 4- Report of the Com" of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury
on the petition of Mary Clayton, widow, and William Clayton, one





of her sons, who were bound for Andrew Clayton, another son, who
was a defaulter in his accounts. Dated 21 July 1699.

Minuted : — " Eespit the Execucon as to ye persons of ye pet''^
till the end of next Michaelmas Terme."

Also the petition. 3 pages.

July 21. 5. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury
on the petition of Martha Kinch, widow, relict of Richard Kinch,
of the parish of St. Andrew, Holborn, distiller, deceased ; recom-
mending her as an object of commisera,tion, viz., in the remission
of her husband's debt of 2G51. 17s. 6d Dated 21 July 1696.

" Minuted : — ■" Agreed to."

Also the petition and a certificate. 2 ^oages and 2 halves.

July 21. 6. Letter of the Comics of the Navy to the Treasurer, enclosing a
letter received from Mr. Samuel Done, muster-master, at Liverpool,
showing that His Majesty's officers there wei-e at a stand for want
of money, &c. Dated 21 July 1696. 2 pages.

[ ? About 7. Petition of Mary, Anne, and Magdalene Rosse, to the Lords
July 21.] of the Treasury, stating that on a former petition the King had
given instructions that the Lords of the Treasury were to relieve
them, and now the answer was, that their petition should be laid
before the King on his return, which was an absolute distraction to
them ; praying for some money to keep them alive.

Minuted :—" Read 21 July 1696. Respited till the King's
return." And again : — " Read 20 Ap. '98. To have 10^' a year
more a piece to make up SO^' a year a piece for each." ^ page.

July 22. 8. Letter of the Com'-'s of the Navy to the Secretary of the
Treasury, as to the payment of the cripples having a claim on the
chest at Chatham, enclosing a copy of a letter from the governors
of the chest. Dated 22 July 1696.

Minuted : — " Read 27 July '96. As soon as the distribution shall
be adjusted with the Lords of ye Ad'^y." 2 pages.

July 22. 9. Letter from Col. Russel [Governor of Barbadoes] to the Lords of
the Treasury, in relation to the receivership of the casual revenue
there, which he had first sought for himself and afterwards for Col.
Salter, of v/hose merits he speaks highly. The ships that came before
the fleet brought word tliat their Lordships had made the writer,
receiver ; but the fleet had brought a commission to Capt. Thomas
formerly a captain in the regiment raised by Col. Salter. He was
also controller of the Treasury there, and Col. Salter treasurer. The
writer wished it had not been said that their Lordships had given
it him, since their resolution was altered, and that people had not
known of his endeavour in favour of Col. Salter. The less interest
he had, and the less interest people believed he had, in England, the
less could he serve the King in Barbadoes. He had delivered the
commission to Capt. Thomas. Dated Barbadoes, 22 July 1696.
1 2mge.


169g, A/OL. XXXIX.

July 22. 10. Letter from several merchants at Norwich to tlie Lords of the
Treasury, applying to have bank bills and bank notes taken in
payment of their duty, as they were informed was then done in
London. Dated 22 July 1696. With 13 signatures.

Minuted: — " Lect. 28 July '96. My Lords can give no direction."
1 large fage.

July 23. 11. Order of Council for rewards promised by His Majesty's
proclamations for seizing and apprehending several persons, for
conspiring the death of the King. Dated 23 July 1696. 1-^ pages.

July 23. 12. Order in Council for the preparation of a warrant, by the
Lords of the Treasury, to pass a privy seal, empowering the officers
of the Exchequer to receive loans, in clipped money, upon the credit
of the Exchequer in general, allowing the lenders credit, according
to the weight of such dipt moneys, at the rate of 5s. 8cZ. per ounce,
&c. Dated 23 July 1696. 1 sheet.

July 23. 13. Letter from Mr. Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes, expressing the
King's pleasure that the vacancy in the commission of the customs,
by the death of Sir Patience Ward, should not be filled up. Dated
at the camp at Attre, f^^ 1696.

