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to the Jordan and Dead Sea, by Lynch, ill. 1852 84OK

Fifty Years on the Trail, a True Story of Western Life,

by O'Reilly, illustrated. 1889 I74QR

Forest Trees of, by Browne. 1832 5iD

Geology of [Lyell's North America] !58o-iR

Government, by Lamphere. 1881 lOiiF

Grinnel Expedition in Search of Sir J. Franklin, by

Kane, illustrated. 1857 66gK

Handbook of American Travel, by Appleton. 1857 I572R

History of, by Bancroft, 3 vols. 1845 489-911!

- 7 vols. 1854 379-85O

of, by Murray, 3 vols. 1844 394-6O

from the Foundation of Virginia to the Re-

construction of the Union, by Greg, 2 vols. 1887 558-9H

Plantation of the British Colonies till

the Declaration of Independence, by Grahame, 4 vols. 339-420

Household History of, and its People, by Eggleston, ill. ... 42 iH

Journalism [1690- 1872], by Hudson. 1873 978H

Letters from, by Murray, 2 vols in I. 1856 l6l3R

Navy, History of, by Cooper, 2 vols. 1839 52iH

Our Kin Across the Sea, by Frith. 1888 1735^

Presidents of the, by R. W. Lincoln. 1852 576D

Progress in Population and Wealth in Fifty Years, by

Tucker. 1843 IO39F

Sanitary Commission. 1863 I44OZ

Secret Service, History of the, by Baker. 1867 ... ., ,... 52oH

Society, Manners and Politics, by Chevalier. 1839 IO42F

Some Impressions of, by Freeman. 1883 I576R

Speeches, Letters, &c., during the Civil War [Echoes

from the South] i6o9R

Statistical View of, by De Bow. 1854 I3OD

Western World [Lardner's Cab. Cycle.], 2 vols. 1830 742-3T

White and Black in, by Campbell. 1879 494H

Words and Phrases Peculiar to, by Bartlett. 1869 1870

See also Adam's Our American Cousins, 17045.. Alison's Europe,

119-460. Augusta County, 344!). Austin's Massachusetts, suH.
Beecher's Life, 6soF. Bill's Florida, i6icR. Brown's Countries of
the World, i6o-iD. Booth's New York, 3430. Boutwell's Rebellion,
4020. Century [A Full-Length Portrait of the], v. 37, 1887.7. Cob-
den's Speeches, 323R. Contemporary Review [City Life in], v. 40,
2050 J ; [Government in], v. 48, 2058]. Dawson's The Federalist,
io2iF. Farrar's Minnesota, i6oiR. Fortnightly Review [Aspects
of Public Life in], v. 38, 2I28J. Garfield, 26gF. Grahame's Review
of Slavery I038F. Grant's Campaigns, agiD. Greeley's American
Conflict, 294-50. Hardy's Down South, 735K. Harper's Monthly

33 [801]


UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Works relating to (continued).

[Naval Academy], v. 77, 16577. Harper's Index, i64oja. Hazard's
Pennsylvania [1609-1682], sisH. Head's Emigrant, 16271*. Helper's
Impending Crisis in the South [Slave States], noiF. Houston's
Hesperos, 1586-7]*. Levi's International Law, 399!*. Lome's Trip,
1642!*. Lyell's Geological Observations, 1580-1 R. Lynch's Ex-
pedition to the Jordan, &c., 6isB. Mahon's American War, 2960.
Maine's Popular Government, nooF. Martin's Mollie Maguire
Riots, 522H. Moorman's Mineral Waters, 827M. Murray's
Travels, isS^sR. Nature, v. 39, 26997. Olmsted's Slave States,
72gK ; Texas, &c., 73oK. Pierce's Juvenile Delinquents, icgoF.
Phillip's Speeches, &c., losoH. Pollard's Lost Cause, 27iD.
Presbyterian Church in United States, 272A. Pulszky's White,
Red, Black, I2I3-4R. Science Gossip [Gems and Ornamental
Stones of the], v. 23, 2423 J. Seward's Travels, 6oiB. Semmes'
Services Afloat, 231!). Sherman's Campaigns, 2920. Stanford's
Compendium, 8soK. Stroud's Laws on Slavery, 1078^. Soule's
San Francisco, 5i6H. Westminster Review [Anglophobia in], v. 130,
R.L. Whitehead's New Jersey, so8H. White's Georgia, 28gD.
Willis's Trenton Falls, i6osR. Wortley's Travels, 1849-0, 709!^.
Probyn's Land Tenure, 248R. Sheridan's Personal Memoirs [Civil
War in America], 2I3-4F, &c.

