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That Boy, 268R. Day's America, 698-9!^. Eden's Japan, 8i4Q.
Ellett's Queens of American Society, 468F. Escott's England and its
People, &c., IOI7-8F. Farrer's Crimes and Punishment?, 276R. Fel-
low's Asia Minor, 6756. Gamble's Ireland [1818], 382K. Guthrie's
The City, its Sins and Sorrows, 34oM. Haygarth's Bush Life, 8igQ.
Jackson's French Court, 334-50. Levi's Wages and Earnings, IO24F ;
Work and Pay, 283R. Lomenie's French Society, 501-40. Malthus'
Principles of Population, I093-4F. Milner's Elevation of the People,
io53F. Murray's High Life in France, 96oR. Peirce's Juvenile
Delinquents [United States], logoF. Pike's Crime in England, 3O7-8H.
Pulszky's United States, I2I3-4R. Reaney's Our Brothers' and Sons,
973M ; Our Daughters, 45oM. Scripture Manners and Customs, i8Q.
' '

Seebohm's English Village Community, 363K. Smith's Temperance,
icSgF. Timbs' Works [Errors in the Progress of], 8537. Time [in
India], v. 12, I502J. Trevelyan's Life of Fox. 26oF. Walford's


Famines of the World, xoggF. Wilson's Infanticide in India, io86F.
6.. ' '

Wynter's Subtle Brains, 2696.. Young Lady's Book, gS^M. Tolstois'
What to Do, 2022R. Abstinence, Teetotalism, Alcholism, Intoxica-
tion, Temperance. History under Names, e.g., England, France, &c.
Manners and Customs, Antiquities, Etiquette, Crime, Law, Govern-
ment, Sociology, &c.
Society of Friends. See Fox (G.), Autobiography of, 261 F. Perm (W.), Life of,

422-3 F. Quakers, &c.
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, Religious Tracts dis-

persed by the, 13 vols. 1823 :
Vol. i. On the Holy Scriptures, the Liturgy and Public and Private

Devotion .................................................. 493^

Vol. 3. On the Church Catechism, Confirmation and Baptism .......... 495M

Vol. 4. On the Holy Communion ...................................... 4g6M

Vols. 5, 7. On the Christian Religion, Doctrine and Practice ........ 497 and 4ggM

Vols. 8-9. Concerning Practical Duties ............................ 500 and soiM

Vol. n. Against Popery and Enthusiasm .............................. 503M

[Note. Vols. 2, 6, 10, 12 and 13 of the set are wanting].
Society Islands. See Walpole's Pacific, 7 9sK.
Sociology, Study of, by Spencer. 1887 .................................... 35 2R



Sociology- See also Doherty's Organic Philosophy, 56gH. Fortnightly Review
[Place of], v. 30, 2i2oJ. Jevons' Social Reforms, iinF. Collins'
Synthetic Philosophy [Principles of], 587**. Society, c.

Socrates (Athenian Philosopher,' b. 469, d. 399 B.C.), A Day in
Athens with, translations from the Protagoras and the Re-
public of Plato. 1887 I993K-

A Translation of the Apology, Crito, and parts of the Phcedo of

Plato. 1887 1994^-

Ecclesiastical History, from A.D. 305 to A.D. 445, translated

[Bohn's Library]. 1853 27$M

Talks with, about Life, translations from the Georgias and the

Republic of Plato. 1887 I995R

Trial and Death of, translated by Church. 1886 17842.

See also Josephus, 67H. Lewes' Philosophy, 57iH. Mitford's Greece,

I02-6H. Pressense's Ancient World and Christianity, H94M, &c.
Soda. See Ure's Dictionary, gD ; [Carbonate of], 8D.
Soda-water. See Ure's Dictionary, 8D, &c.
Sodium. See Lockyer's Spectrum Analysis, 377R. Somerville's Microscopic

Science, noR.
Soil. See Brown's Science for All, 6286. Taylor's Bye-paths, 62R. Agriculture,

Farming, &c.
Soissons (Raoul, Comte De). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe,

47 3 D, &c.
Solar Atmosphere. See Lockyer's Spectrum Analysis, 377R.

