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Lola Elliot, Rudolph Wilson, Alice Davis. SECOND ROW - Rick Adams, Debra Smith, Martha Pennington,
Walt Denny, Patsy McSwain, Ann Carraway. NOT PICTURED - Joel Duggins, Chris Hutchinson.

Administrative L
Management Society

Business Administration and Economics majors formed
Greensboro College's Chapter of tiie Administrative
Management Society. They strove to broaden the in-
sights of members by inviting guest speakers to cam-
pus meetings, having tours of the businesses in the
city, and personal contact with Greensboro business-
men at Parent Chapter Meetings.

FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT - Donna Pierce, Tommy Bray, Bill Clark, Rita Jones (Program
Chairwoman), John Mueller (Treasurer). SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT - Doug Kinney (Vice-
President), Pat Warlick, (Secretary), Jimmy Tucker, Rick Hovis. THIRD ROW LEFT TO RIGHT -
Dave Skeels, Dan Callow (President), Carter Pate, Ronnie Melton, Mr. Frazier (Advisor), Mr.
Barker (Advisor).


Student National Education Associa-
tion was an organization that consist-
ed mainly of persons entering the
teaching profession. It prepared
future teachers to accept their re-
sponsibility and role in teaching.

This past year the SNEA sponsored a
tea in the spring to honor the cooper-
ating and student teachers of Greens-
boro College. They also sent repre-
sentatives to the state convention of
NCAE, At the regular meetings, the
programs centered around the teach-
ing profession and included speakers
from many areas.

FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT - Barbara Barnes, Secretary, Barbara Lane, President, Dawne Perry, Trea-
surer, Donna Moorefield, Vice-President. SECOND ROW - Libby Cole, Sue Lawson, Vickie Durham, Ann
Briggs, Peggy Markey, Phyllis Jacobs. NOT PICTURED - Carmen Biggers, Cynthia Boone, Anne Bullock,
Jean Burns, Kathy Cathy, Deborah Cohee, Julia Cooper, Judith Dutcher, Carol Engelbretson, Judy Finkel-
stein. Donna Fisher, Cynthia Garison, Judy Hall, Debra Hamerka, Martha Harbison, Barbara Hayes,
Darlene Henry, Cynthia Jones, Marcia King, Sarah McAllister, Pamela McGraw, Beth Poindexter, Marty
f^oss, Ann Self ert, Lynda Spa nn,GLnny Stames, Ouida Wakefield, Dorothy Warlick, Karen Williams, Trudy

76 S.N.E.A.


FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT-Monica Powers, Wanda Russell, Judy Hall, CLndi Garison, Judy Dutcher,
Debra Craft, Vice-President. SECOND ROW-Elin Widdifield, Karen Truesdell, Debra Hamerka, Ann
Briggs, Ouida Wakefield, Sandra McCrary. THIRD ROW-Brad Stalder, Denise DeCourcy, Ruth Moss,
Sally Logue, Vickie Wygal. FOURTH ROW-Linda Haber, Carol Wilson. NOT PICTURED -Sue Souders,
Rita Rice, Crysty Bartleson, Kathy Duncan, Beth Rogers, Debbie Cohee, Ginny Hayes, Sheila Mabe,
Trudy Winslow. President, Nancy Tompson, CLndi Parker, Pam McGraw, Bill Anderson, Janie Mason,
Barbie Williams, Secretary, Janie Mason, Meredith Bullock, Sharon Alford, Ruth Barr, Libby Cole,
Caron Melton, D'Ann Broughton.

SCEC's purpose was to promote the
welfare and education of exceptional
children and youth. Activities
throughout the year included sponsor-
ing Halloween parties for the children
at McKiver School and Kindell Center.
Also, a contribution was made to the
Easter Seals for gifts to the children.

