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chew, by M'Leod. 1820 572K

the Fox in Search of Sir J. Franklin, by McClintock 668K

- Jeannelte, Ship and Ice Journals of Captain Long,
U.S.N., edited by Emma Long, illus., 2 vols. 1883.... 676-7B
Vega round Asia and Europe, by Nordenskiold, trans-
lated by Leslie, illustrated, 2 vols. 1881 666-;K



VOYAGES AND TRAVELS Works relating to (continued.}
Voyages Round the World, by Anson [1740-4], compiled from

his paper, by Walter. 1841 582Z

- Belcher, 2 vols. 1843 3I7-8K

De Beauvoir, 2 vols. 1870 I3OI-2R

- Pfeiffer. 1852 I272R

in the Years 1740-4, made by Anson, compiled by
Walter 582 and 583Z

of Captain Cook, by Kippis. 1788 588Z

from the Death of Captain Cook to the Present

Time [Edinburgh Cabinet Library]. 1843 937Q

United States Exploring Expedition, by Wilkes ... 32oK

to the Polar Sea [1875-6], by Nares, illustrated, 2 vols. 1878 672 ^K

Yachting in the Arctic Seas, by Lament, illustrated. 1876. 674K

See also Adams' Amazon and its Wonders, 576(3 ; Land of the Nile,

K. I
Pearls of the Pacific, 79 6K. Brassey's In the Trades, &c., 79 8K.

755Q. Arnold's Voyage upon the Nile, 6ooK. Baines' Piedmont,
764(5. Bennett's Whaling Voyage, 835-6K. Boddam-Whetham's
cific, 79 6K. Brassey's In t

Circumnavigation of the Globe, 938(3 and s8sZ. Cruise of H.M.S.
Bacchante, 786-7K. Dana's Two Years before the Mast, i73iR.
Darwin's Natural History and Geology of Countries visited in the
Ship Beagle, 26R. Drake, Cavendish, and Dampier, 1070(3.
European Cruise in the United States Flag-Ship Franklin, 6ooB.
Excelsior, 1926-31^. Faithfull's America, 794K. Ferguson's
Swiss Men and Swiss Mountains, 772(3. Head's Bruce, 1044(3 '>
Forest Scenes, 619(3. Hue's Tartary, Thibet, and China, 765(3.
Humboldt's Travels, 934(3. Irving's Columbus, 682-sK and 1073(3.
Jerrmann's St. Petersburg, 762(3. Koch's Crimea, &c., 768 and 769(3.
Koldewey's Arctic Expedition, 6058. Laing's Norway, 763(3.
Lynch's United States Expedition to the Jordan, &c., 6156. Mac-
gregor's Rob Roy Canoe, 875(3. Marchioness of Stafford's Tour,
I752R. Medhurst's China, I044F. Melville's Marquesas Islands,
774(3 ; Omoo, 775Q. Nordenskipld's Arctic Voyage,_ 665 K. OH-
phz ' " _"~

Polo (Marco), 936(3. St. John's Celebrated Travellers, 1061-3'
vels Ar

ant's Land of Gilead, 793K. Pardoe's City of the Sultan, 7;

ilo (Marco), 936Q. St. John's Celebrated Travellers, 1061^ w
Seward's Travels Around the World, 6oiB. Smiles' Boy's Voyage,
834(3. Trollope's Vienna, Austria, &c., 766Q. Voyage to the
Mauritius, 62gK. Walpole's Pacific, 79sK. Whymper'.s Story of

A U_O__ _ - o _ _T-v tir!li: '_o T 1 It - r TT- o_


the Sea, io8-nD. Wilkinson's Sunny Lands and Seas, 837K, &c.
Voysey (C., Vicar of Healough, b. 1828), B.A., The Mystery of

Pain, Death and Sin, and Discourses in Refutation of Atheism 6SoA
"Vulgarisms in Words. See All the Year Round, v. 43, i823j, &c.
Vulgate, The. See Moulton's English Bible, 4 i8M, c.