Energy, Conservation of, a Collection of Papers and Discus-

sions, by Siemens. 1883 7i8D

Myths. See Nineteenth Century, v. 18, 2228].

System, See Harper's New Monthly Magazine [Central Engine of the], v.

73, 1653.7. Humboldt's Cosmos, 486R. Spectrum Analysis, Astron-
omy, &c.

Solar Spectrum, Researches on the, and the Spectra of Chemical

Elements, by Kirchoff, translated by Roscoe. 1862 339l>

Soldiers and Sailors, True Words for Brave Men, by Kingsley. 1878 igiQ

Life in India, by Hodson. 1883 H75R

Mrs. Daniels' Work among. 1879 27oR

of the Victorian Age, by Low, 2 vols. 1880 ".... 5O5-6F

See also Adams' Queen Anne, i28oH. All the Year Round [at Home], v. 52,

i8i2j. Atkinson's Russian Acquisitions, 6uB. Barbiere's Scraps from
the Prison Table [American Civil War], 523H. Camp and Barrack
Room, 2710. Eden's China, 8i3Q. Fergusson's Recollections, 2s6F.
Gleig's Campaigns at Washington, &c., 453T. Good Words [and
Sailors at Home], v. 24, 2194.7. Leisure Hour [Everyday Life of], v.
35, 2645.7. Malan's Old Comrades, 146'!. Nineteenth Century [Ra-
tions], v. 24, 2234.7. Temple's India, 486K. Wynter's Curiosities.
919 M. Army, &c.

Soles. See Beeton's Household Management, 997M. Jardine's Naturalists'
Library, 68oQ. Fishes, &c.

Solicitors. See Chambers' [Chat about], v. 62, 19627. Lawyers, &c.

Solitaire- See Boy's Own Annual, v. 2, 29527. Crawley's Handbooks [and
Backgammon], H47M.

Solitude, by Zimmerman, with life of the author, by Ridley. 1804. 1142-3!!

See also Saturday Review [Lonely Lives], v. 55, R.L.

Sollogub (Count), The Tarantas, Travelling Impressions of Young

Russia, illustrated. 1850 8liQ

Solomon (King of Israel, b. 1033, d. 975 B.C.), His Life and Times,

by Farrar 65oM

Solomon's Proverbs, Expounded [Lange's Commentary] 841 A

See also Ewald's Israel, 63K. Inman's Ancient Faiths, 95-6K. Keble's

Papers and Reviews [Character and History of], I203H. Milman's
Jews, I57Q. Quiver, v. 16, 32867 ; [Wisdom of], y. 18, 32887. Robin-
son's Scripture Characters, isiK. Sunday Magazine [Wisdom of], v.
5) 2 4557- Scriptural History, &c.



Solomon Islands. See Coote's Wanderings, 8ioK, &c.

Solon (Athenian Legislator, b. 638, d. 558 B.C.). See Josephus, 66H. Mitford's
Greece, loiH. Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740. Plutarch's
Lives, 445 F and nsoQ.

Somali Land, Adventures in, by Speke. See Blackwood's Magazine, 157.!, &c.

Some Eminent Women of our Times, by Mrs. H. Fawcett. 1889 ... 14876

Seiners (Lord, b. 1650, d. 1716). See Campbell's Chancellors, 7786.

Somerset. See All the Year Round [Chronicles of], v. 56, i8i6j. English Illus-
trated [Summer in], v. 5, I995J. Heath's Peasant Life, I329R, &c.

Somerset (Edward Seymour, Duke of). See Dixon's Royal Windsor, 327!-!, c.

Somerset House. See Chambers, v. 36, 1944.7. Land We Live in [Government
Offices], 4648, &c.

