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Tate St., Phone: 274-0928.
BROCK, Mary (Miss), Alumni Secretary; 2154 Westover Terrace. Phone:

272 7998
BURRUS, Blanche (Miss), Associate Professor of Piano and Theoretical

Music, Greensboro College, Hudson Hall Phone: 274 9101. Permanent

address: Rutherford College, N C

CRADDOCK, George E, Jr. Assistant Professor of French and Spanish;

309 South Mendenhall Phone 273 9681 Permanent address: 919

Pond St, Cory, N C
CROWDER. Louise (Mrs. J D.I, Secretary to the Deon of the College;

110 College PI. Phone: 275 5653
CULLIS, Irene (Miss), Professor of Art, 136 Mclver St., Phone: 272-1573.

DAVIS, Myrtis (Miss), Professor of Mathematics; 1309 Cardinal PI.; Phone
273 6828.

ELLER, Ethel (Mrs), Resident Counselor, Greensboro College, Hudson Hall
Phone: 274-9101 Permanent address: 5218 Apt F, Bowley's Lane
Baltimore 6, Md.

FRAZIER, William R, Associate Professor of Economics and Business Ad
ministration, 547 Woodvolc Dr Phone: 299 1895

GILMORE, Brooks W, College Physician, 342 N. Elm St. Phone: 275 8436;

Residence: 1502 Northfield; Phone: 274-6610
GLIDEWELL, Pat (Miss), Assistant in Admissions and Public Relations; 128

Lawrence St. Phone: 272-7524.

GRIESS. John L, Assistant Professor of Drama and English, 219 Florence
St; Permanent address; 910 Euclid Way, Denver, Colo

GRIFFEN, Emma F (Miss), Manager of the Book Store; 204 Isabel St.
Phone: 272-4721.

HANSEN, Don W, Associate Professor Music, 101 Forestdale Dr., Phone:

292 0208
HARRELL, Rena (Miss), Instructor (part-time) in Children's Literature;

Country Club Apartments Phone: 274-6017.
HEIRONIMUS, Dorothy H (Miss), Associate Professor of Spanish (part-
time); 307 S. Mendenhall St, Phone: 274-4586.
HIGHFILL, Hollyce (Miss), Secretary to the President; Route 3, Box 63-A;

Phone: 769-4916
HODGE, John E., Assistant Professor of History and Political Science; 112

Odell PI., Phone: 274 9987.
HUDGINS, Walter E., Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion;

E-E Irving Park Manor. Phone: 273-8771.
HUNTER, John W, Assistant Professor of Sociology; 1006 McGee St.

Phone: 273 6805

INGRAM, Henry B, Jr , Assistant Professor of Piano, 106 Beverly PI. Pho

JOLLY, J Ralph, President, 109 East Greenway, South, Phone: 273 4639.
JONES, Fred T „ Jr., Assistant to the Business Manager; 2520 Netherwood
Dr. Phone: 273-3896

KILLIAN. Carol L. (Mrs B, J ), Assistant to the Librarian and teacher of
English; 5111 Fairfax Rd. Phone: 292-2928

KING, Helen (Mrs. J S .), Assistant to the Dietitian; Greensboro College,
Greensboro Building; Phone: 274-9235 Permanent address: 100 Faculty
Ave , Cory, N C

KING, Morgareid (Mrs Malvern F .), Resident Counselor; Greensboro Col
lege, Main Building Phone 272-9226. Permanent address: 508 Syca-
more, Weldon, N C

KIORPES, George A, Assistant Professor of Piano; Guilford College. Route
3, Box 271 -A Phone: 288 2294.

KIVETT, Allen E„ Director of Admissions; 1810 Dublin Dr. Phone: 288 4886.

