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of Europe, 4730, &c.
s R
, a
Tapestries, The New Gallery of, at Florence. See Harper, v. 77, 1657.7, &c.

Taoism. See Legge's Religions of China, 388M. Religious Systems of the World
[by Balfour], 934A, &c.

Tapestry, by Champeaux I032M

^ See also Art Journal [Museum of Pictorial], v. 37, R.L. Bayeux Tapestry,
3420. Cassell's Family Magazine [The Making of], v. 5, 23547.
Freeman's Norman Conquest [of Bayeux], 203H. Hamerton's Graphic
Arts, io76M, &c.

Tapirs, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 666Q, &c.

Tappan (W. B.). See Griswold's Poets of America, 4 68D.

Tar. See Brown's Science for All, 628B ; [Coal], 6zgV>. Chambers', v. 30, 1941.7.

Tarantas, The, Impressions of Young Russia, by Sollogub. 1850 8nQ

Tarantasse Journey through Eastern Russia, 1856, by Spottiswoode i46oR

See also Landsell's Russian Central Asia, 829K, &c.

Tarantula. See Goldsmid's Myths, 201 iR. Knowledge [of Southern Cali-
fornia], v. 6, 2586J. Natural History, &c.
Tarquini (Cardinal), See Arthur's The Popes, &c., 45sF.

Tarring (C. J.), Law Relating to the Colonies. 1882 IO74F

Tartaric Acid. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 8D, &c.

Tartar Tribes [K.T.S.] ii;Z

Tartary, Thibet and China, Recollections of a Journey through

[during the years 1844 to 1846], by Hue... 765(3, 1267 and I3I8-QR

^-^ See also Atkinson's Siberia [Chinese], 5986. Bird's Golden Chersonese,
I488R. Eden's China [Tartar Dynasty], 8i3Q. Malthus" Population,
IO93F. Tegg's Funeral Rites, i48iZ. Wallace's Russia, 45iK, &c.

Tarts. See Well's Pastrycook, gg8M. Cookery, &c.

Tarver (F.), M.A., and Oliphant (Mrs.), Moliere [Foreign Classics] 11770

Tashkend. See Lansdell's Central Asia, 83oK. Asia, &c.

Tasmania. See Brown's Countries of the World, 1630 ; Palaeolithic Man, [Tas-
manians], 905%. Science Gossip [Land and Freshwater Shells of], v.
14, 2417 J. Stanford's Compendium [Colony of], 853 K. Trollppe's
Australia, c.,778K. Willoughby's Australian Pictures, 3326. Dilke's
Problems of Greater Britain, 334-5^ Australia, Van Diemen's Land.

Tasso (B., Italian Poet, b. 1493, d. 1569). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of
Europe, 473!), &c.

TaSSO (Torquato, Italian Poet, son of above, b. 1544, d. 1595), God-
frey of Bulloigne, or the Recovery of Jerusalem, translated by
Fairfax, 2 vols in i. 1844 5i6Z

by Hasell [Oliphant's Foreign Classics], 1882 11846

Life of, by Milman, 2 vols. 1850 994'SO

See also Fortnightly, v. 43, 2I33J. Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of

Europe, 4730, &c.
Tassoni (A., Italian Poet, b. 1565, d. 1635). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry

of Europe, 473!), &c.
Taste, Nature and Principles of, by Alison, 2 vols. 1811 628-9!!

See also All the Year Round [Modern], v. 58, i8i8J, &c.

Smell, &c. See_ Bastian's Brain, 387^. Bernstein's Five Senses, s63R.

Brown's Science for All, 627Ba. Cornhill [Sense of], v. 50, 33oJ, &c.
Tastu (A., French Poetess, b. 1798). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of

Europe, 4730, &c.

[ 7 60]


Tatar Merchants. See Atkinson's Russian Acquisitions, 6nB.
Tate (N.). See Hamilton's Poets Laureate, 9276. Poets, &c.
Tate (R.), A.L.S. See Woodward's Mollusca, i8iR, &c.
Tate and Brady. See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4y6D, &c.
Tatian (Greek Christian Apologist, fl. Second Century). See Donaldson's Chris-
tian Literature, 48K, &c.

