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Parables and Miracles of Christ, by Burns. 1850 247M

Preached before Her Most Gracious Majesty [1841-2], by

Wilberforce. 1842 625M

the University of Oxford [1863-5], b Y Liddon. 1866 88oA

in St. Bartholomew's Church, Cripplegate, London, in Ad-
vent. 1852 48iA

[Lying and Truth. Practical Repentance. Putting on Christ. The Judg-
ment. Ministry and its Duty. Conversion, &c.]
the King's Weigh-House Chapel, London [1829-1869], by

Binney. 1869 2ogT

Pulpit Cyclopaedia 6o2A

Sketches of, Types and Metaphors, by a Dissenting Minister ... 46 iM

[Types and Metaphors of God, Christ, the Church, Saints, Believers,
Ministers, Gospel, Heaven, &c.]

Thirty-Four Sermons, by Wainwright. 1856 456A

to the Aged, by Burder i6^gZ

Unspoken, by Macdonald. 1884 !2ioM

Various, by Duncan and others. V.D 56K

Contents : Interests of Truth and Virtue invariably Pursued by Providence
in the Permission of Error and Vice. Evidence of Christianity not
Weakened by the Frailty of its Ministers. Duties of Industry, Fru-
gality and Sobriety. Nature and Obligation of Virtue. Perseverance
in Well-Doing. Devout Observance of the Christian Sabbath recom-
mended. Sinner's Account fairly Stated. Christian Fortitude in
Times of Danger. Origin of Consecrated Churches, and Benefits of
Public Worship. The Sabbath. Rational Religion recommended.
Nature and Destructive Effects of Slander. Unalterable Nature of
Virtue and Vice.

Village, by Berens. 1850 56$-6M

Roberts [R.T.S.], vol. 2 242^

See also Anderson (W.), aaQ. Aitken (W. H.), s6i- 3 M. Allin (T.), soiK.

Arnold (T.), 2o 3 K. Atkinson (C.), 2O 4 K. Barrow (T.), 2 o 5 -6K and
425-soA. Beecher (H. W.), 2O7-8K and s6$-6M. Binney (T.), 2O.
Binney (T.),2o 9 K. Blair (H.), 2i 5 K. Bradley (C.), 220-1 K. Bradford
(J.) [Meditations, &c.], i 2 8M. Brown (A. G.), 2 22 K. Burder(G.), 22 3 K.
Butler's Works, v. 2 [1844], 42 4 A. Carr (G.), 22 4 - 5 K. Cecil (R.),
57 oM. Chalmers (T.), 22 6K. Church (R. W.), 2 6iM. Classic
Preachers, 581-20. Congreve (J.), 26/M. Contemporary Review
[Manufacture of], v. 8, 2oi8J. Cox (S.), 2/2M. Cumming (J.),
2 33Q- Cunningham (J. W.), 228-gK. Dawson (G.), 28$M. Dealtry
(W.), 2 3 iK. Doane (G. W.), 2 32 K. Doddridge (P.) [Religion], 2 37 Q.
Farrar (F. W.), 3 i2, 514 and 62/M. Forsyth, 2s8F. Foster's Essays,
95iR. Fowler's American Pulpit, jSK. Good Words [Negro Ser-
mons], v. 8, 2I78J. Guthrie (T.), 3 4oM. Haweis' Current Coin,
974R. Hood's Preachers, 54iM. Home (G.), 2 3 7-8K. Horsley (S.),
2 3 9-42K. Hughes' Social Christianity, i2 3 iM. Jones (T.), 3=;sM.
KelleyfW.), 35 6-6 4 M. Ken(Bp.). Kingsley (C.) [Village Sermons],
3 66M and 8 4 Q. Knox-Little (W. J.) [Christian Life], 2 7 Q. Leighton
(R.), i 3 6M. Macdurf (J. R.) [St. Paul in Rome], i 7 8Q. Macleod
(A.), 3 99M. Martin (S.), n 3 K. Maurice (F. D.) [Lord's Prayer].
Methodist Pulpit, i6sK. Newman (J. H.), sSg-gsM. Newton (Dr.),
4 26M. Parker (J.), 2 6 2 - 3 K. Payson (E.), 2O Q. Porteus fBp.), 2 6 5 K.

