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Mankind, 1560. Cable's Louisiana, 8o2K. Cameron's Africa, 6o2-3K.
Channing's Works, giD. Davies' American Scenes, 708 K. Dixon's
White Conquest, 492-3^ Douglass (F.), fooO. Eggleston's United
States, 42iH. Fortnightly Review [Abolition of, in India and Egypt],
v. 39, 2i2gJ ; [East African], v. 49, 21397. Freeman's Essays [Southern
Slaves], 4i8H. Garrison's Life, 270-1 F. Good Words [in Africa], v.
29, 2J99J. Greg's United States, 558-9^ Helper's Impending Crisis
ofthe South, noiF. Knight's England, 151-3^ Lecky's Eighteenth
Century, I72H ; Morals, 384-5^. Leisure Hour [East African], v.~
22, 26327 ; [and Turks], v. 25, 26357 '. t an d the Slave Trade],
v. 33, 26437. Life of Wilberforce, 10376. Madden's West Indies,
i647-8R. Mill's Discussions [Slave Power], 648H. Morell's Algeria,
6s8K. Nineteenth Century [in Brazil], v. 24, 22347 ! t m East Cen-
tral Africa], v. 24, 22347. Pike's Crime in England, 307-8H. San-
born's Life of Brown, issF. Smith's Wealth of Nations, IO26-8F.
Stanford's Compendium [Slave Coast], 849K ; [Abolition of], 8soK.
Stanley's Dark Continent, I563R. Sunday at Home [a few words
about], v. 21, 28717. Thrupp's Anglo-Saxon Home, 345K. Overton's
Revivals [Trade], 43oM. Ranke's Servia [Provinces of Turkey], 8gO.
Longfellow's Poems on, I4I7M. Wilberforce, Shaftesbury, Brown, &c.
Slaves, White, of England, by J. C. Cobden. 1853 ..................... 256R

Sledges. See Nares' Polar Sea [Sledge-Crews], 672K. Koldewey's Arctic Expe-
dition [Sledge 7ourneys], 6056. Whymper's Travels [Sledge 7ourney],
724 .and t 72 5 K. Payer's Arctic Circle [Sledge Travelling], 66 4 K.
Robinson's Hudson's Bay 68oK, &c.
Sleep, Philosophy of, by Macnish. 1834 .................................... 955^1

- - See also Brown's Science for All, 6266. Chambers [Sleeplessness], v. 60,
19607. Estes' Recreations in Science [Phenomena], 4g6R. Fort-
nightly [and its Counterfeits], v. 47, 2137}. Girl's Own Annual, v. 4,
2 554J- Good Words [Sleep-Walking Freaks], v. 23, 21937. Leisure



Sleep (continued).

Hour [Curiosities of], v. n, 2621] ; v. 14, 2624J ; [How I go to], v. 18,
2628J. Playfair's Social Welfare [and its Concomitant Phenomena],
336R. Saunders 1 Salad for the Solitary, 263R. Stables' Guide to
Health [Sleeplessness], 995 M. Warner's Physical Expression, 393R.

Sleeping Beauty in the Wood. See Home Treasury of Old Story Books, 2863X.

Sleighing, &c. See Crawley's Handbooks, usiM. Sledges, &c.

Slick (Sam [Judge Haliburton], Colonial Humourist, b. 1796, d. 1865),
Letter Bag of the Great Western [Humorous Sketches]

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Slides, Magic Lantern. See Boy's Own Annual, v. 7, 2957J. Magic Lantern, &c.

SligO. See Crookshank's Methodism, 6697iA.

Slings and Catapults, Old and New. See Boy's Own Annual, v. 5, 2Q55J, &c.

Slips of the Tongue and Pen. See All the Year Round, v. 54, i8i4j.

Sloane (Sir H., Irish Naturalist, b. 1660, d. 1753). See Jardine's Naturalists'
Library, 666Q. Leisure Hour, v. n, 2621], &c.

Slugs and Snails. See Cooke's Woodlands, 622Q. Science Gossip, v. 23, 2423] .

