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of Britain, illustrated. 1861 , 15200

Saxons. See Alfred the Great, 15250. Boner's Transylvania, 423!^. Green's
Conquest of England [Saxon Kings], i87H ; Making of England,
i88H, &c.

Saxony, Bohemia and Silesia, by White. 1857 I47OR

See also Alison's Europe, 122-350, c.

Say (H.). See Senior's Conversations, 436-7^ &c.

Say (Leon), Turgot [Great French Writers]. 1888 547F

Sayce (A. H., Classical Scholar, b. 1846), M. A., Assyria, its Princes,

Priests and People [R.T.S.], illustrated. 1885 253M

Fresh Light from the Ancient Monuments, a Sketch of the most

Striking Confirmations of the Bible, from Recent Discoveries
in Egypt, Assyria, Palestine, Babylonia and Asia Minor
[R.T.S.], illustrated 25iM

Lectures on the Origin and Growth of Religion, as illustrated by

the Religion of the Ancient Babylonians 644 A

Life and Literary Relics of Dr. Appleton. 1881 i3iF

Sec also Exell's Monthly Interpreter, 6 19-22 A, &c.

Scalds and Burns. See South's Household Surgery, i857Z, &c

[6 9 0]


.Scales of Fish. See Science Gossip, v. 7, 2413]. Fishes, &c.
Scallop. See Half Hours in the Deep, 5 66Q, &c.

Scandinavia, Ancient and Modern, by Crichton and. Wheat on, 2
vols. 1838 385-6T and

Industrial Arts of, by Hildebrand [S. Kens. Handbooks]. 1883 IO5OM

Sec also Leisure Hour [Du Chaillu's], v. 31, 2641]. Macmillan [Interna-
tional Co-operation in], v. 52, gSaJ. Mallet's Northern Antiquities
[Scandinavians], ioo8M. Norway, Sweden, Travels, &c.

Scapegrace. See Household Worlds, v. 13, 1753.!, &c.

Scarborough.. See Granville's Spas, &c., 35 iK. Thomson's Health Resorts,
93 8K, &c.

Scarlatti (A., Italian Composer, b. 1659, <f- I 7 2 5)- See Naumann's Music, 9280.

Scarlet Fever. See Chambers [How to limit its spread], v. 20, I936J. Leisure
Hour, v. 31, 264iJ. Thomson's Sick Room, &c., 834M. Diseases, c.

Scarth (H. M.), M.A., Roman Britain [S.P.C.K.]

Scenery, Science and Art, by Ansted, illustrated. 1854

See Brown's Science for All [of the Shore], 62jBa. Stanford's Compen-
dium [of Australia], 853K. Names of Places, &c.

Scenes and Legends of the North of Scotland, by Hugh Miller. 1876 8o3R

"Scenes" in the Commons, by Anderson. 1884 n68R

Scepticism and Christianity, by Girdlestone. 1882 32;M

Aspects of, with special Reference to. the Present Time, by For-

dyce. 1883 3i8M

of the Present Day [Carlyle's Evangelical Alliance] 66oA

See also Beattie's Nature of Truth, 64sH. Blackwood, v. 136, 2o6J.

Buckle's Civilisation, 186-70. Gleig's Great Problem, 8/K. Sidg-

wick's Fallacies, 3^iR. Simpson's Plea for Religion, xosQ. Timbs'

Works [and Belief], 8s6Z. M'Cosh's Mind, 748 A. Atheism, Religion, &c.

Schaff(P (| Swiss Lutheran, b. 1819), D.D., Through Bible Lands,

Notes of Travel in Egypt, the Desert, and Palestine. 1878 455M
Schainyl (Circassian Chief, b. 1797, d. 1871), The Sultan, Warrior,
and Prophet of the Caucasus, by Wagner and Bodenstedt,

translated by Wraxall i273Rand 634Z

Schelling (F. W. J.). See Lewes' Philosophy, 572H, &c.

Schiller (F. Von, German Poet and Historian, b. 1759, d. 1805),

Dramatic and Poetical Works 4620

Historical Dramas, &c. 1847 , 3<HQ

[Don Carlos. Mary Stuart. Maid of Orleans. Bride of Messina].

