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Hour [Mottoes], v. 19, 2629], &c.

Sun-fish, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 68oQ. Fishes, &c.

Sunflowers. See Knowledge, v. 6, 25867. Science Gossip, v. 24, 24237.
Flowers, &c.

Sunlight Mysteries. See Harper, 16477, & c -

Sunny Land, or Prison Prose and Poetry, by Jones. 1868 989R

Sunny Lands and Seas, a Voyage in the S.S. Ceylon, by Wilkinson. 837K

Sunny Memories of Foreign Lands, by Stowe. 1854 6nZ

Sunset. See Abercromby's Seas and Skies, 843K. Sun, &c.

Twilight and Halos. See Brown's Science for All, 6296, &c.

Sunsets in the Hebrew Mountains, by Macduff. 1877 1501!?.

[Deaths of the Patriarchs and Prophets.]

Sunshine and Sea, a Yachting Visit to the Channel Islands, &c., by

a Country Doctor. 1885 i69oR

and Storm in the East, or Cruises to Cypus and Constantinople i68iR

Sunspots. See Century, v. 6, 18787. Nature [and cold], v. 28, 26887. Sun, &c.

Superior, Lake. See Harper [North Shore of], v. 69, 16497. Leisure Hour
[Adventures on], v. n, 26217. Lakes, &c.

Supernatural and Nature as Constituting /the one System of God,

by Bushnell. 1864 22 K and I276M

Supernatural Generation. See Inman's Faiths, g6Ka, &c.

Supernatural Beings. See Occult Sciences, igssR, &c.

Supernaturalism. See Saturday Review [Classical and Mediaeval], v. 56,
R.L. Spirits, Ghosts, &c.

Superstitions connected with the History of Medicine, by Petti-
grew. 1844 899M

Curiosities of, by Adams. 1882 923M

Popular, &c., by Mayo. 1852 9ioM

See also Andrews' Eighteenth Century, 28iR. Buckle's Civilization, i86-8O.

Grant's Mysteries, 8g4F. Harper's Index, 164073. 7 ones> Credulities,
902 M. Lecky's Morals, 384-sM. Leisure Hour [Popular], v. 16, 26267.
Nineteenth Century [in the Good Old Times], v. 12, 22227. Pike's
Crime in England, 307-8H. Proctor's Science, 446R. Quiver [Arab],
v. 16, 32867. Sunday at Home [in Spain], v. 5, 28557. Thrupp's
Anglo-Saxon Home, 345K. Timbs' Works [and Credulity], 853Z.
Wright's England, M iddle Ages, 78-90. Kingsley's Lectures, ig6gR t &c.

Suppers. See Cassell's Family Magazine [some facts about], v. n, 23617.

Sure of Heaven, a Book for the Doubting, by Mills. 1866 2i8T

Sure to Succeed, by Davidson [Religious Advice to Young Men, &c.] I23OM

Surf-Bound Coast, Cable- Laying in the African Tropics, by Crouch I7I5R

Surgeons, Distinguished Surgeons of New York, by Francis. 1866 9890

See also The Healing Art, 93oK, &c.

Surgery, Anatomy, Physiology, by Wilkinson. 1851 14632

Household, or Hints on Emergencies, by South, illustrated. 1853

See also Cassell's Magazine [War Surgery], v. 2, 23427 ; [Little Lessons in

Household], v. 9, 23597. Girls' Book, I257H. Mackenzie's Frederick
the Noble, 14150. Vivisection, 932K. Medicine &c.

30 [753]


Surnames as a Science, by Ferguson. 1883 n;oR

English, Family Nomenclature, by Lower, 2 vols. 1875 1921-21-1

See also Cassell's Family Magazine [Our], v. 8, 2357!. Freeman's Norman

Conquest, 2osH. Girl's Own Annual [Musical], v. 6, 2556], Leisure
Hour [What's in a], v. 35, 2645]. Saturday Review [Ferguson on], v.
55, R.L. Names, Nomenclature, &c.

Surrey. See All the Year Round [Chronicles of], v. 57, 18177. Century [Border-
lands of], v. 2, 18747. Fortnightly [Two Centuries of Magistrates'
Work in], v. 51, 2141^. Godwin's Green Lanes, 8i3K. Harper's New
Monthly Magazine [in Surrey], 16457, &c.