Small-Pox. See Malthus' Population, I093-4F. Nineteenth Century [and Vacci-
nation], v. TI, 222iJ. Saturday Review [Hospitals of London], v. 54,
R.L. Thomson's Sick Room, &c., 8 34 M. Disease, &c.

Small Tableaux, Poems, by Turner. 1868 287Q

Small (William). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Smart (C.), A.M., 7)-., Phaedrus [Family Classical Library] H25Q

Smart (H.). See Fiction Class following the General Catalogue.

Smeaton (John, Civil Engineer, b. 1724, d. 1792). See Smiles' Engineers, 9630.

Smedley (E., Historical Poet, b. 1789, d. 1836), M.A., and Others,
The Occult Sciences, Sketches of the Traditions and Super-
stitions of Past Times, and the Marvels of the Present Day ... I935R

Smedley (F. E., Novelist, Son of above, b. 1818, d. 1864). See Fiction Class List
following the General Catalogue.

Smee (A., Surgeon and Electrician, b. 1818, d. 1877), F.R.S.,

Elements of Electro-Metallurgy. 1859 493R

Smell. See Bastian's Brain, 387^. Bernstein's Five Senses, 363 R. Nature
[Sense of], v. 26, 2686J, c.

Smellie (W., Scotch Naturalist, b. 1740, d. 1795). See Jardine's Naturalists'
Library, 6450..

Smelt, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 68oQ. Seeley's Fishes, 8nF.
Fishes, Natural History, &c.

Smiles (R.), David Livingstone [World's Workers]. 1885 "47O

Smiles (S., Scotch Surgeon and Biographer, b. 1816), LL.D.,

Character 1 495 O

George Moore, Merchant and Philanthropist. 1878 4O4F

Industrial Biography, Iron-Workers and Tool-Makers. 1871 ... 73lO

Iron and Civilization, Iron Manufacture in Britain, Iron Smelting,
Dudley, Andrew Yarranton, Coalbrookdale Iron Works, Cast Steel,
Benjamin Huntsman, Henry Cort, Dr. Roebuck, David Mushet, The
Hot Blast, J. B. Neilson, Mechanical Inventions, Joseph Bramah,
Henry Maudsley, Joseph Clement, Fox of Derby, Murray of Leeds,
Roberts and Whitworth of Manchester, James Nasmyth, W. Fairbairn.

Life and Labour, or Characteristics of Men of Industry, Culture

and Genius. 1887 I355O

of a Scotch Naturalist [Thomas Edward]. 1877 7/iO

George Stephenson. 1857

Lives of the Engineers, illustrated. 1874-7 :

Vol.i. Embankments and Canals: Vermuyden, Myddelton, Perry and

Brindley 52 8O

Vol. 2. Harbours, Lighthouses and Bridges, Smeaton and Rennie 9630

Vol. 3. History of Roads, Metcalfe and Telford 8390

Vol. 4. Steam Engine, Boulton and Watt 5220

Vol. 5. Locomotive, George and Robert Stephenson 9840

with an Account of their Principal Works, comprising

also a History of Inland Communication in Britain, il. 1861. 250-1!



Smiles (S.), Men of Invention and Industry. 1884 I172R

Phineas Pett, Beginnings of English Shipbuilding. Francis Pettit Smith,
Practical Introducer of the Screw Propeller. John Harrison, Inventor
of the Marine Chronometer. John Lombe, Introducer of the Silk In-
dustry into England. William Murdoch, his Life and Inventions.
Frederick Koenig. Inventor of the Steam-Printing Machine. The
Walters of The Times, Invention of the Walter Press. William
Clowes, Book-Printing by Steam. Charles Bianconi, a Lesson of
Self-Help in Ireland. Industry in Ireland, through Connaught and
Ulster to Belfast. Shipbuilding in Belfast, by E. J. Harland, En-
gineer and Shipbuilder. Astronomers and Students in Humble Life, a
New Chapter in the " Pursuit of Knowledge under Difficulties."

