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Russell (Count Henry), Pau and the Pyrenees. 1871 I39IR

Russell (Lord John, Statesman, b. 1792, d. 1878), by Spencer W T al-

pole, 2 vols. 1889 6o9-oF



Hussell (Lord John). See also Cobden's Speeches, 323!?.. Edinburgh Review
[Speeches], v. 131, 491 J. Harris' Radicals, no6F. Heaton's Reforms,
456O. Leisure Hour [with Portrait], v. 12, 2622]. McCarthy's His-
tory of our Own Times, IQ3-6H. Martineau's Thirty Years' Peace,
4496. Martin's Life of the Prince Consort, Q2-6F. Mial's Life of
Richards, 424F. Morley's Life of Richard Cobden, 190-1 F. Napier's
Correspondence, 273H. Quarterly, v. 88, i2i8J. Raven's Parliamentary
History of England, 1832-1880, 2330. Smith's Life of Gladstone, 275F.
Thornton's Foreign Secretaries, 2ogH. Torren's Memoirs of Viscount
Melbourne, 385-6F. Greville Memoirs, &c.

Hussell (Lady John, Wife of the above). See Walpole's Lord Russell, 6o9-ioF.
Russell (M., Bishop of Glasgow, b. 1781, d. 1848), LL.D., A Con
nection of Sacred and Profane History, from Joshua to the
Decline of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, edited by

Wheeler, 2 vols. 1869 54'SH

History of the Barbaiy States [Edinburgh Cab. Library]. 1835 4O3T

Nubia and Abyssinia, their History, Antiquities, &c. 1833 394-T

Palestine from the Earliest Period to the Present Time, ill. 1831 924Q

or the Holy Land, from the Earliest Period to the Present

Time [Harper's Family Library], illustrated. 1832 io6Z

Polynesia, or the South Sea Islands and New Zealand. 1842 ... 388T

View of Ancient and Modern Egypt, with an Outline of its

Natural History [Edinburgh Cabinet Library], ill. Q23Q and 664Z
Russell (W.), Extraordinary Men, their Boyhood and Early Life, ill. 13300
Russell (William, Historian, b. 1746, d. 1794), History of Modern

Europe, 4 vols. 1837 43-6H

Russell (Lord William, Statesman and Patriot, b. 1639, heheaded

1683), Life of, by Lord John Russell. 1853 95lO

Eussell (Lady Rachel, Wife of Lord William Russell, b. 1636, d. 1723). See

Mothers and Wives of Great Men and Women, 682F.
Hussell (W. C. [Sydney Mostyn]). See Fiction Class List following the General


Russell (W. H., Irish Journalist, Correspondent for the Times, b.
1821), A Diary in the East, during the Tour of the Prince

and Princess of Wales, illustrated 562K

Canada, its Defence, Condition and Resources. 1865 I626R

Eccentric Personages, 2 vols. 1864 1307-80

My Diary in India in the Years 1858-9 [Indian Mutiny]. 1859.. 3736

The Prince of Wales' Tour, a Diary in India, with Some Ac-
counts of the Visits of His Royal Highness to the Courts of
Greece, Egypt, Spain and Portugal, ill. by S. P. Hall. 1877 6036

The W T ar, from the Landing at Gallipoli to the Death of Lord

Raglan 2900

Death of Lord Raglan to the Evacuation of the

Crimea. 1856 2890

RUSSIA Works relating to : (See a/so Crimea, Cossacks,
Names of Emperors and other Celebrities, e.g., Peter the
Great, Nicholas, Catherine, Sckamyl, &c., also Art, Litera-
ture^ Religion^ <SrV.)