27 [70S]


SERMONS (continued).

Pulpit Cyclopaedia, 45sA. Pulpit Memorials, 28oK. Punshon (\V. M.),
9360. Quekett's Sayings and Doings, 651 F. Raleigh (A.), 93?O.
Robertson (K. W.) f 33-6M. St. Augustine's Works [Sermon on the
Mount], v. 8, 345A. Saturday Review [and their Hearers], v. 61,

R.L. Scotch Sermons [1880], 28sK. Scott (A.), sgg-oM. Scott (J.),
M.A., 286K. Sherlock (Bp.), 23-4Q. Spurgeon's Metropolitan Taber-
nacle, -4 7 iM; Tabernacle Pulpit, i66K. Stanley (A. P.), 3 8M.
Stubbs (C. \V.), 6osM. Tayler (C.), 2 88K. The Preacher, 26 7 - 73 K.

/Tl_ _ TJ. .I** /" 1 . 1' .^IT T 1 ! 1 !_' Tt ' _/ T i

4 . wes ., augan . . e oo an t

[Thoughts for These Times], 22qQ. Venn (J.), 203-

Works, 2i- 3 M. Wesley (J.), 6 22 - 4 M. Whitby (J.), 2

ford, Latimer, Preachers' Manual, Preaching, Russ

The Pulpit Cyclopaedia, I39-42K. Tholuck's Passion of our Lord.
486 M. /IVells (H.), Vaughan (C. J.) [The Book and the Life], i 35 Q ;

93-5 K. Watson's
), 2 9 6- 7 K. Brad-
Sandys. Ellicott's Destiny of the Creature, 733A. ' Wesley's Works, &c.
Serpents. See Conway's Demonology, gog-ioM. Gentleman's Magazine, N.s.
[Some uses of], v. 34, 7547. Quiver [Serpent Worship, Past and Present],
v. 25, 32957. Reptiles, Snakes, Natural History, &c.
SertorillS (Roman General, Assassinated 72 B.C.). See Plutarch's Lives, 448F

and H33Q, &c.

Servants. See All Year Round [Study of Black Maids], y. 57, i8i 7 7. An-
drew's Eighteenth Century, 28iR. Ashton's Reign of Queen Anne,
67F. Beeton's Everybody's Lawyer, 324R. Caddy's Household,
952M. Capital and Labour, uisF. Cassell's Family Magazine
[Modern], v. 4, 23447 ; [Training Schools for], v. 6, 23557. Cham-
bers' [Domestic Servant Difficulty], v. 59, 19597 [Revolution below
Stairs], v. 63, 19637. Cornhill [Side of the Maids and the Side of the
Mistresses], v. 29, 3097. Fraser [Domestic], v. 8, 6187 ', v. 74, 6847,
and v. 77, 68 7 7- Girl's Own Annual [and Service], v. 4, 25547 5 v - 6,
25567 j [The Idle], v. 10, 25607. Leisure Hour [Female], v. 26, 26367.
Macmillan, v. 34, 9647. Once a Week [Servants in Hamburg], v. i,
22617* Responsibilities of Employers, 534T. Scribner's Monthly
[Servants in the United States], v. u, 18617, &.c.
Servia, Adventures in, among the Bashi-Bazouks, by Wright, edited

by Bernard, illustrated. 1884 8o3K

History of, and the Servian Revolution, &c. , by Ranke, trans-
lated by Kerr. 1853 SgO

See also Leisure Hour, v. 16 and 25, 2626 and 26357. Turko-Russian War

[Servians], 4506, &c.