LARSEN, Ernest R. Associate Professor Psychology and Special Education;

1902 Weyland Dr. Phone: 273 3931.
LAWRENCE, Kathryn (Mrs L. C, Jr.), Dietitian; Greensboro College,

Greensboro Building. Phone: 274-9235, Home address; 704 Morehcod

LONG, John H„ Professor of English; 1703 Friendly Rd. Phone: 275 1718

McDONALD, Garreth M, Assistant Professor of Music Education; 2419

Wright Ave Phone: 272-1835.
MIZELL, Cora (Mrs. Everett J), Associate Deon of Students; Greensboro

College, Greensboro Building Phone: 274 9235 Permanent address:

2039 Park St . Jacksonville, Fla.
MORRISON, Irena (Mrs. R. M), Chemistry (port-time). 509 Mayflower Dr.

Page One Hundred Sixty-eight

MURRAY, M. Pearl (Miss), Supervisor or the Student Hospital, Greensboro
College, Student Hospital. Phone 272-7105 Permanent address P
Box 75, Waco, N. C. Phone: 435-9956,

STANTON, Donald S., Chaplain; 3411 Cloverdale. Phone: 288 4284.
STINSON, Madeline G. (Miss), Professor of Romance Languages; 309 Mc

Iver St Phone: 272-7854. Summer address: Lutterworth. Ontario,


PARKER, Mary-Braeme (Mrs.), Professor of Speech and Drama; 1203

Madison Ave. Phone: 274-0022
PATE, Nancy H (Mrs D O), Resident Counselor; Greensboro College;

Fitzgerald Hall. Phone: 272-9180. Permanent address: c o Mrs. Ray

Griffin, 3421 Glendon Dr., Chattanooga, Tenn.
PEARCE, Frances G. (Mrs.), Accountant; 612 Guilford Ave , Phone: 272 3042
PEMBERTON, Zelda C (Mrs Carl C .), Associale Professor Education; 307

S. Mendenhall St. Phone: 274-5342.
PERRY, Lillian S. (Mrs. W. E), Supervisor of Housekeeping; Greensboro

College, Student Hospital. Phone: 272-7105 Permanent address: c o

Mrs Ray M Hardy, Rt. 1, LaGrange, N. C.
PRIEN, Erich P., Professor of Psychology, 2810 Alderman Court; Phone:

299 7801
PURYEAR, Elmer L, Professor of History and Political Science, Dean of

the College and Registrar; 4013 Groometown Rd. Phone: 299-9659.

RAIFORD, Maurice T„ Assistant Professor of Physics and Mother

5904 Arcadia Lane. Phone: 769-6111
RANSLEY, Virginia (Mrs), Clerical Assistant in the Library; 625 Fail

Phone: 273-2657.

SHAFTESBURY, Archie D., Visiting Professor of Biology; 315 Tate St.
Phone: 272-6528.

SMITH, Raymond A, The Lucy H Robertson Professor of Religious Edu-
cation; 1201 Hobbs Rd. Phone: 299-3374.

SMITH, Samuel R, Dean of Students; 2704 Holly Dr. Phone: 288 1877

SPARKS, Amy James, Associate Professor of Spanish; 2412 Pineview. Phone:
299 3783.

TALBERT, Betty W. (Mrs. Chas), Instructor (part-time) History and Po
litical Science; Faculty Apts., 5-A, Faculty Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C.

TAYLOR, Willie Lee (Miss), Assistant Professor of Physical Education;
231 N Spring St Phone: 272 8956 Permanent address: Route 1,
Gretna, Va.

VAN PELT, Arnold F., Jr., Professor of Biology, 114 Homewood Ave Phone
292 2034.

WEAVER, Jack W., Assistant Professor of English, 816 Daleview PI. Phone:

WHITE, Mabel (Miss), Assistant Accountant, 210 College PI. Phone:

272 1001
WILKINSON, Allen S, Business Manager and Treasurer, 1404 Seminole

Dr Phone: 273-3480.
WILLIAMS, E L, Associate Professor of Voice; 2623 Woodlyn Way Phone

WILLIAMS, Maude, Biology (part-time); 317' 2 Tate St., Phone: 275-2737.
WILSON, Beniomin H, Associate Professor of English; 2615 Fairfield

Phone: 274-2704.
WOLD, Robert D , Associate Professor of Music; 909 Forest Hill Dr.; Phone:

WOOD, Tom, Director of News Bureau; 1002 A Hampton St. Phone:


YOUNG, Maxine (Mrs. Lowell TO, Secretary to the Registrar; 804 Mo
head Ave

Page One Hundred Sixty-nine



r, Mory Elizobeth (2). 702 6th St., N. Wilkesboro, N. C
Robert P (1). 10 Cambridge Rd., Albany 3, N Y

Mary O'Brien (1), 2954 Pork Ave., Wilmington, N. C
id. Larry James (1), Route 1, Albemarle, N. C.
, Ruth Ann (3), 202 W Frink St., Whiteville, N. C.