Russia, Abridged from the French of the Marquis De Custine.. I264R

and Germany, War in [1812-1813], by Cathcart. 1850 448H

Greece, Travels in, by Taylor. 1870 858R

Turkey, from the Geographical Dictionary of McCulloch. I265R

as it is, Its Court, People, &c., by Morell. 1854 635Z

by Wallace, 2 vols. 1877 45o-iK



RUSSIA Works relating is (continued.}

Russia, Church of, by Mouravieff, translated by Blackmore. 1842 !2oK

Eastern, Tarantasse Journey through, 1856, by Spottiswood. !46oR

Free Russia, by Dixon, illustrated, 2 vols. 1870 446-7H

from the Foundation of the Empire by Rourick, to the Close

of Hungarian War by Duncan, 2 vols. 1854 347-8O

History of, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time, by

Kelly, 2 vols. 1854 15050

History of [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia], 2 vols. 1836 ... 3iO

in Central Asia in 1889, and The Anglo-Russian Question,

by Curzon, maps and illustrations. 1 889 863K

Invasion of, by Napoleon, 1812, by Wilson. 1860 44oH

Modern Novelists of, by Turner. 1890 14910

Recollections of, during a Thirty-three Years' Residence, by

a German Nobleman. 1855 I3OOR

Revelations of, or the Emperor Nicholas, 2 vols. 1844 343-40

The Tarantas, Travelling Impressions of Young Russia, by

Sollogul, illustrated. 1850 8nQ

Under the Tzars, by Stepniak, trans, by Westall. 1885 ...441-20

Russian Acquisitions in India and China, Travels in, by Atkinson 61 iB

Art, by Maskell [South Kensington Handbooks]. 1884 ... IO48M

at the Gates of Herat, by Marvin, illustrated. 1885 H58R

Central Asia, by Lansdell, illustrated, 2 vols. 1885 828-9K

Empire, by Boulton. 1883 958Z

under Peter the Great, by Voltaire, trans., 2 vols. 1778. 345-60

Folk-Tales, by Ralston. 1873 943 F

Russians of the South, by Brooks. 1855 I265R

See also Alison's Europe, 119-460. All the Year Round [Travel in], v. 6

and 7, 1766-77 ', [Races in], v. 40, i8oo7; [Old English Travellers in], v.
42, 18027. Blackwood [Advance of, upon India], v. 136, 2067 ; [Military
Manoeuvres in 1884], v. 137, 2077 ; [Aggression of], v. 138, 2087.
Chambers' [and the Czar], v. 22, 19377 '> [Young], v. 22, 193/7 > [Serf
Marriage in], v. 23, 19387 ; [Navy of, and its Sailors], v. 24, 19387.
Cobden's Speeches, 323R. Conder's Modern Traveller, 524^. Con-
temporary Review [Terrorism in], v. 45, 20557 '> [Contemporary
Life and Thought in], v. 47 and 50, 2057 and 20607 ; [and the
Treaty of Berlin], v. 50, 20607 ; [Policy of, in the East], v. 50,
20607. Elliott's Travels, 42I-2K. Erman's Siberia, 498-oK. Fort-
nightly [and America], v. 6, 20967; [Present Condition of], v. 37, 21277;
[Peace between Russia and England], v. 43. 21337 ; [and England], v.
46, 21367. Fraser [Serfdom in], v< 36, 6967 ; [Navy of, and Russian-
Gunners], v. 49, 6597 ; [Early History of], v. 52, 6627 ; [and China,
1880], v. 102, 7127. Girl's Own Annual [Girl Life in], v. 6, 25567.

in], v. 21, 21917. Harper [Sleigh-Ride through
tern], v. 38, 16187 ! [Russian Convicts in Salt Mines of Iletsk],
v. 76, 16567. Harper's Index, 164073. Humboldt's Travels,

Good Words [and India, Fairs and Pilgrimages in], v. 14, 21047
[Sundays in], v. 21, 21917. Harper [Sleigh-Ride through Eas-



34Q. Kinglake's Crimea, 282-70. Lansdell's Asia, 83oK ;.
Siberia, 4g6K. Leisure Hour [and China], v. 29, 26397- Living
Age [Navy of], v. 2, 30327 5 v. 42, 30727 ; [Bookselling in], v.
163, 31937- McCarthy's History of Our Own Times, I94-6H. Mac-
millan [Reform Period in], v. 37, 9677. Martin's Life of the Prince
Consort, 93-6F. Marvin's Petroleum Regions, 8osK. Maunder's
Treasury of History, i856Z. Nineteenth Century [and India], v. 3,
22137 5 [Nihilism in], v. 7, 22177; v - I 7> 222 ?7 \ [Six Generations of
Czars], v. 25, 22357. Once a Week [Adventures with a Passport in], v.
3, 22637 ; [Religious Sects in], v. 10, 22707. Penny Magazine [Mar-
riages in], v. 4, 1426 ; [Villages of], v. 4, 1426 ; [Travelling Post in], v.
ii, 1496; [Precious Metals in], v. 13, 1516. Poole's Index, R.L.
Quarterly, v. 39, 11697. Saturday Review [Finance of], v. 56, 57 and
59, R.L. Stanford's Compendium, 854K. Stephen's Travels, 564!^.