- and Th.eoph.ilus, Writings of. See Ante-Nicene Library, &c.

Tatler, by Steeleand others [British Essayists] .................. 88iII and 8-llT

Tattersall (R.). See Lennox's Celebrities, 1017 FT.

Tattersall's. See All the Year Round, v. 56, i8i6J.

Tatting. See Beeton's Needlework, H43M. Valentine's Girl's Own Book,

u8 7 R, &c.
Tattooing. See Cassell's Magazine [Savage and Civilised], v. 7, 23477. Nature

[Japanese], v. 32, 26927. Nordenskiold's Voyage of the Vega, 666-jK.
Tautology. See Sidgwick's Fallacies, 39iR, c.

Tautphseus (Baroness). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Tavern Life Fifty Years Ago. See All the Year Round, v. 43, 18237, &c.
Tavistock. See Devonshire.
Tavistock (Lord Francis, 7th Duke of Bedford). See Walpole's Lord Russell,

6o9-ioF, &c.

Tavy River. See Devonshire, Tamar and Tavy, &c.
TAXATION, its Levy and Expenditure, by Peto. 1866 ............... loi6F

- Poverty and the Remedy, Free Trade, Labour, c., by Briggs... 338R

- See also Alison's Europe, 119-460. All the Year Round [Curiosities of], v.

56, i8i6J. An Old Man's Thoughts about many Things, i7gT. Ashton's
Nineteenth Century, 86i-2H. Bryce's American Commonwealth,
517-gH. Capital and Labour, 1115 F. Cobden's Speeches, 323R. Con-
temporary Review [of Rents in London], v. 54, 20647. George's Pro-
gress and Poverty, 1023 F. Kinnear's Principles of Reform, 1005 F.
Leisure Hour [and the Working Classes], v. 27, 26077. Probyn's Local
Government, 303R. Ricardo's Principles of Political Economy, ioo4F.
Rogers' Work and Wages, Tio2F. Saturday Review [Local], v. 61,
R.L. Smith's Institutions, 5i7T ; Wealth of Nations, I027-8F. Stubbs"
History, 210-30. Temple's India, 486K. Westminster Review [Indi-
rect in America], v. 130, R.L., c.
Taxidermy, Bibliography and Biography, by Swainson. 1840 ...... 772T

- Collecting and Mounting Objects of Natural History ............... 492T

- Practical, and Home Decoration, by Batty, illustrated. 1880 .... 43R
- by Browne .................................................. ............... 32R

- - without a Teacher [Preservation, Stuffing and Mounting Animals,

&c.], by Manton. 1882 ............................................... 747Z

- See also Century Magazine [the Taxidermal Art], v. 3, 18757. Nature

[Practical], v. 30, 269071 &c.

Tayler (C., Minister of Bethel Chapel, Guernsey), B.A., Seven
Sermons on the Lord's Prayer, with Introductory Discourses
on the Necessity and Advantages of Public and Private Wor-
ship. 1831 ............................................................... 288K

Taylor (A.), Sunday School Photographs. 1864 ....................... I34Q

Taylor (Bayard, American Writer, b. 1825), Egypt and Iceland in

1874- 1875 .............................................................. I535R

- Studies in German Literature. 1880 .................................... no8R

- Views Afoot, or Europe seen with Knapsack and Staff. 1869.... 6o$Z

- - Works of, 13 vols. 1868-9 :

Vol. i. Eldorado, or Adventures in California and Mexico .............. 852R

Vol. 2. 7 urne y to Central Africa ...................................... 853R

l. 3. Lands of the Saracen

Vol. 3.

