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Tropics, i642R. Martineau's Eastern Life, I536-8R. Martin's
Chinese, i52iR. Meignan's Paris to Pekin, 8nK. Miller's Riviera,
438K. Milne's China, isiyR. Mitchell's In Southern India, rsioR.
Moffat's Missionary Labours in Southern Africa, I544R. Mpntauban's
A Year and a Day in the East, I532R. Mundy's India, i.sosR.
Munthe's Mourning City (Naples), i6g8R. Murdoch's Jersey, France,
Italy and the Mediterranean, i73oR. Murphy's Far West, 7HK.
Murray's Lands of the Slave and the Free, Cuba, United States and
Canada, 1584-5 R. Napier's Southern Africa, i54gR. O'Donovan's
Merv, &c., 494-5^ Oliphant's Adventures, 1709!^. ; Land of Khemi,
I562R ; Life in Modern Palestine, ij^R ; Nepaul, 872Q. Olmsted's
Journey Through Texas, 73oK. Oppert'sCorea, 584^ Osborn's Quedah,
1523 R. Paez's South and Central America, 1694^. Palg'ave's Arabia,
585-6K. Palliscr's Brittany, 1382R. Payer's Arctic Circle, 663-4 K.
Payne's Voyages of ths Elizabethan Seamen to America, 1691 R.



Travelling (continued}.

Perrier's A Winter in Morocco, is6iR. Petherick's Egypt, c., 637K.
Peyton's Over the Alleghanies, isgiR. Pike's Sub-Tropical Rambles r
74oK. Porter's Damascus, 1 550-1 R. Powell's New Britain [Amongst
the Cannibals], ^K. Pritchard's Beauty Spots, i43gR. Rae's
Journey to San Francisco, isggR Meeker's Life in the West, i5g6R.
Richardson's Sahara, 64i-aK ; Yellowstone Region of the Rocky
Mountains, I594R. Roads and Railroads, iogoM. Roberts' Social
History, 301 H. Robertson's Paraguay, 1629-31 R. Robinson's Pales-
tine, 147 and 148-soK. Romer's Bird of Passage, 6soK. Romilly's
Western Pacific and New Guinea, i6ggR. Russell's Diary in the
East [Prince of Wales' Tour], $62K ; Prince of Wales' Tour in India,
6036. St. John's Indian Archipelago, I504R ; Sea of Mountains, or
Lord Dufferin's Tour through British Columbia, i624-sR. Saturday
Review [Driving Tours], v. 56, R.L. ; [in England, 1830], v. 62, R.L.
Schweinfurth's Heart of Africa, 1 558-9 R. Scott's Residence in the
Esmaillia of Abd-el-Kader and in Morocco, i56oR. Shepherd's-
Bombay to Bushire, iso8R. Siebold's Japanese, isi2R. Smollett's
France and Italy, iSosZ. Southesk's Rocky Mountains, 8iyK. Speke's-
Journal, 612 and 6i3K. Stanley's Dark Continent, I563R ; Up the
Yellowstone, isgsR. Stephen's Central America, &c., 747-8K ; Yuca-
tan, 745-6K. Stuart's North America, I733R. Taylor's At Home and
Abroad, 8sgR ; Egypt and Iceland, I535R ; Works, 852-64R. Thiel-
mann's Journey, I462-3R. Titmarsh's Grand Cairo, 7g2Q. Tregelles'
(S. P.), Tour in Brittany, 43oT. Trollope'.s Belgium, &c., 777-80, ;
South Africa, I545-6R ; West Indies and the Spanish Main, i646R.
Tropical Nature, 6oaD. Tyng's Stranger in the Tropics, and Guide
Book to Havana, Cuba, Puerto Rico and St. Thomas, i643R. Vam-
bery's Adventures, lonO. Venice, Past and Present, nsZ. Verne's
Great Explorers, 287F ; Great Navigators', 286F. Ward (H.), Cape

Watkin's Canada, i7o8R. Wallace's Malay Archipelago, I497R.
. Westgarth's Australia, i6siR. \Verne (F.) r

and the Kaffirs, 43iT. Ward's Life Among the Mormons, 1600 R.
Watkin's Canada, i7o