Surrey (Henry Howard, Earl of, b. 1515, beheaded 1547), Poems and

Life 316 and 4QoQ

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Dixon's Royal Windsor,

327H. Thomson's Friendships, 5640, &c.

Surrey (Earls of)- See Dixon's Her Majesty's Tower, 322H, &c.
Surveying and Levelling. See Illustrated Carpenter and Builder, from v. i,

2981). Architecture, Engineering, &c.

Surveys in Mines. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, gD, &c.
Surville (C. de). See Dana's Housebook Book of Poetry, 476!). Long-
fellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.
Susiana. See Layard's Persia, I726-7R, &c.
Sussex. See All the Year Round [Wanderings in], v. 48, i8o8J ; [Chronicles of], v.

57 and 58, i8i7-8J. Century [Among the Red Roofs of], v. 8, i88oj.

Godwin's Green Lanes, 8i8K. Living Age, v. 162, 3192^ Sunday at

Home [A Glimpse of the Weald of], v. 20, 287oJ, &c.
Suter (H.)- See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 47?D.
Sutter (Julie). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Suwaroff (Marshal, Russian General, b. 1729, d. 1800). See Alison's Europe,

121-50, &c.
Swain (C., Poet, b. 1803, d. 1874). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760.

Griswold's Poets and Poetry of England, 4720, &c.

Swaine (Ann), Remarkable Women, as Examples for Girls. 1882... 2Q6T
Swaine (S. A.), General Gordon [World's Workers]. 1888 "53O

Religious Revolution in the Sixteenth Century [Cassell's Library] 959^

Turner, the Artist [World's Workers]. 1 885 1 1 5 1

Swainson (C.), M.A., Handbook of Weather Folk-Lore, a Collec-
tion of Proverbial Sayings in various Languages relating to

the Weather, with Explanatory and Illustrative Notes. 1873 Sg6M
Swainson (W., Naturalist, b. 1789, d. 1855), F.R.S., A.C.G.,
A Treatise on Malacology, or the Natural Classification of
Shells and Shell-Fish [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia], ill. ... 793T

Animals in Menageries [Lardner's Cab. Cyclo.], illustrated. 1838 77oT

History of Insects [Lardner's Cyclopaedia]. 1840 577Q

Natural History and Classification of Fishes, Amphibians and

Reptiles [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia], 2 vols. 1838 778-9T

On the Habits and Instincts of Animals [Lardner's Cab. Cyclo.]. 79iT

Natural History and Classification of Birds [Lardner's

Cabinet Cyclopaedia], illustrated, 2 vols. 1836 748-qT

Quadrupeds [Lardner's Cab. Cyclo.], ill. ... 7711"

Preliminary Discourse on the Study of Natural History [Lard-

ner's Cabinet Cyclopedia]. 1834 481 and 768T

Taxidermy, with the Biography of Zoologists and Notices of their

Works [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia]. 1840 772T

Treatise on the Geography and Classification of Animals [Lard-

ner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia]. 1835

Swallow, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 6^Q. Jesse's Gleanings,
S79Q- Jones' Bermuda, 823F. Leisure Hour [Domesticated], v. 6,
26i6J ; [Return of], v. 18, 2628J. Lindsay's Mind in the Lower
Animals, 7ii-2F. Science Gossip, v. 1,2411] ; v. 3, 24iiJ. Sunday
a Home [and its Migrations], v. 9, 2859^. Birds, &c.



Swammerdam (J.)- Set Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 6 7 iQ, &c.

Swan, The. See Jardine's Naturalists Library, 6470.. Science Gossip [and

Cygnets], v. 9, 24I4J. Birds, &c.

Swartz (C. F.), Life of [Christian Biography]. 1840 i6ggZ

Swayne (G. C.), M. A., Herodotus [An. Classics for Eng. Read.]. 1877 IO 99Q

Swaziland. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 334!!.

Sweden, Denmark and Norway, by Dunham [Lardner's Cab. Cyclo.] 773-5T

In Sweden, by Anderson 1544^

See also Alison's Europe, 119-340. Bloomfield's Memoir, I47F. Du

Chaillu's Land of the Midnight Sun, 467-8^ Gosse's Literature, g6oH.

