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See also Fortnightly Review, v. 48, 2138 J. Turner's Novelists of Russia,

14910. Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue, &c.
TolteCS. See Kecher's Mexico, 738K. Mexico, &c.
Tom Long the Carrier. See Chap-Books, 1321 H.
Tom Tram. See Chap- Books, 1321 H.
Tomato, The. See Cassell's Family Magazine [How to Cook], v. 9, 23597.

Science Gossip, v. 12, 24157, &c.

Tombs. See Burns' History of Parish Registers [Tombstones], 536H. Dennis's
Etruria, 439-oK. Lansdell's Russian Central Asia, 829!^. Madden's
Shrines, 342-3K. Sunday at Home [at Thebes], v. 22, 28727. Wilson's
Egypt, 3750. Archaeology, Graves, Sepulchres, &c.

Tomes (R.), The Champagne Country. 1867 8740)

Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Tomkinson (E. M.), Benjamin Franklin [World's Workers], 1885 11420
Tomline (G., Bishop of Manchester, b. 1750, d. 1827), D.D., Life of

William Pitt, 3 vols. 1822 44O-2F

Tomlinson (C.), Pneumatics for the Use of Beginners [Weale

Series], illustrated. 1848 7I5O

Tomlinson (C.), F.R.S., The Sonnet, its Origin, &c., with Transla-
tions from the Sonnets of Dante, Petrarch, &c., and Remarks

on the Art of Translating. 1874 753^

Tomlinson (D. G.), Harmony of the Protestant Doctrine of the

Sacraments. 1843 29oK

Tone. See Meyer's Organs of Speech, 3goR. Speech, c.

Tone (T. W., Irish Politician, b. 1763, d. 1798), Autobiography of 273Z

See also Froude's Ireland, 2c6O. Ireland, &c.

Tonga Islands, by Mariner and Martin. 2 vols. 1827

See also Lubbock's Primitive Man, 6726, c.

Tongue, Human. See Brown's Science for All, 62763. Meyer's Organs of

Speech, sgoR, &c.

Tongue (Cornelius). See Cecil (Cornelius Tongue).

Tonic Sol-Fa System. See Century Magazine, v. 13, 18857. Singing, &c.
Tonics. See Girl's Own Annual [How to use them beneficially], v. 7, 25577.

Medicine, c.

Tonnage. See Nature [Legislation on], v. 26, 26867, & c.
Tonquin. See Leisure Hour [and Anam], v. 33, 26437- Saturday Review

[Colonists in], v. 60, R.L. China, Tunking, &c.



Tonson (Jacob, Publisher, b. 1656, d. 1736). See Knight's Old Booksellers,
i 45 iO, &c.

Too Late for Gordon and Khartoum, by Macdonald. 1887 45QO

Tooke (J. Home, Philologist and Political Writer, />. 1736, d. 1812),

Memoirs of, by Stephens, 2 vols. 1813 534-5^

Tooley (Mrs. G. W.), Lives Great and Simple. 1884 8oiO

Tools. See English Mechanic, v. 46, 10460. Illustrated Carpenter and Builder
fromv. i [Construction of], 29817. Ure's Dictionary, 6-gD. Carpen-
try, Gardening, Engineering, Manufactures, &c.

Tooth, The. See Teeth.

Tooth-ache. See Girl's Own Annual [Prevention and Cure], v. 3, 25537.
Buchan's Medicine, gisK. Domestic Medicine, I445Z. Medicine.

Tooth-drawing. See South's Household Surgery, 18577, &c.

ToUS. See Boy's Own Annual [Boy's Own Chromatic], v. n, 2961!. Cassell's
Pastimes [Top Games], i 2 6 2 H, &c.

Topaz. See Ansted's Minerals, 62oQ. Emanuel's Precious Stones, n6sM. King's
Decorative Stones, iisgM, &c.

Topffer (R-). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Topinard (Paul), Anthropology, trans, by Hartley, illustrated. 1878 943K

Toplady (A. M., Divine, b. 1740, d. 1778). See Dana's Household Book of
Poetry, 4760, &c.