Vulture, The. See Hartwig's Tropical World, 758F. Sunday Magazine [as the
World's Purifiers], v. 14, 2471], Sunday at Home, v. 34, 2884J, &c.

WAAG-EN (Dr.), Peter Paul Reubens, translated by Noel, edited

by Jameson. 1840 v 95oO

Wace (Henry), D.D., and Buchheim (C. A.), Ph.D., First
Principles of the Reformation, or the Ninety-five Theses and
the Three Primary Works of Dr. Martin Luther. 1883 7O2A

Foundations of Faith. 1880 442A

"Wace (R., Anglo-Norman Poet, b. 1120, d. 1174). See Caesarea or Jersey, 1409^
Guernsey and Jersey Magazine, v. 2, i28sH &c.



Waclismutll (W., German Historian, b. 1784, d. 1866), Historical
Antiquities of the Greeks, with reference to their Political

Institutions, 2 vols. 1837 878-9!^

Waidington (G., Dean of Durham, b. 1793, ^ 1869), M.A., His-
tory of the Church from the Earliest Ages to the Reforma-
tion. 1833 284A

"Wadding-ton (J.), D.D., Congregational Church History, from the

Reformation to 1662. 1862 5I3M

Congregational History [1200-1850], 4 vols. 1869-78 273-6A

Waddington (S.), Ed., English Sonnets, by Poets of the Past I9O4Z

"Wade Q., Journalist, b. 1787, d. 1875), History of the Middle and

Working Classes. 1833. ._ 52iT

Women Past and Present, their Social Vicissitudes, &c. 1859... 10460

Ed., Letters of Junius [Bohn's Library], 2 vols. 1850 990-9 iR

"Wade (T.). See Griswold's Poets and Poetry of England, 4720, &c.
Wagers. See Chambers [Achievements for], v, 51, 1952). Proctor's Chance

I22QR. Gambling, Racing, &c.
"Wages and Earnings of the Working Classes, Report to Sir A. Bass,

M.P., by Levi. 1885 IO24F

and Work, Six Centuries of, by Rogers. 1886 HO2F

See also Academy [Roger's Six Centuries of Work and Wages], v. 25, R.L.

Alison's Europe, 139-460. Capital and Labour, nisF. Cobden's
Speeches, 323^. Escott's England and its People, 1017!". George's
Progress and Poverty, io23F. Heath's Peasant's Life, i32gR. Levi's
Work and Pay, 283R. McCulloch's British Empire. 7ii-2H. Play-
fair's Social Welfare [Effect of Protection on], 336R. Ricardo's
Political Economy, &c., ioo4F. 'Smith's Wealth of Nations, I026-8F.
Walker's Science of Wealth, I025F. Labour, Capital, Social Economy.
"Waggerman (M. T.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Wagner (F.) and Bodenstedt (F.), Schamyl, the Sultan, Warrior,
and Prophet of the Caucasus, translated by Wraxall [Travel-
lers' Library]. 1855 I273R and 634Z

Wagner (R., German Musical Composer and Poet, b. 1813, d. 1883),

by Hueffer [Great Musicians]. 1881 12170

See also^ Academy [Obituary of], v. 23, R.L. Engel's Reminiscences, 13490.

Girl's Own Annual, v. 4, 2554.7. Naumann's Music, 9290. Quarterly

[and Liszt], v. 167, i2gjj. Rockstro's History of Music, 533H. Temple

Bar, v. 65 and 68, 1395 and 8J. Tytler's Musical Composers, 86oO, &c.