Thirty Years' War and Revolt of the Netherlands, translated by

Morrison [Bohn's Library]. 1847 840

by Sime [Oliphant's Foreign Classics]. 1 882 1 1 890

Life of, and Examination of his Works. 1 845 954O

and Works, by Emil Palleske, translated by Lady Wallace. 1482-30

of, by Carlyle 8$T

Duntzer, translated by Pinkerton, illustrated. 1883 ... 12840

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Edinburgh Review

[Life of], v. 73, 433J. Japp's German Literature, 272 F. Longfellow's
Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730. Masterpieces of Foreign Litera-
ture, 5550. Saturday Review [Diintzer's Life of], v. 56, R.L. Time
[and his Actors], v. 4, I494J, &c.

Schimmer (K. A.), Sieges of Vienna by the Turks, translated 1289!!.

iSchism. See Kurtz's Church History, 7o6A, &c.

Schlegel (A. W. von, German Critic, b. 1767, d. 1845), A Course
of Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature, translated by

Black, and revised by Morrison. 1846 2OI7-8R

Schlegel (Caroline), and Her Friends, by Mrs. Sidgwick. 1889.... 14620
Schlegel (F. von, German Philologist, brother of A. W. Schlegel,
b. 1772, d. 1829), /Esthetic and Miscellaneous Works of,
translated by Wellington. 1849 2OicR



Schlegel (F. Von), Lectures on the History of Literature, translated

from the German 1144!! and IO79K.

The Philosophy of Life and Philosophy of Language, translated

by Morrison. 1 847 2O2oR

Schleiden (M. J., German Botanist, b. 1804), M.D., The Plant,

a Biography, translated by Henfrey. 1848 772F

Schliemann (Henry, German Scholar, b. 1819). See Leisure Hour. v. 26,
2636), &c.

Schlosser (F. C., German Historian, b. 1776, d. 1861), History of
the Eighteenth Century and of the Nineteenth, till the Over-
throw of the French Empire, with particular Reference to
Mental Cultivation and Progress, translated by Davison,
8 vols. 1843-52 :

Vol. i. Connexion of Political History with Literature. Reformation'
of Philosophy and Literature in England. Mental Culture of
Europe, 1715-1760. Remarks upon English Literature 24?!

Vol. 2. Germany till the beginning of the seventh Decennium of the
Eighteenth Century. Progress and Nature of Intellectual
Improvement and Literature 25!!

Vol. 3. Summary of the Political History of the Eighteenth Century,
from the beginning of the Century till the Austrian War of
Succession. History of the Political Changes in the Social and
Domestic Life of that Period, from the Accession of Frederick
IL till the end of the Seven Years' War 2 6H

Vol. 4. Internal History of the States of Europe in Reference to Life.
Morals and Administration till 1755. From the end of the Seven
Years' War till the separation of the North American Provinces
from Great Britain. Political History and Characteristics of the
Social Life of this Period 27!*

Vol. 5. France and England till the Second Year of the North Ameri-
can War, from the revolt of the North American Provinces
from England till 1788 2 8H

Vol. 6. From the Year 1788 till the end of the first (constituent) National
Assembly, and till the second Partition of Poland. From the
time of the Coalition against the new Constitution of France
till the Truce of Udine, which preceded the Peace of Campo
Formio 29 H

Vol. 7. From the Establishment of the French Directory till the Consu-
late of Bonaparte. From the Establishment of the Consulate
till the Peace of Presburg. Till Napoleon's Expedition to
Russia 30 fj

Vol. 8. From the Peace of Tilsit till the Peace of Schonbrunn. Till the

Year 1815. 3I H

Schinid (C. Von), Rose Bush, a Tale for Young Persons 85oZ

Schmidt (Prof. O.), Doctrine of Descent and Darwinism, ill 382R

The Mammalia in their Relation to Primeval Times, illustrated. 385 R

Schmitz (L., German Historian, b. 1807,) F.R.S.E., History of

Greece. 1851 5 9 O

Rome from the Earliest Times to the Death of Commodus. 710

the Middle Ages. 1871 8oO

Ed., History of Rome, by Niebuhr, 2 vols. 1844 87-8H

Schnmcker (S. S.), D.D., Elements of Popular Theology, with
Special Reference to (he Doctrines of the Reformation, as

vowed before the Diet of Augsburg in 1530. 1834 I55K

Schneider (Hortense, French Actress, b. 1835). See Edward's Prima Donna,


Schoedler (F.), Ph.D., Book of Nature, an elementary Introduc-
tion to Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Geology,
Zoology and Physiology, translated by Medlock, ill. 7470 and I73F

Scholars, Great, by Buchanan. 1880 99iQ



,'Schomburgk (R. H., German, Traveller, b. 1804, d. 1865). See Jardine's

Naturalists' Library, 682Q, c.
School Board. See Escott's England and its People, roi/F. Shelden's Politics,

374R. Wale's London, sajR. Education, &c.