Joyce Ann (1), Route 5, Box 234, Morganton, N. C
ny, Mary Pat (1), 110 Pine St, Goftney, S. C.
:ld, Clore Neal (2), 221 Hillcrest Dr., High Point. N C
;ld, Ponza F (4), 27 Marsh St., Concord, N. C
:tte, William (sp), Rt. 10, Box 792, Greensboro, N C

Baker, Margaret Jean (4), Meeting House Rd., Hockessin, Del
Baker, Mary Jane (2), 621 Redding Rd., Asheboro, N C
Baker, Paula M. (2), 2729 Rosalind Ave., S.W., Roanoke, Va.
Baker, Susan Stuart (1), 151 Cedar St., Mooresville, N. C
Ball, Linda Ruth (4), 2611 Liberty Rd., Greensboro, N. C*
Barber, Jane Elizabeth (1), 115 Ookdale St., Gastoma, N, C.
Barker, Barbara Sue (2), 1646 Ferndale Ave., Petersburg, Va.
Barker, Linda Kay (3), Route 4, Box 429, Stotesville, N. C
Barnes, Harold Rand (2,\ 26 Alastair Court, Durham, N. C
Barnes, Judy Elaine (3), 111 Freeman Rd., Easley, S C
Barnes, Mary Fleming (4), Box 784, Wrightsville Beach, N C
Barnett, Ira Martin (2), 988 Jackson St., Baldwin, N. Y.
Bernhardt, Eleanor Starr (3), 1713 Virginia Rd., Winston-Salem, N.
Beam, Kenny Bea (1), 400 N. Mountain St., Cherryville, N. C.
Beaman, Barbara L. (4), 113 Forestdale Dr., Greensboro, N, C.
Beard, Clara Dean (2), 1013 Arnette Ave, Durham, N. C.
Beasley, Susan Faye (3), Lanier Court, Tarboro, N C.
Beatty, Thomas E (3), 4 Lake End PI., Mountain Lakes, N, J.
Bedingfield, Alberta McNabb (2), 201 Elmwood Dr., Greensboro, N.
Bender, Harold J. (3), 1166 S. Hawthorne Rd., Winston-Salem, N. (
Berger, Robert David (1), 130 Overbrook Rd., Rochester 24, N. Y.
Berkeley, Norborne (2), 902 Montrose Dr., Greensboro, N C
Biggerstaff, Carolyn Jane (3), 514 Circle Dr., Burlington, N. C
Biles, Jane Harriet (1), 2425 Greenwich Rd., Winston-Salem, N C
Billings, Marian Victoria (Vicki) (2), Box 55, Stoneville, N. C.
Billingsley, Nancy Alice (1), 6428 Solondra Dr., S, Jacksonville, Fla.
Bissette, Alice Carol (1), 801 Centennial St., High Point, N C
Black, Suzanne L. (4), 2414 N. Geo, Mason Dr., Arlington, Va
Blackmore, Martha E. (2), 800 N. Stratford Rd., Winston-Salem, N
Blair, Jane F. (2), 3407 Dogwood Dr „ Greensboro, N. C
Blue, Alyce Parker (2), 600 Ashland Dr „ Greensboro, N C
Blythe, Sandra Lee (2), Route 1, Box 138, Raetord, N. C.
Bogue, Donalyn (1), 182 Fort Hill Rd., Poquonnock Bridge, Conn
Bone, Ella Margaret (4), Route 3, Nashville, N C
Bosher, Carolyn Jane (1), 1044 Bobolink Dr., Virginia Beach, N C
Bourne, Patricia Hooker (3), 1109 Montpelier Dr., Greensboro, N C
Bouvier, Bonnie Joyce (1), 1117 Huntingdon Rd., Winston-Salem, N I
Bowland, Edwin T„ Jr. (1), Route 3, Burlington, N C
Boyd, Mary Bevan (2), 400 W Main St., Mt Olive, N C.
Boyd, Mildred Catherine (3), 808 High St., Formville, Va.
Bradley, Joyce Ann (1), 822 Reid St., Gastoma, N C
Brame, Vando Kay (2), Rt 6, Box 539, Reidsville, N C
Brantley, Sue Ellen (2), 604 N. Pollock St., Selma, N C
Browley, Marilyn (3), 732 N. Main St., Mooresville, N C
Brawley, Thomas Michael 14), 122 Sycamore St., Mooresville N C
Bray, Karen Barnes (2), 530 N Nelson St., Arlington, Va
Bray, Ronald Clyde (3), 913 Josephine Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va