Serviss (Garrelt P.), Astronomy with an Opera Glass: a Popular
Introduction to the Study of the Starry Heavens with the

Simplest of Optical Instruments, illustrated. 1889 690 D

Settlers and Convicts, or Recollections of Sixteen Years' Labour,

by an Emigrant. 1852 676Z

See also Austral Africa, i4oi-2H. Colonies, Emigration, &c.

Seven Heroines of Christendom, by C. D. Yonge. 1878 95&O

Seven Lamps of Architecture, &c., by Ruskin. 1880 &43R

Seven Voices of the Spirit, by Biber. 1857 .- 574M

Seven Wonders of the World. See Timbs' Works, SssZ, c.

Seven (L. von). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.

Sevigne (Madame De, French Authoress, b. 1626, d. 1696), by Miss

Thackeray [Oliphant's Foreign Classics]. 1882 11870

Her Correspondence and Contemporaries [1592-1676], by the

Comtesse De Puliga, 2 vols. 1873 226F

See also Baker's French Society, 3320. Hayward's Eminent Writers, 24gF.

Living Age [Character and Poetry of], v. 164, 31947-

Sewage. See Dempsey's Drainage, sgST. Eassie's Healthy Houses, &c., 99 iM.
Fortnightly [Pollution of the Thames by], v. 46, 21367. Teale's
Dangers to Health, g2oK. Gardner's Sanitary Science, 941 K, &c.
Sewall (W. G.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 164073.
Seward (W. H., American Statesman, b. 1801, d, 1872), Life of

John Quincy Adams. 1849 47iO

Travels Round the World, edited by O. R. Seward, ill. 1873... 6oiB



Sewell (Mrs. E. M., High Church Novelist, b. 1815), Thy Poor

Brother, Letters to a Friend on Helping the Poor. 1863 ... i62j

Life and Letters, by Mrs. Bayly. 1889 14360

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Sewell (L. W.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Sewell (W.), B.D., An Introduction to the Dialogues of Plato. 1841 i6iT

Sewer-gas and how to Keep it out of Houses, by Reynolds. 1876 1443^

See also Teale's Dangers to Health, g2oK. Wynter's Human Hive, 244R.

English Mechanic, v. 46, 10460. Nature [Disinfection of], v. 32,
26927. Waring's Drains, 82oM. Sanitation, &c.

Sewing. See Dillmont's Needlework, 9120. Girl's Book, I257H. Ure's
Dictionary [Sewing Machines], 8D. Wynter's Human Hive [Sewing
Machines], 244R, &c.

Sexes. See Compayre's Pedagogy [quality of], 296R. Darwin's Descent of Man,
2sR. Knowledge [Influence of Sex on Mind], v. i, 2581 J. McCulloch's
British Empire, yn-2H. Man, Woman, Natural History, &c.

Sexton (S.), M.D., Works of. See Harper's Index, i6 4 oja, &c.

Seymour (Rev. M. Hobart, Controversialist, b. 1802, d. 1874), M.A.,
A Pilgrimage to Rome, containing some Account of the
High Ceremonies, the Monastic Institutions and Religious

Services in that City. 1849 !4i8R

Mornings among the Jesuits at Rome. 1 849 458M

Seymour (C. and H.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Sforzosi (L. ), Compendious History of Italy, translated by Greene

[Harper's Family Library]. 1836 99^

Shackford (C. C.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Shad, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 68oQ. Seeley's Fishes, 8nF.

Fishes, &c.

Shadow Pantomimes. See Boy's Own Book, is^jZ. Magic Lantern, &c.
Shadows. See Abercromby's Seas and Skies, 843K. Brown's Science for All,
6 27 Ba, &c.

Shadows of the Old Booksellers, by Knight. 1865 !45iO

Shadrach, Meshachand Abednego. See Robinson's Scripture Characters, isiK.
Shadwell (Lieut.Gen.), C.B., Life of Colin Campbell, Lord Clyde. i62-3F
Shadwell (T., Dramatist. &c., b, 1640, d. 1692). See Hamilton's Poets Laureate,

9270, &c.