Vol. 4. Visit to India, China, and 7apan in the year 1853

Vol. 5. Views a-Foot, Europe seen with Knapsack and Staff ............ 856R

Vol. 6. Northern Travel, Sweden, Denmark, and Lapland .............. 857R

Vol. 7. Travels in Greece and Russia, with an Excursion to Crete ........ 8s8R

Vols. 8-9. At Home and Abroad, Sketch Book of Life, Scenery and Men. . 8s9-6oR

Vol. io. Hannah Thurston, Story of American Life ...................... 86iR



Taylor (Bayard), Works of (continued. )

Vol. ii. John Godfrey's Fortunes, Story of American Life 862R

Vol. 12. Story of Kennett 863R

Vol. 13. By-ways of Europe 864R

Life and Letters of, edited by Marie Hansen-Taylor and Scudder 997-8O

_See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Harper's Index [Works

of], 1640 Ja. Griswold's Poets of America, 468D. Saturday Review,
v. 58, R.L. Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue, c.
Taylor (C., Engraver, b. 1756, d. 1823), Calmet's Dictionary of the

Holy Bible. 1849 7oA

Taylor (C. B., /;. 1797, d. 1875), M.A., The Records of a Good

Man's Life. 1835 3I2T

Taylor (Edgar). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Taylor (Emily). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Taylor (F.), Studies in Animal Painting, with eighteen coloured

plates from Water Colour Drawings. 1 884 92 1 D

Taylor (H., Essayist and Dramatic Poet, b. 1800, d. 1886), Auto-
biography of [1800-1875], 2 v l s - ^83 525-6F

See also Academy, v. 29, R.L. All the Year Round [Autobiography of], v.

56, i8i6J. Griswold's Poets and Poetry of England, 4720, &c.

Taylor (I., Philosophical Writer, b. 1786, d. 1865), Elements of
Thought, or Concise Explanations of the Terms employed in
the several Branches of Intellectual Philosophy. 1 88 1 2oooR

Fanaticism. 1833 639!!

Home Education. 1851 332R

Natural History of Enthusiasm. 1829 483A and I22K

Physical Theory of another Life. 1836 47oA

Spiritual Despotism. 1 835 454 A

Taylor (Isaac, Independent Minister, father of above, b. 1759, d. 1829). See

Leisure Hour, v. 16, 26267.

Taylor (Jane), Contributions of Q.Q. to a Periodical Work, with

some Pieces not before published, 2 vols. 1826 nop-ioR

Taylor (Mrs. Janet), Lunar Tables. 1835 6oD

Taylor (Jeremy, Bishop of Down, &>f.\ b. 1613, d. 1667), Beauties
of, selected from his works, with an Essay on his Life, &c.,
by Patterson. 1834 1124!!

Contemplations of the State of Man, &c. [Sel. Brit. Div.]. 1825 I38-9M

Life and Death of Christ, edited by Buckley. 1851 2I9Q

Scottish Covenanters [Cassell's Library] 953^

See also Adam's Churchmen, 68iO. Barry's Theology, 8280. Catter-

mole's Literature of the Church, 54gA. Dana's Household Book of
Poetry, 4760. Hood's Preachers, 541 Al. Quiver, v. 24, 32947. Sun-
day at Home, v. 9, 2859!, Sic.

Taylor (J. B.), Memoir of, by Rice [American Tract Society] i68iZ

Taylor (J. E.), F.G.S., Common British Fossils. 1885 I2SR

Flowers, their Origin, Shapes, Perfumes and Colours, coloured

plates. 1878 76R

Half-Hours at the Sea-Side, illustrated. 1876 588Q

The Waves. Seaweeds. Sponges. Sea-Worms. Corallines. Jelly Fish.
Sea Anemones. Sea-Mats. Sea Urchins. Shell-Fish. Crustacea.

Mountain and Moor [S. P. C.K.], illustrated. 1879 625Q

Nature's Byepaths, a series of Recreative Papers in Natural

History. 1 880 " 62R

Underground Natural History Rambles [S.P.C.K.], ill. 1879 ... 6a6Q

Taylor (J. S.), M.A., Selections from the Writings of, with Sketch

of his Life. 1843 1125!!