edin, Ann Elaine (1), Commerce St., Aulander, N. C.
nner, Eugene Barry (1), 3485 Chase Ave, Miami Beach, Fla.
wer, Dorothy Carolyn (3), 349 Fifth St. N.W., Hickory, N. C.
jman, Marion Estelle (1), 612 E. Main St, Aberdeen, N. C.
idle, Barbara Ann (3), 6140 N 18th St., Arlington, Va.
icoe, Sandra Linn (3), 233 S. High St., Sharon Hill, Pa
oks, Linda Frances (3), 105 Forest Hills, Monroe, N. C
ome, Doris Evelyn (3), M.O.Q. 2120, Camp Lejeune, N. C
wer, Sandra Gail (4), Chesterfield Rd., Wadesboro, N. C.
wn, Brenda Frances (2), Rt 5, Box 261, Goffney, S. C
wn, Elizabeth Anne (2), 1731 Marion Ave., Durham, N. C.
wn, Martha Sue '3), Route 1, Boonville, N C
nnemer, Anna Kristina (1), 1344 Westbrook Circle, Gastonia,
on, Betsy H. (4), 264 S. Sunset Dr., Winston-Salem, N, C.
Buchanan, Carolyn Sue (2), 114 Brammer St., Beckley, W Va
Bulla, Sallie Jane (1), 1043 Wellington Ct., High Point, N. C.
Bullins, Bennie Ray (1), Rt 2, Box 311, Stokesdale. N C
Bumgarner, Frieda Lee (3), 1361 Bethel Rd , Charlotte, N. C
Burgin, Bonnie Clare (2), 150 E. Germain St, Valdese, N C
Byrd, Anne Celeste (1), Bunnlevel, N C.
Byrd. Barbara Ann (3), Rt. 1, Box 58, Chase City, Va.

Cain, Barry Austin (2), 85 W End Ave.. Summit, N J
Caiola, Christine Vondenburgh (1), 300 Knollwood Ave., Douglaston 63, N. Y.
Caldwell, Edward Riddle (3), 1031 Tennyson Dr , Charlotte, N C
Cannadoy, Joyce Kaye (1), Cascade Ave, Draper, N. C.
Cantrell, Elizabeth Ann (2), 320 E. Greenway, Greensboro, N. C.
Carpenter, Sara Rebecca (2), 3715 Cheek Rd., Durham, N C
Carrigan, Mary Frances (3), 623 N. Caldwell St., Salisbury, N C
Carver, B Wayne (1), 1631 St Mary's St., Raleigh, N C.
Carver, Clarence T. !1), 12 Reading Ave., Yardley, Pa.
Cashatt, Rebecca Louise (3), 2949 Whitson Rd , Gastonia, N C
Cote, Carol Dudley (3), 921 Dacian Ave., Durham, N C
Cotes, Janet Denisc (3), 2322 Michelle Lane, Greensboro, N C .*
Chofin, Mildred Jonie (2), 2755 Westridge Rd , Winston-Salem, N C
Choppell, Paulette G. (2), 904 Hargrove St., Henderson, N C.
Cherry, Anne A. (3) 1554 Browns Ave., Charlotte, N. C.
Clark, James Ronald (1), 1013 S. Aycock St, Greensboro, N C.
Clarke, Frances A (3), 515 University Dr , Fairfax, Va.
Cloy, Beth Susan (1), 300 N Third Ave, Mayodan, N. C
Click, Joyce Lee (1), 3700 Dewsbury Rd , Winston-Salem, N C
Clodfelter, Betty Jean (4), 815 Bryan St., Thomasville, N. C
Clodfelter, Deana Dawn (2), 1519 Stadium Dr , Winston Salem, N C
Cloniger, Helen Kathryn (2), 1416 McArver St., Gastonia, N C
Cockey, John G. (3), 827 Fontaine St, Alexandria, Va
Coggin, Geneva Sue (2), Box 636, S Main, Norwood, N C
Coleman, Maria Gayle (3), 212 Bossong Dr , Asheboro, N C
Comer, Nancy Mae (1), 204 N. 6th St, Mebane, N C
Compton, Coleen Joyce (1), 1501 N Eiam Ave, Greensboro, N, C.
Connelly, Bonita Williams (4), 1006 W, Jackson St., Mayodan, N. C*
Conway, Daniel W„ III (4), 222 College PI., Greensboro, N. C.-
Cook, Brenda Paulette !4), Route 1, Leasburg, N C.
Cooper, Brenda Elaine (1), 1203 N Poplar St, Aberdeen, N C
Cooper, Jenny Temple (3), 2403 Walker Ave , Greensboro, N C
Coplon, Karolyn Sherry (3), 827 Roslyn Rd., Winston-Salem, N C
Corriher, Patricia Lynn (1), 628 Colonial Dr „ High Point, N C
Council, Mary Frances (4), 1733 Westover Ave., S W„ Roanoke, Va.
Cowan, Gerald (2), Box 147, Marion, N C