School-Boy, or a Guide for Youth, by Abbott U33Z

Sch.OOl-Gri.rl, Brahmin. See Nineteenth Century, v. 25, 2235J. Girls, &c.
School-Life at Winchester College, or the Reminiscences of a Win-
chester Junior [by Mansfield]. 1866 icSoR

School of Life, The. See Timbs' Works, 8547, &c.

School-Ship. See Good Words [Conway on the Mersey], v. 24, 2194.7.

Schoolcraft (H. R., American Micrologist, b. 1793, d. 1864). See Griswold's

Poets of America, 4680, &c.

Schooley(J. S.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja.
Schoolmaster's Friend, Modes of Teaching, &c., by Dwight. 1835 I5I5Z

Schools, Healthy, by Paget. 1884 9QiM

of Ancient Philosophy [R.T.S.] I524Z

Art, their Origin, History, Work and Influence, by Sparkes. gSg~M

the Future, by Zincke. 1852 3O4R

Public, Suggested Reforms, by Cotterill. 1885 201 R

Ragged [Life and Work of Mary Carpenter] 5620

Reformatory, by Carpenter. 1851 35R

The House School, by Macleod. 1856 i6Q

See also All the Year Round [Brutality in], v, 56, i8i6J. Boy's Own Annual,

[Heads of our Great], v. 7, 29577 ; [Our Great], v. 8, 29587. Cassell's
Family Magazine [Our Foundation], v. 6, 23557. Compayrd's Pedagogy,
2g6R. Elizabeth College, i4ioH. Escott's England and its People
[and Schoolmasters], ioi7-8F. Fortnightly Review [Abolition of
School Fees], v. 49, 21397 '> [Free], v. 20, 2iioJ. Iddesleigh's Essays
[and School Life], jajjH. Lansdell's Russian Central Asia, 828-9!^. ;

Poole's Index, R.L. Reid's

Japan, 336K. Rimmer's Eton and Harrow, 1347 R. Sketches and
Essays, io87R. Smith's Essays [Public], 2970. Temple's India,

[Corporal Punishment in], v. 48, 9787.
7apan, 336K. Rimmer's Eton and Hat

T^ o T C* :*!_ IT* rT-_l-l!

486 K.. Time [and School Books], v. 7, 14977. Colleges, Universities,
Education, Ragged Schools, Sunday Schools, <x

Schopenhauer (A., German Philosopher, />. 1788, d. 1860), His

Life and Philosophy, by Zimmern. 1876 955^

See also Science of Thought, 585 H, &c.

'Schubert (F. P., German Composer, b. 1797, d. 1828), by Frost !2l8O

See also Rockstro's History of Music, 533H. Tytler's Musical Composers,

86oO, &c.

;Schulze (E. C. F.). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730.

Schumann (Clara). See Girl's Own Annual, v. 4, 25547, & c -

Schumann (R., German Composer, b. 1810, d. 1856), by Maitland.. 12270

See also Engel's Reminiscences. 13480. Naumann's Music, 9290. Rock-
stro's History of Music, 533H. Temple Bar, v. 67, 13977* Tytler's
Musical Composers, 86oO, &c.

SchtitzenlDerger (P.), On Fermentation [Inter. Scien. Series] 362R

Schweidler (M.), The Amber Witch [Trial for Witchcraft], by

Meinhold, translated by Lady Gordon. 1846 QI2M

iSchweinfurth (Dr. Georg), The Heart of Africa from 1868 to 1871,

translated by E. Y>. Frewer, illustrated, 2 vols. 1878 1558-9R

Sciatica, Rheumatism, &c., by Fuller. 1856 Q22K

SCIENCE: "Works relating 1 to (See also the Names of the
Sciences, Natiiral History, Natural Philosophy, &c. )

Science and Art, Popular Lectures on, by Lardner, ill. 1846... 756-7D

and Culture, &c., by Huxley. 1882 779D

Faith, Walks in the Regions of, by Godwin. 1883 38R



SCIENCE Works relating to -(continued. )

Science and Literature Class Book [Chambers' Ed. Course], ill.

