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[Great Artists]. 1880 iioSO

See also Art Journal [as a Landscape Painter], v. 35, R.L. Edinburgh

Review [Life of], v. 23, 383.7. Every Boy's Annual [and Gains-
borough], 1888, I307H. Frith's Reminiscences, 6i6Fand 6i6Fa. Hamer-
ton's Graphic Arts, T076M. Leisure Hour, v. i and 33, 2611 and 2643 J.
Macmillan [as a Painter], v. 16, 946 J, c.

Reynolds (O.), Sewer Gas, and How to Keep it Out of Houses. ... 1443^

Rheims. See Tomes' Champagne Country, 874(3, & c -

Rhetoric and Belles Lettres, Lectures on, by Blair. 1825 8661 1

Aristotle's Treatise, translated by Buckley and Hobbes. 1883... H58H

Elements of, by Whateley. 1877 24oR

Philosophy of, by Campbell , 593-4 and 899!!

Rhetorical and Literary Addresses, by Brougham. 1856 6O3R

Sec also Blackwood [Whateley's], v. 24, R.L. '. Compayre's Pedagogy, 2g6R.

Living Age [Thoughts on Prose Composition], v. 86, 3115.7, &c.
Rheumatism, Rheumatic Gout, and Sciatica, by Fuller. 1856 922K

See also Cassell's Family Magazine [a few Words on], v. 4, 23537 '> [Cure

of], v. 9, 2359.7. Girl's Own Annual [in the Young], v. 6, 25567.
Man and his Maladies, 93gK. Medicine, c.
Rhianus. See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740.
Rhind Lectures in Archeology, by Joseph Anderson, LL.D., ill. :

1879 Scotland in Early Christian Times [First series] 901 F

1880 Scotland in Early Christian Times [Second series] 902 F"

1881 Scotland in Pagan Times, The Iron Age 864F

1882 Scotland in Pagan Times, The Bronze and Stone Ages.. 86F
[6 5 6]


Rhind (W.), Vegetable Kingdom, illustrated 5D

Rhine, Industry of the, by Banfield. 1846 I43 Z

The, by Hugo, to which is added a Guide for Tourists, &c. 1853 1 15 iR

See also All the Year Round [Rhineland], v. 47, 1807!- Eddy's Travel-
ling Party, I325R. Edinburgh Review [Simrock's Tradition of], v. 67,
4277. Family Library, 52921. Fraser [and Rhenish Affairs], v. 27,
637!- Gentleman's Magazine [Battles Fought upon], v. 5, 725.).
Good Words [in Winter], v. 4, 21747. Green's German Pictures, 3336.
Harper [Swiss], v. 60, 16407. Leisure Hour [Idler on], v. 14, 26247.
Nature [Physical History of], v. 9, 26697. Penny Magazine, v. 8,
i46B. William's Alps, Switzerland, &c., 5906. Boy's Own Annual,
v. 6, 29567, &c.

Rhinoceros. See Hartwig's Tropical World, 758F. Jardine's Naturalists'
Library, 666Q. Leisure Hour [Asiatic], v. 21, 26317. Nature, v. 5,
26657 ! [New, at Zoological Gardens], v. 6 and 9, 2666 and 26697, & c -

Rhode Island. See Austin's Massachusetts, 51 iH. Chambers [Visit to, p. 6.],
v. 22, 19377) &c.

Rhodes. See Academy v. 22, R.L. ; Once a Week [Adventure in], v. 9, 22697 >
v. 15, 22757, &c.

Rhodes (A.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Rhodes (G.), Tents and Tent Life, from the Earliest Times. 1858 93oF

Rhododendron, The. See Science Gossip [Notes on], v. 14, 24177. Botany,
Flowers, &c.

Rhone, The. See William's Alps, Switzerland, &c., 5906.

Rhubarb. See Penny Magazine, v. 5, 1436. Science Gossip, v. 15, 24187.
Gardening, &c.