Shaft Sinking. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, gl), &c.
Shaftesbury (Anthony Ashley Cooper, First Earl of, Lord Chan-
cellor, b. 1621, <?. 1683), by Traill [English Worthies]. 1886 12050

See also Campbell's Chancellors, 777-80. Stoughton's Religion in England,

94 M, &c.
Shaftesbury (Anthony Ashley Cooper, Third Earl of, Philosopher,

b. 1671, d. 1713), by Fowler [English Philosophers], 1882. 12320
Shaftesbury (Anthony Ashley Cooper, Seventh Earl of, Religious
Philanthropist, b. 1801, d. 1885), K.G., Speeches upon Sub-
jects having Relation chiefly to the Claims and Interests of

the Labouring Class. 1868 io83R

True Nobility, or the Golden Deeds of an Earnest Life, by

Kirton 1 3430

Life and Work of, by Hodder, illustrated, 3 vols. 1887 604-6!''

See also Bullock's Talks with the People, I97Z. Hope's Loving Work,

I224R. Leisure Hour [with Portrait], v. 10, 262oJ. Sunday at Home,
v. 32, 2882J, &c.
Shairp (J. C., Scotch Scholar and Poet, d. 1885), LL.D., Burns

[English Men of Letters]. 1879 10590

Culture and Religion in some of their Relations [Lectures], 1872 II47H

On Poetic Interpretation of Nature, 1877 5^4Q

Tait (P. G.), M.A., and Adams-Reilly (A.), F.R.G.S., Life

and Letters of John David Forbes. 1873 257F

See also Macmillan's Magazine, v. 58, gSSJ, &c.
Shakers. See NordhofTs Communistic Societies, io4sF, c.



SHAKESPEARE (W., Celebrated Dramatist and Poet, b. 1564, d.

1616), Complete Works [Bohn]. 1862 376Q

with Notes by Phelps, illustrated, 2 vols 415-60

Dramatic Works of, from the Text of Johnson, Stevens and Reed,

with Glossorial Notes, Life, &c., by Rowe. 1848 1098!!

with Remarks on his Life and Writings, by Campbell... 422Da

with Explanatory Notes, to which is added a copious Index

to the remarkable passages and words by Ayscough. 1790... 420-20
Literary Biography, by Elze, translated by Schmitz [Lardner's

Cabinet Cyclopaedia]. 1888 14920

Philosophy of, by Rankine, extracted from his Plays. 1841 6^oT

Passages selected from his Plays. 1863 648T

Plays, for the Use of Girls, by Rosa Baughan. 1863 4240

of, printed from the Text of the Corrected copies left by

Steevens and Malone, and a Sketch of his Life and Glossary... 417-80

with Notes of Pope, Warburton, Johnson, Collins, Gray,

War ton, Theobald, &c., edited by Manley Wood, illustrated,
14 vols. 1806 :

Vol. i. Rowe's Life of Shakespeare, Shakspeare's Will, Johnson's Preface,

Glossary, Tempest, Two Gentlemen of Verona 362Q

Vol. 2. Merry Wives of Windsor, Twelfth Night, Measure for Measure . . 3^Q
Vol. 3. Midsummer Night's Dream, Love's Labour's Lost, Merchant of