Robert Dick, Geologist and Botanist. 1878 6150

Self-Help, with Illustrations of Character and Conduct. 1860... i63T

The Huguenots in France, After the Revocation of the Edict of

Nantes, with a Visit to the Country of the Vaudois. 1873 ... 2o6M

Thrift. 1875 25oR

Ed., Boy's Voyage Round the World, by S. Smiles, Jun., illus... 834Q

See also Chambers [Self-Help], v. 32, IQ42J. Macmillan [Self-Help], v. i,

93iJ. Quarterly [Works], v. 147, 1277}, &c.

Smiling and Laughter, Philosophy of, by Vasey, illustrated. 1877. II24R
Smith (Adam, Scotch Political Economist, b. 1723, d. 1790), LL.D.,

Essays. 1872 462M

[Moral Sentiments, Astronomical Inquiries, Formation of Languages, His-
tory of Ancient Physics, Ancient Logic and Metaphysics, Imitative
Arts, Music, Dancing, Poetry, External Senses, English and Italian

Inquiry into the Nature and Cause of the Wealth of Nations IO26-8F

Theory of Moral Sentiments. 1849 58811

and our Modern Economy [Bagehot's Economic Studies] IOO3F

[1723-1790], by Farrer [English Worthies]. 1881 12310

See also Brougham's Philosophers, 597R. Lennox's Celebrities, ioi7H.

Hamilton's Biographical Memoirs. 5i7F, &c.

Smith (Agnes). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Smith (Alexander, Scotch Poet, If. 1830, d. 1867), A Summer in Skye !36iR
See also Stoddard's Late English Poets, eSyM, &c.

Smith (Alex.), D.D., Tr., Commentaries on the Laws of Moses, by

Michaelis, 4 vols. 1814 55<>3A.

Smith (B. B. ), M.A., Rome and Carthage, the Punic Wars [Epochs
of Ancient History]. 1887 :...

Smith (Cecil), F.Z.S., Birds of Guernsey, and the Neighbouring
Islands, Alderney, Sark, Jethou, Herm. 1879

Smith (Charlotte, Post and Novelist, b. 1749, d. 1806), Natural His-
tory of Birds, intended chiefly for Young Persons, illustrated,
2 vols in i. 1819 7iiZ

See also^ Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Jones's Poets, 663M.

Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue, &c.

Smith (Lt.-Col., C. H.), Natural History of the Human Species

[Jardine's Naturalists' Library], coloured plates. 1884 6S5Q

Smith (E., d. 1874), M.D., Health, a Handbook for Households

and Schools. 1874 234R

Foods [International Scientific Series], illustrated 380 R

Smith (Edmund), Poetical Works, and Life by Johnson. 1807. ... 347Z

See also New English Theatre, &c.

Smith (Edward), F.S.S., The Story of the English Jacobins, being
an Account of the Persons implicated in the Charges of
High Treason, 1794. 1881 , 2I5Z

Smith (F.), The Canary, its Varieties, Management and Breeding,

with Portraits of the Author's own 2U3R



Smith (F. Hopkinson), A White Umbrella in Mexico, ill. 1889 1745^

Smith. (F. P.). See Smiles' Invention, &c., ii72R.

Smith. (Col. Sir G., of Guernsey). See Sarnia [p. 17], 14160.

Smith. (G.), C.I.E., LL.D., Stephen Hislop, Pioneer Missionary and

Naturalist in Central India [1844-63]. 1888 756!-'

Life of Alexander Duff, 2 vols. 1879 582-30

John Wilson, Philanthropist and Scholar in the East. 1878 58oF

. William Carey, illustrated. 1885 167!-"

Smith (G., British Miiseuni), Assyrian Discoveries [1873-4]. 1875... 88 ^F

Smith (George), Chaldean Account of Genesis, illus. 1876 895!'

[Fa'l of Man, The Deluge, Tower of Babel, Babylonian Fables, &c.
Smith (G., of Coalville), Gipsy Life, being an Account of our
Gipsies and their Children, with Suggestions for their Im-
provement, illustrated. 1880 887M

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Smith (Goldwin), Cowper [English Men of Letters]. 1880 10630

See also Contemporary [as a Critic], v. 41, 205 ij.
Smith (G. B., Biographer, &Y., b. 1841), Half- Hours with some

Famous Ambassadors 686O

[Keith, Talleyrand, Gondomar, Harley, Alberoni, &c.]

