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Shipwrecks, Great [1544-1877] ............................................... i659R



Shipwrecks. See also Blight's Land's End, 82oQ. Boy's Own Annual [of the

World], v. 7, 2957J ; v. 8, 29587. Johns' Loss of the Amazon, ij^zZ.

Percy Anecdotes, Q28Z. Quiver, v. 9, 32797. Wynter's Curiosities,

9i9M, &c.

Shipwrights. See Leisure Hour [among the], v. 37, 26477.
Shirley (J., Poet, b. 1594, d. 1666). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry,

47 6D, &c.
Shirlev (W.). See Inchbald's British Theatre, &c.

Shirreff (Miss E.), Life of Frobel. 1887 13610

The Kindergarten, Principles ofFroebel's System and their Bear-

ing on the Education of Women. 1876 2Q3R

and Grey (M. G.), Thoughts on Self-Culture addressed to

Women. 1851 96iR

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Shoberl (F.), Excursions in Normandy illustrative of the Character,

Manners, Customs, and Traditions of the People. 1841-2. ..I378-9R
Shoes and Shoemakers [Crispin Anecdotes]. 1827 1497^

Hall's Book of the Feet [Shoemakers and Shoes] Il6lM

See also Cassell's Family Magazine [Shoemaking Fifty Years ago and now],

v. 7, 23567. Chambers' Miscellany [Anecdotes of Shoemakers], 63oR.
Harper [Shoes, How Made], v. 70, 16507. Leisure Hour [Supersti-
tions about Shoes], v. 33, 26437, & c -
Shooting, by Lord Walsingham, &c. [Badminton Lib.], 2 vols. 1887.1134-5^!

See aho Chambers' [Rifle Practice at Long Range], v. 31, 19427. Davies
Mountain, Meadow and Mere [illustrated], I345R. Fortnij
Review, v. 38, 21287. Herschel's Familiar Lectures [Target], 68oQ".

Jefferics" Amateur Poacher, 786R. Lennox's Fashion Then and Now,
loiS-gH. Macmillan [Rifle Shooting and Drill], v. 5, 9357. Saturday
Review [Covert], v. 57, R.L. Stonehenge's Rural Sports, 68 iT.
Walker's Manly Exercises, u64M. Hunting, c.

Shooting Stars. See Brown's Science for All, 6276. Stars, Astronomy, &c.

Shop Assistants. See Capital and Labour, nisF. Lansdell's Russian Central
Asia [Shops], 829K. Wynter's Social Bees [Shop- Windows], nsgR, &c.

Shore (T. Teignmouth), M.A., Commentary on the First Epistle to
the Corinthians [Ellicott's Commentary]

and Second Epistles to the Corinthians 2 57Q

Shoreham. See Walford's Pleasant Places, 8isQ.

Shores and Islands. See Reclus' Phenomena, 805 F.
Short Biographies for the People. See Biography.

Short History of the English People, by Green. 1878 2586

Short Studies on Great Subjects, by Froude, 3 vols. 1878 207-90

fourth series. 1883 53 2 H

Shorthand, Gurney's System Improved, by Miller. 1884 I24IR

See also Cassell's Popular Educator, 164-9!). Saturday Review [Anderson's

History of], v. 53, R.L. Pitman, &c. Most of the works are under

Shorthouse (7- Henry, Author, b. 1834). See Blackwood, v. 131, 2017. Molino's

Golden Thoughts [Preface by Shorthouse], io3Q. Fiction Class List

following the General Catalogue, &c.

Sh.ot. -See Chambers [Manufacture of Small Shot], v. 23, 19387.
Shovel (Sir Cloudesley, A dmiral, b. 1650, Shipwrecked and Drowned 1707). See

Yonge's British Navy, 302H.
Showers (Lieut. -Gen.), C.L., A Missing Chapter in the Indian

Mutiny. 1888 56oH

Shrew, The. See 7ardine's Naturalists' Library, 66oQ. Natural History, &c.