Malthus' Population, I093-4F. Maunder's Treasury of History, 18562.

Nature, v. 39, 26ggJ ; v. 40, 27ooJ. Stanford's Compendium, 854K.

Sylvanus' Rambles, 4J56K. Taylor's Northern Travel, 857R. Temple

Bar, v. 70. i4ooj. Time [no longer a Terra Incognita], v. 16, iso6J.

Sweden (Charles John, Prince Royal of), Memoirs, by Phillipart II7F

Swedenborg(E., Baron Von, Swedish Philosopher, b. 1688, d. 1772),
Arcana Coelestia, or Heavenly Mysteries, contained in the
Sacred Scriptures, 13 vols. 1802-10 172-84A

True Christian Religion. 1874 i85A

His Life and Writings, by White, 2 vols. 1867 I86-7A

Doctrines of 264^

See also Oxley's Modern Messiahs, &c., T254M.

Swedenborgians. See Stoughton's Religions, ggM. Wilson's Dissenters

i8gK. Religious Systems of the World, 934A.
Swedish. Language and Poetry. See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe,

4730. Sweden, &c.
Sweet (Alexander), Villa and Cottage Gardening, specially adapted

for Scotland, Northern England, and Ireland. 1889 476T

Swegen (King of Danes'). See Freeman's Norman Conquest, 201-4?!.

Swetchine (Madame). See Gautier's French Authors, 254F.

Swiffc (J., Dean of St. Patrick's, b. 1667, d. 1745), D.D., Choice

Works in Prose and Verse no6R

Beauties of, selected by Howard I252Z

Poems, Life by Mitford [British Poets], 3 vols. 1864 49* -3Q

. Poetical Works and Life by Johnson [Bell's Poets of Great

Britain], 4 vols. 1807 333-6Z

Works of, and a Biography of the author by Purves. 1869 5870

[Tale of a Tub. Gulliver's Travels. Journal to Stella, &c.]

by Jeffrey. 1853 12751*

Stephen [English Men of Letters]. 1882 10850

Life of, by Craik. 1882 522F

See also Academy [Journal and Letters of], v. 29, R.L. Argosy, v. 38, 3&J.

Cunningham's Eminent Englishmen, 2^F. Knight's Old Booksellers,
14510. Merydew's Love Letters, v. i, 676F. Poole's Index, R.L.
Quiver, v. n, 328rJ. Russell's Eccentric Personages, 13080. Wil-
liams' English Letter- Writers, 698F. Fiction Class List folio -A ing the
General Catalogue, &c.
Swimming, Learning to Swim, by Captain C. H. Ozanne [Girl's

Own Paper, Summer Number, 1889] 2560!

&c. [Crawley's* Hand books] H5iM

See also Boy's Own Annual, 1879, 295iJ. Boy's Own Book, 15272. Cas-

sell's Pastimes, 1262?!. Chambers, v. 63, I963J. Knowledge, v. 2,
2582J. Pettigrew's Animal Locomotion, 354 R. Stonehenge's Rural
Sports, 68iT. Walker's Manly Exercises, n64M, &c.

Swimming Birds. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 647Q. Birds, &c.
Swinburne (A. C., Poet. b. 1837), A Century of Roundels. 1883... 773M

Study of Shakespeare. 1880 IIO2H

- Victor Hugo. 1886 7220

Erechtheus. a Tragedy, poetry. 1876 745^

Les Casquettes, a poem [English Illustrated] I 99 I J



Swinburne (A. C.), Miscellanies. 1886 13400

[English Poets. Bronte. Reade. Vacquerie. Mary, Queen of Scots.

Sir Henry Taylor on Shelley, &c.]

Poems and Ballads. 1889 I4O9M

[second series]. 1878 74?M

[third series]. 1889 I4O3M

Songs of the Springtides. 1880 746M

Tristram of Lyonesse and other Poems. 1882 748M

See also Academy [Century of Roundels], v. 23, R.L. Contemporary Review

[and Arnold], v. 6, 2oi6J. Fortnightly [Poems], v. 43, 2113], Gallon's

Urbana Scripta, 3isT. Stoddart's Late English Poets, 68;M, &c.
Swindlers and Sharpers. See Chronicles of Newgate, v. i, 33oD. Saturday

Review [Swindling], v. 53, R.L., &c.