Wells' Brazil, 8i3-4K. r

African Wanderings, 4i6T. Wilkinson's Ancient Egyptians, I526-7R.
Willis's Trenton Kails, i6osR. Wither's Pioneering in South Brazil.
i635-6R. William's Alps, Switzerland, &c., sgoB. Willoughby'.s
Australian Pictures, 332 B. Wortley's United States, 1849-50, 7ogK.
Wright's Marco Polo's Travels, I522R ; Palestine, isooR. Young's
Mosquito Shore [an Account of Touxills, Bonacco and Roatan, 1842],
i63gR. Zincke's Swiss Allmends, i7o6R. Catlow's Rambles, I443-4R.
Conder's Palestine, I757R. Me Karlane's New Guinea, I756R. India,
by Macleod, 86sK. See also under Topography, Voyages, &c., and
Names of Countries, Towns, &c., e.g., Guernsey, Channel Islands,
Normandy, England, France, London, Paris, &c.

Travellers' Library, 25 vols., V.D. :

Vol. T, Europe. Swiss Men and Mountains, by Ferguson. Ascent of

Mont Blanc, by Auldjo. Nature in the Alps, by Tschudi ...... i26oR

Vol. 2. Corsica, by Gregorovius. Tour on the Continent, by Barrow ...... i26iR

Vol. 3. Residence in Norway, 1834-36. Notes of a Traveller, by Laing..

I262R and 7630*

V ]. 4. Rambles in Iceland, by Miles. Rambles in Norway, by Forester i26sR
Vol. 5. Russia, by Custine ............................................ I264R

Vol. 6. Russia and Turkey, by McCulloch. St. Petersburg, by Jermann.

Russians of the South, by Brooks .................... i26sR and 762^

Vol. y. Brittany and the Bible, by Hope. Vaudois of Piedmont, by Bains.

Arctic Regions, by Mayne .......................... 1266 R and 7640;

Vol. 8, Asia. Eothen, by Kingsley. Tartary, by Hue. The Philippines,

by La Gironiere ................................... i20>R and 7650;

Vol. 9, Africa. Life with the Zulus of South Africa, by Mason. Niger

Exploration, by Hutchinson .................................. I268R

Vol. 10. Morocco, by Durrieu. African Wanderings, by Werne .......... i26gR

Vol. n, America. Brazil and Slavery, by W'ilberforce, Cuba, by

Hurlbut .................................................... i27oR

Vol. 12. Adventures in North America, by Lanman, and Sketches in

Canada, by Mrs. Jameson .................................. i27iR

Vol 13, Australia. Australian Colonies, by Hughes. Lady's Voyage, by

Pfeiffer .................................................... i2 7 2R



Travellers' Library (continued. )

Vol. 14, Biography and History. Duke of Wellington. Life of Turenne,
by Cockayne. Leipsic Campaign, by Gleig. Schamyl, by Wagner

i27sR and459T
Vol. 15. Fulleriana, by Rogers. Turkey and Christendom. Ferdinand I.

Maximilian I., by Ranke I2J4R

Vol. 16. Defoe and Churchill, by Foster. Swift and Richardson, by
Jeffrey. Johnson, by Macaulay. Anecdotes of Johnson, by

Piozzi I275R

Vol. 17. Holcroft's Memoirs. Arago's History of my Youth. Chesterfield

and Selwyn, by Hayward i2j6R

Vol. 1 8, Literature. Sydney Smith's Writings I277R

Vols. 19-20. Macaulay's Essays, 2 vols 1278-gR

Vol. 21. Sir Edward Seaward's Narrative, by Porter. Confessions of a

Working Man, by Souvestre i28oR

Vol. 22. A Love Story, by Southey. Sir Roger de Coverley, by Addison.

Maitre d'armes, by Dumas i28iR

Vol. 23, Mines and Mining. Our Coal and Coalpits. Cornwall, its Mines

and Miners I282R

Vol. 24, Natural Philosophy. Natural History of Creation, by Kemp.

Electricity and the Electric Telegraph, &c., by Wilson

Vol. 25, Miscellanies. Lectures by the Earl of Carlisle. Mormonism, by
Conybeare. Railway Morals and Policy, by Spencer. Print-
ing, its origin, history, &c., by Stark. London in 1851 I2&4R

Treacle. See Good \Vords, v. 9, 2I79J. Sugar, Foods, &c.

Treason. See Fortnightly Review [Curiosities of the Law of], v. 37, 2I27J.
Pike's Crime in England, 307-8H, &c.