Unity of Nature, by the Duke of Argyle. 1884 792F

Universal Code of Signals [1858] for the Mercantile Marine of all
Nations, by Marryat, with night Fog Signals, &c., by

Richardson. 1858 i;D

Universal History, from the Creation of the World, by Wood-

houselee, 6 vols. 1834 88-Q3Z

Universal Review, edited by Harry Quilter, from vol. i. 1888 332 ij

[The principal contents of this Review are entered under their subject

headings in the Supplement.]
Universal Songster, a Complete Collection of Ancient and Modern

Songs in the English Language, with a Classified Index, ill.... 530-20
[Ancient. Amatory. Bacchanalian. Comic. Dibdin. Duets. Trios.
Glees. Choruses. Irish. Jews. Masonic. Military. Naval. Scotch.
Sentimental. Sporting. Welsh. Yorkshire, &c.]

Universe, The, by Pouchet, illustrated. 1 882 72 1 F

See also Century [Destiny of], v. 5, i877J. Fortnightly Review [Constitution

of the], v. 2, 2092 J. Stewart's Unseen Universe, 63gM. Sunday at
Home [Problem of the], v. 26, 2876J. Timbs' Works [Marvels of the],
8 54 Z.

Universities, German, for the Last Fifty Years, by Conrad, trans-
lated by Hutchinson. 1885

History of the University of Cambridge, by Mullinger [Epochs

of Church History]. 1888 259T

Oxford, by Brodrick. 1886 26oT

Privileges of the University of Cambridge, &c., by Dyer, 2 vols. 329-30^!

Rise and Early Constitution of, by Lawrie. 1886 3o6R

University of Dublin [Foundation to end of Eighteenth Century],

by Stubbs I424H

See also Bryce's American Commonwealth, 5igH. Cassell's Popular Educa-
tor, 164-90. Escott's England and its People, ioi7F. Gladstone's
Gleanings, 8872. Green's English People, 189-92!!. Nature [Scientific],
v. 31, 26giJ ; [Function of a], v. 34, 26g4J and 40, 2yooJ. Nineteenth
Century [and the Poor], v. 15, 2225J. Playfair's Social Welfare [Teach-
ing and Examining Boards], 33&R. Poole's Index, R.L. Quarterly
Review [Mission to Central Africa], v. i, I298J. Smith's Wealth of
Nations, I028F. Stoughton's Religion in England, 92-7M. Wood-
gate's Boating, I266R. Cambridge. Oxford, &c.

University and other Examinations. See Chambers' Journal [Humors of Ex.],
v. 60, i96oj. Fortnightly [University], v. 23 and 25, 2113 and 2iisJ ;
Competitive], v. 46, 2I3&J. Gentleman's Magazine [Ex. Mania], v.
ij. Macmillan [Examiner's dream], v. 54, 984J. Nature [Sand-
_ v. 30, 26goJ. Nineteenth Century [Good and Evil], v. 3 and 8,
2213 and 22i8j.


3i, 75i.


Unknowable, The. See Century [and the Unknown], v. 15, iSSjJ, &c.
Unnatural History, or Myths of Ancient Science, translated and

edited by Goldsmid, 4 vols in i. 1886 2OIIR

Unorthodox London, or Phases of Religious Life in the Metropolis,

by Da vies. 1 876 283M

Unprotected Females in Norway, Travels, c. 1857 I464R

Unprotected Females in Sicily, Calabria, &c. 1859 I479R

Unseen Universe, or Speculations on a Future State, by Stewart and

Tait. 1884 639M

Unseen World, including Apparitions, Warnings, Haunted Places,

&c. 1847 2I2Q

"Unselfishness. See Mailer's Noble Deeds, &c., 92Q, c.