Taylor (Colonel P. Meadows, Novelist, b. 1808, d. 1876), The Story

of my Life, edited by his Daughter. 1882 9960

Taylor (Dr. Rowland, the Martyr, burnt 1555), LL.D. See Sunday at Home, v.
4, 2854J, &c.

Taylor (R. C., Antiquarian Geologist, b. 1789, d. 1851), Statistics of
Coal, including Mineral Bituminous Substances employed in
Arts and Manufactures, and Account of Production, &c., on
the American Continent, revised by Haldeman. 1855 1123!!

Taylor (Thomas), Life of Cowper. 1833 9^7Q

Ed., Pen Sketches by a Vanished Hand, from the Papers of the

late Mortimer Collins, 2 vols. 1879 1053-411

Taylor (Tom, Critic and Dramatist, b. 1817, d. 1880), Ballads and

Songs of Brittany. 1865 453^

Taylor (W.), California Life Illustrated, illustrated. 1858 isSgR

Taylor (W. C., Historical Writer, b. 1800, d. 1849), LL.D., History

of Ireland from the Anglo-Norman Invasion till the Union of

the Country with Great Britain, with Additions by Sampson qS-jZ,

Illustrations of the Bible from the Monuments of Egypt. 1838 22(5T

Ed., Pinnock's Greece for Schools. 1864 6iO

and others, The Occult Sciences, Sketches of the Traditions

and Superstitions of Past Times, and the Marvels of the

Present Day. 1855 I935R

Taylor (W. M.), D.D., John Knox [Men Worth Remembering]... 11640

- Scottish Pulpit, from the Reformation to the Present Day. 1887 635A

TEA and TeaDrinking, by Reade. 1884 957M

Countries of China, by Fortune,. illustrated, 2 vols. 1853 15I5-6R

See also Cassell's Family Magazine [Afternoon Teal, v. 15, 136=,]. Colqu-

houn's South China, 54I-2K. Coote's Wanderings, 8ioK. Eden's
Japan, 8i4Q. English Illustrated Magazine, v. 3, iggaJ. Fortune's
Visits [Plantations in the Himalaya], 1515-61*.. Girl's Own Annual [in
Health and Sickness], v. 4, 25547. Gray's China, 52iK. Health
Lectures [and Coffee, Cocoa, &c.,as Drinks], 83gM. Hunter's Indian
Empire, 485!^. Leisure Hour [Chat about], v. i, 2611) ; [Gardens of
Shanghai], v. 14, 26247. Peto's Taxation, &c. , ioi6F. Simmond's
Products of the Vegetable Kingdom, 77iF. Smith's Foods, 33oR.
Ure's Dictionary of Arts, 8-gD. China, India, Japan, &c.

Tea-Clip, History of the, and Account of the Potter's Art, by Wedg-
wood 836Z

Teacher, The, or Moral Influences, by Abbott H32Z

Teachers' and Students' Handbook of Scripture, by Turner. 1864 9iQ
Teacher's Cabinet, Papers on Sunday Schools, by R. W. Dale and

others. 1873 1509-ioZ

Teachers, Training of, and other Educational Papers, by Laurie. 1882 286R

Teaching, Hints on Home Teaching, by Abbott. 1883 2I2R

Lectures on, by Fitch. 1885 285R

and Teachers. See also All the Year Round [Organ of], v. 50, iSioJ.

Compayrd's Pedagogy, 2g6R. Dawe's Suggestive Hints, 1513 and

15142. Leisure Hour [Market for], v. 34, 2644]. Education, Schools.

Teale (T. P.), M.A., Dangers to Health, a Pictorial Guide to

Domestic Sanitary Defects, illustrated. 1881 920K

Tears. See Chambers' Edinburgh Journal [Anatomy of], v. 9, i92gj, &c.

Technical Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, by Crabb. 1851 533R

Technical Training, by Twining. 1874 HI2F

Education, &c. See Brabazon's Board School Reforms, iiosF.