Swine, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 666Q. Pigs, Animals, &c.
Switnin(St., Bishop of Winchester, d. 862). See Bramston's Winchester, 3010.

Brand's Antiquities [St. Swithin's Day], 1005 M, &c.

SWITZERLAND Works relating to :

Swiss Letters and Alpine Poems, by Havergal. 1881 I44IR

Men and Swiss Mountains, by Ferguson 772Q and i2(3oR

Switzerland, a Month in, by Zincke. 1873 17O5R

A Second Month in, or Swiss Allmends and a Walk to see

them. 1875 I706R

A Third Month in, or a Walk to the Orisons. 1875 17O7R

Physician's Holiday in 'the Summer of 1848, by Forbes... &59K

Excursions in, by Cooper. 1836 411, 412 and 43K

Germany and France, Baths of, by Lee I4O2R

Glance at some of the Beauties and Sublimities of, by

Murray. 1829 I43IR

History of [Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia]. 1832 290

Primaeval World of, by Heer, edited by Heywood. 1876... 732-3F

The Alps and Northern Italy, by Williams, illustrated. 1854 5906

Pioneer of the Reformation, by D'Istria, 2 vols. 1858... 4O8-9K

Unknown, by Tissot, translated by Mrs. Wilson. 1889 I75IR

See also Alison's Europe, 119-370. Ansted's Scenery, Science, and

Art. 7&5F. Bellow's Europe, 1398!?.. Contemporary Review [Lake
Dwellings of], v. -4, 2014] ; [Contemporary Life and Thought in], v. 45,
2O 5SJ- Continental Tourist, 456-8K. Cooper's Excursion up the
Rhine, sSgK. Fortnightly [as a Holiday Resort], v. 46, 21367.
Good Words [History of], v. 25, 21957. Laing's Notes of a Traveller,
I262R. Living Age, v. 167, 31977. Macmillan [Notes in a Swiss
Village], v. 52, 9827. Malthus' Population, 1093 F. Maunder's
Treasury of Historj', 18567. May's Democracy [Swiss Confedera-
tion], 38H. Science Gossip [A Geological Excursion to], v. 18,
24207 ; [Coral roots of], v. 23, 24237. Scott's Swiss Reformation,
95Q- Stanford's Compendium, 854K, &c.

Sword, The. See All the Year Round, v. 37, 17977. Anderson's Scotland in Pagan
Times [and Daggers], 8g6F. Bird's 7apan, 336K. Boutell's Arms and
Armour, 3666. Macmillan [Forms and History of], v. 48, 9787.
Peasant Properties [Mythical and Mediaeval], 2oosR. Saturday Re-
view [History ofj, v. 56, R.L. Arms, Weapons, &c.

Sword-Fisn, The. See 7ardine's Naturalists' Library, 678 and 679(3. Leisure
Hour, v. 18,26287. Science Gossip, v. 8, 24137. Knowledge [Charms
of Sword-Fishing, v. 2, 25827. Fishes, c.

Sword-Players. See Walker's Manly Exercises, Fencing, Duels, &c.
Sydney. See Coote's Wanderings, 8ioK. Smiles' Boy's Voyage, 834Q. Dilke's
Problems of Greater Britain, 334-5^ New South Wales, Colonies, &c.
Sydney (Algernon, Patriot, b. 1622, beheaded 1683), Life and Times

of, by Ewald, 2 vols. 1873 S23-4F

See also Dixon's H.M. Tower, 324^ &c.



Sylla. See Plutarch's Lives, 447F. Sulla, &c.

Syllogism. See Sidgwick's Fallacies, 391 R, &c.