Treasury, Government Offices [Land we Live in] 464!*

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge 57Q

Treasury of the Animal World, for the Young, edited by Anderson 745^
Treat (E. B.), Echoes from the South [U.S.A.], comprising the most
Important Speeches, Proclamations, &c., during the Ameri-
can War i6o9R

"Treatises. See subject required.

TREES and Ferns, by Heath, illustrated. 1879 6oiQ

Plants, by Jameson. 1808 843Z

Bookof,&c. 1839 845Z

of the United States, by Browne. 1832 5iD

Our Woodland, by Heath, illustrated. 1878 77oF

See also All the Year Round [Big], v. 52, i8i2j. Breuil's Fruit Trees, I78R.

Chambers [Giant, of California], v. 38, I945J ; [Sacred], v. 61, i96ij ;
[in London], v. 63, ig63j. Coleman's Woodlands, 563(3. Colquhoun's
South China, 54I-2K. Cooke's Woodlands, 622Q. Gill's China and
Burmah, 512-3!^. Gilpin's Forest Scenery, 88R. Harper's Index,
i64oja. Harrison's Fruit Trees, 882!). Heath's Autumnal Leaves, 83R.
Hutching's Scenes of Wonder [California], 72iK. Jesse's Gleanings,
579Q. Leisure Hour [Large], v. 3, 2613}. Morris' Naturalist [and
Shrubs], ii4-2iD. Robinson's Parks of Paris, 6096. Saturday Review
[Tree Culture], v. 6r, R.L ; [Foliage], v. 6>, R.L. Science Gossip [Age
of], v. 4, 2412^; [Ancient], v. 10, 24I4J. Southesk's Rocky Moun-
tains, 8i7K. Sunday at Home, v. 33, 2833]. Timbs' Works [and
plants], 8547. Twining's Symbols, 507M. Botany, &c.

Treffry (R., Jun.), Memoirs of, by his Father. 1838 10050

Tregelles (S. P., Biblical Critic, b. 1813, d. 1875), LL.D., Book
of Revelation, trans, from the Ancient Greek Text. 1849...

Notes of a Tour in Brittany, illustrated 43T

Trekking in South Africa. See Stanford's Compendium, 849!^, &c.
Trelawny (Edward John). See Temple Bar, v. 64, I394J.
Trelawny (Captain). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Trench (Mrs. R. ), Remains of, edited by her Son the Dean of West-
minster. 1862 536F

Trench (R. C., Archbishop of Dublin, Son of Above, b. 1807), D.D.,

English Past and Present. 1855 IU9R



Trench (R. C.), D.D., Five Sermons Preached before the University

of Cambridge 22QT

Lectures on Mediaeval Church History. 1877 3o8A

Notes on the Miracles of Our Lord. 1874 I78K

Parables of Our Lord. 1877 I79K

On the Study of Words 1129-0!! and m8R

Proverbs and their Lessons. 1879 U2oR

. See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Quiver, v. 30, sscoj.

Saturday Review, v. 61, R.L. Sunday at Home, v. n, 286iJ ; v. 33,

2883.7, &c.
Trenck (Baron F., Prussian Officer, b. 1726, Guillotined 1794). See Chambers'

Miscellany [Story ofj, 626R.
Trent, Council of. See Epochs of Church History, 256T.

Trenton Falls, New York State, edited by Willis. 1862

Trevelyan (Sir G. O., Statesman, b. 1838), M.P., Cawnpore [Mas-
sacre of]. 1886 2750

Early History of Fox. 1880 26oF

Life and Letters of Lord Macaulay, 2 vols. 1876 366-7]''

1889 I532O

Trev6S. See Strangers' Guide to the Roman Antiquities of the City of, by

Wyttenbach, translated, edited by Turner, 1839, go6F.

Trevithick (R., Engineer, b. 1771, d. 1833), Life of, and Account

of his Inventions, by F. Trevithick, C.E., 2 vols in i. 1872 S37F

Trevor (G., Canon of York, b. 1809), M.A., Ancient Egypt, its
Antiquities, Religion, and History to the Close of the Old
Testament Period [R.T.S.], illustrated. 1863 IOI3M

India, an Historical Sketch [R.T.S.]. 1858 46oT

Rome from the Fall of the Western Empire [R.T.S. ] 595H

Trials, Celebrated. 1843 loSiF

Connected with the Aristocracy, by Burke. 1849 309-0!!

of State Prisoners in the Nineteenth Century [1801-30], by

Browne, 2 vols. 1882 304-50-

Sec also Ballantine's Experiences, 4920. Campbells Chief Justices, 7870.
Grant's Mysteries [by Ordeal], 894!''. Jones' Credulities, 902M.
Pike's Crime in England, 307-8H. Routledge's Popular Progress [by
Jury], I034F, &C.