S.C.E.C. 77

Glee Club

Annapolis Naval Academy was the destination of the Glee
Club first semester. A trip to Florida was being con-
sidered for second semester. Consisting of girls from
all classes, the Glee Club represents Greensboro Col-
lege and promotes goodwill through their singing. The
Little Group consisted of ten girls out of the larger
group who performed at receptions and other social

ROW 1 LEFT TO RIGHT - Melanie Swain, Sharon Philpott, Cheryl Philson, Kadiy Girdauskas, Jean Hughes,
Ann Murray, Kathy Arnold. SECOND ROW - Donna Smith, Matha Anderson, Sally Sizemore, Jill Williams,
Bess Edwards. THIRD ROW - Patsy McSwain, Sally Challender, Kathy Lawrence, Holly Boger, Bit Andrews,
Sue Manning, Suzanne High, Dr. Williams, Karen Truesdell, Betsy Edwards, Margaret Cogdell, Ethel Mc-
Call, Cynthia Hudgins, Jane Creech, Rita Jones, Bonnie Hartley.





Little Group

ROW 1 LEFT TO RIGHT - Patsy McSwain, Rita Jones, Sally Sizemore, Melanie Swain, Sharon Philpott,
Kathy Girdauskas, Jill Williams. SECOND ROW - Jane Creech, Donna Smith, Suzanne High.

BOTTOM ROW LEFT TO RIGHT - Denise Baker, Amy Orr, Lola Elliot (Corresponding Secretary), Carol
Wilson , Beth Colbert, Ann Murray, Patricia Warlick, Wendy Johnson, Mary Turner, Ruth Moss, Susie
Shafferman (Recording Secretary), Kathy Cathey. SECOND ROW - Delwood West, Elaine Armstrong,
Cindy Reece, Patrice Spillane, Carol Chilton, Marty Simpson, Jane Waller, Stephanie Northern, Chris
Hutchinson, Sarah Anderson, Kathy Lakowski (Vice-President), Debbie Lynch. THIRD ROW - Mark Gordon,
Jeff Jenkins (Librarian), Bruce Tiso, Ed Varella, Rick Adams, Rudolph Wilson, (President), Eddie Gray.
FOURTH ROW - Bennie Lupo, John Wilcox, Ed Turner, Derek Foxx (Librarian), Johnny Barnes, Mark
Brady, David Walls, Dr. Beyers (Advisor).


Chamber Singers

Chorale is a co-educational choral organ-
ization. The Chorale provides a wide se-
lection of choral literature for the college
and the community as well. This year,
they performed "King David" by Arthur
Hunegger, and Beethoven's "Ninth Sym-
phony" with the Greensboro Symphony

LEFT TO RIGHT - Kathy Lakowski, Ed Varella, Chris Hutchinson, Rudolph Wilson, Cathy Kathey, Ed
Turner, Lola Elliot, David Walls, Susie Shafferman, Eddie Gray, Cindy Reece, Johnny Barnes.

LEFT TO RIGHT - Karen Hartsoe, Pat Rucker, Ann LeQuier, John Schaller, Don Hansen, Jo Plum
Hansen, Mrs. Tilburn.

Chamber Orchestra

Wind Ensemble

FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT - Joel Grigsby, Laura Gidnfey, Caron Melton, Dennis Eckard, Carl Jackson,
Norman Gray, Betsy Boggs. SECOND ROW - Kathy Brady, Janet Rabin, Eddie Turner, Charlie Brown, Jeff
Wolf, Tracy Fields, Jim Andrews, Sharon Philpott, Mr. Shipman (Advisor), Jeff Davis, Margie Gilley,
Beth Colbert.

P.E. Club

tktt-^. L^

BOTTOM ROW LEFT TO RIGHT - Linda McLeod (Advisor), Nancy Lipe, Phyllis Jacobs (President),
Beth Wuiff (Vice-president), Kathy Rudd. SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT - William S. Arial (Advisor)
Jeffjeffers, Claude Shockley, Mike Williams (Secretary), Jim Wicker, Freddie Johnson, Teresa Ellis,
Jana Whitaker, Willie Taylor (Advisor). THIRD ROW LEFT TO RIGHT - Ralph Lewis, Milton Reece
(Advisor), Dennis Cahill (Treasurer). NOT PICTURED - Patricia Apple, Cindy Beal, Suellen Binder,
Cindy Brooks, Barry Goldman, Debra Harris, Terry Hart, Terrie Johnson, Barbara Riselay, Donna
Smith, Alice Steed, Haseltine Stewart, Pat Tuttle, Delwood West.

Primarily made up of
P.E. and Recreation
majors, the P.E. Club
offered suggestions re-
garding the curriculum,
facilities, equipment
and intramurals. A Hal-
loween party was given
for students, faculty,
and their families.