Somerville (Mary, Scotch Natural Philosopher, b. 1780, d. 1872),

Connexion of the Physical Sciences. 1836 69IQ

On Molecular and Microscopic Science, illustrated, 2 vols icp-ioK

Physical Geography. 1858 48oR

Preliminary Dissertation on the Mechanism of the Heavens. 1832 8257,

Personal Recollections of, with selections from her Correspond-
ence, by her daughter. 1874 966O

See also Adams' Celebrated Englishwomen, 12820, &c.

Somerville (T.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640)3, &c.

Somerville (W., Poet, b. 1692, d. 1742), Poetical Works and Life,

by Johnson [Bell's Poets of Great Britain], 2 vols. 1807 353^

See also Jones' Poets, 66oM, &c.

Somery Family of Guernsey. See Jacob's Guernsey [Part 2, p. n], 3626.

Somnambulism. See Harper, v. 3, 1583]^. Macnish's Sleep, 955M. Mayo's
Popular Superstitions, 901 M. Millingen's Medical Curiosities, 927!^.

Somnolism and Psycheism, or the Science of the Soul, &c., by

Haddock. 1851 63511

Sonata, The. See Naumann's Music, 928-90, &c.

Song Birds and How to Keep them, by Maling. 1862 1740^

See also Century Magazine [English and American], v. i, :873J. Birds,

Cage Birds, Home Pets, Pet Animals, &c.

Song of Hiawatha, a Poem, by Longfellow. 1856 47iL and 3250

See also Longfellow's Poetical Works, 141 7M, &c.

Song of Songs, translated, with a Commentary by Ginsburg. 1857... 7 50 A
Song of the Shirt. See Hood's Works, 768R.

SONGrS and Poems of the Sea, edited by Sharp. 1888 8l4M

[Containing a Morning Swim in Guernsey, &c., by T. Watts.]

Song Writers, Celtic and Irish, by Collins. 1885 8i3M

Book of English, from the Sixteenth to Nineteenth Century 688M

Cyclopaedia of 485Z

from the Dramatists, edited by Bell. 1854 632!'

Myths and Songs, from the South Pacific, by Gill. 1876 68gM

of England and Scotland, 2 vols. 1835 357-8Q

Society from Anne to Victoria, edited by Adams. 1880 533Q

Scotland, chronologically arranged with Notes, &c 74*^

the Days and Nights, by Macdonald :.. 1873?,

Springtides, by Swinburne. 1 880 746M

Two Worlds [Morris's Works, vol. i] 3o6Q

One Hundred, by Ballantine, with Melodies Original and

Selected. 1866 1407 M

Sea Songs, by Dibdin 4830

Universal Songster, or Museum of Mirth, a complete Collection

of Ancient and Modern Songs in the English Language, 3 vols. 530-20

See also Boys' Own Annual, 295iJ. Chambers [Drawing-room], v. 60,

i96oj. Girls' Own Annual, 255iJ. Nineteenth Century [English],
v. 16, 2226J. Peasant Properties [and Legends], 2005R. Notes and
Queries [and Ballads], seventh series, v. 7, ioggj. Ballads, Poetry,
Sonnets, Music, &c.



Songstresses of vScotland, by Tytler and Watson, 2 vols. 1871
Sonnets, Book of, Poems by Macdonald l8;2Z

English, edited by Dennis. 1881 359Q

by Poets of the Past, edited by Waddington. 1888 IQO4Z

- Secret Drama of Shakespeare's, by Massey. 1888 I326H

The Sonnet, its Origin and Place in Poetry, by Tomlinson 753^1

Sonrel (L.), Bottom of the Sea, trans, and edited by Rich. 1870 ... 2I22R
Sons and Daughters, c. See Home Amenities, 945M. Valentine's Home

Amenities [Grown up], 976M, &c.
Sontag(H., German Vocalist, b. 1805. d. 1854). See Edward's Prima Donna,

6 7 8F, &c.
Sophistry. See Beattie's Truth, 64sH. Zeller's Greek Philosophy [Sophistic

Opinion and Teaching], 538-9^!, &c.