Unsworth (W.), Self-Culture and Self- Reliance, under God the

Means of Self- Elevation. 1879 II23R

Unto this Last, Four Essays on the First Principles of Political

Economy, by Ruskin. 1879

Untrodden Peaks and Unfrequented Valleys, by Edwards. 1873... 4I4K
TJnwin (Mary, Friend of CoTvper, b. 1724, d. 1796). See Thomson's Friendships,

5640. Covvper, &c.

Upanishads, translated by Muller [Sacred Book of the East]. 1879 559A
Upas Tree. See Leisure Hour [Fact and Fiction of], v. 6, 2616], &c.
Upham. (C. W.), Ed., Life of General Washington, first President of

the United States, written by himself, 2 vols. 1856 1027-80

Upham (T. C.), D.D., Life and Religious Opinions of Madame De

La Mothe Guyon, &c. 1872 13660

Principles of the Interior or Hidden Life. 1857 230(1

See also Jahn (J.).

Upholstery. See Eastlake's Hints, 86iD. Girl's Own Annual [Home], v. 5,

2 555j Furniture, &c.
Urbana Scripta, Studies of Five Living Poets, &c., by Galton. 1885 3I5T

[Tennyson. Browning. Arnold. Swinburne. Morris.]
Urbanitzky (Dr. A. R. Von), Electricity in the Service of Man,

edited with copious additions, by Wormall, illustrated. 1886 6890
TJrbino (Dukes of). See Marryat's Pottery and Porcelain, 9360.
Urchin, Sea. See Gosse's A Year at the Shore, 5 86Q. Sea, &c.
Ure (A., Scotch Chemist, l>. 1778, d. 1857), Ure's Dictionary of Arts,
Manufactures, and Mines, edited by Hunt and Rudler, 4
vols. 1878-9 :

Vol. i. A C. ' 6D I Vol. 3. J Z 8D

Vol. 2. D 1 7 D I Vol. 4. Supplement, A Z 9 D

Supplement to the third edition of Ure's Dictionary. 1846 8700

Ure (David, Naturalist}. See Chambers, v. 28, 19407, c.
Ure (George), Our Fancy Pigeons, and Rambling Notes of a Natura-
list, illustrated. 1889 2II4R

Urns. See Anderson's Scotland in Pagan Times, 864 and 896F. Dennis's Etruria,

439-oK. Madden's Shrines. 342K. Burials, &c.
Ursius (Princess De, French Politician, b. 1641, d. 1722). See Menzies' Political

Women, 9290.
Usher (J., Archbishop of Armagh, b. 1580, d. 1666), D.D., Sermons

[R.T.S.]. 1831 73 Z

Usury, Funds and Banking, by O'Callaghan. 1856 273!*.

See also Anspach's Thieves of Homes [and Oppression], 279!?..

Utah, an Englishman in, an Experience in Mormonism, by Sten-

house, illustrated. 1880 1603 R

Life in, or the Mysteries and Crimes of Mormonism, by Beadle,

illustrated. 1870

See also Ball's My First Holiday, i696R. Harper [Saunterings in], v. 67,

1467.7. Stanford's Compendium, SsoK. Mormons &c.
Utrecht. See Pictures from Holland, 3356. Holland, c.



Utilitarianism, an illogical and irreligious Theory of Morals, by

Thomson [Present Day Tracts, Vol. VII.] 24oT

See also Mill's Discussions, 648!!, &c.

Utility. See Compayre's Pedagogy, 2 9 6R, &c.

V ACCUSATION. See Leisure Hour, v. 16, 26267. Nineteenth Century [and
Small-pox], v. n, 22217. Playfair's Social Welfare, 336R. Medicine.
Small-pox, Disease, Medicine, &c.
Vacquerie (Auguste, French Journalist, b. 1819). Sec Swinburne's Miscellanies,

Vagrancy. See 'Saturday Review, v. 53, R.L. Beggars, Poor Laws, &c.

