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Shi i- pel fectlj di voted

tell u7arou t y«d 0r and m Frafcina.°" M> '' " ^ *" """" "" """' "" ' lr '"" s " f h " chair '

: ^.rom^r'n^

'"" , " '"■"ml'., Iness knows, thi | need some ■ i

"What about Margaret Ward and ilma festei I ask, ! , chair near the fascinatin

}*K* "" is,enjoyint a populai , ,,,, , , mpani ' ' i Emi H

,,, is ,(uitf in demand

. V ,,'i i '" \'T ',",' '" i','''' "'"'"' K "" ,! '" B ,VI ■' '"""" in th< Saleebj Si I foi Girls

," ,l ',''.,, I, ,-t which Id friend Emma is dean \„.| \„„„ ti.,, Williams, l„ ih. »ay, « i, a „,|„,s

h Km, ar„l Margari , ■ . >. > leveling

invtrn™" ," 4 'V' h b Al! """ ""'" !'''" '''■", ,; " ! l! " ■ ' : * !l " md hasn't yet found

..mlhii.K .,1 » h Al,,,, „.„„s rk ,ours , day.. H . |,„ t |„„, s h she is

p.anning t„ publish soon a book ,.i poems thai she has written."

, , A ['""," l ; 11 """ 1 5 " uncm "e " ll111 ' '■"-' ' Hi part of the machine. Doris and

I looked al each other Anothei silenci rhc iam, n

"Hi ,,,,, i hai , thi stoma* t, ai he " Doi is suggi ted

Suddenly there was a peal ..i bells and ., flare of red lights fi ,m c nceivable direction in ihe room.

When the door opened thi maid found Doris .,,,,1 me locked „ I, other's irms, on th, , t ,,f jumping

' i " "", .'" . Hastening to thi robo ■ maid pro, I ., cup oi whali oil and preceded to K rease the

'"';'-"« '"" »'","-".'" i niv tIi.,1 .1,. , ..,,,, fessup Sh, informed us that

!""" '"'" ■;' ' "'"' .I'lminisli-reil lo ill. n, I I ,|,„, ,,,

iswer his evei > , equ

Doris asked what was thi matti , with th, I l

'"' ' ■ ' i»"if!. '"i on si Id heat him when hi hai thi I i hi shi

Ur k ""' seats, but nol quiti so closi to th. o y, and waited his majesty - !

,w that Margarel Scarborough ,-. t. .,, lung histoi . al

Wondering whal had become ol Mi Watson, I remained site

Doris glanced al hei watch .,,,.1 remarked, "h will ,, be tim

Without waiting foi II.,, I, > to return, Doris and I wenl lo Slim's foi dinn

" ''■'* ' BreaJ daj wi an living inl felevision bi ughl to oui drawing ro,

•■lie .,|,|„.,,,,1 ,,, , ,,,,!,,, h, ,,.,,!,.,*, I,..,,, \\ \Y '

part in the program I

1 "B"i "„■ !.ung mai sne composca wnile ,1 '■

which shi had received from ft la

Anna 11,11, HickVin Hollywood

umbei "Although," il ng that she mi I whil,

,„. y'^'"",, 'I,'"' ft" ' ''''"v" 1 '" 1 ' ;'" ''■"' ' ' ' '« '"■"" l "- W«i mma

"I ■" Sl "n , ;' ! „ „ V ~ sl " "'■" s ""'" ''■"' : "" ""' "'"" ■' "-» »'ih

" "; J- I' ' „., Umthers, filn

, ,1, a mat, , ,,,,1 ,1 .;,>,,', 1„ \ ,,..„.

hool at Raleigh Aftei leaving G. C, both Rowena and Peyatt
had achieved ., noteworthy succesi P, matii reader

of Ihe V. W i A who was en route to I

ensboro. She -.,« Ethel Stoul taking litl to the college I

rd w hen shi humpi d into Fannj

tion Bailey als,
had i,, laugh when she iearm-.i il„ child's ,,.,,'h," V,b

ml s ";", ''',"; "7'-"' 1 /"■■ husband would worry il shi failed to e arly, we both mounted Den

.,,,,1 ,,,,!,' hack ti, th, U hit, li,,,,.,. an ,

We had been flying t bout an I ■ when I s decided she led ,, ovaltine Looking throue

;'" ""■ l' 1 ""■ ' 'I'sM.vered that oui I I supplj waslow. As u ,„., „.„„ Dons soar.