Sophocles (Greek Tragic Poet, b. 495, d. 405 B.C.), by C. W. Collins. IO94Q
translated by Franklin [Family Classical Library]. 1832 HO3Q

See also Blackwood [Ajax and Philoctetes], v. 135, 2057. Fortnightly

Review, v. 41, 2131 J. Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740, &c.
Sorcery, or Witchcraft. See Brand's Antiquities, xoojM. Murray's Magazine

[in New Guinea] v. 4, 14647. Occult Sciences [Middle Ages],

I935R. Witchcraft, Wizards, &c.
Sorrento. See Good Words [City of Beggars], v. 24, 21947. Leisure Hour,

V. 25, 203=J , &C.

Sorrow. See Smith's Moral Sentiments, s88H. Sunday at Home, v. 5,

2 8 55 J, &c.
Sotades (Greek Poet, fl. Third Century, B.C.). See Peter's Poetry of Greece

and Rome, 4740.
Sotheby (W., Poet, b. 1757, d. 1833), 7>., The Georgics of Virgil

[Family Classical Library]. 1870

See also Griswold's Poets and Poetry of England, 472!), &c.
Sothern (E. A., Comedian, b. 18^0, d. 1879. See Frith's Reminiscences,

6is-i6Fa. Stirling's Old Drury Lane, ^S-gR, &c.
Soudan, 1883 to 1887 in the Soudan, and an Account of Sir W.

Hewitt's Mission to King John of Abyssinia, by Wylde. 1888 275-6H

The, &c., by Petherick ." 637!^

- Wild Tribes of the, by James, illustrated. 1883 653!^

With Hicks Pasha in the Soudan, being an account of the

Senaar Campaign in 1883, by Cclborne. 1884 454-O

- ' Sec also Blackwood [Slaughters in], v. 135, 2osj. Contemporary [and

England], v. 47, 2057 J. Fortnightly [Future of the], v. 42,21327;

[English Situation in], v. 43, 21337. Nineteenth Century [with

Baker and Graham in], v. 15, 22257 ; [and Egypt], v. 17, 22277.

Westminster Review [Experiences in the, and Abyssinia], v. 130, R.L.

Wilson's Korti to Khartoum [Soudan War], 2770. Africa, Travels, &c.
Sought and Saved, a Prize Essay on Ragged Schools, by Hall. 1855 2O7R
Soul, The, Essay on the Immortality of the Human Soul, by Drew... 299^!

Power of the Soul over the Body in Health and Morals, by

Moore. 1845 4I5M

See also Compayre's Pedagogy, 2g6R. Gentleman's Magazine [and its

Folk-Lore], v. 31, 7517. Inman's Faiths, g6K. Leckys Morals,

384-5^1. Lewes' Philosophy, 57I-2H. Pressensd's Ancient World and

Christianity, ng4M. Times' Works, 8s6Z. Twining's Symbols,

5O7M. Zeller's Greek Philosophy, 538-9M, &c.
Soule (F. ), and others, Annals of San Francisco, with the History

and Present Condition of California, illustrated. 1855 5i6H

Soule (R.), Dictionary of English Synonyms, and Synonymous or
Parallel Expressions, designed as a Practical Guide to Aptness

and Variety of Phraseology. 1871 IO94R

S (Marshal, French General, b. 1769, d. 1851). See Adam's Campaigns,

47H. Alison's Europe, 123-380, &c.
Sound, Experiments, &c., by Mayer, illustrated. 1879 I56R

in its Relation to Music, by Blaserna 34R



Sound. See also Cassell's Pastimes, 1262!!. Deschanel's Natural Philosophy,
8270. Estes' Recreations in Science, 497R. Guillemin's Forces of
Nature, isSD. Leisure Hour [Curiosities of], v. 6, 2616], Lockyer's
Spectrum Analysis [Sound Waves], jyyR. Nature [and Radiant
Heat], v. 25, 268sJ. Science Gossip [Production of, by Crickets], v.
18, 2 4 2oJ. Timbs' Works [and Sight], 8siZ ; [and Light], 8 52 Z.
Tyndall's Light, 5o8R. Giberne's Ocean of Air, 2I23R. Acoustics,
Speech, &c.