Life and Speeches of the Rt. Hon. J. Bright, M.P., 2 vols. 1881 i5o-iF
of Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone. 1880 275!-'

the Right Hon. John Bright, M. P. 1889 14480

Sir Robt. Peel [English Political Leaders]. 1881 12410

Victor Hugo, His Life and Work. 1885 7240

Smith. (Hannah). See Stretton (Hesba) in Fiction Class List.

Smith (Sir Harry). See Lennox's Celebrities, ioi6H, &c.

Smith (Major-Gen. Havilland, of Guernsey). See Sarnia [p. 31], 14160.

Smith (Horace), Festivals. Games, and Amusements, Ancient and

Modern [Harper's Family Library] 868 and 1 1 26Z

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Griswold's Poets and

Poetry of England, 4720. Fiction Class List following the General

(and James), Rejected Addresses, or the New Theatrum Poetarum. I58T

See also Lennox's Celebrities, ioi7H.

Smith (Huntingdon), Ed., A Century of American Literature, Ben-
jamin Franklin to lames Russell Lowell 2O28K

TV., My Religion, by Tolstoi. 1889 I242M

Physiology of War, Napoleon and the Russian Campaign, and

Power and Liberty, by Tolstoi 1 5270

Smith (I. G., Bampton Lecturer , b. 1826), M.A., and Onslow(P.),

M.A., Worcester [Diocesan Histories, S.P.C.K.]. 1883 ... i842/>

Smith (J.), M.A., The Temperance Reformation and its Claims

upon the Christian Church [Prize Essay]. 1875 1089!'*

Smith (J.), Eii., Choice Portions from the Works of the Rev. George-

Whitfield. 1850 857

Smith (J.), A.L.S., Ferns, British and Foreign, with a Treatise on

their Cultivation, &c., illustrated. 1877 66R

Smith (J. Brook), M. A., Arithmetic in Theory and Practice. 1887 3IOR

Smith (James A.), Ed. See Brooks (R.), M.D., General Gazetteer, 340.

Smith (Capt. John, Founder of Virginia, b. 1579, d. 1631), Adven-
tures of Captain John Smith, newly ordered, by Ashton. 1883 i622lv

See also Eggleston's United States, 42iH.

Smith (John Pye, Independent Minister, b. 1774, d. 1851), D.D.,
Relation between Scripture and some parts of Geological
Science noM and i66(>

Sacrifice and Priesthood of Jesus Christ. 1847 22oO

28 [721]


Smith (John Pye), The Scripture Testimony to the Messiah, 2 vols.

1847 526-7A

Smith. (Joseph). See Oxley's Modern Messiahs, &c., 1254!^.

Smith (Lucy Toulmin), Tr., English Wayfaring Life in the Middle

Ages [i4th Century], by Jusserand. 1889 I925R

Smith (Mrs. M. E.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Smith (P. V.), M.A., English Institutions. 1873 5*7T

[The People, Local Government, The King, Parliament, Legislation,
Judicature, Executive, Taxation, &c.]

Smith (R. and H.), Laws concerning the Public Health, including
the various Sanitary Acts passed in the Session 1883, and the
Circulars issued by the Privy Council and the Local Govern-
ment Board. 1883 942K

Smith (R. B.), F.G.S., Italian Irrigation, 2 vols. 1852 851-20

Life of Lord Lawrence, 2 vols. 1883 343-4F

Rome and Carthage, the Punic Wars. 1887 iSigZ

Smith (Major R. M.), R.E., Persian Art [South Kens. Handbook]. IO59M
Smith. (R. P., Orientalist, &c., b. 1818), D.D. See Exell's Monthly Interpreter,

v. 4, 62aA.

Smith (Seba, American Editor, b. 1792). See Poets of America, 4680. Down-
ing (Major Jack), &c.