Triangle. See Twining** Symbols, so^M. Boy's Own Annual [Musical Instru-
ment, page 224], v. 12, 2q62j, &c.

Tribes, Aboriginal. See Colquhoun's China, 54I-2K. Also -under Names of
Countries, Man, Races, &c.

Trichinopoly. See Aynsley's India, 8ooK. India, Sic.

Tricks with Cards, or Card Conjuring, by Hoffman, illustrated. 1889 2O3oR

Tricks. See Dalton's Evening Amusements, 15267. Cards, Conjuring, &c.

Tricycling. See Cassell's Pastimes, I262H. Century [From Coventry to
Chester], v. 6, i878J. Good Words [in Relation to Health], v. 23, 2ig3j.
Knowledge [Use of], v. i, 258iJ ; v. 2, 2582J ; [Two Speed Tricycles],
v. 4, 2s84j ; [How to Choose a Tricycle], v. 5, 2585] ; [Carrying
Tricycles], v. 7, 2587 J ; [in 1885], v. 7 and 8. 2587-8). Athletics, Bicy-
cling, Cycling, Exercise, Sports, &c.

Trieste. See Bellow's Europe, isgSR. Austria, &c.

Trigonometry. See Cassell's Popular Educator, 164-90. Geometry, Mathe-
matics, &c.

Trinidad. See Brassey's Voyages, 7g8K. Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain,
335 H. West Indies, &c.

Trinity, The. See Brand's Antiquities, ioo5-6M. Inman's Ancient Faiths, 95-6K.
Newton's Two Notable Corruptions of Scripture, 4g2A. Saint
Augustine's Works, v. 7, 347A. Twining's Symbols, 507M. Ward-
law's Theology, v. 2, 257A. Theology, Religion, c.

Trip Round the World [1887-8], by Caine, illustrated. 1888 855K

Tripoli. See Barth's Africa, 844F. Living Age [Four Days in], v. 152, 3i82j.
Stanford's Compendium, 849!^. Africa, &c.

Tripp (G. H.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.



Tristram of Lyonesse and other Poems, by Swinburne. 1882 748M

Tristram Shandy [Sterne's Works] 165!'

Tristram (H. B., Canon of Durham, b. 1822), Palestine in its

Physical Aspects I94R

Triumphs we Await [Suggestive Lessons] i82gZ

Triumvirates. See Roman Triumvirates.

Troch.u(L. J., French General, .1815). See Cassell's Franco-German War,

456-76. Leisure Hour [with Portrait], v. 19, 2629], c.
Troies (D. de). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 473D.
Trollope (A., Novelist, 6-Y., /;. 1815, d. 1882), Australia and New

Zealand, 2 vols. 1873 , 777-8K

Commentaries of Gesar [An. Classics for Eng. Readers]. 1877 IOQ2Q

Lord Palmerston [English Political Leaders]. 1882 12400

New South Wales and Queensland. 1875 42oT

North America, 2 vols. 1 862 684-5!^

South Africa, 2 vols. 1878 1545-6R

Thackeray [English Men of Letters]. 1879 io86O

Travelling Sketches. 1866 I364R

The West Indies and the Spanish Main. 1867 I646R

An Autobiography 1006-70 and 3iiT and 3iiTa

Ed., St. Paul's Magazine, vols 1-14 ii6i-73F

[Containing several works by Trollope, Ingelow, Macdonald, Muloch, 6tc.]
lso Century Magazine, v. 4, i876J. Edinburgh Review [Literary Life
of] v. 159, SigJ. Harper's Index [Works of], i64oja. Mothers of

See also Century Magazine, v. 4, i876J. Edinburgh Review [Literary Life

of], v. 159, 519.7. Harper's Index [Works of], i64oja. Mothers of
Great Men and Women, 682F. Fiction Class List following the

General Catalogue, &c.