^^^^m±^SKBF iiiSSI

Hi "^- '^fw

Wm^: jj^H

^S: M

^^^^m^ '\w^^^^^^^^^^

\ j^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H

^V f^Jar^m^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


rt ^!!^H


^1 g^«^ ^Sn^Si^


X,^.-i>"' ' ^^^^5PB


BOTTOM ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda Haber, Carol Wilson, Jane Smith. SECOND ROW: Jinny Starnes,
Treasurer; Amanda Minnix, President; Brenda Tice, Brenda Brake. THIRD ROW: Dan Black, Delwood
West, Vice-President; D'Ann Broughton, Ruth Moss, Ann LeQuier. NOT PICTURED: Joel Grigsby,
Darlene Henr^,^ Barbara Riselay, Susie Shafferman, Marty Simpson, Brad Stalder, Karen Truesdell.

Circle K is a service organization sponsored
by the Kiwanis Club. It is an international
collegiate organization with chapters on
campuses all across the United States and

Projects during the year included work with
Long's Nursing home, helping Crisis Control,
holding a bikathon for Diabetes and working
with handicapped children. On campus, they
painted trasti cans, held a Hospitatlity
Round-Up Square Dance, and worked with
the Historical Book Society of Greensboro.


It was in the latter half of the Spring Semester 1973-74, that conditions related to communications be-
tween students and administration, social policy, maintenance and up keep of Men's Dorm, false rumors
and gossip were on an all time high. Students especially the Senior class (but other classes as well)
became deeply concerned about the student affairs and the future of Greensboro College. They decided
to get involved!

It was in this state of confusion that a new organization was called for with the sole purpose of working
towards some satisfactory solution to the problems that were before them.

Since this committee's formation, a lot has happened, lots of questions and charges have been remedial,
facts have been separated from fiction, all because some students cared and decided to get involved and
do something about it.

The CSC worked and can still work for you - if you decide to take on the responsibility.

BOTTOM ROW LEFT TO RIGHT - Melanie Swain, Cathy Kathey, Cindy Bowers. TOP ROW - Butch Sher-
rill, Terry Bacon, Pat Warlick, Cathy Brady, Wendy Johnson. NOT PICTURED - Amy Lavietes, Steve
Boone, Dan Callow, Emily Cockman, Carol Wilson, Cindy Jones, Sally Challender, Jerry Williams,
Denise Baker, Anne Carroway, Ruth Barr, Kathy Girdauskas, Linda Bowden, Patsy McSwain, Rudy


UAAS began its year by sponsoring a
chapel service entitled "Religion in
the Life of the College Student. " High-
lights included an interpretive dance
by Deloris Gilchrist, solos by Sheila
Brown and Derek Foxx and a dramatic
presentation by Alice Davis. The
audience was also enlightened with a
service delivered by Rev. Wayne Clapp,
who is a student at Livingston College.
They also participated in a sickle-cell
anemia drive, G.C.'s Homecoming
activities, in which they boosted morale
and promoted school spirit, and put on
a fashion show in April.


BOTTOM ROW LEFT TO RIGHT - Joe Alston, Marilyn Monroe, Rudolph WLlson, Vice-President,
Derek Foxx, President. SECOND ROW - Lois Allen, Delois Gilchrist, Gloria Foster, Treasurer,
Sheila Brown, Alice Davis. TOP ROW - Donald Williams, Charles Arrington, Terrence Hart, John-
nie Barnes, Stanley Edwards, Jerry Wilson, James Hannah. NOT PICTURED - Clarence Caldwell,
Nat Robinson, Vernon Shanks, Lorraine Stinson, Kathy Davis, Fred Davis.


G.C. Players

An organization consisting of students in-
terested in acting, directing, or the tech-
nical aspects of drama. Five plays were
produced in conjunction with the players
this year. Mr. Leonard Hart, the advisor,
directed "Oedipus" and Cindy Bowers and
Tommy Williamson each directed one-
act plays as members of the directing class
in the Fall. In the Spring, Denise Baker
directed a two-act play in fulfilling her B.A.
in Speech and Drama and a three -act play
was presented by the Greensboro College


BOTTOM ROW LEFT TO RIGHT - Bruce Tiso, Karen Truesdell. Mark Gor-
don, Denise Baker, Charlie Brown. SECOND ROW - Charles Arrington, Judy
Hall, Jerry Williams, Sallie Woodard, Jeff Jenkins, Harry Rodenhizer.
THIRD ROW - Eddie Gray, Wendy Johnson, Joy Duncan, Brad Stadler, Cindy
Bowers, Larry Callahan, Tommy Williamson.