Chambers' [Gordon's College, Aberdeen], v. 61, ig6ij. Meath's Pros-
perity, &c., nosF. Nature, v. 40, 2/ooJ. Nineteenth Century Maga-
zine, v. 16, 2226J ; v. 24, 2234J. Quarterly Review [and Foreign
Competition], v. 167, 1297.}, Sc.



Tecumseh (Indian Chief). See Life of Sir T. Brock, 9750,. Tapper's Family
Records, &c., 6 4 2F, &c.

Teeling (C. J.), History of the Irish Rebellion. 1876 2380

Teesdale (Brevet Major C. C., of Guernsey), C.B. See Sarnia, p. 98, 14160, &c.

Teeth. See Brown's Science for All, 627-86. Buckley's Life's Race [Animal],
i2gR. Cassell's Magazine [and the Toothache], v. i, 234iJ. English
Mechanic, v. 46, 10460. Este's Recreations in Science, 49;R. Mantell's
Geology [Fossil], 724-50.. Meyer's Organs of Speech, sgoR. Orr's
Circle of the Sciences, 735^. Youatt's The Dog, 8i7F, &c.

Teetotalism. See Leisure Hour [Origin of Teetotal Movement], v. 27, 1937.7.
Abstinence, Temperance, &c.

Tegetmeier (W. B.), F.Z.S., The Poultry Book, illustrated 6646

Tegg (Thomas). See Curwen's Booksellers, 5200.

Tegg (W.), Christian Names, their Derivation and Signification

Epitaphs, Witty, Grotesque, Elegant, &c. 1875

Posts and Telegraphs, Past and Present, with an Account of the

Telephone and Phonograph. 1878 563!*.

The Knot Tied, Marriage Ceremonies of all Nations. 1878 !48oZ

Last Act, being the Funeral Rites of Nations and Individuals 148 iZ

Mixture for Low Spirits, Witty Sayings of many People ... I257Z

Salutations and Courtesies of Nations, with Notes on Titles,

Dignities, &c. 1877 924M

Wills of their Own [Curious Wills] I759Z

Ed., Proverbs from Far and Near. 1875 -

Tegner (E., Swedish Poet, b. 1782, d. 1846), Axel, a Poem, trans-
lated from the Swedish, by Dobree. 1866 685M

See also Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730.

Teheran. See Century, v. 9, i88ij. Vambe"ry's Asia, 791 K. Persia, &c.

Teignmouth. See Thomson's Health Resorts, 938K. Devonshire, &c.

Teignmouth (John Shore, Lord, Statesman, b. 1751, d. 1834), Life

and Writings of Sir William Jones. 1815 328F

Memoirs of the Life, Writings and Correspondence of Sir William

Jones. 1815 328F

Reminiscences of Many Years, 2 vols. 1878 527-8F

Telang (K. T.), M.A., Tr. See Mailer's Sacred Books of the East, v. 8, s66A.

Telegraph, Atlantic, by Field. 1866 53iR

Handbook of the, by Bond. 1862 358T

Telegraphs and Posts, by Tegg. 1878 563R

See a/so Blackwood [Cheap Telegrams], v. 137, 207.7. Boy's Own Annual

[and Telegrams], v. n, 2961.7. Century Magazine [American Inven-
tors of the], v. 13, 18857. Chambers [Making of Telegraph Cables], v.
40, 1940.7. Crouche's Cable-Laying, i7i5R. Deschanel's Natural
Philosophy, 8260. Every Boy's Annual, 1887, i3o6H. Fortnightly
Review [Cheap Telegrams], v. 44, 2134}. Knowledge [Submarine,
Cables], v. 4, 2584.7 ; [in a Gale], v. 5, 25857. Leisure Hour [Atlantic],
v. 14, 26247 ; [Duplex and Multiplex Systems], v. 31, 26417. Stan-
ford's Compendium [of Australia], 853K. Urbanitzky's Electricity,
68gD. Wynter's Human Hive, 243 R. Brown's Science for All
[Weather Telegraphy], 6276. Harper's Index, i64oja, &c.