Vaillant (F. le). See Levaillant in Supplement, &c.

Valdenses, The. See Waldenses.

Valdes (7- M., Spanish Poet, b. 1755, d. 1817). See Mellendez Valdes Quan), in

Valdes (Juan and Alfonso, Spanish Reformers in Sixteenth Century}

[Short Biographies] 63iF

Valentine (D. T.), History of the City of New York. 1853 543H

Valentine (Mrs.), Girl's Home Book, or Flow to Play and How to

Work, illustrated ii88R

Heroism and Adventure, a book for boys nSgK

On Honour's Roll 1 2O4R

The Amenities of Home 976M

The Girl's own Book of Amusements, Studies and Employments

Ed., Heroism and Adventure, a book for Boys

Valentine and Ursine [Orson]. See Ballads and Metrical Tales, 334(5, &c.

Valentine's Day. See All the Year Round, v. 42, 18227. Brand's Antiquities,
icosM. Argosy, v. 25, 257. Chambers', v. 33, 19437. Living Age,
v. 161, sigij) &c.

Valentines, The Quiver of Love, a Collection of Valentines Ancient

and Modern, by Ranking and Tully, illus. 1880 I922Z

See also Girl's Own Annual, v. 3, 25537. Wynter's Human Hive, 244R.

All the Year Round, v. n, 26217. Boy's Own Annual [in East Anglia],
v. 12, 29627. Leisure Hour [My Bundle of], v. 15, 26257, &c.

Valentinian (Emperors of Rome). See Gibbon's Roman Empire, 77-gH.
Rome, &c.

Valerian (Roman Emperor, b. 190, d. 269). See Niebuhr's History of Rome,

88H. Rome, c.
' Valleys. See Edward's Untrodden Peaks, 4i4K, &c.

VallingS (J. F.), M.A. See Exell's Monthly Interpreter, 619-22 A.

Valparaiso. See Brassey's Voyage in the Sunbeam, i682R. Gerstacker's
Travels, i632R. Walpole's Pacific, 795K. Chili, &c.

Valpy (Abraham John, Classical Scholar, b. 1787, d. 1854), Ed.,
Scriptores Latini in usum Delphini cum notis variorum, variis
lectionibus, conspectu codicum et editionum, et indicibus

accurate recensiti 142 v. Londini. 1819-30 R.L.

1-7, Virgillius. S-ii, Caesar. 12-13, 7 uvena ^- Z 4, A. P. Flaccus. 15-16,
Saliustius. 17-23, Tacitus. 24-6, C. Claudius. 27, Eutropius. 28-34,
Ovidus. 35, C. V. Paterculus. 36-7, C. Nepos. 38, Phaedrus. 39-40,
La Florus. 41, C. V. Catullus. 42, Tibullus. 43-4. 7 ustm i us -
45-6, S. A. Propertius. 47-8, Martial. 49-51, T. Lucretius. 52-3,
Val. Maximus. 54, Boethius. 55-7, M. Ausonius. 58-60, Terentius.
61-3, P. P. Statins. 64-7, Aulus Gellus. 68-9, A. Prudentius. ' 70-4,
Apuleius. 75-8, Horatius. 79-81, O. C. Rufus. 82, Minores. 83-4,
S. P. Festus. 85-7, C. Suetonius. 88-97, PHnius Sec. 98-118, Livius.
119, M. Manlius. 120-3, Paneg Veteres. 124-5, Aurelius. 126-9, M.
A. Plautius. 130-42, Cicero, &c.

Valpy (E., of Jersey, Classical Scholar, brother of R. Valfy, b. 1764, d. 1832,).
See Caesarea or 7ersey, i4ogH.

Valpy (Rev. R., of Jersey, Master of Reading School, Father of A. J. l r alpy,
b. 1754, d. 1836), D.D. See Csesarea or 7ersey, i4ooH.