Shrewsbury. See Freeman's Norman Conquest, 2oi-sH.

Shrewsbury (Earls and Dukes of). See Leader's Mary Queen of Scots, 347H.

Strickland's Mary Queen of Scots, 793-90, &c.

Shrike, The. See 7ardine's Naturalists' Library, 6s4Q. Natural History, &c.
Shrimps and Prawns. See Argosy, v. 42, 427. Bell's British Crustacea, 75oF.

Cassell's Magazine [Tea and Shrimps], v. 7, 23477. Duncan's Sea Shore,

62;Q. Half'Hours in the Deep, s66Q. Hart's World of the Sea, 755
and 807 F. Crustacea, &c.

Shrines and Sepulchres of the Old and New World, by Madden ... 342-3K
^See'^also Time, v. i, 14917. Sepulchres, Graves, Tombs, &c.



Shropshire. See Leisure Hour, v. 37, 26477.

Shrovetide. See Brand's Antiquities, loosM. Dyer's Popular Customs [Shrove

Tuesday], 1036?, &c.
Shrubs. See Coleman's Woodlands, 563(3 . Cook e's Woodlands, 622(3. Science

Gossip [Seaside], v. 10, 24147. Botany, &c.
Shuckard (\V. E. ,), British Bees, an Introduction lo the Study of

their Natural History and Economy. 1866 .................... 2ii8R

Shuckford (S., d. 1754), D.D., Sacred and Profane History of the

World, 2 vols. 1810 ................................................... i6i-2K

Shuttleworth (P. N., Bishop of Chichester, b. 1782, d. 1842),
D.D., Paraphrastic Translation of the Apostolical Fathers,
with Notes. 1831 ............ .........................................

Siam, Kingdom of, by Neale, illustrated. 1852 ...........................

- See also_ Beauvoir's Voyage, I302R. China [and Anain], 15330. Inman's
Faiths, g6Ka. Leisure Hour [Embassies to], v. 2, 2612]. Stanford's
Compendium, 852K. Sunday at Home [and the Siamese], v. 10, 28607.
Sibbald (Sir R., Scottish Physician, b. 1641. d. 1712). See Jardine's Naturalists'
Library, 6440,, &c.


Siberia, Oriental and Western, by Atkinson, illustrated. 1

- Through, by Lansdell, illustrated, 2 vols. 1882 ..................... 496-7K

Travels in, by Erman, 2 vols. 1848 .................................... 498-9!^

lso Cassell's Family Magazine [On the Road to], v. 1
Century [and the Exile System], v. 37, 18877. Cornhill ag

15, 1365.7.
ill Magazine

[Mammoth Hunting in], v. 58, 3387. Fortnightly Review, v. 21, 21117.
Lansdell's Russian Asia, 828 K. Nineteenth Century journey of
Exiles to], v. 14, 22247. Quiver [among the Prisoners of], v. 25, 32957.
Saturday Review, v. 55, R.L. Stanford's Compendium, 852K. White's
7uly Holiday, i47oR. Meignan's Paris to Pekin [Siberian Snows],
8nK. Boy's Own Annual [Through], v. 6, 29567. Nature, v. 39,
26997. Russia, &c.
Siborne (Capt. W.), War in France and Belgium, Quatre-Bras,

Waterloo, &c., 2 vols. 1844 .......................................... 279-oIi

Sicilian Story, &c., Poems, by Barry Cornwall. 1820 .................. 64$T

Sicily, A Summer and Winter in the Two Sicilies, by Kavanagh ...... I477-8R

- and Southern Italy, Cities of, by Hare. 1883 ........................ i683R

- Calabria, &c., Unprotected Females in. 1859 ..................... J 47QR

- Diary of an Idle Woman in, by Elliot, 2 vols. 1881 ............... 1475-6R

- - See also English Illustrated Magazine [a Month in], v. 3, 19937. Freeman's

Essays [Sicilian Cycles], 4i8H. Mitford's Greece [Ancient Grecian
Settlements], ioi-6H. Poole's Index, R.L. Taylor's Land of the
Saracens, 854R, &c.