Venice 3640

Vol. 4. Much Ado about Nothing, As You Like It, All's Well that Ends

Well 3 6 5 Q

Vol. 5. Taming of the Shrew, Winter's Tale, Comedy of Errors 366Q

Vol. 6. Macbeth, King John, King Richard II s6?Q

Vol. 7. King Henry IV., Part I.; King Henry IV., Part II.; King

Henry V 3 68Q

Vol. 8. King Henry VI., Part I. ; King Henry VI., Part II. ; King

Henry VI., Part III 3 6 9 Q

Vol. 9. King Richard III., King Henry VIII., Troilus and Cressida 370$

Vol. 10. Timon of Athens, Titus Andronicus, Pericles 37*Q

Vol. ii. Coriolanus, Julius Caesar 372Q

Vol. 12. Antony and Cleopatra, Cymbeline 373Q

Vol. 13. King Lear, Romeo and Juliet 374Q

Vol. 14. Hamlet, Othello 375Q

Poems, Life by Dyce [British Poems]. 1864 47oQ

The Leopold, with Edward* III., and the Two Noble Kinsmen,

and an Introduction by Furnivall, illustrated 4 2 5D

Works of, from Mr. Pope's edition [Baskerville Shakespeare]. 1 768 801 -gT

A Critical Study of his Mind and Art, by Dowden. 1880 no6H

Study of, by Swinburne. 1880 UO2H

and Classical Antiquity, by Stapfer, tr. by Carey. 1880. 1 103!! and IO26M

Holy Writ, Parallel Passages tabularly Arranged, by Mal-
colm and Furnival. 1881 I248Z

Animal Lore of Shakespeare's Time, by Phipson. 1883 929M

by Dowden [Literature Primers]. 1877 i2iiZ

- Characters of Shakespeare's Plays, by Hazlitt. 1854 639T

Commentaries, by Gervinus, translated by Bunnet. 1880 1099!!

Concordance to, by Mrs. Cowden Clarke. 1879 4230

England of, by Goodby. 1881 957^

Fairy Tales and Legends, Illustrative of, by Ritson. 1875 638T

: Flora, a Guide to Passages where Trees, Plants, &c., are

Mentioned, by Grindon. 1883 I97R

Life and Genius of, by Kenny. 1864 496F

of, by Halliwell. 1848 495F



SHAKESPEARE (W.), On Some of Shakespeare's Female Charac-
ters, by Helena Faucit 419!)

[Ophelia, Portia, Desdemona, Juliet, Imogen, Rosalind, Beatrice.]

Pope, Goethe and Schiller, by De Quincy. 1863 66oR

Predecessors in the English Drama, by Symonds. 1884 IO97H

Remarks on Collier's and Knight's Editions, by Dyce. 1844 ... 6716

Secret Drama of Shakespeare's Sonnets, by Massey. 1888 1326!!

Shakespeariana Genealogica, by G. R. French. 1869 1096!!

Shakespearian Thought, Index to, by C. Arnold. 1880 1095!!

Story of the Youth of Shakespeare, by Williams. 1839 iioiH

- Tales from, for Young Persons, by Lamb. 1851 nooH

The Man [Bagehot's Studies] 863H

Treasury of Wisdom and Knowledge, by Stearns. 1869 HO4H

Wisdom and Genius of, by Price. 1839 HO5H

See also Century Magazine [Workshop of], v. 7, 18797. Cunningham's

Eminent Englishmen, 23F. Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760.
Dixon's Royal Windsor, 327-8!!. English Illustrated Magazine [Shake-
speare's Country], v. 2, 19927. Fitzgerald's Kings and Queens of an
Hour [Forgeries], 8sF. Gentleman's Magazine [as a Prose Writer], v.
2 5> 745 J ; N - s - t an d Napoleon III.], v. 34, 7547 ; [Shakespeare's Trees],
v. 265, 76iJ. Inchbald's British Theatre. Land we Live in [and
Stratford], 4646. Leisure Hour [House and Tomb of], v. 13, 2623J ;
[Ghosts of], v. 20, 26307. Mothers of Great Men and Women, 682 F.
Posnett's Literature, 394R. Scribner [Portrait of, Death-Mask], v. 8,
18587 ; [How shall we spell Sh k sp r s Name], v. 12, 1862 J.
Timmins' Warwickshire, i4i'}H, &c.