""" "" ! '"""' ''..k ,„.,.,, In, 1 „h,„ I |„, lk „| „,|. „,. „,,,,, i.,,,,,,, „ , h , Mr ,,,.,' hml ,,,,„

, '". surprise <" find Mar; .<■<■ Hunt mistress ol th, !;,,,„ \\ , i,„„„l, 11,,,,..,, .,,,,1 \|,,,,|,

husbands! W '' r '' ''" """'' '" WashinB " >n '" 'I"" 111 "! ■"' technological governmenl i tion foi theii respecth

, A ~ "', glided in port, Doris spotted 1„ , husband and .,11 but spilled us both. With him ws Louis

, '"' ■"V 1 h.-i h„sl,.„„l, „|„, .,. ,,,„„,,, ,.,, ,i„ |,, r .,| ,,.,,„, „„„,,, ,, ,,, „ It ^ .

to givi him the fads. 1 talked In l.i.tus. Mi, had i„.t had .,„ ,„l ir>1 ,.„ „,tl, \,,, , ,,t, ,,„,.,! ,„„

'■"■'•>";"" •'■•■'I Vera objected to government b, .,■, I ,„ „ .,. „ ,-,ii,,„,,i l„ , ,,„i, ,,„„ |,„,„. a da

„i, to tell missionarj societies ol hei work abroad
, ,,, hav,

/Wi Fifty-one

Happy to have heard from all ol ,„> classmates, bewildered by the

hungry foi an I est to g I,

Last Will and Testament

^-r >E. the Senior Class of Greensboro College, nineteen hundred and
If)) thirty-three. City of Greensboro. State of North Carolina, being of
^-~' sound minds, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our

Last Will and Testament.


1. To Dr. Turrcntine we hcqi
us at Greensboro College.

2. To Miss Rickctts we leave
our many new privileges.

3. To the entire faculty we lc
which they have patiently extended

i.ition for all that he ha
[taking it possible for u

r admiration and thanks fo
throughout our college day

and help

1 We leave to our beloved

2 To the Junior Class we

3. To our Tittle Sisters"
of our most sacred and beautiful

4. To the Freshmen we wi:
young Sophomores next year.


school our valuable records with our photographs,
gladly bequeath all our privileges, including those we

we leave a love, which has been and always will be.

memories of Greensboro College.

1 our knowledge with the provision that they become


1. Lois Bond leaves to Mary Alice Pickens her raven locks

2. Rowena Bunn wills her lumping rope to Nina Jones.

3. "Biddie" Campen thoughtfully leaves to Janie Taylor her chair at McNeely's.

4. Emily Cole leaves to the Strong sisters any dead tennis balls they may find

To Gr



ic, Isabel Creech w
akes Alice Hill Rcc

lis he


sole he

5 stay awake until "the
to her most difficult ji|
es to Freda Strong.

6. Dorothy Cr<

7. "Flop" Davis wills her stack of the latest popu

8. Edna Dowdy gladly leaves her much used Calculus book to Louise Taylor in the
hope that the problems worked out in the back of the hook may be used as references.

9. To Julia Martin, Louise Efird leaves her three pet dogs, Dick, Predict, and Moby Dick.

10. Susan Exum wills to Kathcrinc lsenhour her ability to talk fast when she is excited
1 1 Vera Falls bequeaths to Dorothy Clay her love for the Student Volunteer.

12. Mary Little Fletcher leaves her ability to hike to the high school to Miss Ginn in
hopes that in time she can walk it in fifteen minutes

13. "Bill" Fowler wills the penants and stickers which she has collected from various
colleges to Claudia Boyd.

14. Doris Harrison wills her favorite nurserv rhyme. "Little Miss Muffct," to Sue

15. Ruth Heath wills and bequeaths her ability of worrying about bet work to Man
I lien Millard.

16 Anna Belle Hicks leaves to Imogene Boyles her paint smeared smock, knowing that
n will be ol benefit to hei in dramatic lab.