Rhymes of Scotland, by Chambers. 1870 6;yM

Old and New, Grass of Parnassus, by Lang. 1 888 1 8897,

See also Leisure Hour [Mystery of], v. 21, 26317 ', [upon Places], v. 26,

26367. Poetry, & c .

Ribaumont (Margaret De, Viscountess of Bellaise), Memoirs of, by

Yonge, 2 vols in I. 1883 .". 14350

Ribbons. See Beckmann's Inventions [Ribbon-loom], 6980;. Household Words

[Manufacture of], v. 4, 17547, & c -
Ribeiro Dos Santos (A.). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe,

473 D, &c.

Ribera (7- De). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 473D.
Ribot (Th.), Diseases of Memory [International Scientific Series]... 373R
Ricardo (D., b. 1772, d. 1823), Principles of Political Economy

and Taxation. 1819 IOO4F

See also Bagehot's Economic Studies, 1003 F. Blackwood [and Adam

Smith], v. 52, R.L., &c.

RlCCOboni (Mdme.). See Kavanagh's French Women. 66o-iO, &c.

Rice. See All the Year Round, v. i, 17617. Earth's Central Africa, 846-71^
Beeton's Household Management, 997M. Cassell's Family Magazine
[Art of Cooking], v. 8, 23577. Girl's Own Annual, v. 2, 25527. Good
Words [all about], v. 24. 21947. Harper [Culture of, in the United
States], v. 19, I599.J. Kitto's Palestine, 6ioB. Simmond's Products
of the Vegetable Kingdom, 77iF. Vegetable Substances, 6ogQ, &c.

Rice (J.), History of the British Turf, 2 vols. 1879 334L>

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Rice (J. H.), D.D., &c., Memoir of J. B. Taylor [Am. Tract. Soc.]. l68iZ
Rich Folks. See Chambers, v. 54, 19547. Good Words [Perils and Uses of],
v. 8, 21787. Living Age [Living expenses of, in England], v. 161,
31917, &c.

Rich (Elihu), and others, The Occult Sciences, Sketches of the
Traditions and Superstitions of Past Times, and the Marvels

of the Present Day. 1855 1935^

Richard I. (Cceur-de-Lion, King of England, b. 1157, d. 1199),

Life of, by Aytoun [Family Library]. 1840 io69Q

[Freeman's Norman Conquest] 205!!

History of the Life of, by James, 2 vols. 1854 1509-00

24 [657]


Richard I. See also Chronicles of the Crusades, 2990. Cornhill [his Skill as a
Captain], v. 14, 294.7. Ellis's Romances, loioM. Jourville's Crusades,
I74M. Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730. Penny Maga-
zine, v. 2, i4oB. Matthew Paris, Matthew of Westminster, Florence of
Worcester, Ingulph, Roger of Wendover, Roger de Hoveden, &c.
Richard II. (A7^ of England, b. 1366, murdered, 1400). See L'Estrange's

Greenwich, 18350, &c.

Richard III. (AVw^- of England, b. 1450, killed in Battle, 1485). See Chambers
[The Royal Bricklayer], v. 59, igsgj. Edinburgh Review, v. 115,
475J, &c.

Richard of Devizes, Geoffrey de Vinsauf and Lord John de Join-
ville, Chronicles of the Crusades, being Contemporary
Narratives of the Crusade of Richard Coeur-de Lion and of

Saint Louis [Bohn's Library]. 1848 2990

Richard Sans Peur. See Palgrave's Normandy, i8iH.

Richard (H.), M. P., a Biography, by Mial. 1889 424?'

Richards (T. A.), Handbook of American Travel. 1857 1572k

Richardson (B. W., Advocate of Temperance, !>. 1828), M.D.,
Future of Sanitary Science [Address at the Royal Institution,

1877]. 1877 1441^

Health and Life. 1878 14032

Occupation [S. P. C.K. Manuals of Health]. 1879 1434^

Hygeia, a City of Health. 1876 I442Z

On Alcohol [Lectures before the Society of Arts]. 1876 I448Z

The Commonwealth, Essays on Health and Felicity. 1887 843M

Total Abstinence, a Course of Addresses. 1 878 &33M

Richardson (C. F.), The Choice of Books. 1881 I59T

Richardson (C. J.), The Englishman's House, a Practical Guide for

Selecting and Building a House. 1888 , II55M

Richardson (D. L.). See Jones' Poets, 66sM.