RUSSIA -Works relating to (continued.}

Sunday at Home [Religious Efforts in], v. i, 2851] ', [the Gospel in],
v. 18, 2868J ; [a Stay in Northern], v. 26, 28767. Taylor's Travels,
8s8R. Temple Bar [Armament of], v. 74, 14047. Thornton's Foreign
Secretaries, 207-8!!. Time [and England], v. 12, 1502^. Turko-
Russian War, 4506. Excelsior, IQ26R. Harper's Magazine [Social
Life in], v. 78, 1658.7. Nature, v. 30, 26997. Westminster Review
[Traits of the Russian Peasantry], v.'i3o, R.L., c.

Russling (J. F.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja.

Rust, Smut, Mildew and Mould, Introduction to Study of Micros-
copic Fungi, by Cooke, illustrated. 1870 6l8Q

See also Brown's Science for All, 6276. English Mechanic, v. 47, I047D, &c.

Ruth, Record of. 1885 545M

[A Narrative of the Time of Christ.]
Kuth. See Gallaudet's Biography, i69sZ. Sunday at Home, v. 7, 28577 '> Sunday

Magazine, v. 3, 24537, &c.
Rutherford (G. S. de M.), Ed., Lays of the Sanctuary and other

Poems. 1859 454^1

Rutherford (J.), The Troubadours, their Loves and their Lyrics,

with Remarks on their Influence, Social and Literary. 1873 I074R
Rutherford (S., Scotch Theologian, b. 1749, d. 1661). See Grosart's Nonconfor-
mists, 9460. Sunday Magazine, v. 4, 2454). Taylor's Scottish Pulpit,
635A, c.

Rutilius and Lucius, or Stones of the Third Age, by Wilberforce ... I72T
Rutlandshire. See All the Year Round [Chronicles of], v. 55, 18157.
Rutley (F.), F.G.S., Study of Rocks, an Elementary Text-Book of

Petrology, illustrated. 1879 674T

Ruutz-Rees ( J. E.). See Rees (J. E. Ruutz).

Ruxton(G. F.), Adventures in Mexico and the Rocky Mountains 835(3 & 4 J 9 T

Rye, Barley, Oats, &c. See Vegetable Substances, 6ogQ. Agriculture, Farming, &c.
Rye (7-)- See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Rye (Maria S.). See Good Words [and her Work among the Poor], v. 12, 21827. Plot. See Gentleman's Magazine, v. 33, 7537- Penny Magazine,

v. 9, 1476, &c.
Ryland (J. E.), M.A., Ed., Essay on the Improvement of Time, by

Foster 95iR

Ed. Life and Correspondence of John Foster [Bonn's Library].... 653-40

See also All the Year Round, v. 59, 18197.

Rylands (L. Gordon), B.A., Crime, Its Causes and Remedy. 1889 3I5R
Ryle (J. C., Bishop of Liverpool, b. 1816), M.A., Christian Leaders

of the last Century. 1880 5796

Home Truths, Addresses and Tracts H3Q

[Consider Your Ways. Are You Forgiven. Only One Way. Christ and
Two Thieves. Faith's Choice. Assurance.]

I^AARBRUCK. See Cassell's Franco-German War, 456-76, &c.

SABBATH, Child's Book on the, by Hooker

Christian, considered by different Ministers, with Preface, by

Noel. 1856 n8Q

Wardlaw, Jordan, Thomson, King, Hamilton, M'Owan, Hannah, Innes,
Hetherington, Reid, Symington, Hamilton (R. W.), Bickersteth,
Bates, Angell 7ames, &c.

The Pearl of Days, by a Labourer's Daughter [Barbara PI.