Value. See Ricardo's Political Economy, &c., ioo4F. Timbs' Works [and
Measure]. 8ssZ. Walker's Science of Wealth, IO25F, &c.

[80 4 ]


Valves. See English Mechanic, v. 46, 10460. Hasluck's Engineer's Handbook,

ii62lvl, c.
Vambery (A., Hungarian Traveller, b. 1832), Hungary [Story of

the Nations]/ 1887 434O

His Life and Adventures, written by himself, illus. 1884 lOliO

Travels in Central Asia, an Account of a Journey from Teheran

Across the Turkoman Desert on the Eastern Shore of the
Caspian to Khiva, Bokhara, and Samarcand in 1863. 1864 79 iK

Sec also All the Year Round, v. 53, 18137, &c.

Vampires. Sec Calmet's Phantom World, 907-8 M. Hartwig's Tropical World,

758F. Occult Sciences, igssR, &c.

Vampyrism. See Mayo's Popular Superstitions, goiM.
Van Beneden (P. J.), Animal Parasites and Messmates [Inter-
national Scientific Series]. 1883 36iR

Vanbrugh (Sir J., Dramatist, &>c., b. 1666, d. 1726). See Inchbald's British
Theatre. New English Theatre, &c.

Vancouver (Capt. G. , Maritime Discoverer, b. 1758,^. 1798), Voyage
of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean, and Round the
World in the Years 1790 to 1795, 6 vols. 1801 3IO-I5K

Vancouver's Island and British Columbia, by Macfie. 1865 68 iK

Sec also Stanford's Compendium, SsoK. Whymper's Travels and Adven-

ture, 724 and 72sK, &c.

Vandals. See Gibbon's Roman Empire, 7gH, &c.
Vandam (A. D.), Amours of Great Men, 2 vols. 1878 :

Vol. i. Petrarch and Laura. Dante and Beatrice. Raphael. Clement

Marot 4850

Vol. 2. Moliere. Lope De Vega. Swift. Rousseau. Mirabeau 4860

Vandamme (Dominique, French General, b, 1770, d. 1830). See Alison's

Europe, 125-370, &c.
Vandeleur (Major A., A Christian Soldier, b. 1829), Life of, by Miss

Marsh. 1862 10130

Vandenhoff(G.), M. A., Art of Reading Aloud in Pulpit, Lecture

Room or Private Reunions. 1878 1225!?.

Vanderbilts, The, and the Story of their Fortune, by Croffut

Van Der G-oes (J. A.). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe,
4730, &c.

Van Diemen's Land, Rise and Progress of, by Parker. 1833

See also Penny Magazine, v/i, 1396. Tasmania, &c.

Van Dyck (Sir A., Planish Portrait and Historical Painter, b.

1599, d. 1641), by Head [Great Artists]. 1879 III2O

See also Thomson's Friendships, 5640.

Van Dyke (H. J., Junr.), D.D., Reality of Religion. 1885 I2O8M

Van Laun (H.), History of French Literature, 2 vols. 1876-7 :

Vol. i. From its Origin to the Renaissance 1132!!

Vol. 2. From the Renaissance to the End of the Reign of Louis XIV "33H

Van-Lennep (H. J.), D.D., Bible Lands, their Modern Customs,

Illustrative of Scripture, illustrated, 2 vols. 1875 5H-2A

Van-Rensselaer (M. G.), Poems by. See Harper's Index, i6 4 oja.

Vane (Sir Henry, Statesman}. See Gardiner's History of England, 463-90.

Vannes. See Macqnoid'a Brittany, 3t8Q. Brittany, c.

Vapour. See Lockyer's Spectrum Analysis, 377R. Tyndall's Heat, 5ogR, &c.