' Denotes
(sp) specil

Page One Hundred Seventy



Clork Frank (4), Rt 3, Box 1127, Asheville, N. C

Gloria Jean (3), 4212 Starmount Dr., Greensboro, N. C.

Linda F. Jones (4), Rt. 1, Box 209, Kernersville, N. C .*

Rhodes Allen (1), 3390 Stuyvescent PI, N. W., Washington, D. C.

e, Joel Michael (2), 1309 Longacre Blvd., Yeadon, Pa.

;r, Betty Carolyn (4), 102 Magnolia Rd„ Lexington, N. C.

:, Nancy Jean (2), 915 Maryland Ave., Suffolk, Va

ip, Bettye (3), 703 Dillon St., Thomasville, N. C

;rtson, Jayne Anna (4), 211 E Salisbury St., Robbins, N. C.

iff, Patricia (1), 1703 N. Tremont Dr., Asheboro, N C.

ingham, Karen (sp), 1605 Hobbs Rd., Greensboro, N. C.
nt, Mary Anne (2), 504 W. End Ave., Stotesville, N. C

Dahlgran, Randi Jean (3), Rt. 2, West Branch, Iowa
Dale, Lynne Cheryl (3), 122 Duke Dr., Portsmouth, Vo.

lise (3), Holly Lane, c o Mahoney, Barnstable, Mo

Idine (4), Rt. 2, Box 35, Galax, Va

(3), 1106 Saber Circle, Fairfax, Va

se (2), Rt. 2, Box 35, Galax, Va.

(4), 411 S. Lamar St., Roxboro, N. C.

ion (4), 213 Page St., Ellerbe, N. C.
rge Allan (1), 57 Pleasant St., Danbury, Conn

abeth (2), 217 Old Church Ct., Dayton 29, Ohio
Dewese, Susan Patricia (1), 4145 Sheridan Dr., Charlotte, N. C
Dickson, Elizabeth Alyse (1), 1903 Woodland Dr ., Burlington, N C
Dixon, Margaret N. (sp), 1001 Pamlico Dr , Greensboro, N C
Dudley, Chas. W„ Jr. (2), 288 Hoopes Rd., Newport News, Va.
Dunlap, Kathleen Jane (2), 569 Thornhill Rd , Lexington, Va
Douglas, Ralph (sp), 701 Chestnut St., Greensboro, N. C.


, Pauh

me Lo


, Betty Gen


, Colli

Ben B.


i, Grac

e Lou





in, Ce

lia Pai

D. lai




is. Jar

le Eliz

Gombell, Arthur E (3), 2404 East West Hwy., Silver Spring, Md.

Gardner, La Rue Jeanette (1), Rt. 2, Box 388, Ayden, N. C.

Garland, Janet K. (2), 700 S. 24th St., Arlington, Va.

Gorred, Lee Ann (2), Box 355, Robin Lane, Cotlettsburg, Ky.

Garrison, David Mitchell (1), Apt. 812, 3438 Terrace Ct., Alexandria, Va.

Gates, Dana Delois (3), Leasburg Rd., Roxboro, N. C.

Gavin, Mary Frances (1), 621 Chrisholm St., Sanford, N C

Gentry, Cornelia (1), 107 Ridge Rd., Roxboro, N C

Gibbons, Marjorie Elizabeth (1), 215 Highland Ave., Lenoir, N. C

Gilbert, Betty Lynn (4), 908 Davie Ave., Statesville, N. C.