Farquhar]. 1849 IO52R

Viewed in the Light of Reason, Revelation, and History, by

Gilfilan. 1862 I202M



SABBATH. See also Ewald's Israel, 66K. Inman's Faiths, g6K. Sunday
at Home {Rest of the], v. 2, 28527 ; [the Continental], v. 26, 28767.
Lord's Day, Sunday, &c.

Sabbath of the Fields [a Sequel to Bible Teachings in Nature], by

Macmillan. 1882 94T

Sabbath Readings [St. Mark], by Gumming. 1853

Sabine (Sir E., General, Royal Engineers, b. 1788, d. 1883), ,
Expedition to the Polar Sea, commanded by Admiral Von
Wrangell. 1844 79Q

Sabine (Lorenzo), Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the Ameri-
can Revolution, 2 vols. 1864 686-7K

Notes on Duels and Duelling. 1859 922M

Sabonadiere(W.), Coffee Planter in Ceylon. 1866 883D

Sacheverall (H., Tory Divine, b. 1672, d, 1724), D.D. See Burton's Queen

Anne, 237!!. Stoughton's Religion in England, 96M, &c.
Sacraments, Inquiry into the Nature of the Sacraments, by Halley. I I4-5M

Protestant Doctrine of, by Tomlinson. 1843 29oK

Reservation of the [Shipley's Studies] 46oM

Sacred and Profane History, by Russell, 2 vols. 1869.. 54-5H

of the World, by Shuckford, 2 vols. 1810 .. i6i-2K

Sacred Biography, by Hunter. 1841 625F

Sacred Books of the East, translated by Various Oriental Scholars and

edited by Max Miiller, 28 vols. 1879-85 559-8oA

[For Contents see Muller.]

Sacred Dramas for Young Persons, by Hannah More 52 and I755Z

Sacred Hermeneutics Developed and Applied, including a History

of Biblical Interpretation, by Davidson. 1843 9OoA

Sacred History of the World, by Turner. 1834... 47iA, 29I-2K and 6g-JiZ
Sacred Literature, Journal of, edited by Kitto and others :

Vol. i, 1851-2. New Series. A New Explanation of the Taxing in
Luke. The Jesuits. Sabbath Day. Chronology of the Kings
of Judah and Israel. Ministry of Angels. The Rephaim.

Characteristics of Miracles, &c 9-O5A

Vols. 2-3, 1852-3. Religion of Geology. Solomon's Temple. Pulpit of
the Church of England. Last Blessing of Jacob. Language
of Symbolism. Romanism in France. Harmony of the Gospels.
Clemens Alexandrines, his Writings and his Principles. Acts
of Andrew and Matthias in the City of the Men-eaters.
Christianity rarely alluded to by Greek and Roman Writers.
Ewald on the Prophets. Resurrection of the Body. Hebrew

Literature. Hippolytus and his Age, &c go6A

Vol. 4, 1853. Scythian Dominion in Asia. Modern Contributions to
the Study of Prophecy. Nature' of Sin and its earliest Develop-
ments. Life and Epistles of St. Paul. Rivers of Damascus.
Armenian Translation of Eusebius. On the Samaritan Penta-
teuch. The Sinaitic Inscriptions. Collation of the Gospels.

Syriac Metrical Literature, &c

Vols. 5-6, 1853-4. Robinson's Journey in Palestine. Inspired Character
of the Four Gospels. Existence and Characteristics of Angels.
Death of Judas. A Plea for the Old Theology. Birth and In-
fancy of Jesu.s. On the Sources of the Received Text of the
Greek Testament. Antediluvian Theocracy. What is the True
Meaning of the word Faith ? Bible and the Common People.
Discrepancy and Inspiration not Incompatible. Burial of

Moses, &c go8A

Vols. 4-5, 1857, Third Series. Revision of Translations of the Holy Scrip-
tures. _ The Lord's Day. The Will, Divine and Human. Law
of Burial and the Sentiment of Death. Emblems of St. John.
Lord Hervey on the Genealogies of Our Lord. Jesus when
Twelve Years Old at Jerusalem and in the Temple. Egyptian

Dynasties, &c gcgA

Vol 6, 1857-8. Gospel of St. John. History of the Sabbath under
the Old Testament Dispensation. Legend of St. Peter's


Sacred Literature, Journal of (continued.']