17. Emi Hinohara wills the ability to say Oh veal. to Facult) members to anyone

who Cart not use that expression at the most opportune lime

Page Fifty two

18. Mary Lee Hunt leaves her love for dormitory life to Katrine Smith.

19. To Eva Mae Lassiter. Blanche Hoover wills her appetite.

20. Martha Iscnhour wills to her sister. Jane, her privilege of going home every week-end.

21. Rebckah Lowe bequeaths to Janie Taylor her much coveted ability "to come to grips
with Morrison."

22. Mildred Royal leaves her love for the college campus to Cody Hipps.

23. Margaret Scarborough wills her dependability and her quiet manner to the loudest
and most fickle member of the Junior class.

24. Virginia Peyatt gladly leaves her love for math to Sally Campen.

25. Peggy Lytch wills and bequeaths her favorite doll. Pollvanna. to her cousin. Mary

26. Emma Saleeby wills her love for Greensboro College to all the students.

27. To the new Irving president, Edith Gray Wade leaves her rushing tactics in hope
that they are as successful as she was

28. Margaret Ward gladly wills her romantic disposition to Alice Barrow.

29. Alma Vester wills and bequeaths her much used note pad and handbook to Kath
leen Craven

30. "Stick" Thompson and Francina Worrell leave to Frances Martin and I ,b" Burke
their room by the telephone

31. Cora Scott wills her ability to work crossword puzzles to Tommy Mitchell

32. "Lib" Jessup thoughtfully wills and bequeaths to Nell Johnson her ability to over-
come homesickness.

3 3 Ethel Stout wills her daintiness to Nancy Gregson.

34. Birdie Speight wills her lyric soprano voice to Katie Sue Taylor.

3 5 To Rozellc Williamson. Emma Blanche Warren leaves her teaching ability.

3 1) Annie John Williams wills her hours spent ,n diemistrv lab to Madeline Winn

37. Bailey Webb reluctantly wills and bequeaths her teaching position at Big Timber
to any one desiring same.

38. Anna May Williams wills her Saturday classes to Frances Smoak

39 I annie House Scoggin leaves her leadership which has made the Y a success to
Mary King Fountain.

40. "Slim" Williams bequeaths to "Dot" Barrow her attitude of thoughtful meditation
and of calm impressive silence, which so easily impressed her teachers with her knowledge.

4 1 Ruth Martin thoughtfully leaves to the most conscientious girl in the Junior class,
her nickname, "Connie."

In witness whereof, we. the Senior Class, do hereby set our hands and
seals this third day of April in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and

Signed, scaled, and declared by the said members of the Senior Class to
be their Last Will and Testament, in the presence of us who at their request
do ascribe our names as witnesses unto.

Elizabeth Jessup, Te



Ida Ruth Heath
Annie John Williams

Puge Flfly-lhr,

Class Poem

The trees we've loved, the path we've

1 heir beauty drawing us near God
Will ever to us changeless be
A sign of all infinity.

And as we leave, we cannot say
How much has meant along the way
I he visions by communion wrought
With friends whose comforts we

The truth, the trust, and faith in life,

Our Alma Mater serene from strife

We leave to others to carry on

The dream and purpose that we have won.

— Alma Vl ; sthr.

(Engraved expressly for Peterson's Magazine.)

A young girl leaves her path tu play with
her pet; and happy is she. tor she knows not
that on the morrow the reins of dignity and
responsibility will guide her nimble feet.

Junior Class Officers

Kathleen Craven
Inez Keli y

Elizabeth Winn
I ya Mai Lassiter

.\i.\HY Sill RRILL


( 'ouncil Representative

Page I ifty » «


Sara Andrews

Mount Gilead. N. C.

Alice Barrow

Elizabeth City, n. c

Marie Cobb
Elm City. N. C.

Lala Coltranf
Greensboro. N. C.

Mildred Cornette
Greensboro, N. C,

Kathleen Craven


Page Fifty-


Camilla Foreman
Elizabeth City. N. C.

Mary K. Fountain
Fountain. N. C.

Frances Ham
morven. n. c.

Nell Johnson
stedman. n. c.

Inez Kelly

Mount Holly, n. c

Virginia Kibler
Morven. N. C

Page Fifty eight


Eva Mae Lassiter
Spring Hope. N. C.

Mary L. Lvtch
Laurinburg, n. c.

Frances Martin


Julia Martin
Mount Olive, n. C.

Tommy L. Mitchell Letha Osborne


PuLie Fifty-nine


Edith Sherrill


Mary Sherrill
Statesville. n. c.

Elizabeth Taylor


Janie Taylor

Harrellsville. N. C.