TOPOGRAPHY and History of Ancient Athens, by Dyer. 1873... 6o8B

Religious Topography of England, by Pattison lOfiR

See also Beilby's Birmingham, 788K. Blight's Land's End, 82oQ. Bray's

Tamar and Tavy, 1343-4^. Buchanan's Lome and Hebrides, 1363!*..
Cobbett's Rural Rides, 2 vols., I35I-2R. Collins' Pen Sketches,
I053R. Dixon's H.M. Tower, 32I-4H. Royal Windsor, 325-8!!. Doran's
Our Great Towns, 366K. Dugdale's England and Wales, illustrated,
738-47H. Dumas' South of France, I393R. Eddy's Travelling Party,
I323-7R. Gleig's Chelsea Hospital, 6o^Z. Gorrie's Orkneys, 13626.
Holroyd's Bradford, 331 H. Horner's Florence, i42^R. Howitt's

Iroyd's Bradford, 331 H. Horner's Florence, I423R. Howitt's

markable Plai
Brittany, 8i8Q.

Remarkable Places, 364^ Macquoid's About Yorkshire, i35oR.
Marshall's Cathedral Cities, I356R. The Queen's

Our Life in the Highlands, 832(3. Rimmer's Ancient Streets, &c.,
36$K ; Eton and Harrow, 1347!^ ; Old Country Towns, i34oR.
Ritchie's East Anglia, 623_A ; Sea Coasts of France, I3Q6R. Se"guin's
Black Forest, 1354R. Smith's Skye, 1361 R. Squier's Nicaragua,
764-sK. Taylor's Views Afoot, 6037. Walford's Pleasant Places,
8isQ. Weymouth, I353R. Williams' Jerusalem, 6s8A ; South of
France, 1392!^.. Black's and Murray's Guides and Hand Books. Dio-
cesan Histories, 1836-437. Knight's Land we Live in, ^6^-^B. Tours,
Travels, Names of Towns and Places, &c.

Tories. See Alison's Europe, 139-450. Contemporary [Democratic], v. 43,
3053J. Green's English People, 191-2 H. Harris' Radicals, uo6F.
Conservatives, Parliament, Politics, &c.

Tornadoes. See Nature, v. 25, 26857. Hurricane, Storms, Winds, Meteorology,
Weather, &c.

Toronto. See Leisure Hour, v. 34, 26447. Lome's Canadian Pictures, 3316.
Stanford's Compendium, 85oK. Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain,
335H. Canada, &c.

Torpedoes. See All the Year Round [Torpedo Boats], v. 57, 1817.7. Cassell's
Family Magazine [what is a], v. 4, 23537. Nineteenth Century [Tor-
pedo Flotillas and Ironclads], v. 18, 2228J. Saturday Review [Torpedo
Boats], v. 6, R.L. ; v. 54, R.L. Harper's Monthly [and Torpedo
Boats], 16457, &c.

Torquay. See Granville's Spas, &c., 353K. Thomson's Health Resorts, 938 K.
Devonshire, &c.

Torrens (W. M., Irish Lawyer, I). 1813), M. P., Memoirs of Viscount

Melbourne, 2 vols. 1878 385-6F

Torres (D. M.). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.
Tortoises. See Beeton's Home Pets, igsR. Cassell's Magazine, v. i, 23417.

Hartwig's Tropical World, 758F. Science Gossip, v. 5, 24127. Natural

History. Knowledge [and Turtles], v. 13, 25937, &c.

Tortoise-shell. See lire's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 8D, &c.
Torture. See Bissat's Parliamentary Government, 2I5H. Pike's Crime in

England, 307-8H. Inquisition, &c.



Toryism. See Tories, Conservatives, Parliament, Politics, &c.

Tostig (Earl, Karl of Northumberland^ Son of Karl Godwin, killed 1066). See

Freeman's Norman Conquest, 202-4!!.

Total Abstinence, Case for, by Lacey. 1889 33oR

See also Abstinence, Temperance, &c.

Touch. See Bastian's Brain, 387!?.. Brown's Science for All, 6278. Leisure

Hour [and Space, Sense of], v. 15, 2625.7. Bernstein's Five Senses,

36sR. Blackwood, v. 40, R.L. Feeling, &c.

Touchstone of Sincerity in Religion, by Flavel i66gZ

Tour in Brittany, Notes by Tregelies 43T

of Dr. Syntax in Search of the Picturesque, by Combe, illustrated O42T

Round the World in her Twentieth Year, by the Marchioness of

Stafford. 1889 I752R

through South Holland, up the Rhine, &c. [Harper's Family

Library]. 1831

to Austrian Lombardy, &c., by Barrow. 1841 I4O3R

Tourist in Spain and Morocco, by Roscoe, illustrated. 1838 I473R

Tourist's Car Guide to Jersey and Guernsey [Black's Guides] R.L.