1869 5o6R

[Physics, Physiology, Zoology, Botany, Geology, Selections from the
Poets and Prose Writers.]

Religion, a Series of Sunday Lectures, by Le Conte. 1874 386M

Conflict between, by Draper. 1883 298M

Revealed Religion, Connection between, by Cardinal

Wiseman, 2 vols. 1849 I22Q

Borderland of, by Proctor. 1882 446R

Curiosities of, by Timbs. 1859 557Q and SigZ

Fairy Land of, by Buckley. 1879 5i3'4R

Familiar Science Studies, by Proctor. 1882 449R

Fifty Years of, by Lubbock. 1882 78oD

for the Household :

Vol. i. The Great Round World 82iZ

Vol. 2. The Lightning Rod S22Z

Fragments of, Essays, Addresses, &c., by Tyndall. 1879... 5io-iR

Half Hour Recreations, edited by Estes, 2 series. 496-7R

Home Teachings, by Cowper. 1850 SioZ

in a Nut-Shell, by Wall. 1882 542R

Bible Lands, by Dawson, illustrated. 1888 I2I2M

Short Chapters, by Williams. 1882 5O2R and 537R

Lectures at South Kensington, 2 vols. 1 878 500- 1 R

[Arney, Stokes, Forbes, Foster, Froude, Siemens, Roscoe, Brunton, &c.]

for the People, by Huxley, Roscoe, &c., delivered at

Manchester. 1870, v.D , 451 and 452R

[Elementary Chemistry, by Roscoe. Zoology, by Alcock. Coal,
by Jevons. Elementary Physiology, by Morgan. Coal and
Coal Reefs, by Huxley. Spectrum Analysis, by Roscoe and
Huggins. Coal, by Dawkins. Dickens, by Ward.]

for the People, delivered in Manchester, 1879-80 I94R

[Islands, as Illustrating the Laws of the Geographical Distribu-
tion of Animals, by Wallace. The Age of Dragons, by Hawkins.
Palestine in its Physical Aspect, by Tristram. Traps to Catch
Sunbeams, by Abney.]

Literature and Art, Introductory Address to the Devonshire

Association, by Aclancl. 1880. 851!!

Manuals, Elementary [S.P.C.K.] 1831-42

Botany, iSsiZ. Crystallography, i832Z. Physiology, iB^Z. Zoo-
logy, i834Z.

Martyrs, or Lives of Galileo, Tycho Brahe and Kepler, by

Brewster. 1870 8270

Myth and, an Essay by Vignoli. 1885 .' 372R

Objects, Advantages and Pleasures of, by Brougham, &c. 1827 778D

by Lord Brougham. 1831 425T'

of Common Life, by Geikie 14192

Law, by Amos. 1885 356R

Politics, by Amos. 1 883 374R

Thought, Lectures by Mtiller. 1888 9130 and 585!!

Wealth, by Amasa Walker. 1866 IO25F

[Percy Anecdotes] 9IQZ

Pleasant Ways in, by Proctor. 1878 443R

Popular History of, by Routledge, illustrated. 1881 5I5R

Primers, Introductory, by Huxley. 1 880

Un-natural History, or Myths of Ancient Science, translated

and edited by Goldsmid, 4 vols. in i. 1886 2OiiR



SCIENCE Works relating to -(continued. )

Science, Warfare of, by White. 1880 522R

Worthies of, by Stoughton 10500

Scientific and Literary Men of France, by Mrs. Shelley. 1838 782-3T

Great Britain and Ireland, by Dunham. 1836 757-9T

Dialogues, by Joyce, illustrated. 1861 6959 and 52oR

Discovery, or Text Book of Facts, edited by Wells and Bliss 498R

Essays, by Hugh Miller. 1875 8o6R

Industries Explained, by Watt. 1881 in8M

- Lectures and Essays, by Kingsley. 1880 499R

[Town Geology, Natural History, Superstition, &c.]
by Lubbock, illustrated. 1879 782F

Series, International. See under International Scientific Series.