Richardson (Frederika), The Iliad of the East, a Selection of

Legends drawn from Valmiki's Sanskrit Poem, the Ramayana IO72R
Richardson (G. F., Geologist, b. 1796, Committed Suicide 1848),

F.G.S., Geology for Beginners, illustrated. 1846 4CoR

Introduction to Geology and its Associate Sciences, Mineralogy,

Fossil Botany and Palaeontology, revised and enlarged by

Wright, illustrated, 1855 4o8R

Richardson (James, Scotch Missionary, b. 1810, d. 1851), Travels in

the Great Desert of Sahara, 2vols. 1848 64I-2K

Richardson (James), Wonders of the Yellowstone Region in the

Rocky Mountains during 1870-1. 1874 1594^

Richardson (Sir John). See Last of the Arctic Voyages, 66i-2K, &c.
Richardson (M.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Richardson (S., Novelist, b. 1689, d. 1761), History of Sir Charles

Grandison, 7 vols. 1781 733'9iR

by Jeffrey. 1853 12751*

See also Blackwood, v. 105, ijsJ. Contemporary, v. 44, 2054J. Edinburgh

Review [Life and Correspondence of], v. 5, 3<55j. Fortnightly [as
Artist and Moralist], v. 12, 2io2j. Scott's Novelists, 10147. Stephen's
Hours in a Library, iioaR. Jones' Poets, 663M. Fiction Class List
following the General Catalogue, &c.

Richardsons of Bessbrook. See Fortunes Made in Business, io33Fa.
Richelieu (the Duke of). See Alison's Europe, 139-450. France, &c.
Richelieu (A. J., French Cardinal, b. 1585,^. 1642). Sec Buckle's Civilization,

1870. Fortnightly Review [Career of], v. 45, 2i3sJ. Fraser, v. 75, 68sJ.

Gardiner's History of England, 464-90. Mehagen's Universal History,

I5H. Sunday at Home, v. 29, 287gJ. Temple Bar, v. 45 and 62, 1375

and I392J. Ward's Counter- Reformation, 256X5 &c.

Richelieu, or th Conspiracy, a Play, &c., by Lyt ton. 1839 1270!!



Riches. See Good Words [and Poverty], v. 17, 2i87j. Muller's Noble Deeds, &c.,

92Q. Rich Folks, &c.
Richey (A. G.), LL.D., A Short History of the Irish People down

to the date of the Plantation of Ulster, edited by Kane 561 II

Richmond Park, Surrey. See Art Journal, v. 35, R.L. Harper, v. 57, 1637 J.

Jesse's Gleanings, 579Q. Land we Live in, 4646, &c.
Richmond, Virginia. See Harper's New Monthly Magazine [Some Richmond

Portraits], v. 70, i6soj.

Richmond (Earls of). See Dixon's Royal Windsor, 327H, &c.
Richmond (Frances Stuart, Duchess of). See Molloy's London under Charles

II., 2590, &c.
Richmond (Legh, Div ine,b. 1772, d. 1827), M.A., Annals of the

Poor. 1855 .. 64 and !S7iZ

Domestic Portraiture. 1847 I44Q

Memoir of, by Grimshawe. 1828 473F

Richmond (W. D.), Colour and Colour Printing, as Applied to

Lithography II 7oM

Grammar of Lithography, a Practical Guide for the Artist and

Printer II7IM

Richter (J. P. F., German Novelist, b. 1763, d. 1825), Flower,
Fruit and Thorn Pieces, or the Married Life, Death and
Wedding of the Advocate of the Poor, Firmian Stanislaus

Siebenkas, translated by Noel, 2 vols 27I-2Z

Leonardo Da Vinci [Great Artists]. 1879 no6O

Levana, or the Doctrine of Education, translated. 1848 2OoR

Sec also Chambers, v. 7 and 29, 1927 and i94ij. Mothers of Great Men

and Women, 68 2 F, &c.

Riddell (Mrs. J. H.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Riddle (J. E., b. 1804, d. 1859), M.A., A Manual of Scripture His-
tory, and History of the Jews between the Periods of the
Old and New Testaments. 1868 56Q

Ecclesiastical Chronology. 1840 293 and 557A

First Sundays at Church, Conversations on the Services. 1837 ... 8iQ

Manual of Christian Antiquities, with an Analysis of the Writings

of the Anti-Nicene Fathers. 1839 255A

Riddles. See Once a Week, v. 18, 22 7 8J. Hood's Puzzledom, i26oH, &c.