Louise Taylor
Greenville. N C.

Sue F. Thompson
Creedmoor, N. C.

Page S/ \ lu


Elizabeth Williams


Rozelli Williamson Elizabeth Winn
• \Rthagi N. c. Washington. D. c.

Maim i ine Winn
Washington, D. C.

Mary E. Woodcock Irene Yarbrough
Greensboro. N. C. Thomasville. N. C.

Page Sixty-

Jio t ofypical


Most Personality.

C? A J.TA1 LOff J

Aost Populr

'rst-all- round

Page S\ <tu-two

Hi«k Life

(Engraved expressly for Peterson's Magazine I

With superior,
nth scorn upon
ne could live on

y High Life" looks
Low Life" and wonder
such a lowly plane.

Sophomore Class Officers

Annabel Vest] r
Margaret Love
Freda Strong

Mary Ellen Millard
Katherine Bost


1 reasutet
Council R( presi ntative

Page Si ■ '■> f iui


Dorothy Barrow

ZEBULON. n. c.

Isabel Boyles
Thomasville. n. c.

Mary D. Bivens
Marshville. N. C.

Katherine Burnham
mullins, s. c.

Katherine Bost
Concord. N. C.

Sally Campen
Alliance, N. C.

Claudia Boyd

Wavnesville, N. C.

Grace Coltrane

Zebulon. N. C.






Page Sixty-Roe

Kay Evans

asheville. n. c.


Frances Gray Loftin
Glen Alpine. N. C.

Mary Scott Jones
Greensboro. N. C.

Helen Long
Burlington. N. C.

Nina Jones

Granite Falls. N. C.

Margaret Love
Monroe. N. C.

Katherine Killian

Nl WTON, N. C.

Mary Emma Massie


Page Sixty si a

Frances McSparran
Danville. Va.


Mary Ellen Millard

Freda Strong

Greensboro. N. C.

Sanford. N. C.

Cynthia Prevette

Katie Sue Taylor

North Wilkesboro. N. C.

Winston-Salem. N. C.

Alice Hill Reeves

Sarah Elizabeth Thompson



Elizabeth Strong

Annabel Vester

SANFORD. n. c.

Spring Hope. N. C.






Page Sixty-seven

Left Is Right \

Freshman Commission

The Freshman Commission is composed of those girls in the Freshman
class who have been outstanding in scholarship and leadership during the year.
They help in their Sophomore year in various ways to make our college home
a more pleasant place in which to live.


Dorothy Barrow
Claudia Boyd
Isabel Boyles
Mary Davis Bivens
Grace Coltrane
Nina Jones

Helen Long
Edith Neaves
Elizabeth Strong
Freda Strong
Katie Sui Taylor
Annabel Vester

Page Si xty cniht

JL/Ow JL/iie

(Engraved expressly for Peterson 'a Magazine i


"Lolv Life" rests in utter contentment, fo
it knoivs not of "High Life."

Booze roHNSTi

Freshman Class Officers

Dorothy Clay President

Elizabeth Faw Vice-President

Bess Bum dlovi Secretary

Virginia Booze Treasurer

EVELYN Johnston Council Representative

Page Seventy


Virginia Booze
Winston-Salem. N. C.

Bess Breedlove

Durham. N. C.

Hertford, N. C.

Dorothy Clay

Winston-Salem, N, C.

Dorothy Cole

Durham. N. C.

Novillean Cooper
Greensboro. N. C.

Dorothy Dees

Fremont, N. C.

Elizabeth Faw

North Wilkesboro. N. C.

Julia M, Fle n hi r
McColl. S, C.

Helen Foley
New York. NY.

Jane Goode

Lincolnton, N. C.

Marie Gordon

Marion. Va.

Page Seventy-


Frances Hoyle
Lincplnton, N. C

Lil Kirk Huggins
Marshville. N. C.

Evelyn Johnston
Winston-Salem. N. C

Jean Leftwh h
Stanley, N. C.

Mary Lineberger

Shelby. N. C.

Marion Nai i

Greensboro. N. C.

Elizabeth Nicholson
Guilford College. N. C.

Mary L. Pegram
Winston-Salem, N. C.

Mary O. Relfe

Hen lord. N. C.

Joyce Stoki s

Hertford \ I

Hazel Waddell
Durham. N. C.

Grai i Williams

Marshville N. C.