Subjects, by Helmholtz 78i-2D

Lectures on, by Herschel. 1866 68gQ

See also British Annual, 1838, 828Z. Brougham's Dissertations and

Addresses, 6o3R. Crabb's Technical Dictionary, 533R. Compayr^'s
Pedagogy, 296R. Cornhill [Fairy Land of], v. 5, 1857. Duncan's
Botanists, Zoologists and Geologists, 7020. Escott's England and
its People, ioi8F. Fortnightly Review [and Morals], v. 46, 21367.
Fraser [Poetry of], v. 39, 6497. Garnett's Physicists, 7056. Good
Words [and Religion], v. 12, 21827. Guizot's Christianity, [and
Christianity], 337M. Illustrated Carpenter and Builder [Scientific
Lectures], from v. i, 29817. Kerr's Heredity of Alcohol, 8isM.
Knight's England, 151-4^. Leisure Hour [Dawn of, in England],
v. 5, 26157 > t m Humble Life], v. 24, 26347. Lewes' Philosophy,
57I-2H. Lubbock's Pleasures of Life, igoSR. Morton's Astronomers,
7030. Muir's Chemists, 7040. Nature [and Art], v. 28, 26887. Orr's
Circle of the Sciences, 735-7F. Philosophy in Sport, 823-4Z. Play-
fair's Social Welfare [and the State], 336R. Proctor's Light Science,
44iR; Rough Ways made Smooth, 442R. Roscoe's Science Lec-
tures, 28R. Somerville's Mechanism of the Heavens, 825Z ; Physical
Sciences, 6giQ. Stapfer's Palestine, Time of Christ, 477M. Sunday
at Home [and Religion], v. 3, 28537. South Kensington Science
and Art Handbooks. Thomson's Choice of a Profession, 204R.
Timbs' Works [Art and Invention, Errors in], 853-sZ. Tweedie's
Earnest Men [and Art, Men of], 6220. Year Book of Facts,

T 7 OI- 3 lZ, &C.

Science-Gossip. Hard wicke's Science Gossip, an Illustrated
Medium of Interchange and Gossip for Students and Lovers

of Nature, edited by M. C. Cooke, from vol. I. 1865 24iiJ

[Some of the principal contents contained in this Magazine will be found
entered under their proper headings in the general body of the Cata-
logue, with the shelf number specified.]

Scilly Isles and Land's End, by White. 1855 I355R

See also Blight's Land's End, 82oQ. Lewes' Sea- Side Studies, 822F.

Science Gossip, v. n, 24157, &c.

Scinde, Conquest of, a Commentary, by Outram. 1846 465?!

c., by General W. F. P. Napier. 1845 466H

See also India.

Scipio (Roman Generals). See Church's Carthage, 4276. 7 ose ph us j 66-8H.

Rome, c.

Scoble (A. R.), Ed., Poetical Works of James Russell Lowell. 1853 497Z
Scorpions. See Hartwig's Tropical World, 7s8F. Science Gossip [of Mexico],
v. 23, 24237, &c.

SCOTLAND Works relating to : (See also Highlands, Great
Britain , Names of Places, e.g., Edinburgh, Glasgoiv, &c.}

Scotland, a Journey to the Western Islands, by Johnson. 1816 369K

As it was and as it is, by the Duke of Argyle, 2 vols. 1887 544-5^1

Ballad Minstrelsy of. 1871 742M



SCOTLAND Works relating to- (continued.)

Scotland, Church of, by Spottiswoode, 3 vols. 1851 ............ 4O4-5A

- Coleoptera of, by Murray. 1853 .................................... 784F

- Domestic Annals of, by Chambers, 3 vols. 1859 ............ 344-6H

- History of [1689-1748], by Burton, 2 vols. 1853 ............... 336-7!!

by Scott. 1830 ................ .................... 170 and lOio-iZ

- - from the Accession of Alexander III. to the Union, by

Ty tier, 10 vols. 1866 .......................................... 1425!!

_ - - Queen Mary and James VI., by Robertson, 2 vols ..... 338-9!!