Soup. Sec Beeton's Household Management, 99/M. Cassell's Family Maga-
zine, v. 4, 2353J. Chambers' [A Scientific Soup-kitchen], v. 60,
i96oj, c.
South Australia, its History, Productions and Natural Resources,

by Stow, illustrated. 1884 47&H

See also Australia.

South by West, or Winter in the Rocky Mountains and Spring in

Mexico, by Kingsley, illustrated. 1874 7i8K

South. Carolina. Sec Leisure Hour [and Ashley Cooper], v. 10, 262oJ. United

States, c.

South. Eastern Railway. Set Ackworth's Railway, 937D, c.
South Kensington Museum Art Handbooks, edited by Maskell, illus-
trated, V.D. :

Analysis, Adulteration and Chemistry of Foods, by Bell IO5I-2M

Ancient and Modern Furniture and Woodwork, by Pollen IO56M

Animal Products, by Simmonds IO33M

Bronzes, by Fortnum IO55M

College and Corporation Plate, by Cripps IO34M

Danish Arts, by Worsage IO35-NI

Dyce and Forster Collections IO36M

Economic Entomology, by Murray, vol. I 1037^

English Earthenware, by Church, part I io6iM

Porcelain, by Church io6oM

Food and its Uses, by Church IO39M

French Pottery, by Gasnault and Gamier io62M

Glass, by Nesbitt IO4OM

Gold and Silver, by Pollen IO4IM

Industrial Arts, Historical Sketches IO42M

Ivories Ancient and Mediaeval, by Maskell IO58M

Japanese Pottery, by Franks IO43M

Jones' Collection, Pottery, &c IO44M

Majolica, by Fortnum IO54M

Manual of Design, by Redgrave IO45M

Musical Instruments, by Engel IO57M

Persian Art, by Smith IO5QM

Plain Words about Water, by Church IO46M

Precious Stones, by Church IO47M

Russian Art, by Maskell IO48M

Scandinavian Arts, by Hildebrand ic>5oM

Spanish Arts, by Riano 103 1 M

Tapestry, by Champeaux IO32M

Textile Fabrics, by Rock IO53M

See also Cole's Public Life, IQ4F. Leisure Hour. v. 8, a6i8J, &c.

South Kensington Science Lectures, 2 vols. 1878-9 500-501 R

South Pacific Islands. See Pritchard's Polynesia, 767!^ &c.
South Sea Bubble. See Mackay's Delusions, 903M, &c.

Company. See Knight's England, I52H, &c.

Islands. See Brassey's Voyage in the Sunbeam, i682R. Froude's Oceana,

8o4K. Good Words, v. 2, 2172!. Malthus' Population, loosF. Rus-
sell's Polynesia, 3 88T, &c.



South. In connection with this word, see subject required, e.g., America (South),

Africa (South), &c.

South (J. F.), Household Surgery, or Hints on Emergencies, illus 18577
Southampton. See Granville's Spas, &c., sssK. Leisure Hour, v. 31, 2641 J.

Saturday Review, v. 58, R.L., &c.
Southampton (Thomas Wriottesley, Earl of). See Dixon's Royal Windsor,

327H, &c.

Southcott (Johanna). See Oxley's Modern Messiahs, c., I254M, &c.
Southend. See Granville's Spas, c., 353 K, &c.

Southern Cross. See Humboldt's Cosmos, 486R. Astronomy, Stan, &c.
Southern (T., Irish Dramatist, b. 1659, d. 1746). See Inchbald's British Theatre.

New English Theatre, &c.

Southesk (Earl of), F.R.G.S., Saskatchewan and the Rocky Moun-
tains. 1875 8i7K

Southey (Caroline A., Wife of Robert Southey, b. 1786, d. 1854). See Dana's
Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Griswold's Poets and Poetry of
England, 4720. Harper's Index, i64oja, &c.