Tourist's Guide to Devonshire. 1865 6o8F

See also Cassell's Franco-German War, 456-76. Eddy's Our Travelling

Party, 1323-711. Sedgwick's Letters from Abroad [in Europe],
ii5oR. Blackwood, v. 46, R.L. Topography, Travels, Names of
Places, e.g., Paris, Rome, Italy, &c.

Touraine with Normandy and Brittany [Black's Guides], illustrated 833Q
Tourgee (A. W.). Sec Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Tournaments. See Boy's Own Annual, v. 5, 2955.7. Leisure Hour [Rules

of]> v. 35, 2645.7. Sabine's Duels, 922^!, &c.

Tourzel (Duchesse De), Governess to (he Children of France)
[1789-93 and 1795], Memoirs, published by the Duke Des

Cars, 2 vols. 1886 626-7F

Toussaint L'Ouverture (Franois Dominique, Negro Haytian

Patriot, b. 1743, d. 1803), Life of, by Beard. 1853 8090

See also Alison's Europe, v. 8, 1260. Chambers' Miscellany [and the Re-
public of Hayti], 625R, &c.
Tovey (Charles), Wine and Wine Countries, a Record and Manual

for Wine Merchants and Wine Consumers, illustrated. 1877 2I25R

Towards the Sunset [On Christian Faith, &c.], by Boyd. 1883 825R

Tower Menagerie [Tower of London]. 1829 8i6F

Tower of London, Her Majesty's Tower, by Dixon, 4 vols. 1867 ... 32I-4H

Memorials of, by Lord De Ros. 1866 6ioZ

See also Boy's Own Annual, v. 4, 29547. Chambers' Journal [Monday

at], v. 60, 1960.7. Loftie's London, 2510. Sunday at Home, v. n,
286iJ. London, &c.

Towers of Italy. See Leisure Hour, v. 21, 25^iJ.
Towle (G. M.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.
Town and Country, or Life at Home and Abroad [Sketches, Poems,

&c.], by Adams. 1856 i6i9R

Town Council, The. See Escott's England and its People, loi/F.

Town Geology, by Kingsley [Good Words], vol. 13

See also Kingsley's Lectures, 1969 R.

Town, Old Country Towns, by Rimmer, illustrated. 1881 I349R

Our Great Towns [1860-77], by Doran. 1878 366K

The Town [London], by Leigh Hunt I336R and I36T

Towns and Buildings, Drainage of, by Dempsey. 1849 598T

See also Alison's Europe, 139-460. Escott's England and its People [Towns

of Business and Pleasure], 1017 F. Longman [Frenc'.i and English], v.
4, 894.7. Pike's Crime in England, 3O7-8H. Stubbs' History, 210-20.
Wright's The Celt, the Roman and the Saxon, /52oO. See also under
Name of Town required, or in Harper's or Poole's Indexes. Topo-
graphy, &c.



Townley (J., IVesIeyan I\let1todist\ D.D., Illustrations of Biblical
Literature, with Biographical Notices of Eminent Trans-
lators, 3 vols. 1821 ................................................... 242-4A

. - Literary History of the Bible. 1833 .................................... I43(^

Townsend (G.), M.A., The New Testament, with copious Notes on

the Principal Subjects in Theology, c., 2 vols. 1838 ......... 924-5A

Townsend (P. D.), Joseph Haydn [Great Musicians]. 1884 ......... I222O

Townsend (W. J.), Great Schoolmen of the Middle Ages. 1881 ... 6830

Townshend (F. Trench), Wild Life in Florida, with a Visit to Cuba 728K

Toynfoee (Arnold). See Academy, v. 26, R.L., Xc.

Toys. See Cassell's Book of Amusements [Toy Games and Toy-making, 1259!! ;
Pastimes [Games], 1262!!, Good Words, v. 3, 217^. Leisure Hour
v. 16, 2626;, &c.

Tozer (Rev. H. Fanshawe, Ttitor], M.A., Classical Geography

[Literature Primers]. 1876 .......................................... 7O2/C

- Researches in the Highlands of Turkey, 2 vols. 1869 ............ 1452-31^

The Church and the Eastern Empire [Epochs of Church History] 254T

Tracey (J. L.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Tract Magazine and Christian Miscellany [R.T.S.]. 1878 ........... 492^!