Penitential Food. Image of God. God's Providential and Moral
Government. Pantheism, its Historical Phases. John the
Baptist, his Mission and Character. Book of Tobit. Date of
the Nativity, &c gioA

Vol. 7, 1858. Literature of the Song of Songs. Quotations in the New
Testament. Did the Jews use Glass Windows ? Physiology
and the Sabbath. The Bible and Judaism. The Darius of Scrip-
ture. St. Paul and St. James on Justification. Life and Times
of Zwingli. Observations on the Chronology of our Lord's
Birth, Death, &c. ActsofAddi. Xenophon's Cyrapogdia, &c. . 911 A

Vol. 8, 1858-9. St. Augustine. Literature of the Book of Job. Exposi-
tory Remarks on ist John, v. 4-9. A Chapter on the Church of
Sweden. Verification of Christian Epochs. Rectification of
Sacred and Profane Chronology. Dr. Cureton's Syriac Gospels.
Cyrus the Great. The Franks and their Metropolitan. The
Chinese. Exegesis of the Book of Job. Mr. Hugh Miller's
Geology. Nicodemus, &c gi2A

Vol. 9, 1859. Uncials and Cursives. Jewish Sacrifices. On the Country
and Religion of the Empress Helena. Suggestions for a New
Interpretation of St. Matthew, 2nd chap., 23rd verse. Miracles
and Prophecies. Revised English Version of the Book of Job.
Early Church History of Scotland. Biblical Revision. Assyrian
History. Extraordinary Discovery of a Biblical MS., &c 9ijA

Vol. 10, 1859-1860. Modern Prophetic Literature. The Descent of Christ
into Hell. Theology of Revelation and Heathenism. Slavery
Condemned by Sacred and Profane Writers. On the True Read-
ing and Correct Interpretation of Psalm xli., 6. The Origin and
History of the Sacred Slaves of Israel. Ancient and Modern
Commentaries on the Holy Scriptures. Theories of Biblical
Chronology. Recent Syraic Literature, &c 9*4^

Vol. ii, 1860. Route of the Exodus. George Buchanan. The Sisters of
Galilee and . Bethany. Remarks on the Book of Esther. The
Righteousness of Christ. The Epistle to the Hebrews : to
whom Addressed. The Wrath of God. Philosophy and the
Knowledge of God. Kai, Khosru, and Ahasueras, c QisA

Vol. 12, 1860-1861. Elijah at the Brook Cherith and at Zarephath. Dus-
terdieck and others on the Apocalypse. Exegesis of Difficult
Texts. Preaching to the Spirits in Prison. On the Parables of
the New Testament. The Atonement. Jewish Orthodoxy.
On the Epistles of St. Peter. The Church History of Scotland.
The Chaldee of Daniel and Ezra. Origen's Commentary on
Romans viii., 18-25, &c 9i6A

Vol. 13, 1861. The Early Development of our Lord Jesus Christ. The
First-born, a Title of Jesus Christ. " Essays and Reviews."
History of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Two Records of Our
Lord's Temptation. On the Epistles of St. Peter. The Genea-
logy of Christ. Nevy Translation of the Book of Job. The
Persians and Demetrius. The Family of Jesus, &c 9i?A

Vol. 14, 1861-2. Modern Miracles. The Prayers of Our Lord Jesus
Illustrative of his Humanity. On the Divine Nature. The
Eucharistic Blessing. The Gospel of St. Matthew. The Early
Life of Bossuet. Hupfeld on Modern Theosophic Theology.
Arioch and Belshazzar. The Omnipotence of God gi8A

Vol. i, 1862, Fourth Series. The Act of Uniformity. Ancient Atheism and
Superstition. Benedict of Nursia. Manes and Manichaeism.
The Nabateans and Professor Chowlson. Peter's Denial of
Christ. Incidents in the Life of Christ. Nehemiah the Tirs-
hatha. Religion of the Ancient Romans. Sacred Trees. Clement
of Alexandria and his Defence of the Faith. The Antediluvian
World, its Longevity, and Progress in the Arts. The Gospel of
St. Luke. The Topography of the Sinaitis, &c QigA