Ride in Egypt, by Loftie, illustrated. 1879 I53OR

through Hostile Africa and among the Boers, by Gillmore, ill. 799K

to Khiva, by Burnaby. 1876 792K

Rides. See All the Year Round [Remarkable], v. 43, iSosJ, &c.

Ridge (J. J.) Non-Alcoholic Home Treatment of Di
Ridgeway (R.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Ridicule. See Chambers [As a Weapon], v. 15, I934J. Cornhill [and Truth], v.
35> 3 T 5J- Good Words, v. 2, 2i72j. Leist
Truth], v. 31, 264iJ, c.

35> 3 T 5J- Good Words, v. 2, 2i72j. Leisure Hour [Is it the Test of

Riding, by the Earl of Suffolk and W. R. Weir [Badminton Series]. II36M

Young Horsewoman's Compendium, by Stanley. 1827 H2oM

See also All the Year Round [for Health], v. 22, I782J. Cassell's Pastimes,

I262H. Girl's Own Annual [How to Ride], v. 3, 2553J. Stonehenge's

Rural Sports, 68iT. Walker's Manly Exercises, n64M. Young Lady's

Book, 9 8 3 M, &c.
Ridley (N., Bishop of London, b. 1500, burnt 1555), D.D., Works

of. 1841 2iiA

Sec also Brave Confessors, 14400. Cunningham's Eminent Englishmen,

22F. Milman's St. Pauls, 32oH, &c.
Rienzi (Nicola di. Dictator of Rome, b. 1313, assassinated 1354). See Quarterly

[and his Times], v 69, nggj, c.
Rifles. See Chambers [Enfield], v. 31, i 94 2j ; [Swiss], v. 28, 1940 J ; [Needle Gun

and Cartridge], v. 43, I948J. Cornhill [Breech Loading, in the British

Army], v. 14, zg4j. Saturday Review [Martini-Enfield], v. 57, R.L. ;

[Long-Range], v. 60, R.L. Guns, &c.



Rigby (E. [Lady Eastlake]), Letters from the Shores of the Baltic

[Murray's Library]. 1849 I29IR

St-e a l so Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Rigg (A.), M.A., and Goolden (W. T.), B.A., Eds., Easy Intro-
duction to Chemistry, illustrated. 1875 4H^

Rigg (J. H.), D.D., The Living Wesley, as he was in his Youth

and Prime. 1874 10310

Rigging of Ships, by Kipping [Weale's Series]. 1866 7o5Q

Knotting, &c. See Brady's Kedge-Anchor, SgiD, &c.

Right and Wrong. See Clifford's Essays, 887H. Fortnightly, v. 24, 21147.

Right-Handedness. See Brown's Science for All, 6286. Knowledge, v. i,

Rights. See Edinburgh Review [and Duties of the People], v. 20, 3807. Fort-
nightly [Natural], v. 16, 21167. Frost's Secret Societies, 33H, &c.

Rig-Veda-Sankita, A Collection of Ancient Hindu Hymns, trans-
lated by Wilson, 2 vols. 1850 459-oA

See also Hunter's Indian Empire, 485^ Saturday Review [Arrowsmith's

Edition], v. 62, R.L.

Riley (H. T.), B.A., Tr., Ovid's Heroides, &c. 1852 n65H

Fasti, Pontic Epistles, &c. 1851 n66H

See also Old English Chronicles.

Rimmer (A.), Ancient Stone Crosses of England, illustrated. 1875 862F

Ancient Streets and Homesteads of England, with an Introduc-

tion by Dean Howson, illustrated. 1877 365K

Our Old Country Towns, illustrated. iSSi I349R

- Rambles round Eton and Harrow, illustrated. 1882 I347R

and Howson (J. S.), D.D., The River Dee, its Aspect and

History, illustrated. 1886 , 858K

Rinderpest. See Household Words, v. 16, 17567, &c.

Ring, Marriage, by Landels [Notes on Marriage, &c.] 3i6R

Rings. See All the Year Round [Stories about], v. 56, 18167. Art Journal
[Finger, Facts about], v. 17, R.L. Chambers [and their Significance],
v. 25, 19397 I [Marriage], v. 49, 19517 '> [Ring Trick], v. 6r, 10617.
Cornhill [and Seals, Antique and their Prices], v. 16, 2907. Fraser [and
Seals, Old], v. 92, 7027. jeaffreson's Bridals [Wedding], 983 H.
7 ones' Credulities, go2M ; Finger-Ring Lore, 928M. Living Age
[Finger], v. 122, 31527. Occult Sciences, igssR. Once a Week, v. 7,
22677, &c.