Sick Clubs. See Leisure Hour, v. 20, 26307.

Sickness, Death and Burial. See Leisure Hour, v. 27, 26377. Disease, Medicine.

Siddons (7. H.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64o7a.

Siddons (Mrs., Tragic Actress, b. 1755, d. 1831), by Kennard. 1887 11390

- See also Fitzgerald's English Stage, 3380 ; The Kembles, 333^, &c.
Sidereal Universe. See Pouchet's The Universe, 72 iF, &c.

Sidgwick (Alfred), Fallacies, a View of Logic from the Practical

Side [International Scientific Series] ............................. 39iR

Sidgwick (Mrs. Alfred), Caroline Schlegel and her Friends. 1889... 14620

Sidmouth. See Thomson's Health Resorts, 938K, &c.

Sidmouth (Henry Aldington, Viscount, Premier 1801, b. 1757, d. 1844). See

Harris' Radicals, no6F. Martineau's Thirty Years' Peace, 4498.
Sidney (Algernon, Patriot, b. 1622, beheaded 1683). See Nineteenth Century

[Treatise on Love], v. 15, 2225^.

Sidney (E.), A. M., The Field and the Ford, a Popular Exposition
on the Science of Agriculture [R.T.S.] ..............................

Sidney (Sir P., Statesman and Poet, l>. 1554, mortally wounded in

Battle, 1586), by Symonds [Morley's Eng. Men of Letters]... IO9IR
- - See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Thomson's Friendships,

5650, &c.



Sidney (S.), The Three Colonies of Australia: New South Wales,
Victoria, South Australia, their Pastures, Copper Mines and
Gold Field s. 1 852

Sidon. See Rawlinson's Phoenicia, 15530. Sunday at Home, v. 9, 2859], c.

SiebenkaS (F. S.). Richter's Flower, Fruit and Thorn Pieces 271-2^

Siebold (P. F. von, German Naturalist, b. 1796, d. 1866), Manners

and Customs of the Japanese. 1841 I5I2R

Sieges of Vienna by the Turks, by Schimmer, trans. 1847 1289!^

See also Battles, Wars, &c.

Siemens (Sir C. W., German Physicist, b. 1823, d. 1883), F.R.S.,

Conservation of Solar Energy. 1883 7i8D

See also Gentleman's Magazine, N.S., v. 34, 754J. &c.

Siena. See Howell's Tuscan Cities, 6748. Temple Bar [August in], v. 69, 1399!.

Sierra Leone, Residence at, edited by Mrs. Norton. 1849. 79oQ and I286R

See also Sunday at Home, v. 27, 2877 J. Westminster Review [Mr. Ban-

bury's], v. 130, R.L.

Siesmology. See Nature, v. 40, 2700.7. Earthquakes, &c.

Sieveking (A. W.), Lifeof, edited by Winkworth. 1863 96iO

Sight, An Exposition of the Principles of Monocular and Binocular

Vision, by Le Conte. 1883 368R

See also Bernstein's Five Senses, ?6^R. Higgins' Philosophers, 72oQ.

Knowledge [Influence of Civilization on], v. 7, 25877. Timbs'
Works [and Sound], SsiZ. Eye, Optics, Light, Vision, &c.

Sights of our Great Cities. See Boys' Own Annual, v. 10, 296oJ.

Sight-Seeing and Fairs. See Ashton's Reign of Queen Anne, 67F.

Sigismund {Emperor of Germany, b. 1368, d. 1437). See Palace and Hospital,
m35O. Germany, Hungary, &c.

Sign Boards, History of, by Larwood and Hotten, illustrated. 1866 IOOOR

See also Buckland's Curiosities, 597Q, &c.

Signals, Marine [Marryat's Code] I7D

See also Boy's Own Annual [Signal Flags of the World], v. 5, 29557 :
Signalling], v. 6, 29567. Once a Week [Naval], v. 19, 22797, & c -

, . , . , . , , .