Vol. 2, 1862-3. Prophecy, its nature, interpretation, and uses. Dean
Ellicott on the Destiny of the Creature. The Atonement in
relation to Hebrews ix., 16-18. The Syriac Language and Litera-
ture. Life and Miracles of Apollonius of Tyana. The Biblical
Canon. A Sermon on the Resurrection, by Luis de Granada.
Sir Isaac Newton on Ezra and Nehemiah. The Protestant
Clergy in Bohemia. Marcus Antoninus a Persecutor. The



Sacred Literature, Journal of (continued.}

Egyptian Dynasties of Manetho. Notes on Excavated Prisons.

The Date of the Apocalypse, &c 92oA

Vol. 3, 1863. Notes of a Visit to Malta. Renan, Les Histoires Critiques
de Je"sus. The Buddhist Scriptures and their Language. The
Samaritan Pentateuch. Revelation and Science. Judah's Grand-
sons. Canon Stanley on the Jewish Church. ./Ethiopic Liturgies
and Hymns. Inspiration. Contributions to Modern Ecclesiasti-
cal History. Introduction to the Rabbinic Bible. Rumination

of the Hare, &c 921 A

Vol. 4, 1863-4. On Methods of Biblical Criticism. The Gustavus Adol-
phus Society. The Epistle of Barnabas. The Bordeaux Pilgrim
in Palestine. Renan's Life of Jesus. The Book of Daniel.
Slavonic Protestants of Central Europe. Oriental Sacred Tra-
ditions. The Old Testament Text and its Emendation. The
Tree of Life. Modern Explanations of the Life of Christ. The

Census, c., of St. Luke, ii. 2, &c 922A

Vols. 5-6, 1864. The Sepulchre in Sychem. Cornelius the Centurion.
On the Nature of Man. Water Supply of Jerusalem, Ancient
and Modern. The River of the Wilderness. Early Moravian
Hymn Books. The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus.
The Vocation of the Preacher. An Old Account of the Strauss
Controversy. Israel in Egypt. Analogy between the Apoca-
lypse of the Old and the New Testament. Cuneiform In-
scriptions Described and Tested. A Rational View of Hebrew

Chronology, &c 923 A

Sacred Literature, Succession of, in a Chronological Arrangement to

the Year A.D. 1300, by Clarke, 2 vols. 1830 5oo-iA

Sacred Palmlands, by Weld. 1881 I6Q2R

Sacred Poetry. See Poetry.

Sacred Things, Hours of Thought on, by Martineau, 2 vols. 1879.. 7404- 5 M

Sacrifice, or Pardon and Purity through the Cross, by Hall. 1856. 38Z

See also All the Year Round Magazine [Human], v. 42, i822j. Inman's

Faiths, g6K. Knight's Pictorial Bible, ioo-4M. Pressens6's Ancient
World and Christianity, ng4M. Ragozin's Assyria, 4320. Smith's
Jewish Church, 46jM, &c.

Saddles. See Beckmann's Inventions, 697(3. Riding, &c.

Sadler (M. T., Philanthropist, b. 1780, d. 1835), M.P., Law of Population. See
Macaulay's Miscellaneous Writings, 15300. &c.

Sadness, Human, by Gasparin. 1864 26Q

See also Emotions, Mental Philosophy, Passions, &c.

Sadowa. See Quiver [a Trip to], v. 10, 328oJ. Austria, &c.

Ssemund. See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730.

Safety Cage. See Ure's Dictionary, 8D, &c.

Safety Lamps. See Smiles' Engineers, 9840. Ure's Dictionary, 8-gD, &c.

Saffron. See Beckmann's Inventions, 697^. Science Gossip, v. 8, 24I3J, &c.

Sahara, The Great Desert of, Travels, by Richardson, 2 vols. 1848 64I-2K

See also Hartwig's Tropical World, 7s8F. Saturday Review [Flooding

the], v. 55, R.L. Scribner's Monthly [Flooding of the Sahara], v. 18,
i868J. Stanford's Compendium, 849K. Wittich's Physical Geo-
graphy, 688Q, &c.