Sylvan Folk, Sketches of Bird and Animal Life in Britain, by

Watson. 1889 ........................................................... 2II2R

Sylvan Winter, by Heath, illustrated. 1886 .............................. I2/4H

" Sylvanus " [R. Colton], Rambles in Sweden and Gottland. 1847 466K
Sylvester (J., Poet, b. 1563, d. 1618). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry,

47 6D, &c.
Symbols and Emblems of Early Mediaeval Art, by Twining. 1885.. 5O7M

- Book of, by Mushet. 1847 ................................... ." ............. 42oM

- See also Inman's Faiths, g6K. Sidgwick's Fallacies, sgiR. Sunday at

Home [and Realities], v. 15, 28657. Quarle's Enchiridion, I934R, &c.
Symington (M.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Sy nuns' Perspective in Drawing [for Young Persons] ..................... III4M

Symonds (J. A., Scholar and Poet, b. 1840), Ben Jonson [English

Worthies]. 1886 ........................................................ I2O2O

- Shakespere's Predecessors in the English Drama. 1884 ............ IO97H

- Shelley [Morley's English Men of Letters]. 1879 .................. loSiO

. _ Sir Philip Sydney [Morley's English Men of Letters]. 1886 ...... 109 iR

Sympathy. See Bastian's Brain, sSjR. Geikie's Human Sympathies of Christ,

32oM. Girl's Own Annual, v. 10, 2560.7. Occult Sciences, igssR.
Quiver, v. 10, 32807. Smith's Moral Sentiments, s88H. Sunday
Magazine, v. 13, 24707, &c.
Synagogues. See Knight's Pictorial Bible, 4O3-4M. Jews, &c.

Synonyms, English, by Soule. 1871 ....................................... IO94R

- - Whately. 1880 ..................................................... 55iT

British, by Piozzi .......................................................... ..

Synopsis Filicum, or a Synopsis of all Known Ferns, by Hooker

and Baker. 1868 ...................................................... 768F

Synthetic Judgments. See M'Cosh's Mind, 748A, &c.

- Philosophy, Epitome of, by F. H. Collins, with a preface by

Spencer. 1889 ........................................................ 587H

Syphon, The. See Joyce's Dialogues, 6950., &c.

Syphon- trap. See Teale's Dangers to Health, g2oK, &c.

Syracuse. See Good Words, v. 23, 2IQ3J. Mitford's Greece, ioi-6H, &c.

Syria and Asia Minor [Conder's Modern Traveller], 2 vols. 1824... 532Z

- Egypt, in relation to Bible History, by Dawson [R.T.S.]. 1885 25 2M

- Country Life in, by Rattray, illustrated. 1876 ........................ 8i2Q

- Palestine and the Holy Land, Inner Life of, by Isabel Burton ..... I49IR

- Syriac Documents attributed to the first three Centuries, trans.

by Pratten. 1871 ...................................................... 378A

- The Howadji in, by Curtis. 1872 ........................................ M95R

- Travel in, Syrian Sunshine, by Appleton .............................. I494R

- See also Bellow's Europe, i39gR. Game's Letters from the East, I455-6R.

Conder's Heth and Moab [Syrian Explorations], 54gK. Contemporary

[Colonisation of], v. 43, 20537. Falkland's Chow-Chow, 524-sK. Fort
nightly [and France], v. 40, 21307. Green's Bible Lands, 3288
Heifer's Travels, 510-1 K and 1492-36. Kitto's Palestine, 6ioB. Stan
ford's Compendium, 8s2K, &c.
Syrups of Fruits and Flowers. See Argosy, v. 42, 42 J, &c.

1 ABERNACLE. See Ewald's Israel, 6 3 K, &c.

Table, a Book about the, by Jeaffreson, 2 vols. 1875 9.32-3F

Talk and Poems, by Cowper. 1867 339Q

Essays on Men and Manners, by W. Hazlitt. 1876 75iR



Table Talk on Books, Men and Manners, edited by Evelyn. 1853... uc7R
or the Modern Scrap Book. 1829 1128!!

[A collection of interesting Anecdotes and Sketches, Biographical, His-
torical, Poetical, &c., illustrated.]

Pulpit, by Ramsay 2IQT

Selections from Coleridge i;6T

Table Turning. See Spiritualism, &c.
Tables. See Leisure Hour [Original], v. 24, 26347, &c.

Tableaux Vivants. See Cassell's Magazine, v. 4, 23447. Home Amusements,
949M. Scribner's Monthly [a Chapter on], v. 21, 1871 J. Valentine's
Girl's Own Book, 1187!-;, &c.