Insurrection in 1745, by Mahon. 1853 ........................... 2390

- Lectures on the History of the Church, by Lee, 2 vols. 1860 288-9A

- Old Scottish Customs, by Guthrie. 1885 ........................ io7oM

- Rhind Lectures in Archaeology, by Anderson, ill. 1881-6 :

Scotland in Early Christian Times, ist and 2nd series 901 -2F
Scotland in Pagan Times : Iron Age ........................ 876F

Scotland in Pagan Times : Bronze and Stone Ages ...... 864F

- Social Life in, from Early to Recent Times, by Rogers... 949-5^

- Songs of, Chronologically arranged, with Notes, &c .......... 74iM

- Western Islands of, by MacCulloch, 2 vols. 1819 ..... ,..,... 376-7K
Scottish and English Ballads .......................................... 3S4Q

- Anecdote, Book of, edited by Hislop. 1874 .................... 9?8R

- Border, Minstrelsy of the, 3 vols. 1812 ........................ 449-510

- Covenanters, by Taylor ..... ......................................... 953^

- Lake Dwellings or Crannogs, and a Chapter on remains of

Lake Dwellings in England, by Munro. 1882 ............ 9O7F

- - Life and Character, by Ramsay ......................... 956O and I57T

- Poets, Lives of the, by Irvine, 2 vols. 1810 ................... 49O-iF

- Pulpit from the Reformation, by Taylor. 1887 ............... 635 A

- Songs and Ballads, by Macdonald ................................. i874Z

- See also Songs, Ballads, Poetry, &c.

- Story, Book of. ....................... ................................. loSlR

- Worthies, by Tytler [Family Library], 3 vols. 1833 ......... JO45-7Q

- See also Abbott's Ardenmohr, 371 K. Acworth's Railways [Scotch

Expresses], QsyD. Alison's Europe, 139-460. All the Year Round
[Ballads of], v. 23, 1783] ; [Scottish Literature], iSisJ. Blackie's
Fact and Fiction, I357R. Blackwood [Marriage Law of], v. 61,
i3ij ; [Local History in], v. 139, 6ooJ. Boy's Own Annual, v. 8 [The
Castles of], 2958.7. Brand's Antiquities, joos^M. Brodie's British
12-4!!. '


Empire, 212-4!!. Browne's Geographical Evolution of the British
Isles, sssR. Buckle's Civilisation, i86-8O. Burn's Parish Regis-
ters, 536H. Campbell's Chancellors, 774-30. Chambers' Scottish
Church, 262M ; Rebellion of 1745-6, 28oO. Contemporary [and
England, Union of], v. 49, 2O59_J. Eddy's Travelling Party, 1327^.
Fortnightly [Marriage Laws], v. 8, 2cg8J ; [Village Community in],
v. 45, 2i3sJ. Freeman's Norman Conquest, 201-5!!. Froissart's
Chronicles [Ancient], 312-50. Froude's England, 194-2020. Gardi-
ner's History of England, 460-80. Green's English People, 189-92^
Kay's Edinburgh Portraits [Eminent Scotchmen], 745-60. Knight's
England, 147-54!!. Kohl's Tour, 34SK. Lecky's Eighteenth Cen-
tury, i68H. Leisure Hour [Scottish Highlanders], v. 22, 2632,7.
M'Crie's Life of Knox [Reformation in Sixteenth Century], 7560 ;
Life of Melville, 387-8!". M'Culloch's British Empire, 7ii-2H.
Martineau's Thirty Years' Peace, 4496. Maunder's Treasury of
History, i8s6Z. Miller's Scenes and Legends [North of], SosR.
O'Rell's Friend MacDonald, I253R. Palgrave's Normandy and
England, iSsH. Probyn's Local Government, 303^. Quiver
[Orphan Homes of], v. 26, 32g6J. Rogers' Social Life in Scotland
[Scottish Kings], 949-51 F. St. John's Highlands, 8o8Q. Science
Gossip [Carboniferous Corals of], v. 19, 2421], Stanford's Compen-

[6 9 6]


SCOTLAND Works relating to (continued.']

diuni, 854K. Stoughton's Religion in England [the Scotch], g2-3M.
Strickland's Queens of Scotland, st-SF ; Queen Mary, 793-40.
Stubb's History, 211-20. Sunday at Home [How to know a Scotch-
man], v. 25, 2875.7. Tegg's Marriage Customs, T48oZ. Thomson's
Health Resorts, 938 K. ; Martyr Graves, 1671?. Ty tier's Song-
stresses, 7S9-40M. Westminster Review [Political Trials in], v. 130,
R.L. ; [Why is it Liberal?], v. 130, R.L. Nature, v.^g, 26997; v -
40, 27ooJ. Quarterly Review, v. 167, 12977. Scott's Tales of a
Grandfather, 889-92X5 c.