Music Education Club

Getting off to an early start, MENC sponsored a guest speaker
who demonstrated the harpsichord and clavichord. The Southern
Conference was held in New Orleans and Greensboro College
was fortunate to be represented by Rudolph Wilson, a former
Nor± Carolina State MENC chairman for the year. They also
had the opportunity of taking part in the state conference which
was held in nearby Winston-Salem. Other club activities for
the year included guest speakers representing various areas
of music and providing members with background information
that could be utilized to help them achieve their future goals
in the music field.

Agee, Kathy Girdauskas, Jeff Davis,
Margie Gilley, Eddie Turner, Cynthia
Hudgins, Ethel McCall. SECOND ROW -
Sally Sizemore, Patsy McSwain. THIRD
ROW - Martha Snead, Beverly Stewart,
Patty Faysoux, Cathy Brady. TOP ROW -
Joel Grigsby, Anne Murray, Chris Hutch-
inson, Linda Bowden. NOT PICTURED -
Rudolph Wilson, Marian Thorp, Jane
Creech, Robin Aldred, Matha Anderson,
Elaine Armstrong, Holly Boger, Beth
Colbert, Bonnie Hartley, Sue Ellen Man-
ning, Laura Gidney, Lynn Tuttle, Jane


• (— t






TOP TO BOTTOM - Kathy Duncan, Carmen Biggers, Mary Lynn Halloway, Patsy Mc-
Swain (President), Alice Davis.


Epsilon Lambda Sigma (Emerson Society) is a service sorority on the Greensboro
College campus. It provided opportunities for both fellowship and service and mem-
bership was open to all female students. Projects for Emerson Society this year in-
cluded having a kitchen shower for New Women's Dorm, making favors for all fresh-
man and transfer girls, corresponding with residents of the Methodist home in
Charlotte and planning parties for local hospital children wards.

TOP TO BOTTOM - Elizabeth Edwards, Cindy Bowers, Delois Gilchrist, Wendy
Johnson (Treasurer), Emily Cockman, Martha Thompson, Karen Williams (Sec-
retary), Marty Ross (Vice-president). NOT PICTURED - Jane Smith and Margie

BOTTOM ROW LEFT TO RIGHT - Sandra McCrary, Jo Thompson,
Elly Wadkins, Cathy Brady. SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT -
Nonie Turrentine (Vice-president), Jenny Starnes (Secretary-Trea-
surer), Sharon Philpott. THIRD ROW LEFT TO RIGHT - Ethel Mc-
Call, Kathy Duncan (President).

SITTING LEFT TO RIGHT - Pat Warlick (President),
Mary Lynn Holloway. STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT -
Nancy Fletcher (Treasurer), Sheila Mabe (Vice-Pres-
ident), Pam McGraw (Secretary).


The Young Democrats Club was
composed of students and faculty
concerned with politics. Objec-
tives of the club were supporting
candidates running for public
offices and unification of the Dem-
ocrat party. Delegates attended
state conventions, rallies, and
other events sponsored by the
Guilford Young Democrat Club.

The Young Republicans consisted of persons re-
gistered as members of the Republican Party or
of the Independent Party. During the year, they
were involved with the Greensboro Young Re-
publicans and their activities, which included
conventions, dinners, campaigns, and debates.
In addition, they received weekly Republican
newsletters from the Duke University Young
Republicans Club that gave them ideas of pro-
jects they could become involved in.

Young Republicans



Brad Bennett Co-Editor

Mark Gordon Co-Editor

John Muller Business Manager

Patrice Spillane Advertising Manager

Van Siler Racing

Kathy Duncan Typist

Betsy Cloud Typist

Beverly Neely Resident Artist

Doug Schunik, Jimmy Reaves Photography

Judy Schoolfield Unlimited help and layout

Universal Printers Patience and printing

STAFF: Wendy Johnson, Jeff Jenkins, Kathy Girdauskas, Sarah

Anderson, Keena Lowe, John Wilcox, Rick Adams, Sandra Mc-


PEONS: Pud McGillicutty and Ko-Kacuela.