Glensor, Pamela Dorothy (4), 1601 Scotland Ave, Charlotte, N. C

Glover, Nancy Susan (2), 301 E Anderson, Selma, N. C

Goad, Judith Ellen (1), Box 733, Mt. Airy, N. C.

Gooding, Robert Harvey (2), Churchman Rd , Newark, Del.

Goodman, Susan Frances (1), 901 Fairmont Ave., Salisbury, N C

Gozzard, Barry R, (1), 601 Walnut St., Hellertown, Pa.

Gradolf, George W. (sp), 3402 Wilshire Dr., Greensboro, N, C.

Graham, Martha Elizabeth (2), 515 Carlisle Way, Norfolk, Va.

Grant, Gloria Jean (1), 303 Seymour St., Aberdeen, N. C.

Graves, Patricia Jane (3), 211 Rutherford St., Wadesboro, N. C

Gray, Thomas Alex (2), 805 Carolina Dr , Gastonia, N. C

Gray, Virginia Lee (1), 624 Oakland Ter., Alexandria, Va.

Green, Llewellyn (1), 348 Lakeshore Dr., Asheville, N. C.

Green, Mary Berkeley (3), Bernard St, South Boston, Va

Greene, Anne Edwards (2), 115 Church St., Albemarle, N. C.

Greene, Dyrl Duane (2), 414 Cedar St., Greensboro, N C.

Greenfield, David Allan (1), 7486 Main St., Newport, N. Y.

Griggs, Mary Vick (4), 1137 Church St, Apt C 4, Greensboro, N. C*

Gunn, Barbara Jean (1), Box 117, Yanceyville, N. C.

East, Sharon (1), 201 S Dyer St, Elizabeth City, N C

Easter, Sharon Lou (2), 1411 Seventh Ave., S. W„ Hickory, N. C.

Eddins, Mildred Patricia (1), Rt. I, Box 267, Wadesboro, N C

Edens, Wendy Sue (1), 303 W Colonial Dr., Salisbury, N C

Eder, Helen Marie (1), 520 Russell Ave, Wyckoff, N. J

Edge, Brenda McKethon (3), 116' 2 S Mendenhall St, Greensboro,

Edgcumbe, John Charles (2), 164 Delaware St, Woodbury, N. J

Edwards, Ruth Estelle (1), Ridge Rd., Baltimore 7, Md

Efland, Barbara (2), 190 Madison Ave., Greensboro, N. C '

Eisenhart, Cornelia Rose (3), 305 Foushee St., Rockingham, N C.

Eldridge, Sharon Elizabeth (4), 1812 Madison Ave., Greensboro, N.

Eller, Jonette Sudonna (2), Rt. 8, Box 674, Salisbury, N. C.

Eller, Sharon R (4), 132 Valley St, Abingdon, Va

Eubank, Betty Yule (2), 704 E. Walnut St., Goldsboro, N C

Everhart, James Donald (4), 605 W Market St., Greensboro, N, C

Falor, Craig H. (1), 509 S. Holden Rd ., Greensboro, N. C '

Forster, Miles E., Jr. ("Ned") (3), 128 Hampton Rds Ave , Hampton,

Fetner, Merrill Elizabeth (1), 125 S Randolph Ave., Asheboro, N C

Fields, Jack E. (3), Rt. 4, Box 184, Greensboro, N. C.

Flahart, Robert E. (2), 100 Devonshire Rd., Fairfax, Wilmington, Del.

Flowers, Linda Louise (1), 6541 Renwood Lane, Annandole, Va.

Foil, Elizabeth B (4), 1530 Arbor Dr., Salisbury, N C

Folliard, John Paul (2), 1801 Key Blvd., Apt. 505, Arlington Va

Ford, Iris Elizabeth (31, 107 S. Hampton St., Leaksville, N. C

Form, Mark Doran (1), 50 Forest St., Iselin, N. J.

Fowler, Richard Keith (1), 3411 Yanceyville Rd., Greensboro, N, C -

Fox, Elaine Gail (3), 37 Crestview St., Granite Falls, N C

Fox, Martha Elizabeth (1), 704 Cedarwood Ter, Henderson, N C

Frick, Nancy Ruth (3), 608 Candlewood Dr., Greensboro, N. C.