Signatures, Autographs, &c. See Index to Harper's Magazine, R.L. Knight's
England [Illustrious], 148-soH. Money's English Literature [F
similes of many celebrated authors], I223Z.

England [Illustrious], 148-soH. Money's English Literature [Fac-
similes of many celebrated authors], I223Z.

Signs of the Times, the Moslem and his End, the Christian and his

Hope, by Cumming. 1854 .......................................... 2ioQ

- - Omens and Warnings. See Grant's Mysteries, 894F.
Sigourney (Mrs. L. H., American Poetess, b. 1791, d. 1865). See Lucy Howard's

Journal [1858], 7190. Alibone, v. 2, R.L. Poole's Index, R.L.

Harper's Index, i64oja. Fiction Class List following the General

Catalogue, &c.

Sikes (Mrs. Olive Logan). See Chroniqeuse.
Sikes (W. W.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i6 4 oja.
Sikhism. See Religious Systems of the World [by Pincott], 934A.
Sikhs, Sikh War, &c. See Cassell's India, 229!). Trotter's India under Vic-

toria, 538-9H. Hunter's Indian Empire, 485^ India, &c.
Silence. See Argosy [Power of], v. 8, 8J. Living Age [Silence is Gold], v. 164,

3 i94j, &c.

Silence and the Voices of God, with other Sermons, by Farrar. 1877. 3I4M
Silius-ItaliGUS (Roman Poet, b. 25, d. 100). See Peter's Po'etry of Greece and

Rome, 4740.
Silk, Cotton, Linen and other Fabrics, Ancient History of. 1845 2I 3^

- Manufacture .................................................................. I49OZ

- See also All the Year Round, v. 39, 1799.!. Capital and Labour, uisF.

Half Hours in the Tiny World [and Silk Worms], 5670. Knowledge
[Origin of Silk Culture], v. 6, 2586J. Lardner's Cyclopaedia [Manufac-
ture], 347T. Leisure Hour [and Silk Worms], v. 7, 26i7j ; Y. 19,
2629^. McCulloch's British Empire [Manufacture], 7iiH. Rock's
Textiles, io53M. Ure's Dictionary, 8-gD, &c.
Silkworms, Who were the First Weavers ? 1869 ........................ S68Q

- See also Beeton s Home Pets, I93R. Leisure Hour, v. 14, 2624 J. Science
Gossip [Wild Chinese], v. 6, 2412.}. Entomology, &c.



Silurian Strata. See Lyell's Geology, 726-7(5, c.
Silver Mines. See Atkinson's Siberia, c., 5988. Mines, &c.
Silver. See Chambers [in Britain], v. 22, 1937;. Cripps' College and Corporation
Plate, I034M. English Mechanic, v. 47, 10470. Nineteenth Century
[Crusade against Silver Money], v. 19, 222qJ. Saturday Review
[Silver in India], v. 53, R.L. Simonin's Mines and Miners, 632-38.
Somerville's Microscopic Science, uoR. Temples India, 486K. Ure's
Dictionary, S-gD. Metals, Mines, &c.

Silver Wings and Golden Scales, a Work upon Insects, illustrated ... 748F
Silvestre(G.). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of England, 4730, &c.

Simcox (E.), Episodes in the Lives of Men, Women and Lovers io86R

SimeQ.), M.A., G. E. Lessing, 2 vols. 1877.... 347-8F

Life of Goethe [Great Writers]. 1888 I268O

Schiller [Oliphant's Foreign Classics]. 1882 11890

Similes. See Spencer's Things New and Old, iog5-6R, &c.

Simmias of Rhodes (Greek Poet, ft. about 300). See Peter's Poetry of Greece

and Rome, 4740.

Simmias of Thebes. See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740.
Simmonds (P. L.), Animal Products [South Kens. Handbooks] ... IO33M

Commercial Products of the Vegetable Kingdom. 1854

Simmons (B.). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Griswold's Poets

and Poetry of England, 472!).
Simms (W. G.), Works of. Sec Harper's Index. i64oja. Poets of America.