Shales and Mineral Oils, See Ure's Dictionary, 8D, c.

Shamrock, The. See_ Quiver, v. 28, 32987. Science Gossip, v. 5, 24127, &c.

Shand (A. T.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Shanghai. See Cumming's China, 789-90^ China, &c.

Shanklin. See Walford's Pleasant Places, 8isQ.

Shanks (D.), D.D. See Exell's Monthly Interpreter, 6i9-22A.

Shanks (W. F. G,), Works of. See Harper's Index, i6 4 oja.

Shanley (C. D.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja. .

Shannon, The. See Irish Pictures, 3366, &c.

Shark, The. See Boy's Own Annual, v. 9, 29597. Brown's Science for All [and
Sturgeons], 6286. Every Boy's Annual [1867], I302H. Hartwig's
The Sea and its Living Wonders, 757 F. Jardine's Naturalists' Library,
678 and 68oQ. Nature [Largest Known], v. 30, 26907. Science Gossip
[Chapters on Fossil], v. 20, 24217. Sunday at Home, v. 8, 28587.

Sharp (D.), TV., Walks Abroad of Two Young Naturalists, by

Beaugrand, illustrated. 1888 8l5F

Sharp (W,), Ed., Songs and Poems of the Sea. 1888 8i4M

[Containing a Morning Swim in Guernsey, &c., by T. Watts.]

Sharpe (C. K., Scotch Engineer, b. 1781, d. 1851). See Blackwood's Magazine, v.
144, 2147.

Sharpe (S.), Egyptologist and Translator of the Bible, by Clayden... 959O

Shaw (Captain E. M., Head of London Fire Brigade], C.B., Fires

and Fire Brigades [Int. Health Ex.], illustrated. 1884 988M

Shaw (F. A.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640^.

Shaw (G. A.), F.Z.S., Madagascar and France, with some Account

of its Island, its People, its Resources and Development I445R

Shaw (G. Bernard). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Shaw (H. W.). See Billings (7osh) in Fiction List.

Shaw (7-)- See Griswold's Poets of America, 4680, &c.

Shaw (Prof. 7. F.). See St. Augustine's Works.

Shaw (W.) and Johnson (C. W.), F.R.S. See Thaer (A. D.), Agriculture, 3 6D.

Shaw (Mrs., the Late Prince Imperial's Nurse). See Chambers', v. 61, 19617.

Shawl Manufacture. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 8D.

Shea (J. G., American Ethnologist, b. 1824), LL.D., The Lincoln

Memorial. 1865 349F

Shearman (M.), Athletics and Football [Badminton Library]. 1887 I259R



Sheep, Treatise on, by Blacklock. 1841 744/

See also Cornhill Magazine [Concerning], 338J. Jardine's Naturalists'

Library, 66sQ. Kitto's Palestine, 6ioB. Lindsay's Mind in the
Lower Animals, /n-iaF. Rogers' Work and Wages, no2F. Shep-
herd's Prairie Experiences, 7i6K. Agriculture, Animals, Farming,
Natural History, &c.

Sheep-Dog. See Youatt's The Dog, B\j. Dogs, &c.

Sheepfolds, Construction of, by Ruskin. 1880 47R

Sheffer (Ary). See Leisure Hour [with Portrait], v. 21, 2631],

Sheffield. See Harper's New Monthly Magazine, v. 69, 16497. Land we Live
in [and its Cutleries], 4648. Science Gossip [Geology of], v. 15, 24187.

Shell (Lady), Glimpses of Life and Manners in Persia, with Notes on

Russia, Koords, Turkomans, &c. 1856 I49OR

Shekleton (M.j, Biblical Geography in a Nutshell. 1884 459^1

Sheldon (G., Archbishop of Canterbury, .1598, d. 1677). See Stoughton's
Religion in England, 94-5M.

Sheldon (G. W.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i6 4 oja.