Trollope (F., Mother of above, l>. 1778, d. 1863), Belgium and
Western Germany in 1833, including Visits to Baden-Baden,
Wiesbaden, Cassel, Hanover, the Hartz Mountains, &c. 1834 777-8Q

Vienna and the Austrians, with some Account of a Journey

through Swabia, Bavaria, the Tyrol and the Salzbourg, 2

vols in i. 1838 766Q

(and T. A.), Homesand Haunts of the Italian Poets, 2 vols. 1881 714-50

[Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio, Ariosta, Colonna, Berni, Tasso, Parini,
Alfieri, &c.].

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Trollope (H. M.), Corneille and Racine [Oliphant's Foreign Clas.] ii86O
Trollope (T. A., Author, brother of Anthony, b. 1810). See Notes and Queries,

Seventh Series, v. 7, loggj. Fiction Class List following the General

Catalogue, &c.
Tropical Africa, by Drummond. 1888 I722R

Nature and other Essays, by Wallace. 1878 759F

Compiled from Narratives of Distinguished Travellers. 1876 602 D

World, The, by Hartwig, illustrated. 1877 758F

Garden Curiosities. See Knowledge, v. 4, 2584^

Tropics, a Trip to the, and Home through America, by the Marquis

of Lome. 1867 1642!^

Stranger in the, a Handbook for Havanna, c. [by C. D.

Tyng]. 1868 I643R

Trotter (Captain L. J.,) History of India under Queen Victoria,

from 1836 to 1880, 2 vols. 1886 538-9H

Trotter (W.), Plain Papers on Prophetic and other Subjects 5o6M

Trotting and Galloping of the Horse. See Marey's Animal Mechanism, 357R.

Horses, Riding, c.
Troubadours, The, A History of Proven9al Life and Literature in

the Middle Ages, by Hueffer. 1878 969!!

Their Loves and their Lyrics, by Rutherford. 1873 IO74R

Troubles of Life. See Lubbock's Pleasures of Life, i 9 o8Ra.



Trouessart (E. L.), Microbes, Ferments and Moulds [International
Scientific Series], illustrated. 1886

Trout, The. See Boy's Own Annual [and How to Catch it], v. 7, 2957]. Cham-
bers' [a Pet Trout], v. 59, igsgj. Fortnightly Review [Trout-Fishing],
v. 49, 2139.7. Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 68pQ. Longman [that
big Trout], v. 2, 892J. Seeley's Fishes, 8nF. Fishes, Fishing, &c.

Trouville. See Harper's New Monthly Magazine, v. 69, i64gj. France, &c.

Trowbridge (J. T.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Troy, or Troja. See Bucke's Ruins of Ancient Cities, i66$Z. Edinburgh Review,
366J. Leisure Hour [Antiquities of], v. 23, 2633 J. Mitford's Greece,
loiH. Poole's Index, R.L., &c.

True and Beautiful in Nature, Art, Morals, and Religion, selected

from the Works of Ruskin, by Tuthill 827R

True-Born Englishman, a Satire, by Defoe 643R

True Nobility, or the Golden Deeds of an Earnest Life, a Record of

the vSeventh Earl of Shaftesbury, by Kirton I343O

True Vine, The, Analogies of our Lord's allegory. 1879 9iT

True Words for Brave Men, by Kingsley. 1878

Tmeba (F. de). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Truman (J.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

TrumTOull (J., b. 1710, d. 1785), Governor of Connecticut, Life of,

by Stuart 538?

See also Griswold's Poets of America, 4680, &c.

Trumpet. See Mathew's History of Music, 9430. Musical Instruments, &c.
Trustee. See Williams' Facts and Fallacies, 288R. Law, &c.

Truth, Nature and Immutability of, by Beattie 645!! and H4oZ

See also Grey's Self-Culture, g6iR. Lecky's Morals, 384-5^ Lewes'

Philosophy, 57 i-2H. M'Cosh's Mind, 74 8A. Sidgwick's Fallacies,
3giR. Sunday at Home [Travels of], v. 2, 2852^ &c.
Tubes. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 8D, &c.
Tucker (A., Metaphysician, b. 1705, d. 1774), Light of Nature pur-
sued, 2 vols. 1834.. 620-iH

Vol. i. Life of Author, Human Nature, Theology 6aoH

Vol. 2. Lights of Nature and Gospel blended 62iH

Tucker (Miss C. M., Novelist). See A.L.O.E. [A Lady of England].
Tucker (G.), Progress of the United States in Population and

Wealth in Fifty Years, as exhibited in the Decennial Census. IO39F
Tucker (St. G.)- See Poets of America, 4680.