Wagner (W-)> Asgard and the Gods, Tales and Traditions of our

Northern Ancestors, edited by Anson. 1882 9OjF

Wagtail, The. See Cassell's Family Magazine [Ways of the], v. 13, 23627. Jar-

dine's Naturalists' Library, 645Q. Birds, &c.
Waifs and Strays. See Davies' London, 37K, &c.
Wainwright (J. M.), D.D., Thirty-four Sermons, edited by his

Widow. 1856 456A

[Confessing or Denying Christ. Prospect of Church of England. Sins of
Omission. Accountability for our Thoughts. Neither Riches nor
Poverty Desirable, &c.]
Waite (A. E.), Ed., Mysteries of Magic, a Digest of the Writings of

Eliphas Levi [Alphonse Louis Constant]. 1886 65iA

"Waiters. See All the Year Round, v. 59, iSigJ, &c,

Wakes. See Harper [An Irish Wake], v. 61, i64ij. Funerals, Ireland, &c.

"Wakefleld (Gilbert, Theological Writer, b. 1756, d. 1801). See Martin's

Memoirs, 8340, &c.
Waldenses, a Complete History of the, by Muston, translated by

Montgomery, 2 vols. 1875 683-4A

History of the, by Blair, 2 vols. 1833 lO-iK

in Piedmont, &c." 1827 i8iK

Israel of the Alps, by Muston. 1852 !3o8R

Waldensian Church, by Willyams 522M



Waldenses. See also Hare's Cities of Southern Italy, 1683-411. Sunday Maga-

zine, v. 2, 2452.7. Vaudois, &c.
Wale (H. J.), M.A., My Grandfather's Pocket Book [1701 to

1796]. 1883 ............................................................ II37H

Wales, History and Geography of, for the Young ........................ 313^

- of, from Authentic Sources, by Williams .......................... 3I2H

Wild Wales, its People, Customs and Manners, by Borrow ...... 31 iH

- See also Argosy [Among the Welsh], v. 39, 39.7. Brand's Antiquities, 1005-7^.
Brown's Geographical Evolution of the British Isles, 555R. Dugdale's

Leisure Hour [Welsh Names], v. 24, 2634.7. McCulloch's British
Empire, 7H-2H. Mial's Life of Richards [Liberation Society, &c.],
424 F. Newell's Ancient British Church, 256Q. Probyn's Local Govern-
ment, 303R. Saturday Review [in 1200], v. 57, R.L. Stubb's History,
2io-iO. Sunday at. Home [Hymn Writers of, and their Hymns], vol.
34, 28847. Tegg's Marriage Customs, i48oZ. See also Geography,
Gazetteers, Geology, Great Britain, England, &c.

Wales (Prince and Princess of), Prince, Princess and People [1863-

1889], by Burdett, with Portraits, Autographs, &c. 1889... I4I2H
- - See also Harper's New Monthy Magazine [at Sandringham], v. 70,
1650.7. Leisure Hour [Badges and Mottoes of], v. 12, 2622}. Mar-
tin's Life of the Prince Consort, Q2-6F. Quarterly Review, v. 168,
i2g8J. Trotter's India under Victoria, 538-gH. Albert Edward, Prince of
Wales. Alexandra, Princess of Wales, &c.
Walford (C, Statistician, b. 1827, d. 1885), F.L.S., Famines of the

World. 1879 ................................... , ........................ I099F

Walford (E.), M.A., Chapters from Family Chests, 2 vols ............. 9H-5F

Juvenal [Ancient Classics for English Readers] ..................... IO97Q

Londoniana, 2 vols. 1879 ................................................ 1333-4R

Pleasant Days in Pleasant Places, illustrated. 1878 ............... Si5Q

Politics and Economics of Aristotle. 1881 .......................... H56H

- Tales of our Great Families, 2 vols. 1877 ........................... II26-7R

second series, 2 vols. 1880 .............................. 1128 9R

"Walford (L. B.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Walford (Major N. W.), Parliamentary Generals of the Great Civil

War [Military Biographies]. 1886 .................................. 12490

Walker (Alexander). See Ante-Nicene Library.

Walker (Amasa), Science of Wealth, a Manual of Political Economy IO25F
Walker (Ann), Easy and Familiar Sermons for Children, illus. 1842 74Z
"Walker (Annie L.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Walker (Donald), Exercises for Ladies, Calculated to Preserve and

Improve Beauty, illustrated. 1837 ................................. l88lZ

- Manly Exercises of Rowing, Sailing, Riding, &c. , revised

by Craven. 1850 .......................................................