4 68D, &c.
Simon (Edouard), The Emperor William and his Reign (translated

from the French), 2 vols. 1886 66$-6F

Simon (J., French Statesman, b. 1814), Government of M. Thiers,

from 8th Feb., 1871, to 24th May, 1873, 2 vols. 1879 432-3H

See also King's French Leaders, 6590.

Simon (T., of Guernsey}. See Sarnia [p. 8.], 14160.

Simonides (Greek Poet, b. 554, d. 469 B.C.). See Dana's Household Book of

Poetry, 4760. Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740, &c.
Simonin (L.), Mines and Mining, or Underground Life, translated

and edited by Bristow, illustrated, 3 parts. 1868 632-36

Coal Mines. Origin of Coal, History and Tradition, The Black Country,
Shafts and Levels, The Miners. Metalliferous Mines. Stages of the
Human Race, Hidden Treasures, Metalliferous World, Crushing and
Washing, The Miners. Mines of Precious Stones. Family of Gems,
In the East, and under the Tropics, The Seekers, &c.
Simony. See Macmillan [What is], v. 47, 977.7, &c.
Simoon, The. See Sunday at Home, v. 35, 28857, &c.
Simpkin, Marshall and Co. See Curwen's Booksellers, szoO.

Simple Lessons for Home and School Use, by Miller, &c. 1878... 592'!
Simple Simon's Misfortunes. See Chap Books, i32iH.
Simplicity. See Compayre"s Pedagogy, 296R. Muller's Noble Deeds, &c.,

92Q, &c.
Simpson (Christopher, Violinist and Composer, b. 1610, d. 1668). See Mathew's

History of Music, 9430, &c.
Simpson (D.), M.A., A Plea for Religion, addressed to Disciples

of Paine, &c. 1837 I0 5Q

Simpson (J.), Paris after Waterloo, Notes taken at the Time and

hitherto Unpublished. 1853 6i8Z

Simpson (Sir J., Scotch Physician, b. 1811, d. 1870). See Japp's Labour, &c.,

Simpson (Mrs. M. C. M.), Ed., Conversations with Distinguished

Persons of the Second Empire, by N. W. Senior. 1880 436-7^!

Thiers, Guizot, &c., by N. W. Senior, 2 vols. 1878 434-fjH

Correspondence, &c., between De Tocqueville and Senior 612-30

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Simpson (S.), M.D., Practical View of Homoeopathy. 1836 2O2D

Simpson (W. Sparrow), F.S.A., Gleanings from Old St. Paul's. 1889 I97H



Simrock (K., German Poet, b. 1802, d. 1876). See Longfellow's Poets and

Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.
Simson (Robt., Scotch Mathematician, b. 1687, d. 1768). See Brougham's

Philosophers, 597!*., c.
Sin, Christian Doctrine of, by Miiller, translated by Urwick. 1868. 767-8 A

Doctrine of Original Sin defended, by Edwards. 1766 3O3M

Mortification of Sin in Believers, by Owen [R. T. S.j 55Z

Nature of Indwelling Sin, by Owen. 1826 I4SM

Original, by Payne. 1854 H9M

Pain, and Death, Mystery of, and a Refutation of Atheism, by

Voysey. 1878 68oA

See also Inman's Faiths, 0.6K. Lecky's Morals, 384-5^!. Nineteenth

Century Magazine [Sins of Belief and Sins of Unbelief], v. 24,
2234J. Pressens^'s Ancient World and Christianity, ug4M. Quiver,
v. 15, 3285 J. Timbs' Works [and Punishment], 8s6Z. Wardlavv's
Theology [Original], v. 2, 257A, &c.

Sinai and Palestine, by Stanley. 1856 545K

in Arabia and Midian, Discoveries of, by Beke, illustrated. 1878 597B

- The Hedjaz, and Soudan, Wanderings around the Birth-place

of the Prophet, by Hamilton. 1857 I496R

See also Bartlett's Palestine, 634K Century [to Shechem], v. 37, 18877.