Southey (R., Pott Laureate, //. 1774, d. 1843), LL.D., A Love Story,

a Fragment from The Doctor, &c., edited by Warter. 1853 !28iR

Common Place Book, 4 vols. 1876 :

First Series. Choice Passages from Moral, Religious, Political, Philo-
sophical, Historical, Poetical and Miscellaneous Authors, Collec-
tions for the History of Manners and Literature in England .... iiO7H

Second Series. Special Collections no8H

Third Series. Analytical Readings uogH

Fourth Series, Original Memoranda, &c moH

Cromwell and Bunyan [Select Biography]. 1844 QI2M and 104^

Life of Lord Nelson. 1830 IO58Q and 2(

Life of Wesley, and Rise and Progress of Methodism, with
Notes by S. T. Coleridge and A. Knox, edited by C. C.

Southey. 1864 1030 and 14370

Lives of the British Admirals, with an Introductory View of the

Naval History of England [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia],
5 vols. 1833-1840:
Vol. i. Naval History of England, from Caesar's Inquisition, to A.D. 1398 7&6T

Vol. 2. Naval History to 1577. Lord Howard 787!'

Vol. 3. Clifford, bir John Hawkins. Drake. Cavendish. Sir Richard

Hawkins. Greenville 788!*

Vol. 4. Earl of Essex. Raleigh 789^

Vol. 5. Frobisher. Mansel. Monson. Earl of Sandwich 7901'

- Poems, Life by Tuckerman [British Poets], 10 vols. 1864 475-84Q

Poetical Works. 1829 , 506 and 508!)

Poetical Works of, 14 vols. in 7, V.D. :

Vols. 1-2. Joan of Arc, an Heroic Poem
- -5. 3-4. Thai;'

Vols. 3-4. Thalaba the Destroyer

Vols. 5-6. Madoc, a Poem

Vols. 7-8. Curse of Kehama

Vols. 9-10. Roderick, the Last of the Goths

Vols. H-I2. Minor Poems

Vols. 13-14. Poet's Pilgrimage to Waterloo, Lay of the Laureate.. .

Remains and Life of Henry Kirke White, 3 vols. 1816-22

- The Book of the Church. 1837

[A History of the Christian Church.]

- The Doctor, &c., edited by Warter. 1848 iiiiH

by Dowden [English Men of Letters]. 1879 10820

Correspondence of, with Caroline Bowles, edited by Dowden ... 57F
Life and Correspondence of, edited by his Son, C. C. Southey 969-740

See also Chambers [Humour of], v. 18, JQ35J. Dana's Household Book of

Poetry, 476D. Fraser [and Caroline Bowles], v. 105, 7isJ. Griswold's
Poets and Poetry of England, 47aD. Hamilton's Poets Laureate, 9270.
Leisure Hour, v. 12, 2622], &c.



Southey (Captain T.), Chronological History of the West Indies ... 484-6!!

Southgate (H.), Gone Before, a Manual of Consolation for the

Bereaved and a Well of Sympathy for the Sorrowing. 1873.. 5iQ

South/port. See Granville's Spas, &c., 351 K. Thomson's Health Resorts, 9s8K.

Southwark. See Leisure Hour [Curiosities of], v. 19, 2629 J. Thomson's
London Bridge, i4sZ. London, &c.

Souvestre (E., French Novelist, b. 1806, d. 1854), An Attic Philo-
sopher in Paris, or A Peep at the World from a Garret and
Confessions of a Working Man, trans. [Travellers' Library]. !28oR

- Brittany and La Vendee, Tales and Sketches with Life of

E. Souvestre [Constable's Miscellany], 1855 .................. 129711

- See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue, &c.
Sovereign, The. See James' Curiosities of Law, lojsF. Levi's International

Law [Sovereignty of the State], 3996. Living Age [Burdens of

Sovereignty], v. 153, 3183^ Kings, Queens, History, Government, &c.

Sovereign [The Coin], See Jevons' Money, 36oR. Humphrey's Coin Collector,

joSS-gM, &c.