Smith (Shirley). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Smith (Sir Sidney, Admiral, b. 1764, d. 1840). See Lennox's Celebrities, ioi6H.
Smith (Sydney, Canon of St. Paul's, Critic and Wit, b. 1771,
d. 1845), M. A., Elementary Sketches of Moral Philosophy,
delivered at the Royal Institution in the Years 1804 to 1806. 589!!

Essays 2970

[Catholic Question. Method of Teaching Languages].

Selections from the Writings of [Travellers' Lib.], 2 vol in I. 1856 I277R

Wit and Wisdom of... logoR

Works of. 1846 5890

Works of, 3 vols. 1845 :

Vol. i. Articles originally published in the Edinburgh Review, Parnell
(W.) and Ireland, Methodism, Hannah More, Public Schools,
Mad Quakers, Game Laws, Chimney Sweepers, Spring Guns. . . 949H

Vol. 2. Persecuting Bishops, Cruel Treatment of untried Persons, Man

Traps and Spring Guns, Catholics, Poor Laws, Anastasius, .
Memoirs of Captain Rock, Granby 95H

Vol. 3. Mission to Ashantee, Speech on the Catholic Claims,The Ballot,
The Lawyer that tempted Christ, a Sermon ; Peter Plymley's
Letters, Letters on Railways, Irish Roman Catholic Church. ... 95 iH

and others, Table Talk on Books, Men and Manners, edited by

Evelyn. 1853 IIO7R

Life and Times of, by Reid. 1884 5O3F

See also Harper [with Portrait], v. 69, 1649^. Macmillan. v. 58, 9&8J, &c.

Smith (Thomas), D.D. See Ante-Nicene Christian Library.

Smith (Thomas Assheton, Sportsman, b. 1776, d. 1858), Reminis-
cences of, or The Pursuits of an English Country Gentleman,
by Sir J. Eardley-Wilmot. 1860 504*'

Smith (T. Roger), F.R.I.B.A., Acoustics in Relation to Architec-
ture and Building, The Laws of Sound as applied to the
Arrangement of Buildings [Weale Series], illustrated iinM

Architecture, Gothic and Renaissance, illustrated. 1880 io83M

and Slater (J.), B.A., Architecture, Classic and Early Chris-

tian. 1882 loSiM

Smith (Thomas Southwood, b. 1789, d. 1861), M.D., Philosophy

of Health, 2 vols. 1851 1401-22

Smith (Thornley), History of Moses, viewed in Connection with

Egyptian Antiquities, and the Customs of the Times in which

he Lived, illustrated. 1862 464M



Smith (Thornley), Zaphnath-Paaneah, or The History of Joseph
viewed in Connection with Egyptian Antiquities. 1856

Smith (W., Dean of Chester, b. 1711, d. 1787), D.D., 7>., Thucy-

dides [Family Classical Library], 3 vols. 1831 1127-gQ

Smith (W., Classical Scholar, b. 1814), LL.D., A Smaller Dictionary

of Greek and Roman Antiquities, illustrated. 1853 IO25M

History of the Bible, illustrated. 1879 5*5 A

Pictorial History of the Bible, illustrated with many Fine En-
gravings and Maps 5 14A

Smith (Captain W. E.), Address to Evangelists. 1879 4^5M

Smith (W. H. and Son, Newsagents, &c.). See Curwen's Booksellers, 5200, &c.

Smith (W. R., b. 1846), LL.D., Prophets of Israel and their Place

in History, to the close of the Eighth Century B.C. 1882 ... 466M

The Old Testament in the Jewish Church, Twelve Lectures on

Biblical Criticism. 1881 467M

Smith (Worthington G.). See Brown's Palaeolithic Man, 905 F.

Smithneld. See Leisure Hour, v. 3, 2613]. London, &c.

Smiths' Work. See Illustrated Carpenter and Builder, from vol. i, 29817.

Smits (D., Dutch Poet, b. 1702, d. 1752). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry,
476D. Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730.

Smoke. See Nature [Abatement of], v. 25, 2685.7. Ure's Dictionary, 8D, &c.