Ringler (German Ceramic Acarnisf). See History of Pottery and Porcelain,

Rinking, Skating, &c. See Crawl ey's Handbooks, iisiM.

Rio de Janeiro. See Brassey's Voyage in the Sunbeam, i6S2R. Fletcher's
Brazil, 751 K. Gerstacker's Travels, i632R. Household Words [Two
Days in], v. 12, 17527. Living Age [Rambles in], v. 3, 30337. Scribner
[Brazil], v. 18, 18687. Walpole's Pacific, 7 9 5 K. Well's Brazil, 813-^.

Rio de la Plate. See Gallenga's America, 756K, &c.

Rio Grande. See Fletcher's Brazil, 751 K. Harper [Along the], v. 70,
16507, &c.

Rioja (F. de, Spanish Poet, I. 1600, d. 1659). See Longfellow's Poets and
Poetry of Europe, 4730.

Riots, The Mollie Maguire Riots in America, by Martin, illustrated 522H

- Tumults, &c., Sketches of. 1836 gooM

See also Ashton's Nineteenth Century, 86i-2H. Blackwood [Corn-Law], v.

52, R.L. Chambers [Law of], v. 9, 19297 ; [Lord-George-Gordon], v.
e.8, 19587. Cornhill [and Mobs, English], v. 15, 2957. Fortnightly
Review [Means of Suppressing], v. 46, 21367. Knight's England,
I52-4H. Once a Week [Turnpike], v. 17, 22777. Sketches of Popular
Tumults, 12387, &c.
Rip Van Winkle Legend. See Harper [Genesis of], v. 67, 16477, & c -

Rlpa (Father), Memoir of, translated by Prandi. 1844 IOO4Q

Ripe for the Sickle, Memorials of Mademoiselle Jallott, and her Con-
version from the Romish Church, &c. 1865 2 35^



Kipley (G.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.
Bipple-Marks. See Nature, v. 29, 26897, &c.

Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul, by Doddridge. 1817 2 37Q

Rise of Great Families, by Burke. 1873 947^

Bispach. (H. von). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.
"Rita " [Mrs. Eliza M. J. G. von Booth]. See Fiction Class List following the
General Catalogue.

Ritchie (D. G.), M.A., Darwinism and Politics. 1889 I998R

Ed., Early Letters of Jane Welsh Carlyle, together with a few of

later years, and some of Thomas Carlyle. 1889 357^

Ritchie (J. E.), About London. 1860

Night Side of London. 1861

On the Track of the Pilgrim Fathers, or Holidays in Holland ... 45 iM

Personal Recollections of East Anglia [Suffolk and Norfolk] 6230

Ritchie (Leitch, Scotch Novelist, b. 1801, d. 1865), Travelling

Sketches on the Sea Coast of France. 1834 I396R

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Ritson (J., Antiquary, b. 1752, d. 1803), Fairy Tales, Legends and
Romances, illustrating Shakespeare and other Early English
Writers, to which are prefixed two Preliminary Dissertations,
i on Pigmies, 2 on Fairies. 1875 638T

See also Ballads and Metrical Tales, 334Q, &c.

Ritter (F. L.), History of Music, from the Christian Era to the
Present Time, with Examples. 1880

-in the Form of Lectures for Students. 1876

Ritual, English, Antiquities of, by Palmer, 2 vols. 1836 5O4-5A

See also Good Words [and Christianity], v. 14, 2184.7.

^Ritualism. See Art_Journal [and Art], v. 18, R.L. Contemporary Review [and

the Ecclesiastical Law], v. i, 201 ij ; [Communion Service and], v. 7,
2017^ ; [Rationale of], v. 17, 20277 5 [and Rationalism], v. 19, 20297 ;
[Ethics of], v. 20, 2osoJ ; v. 22, 20327 ; [Ritualists, Why not Catholics?
a Reply], v. 33 ; [and Rejoinder], v. 34, 20447. Edinburgh Review [in