Tel-el-Kebir. See Nineteenth Century [Second Division at], v. 12, 22227.
Temple Bar [Battle of], v. 68, 13987. Egypt, Soudan, &c. .

Telemachus, Adventures of, translated, a Poem, by E. W.S, 1857 749-oM

The Son of Ulysses, Adventures of, by Fenelon, translated by

Hawkesworth. 1847

Telephone, The. See Brown's Science for All, 6266. Cassell's Magazine, v. 4,
2 353J- English Mechanic, v. 46, 10460. Este's Recreations in Science,
497R. Good Words [Electric], v. 19, 21897. Knowledge [Who
Invented it ?], v. 5, 25857. Leisure Hour, v. 27, 26377. Nature [a
Mechanical], v. 32, 26927. Scribner's Monthly [and Phonograph], v.
15, 18657. Tegg's Posts and Telegraphs, s63R. Urbanitzky's
Electricity, 689!). Ure's Dictionary, gD, &c.



Telescope, Hours with a, by Noble. 1886 422R

My, and some Objects which it Shows me, by a Quekett Club-

Man. 1888 I790Z

The, Phenomena of Heavenly Bodies, &c., by Ward. 1879.... 42 iR

See also Boy's Own Annual [How to Make an Astronomical], v. 6, 29567.

Cassell's Pastimes, I262H. English Mechanic, v. 46, 1046!.). Higgin's
Philosopher, 72oQ. Humboldt's Cosmos, 485!?.. Knowledge [New,
at Princeton], v. 2, 25827 ; [Limits of the], v. 3, 25837. Science Gossip
[Hours with a Three-Inch], v. 23, 24237. Timbs' Inventions, 258R.
Webb's Celestial Objects, 640(3, &c.

Telford(J.), Life of John Wesley, 1886 12830

Telford(T., Civil Engineer, b. 1757, d. 1834). See Smiles' Engineers, 8390.

Tell (W., Swiss Patriot, d. 1350). See Chambers' Miscellany [and Switzerland],
[6-^3R. William' Alps, Switzerland, &c., 5908. Edinburgh Review
[Legend of], v. 129, 4897- Harper's Monthly [Switzerland], v. 14,
15947, &c.

Temper. See Quiver [Good and Bad], v. 28, 32987. Sunday at Home, v. 29,
28797, &c.

Tempera. See Hamerton's Graphic Arts, I076M, &c.

Temperance, by Sir Wilfred Lawson 2OoZ

Case for Total Abstinence, by Lacey. 1889 33oR

History, by Dawson Burns Hi6F

Recollections, Labours, Defeats, and Triumphs, by Marsh. 1867 8230

Reformation and its Claims upon the Christian Church, by J.

Smith. 1875 loSgF

Religious and Educational Aspects, by Kerr, French, Hannay, &c. 8i6M

Voice of Science on, by Kerr, Davis, Ridge, Paterson, Gill,

Richardson, &c 8 1 5M

the Pulpit, by Farrar, Wilberforce, Macleod, Maguire,

Taylor, &c 8i7M

Wisdom, Grave and Gay, being Select Speeches of Sir Wilfrid

Lawson. 1889 2Oi6R

See also Buxton's Drunkenness, 282R. Compayre"s Pedagogy, 2g6R.

Contemporary [Legislation], v. 50, 20607. Fortnightly [Compulsory],
v. 42, 21327. Gough's Platform Echoes, 1300 ; Sunlight and
Shadow, 28oF and Autobiography, 28iF. Muller's Noble Deeds, c.,
92Q. Ridge's Non-Alcoholic Treatment, 8igM. Bullock's Talks with
the People, v. 9, 2OoZ. Drunkenness, Teetotalism, &c.

Temperature. See Brown's Science for All, 627B. Deschanel's Natural
Philosophy, 8250. Humboldt's Cosmos, 4&3R and 487R. Lament's
Arctic Seas [of Sea], 674 and 67sK. Nares' Polar Sea, 672-3K. Nature
[Regulators of], v. 26, 26867 '> [Improved], v. 33, 26937. Science
Gossip, v. 4, 24127. Thomson's Depths of the Sea, 756F. Tyndall's
Heat, sogR. Cold, Heat, Climate, &c.