Kitto's Palestine [Mount Sinai], 6ioB, &c.
Sincerity. See Miiller's Noble Deeds, gzQ, &c.

Sinclair (J.), Sketches of Old Times and Distant Places. 1875 14890

[Alison, Scott, Orkney Isles, Chalmers, The Petchley Hunt, Hume, Falls

of Niagara, Erskine, &c.]
Sinclair (Miss Catherine, Novelist, b. 1800, d. 1864). See Fiction Class List

following the General Catalogue.

Sinclair (W. M.), M.A., Commentary on the Epistle of St. John... 2$4Z
Sindh, and the Races that Inhabit the Valley of the Indus. 1851. .. 487!^
Singapore. See Brassey's Voyage in the Sunbeam, i682R. Davidson's Travels,

i652R. India, &c.
Singing, Principles of, by Bach. 1885 IH2M

Vocal Culture, by Bach 94*1)

See also Century [Training of Children's Voices], v. 4, 18767. Girl's Own

Annual [How to Sing at Sight], v. 4, 25547 > t m Church], v. 5, 25557 5
[On Learning to Sing], v. 8, 25587. Girl's Own Book, 1257^!.
Mackenzie's Vocal Organs, 934.K. Nineteenth Century [Art of], v.
13, 22237. Winkworth's Christian Singers, H36R. Music, Voice, &c.

Singleton (E., Rector of Kirkstowe], Records of a Good Man's

Life, by Taylor. 1835 3I2T

Sinkings of Land, by Peacock. 1868 86R

Sinners and Saints [American Travel, &c.], by Robins I72IR

Sir. See Chambers [Use of the Word], v. 29, 19417.

Sir Charles Grandison, by Richardson, 7 vols. 1781 733'9^

Sir Launcelot du Lake. See Ballads and Metrical Tales, 334Q.

Sir Roger De Coverley, in the Spectator. 1852 i28iR and i6oT

Sirius the Dog Star'. See Newcomb's Popular Astronomy, 6930. Serviss'
Astronomy, 6900. Astronomy, &c.

Sismondl (J. C. L. De, Swiss Historian, b. 1773, rf. 1842), History
of the Fall of the Roman Empire [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclo-
paedia], 2 vols, 1834 76o-6iT

Historical View of the Literature of the South of Europe, trans-
lated, with a Life of the Author, by Thomas Roscoe. 1846 IO9I-2R

History of the Italian Republics, a View of the Origin, Progress

and Fall of Italian Freedom. 1841 455 H and 28O

.Sister Dora ([Dorothy W. Pattison] Philanthropist, b. 1832, d.

1878), A Biography, by M. Lonsdale. 1880 I373O

See also Adam's Good Samaritans, 273F, &c.

Sisterhoods in the Church of England, by Goodman. 1863


Sisterhoods. See also Nineteenth Century [English], v. 16, 2226] . Stephen's

Service of the Poor [Religious], 47sM, c.
Sisters-in-Law. See Time, v. 3, 1493}, c.
Siva-W"orship. See Hunter's Indian Empire, 485^
Six Hundred Dollars a Year, a Wife's Effort at Low Living under

High Prices. 1867 I758Z

Six Old English Chronicles, of which Two are now first Translated

from the Monkish Originals, edited by Giles. 1848 1170

Six Weeks in the Saddle, by Waller. 1874 I483R

SixtUS V. (Pope of Rome, b. 1521, d. 1590). See Ward's Counter-Reformation,


Sizing and Dyeing Machines. See Ure's Dictionary, 8D, &c.
SlOgren (E.). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.
Skate, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 68oQ. Fish, &c.
Skating. See Boy's Own Annual, v. n, 2961], Boy's Own Book, i^2jZ. Cas-

sell's Pastimes, 1262!!. Crawley's Handbooks [Rinking, &c.], usiM.