6 O'CLOCK (CLOCKWISE) - Linda Bowden. Editor. Bob Bass. Dale Nunn. Sharon Philpott. Mark Gordon.
Steve Boone. Amy Orr and Sally Sizemore. NOT LISTED - Suzie Shafferman





Lyre's aim this
year was to pro-
vide a publication
for all forms of
creativity which
were designed and
written by the stu-
dents of the col-
lege. Among con-
tributions were
short stories, art
work, photog-
raphy, original
music, and po-

•uAvop apTsdn s^>(Ooq sqj,

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>(Ooq 3Bqj pBao: noA SuTqojBM oi j

lu ONiooia noA anv



Carmen Diggers
Steve Boone

Dan Callow
John Cowan

Walt Denny

Cindi Garison

Barbara Gorski

Rita Jones — Chief

Butch Sherrill

Pat Tuttle

Ouida Wakefield
Barbara Jean White
Trudy Winslow — Ass. Chief











->;^ ;f.-.

.r-'V ^; ."^ - ^ •**._.

"Temperatures rose
under the hot August
sun . . .

A handful of young
men gathered
to sharpen skills
already learned in
years of competition . .

They were few

in number and

they were disorganized

due to the lack of a

coaching staff . . .

"What is this game
called Soccer?"



Until a coach was found,
co-captain Mark Gerety
kept things together . . .
a practice field found,
organized practices,
schedule confirmed,
and the Hornet Squad was off.

Tim Crawford

began to coach

the three year old program,

he was presented with a collection

of skilled veterans, walk-ons,

and transfers.

September the ninth
was upon them -
G.C. Hornets
took the field
against Guilford.


'.r i





Problems were soon evident
such as team disorganization
and no substitutions.
Flashes of brillance
were there though . . .
First goal of the season
vent to Lewis Pate.

But time expired

and Guilford came through

with a seven-one victory.

Moving to PfeLffer ,

to play a scrimmage game

competition was tough . . .

and ended in a score of seven-zero.

Then it was off to High Point

for another scrimmage.

Paul March collided

with a High Point player . . .

going for the black and white ball.

Crack . . .

he was down . . .

suffering a multiple leg fracture.

Ending the game

with an eight-zero loss.

We asked, "Would the season

end with everyone

in the hospital?"

Traveling to Saint Andrews,
set-back . . . ten-one.
The only point was made
by Jeff Jeffers.

Little Tommy Bray

made his debut,

with his new-found

skill and hussle;

inspiring students, spectators

and teammates alike.

New organization was evident

by the infusion of new players.

The most experienced

of these . . .

was Christian King.

Making the long trip
to Virginia Wesleyan
penalties and key mistakes
lead to a seven-three loss.

On September 24th
it all paid off . . .


a win over Christopher Newport.

The final score . . .


The fans went wUd.

Another fine game
against N.C. Wesleyan -
ending . . .
in a zero -zero tie.

Playing Lynchburg -
who is nationally ranked,
we concluded in a
five -zero defeat.

October 15th
marked the finish . . .
a three-zero loss
to Methodist College.

Though many times . . .
the score did not reflect
the amount of pain,
work and effort
that one invests.

The value of pride

in doing something . . .

when others

do nothing,

and trying

when others would not.

For these reasons

if for no other . . .

all these young men

are congratulated and thanked.


ROW 1 LEFT TO RIGHT Tim Crawford (Coach), Mark Gerety (Co-Captain), Christian
King, Carter Pate, Marty Gilpatrick, Bruce Tiso. ROW 2 LEFT TO RIGHT Tommy
Williamson, Paul March, Tony Villareal (Co-Captain), Rudy Cordon, Johnny Barnes,
Lee HolUday, Mark Brealey. ROW 3 LEFT TO RIGHT Rich Vellucci, Tommy Bray,
Steve Hodgin, Kevin Green, Lewis Pate, Herk DeGraw, Mark Enfield, Jeff Jeffers.