Page Sei . t

Gliosit Si

(Engraved expressly for Peterson's Magazine.)


You read a ghost story, and then I'll read
one. Sh-sh. Listen' I think there must be
'hants" m this plaec.

Students'' Association Officers

Alma Vester

Anna Bl : lle Hicks

Martha Lytch

Sue Fleming Thompson

Camilla Fori man

Hi li n Long

Tommy L. Mitchell


First \ r ice-Presidenl

Second Vice /'resident

Recording Secretary

Corresponding Secretary


Budget Collector

Page Seuenty-hve

Big Council

The officers of the Students' Association, the President of the Young
Women's Christian Association, the Presidents of the two literary societies, the
President of Athletic Association, the Chief Chapel Monitor, the House Presi-
dents. Fire Chief. Register Inspector and one representative from each of the
four college classes constitute the student council. It is the purpose of the
council, as the executive body of the Students' Association, to effect a sympa-
thetic and loyal cooperation between the faculty and students and to attain
the highest ideals of college life and conduct.



Isabel i
Edna Dowdy
Slsan 1 XI M

f Will LA Fl IR1 MAN

Mary littli Fletcher

Anna Belle Hicks
Evelyn Johnston
Martha Lytch
Mary Lot isi I vi« 11
Hi ii n Long


Marjorii O'Brii ni


Mary Sherrill

M i FLEMING Thompson

Alma Vester

Edith Gra^ Wadi

Emma Blanche Warren

\1 VRI iARl 1 Wll 1 1AMS

MADI I ini Winn

Pagt Sevei

Presidents' Forum

1 he Presidents' Forum is composed of the presidents of Students' Associ-
ation. Young Women's Christian Association, the Athletic Association, the
Irving Literary Society, the Emerson Literary Society, the Senior. Junior.
Sophomore and Freshman classes. The purpose of the forum is to promote a
spirit of cooperation among the student organizations and to discuss and plan
how to overcome the problems that arise on the campus.


Dorothy Clay
Kathleen Craven
Isabel Creech
Virginia Peyatt

Fannie House Scoggin
Alma Vester
Annabel Vester
Edith Gray Wade

Margaret Williams

Page Seventy-seven

Y. W. C. A. Officers

Fannie House Scoggin President

Rowena Bunn Vice-President

Elizabeth Taylor Secretary

Madeline Winn Treasurer

Mary Davis Bivens Manager "Y" Store

Page Seventy-eight

Dav Students' Association Officers

Ethel Stout
Emma Saleeby
Lala Coltrane
Mary S. Jones
Edna Dowdy



Council Representative

Page Seventy-,

Irving Literary Society


Edith Gray Wade


Dorothy Cross


Elizabeth Campi n


Sarah Louise Thompson


Sue F. Thompson


Eva Mae Lassiter

Julia Martin


I'm .in Irving born
1 ra an Irving bred;

And when 1 die

I'm .in Irving dead.

So it's rah! r.ih'

lor Irving' Irving'

Rah! rah! lor Irving' [i
Rah! rah! lor Irving'
Rah! r.ih: rah!


Page 1 ighty

Emerson Literary Society


Isabel Creech . President

Tommy L. Mitchell Vice-President

Mary Fowler Recording Secretary

LOUISE TAYLOR Corresponding Secretary

JANIE TAYLOR . Treasurer

Bailey Webb Chaplain

Francina Worrell Critic


Here come the Emersons. Emersons,

Here come the Emersons. Emersons.

We hail from old G. C.

We've got the spirit in it.

We've got the girls to win it.

We've got the colors green and gold;

So it's fight, fight, fight for Emersonians

As Ralph did in davs of old.

As we gather 'round the well

We will cheer our girls and yell

For the glory of E. L. S.

Page Eighty-one

The Echo Staff

iAU iv Webb
Martha Lytch

Editor-tn-( hiel
Business Manager

THE ECHO attempts to capture a spark of the real Greensboro College
campus life and to tell the story of the year in picture. It endeavors to reveal
only the pleasant memories and to leave the unpleasant, if there should be any.
to the erasing hand of time.