Tract Society, American [Christian Library], vols. 2-45, y.D ..... i66g-ijo^Z

Tractarian Movement. See Saturday Review [Palmer on], v. 56, RL. Stough-

ton's Religion [Tractarianism, 1800-80], ggM, &c.
Tracy (Mick), The Irish Scripture Reader, a Tale of Facts ............ 10040

Trade and Travel in the Far East, Java, Singapore, China, &c., by

Davidson. 1 846 ......................................................... Z652R

See also Alison's Europe [Free Trade, &c.], 139-60. All Year Round [Old
Trade Notices], v. 50, i8ioj ; [Curiosities of], v. 54, i8i4j. Buckle's
Civilization, i86-8O. Capital and Labour, ni5F. Colquhoun's South
China, 54I-2K. Contemporary Review [Work of Trades Unions], v.
44, 2O54_J. Escott'-s England and its People [Trades Unions], loi/F.
J evens' Social Reform [Trades Societies], uiiF. Lansdell's Russian
Central Asia, 828-9]^. Leisure Hour [Trades Unions], v. 15, 2625],
Levi's Work and Pay [Trades Unions], 283R. McCulloch's British

Empire, 7i:>H. Quarterly Review [and Industry], v. T, 1296,}.
Ricardo's Political Economy, ioo4F. Rogers' Work and Wages,
iio2F. Smith's Wealth of Nations, I026-8F. Stanley's Dark Con-

tinent [and Trade Prospects], is63R. Dilke's Problems of Greater
Britain [Indian, &c.], 335H. Names of Countries, &c.

Trade Marks, Law relating to, by Mushat. 1885 3 1 9^

Trade Winds. See Abercrombie's Seas and Skies, 843!^..

Trades Unions, Societies, &c. See Trade.

Traditions, Family, by Ingram. 1884 9O5-6M

Trafalgar, Battle of. See All the Year Round, v. 18, 1778.7. Ashton's Nineteenth
Century, 86iH. Macmillan [Reminiscences of], v. 45. Nelson (Lord)
Battles, Navy, &c.

Traill (C. P.), Backwoods of Canada, being Letters from the Wife
of an Emigrant Officer, illustrative of the Domestic Economy
of British America. 1846

Traill (H. D., Journalist, Biographer, &c.,b. 1842), Coleridge [Eng-
lish Men of Letters]. 1884

Lord Strafford [English Men of Action]. 1889

Shaftesbury [English Worthies]. 1886

Sterne [English Men of Letters]. 1882

William the Third [Twelve English Statesmen]. 1888

Traill (Mrs.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Traill (R.), A.M., Throne of Grace Discoursed of in Thirteen Ser-
mons from Hebrews iv. 16 [R.T.S.] 68Z

Traill (T. S.), Physical Geography. 1838 757H

Training of Teachers, &c., by Laurie. 1882 286R



Training, Mental. See Compayr's Pedagogy, 2J6R. Grey's Self-Culture, g6iR.

Knowledge, v. i, 258rJ. Education, c.
Training, Physical. See Cassell's Family Magazine [for Girls], v. 15, 1365].

Cornhill [Exercise in], v. 15, 235], Crawley's Handbooks, H54M.

Stonehenge's Rural Sports, 68iT, &c.
Traj an (Emperor of Rome, b. 52, d. 117). See Arnold's Roman Commonwealth,

73H. Niebuhr's History of Rome, 88H. Rome, &c.

Tramps. See Leisure Hour [and Vagrants], v. 17, -2627] . Beggars, c.
Trance. See Chambers [Story of a], v. 62, 19627. Mayo's Popular Superstitions,

901 M. Sleep, &c.

Transcaspian Railway. See Curzon's Russia, 2123!*.
Translations. See Boy's Own Annual [some Queer], v. TI, 2961 J. Cornhill

[From the Classics], v. 16. Classics, Language, &c.
Translations of Scripture into the Oriental Languages. See Buchanan's Chris-

tian Researches, 14 K. Moulton's English Bible [Translations of the

Bible], 4 i8M. Bible, Scripture &c.
Transportation. See Hill's Repression of Crime, ioi5F. Pike's Crime in

England, 3o8H, Prisons, Penal Servitude, &c.