Frost, Lorna Elizabeth (1), Charles Dr , Lourmburg, N C

Hodley, Emma Susan (2), 126 Ridgecrest Rd , Asheboro, N. C.
Hadley, Sara Elizabeth (2), 543 Edgewood Rd., Asheboro, N C
Hagen, William Henry (4), 7 Scenic Ave., Mexico, N. Y.
Hale, Ann Elizabeth (4), 2027 Windsor Ave., Roanoke, Va
Hamilton, Darling Anne (3), 48 Oakland Circle, Canton, N. C.
Hampton, M Camille (2), 334 N Main St., Barbourville, Ky.
Hamnck, Norma Ann (1), Rt. 1, Box 127-A, Matthews, N. C.
Honling, Jane Lois (4), 211 Homewood Dr., Greensboro, N. C*
Harbourt, Revere Clark (4), 7 Hillside A*e , Netcong, N J
Harlow, Mayo C, III (2), Ashland Ave, Bedford, Va
Harrington, Ruth Jane (3), 2801 Pinedale Rd., Greensboro, N. C*
Harris, Helen E. (2), 137 Church St, Elkin, N. C.
Harris, Mary Emma (4), Rt. 2, Box 300, Kinston, N C
Harris, Mildred Judith (4), 2315 University Dr., Durham, N. C
Harris, Nancy Marian (2), 2130 Mecklenburg Ave., Charlotte, N C
Harris, Sara McPhail (4), 311 '2 Ward St, Thomasville, N. C*
Harrison, Janet Anita (3), 2114 Fordham Blvd., Greensboro N. C.
Harrold, Johnny Lynn (3), 1837 Runnymeade Rd., Winston Salem, N
Harry, Margaret Scott (4), 1524 Statesville Blvd., Salisbury, N. C
Hartsfield, Mary A. (2), 1209 Mitchell St., Raleigh, N. C.
Hauser, Susan Barry (1), 896 Winwood Dr., Virginia Beach, Va
Hawkins, Ann Lynn (3), 1708 Maryland Ave., Charlotte, N. C.
Haynes, Janice C (1), 123 E Highland Ave, Elkin, N. C
Hearn, Carol Mae (1), 5501 Murrayhill Rd., Charlotte, N. C.
Hearn, Nancy Lorraine (3), 5501 Murrayhill Rd., Charlotte. N. C
Hehn, Louise Yvonne (4), 3205 Barnhill Dr., Charlotte, N C
Helms, Hallie Phyllis (2), 620 E. Holly St., Goldsboro, N C
Hemmert, Douglas Warren (2), 93 Valley Rd., Glen Rock, N J.
Hendershot, Donald (3), 13 Jackson St., Canisteo, N Y
Henry, Martha Annie (1), 87 Newfound St., Canton, N. C.
Hensley, Anne O. (3) 18 Westover Dr., Asheville, N C
Hepler, Connie LaRue (4), Church St., Zebulon, N C
Herscher, David Samuel (3), 175 Riverside Dr., New York 24, N. Y
Higgins, Elizabeth Beula (3), Draper, N. C.

* Denotes non-resident student

(sp) special student

number in parentheses denotes clas

Page One Hundred Seventy-one

hggs. Howard Rutter (3), 312 S. 23rd St., Ft, Pierce, Flo

hgh, Bertha Kathryn ("Kay") (4), 315 Mattox St., Wendell. N. C.

lill, Jewell Irene (1), 605 W. 20th Ave., Gastonia, N C

llll, Marilyn Edythe (2), 803 Isabelle St., Konnapolis, N. C.

lill, Patricio Y. (1), 707 Willoubar Ter,, High Point, N. C.

Iilhard, Charles J (1), 1209 Guest St., Greensboro, N C*

lenshaw, Barbara G. (3), Rt 6, Box 82, Greensboro, N. C '

loadley, Erwin T. (3), 215 Hamilton Rd , N., Syracuse, N, Y.

lolcombe, Mary Lynnette (4), Box 9432, Raleigh, N C

lolleman, Dianne (1), 1414 N. Queen St., Kinston, N C

iolmes, Linda Harrison (3), 336 N. Bridge St, Leaksville, N C.

ood, Mildred Louisa II), 4418 Woodlark Lane, Charlotte, N C

opewell, Glorio Jean (1), 1500 E. Beech St, Goldsboro, N. C.

opkins, Cheryl Kay (3), 807 Garrett St, Greensboro, N. C

opkins, Timothy Petgrave (1), 96 New England Ave., Summit, N J

orton, Betty Frances (1), 1039 Jefterson Dr., Charlotte, N C.