Intramural Volleyball

Being chiefly an experiment this year, the Girls'
Volleyball team practiced faithfully. Faced with
problems of disorganization and lack of scheduled
games, they concluded their season on an appro-
priate note, defeating Louisburg College.

Hess Stuart, Debra Harris, Ruth Barr, Elaine
Armstrong. TOP ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT) - Lou
Anne Hutchens, Mary Margaret Nicholson, Cathie
Herron, Trudy Wade, Lynda Spann.








^ ^


Cindy Beal, Cathie Herron, Trudy Wade, Harvey Webb (Coach)



FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT - Coach Reece, Vernon Shanks, Joe Alston, Freddie Johnson, Terence
Hart, Danny Stubbs, Keith Morrell, Assistant Coach Bill McLean. BACK ROW - David Skeels, Bloxton
Mabry, John Gentry, Clarence Caldwell, Stanley Edwards, James Hanna, Rick Ballard, Manager Tony
Villa real.

The basketball team started the
year off with many changes. The
major change was in personnel,
which contributed to a change in

Milton Reece returned as head
coach after a year sabbatical re-
placing Bob Burke who had been
coach for the last three years.

Assisting Coach Reece was Bill
McClain, who made the transition
from player to coach. Bill Mc-
Clain brought a fine understand-
ing and knowledge of the game
which was a definite asset.
The team was one of changing
faces. There were only four
men returning. Two of these
were starters on the previous
team: Vernon Shanks and
Clarence Caldwell, the super-
star under the boards.





Caldwell and Shanks made up the
basis of the starting five, aug-
mented by Keith Morrell and
Terrence Hart. David Skeels
rejoined the team after a year's

Rick Ballard, Bloxton Mabry, and
Danny Stubbs were transfer stu-
dents. Joseph Alston, Stanley Ed-
wards, James Hanna, Freddie
Johnson, and John Gentry were
new freshmen and are expected
to provide many future perform-
ances for G.C.

The change in attitude was evi-
dent in the style of play. Not
devoid of the "ups and downs"
of a season, the team suffered
a couple of disappointing losses
but also boasted several landslide

There seemed to be a more con-
sistent level play and pride
this year, however, which was
sparked by outstanding individual
play on the court.


The fact that should be remembered is that Greens
boro College will never be a national championship
team. However, the dream can and will live on,
kept alive by steadfast motivation.

There is much pride and there should be in the in-
dividual and team performance throughout the sea-
son. With such thought to work from, the dream
could one day be reality.

It was good to see the change this year. Maybe the
major one was not concentrating on the game as a
whole but rather as an intricate part that rises
from the individual. Focusing on that idea makes
the team better as each succeeding team in the



With an overall season

of 16-2.

they placed


in the conference,


in the district

and captured

the Dixie Conference

Tournament in Charlotte,

This year,

joining the team

are four freshmen

that will add

new strength and support

in future years.

118 GOLF

GOLF 119

120 GOLF

GOLF 121

FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT - Tommy Williamson, Bruce Tiso
Barry Goldman. SECOND ROW - Ronnie Melton, Jeif Teffers, John
Muller. -'

Only losing one senior through graduation
last year, the tennis team has great hopes
for the upcoming year with the arrival of
two freshmen and one transfer student to
strengthen their prospects. Adjusting to
a new coach, victories were attributed to
individual achievement.




Bruce Tiso



FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT - Mary Daniel Turner, Karen Groom, Nonie Turrentine, Kathy
Black, Pat Tuttle, Phyllis Jacobs. SECOND ROW - Patty Pate, Marty Simpson, Darlene Henry,
Sally Sedule, Delwood West, Ruth Moss.


The School of Classical Ballet of
Greensboro College began in August
1973. Current enrollment, approx-
imately 100 students, is composed
of G.C. students and students from
the community. Fifteen members
from the School performed as a
company, during the 1974-75, per-
forming at the Presbyterian Home
in High Point, the Masonic Home in
Greensboro, and Odell Auditorium
on the Greensboro College campus.
They, also, presented a special
lecture -performance program each
Tuesday, from February-May in
the Greensboro Public Elementary

Mrs. JoAnn Westbrook, the Direc-
tor of the School and the Perform-
ing Ballet Company, and Ballet
Instructor is in residence at the
College. A native of Sarasota,
Florida, Mrs. Westbrook trained

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