Varch.i(B., Florentine Historian and Poet, b. 1502, d. 1565). See Longfellow's

Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.
Varnish.. See English Mechanic, v. 46 and 47, 1046-70. Ure's Dictionary of Arts

and Manufactures, 8-gD. Tingry's Colourman's Guide, io7iM, &c.
Vasari (Giorgio, Italian Biographer and Artist, b. 1512, d. 1574),
Lives of the most Eminent Painters, Sculptors and Archi-
tects, 5 vols. 1855-64 :

Vol. i. Cimabue, Arnolfo di Lapi, Niccolo and Giovanni of Pisa, Andrea
Tali, Gaddo Gaddi, Margaritone, Giotto, Agostino and Agnolo,
Stefanoand Ugolino, Pietro Laurati, Andrea Pisano, Buonamico,

[80 5 ]


Vasari (Giorgio), Lives of the most Eminent Painters, &c. (continued).

Buffalmacco. Ambruogio, Lorenzetti, Pietro Cavallini, Simon and
Lippo Memmi, Taddeo Gaddi, Andrea Orgagna, Giottinp,
Giovanni dal Ponte, Agnolo Gaddi, Berna, Duccio, Antonio
Viniziano, Jacopo di Casentino, Spinello Aretino, Gherardo
Starnia, Lippo, Don Lorenzo, Taddeo Bartoli, Lorenzo di Bicci,
Jacopo della Quercia, Niccploof Arezzo, Dello, Nanni d'Antonio
di Banco, Luca della Robbia, Paolo Uccello, Lorenzo Ghiberti,
Masolino da Panicale, Parri Spinelli, Masaccio, Brunelleschi,
Donato, Michelozzi 8870

Vol. 2. Antonio Filarete and Simone, Guiliano da Maiano, Piero della
Francesca, Fra Giovanni da Feisole, Leon Batista Albert!
Lazzaro Vasari, Antonello of Messina, Alesso Baldovinetti, Vel
lano of Padua, Fra Filippo Lippi, Paolo Romano and Maestro
Mino, Chimenti Camicia, Baccio Pintelli, Andrea dal Castagno
Pisanello, Pesello, Peselli, Gozzoli, Giorgio, Vecchietti, Galasso
Rossellino, Bernardo, Costa, Ferrarese, Bellini, Rosseli, Cecca
Bartplommeo, Gherardo Ghirlandajo, Antonio, Piero Pollaiuolp
Botticelli, Benedetto da Maiano, Andrea Verocchio, Andria
Mantegna, Filippo Lippi, Bernardino Pinturicchio, Francesco
Francia, Pietro Peruginp, Vittore Scarpaccia, Jacopo, Signorelli,
Leonardo Da Vinci, Giorgione, Correggio, Cosimo, Bramante,
Albertinelli, Raffaellino del Garbo, Torrigiano 88oO

Vol. 3. Raphael Sanzio, II Cronaca, Domenico Puligo, Andria da
Fiesole, Timoteo of Urbino, Benedetto da Rovezzano, Raffaello,
Lorenza di Credi, Lorenzetto, Boccaccino, Peruzzi of Siena,
Penni, Pellegrino da Modena, Andrea del Sarto, Madonna
Properzia de Rossi, Lombardi, Michelagnolp, Croce, Dosso,
Battista, Licinio Giovanni Antonio Sogliani, Girolamo, Polidoro,
Maturino, Rosso, Bartolommeo da Bagnacavallo, Francia Bigio,
Morto da Feltro, Feltrini, Marco Calavrese. Francesco Mazzuoli
(Parmigiano), Jacopo Palma, Lorenzo Lotto, Giocondo, Liberate,
Francesco Granacci, Baccio d' Agnolo, Valerio Vicentino, Gio-
vanni, Matteo dal Nassaro, Marcantonio of Bologna SSgO

Vol. 4. Antonio da San Gallo, Giulleo Romano, Fra Sebastiano del Piombp,
Perino del Vaga, Domenico Beccafumi, Giovan-Antonio Lappoli,
Niccplo Spggi, Niccolo, called Tribplo, Pierino da Vinci, Baccio
Bandinelli, Giuliano Bugiardini, Cristofano Gherardi, Jacopo da
Puntormo, Simone Mosca, Giralamo Genga and Battista San
Marino, Michele San Michele, Giovan-Antonio Razzi, Bastiano,
Benvenuto, Garofalo, Giralamo da Caspi SgoO