Tabor (Miss). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Tacitus (C. C., Roman Historian, />. 55, d. offer 117), Agricola and

Germany of, translated by Church and Brodribb 7g6M

Annals of, translated by Church and Brodribb. 1888 794M

by Donne [Ancient Classics for English Readers]. 1873 IO 9 2 Q

History of, translated by Church and Brodribb. 1888 795M

Works of, Oxford Translation revised, with Notes, 2 vols. 1854 II75-6H

translated by Murphy [Family Classical Library], 1830... in8-22Q

[The Annals. The History and Manners of the Germans. Life of Agricola.]

See also Academy [Annals], v. 25, R.L. Saturday Review, v. 55, R.L.

Classics, &c,

Tact. See Sunday at Home, v. 35, 28857, &c.

Tactics. See Blackwood [in England, Modern], v. 135, 205.7. Nineteenth Cen-
tury [Infantry, British System of], v. 17, 22277. Military, &c.

Tadema (Laurence Alma, Dutch Painter, b. 1836). See Art Journal, v. 35, R.L.

TagUS, River. See Harper's Magazine [Boats on the], v. 77, 1657]. Stanford's
Compendium, 854K, &c.

Tahiti, or Otaheite. See Brassey's Voyage in the Sunbeam, i682R. Contem-
porary [Last King of], v. 41, 20517. Lubbock's Primitive Man, 672B
Pritchard's Polynesia, &c,, 767^., &c.

Tailors. See Pastime Papers, i9g6R. Remuneration of Capital and Labour [and
Tailoresses], msF, c.

Taine (H. A., French Writer, b. 1828), D.C.L., Ancient Regime,
translated by Durand [Les Origines de la France contem-
poraine]. 1876 37iH

History of English Literature, translated by Van Laun, 2 vols. H35-6H

Notes on England [a Treatise on the Government, Life, Litera-
ture, Institutions and Commerce of England and the English
People]. 1885 I676R

On Intelligence, translated by Haye. 1871 651!!

The Revolution, translated by Durand [Les Origines de la

France contemporaines], 2 vols. 1878 369-0!!

See also Edinburgh Review, v. 156, 5i6J. Nineteenth Century [a Literary

Portrait], v. 20, 22307. Poole's Index, R.L., c.
Tait (Archibald Campbell, Archbishop of Canterbury, b. 1811, d.

1882), Church of the Future. 1881 22iM

See also Cox's Colenso, 62I-2F. Good Words, v. 24, 21947. Quarterly [and

the Primacy], v. 115, 12857, c.

Tait (Catherine, Wife of above). See Girl's Own Annual, v. i, 25517. Sunday at
Home, v. 27, 28777.

(and Craufurd, Son of 'Above] , A Memoir, edited by Benham 993O

Tait (P. B.). See Stewart (B.).

Tait (Professor P. G.). See Nature, v. 39, 26997. Stallo's Modern Physics,

3 8 9 R, &c.
Talbot (E. A.), Five Years' Residence in the Canadas, including a

Tour through Tart of the United States in 1823, 2 vols. 1824 678-9K
Talbot (Hon. T.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Talbot (Miss). See Thomson's Friendships, 5650.
Talboys (W. P.), West India Pickles, Diary of a Cruise through the

West Indies, illustrated. 1876 1743^



Tales and Essays, by Scott. 1829 IOI2Z

Sketches in Prose and Verse, by Mrs. Norton. 1850

[including Conversations with Ferguson and Burns], by

Hugh Miller. 1874

-by Crabbe. 1814 438D

by \Vilson. 1858 88oR

[Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life. Trials of Margaret Lyndsay, &c.]

from American History, vol. 3 1115 and I553Z

Shakespeare for Young Persons, by C. Lamb. 1851 HOoH

of a Wayside Inn [Poems]. See Longfellow's Poetical Works, 1417^!.