Sail and Steamer. See Land we Live in, 4646. Ships, Steamships, &c.
Sailing. See Boy's Own Book, 15272. Crawley's Handbooks [and Yachting],

iiSaM. Walker's Manly Exercises, u64M, &c.
Sailmaking. See Boy's Own Annual, 1885, ag57j, c.

Sailor's Assistant to the Arts of Rigging, Splicing, Knotting, &c 8gil>

Sailors. See Eden's Japan, 8i4Q. Froude's England, 1990. Leisure Hour
[Homes], v. n, 262iJ. Quiver [Our Future], v. 12, 3282J. Sunday
Magazine [a Word to], v. 2, 2452}. Admirals, Navy, Sea, &c.
Saint. Names of the Saints are entered under their distinctive names, e.g.) Au-
gustine, Matthew, Paul, &c.

St. Albans. See Good Words [Afternoon in], v. 9, 2i7gJ.
St. Allban's (Duchess of), Memoirs of, by Mrs. Barron-Wilson, 2

vols. 1886 6o7-8F

Saint-Amand (I. De), Memoirs of Empress Marie Louise, wife of

Napoleon Buonaparte. 1886 IOQF



St. Andrews, Scotland. See Leisure Hour, v. 16, 2626}.

St. Aubin. See Jersey.

St. Bernards. See Living Age, v. 155, 3i8sJ, &c.

St. Cloud. See Cassell's Franco-German War, 456-76.

St. Dalmas (E. De, Guernsey Author). See Boy's Own Annual [Practical Hints

to Young Painters], v. 3, 2953.7, &c.
St. Davids. See Walford's Pleasant Places, 8isQ.
St. David's Day. See Brand's Antiquities, loosM.

St. Gelais (M. de). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 473D.
St. Giles and St. James, [a Tale comparing the Higher and Lower

Classes], by Jerrold

St. Gothard. See Leisure Hour [Winter Post across], v. 18, 2628!.

St. Helier. See Jersey.

St- James's Palace. See Leisure Hour, v. 7, 26i7j. London, &c.

St. John (B.), 7>., Legends of the Christian East, illustrated. 1856.

The Memoirs of the Duke of St. Simon, on the Reign of Louis

XIV. and the Regency, 3 vols. 1889 433'SF

Two Years' Residence in a Levantine Family, and Adventures

in the Libyan Desert, &c. 1850 6$iK

St. John (C.), Short Sketches of the Wild Sports and Natural

History of the Highlands. 1846 8o8Q

Wild Sports and Natural History of the Highlands [Murray's

Library]. 1849 I2Q2R

St. John (Henry, Viscount Bolingbroke). See Bolingbroke (Henry St. John,

St. John (H. R.), Life of Columbus. 1850 99oQ

The Indian Archipelago, 2 vols. 1853 I5O4R

St. John (J. A.), Lives of Celebrated Travellers [Family Library],

3 vols. 1832 :-
ol. i. Rut

Vol. i. Rubruquis, Marco Polo, Ibn Batuta, Africanus, Valle, Tavernier,

Bernier, Chardin, Rasmpfer, Maundrell ...................... io6iQ

Vol. 2. Tournefort, Shaw, Hasselquist, Lady Montague, Pococke, Bell,

Ledyard, Forster, Bruce, Hanway, Ulloa ...................... io62Q

Vol. 3. Park, Pallas, Niebuhr, Choiseul-Gouffier, Burckhardt, Volney,
Clarke, Vaillant, Belzoni, Denon, Heber ......................

- Louis Napoleon, Emperor of the French, a Biography. 1857... 8710
St. John (Molineux), The Sea of Mountains, or Lord Dufferin's Tour

through British Columbia in 1876, 2 vols. 1877 ............... 1624-5R

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Revolution]. 1 848 ................................. ". .................... T 54Z

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Part I. Arab Children, Pirates, Balloons, Elephants, Pantomimes, Peo-

ple we Meet, &c., I322H. Part II. Miss Alcott, Bell-Buoy, Boat-

ing, Josef Hpfmann, Chinese Market, Old Corks, Dolls, Dogs, A

Namesake, Riches and Poverty, Scent of Dogs, &c., 1323^

St. Pancras, Middlesex, Interesting and Curious Epitaphs copied

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