Vol. 5. Ridolfo Ghirlandafo, and l3avid and Benedetto Ghirlandajo,
Giovanna da Udine, Battista Franco, Giovan Francesco Rustici,
Fra Giovan Agnolo Montorsoli, Francesco Salviati, Daniello
Ricciarelli, Taddeo Zucchero, Michaelangelo Buonarroti, Fran-
cesco Primaticcio, Titian, Jacopo Sansovino, Lione Lioni, Don
Giulio Clpvio, divers Italian Artists, divers Flemish Artists,
Academicians of Design, Painters, Sculptors and Architects,
Works of Giorgio Vasari, Painter and Architect of Arezzo 8910

Vasconcellos (P. C. De). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730.

Vaseline. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, gD, &c.

Vases. See Dennis's Utruria, 439-oK. Wilkinson's On Colour, 948D. Pottery, &c.

Vasey (G.), Philosophy of Laughter and Smiling. 1877 II24R

Vasili (Count Paul), Berlin Society, translated by Marie Leonard ... I222R

The World of London [La Societie de Londres]. 1885 1223!%.

Vatican, The. See Arthur's The Pope, &c., 453-4F. Chambers [Reception at],

v. 59, I959J, &c.
Vauban (Marshal of France, Military Engineer, b. 1633, d. 1707),

Montalembert and Carnot Engineer Studies, by Lloyd. 1887 594F

See also Poole's Index [Vauban and Modern Sieges, &c.], R.L.

Vaudois Church, by Monastier, translated. 1848 4I3M

of Piedmont, Visit to the, by Baines. 1855 I266R

See also The Waldenses.



Vaudoncourt (General G. De, French Writer, b. 1772, d. 1845),
Memoirs on the Ionian Islands in a Commercial, Political,
and Military Point of View. 1816 .................. .' .............. 54oH

Vaughan (C. J., Dean of Llandaff, Master of the Temple, b. 1816),

D.D., Christ the Light of the World. 1866 ............... ..... IO7Q

- St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans [The Greek Text with English

Notes]. 1859 ........ . ................................................... 892A

- Sermons at Oxford and Cambridge, 1876-78. 1878 ............... IooQ

[Scorn. Sympathy of God. A Narrow Place. Individual Independence.
One Thing thou Lackest. Three Types of Character Enthusiasm,
Reluctance, Compromise. Proper Attitude for Religious Enquiry.]

- The Book and the Life, Sermons at Cambridge (1862). 1862.... I35Q

[The Triple Vail. Two Lives and Two Deaths. What think ye of Christ ?
The Fragments that Remain.]

- Words from the Cross, &c., Sermons. 1875 ........................ 22QQ

Vaughan (H., Welsh Poet, b. 1621, d. 1695), 1'oems, Life by Lyte

[British Poets]. 1854 ................................................... 496Q

- See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760, &c.

Vaughan (R., Independent Minister, b. 1795, d - 1868), D.D.,
Causes of the Corruption of Christianity [Congregational
Lectures]. 1 852 ......................................................... lo6M

Vaughan (R. A., Poet, son of above, b. 1823, d. 1857), B.A., Hours
with the Mystics, a Contribution to the History of Religious

Opinion, 2 vols. 1879 ................................................ 5O9' lM

Vaulting. See Maclaren's Physical Education, i8o8Z. Walker's Manlv Exer-

cises, u64M. Jumping, &c.

Veal. See Beeton's Household Management, 997^!. Foods, &c.
Vedas, The. See Hunter's Indian Empire, 485^. Miiller's Sacred Books of the

East, 559-8oA. Hindoos, India, Religions, &c.
" Vega," Voyage of the, by Nordenskiold, translated, illus. 1881... 666-7K

- The Voyage of the. See also Nature, v. 25, 26857, &c.

Vega Carpio (Lope F. De, Spanish Poet). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of
Europe, 4730, &c.

VEGETABLE Kingdom, by Rhind, illustrated .......................... 5oD

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[80 7 ]


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