Page Eighty-two

Inez Kelly
Elizabeth Winn
Elizabeth Strong
Dorothy Clay
Frances Gray Loftin
Frances Martin
Kathleen Craven
Mary King Fountain
Mary Ellen Millard
Susan Exum .
Nina Jones
Elizabeth Jessup
Mary Davis Bivens
Dorothy Cross
Tommy Mitchell
Louise Taylor

The Echo Staff

Assistant Editor
Literary Editor

Literary Editor

Photographic Editor

Photographic Editor

Art Editor

Dramatic Editor

Music Editor

Athletic Editor

Snapshot Editor

Snapshot Editor

Humor Editor


Advertising Manager

Assistant Business Manager

Assistant Business Manager

Page Eighty-three

The Collegian Staff

Mary Little Fletcher


Louise Efird
Literary Editor

Doris Harrison
Business Manager

Last year the College Message was combined with The Collegian, which
is now the only student publication on the campus. The paper seeks to record
the activities of every club and every class, there being a reporter for every
department in school. Students may express themselves concerning campus
problems through The Collegian. The Alumnae News claims a space in every

Besides recording student activities and student opinions, the paper affords
a chance for creative writing, one section being devoted to the short stories,
sketches, poems, and book reviews submitted to the staff by the students.
Literary efforts are encouraged and any one may contribute to the page.

Page Eighty '■

The Collegian Staff

Isabel Creech Managing Editor

Elizabeth Taylor Assistant Editor

Elizabeth Strong Associate Editor

RUTH Maynard Assoaate Editor

Madeline Winn Society Editor

Mary Brock Alumnae Editot Jones Joke Edltor

Eva Mae Lassiter 5por , s Editot

Miss Mary Ginn Facu!ty Advisot

Edna Garrett . Typist

Elizabeth Winn Typist

ROWENA BUNN Assistant Business Manager

Frances Ham Circulation Manager

FREDA STRONG Exchange Manager

Page Eighty-five

The Honor Society

In order to become a member of the Honor Society, a student must be a
Junior or Senior and must have averaged at least ninety on all the work that
she has passed at Greensboro College. It is toward this goal that all the students
strive; few reach; and any may be proud to attain. The organization works
through the members, individually, each of whom tries to make Greensboro
College a better place in which to stay.


Alice Barrow
Louise Efird
Rebekah Lowe
Elizabeth Jessup
Inez Kelly
Margaret Scarborough

Alma Vester
Margaret Ward
Bailey Webb
Margaret Williams
Elizabeth Winn
Madeline Winn

Page Etghty-six

Mathematics Club

Only the advanced mathematics students are members of the Mathematics
Club. I he programs are varied and every effort is made to make them inter-
esting as well as instructive. Sometimes outside speakers talk to the club on
topics of interest.


Bailey Wfbb
Edna Dowdy
Madeline Winn
1 0uis1 i aylor

Annii : John Williams




I reusurer

Chairman of Program Committee


Mary Dees
Mildred Booze
Hazel Bowman
Isabel Boyles
Catherine Burnham
Lucile Chenault
Edna Dowdy

Emi Hinohara
Inez Kelly
Freda Strong
Louise Taylor
Bailey Webb
Annie John Williams
Madeline Winn

Page Eighty

Third Row Hi.

>v, Jessi

Science Club

The Science Club is composed of students on the campus who have made
a certain average in any of the subjects in the science department and those
who have shown their interest by taking more than one year of science. It is
a combination of the former Botany. Zoology and Experimenters' Clubs. The
members are interested in anything pertaining to the field of science and en-
deavor to find unusual items that would be worthy of discussion in the club.


Sarah Thompson
Emily Cole .
Louise Efird
Dorothy Cross
Kathlit n Craven

Ha/ii. DeI i '.'ii R
makv Dees
Edna Dowdy


i i rzABi ra Jisslp
Dr. Ginnings



. Secretary-Treasurer

Chairman of Program Committee



INI / Kl [IV
MAk 1 1 1 \ LYTCH

Miss Mi Nun

Agni s Oliver
Evelyn Stafi
i.i izabi iii si

Freda Strong
Louise Taylor

Sarah Louise THOMPSON

Ruth Watson
Baili v Webb
Madeline Winn

Page Eighty eight

Left to Right. Am

Home Economics Club

The Home Economics Club is composed of all the students in the depart-
ment of Home Economics. Meetings of this club are held once a month and
various topics of interest to the members are discussed. Lectures and demon-
strations pertaining to the field of home economics are obtained when possible.
Each year the club works out a specified project.


Emily Cole President

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