19, 2O29J

[Ethics of], v. 20, 20307 ; v.' 22, 20327 ; [Ritualists, Why not Catholics?
a Reply], v. 33 ; [and Rejoinder], v. 34, 20447. Edinburgh Review [in
the Church of England], v. 125, 4857. Gladstone's Gleanings, 886Z.
Macmillan, v. 17, 9477. Quarterly [Ritualists and the Law], v. 151,
12817. Stoughton's Religion [1800- 1 880], ggM.
Rivals, The, a Comedy, by Sheridan [Inchbald's British Theatre] ... I754Z
Bivas (Duque De). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 473D.
River Dee, Its Aspect and History, by Howsonand Rimmer. 1886 8s8K

of Golden Sand, Journey through China to Burmah, by Gill,

illustrated, 2 vols. 1880 5I2-3K

Rivers and Lakes, by Napier [S.P.C.K.], illustrated. 1879 623Q

of the Bible, by Tweedie, illustrated. 1864 iSgQ

of the Bible, by Gosse. 1850 33oM

See also Atkinson's Russian Acquisitions, 6nB. Blackwood, v. 118, 1887.

Brown's Science for All, 6266 ; [of the Sea], 62763. Chambers [Primi-
tive Modes of Crossing], v. 53, 19537; [Work of], v. 59, 19597.
English Illustrated [and River-Gorges of the Old World and the New],
v. i, iggij- Harper's Index, i64o7a. Hartwig's Tropical World [of
the Tropics], 758F. Humboldt's Nature, zgR. Kitto's Palestine,
6ioB. Knowledge [Action on Land], v. 5, 25857- McCulloch's
British Empire, 7iiH. Nature [Regulation of], v. 12, 26727 ; [Chinese,
Discharge of], v. 26, 26867. Seeley's Fishes, 8nF. Stanford's Com-
pendium, 8soK. Stanley's Dark Continent [African], is63R. Timbs'
Works [Seas and Lakes], 854Z. Woodgate's Boating [and Courses],
I266R. Also under names of Rivers.

Rivers of Water in a Dry Place, or Christianity in South Africa 22oT

Riviera, The, Sketches of the Health Resorts of the North Mediter-
ranean Coast of France, &c. , by Sparks. 1 879 I426R

Winterings in the, by Miller, illustrated. 1879 438K



Riviera. See also Art Journal [Western], v. 36, R.L. Blackwood [Ramble to], v.

i35> 2 5J- Fortnightly Review [Health Resorts of the Western], v. 37,

2127J. Health Haunts, 8ioQ. Living Age [Reverie on], v. 169, 3199}.

Saturday Review [Roman traces in], v. 54, R.L Cornhill [Winter in

Unfrequented Parts of], v. 54, 334J.
Rivingtons, The. See Curwen's Booksellers, 5200.
Roach, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Librarj 68oQ. Once a Week, v. 10,

2270.7. Penny Magazine [and the Dace], v. n, 1496. Fishes, &c.
Roads and Railroads, Vehicles and Modes of Travelling of Ancient

and Modern Countries. 1839 xogoM

See also Andrew's Eighteenth Century, aSiR. All the Year Round [in England],

[and Roadmaking in the U.S.], v. n, 1496. Pike's Crime in England,

307-8H. Sunday at Home, v. 33, 2833.7. Temple's India, 486K, &c.

Roadside Poems, by Macdonald 1873^

Rob Roy (Robert Macgregor Campbell, Scottish Freebooter, b, 1660, d. 1735). See

Blackwood [Memoir of], v. 2, R.L. Chambers' Domestic Annals,

346H. Chambers' Miscellany [and the Clan Macgregor], 629R, &c.
Rob Roy Canoe, a Thousand Miles in the, by Macgregor. 1878 ... 875Q

The. See Boy's Own Annual, v. 7, 29577. Macgregor (J.), &c.

Robbers and Banditti, Lives and Exploits of, by Macfarlane. 1839 12242

See also Highwaymen, Pirates, &c.

Robbery. See Chronicles of Newgate [Prevalence of highway], v. i, 33oD.

Harper [as a Science], v. 26, i6o6J. Pike's Crime in England, 307-8H.

Crime, Highwaymen, &c.
Robbia (Luca della, Florentine Sculptor, b. 1400, d. 1481). See History of Pottery

and Porcelain, 9360.
Robbins (R. D. C.), Egypt and the Books of Moses, illustrated by

the monuments, trans, by Hengstenberg. 1845 883 A

Robbins (Mrs. S. S.) See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Robert Bruce (King of Scotland, b. 1274, d. 1329). See Tytler's Worthies, 1045(3.