Scott (A.), Occasional Sermons, on Doctrinal, Experimental, and

Practical Subjects, 2 vols. 1844-5 599-6ooM

Scott (B. , Chamberlain of London], F.R.A.S., Lays of the Pilgrim

Fathers. 1861 457 M

The Contents and Teachings of the Catacombs of Rome, a vindi-

cation of Pure and Primitive Christianity, and an Exposure
of the Corruptions of Romanism derived from the Sepul-
chral Remains of the Early Christians I238M

Scott (Col.), A Journal of Residence in the Esmaillia of Abd-el-

Kader and Travels in Morocco. 1842 !56oR

Scott (Sir G. G., Architect}, A.R.A., Personal and Professional Re-
collections, edited by his Son, G. Gilbert Scott, F.S.A 484F

Secular and Domestic Architecture. 1857 8730

Scott (J., Vicar of Ferriby, d. 1834), M.A., Calvin and the Swiss

Reformation. 1 833 95Q

Luther and the Lutheran Reformation, 2 vols. 1832 22I-2T

Sermons. 1835 286K

Scott (John, Earl of Eldon). See Eldon (Lord Chancellor.).

Scott (JL), Fra Bartelommeo [Great Artists]. 1881 10980

Ghiberti and Donatello, and other Italian Sculptors nooO

Scott (Lady). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Scott (M.) See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Scott (R. H., Irish Physicist, Secretary of Meteorological Society, b.

1833), F.R.S., Elementary Meteorology [Int. Scien. Series]. 455R
Scott (T., Biblical Commentator, b. 1747, d. 1821), A.M., Holy

Bible, 6 vols. 1812-14 14-igA

3 Vols. 1847 20-22A

The Force of Truth. 1821 228Q

Life of, by John Scott. 1824 485F

Scott (Sir W., Eminent Scotch Novelist and Poet, b. 1771, d. 1832),

Demonology and Witchcraft. 1830 I479Z

Doom of Devorgoil, c., Dramas. 1830 IO54Z

Essays, 1828 HO2-3Z

Goetz of Berlichingen, a Tragedy. 1826 IO55Z

History of Scotland [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopcedia] ...17-80 and loio-iZ

House of Aspen, a Tragedy. 1830 IO56Z

Lady of the Lake [a Poem] 338Qand 5HZ

Lay of the Last Minstrel, Ballads and Lyrical Pieces 5iiZ

Life of Napoleon Buonaparte, 9 vols. 1827 ICOI-9Z

Life of Napoleon Bonaparte. 1828 io6F

Lord of the Isles [a Poem]. 1845 5 T 3 Z

Marmion, a Tale of Flodclen Field [a Poem] 5ioZ

illustrated, 2 vols. 1810 743~4M

Memoirs, 2 vols. 1830 1 IO4-5Z

[De Foe. Queensberry. Byron. George III., &c.]


Scott (Sir W.), Poems and Life [British Poets], 9 vols. 1865 458-66Q

Poetical Works. 1831 5ool>

7 VOls IOI6-22Z

and Memoir, 2 vols. 1854 498-90

[Chandos Classics]. 1868 6tfT

Rob Roy 1099-iioiZ

Rokeby, a Poem 5O2U and 5I2Z

Tales and Essays. 1829 IOI2Z

- of a Grandfather, 6 vols. 1829 !O4oZa to ic>44Z

The Novelists, 2 vols. 1825 :

Vol. i. Fielding, Le Sage, Smollett, Sterne, &c loisZ

Vol. 2. Richardson, Johnson, Goldsmith, Walpole, &c ioi4Z

Anecdotes Illustrative of the Incidents, Characters and Scenery

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