Enchantment, &c., for Boys and Girls, illustrated !26iH

Mystery and Imagination, &c. , by Poe 72QM

our Great Families, by Wai ford, 4 vols. 1877-80 II26-9R

the Hall, by Crabbe, 2 vols. 1819 435-6D

Romantic Stories of the Legal Profession 107 iR

See also Book of Scottish Story, io8iR. Bunce's Origin of Fairy Tales,
8gg~R. Davenport's Peril and Suffering, 289-0!'. Excelsior, 192' "
Longfellow's Poems [Tales of a Wayside Inn], 323(3. Swift's

8ggR. Davenport's Peril and Suffering, 289-0!'. Excelsior, 1926-31 R.
Longfellow's Poems [Tales of a Wayside Inn], 323(3. Swift's Works
[Tale of a Tub], 5870. Table Talk, nzSH. Whymper's Story of the

Sea, io8-nD. Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue, &c.
Talfourd (Sir T. N., Judge and Tragic Poet, b. 1795, d > 1854),

D.C.L., Final Memoirs of Charles Lamb. 1850 759O

See also Griswold's Poets and Poetry of England, 472!).

Talismans. See Jones' Credulities, go2M. Occult Sciences, igssR, &c.
Talk. See Cornhill [and Talkers], v. 46, 326 J. Conversation, &c.

Talks to Farmers [Religious Advice, &c.], by Spurgeon. 1882 HOlM

Talks with Socrates about Life, translations from the Georgias and

the Republic of Plato. 1887 I99SR

Talks with the People, by Men of Mark, edited by Bullock :

Vol. i. Earl of Shaftesbury. . ig 7 Z Vol.6. Rt. Hon. W.E.Gladstone igisZ

Vol. 2. Archbishop of Canter- j Vol. 7. Earl of Derby igi6Z

bury logZ Vol. 8. Bishop of Manchester. . 19172

Vol. 3. Earl of Beaconsfield . . igi2Z Vol. 9. Sir W. Lawson 2OoZ

Vol. 4. Earl Cairns 19132 Vol. 10. Bishop of Liverpool . . igiSZ

Vol. 5. Archbishop of York . . igi4Z Vol. n. President Garfield 198 and 22oZ
Talleyrand-Perigord (C. M. de, Prince of Beneven'o], Correspon-
dence with Louis XVIII., with Notes by Pallain, 2 vols. 1881 430-1!!

See also Alison's Europe, 124-380. Baker's French Society, 3330. Schlosser's

Eighteenth Century, 27-3 iH. Temple Bar, v. 67, 1397.!. Greville
Memoirs. Alison's Europe, 124-430, &c.
Talleyrand (Madame, Wife of above, d. 1835). See All the Year Round, v. 49,

iSogJ, &c.
Tallien (Jean Lambert, French Evolutionist, b. 1769, d. 1820). See Alison's

Europe, 120-40.
Tallien (Madame [Theresa Cabanus], Wife of above') . See Kavanagh's Women

in France, 10440, &c.

Tallies. See Cornhill [and Scores], v. 53, 333 J.

Tallis (Thomas, Musical Composer, b. 1529, d. 1585). See Mathew's History of
Music, 9430, &c.

Talmage (T. de Witt), The Abominations of Modern Society 225T

Talmas, The (Actor and Actress about 1790). See Jackson's French Court,

3340, &c.
Talmud, The, by Barclay. 1878 ;K

Treasures of the, classified subjects from A to L, translated by

Hershon, with Notes, &c., by Spence. 1882 639A

See also Hosmer's Jews, 4250. Leisure Hour, v. 17, 2527 J. Quiver,

14, 3284J ; [Tales from the], v. 15, 3285], &c.

Tamar and Tavy, Borders of, by Bray, 2 vols. 1879 1343-4R

See also Devonshire, &c.

Tamarind-Tree. See Earth's Central Africa, 845-6K, &c.
Tambourine. See Mathew's History of Music, 9430, &c.



Tamerlane or Timon (Tartar Conqueror, b. 1336, d. 1405). See Lansdell's
Central Asia SsoK ; Russian Central Asia, 828-9!^. Leisure Hour
[and his Siege of Delhi], v. 7, 2617], &c.

Tancock (O. W.), M.A., England during the American and Euro-
pean Wars [1765-1820] [Harper's Series, English History] i2(jZ
Tandon (Mons. Moquin), World of the Sea, trans, by Martin, ill. 755F
Tangiers. -See Harper's Magazine [and Morocco], v. 78, 1658.7, &c.
Tannahill (R., Scotch Poet, b. 1774, d. 1810). See Dana's Household Book of

Poetry, 4760, &c.

Tanning. See Lire's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, gD. Leather, &c.
Tansillo (L., Italian Poet, b. 1510, d. 1568). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry

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