"Walker (G. W.), and the Convicts. See Japp's Missionaries, 7700.
Walker (J., Philologist, b. 1732, d. 1807), Walker's Pronouncing

Dictionary of the English Language. 1849 ...................... I25oH

"Walker (]")> D.D. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 6466;, &c.

"Walker (K. C.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Walker (Mrs.), Eastern Life and Scenery, 2 vols ......................... 866-7K

- Untrodden Paths in Roumania ............................................ 868K

Walker (R.), F.L.S., Flora of Oxfordshire, illustrated. 1833 ........ ;66F

"Walking. See Girl's Own Annual [Etiquette in], v. 5, 2555.7. Marey's Animal
Mechanism, 357R. Pettigrew's Animal Locomotion, 354R. Shear-
man's Athletics, i25gR. Walker's Exercises for Ladies, iSSiZ; Manly
Exercises, 1164^!. Warner's Physical Expression, 393]^.. Pedestrian-
ism. Blackwood, v. 81-2, 151-2.7. Nature, v. 29 and v. 32, 2689 and
26g2j, &c.

34 [817]


"Walking-Sticks. See Leisure Hour, v. 2, 2612]. Good Words, v. 12, 21827, &c.

Walks Abroad by Two Young Naturalists, from the French of Beau-
grand, by Sharpe. 1888

in Florence, by Horner, illustrated. 1877 I423-4R

Churches, Streets and Palaces, 1423!?.. Public Galleries, &c., 1424!?..

See also Lansdell's Asia, SsoK. Oakey's Home Grounds [and Drives],

Q48M. Tours, Names of Places, Pedestrianism, &c.

"Wall of China. See Marvels of Art, 12277. China, &c.

"Wall-Papers. See Teale's Dangers to Health, gzoK, c.

Wall (A. H., Librarian of the Shakespeare Manorial Library], Fifty
Years of a Good Queen's Reign, a Book for the Royal Jubilee
of 1886-7. 1886 44 oO

Wallace, A Franconia Story, by Abbott. 1862 !543^

Wallace (A. R., Naturalist, b. 1822), F.R.G.S., Darwinism, an
Exposition of the Theory of Natural Selection, with some of
its Applications. 1889 2i2iR

Island Life, or the Phenomena and Causes of Insular Faunas

and Floras. 1881 778F

Islands, as Illustrating the Laws of the Geographical Distribu-

tion of Animals I94R

The Malay Archipelago, the Land of the Orang-utan and the

Bird of Paradise, with Studies of Man and Nature. 1880... I497R

Tropical Nature and other Essays. 1875 759F

See also Brown's Palaeolithic Man, go$F, &c.

Wallace (D. M.), M.A., Russia, 2 vols. 1877 45o-5iK

Wallace (J. A.), Waymarks for the Quiding of Little Feet. 1866... i7oT

Wallace (Lady), Tr., Life of Mozart, by Nohl. 1877 858-90

Wallace (Lewis), Ben-Hur, a Tale of the Christ. 1881 '. 274T

Wallace (W.), LL.D., Kant [Phil. Classics for English Readers] ... 1033(3
"Wallace (Sir William, Scotch Patriot, b. 1270, Executed 1305). See Chambers'
Miscellany [and Bruce], 624R. Mrs. Hemans' Poems [Wallace's Invoca-
tion to Bruce], 3isQ Porter's Scottish Chiefs, 26i4X. Scotland, &c.
"Wallace (W. R., American Poet, b. 1819). See Griswold's Poets of America,
468D. Harper's Index, 1640 Ja, &c.

Wallack (Lester), Memories of Fifty Years I7?F

Wallacks, The. See Boner's Transylvania, 423K.

"Wallenstein (Albert W. E. von). See Leisure Hour, v. 6, 26i6J.