Transvaal, The [Haggard's Cetywayo and his White Neighbours]... 15240
See also Austral Africa [and Bechuanaland Disturbances], I402H. Pople's

Index, R.L. Quarterly, v. 155, 1285 J. Stanford's Compendium,

84gK. Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 334-5 H. Africa, &c.

Transylvania, its Products and People. 1865 ....................... 423K

- - See also Blackwood [Mountain Excursion in], \. 140, 2ioJ.
Trapeze Feats. See Buckland's Curiosities, sg8Q. Gymnastics, &c.
Traps. See Boy's Own Annual [and all about them], v. 6, 29567, &c.
TRAVEL OR TRAVELS. A Ramble Round the World by De

Hiibner, translated by Lady Herbert, 2 vols. 1874 ............ 322-3!^

- Alpine Climbing ............................................................... 4I4T

and Adventure in Alaska, by Whymper, illustrated. 1869 724 and 725K

Central Africa. 1853 ........................................... 665?.

South and Central America, by Paez. 1868 .............. 1694!^

of Wolff, 2 vols. 1861 ............................................. 560- iK

- Discoveries in North and Central Africa, being a Journal of an

Expedition [1849-55!, by Earth, 5 vols. 1857 ..' ................ 844-8F

Researches of Humboldt, by Macgillivray. 1853 ............... I3O4R

Exploration of the World by Verne, illustrated. 1879 ............ 32 1 K

- from Moscow, through Prussia, &c., by Karamsin, trans. 1803 779-8 1 Q>

Heroic Adventure, Chapters in Recent Exploration and Dis-

covery, illustrated

Illustrated Books of [Religious Tract Society], v. D ................ 328-34B

[For contents see Illustrated Books of Travel.]
in California, by an American. 1846 ................................... . I59OR

- in Central Asia, Teheran, Bokhara, &c. [1863], by Vambery, 79iK
- - Egypt, &c., by Stephens ................................................ 563K

- France, by Young [1787-89], with notes by Edwards. 1889 I753R

Greece and Russia and an Excursion to Crete, by Taylor ...... 858 R

Turkey, Russia, c., by Stephens ............................ .. 564!^

Little Known parts of Asia Minor, by Lennep, illus. i87o...i747-8R
- - South Eastern Asia [S.P.C.K.]. 1851 .............................. 653Z

- Tartary, &c., by Hue, 2 vols .......................................... I3I8-9R

Town [London], by Grant, 2 vols. 1839 ........................... 355-6K

- Turkey, Egypt, Nubia and Palestine, 1824-7, by Madden ...... I457-8R

- -Journals of a Lady's Travels Round the World, by F. D.

Bridges, illustrated. 1883 ............................................. 3 r 9K

Letters of a Traveller in Europe and America, by Bryant. 1851 326K

of Anarchis the Younger in Greece. 1797 ... : ....................... 1278!!

- Dr. and Madame Heifer in Syria, Mesopotamia, Burmah, &c.,

translated. 1878 ............ .' ......................... 5io-iK and I492-3R

32 [785]


Travels of Ida Pfeiffer in many Lands, illustrated. 1879 8;iQ

Round the World in 1870, a Tour through India, Japan, China,

&c., by Carlisle. 1872 3i6K

Some Heroes of, edited by Adams. 1880 9650

Sunshine and Sea, a Yachting Visit to the Channel Islands and

Coast of Brittany, by a Country Doctor, illustrated. 1885... iGgoR

through Africa into Abyssinia, by Bruce. 1839 5$4Z

France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland, by Bishop Burnet 784Q

Trip Round the World [1887-8], by Caine, illustrated. 1888 ... 855R

Two Months in the Confederate States. 1863 i6i2K

Union Steamship Handbook to Maoriland and New Zealand ^SSR

Visits to Remarkable Places illustrative of English History, by

Ilowitt. 1840 364K

Walks in Switzerland, &c., by Zincke I7O5-7R

Travellers, Celebrated, by St. John [Family Library], 3 vols. 1832 io6i-3Q

Travelling-, Percy Anecdotes 928Z

Sketches, by Trollope. 1866 I364R

on the Sea-Coasts of France, by Ritchie, illustrated. 1834 I396R

See also Adam's Our American Cousins, 1704!*.. Anderson's Mandalay, 54oK.