Tucker (H. W.), M.A., Life of Bishop Selwyn, 2 vols. 1879 623-4!^

The English Church in other Lands, or the Spiritual Expansion

of England [Epochs of Church History]. 1886 252T

Tuckerman (B. ), History of English Prose Fiction, from Malony to

Eliot. 1882 II261I

Tuckerman (C. K. and H. T.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 [a.
Tuckerman (H. T.). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. " Griswold's
Poets of America, 4680, &c.

Tuckey (Janet), Joan of Arc, "The Maid." 1880 IO2K)

Tudors and the Reformation [1485-1603], by Creighton !3iZ

See also Saturday Review [Burke's Historical Portraits of the Tudor Dy-
nasty], v. 55, R.L. History, &c.

Tuileries, My Mistress, the Empress Eugenie, or Court Life at. the

Tuileries, by Madame Carette 956F

See also Sunday at Home, v. 30, 288oJ. Paris, &c.

Tullamore. See Crookshank's Methodism in Ireland, 66gA.

Tullidge (E. H.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja.

Tullin (C. B.). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.

Tulloch (J., Scotch Theologian, b. 1823, d. 1886), LL.D., Modern

Theories in Philosophy and Religion. 1 884 724 A

Movements of Religious Thought in Britain, Nineteenth Cen-
tury. 1885 629M

[Carlyle. Mill. Maurice. Kingsley. Robertson. Ewing. Stanley. J


Tulloch (J.), LL.D. Pascal [Foreign Classics]. 1878 11790

Memoir of, by Mrs. Oliphant. 1888 5ooF

Sec \als.-> Blackwood [Life of], v. 144, 214], Good Words, v. 27, 2197.7.

Living Age, v. 169, 3169), &c.

Tulloch (W. W.), B.D., Story of the Life of Queen Victoria. 1887. 13450
Tumulis. 6Vv Madden's Shrines, 342-3!^, c.
Timbridge Wells. See Granville's Spas, c., 353K. Leisure Hour [Day at], v.

6, 26i6J. Thomson's Health Resorts, g^K, &c.

Tung-king", by Mesny, of the Chinese Army. 1884 1514^

See also Tonkin.

Tunis. See Century [and its Bey], v. i, 1873.7. Good Words, v. 22, 2ig2j.
Living Age, v. 154, 3184^. Stanford's Compendium, 84gK. Time, v.

7, 1497). Algeria, &c.

Tunnels. See Acworth's Railways, 9370. All the Year Round [Tunnelling the
Alps], v. 56, i8i6J. Boy's Own Paper [and Tunnelling], v. ir, 29617.
Roads and Railroads, jogoM. Railways, &c.

Tapper (F. B., Guernsey Historian and Biographer'], Chronicles of
Castle Cornet, Guernsey, with Details of its Nine Years'
Siege during the Civil War, and Frequent Notices of the

Channel Islands. 1851 15000

Family Records, containing Memoirs of Major-General Sir Isaac

Brock, K.B., Lieutenant E. \V. Tupper, R.N., and Colonel
William De Vic Tupper, with Notices of Major-General
Tupper and Lieutenant E. Tupper, R.N., to which are added
the Life of Te-Cum-Seh ; a Memoir of Colonel Havilland,

Le Mesurier, &c. 1835 255 and 642F

History of Guernsey and its Bailiwick, with Occasional Notices

of Jersey. 1876 405! I

Sarnia [Guernsey], or Brief Memorials of Many of her Sons

[Civil, Military and Naval]. 1862 14160

N.B. The Dates preceding Natnes are the Dates of Death.
11554] John Andros. [1591] John de La Court. [1602] John Tupper. [1627]
Thomas De Lisle. [1650] Peter Priaulx. [1662] Rev. Thomas Le
Marchant. [1665] Thomas Simon. [1672] Sir Henry De Vic. [1674]
Amias Andros. [1690] Samuel Carey. [1697] John De Sausmarez.
[1714] Sir E. Andros. [1720] John Tupper. [1730] William De Beau-
voir. [1747] Captain Phillip Saumarez. [1751] Nicholas Dobre. [1759!
Nicholas Le Messurier. [1764] Captain Thomas Saumarez. [1769]
Lawrence Carey. [1794] Lieut. Carrd Tupper. [1795] Major-General
John Tupper. [1796] Commander Daniel Guerin. [1798] William De