orton, John Richard (1), 801 Tulip St., Liverpool, N. Y.

owell, Judith Lee (3), 625 Berkeley Ave, Charlotte, N, C.

owland, Anne Everett (4), 647 W. Main St., Elkin, N. C.

uffling, (Mrs.) Mary Lou (4), 210 Leftwich St., Apt 3, Greensboro, N.

uggin, Martha Hamlin (3), 202 Hillcrest Dr., High Point, N. C

uggins, Agnes Kathryn (1), 108 E Frink St, Whiteville, N C.

untley, Nancy Lynn 13), Front St, Ext., Beaufort, N C

utson, Martha 13), 5215 Wapakoneta, Washington, D C

utter, Ann Carter (3), 1500 Savoy PL, Lynchburg, Va.

utton, Solly Lynn (4), 3204 Madison Ave,, Greensboro, N. C

Inman, Sylvia Diane (2), Box 128, Rowland, N, C,
Isgett, Beth Elaine (3), 855 Madison Ave , Winston Sale
Isley, Carolyn Marie (1), 601 E Salisbury St., Asheboro,
Ivey, Barbara Anne (1), Box 854, Thomosville, N, C

Jackson, Elizabeth Dianne (2), Rt, I, Box 264, Pineville, N. C.

Jackson, Jean Ann (1), 19 Jackson Ave, Pen Argyl, Pa

Jacobs, Sue Carol (2), 229 Queen Anne Rd., Salisbury, N C

Joklitsch, Frank Alfred (3), 1048 Old Country Club Rd , Westbury, N Y.

Jeffrey, Gary Lee (3), 11002 Lake Rd., Cleveland, N. Y

Harry Kells (2), 36 Hilltop Circle, Whippany. N J

Peggy Ann (1), Box 246, Aulander, N C

Sarah D (2), East Main St Ext, Rose Hill, N C

Marsha Lynn (3), 326 Eisenhower Dr., Beckley, W Va

Mary Carolyn (2), 305 Pineville Rd., Spartanburg, S C.

Mary Carr (4) 4722 Long Leof Hills Dr , Wilmington, N C
n Brontly (3), 3313 Elstree Dr , Charlotte, N. C.

Kinney, Jerry Lee (1), 401 Uwharrie St., Asheboro,
Kinney, Marsha Dee (1), 140 Liberty St., Asheboro,

N. C.



Jolley, Linda Suzanne (3), Rt. 4, Box 39, Rutherfordton, N. C.
Jolly, Charles Hoffman (1), 712 S Main St., Reidsville, N C '
Jolly, Judith Olivia (2), 109 E. Greenway, S., Greensboro, N. C.
Jones, Frances Lee (1), 420 Lakeview Dr., Murfreesboro, N. C.
Jones, Nancy Carolyn (2), 502 Morehead Ave , Durhom, N C
Jones, Patricio Frances (4), 421 Woodvale PI., Charlotte, N C
Jones, Robert Walker (sp), 504 Forest Ave., Greensboro, N C
Joyce, Barry Louis (1), Box 308, Madison, N C.

Keggereis, Shaoron Leigh (1), 2709 Gordon St., Raleigh, N C.
Kelly, Edna Lynne (1), 710 Essex Dr., Wilmington, N C
Kenner, Richard Harold (4), 107 Roosevelt Ave, Endicott, N Y
Kerr, Dewey Winston (3), 2206 Rheims Ave, Greensboro, N C .'
Kidd, Robert Warren (1), 1507 Textile Dr , Greensboro, N C .'
Kimball, Kitty Lynne (2), 1110 N. Jackson, Salisbury, N. C
King, Martha Russell (3), c o King Bros. Groc, Forest City, N C
King, Sarah Elizabeth (3), 2400 Walker Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C.

ensboro, N
Asheboro, I
Raleigh, N.

Kiser, Lorry Allen (2), 501 Pine St., Gn

Kivctt, Charles W. (2), 119 Memorial St

Klose, Ann Grayson (3), 1425 Duplin Rd

Knight, Theseus L. (1), Rt. 1, Stokesdale, N C

Knitter, Stephen John (1), 53 S. Main St, Avoca, N. Y.

Knorr, Robert W. (3), 789 Argyle Rd., North Hills, Glenside, Pa "

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