Ashton's Adventures of Captain J. Smith, i62aR. Atkinson's Russian
Acquisitions, 6uB ; Siberia, &c., 598^. Aynsley's India, 8ooK.
Backhouse's Australia, 784!^. Back's Arctic Expedition, 66oK.
Baker's Albert N'Yanza, 6i 4 -sK. Baker's Azores, i 77 6Z ; Cyprus,
46oK. Barker's South Africa, I543R. Barrow's Tour on the Conti-
nent, 772Q. Hates' Great Republic, I724R. Bax's Eastern Seas, i52oR.
Beauvoir's Voyage Round the World, i3oi-2R. Becher's Trip to
Mexico, 738K. Beke's Discoveries of Sinai and Midian, 5976. Bey
(Mariette) Upper Egypt, issgR. Bell's Florida, i6ioR ; North
America, 705-6K. Biart's Rambles in the New World [North and
South America], i6i5R. Bird's Englishwoman in America, i6i4R;
Rocky Mountains, I598R ; Six Months among the Sandwich Islands,
i6soR. Blackburn's Breton Folk, sggB; Pyrenees, 3380. Blanc's
Captivity in Abyssinia, I5O2R. Blunt's Bedouin Tribes, J5i8-i5i9R.
Bowies' Across the Continent or North American Travels, i6i8R.
Brassey's Sunshine and Storm in the East, i68iR ; Voyage in the
Sunbeam, i682R. Brace's California in 1867-8, I588R. Brown's
Amazon, 797K. Bryant's Letters of a Traveller on Europe and
America, i62oR. Burnaby's Asia Minor, 502-3]^. Ride to Khiva,
792K. Burton's Brazil, i633-4R. Calderpn's Life in Mexico, i623R.
Cameron's Africa, 6o2-3K. Campbell's Life in Normandy, i7oo-iR.
Candler's Hayti, i649R. Carey's Tour in France, 388K. Chalmers'
New Guinea, 1641 R. Chapman's Guide to New Zealand, 1881,
i656k. Charmes' Cairo and Lower Egypt, I534R ; Five Months
at Cairo and in Lower Egypt, i6s8R. Cheever's Mont Blanc,
I442R. Chequered Career, 773K. Conder's Modern Traveller,
523-56Z ; Palestine, 552-3K ; Syrian Explorations, 549 K. Cooper's
Excursion up the Rhine, c., 389!^; Italy, 44iK. Crouch's On a Surf
Bound Coast, the West Coast of Africa, i7isR. Cruise of H.M.S.
Bacchante, 786-7!^. Cumming's Africa, I547-8R ; Lady's Cruise in a
French Man-of-War, 338-91^. ; Granite Crags [California], 72oK ;
Hawaii, 768-gK. Curtis's Lotus-Eating, Sketches on the Hudson and
the Rhine, 1604!^. Dall's My First Holiday Letters from Utah,
Colorado and California, r696R. Davidson's Travels in Java, Singa-
pore, Australia, China, &c., 1846, i6s2R. De Butt's Ceylon, 1511 R.
De Cosson's Cradle of the Blue Nile, is65-6R. Dixon's Japan, isi3R.
Dodge's Black Hills [Rocky Mountains], i6i6R. Du Chaillu's Africa,
591 and 647K ; Land of the Midnight Sun, 467-8!^. Dufferin's Iceland,
46gK. Duke's Everyday Life in China, i68oR. Dumas' South of France,
1315 and I393R. Eddy's Travelling Party, I325R. Edwardes' Canary
Islands, 1739!^. Elgin's Mission to China, <5i6-7K. Elliott's Austria,
Russia, and Turkey, 42I-2K ; Diary of an Idle Woman in Italy, i687-8R.
Ellis's Pyrenees, 392 K. and 793Q. Elton's Lakes and Mountains of Africa,
652K. Erman's Siberia, 498-oK. Escott's England and its People, rot 7-8 F.
.Excelsior, 1926-3^. Eyre's South of France, 394K. Fairholt's Homes

[ 7 86]


Travelling (continued].