Scotland, Kings, &c.

Robert (Dukes of Normandy). See Freeman's Norman Conquest, 2oi-sH, &c.
Robert Le Diable (First Duke of Normandy, poisoned 1035). See Palgrave's

Normandy, i82H.
Robert Houdin (French Conjuror, b. 1805, d. 1871). See Household Words, v.

19, I759J. Houdin, &c.
Robert Elsmere and Modern Oxford. See Blackwood's Magazine, v. 144,

2i4j. Fortnightly [As a Symptom], v. 51, 2I4TJ. Quarterly Review,

v. 167, 12977. Fiction Class List, &c.
Roberts (Alexander), D.D., and Donaldson (J)., LL.D., Editors

of Anti-Nicene Christian Library, 24 vols., 1871-80 362-84A

Roberts (Arthur), M.A., Village Sermons [Rel. Tract Soc.]. vol. 2 242Q
Roberts (David, Landscape Painter, b. 1796, d. 1864). See Frith's Reminiscences,

6isF, &c.

Roberts (Dorothea), Two Royal Lives, Gleanings from Berlin and
from the Lives of their Imperial Highnesses the Crown Prince

and Princess of Germany, illustrated. 1887 r 344C>

Roberts (Emma), Rival Houses of York and Lancaster [Richard II.

to Henry VII.], 2 vols. 1827 3I4-5H

Roberts (General Sir F.). See Adam's England at War, i 99 H. Blackwood

[Low's Life of]) v. 134, 204!. Saturday Review [Low's Memoir of]> v.

56 R.L., &c.
Roberts (G. ), Social History of the People of the Southern Counties

of England in Past Centuries. 1856 30iH

Roberts (J.). See Brave Confessors, 14400, &c.

Roberts (Margaret). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Roberts (Mary), Wild Animals, illustrated. 1854 6iiQ

Roberts (S.). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760, &c.

Roberts (W.), History of Letter Writing, from the Earliest Period

to the Fifth Century. 1843 1057!!

Life and Correspondence of Mrs. Hannah More, 4 vols. 1834 853-60

Memoires of the Life of Mrs. Hannah More. 1838 255Z.



Robertson (E. S.), M.A., English Poetesses, Critical Biographies,

&c. 1883 6350

Ed., Great Writers, v.D. :

Coleridge, by Hall Caine .... 12650 I Longfellow(H.W.),by Robertson 12640

Dickens, by Marzials 12660 Marryat, by Hannay 12696

Goethe, by Sime 12680 j Rossetti, by Knight 12670

Robertson (F. W., Theologian, b. 1816, d. 1853), Expository Lec-
tures on St. Paul's Epistles to the Corinthians. 1883 37M

Sermons Preached at Brighton, 4 vols. 1883 :

First Scries. God's Revelation of Heaven, Parable of the Sower, Jacob's
Wrestling, Shadow and Substance of the Sabbath, Sympathy of
Christ, Advent Lectures, Loneliness of Christ, New Command-
ment of Love to One Another, Message of the Church to Men
of Wealth, Kingdom of the Truth, Scepticism of Pilate, The
Israelite's Grave in a Foreign Land, &c 33M

Second Series. Christ's Judgment Respecting Inheritance, Star in the
East, Baptism, Religious Depression, Restoration of the Erring,
Christ the Son, Worldliness, Early Development of Jesus,
Christ's Estimate of Sin, The First Miracle, The Good Shepherd,
Doubt of Thomas, Irreparable Past, &c 34M

Third Scries. The Tongue, Victory of Faith, The Trinity, Absolution,
Sacrifice of Christ, Power of Sorrow, Sensual and Spiritual Ex-
citement, Purity, Lenity and Peace, Christian Casuistry, Marriage
and Celibacy, Victory over Death, Prodigal and his Brother,
John's Rebuke of Herod, &c 35M

Fourth Series. Character of Eli, Prayer, Selfishness as shown in
Balaam's Character, Transitoriness of Life, Waiting for the
Second Advent, Sinlessness of Christ, Regeneration, An Elec-
tion Sermon, The Word and the World, Solomon's Restoration,

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