Waller (E., Poet, b. 1605, d. 1687), Poetical Works, and Life of, by

Johnson [Bell's Poets of Great Britain], 2 vols. 1807 301 -2Z

Works of, in Prose and Verse, 2 vols. 1 799 1 106- 7Z

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 476!), &c.

Waller (H.), The Last Moments and Sufferings of Livingstone, ob-
tained from his Servants. 1874 H56H

Waller (J. F., Dublin Barrister, b. 1810), LL.D., Boswell and John-
son, their Companions and Contemporaries. 1881 1857

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 476D.

Waller (S. E.), Six Weeks in the Saddle, a Painter's Journal in Ice-
land, illustrated. 1874

WalliS (R. E.), Ph.D., Trans., Writings of Cyprian and Novatian

[Ante-Nicene Library], 2 vols. 1880 362-3A

Walpole (C. G.), M.A., Short History of Ireland, from the Earliest

Times to the Union. 1882 20oH

Walpole (Lieut, the Hon. Fred.), R.N., Four Years in the Pacific

in H.M.S. Collingwood, from 1844 to 1848. 1850 795K

Walpole (H., Earl of ' Orford, Antiquary, b. 1717, d. 1797), Anec-
dotes of Painting in England. 1871 IO73M

. Reign of King George the Second, edited by Lord Holland. 1846 69-7 iF



Walpole (Horace), Biography of, by Ewald ..............................

- - See also Creasy's Etonians, 14200. Cunningham's Eminent Englishmen,

2sF. Gallon's Urbana Scripta, sisT. Macaulay's Essays, 15310.

Merydew's Love Letters, v. i, 676F. Poole's Index, R.L. Scott's

Novelists, ioi4Z. Stephen's Hours in a Library, no3R. Trevelyan's

Life of Fox, 26oF,&c.

Walpole (Sir Robert, Statesman, First Earl of Orford, Father of
above, b. 1676, d. 1745), by Morley [Twelve English States-
men] ........................................................................ I399O

- See also Creasy's Etonians, 14200. Ewald's Statesmen, 4/iF. Knight's

England, 151-2!!. Mahon's England, 213-50. &c.

Walpole (Spencer, Governor of Isle of Man, b. 1839), History of

England, 5 vols ........................................... . ............... 364-8!!

- Life of Lord John Russell, 2 vols. 1889 ........................... 6o9-ioF

"Walrus, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 668Q. Koldewey's Arctic

Expedition, 6058. Lament's Arctic Seas, 674 and 6/5K. Nares"
Polar Sea, 6/2-3K. Science Gossip, v. 13, 24i6J. Harper [Walrus-
Hunting], v. 55, i63sj, &c.

Walsall. See Sister Dora, 13730, &c.

"Walsh. (A. S.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Walsh (J. H. [Stonehenge]), F.R.C.S., The Dog in Health and

Disease, illustrated. 1887 ......................... '. ................... 8i8F

- Manual of Domestic Economy suited to Families Spending from

.100 to ;i,ooo a Year, illustrated. 1857 ........................ 14292

- See also " Stonehenge," &c.

Walsh (\V. P.), D.D., Heroes of the Mission Field. 1879 ............ 7o6O (Sir F., Statesman, b. 1536, d. 1590). See Froude's England,
194-2030, &c.

Walsingham (Lord) and Payne-Gallwey (Sir P.), Shooting,

[Badminton Library], 2 vols. 1887 .............................. 1134-5^!

[Field and Covert, H34M. Moor and Marsh, ii3sM.]