of Reubens, &c., 44gK. Falkland's Chow-Chow, 524-5^ Farrar's
Minnesota, i6oiR. Featherstonhaugh's Canoe Voyage up the Minnay
Sotor, 726-jK. Ferguson's Ceylon, I6/8R. Fitzgibbon's Manitoba,
T623K. Forbes' Alps of Savoy, 5968. Fortnightly Review [in 1883,
Books of], v. 40, ai3oj. Fortune's China and India, i5is-i6R.
Franklin's Polar Sea, 670- iK. Freeman's United States, I576R ;
Visits to Ashanti, 1555]*. Froude's Oceana, 8o4K. Gale's Upper
Mississippi, i6o2R. Gay's Prince of Wales in India, isogR. Ger-
stacker's Travels in Rio Janeiro, c., i632R. Gillmpre's Prairie and
Forest, or North American Game, I593R. Gill's China and Burmah,
5I2-3K; Jottings from the Pacific, rtnsR. Girl's Own Annual [The
Art of], v. 7, 2557J. Gironiere's Philippines, 77iQ. Gordon's Journey
from Victoria to Winnipeg, isp2R. Gosse's Monuments of Ancient
Egypt, i<j25R. Gower's Reminiscences, 648F. Gray's China, 52o-iK.
Great Shipwrecks, i65gR. Green's Bible Lands, 3286 ; French Pic-
tures, 3346 ; Pictures from the German Fatherland, 3330. Gregg's
Prairies, 795-5Q. Grey's Australia, 78o-iK. Grohman's Camps in the
Rocky Mountains, 1882, I597R. Hallock's Camp Life in Florida,
i6nR. Hall (E. H.) British North America, i6 79 R. Hall (N.) Liver-
pool to St. Louis, 4i7T. Hall (B.) Travels in North America, 1577-8^.
Hamilton's North Africa, I554R. Hardy's Mexico, 8o8K. Hare's Cities
of Southern Italy, i683-4R. Harpar's Index, 1640 Ja. Hill's Australia,
i653R. Havard's Picturesque Holland, 447 and 448K. Head's Pampas
and Andes, 794Q. Heaphy's Residence in New Zealand, i6s4R.
Heber's Indian Journal, i5o6-7R. Hole's Tour in Ireland, i6g7R. Hall-
way's (J. G.) Month in Norway, 4i3'F. Holmes's One Hundred Days
in Europe, 1703 R. Holthaus' Wanderings of a Journeyman Tailor,
788Q. Houston's Hesperos, or Travels in the West, 1586^ ; Texas
and Gulf of Mexico, 2 vols, i6o7-8R. Howell's Italian Journeys,
i82o-iZ ; Venetian Life, i82o-iZ. Hughes's Gone to Texas, i6o6R.
Humboldt (A. Von), 52 2 Z. Inglis (J.) Australia, 77 6K. Inglis(H. D.)
Channel Islands, i7i8R. Irby's Egypt, Holy Land, &c., 7730- James'
Wild Tribes of the Soudan, 653K. Jameson's Discovery, &c. , 522Z.
Jones' Foreign Freaks, 1409-0 R. Jusserand's English Wayfaring Life,.
ig2=,R. Kane's Arctic Explorations, 826-7 K. Kay's Caffraria [South
Africa], T553R. KeIly(VV.) Across the Rocky Mountains, 428T. Kidder's;
Brazil, 754-5 K. Kimball's Cuba, i638R. King's Moab's Stone, I5O3R.
Knight's England, M7H- Knollys' Japan, 838K. Lander's Clapper-
ton's African Expedition, I556-7R. Lansdell's Through Siberia >
496-7K. Lane's Modern Egyptians, i528-gR. Lepsius's Egypt,
Ethiopia, &c., T533R. Liesching's Through Peril to Fortune, I552R.
Lindley's Log of the Fortuna, s66K. Livingstone's Last Journals,
6io-iK ; South Africa, 607 and 608 K. Lock's Home of the Eddas,
47oK. Loftus' Chaldaea, 546K. Loftie's Egypt in 1879, i53oR.
Lomas's Spain, 1657 R. Lome's Canadian Pictures, 331 B. Lovett's
Norwegian Pictures, 3296. Lubbock's Pleasures of Life, igoSR.
Lyell's Second Visit to the United States, 1582-3!^. ; Travels in North
America, isSo-iR. Lync.h's Jordan and Dead Sea, 84oK ; United
States Expedition, 548K. Mackay's America, i56g-7oR. Macmillan's
Holidays on High Lands or Rambles in Search of Alpine Plants, 8gT.
Madden's Cuba, i637R ; Residence in the West Indies, i647-8R.
Manning's Italian Pictures, 3306. Marquis of Lome's Trip to the

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