Shelley (P. B., Poet, b. 1792, d, 1822), Complete Poetical Works... $i$Z

Poems and Life, edited by Mrs. Shelley, 4 vols. 1870 47I-4Q

Poetical Works. 1845 5^S Z

Select Letters of, edited by Garnett. 1882 I25IZ

A Study of, by Todhunter. 1883 9600

by Symonds. 1 879 108 1

Life of, by Dowden, 2 vols. 1886 557-8F

See also Bagehot's Studies, 86aH. Dana's Household Book of Poetry,

476D. Griswold's Poets and Poetry of England, 4720. Merydew's
Love Letters, v. 2, 677F. Noel's Essays, losgH. Temple Bar [as a
Teacher], v. 66, 13967 ; v. 67, 13977. Saturday Review [Letters], v.
54, R.L., &c.

Shelley (Mrs., Wife of above, b. 1797, d. 1851), Rambles in Germany

and Italy [1840-3], 2 vols. 1844... I4O4-5R

Eminent Literary and Scientific Men of France. 2 vols. 1838. 782-3T

[Montaigne, Rabelais, Corneille, Rochefoucauld, Moliere, La Fontaine,
Pascal, Svign, Boileau, Racine, Fe'ne'lon, Voltaire, Rousseau, Con-
dorcet, Mirabeau, Madame Roland, Madame De Stael.]

See also Temple Bar, v. 74, 14047, c.

Shellfish. See Boy's Own Annual [Our Edible], v. 9, 29597. Clark's Marine
Mollusca, 74gF. Duncan's Sea Shore, 627Q. Taylor's Seaside, 588Q.
Mollusca, Oysters, &c.

Shells and Shell Fish, a Treatise on, by Swainson. 1840 793T

and their Inmates [R.T.S.] 733^

Beautiful, by Adams, illustrated n8R

British Land and Freshwater, by Adams. 1884 *37R

See also Boy's Own Annual, v. 8, 29587. Buckley's Life, &c., io6R.

Cassells [a Gossip about], v. 5, 23547. Gosse's A Year at the Shore,
5 86Q. Harvey's Sea-side Book, i868Z. Heer's Primaeval World of
Switzerland, 732-3F. Houseman's Museum, 92R. Lyell's Geology,
726Q. Pratt's Sea-Coast, 5870.. Science Gossip [Varieties of British],
v. 21, 24227. Woodward's Mollusca, i8iR. Conchology, &c.

Shenstone (W., Poet, b. 1714, d. 1763), Poetical Works and Life,

by Johnson [Bell's Poets of Great Britain], 2 vols. 1807 ... 385-6Z

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Johnson's Select Poets,

4iiD. Jones' Poets, 66iM, &c.

Shepherd Tribes. See Stanley's Dark Continent, is63R, &c.

Shepherd (N. G.), Poems by. See Harper's Index, 164073.

Shepherd (Major W.), Prairie Experiences in Handling Cattle and

Sheep, illustrated. 1884 7i6K

Shepherd (W. A.), From Bombay to Bushire and Bussora. 1857... !5o8R

Sheppard (Jack, Highwayman, executed 1724). See Chronicles of Newgate
[Scene at his Execution], v. i, 3300, &c.

Shere AH. See Trotter's India under Victoria, ssS-gH.

[ 7 IO]


Sheridan (P. H., General U.S. Army, b. 1831), Personal Memoirs

of, 2 vols. 1888 ................................... , ................... 213-4!''