The following is in the Minute Booh, Vol. VI., p. 31'2, 10 July
1696, in relation to this matter: —

"To write to Mr Blathwait to represent to ye K. S^ P. Ward is
dead this morning. That my Lords think it their duty to take
notice that there was a supernumerary & his death reduces the
Comoi' to 7, w* was the usuall number. That their LoP^ cannot
but have heard His Ma^y is under some engagem* as to the next
person that shall succeed there ; but at ye same time they think
themselves obliged to putt him in mind of Mr. Culliford, as a person
that is very zealous for his service, & well qualified for ye imploym*."
1 page (quarto).

July 23. 14. Report of the Com^s of Customs to the Lords of the Trea-
sury, touching a complaint againt Mr. Clinton of Barnstable for
clearing a ship contrary to the embargo. Dated 23 July 1696.

Minuted : — " Read 30 July '96. My Lords are satisfied there is
no fraud or corruption."

Also the answer of Mr. Clinton and copy of a bond. 3^ pages.

July 24. 15. Report of the Com^s of Customs to the Lords of the Trea-
sury, on the petition of Anthony Fauze, merchant, respecting certain
" alamodes " seized as forfeited as there was a design to draw back
more than was due ; recommending the allowance of the drawback.
Dated 24 July 1696.

Minuted : — " Agreed."

Also the petition and copies of two affidavits. 4 pages.

July 24. 16. Report of the Com" of Customs to the Lords of the Trea-
sury, on the petition of Sir William Gore, Knt., as to the importa-

L L 2




tioii from Holland of certain linena commonly called hinder lands,
seized as of Russian manufacture. Dated 24- July 1696.

Minuted : — " Lect. 28 July '96. My Lords recommend it to the
Comrs to disch'i the seizure, upon giving satisfaction to the officer,
and that they make ye officer easy in his dem*."

Also the petition. 2J pages.

July 24. 17. Letter from Mr. Chas. Thomas, to William Lowndes, Esq.,
secretary to the Lords of the Treasury, acknowledging the favour
done him in getting his patent to be Receiver- General of the casual
revenue in Barhadoe.s, stating that as yet nothing could be per-
fected, the fleet sailing so soon ; further that they might have an
order to keep the fees due to him and Mr. Hooper, Attorney-
General, and that he had sent a few sweetmeats in His Majesty's
ship, the " Bristol," and had designed to send him all sorts of sauces
of that country, but the fleet sailed so soon, lie would, however, send
them by the next. Dated at Barbadoes, 2-t July 1696.

Minuted : — " To M^ Attorney that my Lords did not intend any
prejudice in their legal fees." 2-|- pages.

July 25. 18. Letter of the Com^ of the Navy to the Treasurer of the Navy,

doequetted : — " From ye navy vf^^ an estimate of ye cha., of buying
& fitting the " Foudroyant " prize, for a 5^^ rate man-of-war." Dated
25 July 1696.

Also the estimate. 2 pages.

July 25. 19. Report of S. Travers, Surveyor-General, addressed to the

Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Rabsy Smithsby to the
King, who sought for a reversion of the manors of Barton, Barrow,
Gouxhill, and Hogsthorpe in Lincolnshire, for 99 years, after the
determination of the Queen Dowager's interest therein, as a satisfac-
tion of a debt arising from an arrear of a pension of 1,000Z. a year,
granted to her father (his then Majesty's ancient servant) in 1637,
which pension was unpaid for 12 years: explaining that the value
of the grant sought would be 4,977^. 6.^. Old Dated 25 July 1696.

Minuted ■.—'•'To be laid before the King, 16 Ap. '97."

Accompanied by the petition. 4 piages.

July 27. 20. Letter from Mr. Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes, returning the
warrant signed by the King, for allowing 100,000^. to the Earl of
Ranolagh, for the tallies and orders he had delivered to the President
de la Tour, and further expressing the King's pleasure that a lease
be passed to Major Walter Delamar of the lands he held in custodiam

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