Sowerby (G. B., Conchologist, crV., b. 1812), F.L.S., Popular His-
tory of the Aquarium of Marine and Fresh Water Animals
and Plants, coloured illustrations. 1857 ........................ 632Q

Sowing-Machines, Agricultural. See Beckmann's Inventions, 6980, &c.
Soyer (A.), The Pantropheon, or History of Food, and its Prepara-

tion from the Earliest Ages of the World. 1853 ............... 6750

Space. See Clifford's Exact Sciences, 392R. Humboldt's Cosmos, 48sR.

Nature [Matter of], v. 27 and 28, 2687-8.7. M'Cosh's Mind, 748A, &c.
SPAIN, A Winter Tour in, by Pemberton. 1868 ........................ 428K

and France, Border Lands of. 1856 .................................. 14461%.

- - Morocco, Tourist in, by Roscoe, illustrated. 1838 ............ I473&

- Portugal [Conders Modern Traveller], 2 vols. 1826 ......... 527-8Z

- - History of [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia], 5 vols. 1832 22-6O

- as it is, by Hoskins. 1852 ................................................ 55JK

- Bible in, by Borrow. 1849 ................................................ 236M

- Diary of an Idle Woman in, by Elliott. 1884 ........................ I447R

- Gatherings from. 1846 ................................................... 8oiQ>

- - by Ford. 1851 ......... . ........ '.

Gazpacho or Summer Months in, by Clark. 1850

- - History of the Reign of Philip II., by Watson, 3 vols. 1785 ... 43O-2F

- - - - - - III., by Watson and Thomson, 2 vols. 1793 43^-7F

- Industrial Arts in, by Riano [South Kens. Handbooks]. 1879 io3iM
- Inquisition in, by Llorente ................................................ 322A

Literature of, by Bouterwek. 1847 ............................ ........ 894R

- Military and Political Events in, during the Last Twelve

Months [1822-3], by Pecchio. 1824 .............................. 45oR

- Moors in, by Poole. 1887 ................................................ 43oO

- Over the Pyrenees into Spain. 1865 ................................ I449R

- Second Journey to [1809], by Sample, illustrated. 1809 ......... I7O2R

- Sketches in, from Nature, Art and Life, by Lomas. 1884 ...... I657R

- - Spanish Armada. See Armada, 2030.

- War of Succession in, by Mahon. 1836 .............................. 452H

- Main and West Indies, by Trollope. 1867 ........................... I646R

- Revolution, by Blaquiere. 1822 ........................................ 449H

- See also Alison's Europe, 119-460. Ansted's Scenery, Science, and Art,

78sF. Brand's Antiquities, ioo5-6M. Buckle's Civilization, 186-70.
Cable's Louisiana, 8o2K. Cassell's Popular Educator [Spanish
Language], 164-90. Clark's Gazpacho, 43iK. English Illustrated
[Spanish Armada], v. 5, igg$J. Fortnightly Review [Political Condi-
tion in 1883], v. 40, 2i3oJ ; [Industry and Commerce of], v. 44, 2i34j ;
[The Women of], v. 51, 2141.7. Froissart's Chronicles [Ancient,
Spain], 312-sA. Gibbon's Roman Empire, 74-8^H. Girls' Own



SPAI N (continued. )

Annual [and Spanish Girls], v. 7, 25577. Harper [a Neglected Corner
of Europe, Lisbon, Oporto], v. 63, 16437 '> [Spanish Vistas], v. 64,
16447 '> v - 66, 16467. Inman's Faiths, g6Ka. Leisure Hour [Folk-
Lore of], v. 34, 26447. Living Age [Customs in the i8th Century],
v. 159, 31897. Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe [Language
and Poetry], 473 D. McCrie's Reformation, 393X1. Maunder's
Treasury of History, i856Z. Mihnan's 7 ews > I 59Q- Motley's
Netherlands [Spanish Armada], 3510. Murray's Andalucia, 429-30^.
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Adventures, Spanish Armada], v. 18, 22287. Poole's Index
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