Walter (H., Archbishop of Canterbury}, B.D., History of England,
Men and Events considered on Christian Principles, 7 vols.
1828-39 :

Vol. t. From the Earliest Periods to the Signature of Magna Charta .... 1510

Vol. 2. From the Signature of Magna Charta to the Death of Edward

IV ....... ............. .................................. 1520

Vol. 3. From the Death of Edward IV. to the Death of Queen Elizabeth 1530
Vol. 4. From the Accession of James I. to the Abdication of James II. . . *54O
Vol. 5. From the Revolution of 1688 to the Conclusion of the Wars conse-

quent on the Change of Dynasty, by the Peace of 1763 ........ i55O

Vol. 6. From the Peace of 1763 to the Declaration of War against the

British Government by the Republic of France in 1793 ........ 1560

Vol. 7, parts i and 2. From the Beginning of the First War with France,
1793, to the Revolution affected in the British Constitution, by
the Parliamentary Reform Bill in 1832 ........................ 157-80

Walter (R.), Anson's Voyage Round the World. 1841 ............... $82Z

"Walter (W. B.). See Griswold's Poets of America, 468 D, &c.

Walters (J. T.), Thrift Lessons, Familiar Letters. 1881 ............... 247R

Walters (W.), Views of Life, Nine Lectures. 1873 ..................... 236R

Walters Family of Guernsey. See Sarnia, 14160, &c.

Walters of The Times. See Smiles' Invention, H72R, &c.

Walfham Church [Freeman's Norman Conquest] ....................... 201-5!!

Waltneof (Earl of Northumberlaitd, BeJieaded 1075). See Freeman's Norman

Conquest, 202-5 H, c.
"Walt On (Bryan, Bishop of Chester, Orientalist, b. 1600, d. 1661). See Catter-

mole's Literature of the Church, 548 A, &c.
Walton (E. C.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja.
Walton (I., Writer on Angling, b. 1593, d. 1683), Life of Hooker

[Hooker's Works] ...................................................... 92K



Walton (I.) and Cotton (C.), The Complete Angler. 1853

re Hour, v.

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Leisui
i ar

xnd =3, 2611 and 26337. Quiver, v. 9, 32797, &c.

"Walton (Mrs. O. F.) See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue, Sic.
Walton (W.). See Pringblanch (D. A.).
"W^alworth (M.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.


Wand (S. W.), M.A., Algebraical Geometry. 1835

Wanda. See Clayton's Female Warriors, 6430.

"Wandering Jew. See All the Year Round, v. 33, 17937. Ballads and Metrical

Tales, 334Q. Chambers, v. 52, 19527. Hosmer's Jews, 4250. Living

Age, v. 44, 30747. Keary's Primitive Beliefs, loiK. Sunday at Home,

v. 4, 28547, &c.
Wanderings of a Journeyman Tailor through Europe and the East,

1824 to 1840, by Holthaus. 1844

Pilgrim in the Shadow of Mont Blanc, by Cheever. 1846 1442!%.

over Bible Lands and Seas [by Mrs. Charles], 1866 I74OR

South and East, by Coote, illustrated. 1882 8ioK

See also Names of Countries, Travellers, Voyages, &c.

Wanted. See Cassell's Family Magazine [Next of Kin Wanted], v. 15,

13657, &c.

WAR, Art of, in the Middle Ages, by Oman. 1885 uioM

in France and Belgium, by Siborne, 2 vols. 1844 279-oH

the Peninsula, by Foy, translated, 3 vols. 1827 258-601!

Last Naval, by JurienDe La Graviere, trans, by Plunkett, 2 vols. 292-30

Physiology of, Napoleon and the Russian Campaign, by Tolstoi,

translated by Smith ," 15270

Political and Legal Remedies for War, by Amos. 1880 ioo6F

System, Horrida Bella, or an Impeachment of the War System... i884Z

The [Crimean War], by Russell, Times Correspondent. 1855-6 :