Smoking. See Leisure Hour [Thoughts of an old Smoker], v. 3, 26137. Cham-
bers [Is it injurious to Health ?], v. 61, ig6ij. Tobacco, &c.

Smollett (T., Novelist, b. 1721, d. 1771), M.D., History of Eng-
land, William III. to George II., a continuation of Hume... 124-9!!

Travels through France and Italy [Smollett's Works]. 1824 iSo^Z

Life and Selections from his Writings, by Chambers. 1867 9640

See also Scott's Novelists, loi^Z. Fiction Class List following the General

Catalogue, &c.

Smuggling. See All the Year Round [Manx], v. 54, 18147. Cassell's Magazine
[Modern], v. 7, 23477. Peto's Taxation, &c., ioi6F. Pike's Crime in

England, 307-SH, &c.
Smut. See Cooke's Fungi, 6i8Q, &c.
*na. See Lynch's United States'

Smyrna. See Lynch's United States' Expedition, 6156, &c.

Smyth (Newman), Christian Facts and Forces. 1888 I2O6M

Old Faiths in New Light 468M

Reality of Faith. 1888 i2o;M

Smyth (Professor Piazzi). See Nature, v. 39, 26997, &c.

Smyth (Warrington W.), M.A., A Year with the Turks, or
Sketches of Travel in the European and Asiatic Dominions
of the Sultan. 1854 H54R

Smythies (Mrs. Y.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Snails and Slugs. See Brown's Science for All, 627 Ba. Buckley's Life, &c.,
io6R. Chambers [and Snail Eating], v. 52, 19527. Cooke's Wood-
lands, 622Q. Gentleman's Magazine [The Garden], v. 32, 7527. In-

gersoll's American Natural History, 582(2, &c.

Snake-Dance of the Moquis of Arizona, by Bo.irke, illus. 1884 ... 7I7K

Snakes. See Boy's Own Annual [and how to Tame them], v. 5, 1882-3, 29557 ;
[and Vipers], v. IT, 29617. Buckley's Life's Race, i2gR. Cameron's
Africa, 6o2-3K. Conway's Demonology, gogM. Hartwig's Tropical
World, 758 F. 7 esse ' s Gleanings, 57gQ. Knowledge [Poisons of], v. 3,
25837. Leisure Hour, v. 2, 26127. Nature [Do they Swallow their
Young?], v. 33, 26937. Science Gossip, v. r, 24117. Stanford's Com-
pendium [Australian], 853K, &c.

Sneering. See Warner's Physical Expression, 393R, &c.

Snell (H. J.), Enamel Painting on Glass, Tiles, China, &c., illus

Snipe. Sec Century Magazine [Snipe-shooting], v. 4, 18767. 7 ones> Bermuda,
823 F. Birds, Shooting, &c.

Snively (J. H.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 164073.

Snob, The. See Saturday Review [Defined], v. 57, R.L., &c.



Snodgrass (Major), Narrative of the Burmese War, the Operations
of Sir A. Campbell's Army from May, 1824, to February,

1826. 1827 475II

Snow- See Brown's Science for All, 627B and 627Ba. Cassell's Magazine [and
Frost], v. 8, 23487. Cassell's Family Magazine [Facts about], v. 9,
23587. Knowledge [Collection of Dust from], v. 5, 25857. Nares'
-3K. Sunday at Home, v. 25, 28757. Tyndall's t


Soap 'Sec Beckmann's Inventions, 6g%Q. Brown's Science for AIL 6296. Ure's

Dictionary, 8D ; [Analysis of], 9 D, &c.

Social and Political Economy [Fawcett's Essays] IOI4F

Sec also Adams' Good Samaritan, 278F. Hill's Repression of Crime,

loisF. Kay's People of England, 228R. Porter's Progress, 2i3-sR.

Seeley's Factors in Life, 8 44 M. Social Notes, 8 2 - 7 D. Society, &c.

Speeches, by Brougham, 2 vols. 1857 605 -6R

Social and Sanitary Essays and Lectures, by Kingsley. 1889 IQ68R

Social Christianity, Sermons, by Hughes. 1889 i23iM

Social Condition and Education of the People of England, by Kay... 228R
Social Customs. See Temple Bar, v. 64, 13947.
Social Democracy. See Gould's Germany, 3630.