Lennox's Fashion Then and Now, loiS-gH. Stonehenge's Rural

Sports, 63iT. Walker's Manly Exercises, n64M, &c.
Skeat (W. W.). See Notes and Queries, ?th series, v. 7, loggj.
Skeletons. See Cornhill, v. 7, 1877. Orr's Circle of the Sciences, 735 F.

Science Gossip [Cleaning], v. 7, 2413.7. Anatomy. Taxidermy [of

Animals, Birds, &c.]

Skelton (J., Poet Laureate, b. 1469, d. 1529), Poems and Life,

edited by Dyce [British Poets], 3 vols. 1864 4^7-9Q

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760.

Skene (James Henry), Personal Reminiscences of Lord Stratford and

the Crimean War [Temple Bar Magazine] 1 392}

Skene (W. F., Archaologht, b. 1809), LL.D., Gospel History for
the Ypung, being Lessons on the Life of Christ, adapted for
Use in Families and in Sunday Schools, 3 vols. 1883-4... ii88-9oM

Sketch Book, The, by Geoffrey Crayon [W. Irving], 2 vols. 1834 1666-72.

by Irving. 1850 .' 77iR

Sketches and Essays from the Saturday Review. 1873 io87R

Sketches of Popular Tumults Illustrative of the Evils of Social

Ignorance gooM and I238Z

Old Times and Distant Places, by Sinclair. 1875 14890

Sketching from Nature, by Ellis. 1883 io67M

Rambles in the Alps and Apennines, by Catlow, illus., 2 vols....i443-4R

Tour, Our, by Two of the Artists. 1882 1890

'- See also Cassell's Popular Educator, 164-90. Art, Drawing, &c.

Sketchley (A. [Rev. G. Rose]). See Fiction Class List following the General

Skies and Seas in many Latitudes, or Wanderings in Search of

Weather, by Abercromby. 1888 843K

See also Knowledge [Northern Skies in November], v. i, 2581 J. Astronomy.

Skill, Games of. See Cassell's Pastimes, I262H. Names, e.g., Chess, &c.

Skin, Human. See Brown's Science for All, 6288. Man and his Maladies,
939K. Nature, v. 40, 27007. Physiology, &c.

Skins. See Furs, Taxidermy, &c.

Skirmishes and Sketches, by Gail Hamilton. 1866 969 R

Skirt, the Divided. See Knowledge, v. 4, 25847. Dress, &c.

Skittles. See Cassell's Pastimes, 1262 H. Games, &c.

Skobeloff (General, Russian Commander). See Saturday Review, v. 54, R.L.
Turko- Russian War, 4506, &c.

SkrineQohn Huntley), a Memory of Edward Thring. 1889 I494O

Skulls. See Brown's Palaeolithic Man, gosF. Buckland's Curiosities [Skeletons,
&c.], 598Q. Donnelly's Atlantic, ioi7M. Knowledge [Skull and
Spine], v. 3, 25837. Leisure Hour [Museum of, at Hythe], v. 8, 26i8J.

Sky, Midnight, by Dunkin 2040

Skies and Seas in many Latitudes, by Abercrombie. 1888 843K

See also Astronomy, Skies, &c.



Skye, a Summer in, by Smith. 1866 ................... . ................... i36iR

- See also All the Year Round [Isle of], v. 50, iSioJ. Leisure Hour, v. 9,

2619], Temple Bar Magazine, 1398-9.7. Hebrides, Scotland, c.
Skylark, The. See Wood's Lane and Field, 624(3. Birds, &c.
Slack (II. J.), F.G.S., Marvels of Pond Life, a Year's Microscopic

Recreations among the Polyps, Infusoria, Rotifers, Water-

Bears and Polyzoa, illustrated. 1871 ............................. J35R

Sladen (Col. E. B.). See Anderson's Expeditions, 54oK.

Slag. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 8-g~D, &c.

Slander. See Leisure Hour, v. 27, 2637 J. Libel Law, &c.

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Slates. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 8D, &c.

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in History, by Gurowski. 1860

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