Sheridan (R. B., Orator and Dramatist, b. 1751, </. 1816), Drama-

tic Works and Life of, by G. G. S. [Bohn's Lib.]-.. io84R and 2ggT

- by Oliphant [Morley's English Men of Letters]. 1883 ............. logoR

- Speeches and Sketch of his Life, 3 vols. 1842 ................... io78-8oH

The Rivals, a Comedy in Five Acts .................................... 1754^

- Works and Life of. 1848 ................................................ 299T

- Works of, with a Memoir, edited by Stainforth ....................... io85R

Memoirs of, by Moore, 2 vols. 1825 ................................. 3~ I T

- - by Watkins, 2 vols. 1818 ........................................ 497-8F

- See also Cunningham's Eminent Englishmen, z-jY. Fitzgerald's English
Stage, 338!). Harris' Radicals, no5F. Merydew's Love Letters,
v. 2, 6-j-jY. Mothers of Great Men and Women, 682F. Nicoll's
Great Orators, 992(3. Stirling's Old Drury Lane, I339R. Inchbald's
British Theatre, &c.
Sheridans, Lives of the, by Fitzgerald, 2 vols. 1886 ................... 638^

Sheriffs. See Stuhb's History, 210-20. Chronicles of Newgate [of Old London],

Sherlock (T., Bishop of London, 1748, b. 1678, d. 1761), D.D.,

Several Discourses Preached at the Temple Church. 1875... 23-4Q

Sherlock (W., Dean of St. PanFs, father of above, b. 1641, d. 1707). See
Stoughton's Religion in England, g6-jM.

Sherman (General, American Federal General, b. 1820), and his

Campaigns, a Military Biography, by Bowman and Irwin 2Q2D

- See also Century 7 , v. 5, 1877.7. America, United States, &c.
Sherry. See Cornhill, v. 54, 334J. Thudichum's Alcoholic Drinks, Q86M, &c.
Sherwood (J. D. and M. E. ), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.
Sherwood (Mrs. M. M., Writer for the Young, b. 1775, <* l8 5*)>

History of Henry Milner, a Little Boy. 1845 ................... 8440

- See also Sunday at Home [Life of], v. 2, 2852.7. Fiction Class List follow-

ing the General Catalogue, &c.
Shetland and Orkney Islands, by Wood [Argosy, v. 25] ................ 25!

- See also Leisure Hour [Folk-lore of], v. 23, 2639.7, & c -
Shields. See Boutell's Arms and Armour, 3660, &c.

Shields (R. J.), Knights of the Red Cross, seven Allegorical Stories. 1540^

Shinto Religion. See Bird's Japan, 335K. Religious Systems of the World [by
Isabella Bird], o 34 A, &c.

Shinty, Golf, &c. See Crawley's Handbooks, nsoM.

Shipley (O., Clergyman, became a Roman Catholic, b. 1832), M.A.,

Ed. , Studies in Modern Problems, by Various Writers. 1874 46oM
Christian Ceremonial, by Field. Confession of Sin to a Priest, by
Chambers. Reservation of the Sacrament, by Humble. Missions
and Preaching Orders, by Vaux. Abolition of the XXXIX. Articles,
by Pocock. Liturgy of Edward VI. and our own Compared, by

Ship-Building. See Cassell's Pastimes, 1262^. Marvels of Art, 12272, &c.

Ship Canal, The Manchester. See Cassell's Family Magazine, v. 15, i365_J, &c.

Ship-Money. See Brodie's British Empire, 2I2-3H. Gardiner's History of
England, 4 6 2 -8O, &c.

Shipowners, Seamen, and the Board of Trade. See Contemporary, v. 45,
. 2 55J, &c.

Shipping, Masting and Rigging of Ships, by Kipping, ill. 1866.... 705Q

- - See also Alison's Europe, 139-460. Capital and Labour, insF. Cassell's
Family Magazine [Building of Ships], v. 13, 2362^ Chambers'
Journal [and Sailors], v. 60, 1960.7. Donnelly's Atlantis [Ships of
Troy], ioi7M. Gray's China, 52o-iK. Leisure Hour [Notable
Ships], v. n, 2621.7. National Miscellany [Ships of \Var in the Olden
Times], io36H. Nature, v. 39, 2699.^. Navigation, Mercantile
Marine, Navy, &c.

Shipwreck, The, a Poem, by Falconer. 1811 ............................ 353Q

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