Vic Tupper. [1799] Lieutenant Thomas Falla. [1800] Nicholas Dobre"e.
[1805] Paul Le MesurieT. [1806] Peter Perchard. [1809] Colonel Sir
George Smith. [1809] Captain Rawdon McCrea. [1810] Osmond De
Beauvoir. [1811] Lieutenant Peter De Lisle. -[1812] Major-Gen. Le
Marchant. [1812] Major-Gen. Sir Isaac Brock. [1812] George Lefebvre.
[1813] Colonel Havilland Le Mesurier. [1813] Lieutenant Peter Le
Mesurier. [1813] Midshipman Peter Le Cocq. [1814] Captain Carey
Le Marchant. [1815] Midshipman Charles James Tupper. [1816]
Lieutenant George Cheppmell. [1817] Major-Gen. Havilland Smith.
[1818] Commander Nicholas Charles Dobre'e. [1821] Sir Peter De
Havilland. [1822] Rev. Thomas Le Mesurier. [1825] Peter Carey
Tupper. [1825] Major-Gen. Thomas Carey. [1825] Rev. Peter Paul
Dobr^e. [1826] Lieutenant E. W. Tupper. [1827] Midshipman Thomas
De Sausmarez. [1829] John Priaulx. [1830] Colonel William De Vic
Tupper. [1835] Dr. John MacCulloch. [1836] Captain John Allez.
Colonel William Le Mesurier Tupper. Admiral the Right Hon. Lord
De Saumarez. [1837] Colonel Oliver De Lancey. [1838] Ensign Walter
Carey. Peter Le Pelley. [1840] Robert Porret Le Marchant. Lieut.
B. G. Le Mesurier. [1841] Sir John Jeremie. Thomas Tupper. Cap-
tain R. B. McCrea. [1842] Ensign A. Delacombe Potinger. Daniel
De Lisle Brock. t 1 ^] Lieut -Gen. John Le Mesurier. Captain
Thomas De Havilland. [1844] Major-Gen. Sir Octavius Carey. John
Savery Brock. Martin Tupper. [1845] General Sir Thomas Saumarez.



Tapper (F. B.)> Sarnia [Guernsey] (continued}.

John Gnille. Lieut. Octavius Carey. [1846] Commander Henry
Maingay. [1851] Lieut. Hirzel Carey. Commander Nicholas Mauger.
[1852] Gen. Peter Carey. James Perchard Tupper. [1854] Colonel
Saumarez Brock. Rev. William George Tupper. Sir William Collins
Lieut. William Dalgairns Guille. Lieut.-Col. John G. Champion.
[1855] Midshipman Charles James Dobree. [1857] Lieut-Col. Thomas
Sidney Powell. Admiral Thomas Le Marchant Gosselin. Captain R.
C. McCrea. [1858] Captain Robert Bainbrigge. Rear-Admiral Sir
Thomas Mansell. Captain Jos. Marrett. Commander Arthur Metivier
Brock. Lieut. Edward Murray Tupper. Osmond Potinger Tupper.
Rev. Carter Priaulx Carey. [1859] General Gerard Gosselin. [1860]
Captain Thomas P. Dobree. [1861] James Barbet. Bonamy Main-
gay. [1862] Gerald Le Mesurier Carey. \Addin. 1672] Sir Henry De

List and Short Notices of Military Officers living in 1862, Natives of or
nearly Connected ivith Guernsey.

Lieut. Edwin B. Andros, Captain T. P. St. George Armstrong, Major-Gen.
J. H. Bainbrigge. Capt. H. Le Marchant Baynes, Pay master W. Carey
Bowden, Major H. G. Bowden, Lieut. D. C. Brock, Major-Gen. D. A.
Cameron, Major Le M. Carey, Commissary-Gen. Tupper Carey,
Major G. J. Carey, Lieut.-Col. R. Carey, Lieut.-Col. W. F. Carter,
Brevet-Major R. H. Champion, Dr. J. B. Cockburn, Col. J. E.
Collins, Brevet-Major A. F. Connell, Lieut. F. J. Council, Brevet-
Major J. De Havilland, Captain O. G. De Lancey, Surgeon R. F. V.
De Lisle, Lieut. J. De Vine, Com.-Gen. J. S. Dobree, Captain B.
Fanshawe, Major Fanshawe, W. GostHng, Captain T. P. Harvey,
Lieut. -Gen. Sir J. G. Le Marchant, Major-Gen. W. A. Le Mesurier,

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