Social Economy, The English Poor, by Mackay. 1889 33?R

Social Equality. See Bryce's American Commonwealth, 519!!, &c.

Social Essays, by Hugh Miller. 1875 8o6R

Social Evolution, &c., by Doherty. 1874 ,.. iH

Social History of England, by Creighton. 1887 2Q8R

Great Britain, by Goodman, 2 vols. 1843 224-5!^

Southern Counties of England in Past Centuries, by

Roberts. 1856..... 301 II

Social Inequality. See Good Words, v. 26, 21967, &c.

Social Life, a Manual of Morals and Behaviour, by Nichols. 1872.. 14207

in Scotland, from Early to Recent Times, by Rogers, 3 vols... 949-5IF

See also Knight's Pictorial Bible, lipo-4M. Stapfer's Palestine, Time of

Christ, 477M. Stoughton's Religion [1800-1880], ggM, &c.
Social Models, Addresses on Social Themes, by Hocking. 1889 ... i887Z
Social Notes, Social Reforms, Progress, &c., edited by S. S. Hall ... 82-70
Social Philosophy. See Harper's Index, i64ojn. Mill's Political Economy, 997-8F.

Social Politics, by Arnold. 1878 86oH

Social Pressure, by Helps. 1875 223R

Social Reform, Methods of, by Jevons. 1883 HiiF

Social Science. See Harper's Index, i64oja. Sociology, Civilisation, Govern-
ment, Education, Poor Laws, Crime, Politics, &.c.

Social Statics, by Spencer. 1851 586H

Social Welfare, Subjects of, by Playfair. 1889 336R

Social Wreckage, by Peek. 1883 290!*

Social. In connection with this word, see also subject required.

Socialism, Christian, by Kaufmann. 1888 I2OSM

French and German, in Modern Times, by Ely. 1883 53iT

Practical, Essays on Social Reform, by Barnett. 1888 3'3R

See also Capital and Labour, insF. Century Magazine, v. o, i88ij.

Contemporary [as Government], v. 46, 20567 ; [and Atheism], v. 47,
20577. Fawcett's Essays [Modern], ioi4F. Good Words [and Chris-
tianity], v. 26, 21967. Harper's Index, i64o7a. Harper's New-
Monthly Magazine [in London], v. 76, 16567. Leisure Hour [Co-opera-
tive, of Germany], v. 27, 26377. Nineteenth Century, v. 24, 22347.
Poole's Index, R.L. Saturday Review [State], v. 60, R.L. Scribner's
Monthly, v. 16, 18667. Alison's Europe, 145-60. May's Democracy
[Socialists in France], 39H, c.

Societies, Secret, by Heckethorn, 2 vols. 1875 377C*

of the Middle Ages. 1837 I247Z



Societies, Secret. See also Excelsior, 1926-31!?.. Frost's Secret Societies, 32-3!!.

Knight's England. 151-4!!. Overtoil's Revivals, 43oM. Stoughton's

Religion in England, 93-6M, &c.

SOCIETY, Abominations of, by Talmage. 1872 ........................ 22$T

and Christianity, by Haus. 1883 ....................................... H96M

- Solitude, by Emerson. 1870 ....................................... 93 lR

Early Law and Custom, by Maine. 1883 .............................. io82F

Essa'y on the History of Civil Society, by Ferguson. 1814 ......... 627!!

French, from the Fronde to the Great Revolution, by Baker ... 332-30
- [Habits of Good Society] ................................................... I4O8Z

- How our Working People Live, by Rowe .............................. 8Q2M

in America, by H. Martineau, 2 vols. 1837 ........................ 694-5!^

- London, by a Foreign Resident. 1885
- Natural, by Burke. 1854 ................................................ 6o8R

- Progress and Poverty, by George. 1 882 ............................. IO23F

- Recollections of, in France and England, by Davies, 2 vols. 1873 920- iR
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