Tempests. See Abercrombie's Weather, 548R. Meteorology, Winds, Storms,
Gales, Weather, &c.

Templars, The. See Frost's Secret Societies, 33H. Good Words, v. 27, 21977.
Saturday Review, v. 62, R.L. Secret Societies, 12477. Matthew
Paris, Matthew of Westminster, Henry of Huntingdon, William of
Malmesbury, Florence of Worcester, Ingulph, Roger of Wendover,
Roger De Hoveden, Ordericus Vitalis, &c.

Templars, Good. See Good Templars.

Temple (Crona). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Temple (F., Bishop of London, formerly of Exeter ; l>. 1821), Educa-
tion of the World [Essays and Reviews] 662A

Relations between Religion and Science [Bampton Lectures, 1884] I93K

Temple (Sir R., Governor of Bombay, 1875), G. C.S.I., Men and

Events of my Time in India. 1882 464H

See also Saturday Review, v. 62, R.L.

Temple (Sir William, Statesman, b. 1628, d. 1698). See Macaulay's Essays,
15310, &c.

Temple Bar. See Leisure Hour [London, and its old Ornaments], v. 2, 26127.
London, &c.



Temple Bar, a London Magazine for Town and Country Readers,

from Vol. I. 1861 I33'J

The serial tales and some of the principal contents will be found under their
proper headings in Fiction, or in the general body of the catalogue with
the shelf number specified. The general contents will be found in
Poole's Index (Reference Library), under such subjects as this magazine
deals with.

Temple of Fame, the, a list of winners of races [Woodgate's Boating] I266R
Templer (J. C.), Ed., Private Letters of Sir James Brooke. 1853... 334-60
Temples. See Colquhoun's South China, 54I-2K. Cumming's China, jSg-goK.
Eden's Japan, 8t^Q. Ewald's Israel [Temple of Solomon], 63-4^
Haweis' Christ and Christianity [and Bishops], n86M. Inman's
Faiths, g6Ka. Marvels of Art [Temple of Jerusalem], m-jZ. Milman's
Jews, 157-gQ. Stapfer's Palestine, Time of Christ, 47?M, &c.

Temptation, Its Nature and Power, by Owen. 1826 I46M

See also Quiver, v. n, 3281 J, &c.

Ten Thousand Wonderful Things, edited by King 1 1 1 1 R

Ten Tribes. See Leisure Hour [Where are they?], v. 21, 263iJ, &c.

Ten Years of my Life in the service of the Book Fund, by Mrs.

Spurgeon. 1886 13010

Ten Years on a Georgia Plantation since the War, by Leigh. 1883 734K
Tenant Right. See Contemporary [True Principle of], v. 41, 205iJ. Fortnightly,
v. 23, 2ii3j. Fraser [for British Farmers], v. 105, 715]. Temple's
India, 486K, c.

Tenby. See Lewes' Sea-Side Studies, 822F. Thomson's Health Resorts, 938K.
Tench, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 63oQ. Seeley's Fishes, 8nF.

Fishes, &c.
Tencin (Madame de). See Kavanagh's French Women, 66oO. Women in

France, 10430, &c.
Tenders and Contracts. See Illustrated Carpenter and Builder, from vol. i,


Teneriffe. See Brassey's Voyage in the Sunbeam, i682R. Cornhill [Peak of],
v. 58, 338J. Cruise of H.M.S. Bacchante, 786K. Edwardes' Canary
Islands, I73QR. Leisure Hour [Top of], v. 8, 26i8J ; v. 37, 2647 J.
Nature [Peak of, Volcano active again], v. 27, 2687J, &c.

Tenison (T., Archbishop of Canterbury, b. 1636, d. 1715). See Stoughton's Re-
ligion in England, g6M, &c.

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