From the Landing at Gallipoli to the Death of Raglan 2900

From the Death of Raglan to the Evacuation of the Crimea 2890

Wars of the Eighteenth Century, by Cust, 5 vols. 1858-60 I47-5IZ

Huguenots, by Hanna. 1871 2720

Religious Wars of France, by Duncan. 1840 458T

See also Adams' Campaigns, 47H ; England at War, igS-gH. Alison's

Europe, 119-34 and 139-450. All the Year Round, v. 42, 18227.
Boyce's Study of History, 2H. Caesar's Commentaries, nsgH. Cas-
sell's Franco-German War, 456-7B. Cathcart's Russia, &c., 448H.
Fortnightly [and Working Men], v. 38, 21287 ; v. 51, 21417. Foy's
Peninsular War, 2s8-oH. Fraser [Right Side of], v. 52, 6627. Gentle-
man's Magazine, v. 29, 17497. Gleig's Leipsic Campaign, I273R. Good
Words [and its Claims], v. 3, 21737. Gordon's Germany, 7g8Q. Harper's
Index [Revolutionary], i64o7a. 7 ames> Military Occurrences, 283-4^
Lecky's Morals, 384-sM. Letters and Essays [and Christianity],
1013 H. Levi's International Law, 399R. Mahon's Spain, 452H.
Mallet's Northern Antiquities, ioo8M. Maxwell's British Victories,
2780. Napier's Peninsula War, 26i-6H. Once a Week [Use of Bal-
loons in], v. 23, 22837. Percy Anecdotes, g2cZ. Pike's Crime in Eng-
land, 3O7-8H. Robert's York and Lancaster, 314-5^ Seeley's Eng-
land [and Commerce], 15150. Smith's Wealth of Nations, I027-8F.
Snodgrass' Burmese War, 475H. Sunday at Home, v. 13, 28637.
Thiers' French Revolution, 376-9^ Timbs' Works [Operations of],
8547. Turko-Russian War, 4506. Leisure Hour [War Office], v.
18, 26287. Nineteenth Century [War Office], v. 24, 22347. Grant's
(U. S.) Memoirs, 6o2-3F. Wolfe (7.) Life of, s8iF. New Review
[and Commerce], v. i, 33$i7- Woman's World, v. 2, 1889, R.L.
Wellington, Napoleon. Names of Commanders, Countries, &c.

^Warbeck (Perkin Pretender to the Throne, hanged 1499). See Green's English
People, igoH. Knight's England, 148!!, &c.

Warburton (E.)- See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Warburton (G.), Hochelaga, or England in the New World, a
Work on Canada. 1854



Warburton (Geoffrey Egerton), Names and Synonyms of British
Plants, Collating the Nomenclature of the London Catalogue,
English Botany, Babington's Manual, &c., and a list of

Authorities for Plant Names. 1889 i888Z

Warburton (Mr.), Treatise on the History, Laws and Customs of

the Island of Guernsey. 1822 41 ill

Warburton (W., Bishop of Gloucester, b. 1698, d. 1779), D.D.,
Divine Legation of Moses Demonstrated, with some Account

of the Author, by Bishop Kurd, 3 vols. 1846 433'5 A

See also Keble's Papers and Reviews [Unpublished Papers of], 1203!!.

"Ward (Artemus [C. F. Browne], American Humourist, b. 1836, d. 1867). See
Haweis' Humourists, 4820. Fiction Class List following the General
Catalogue, &c.

Ward (A. W.), Chaucer [English Men of Letters]. 1879 io6iO

Dickens [English Men of Letters]. 1882 io66O

Dickens [Manchester Science Lectures], 1870 45 2 ^

The Counter Reformation [Epochs of Church History] 256T

"Ward (C. A.). See Notes and Queries, Seventh Series, v. 7, loggj.

Ward (E.), Boys and their Rulers, or what we do at School. 1854... ii5iR

Ward (Mrs. Harriet), The Cape and the Kaffirs, a Diary of Five

Years' Residence in Kaffirland. 1851 43 I T

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Ward (Mrs. Humphrey), Tr., Amiel's Journal, the Journal Intime

of Henri-Frederic Amiel, 2 vols. 1885 483-40

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Ward (H. M.), Timber and some of its Diseases 2I28R

Ward ( J.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue, c.
Ward (Mrs. Maria), Female Life among the Mormons, illus. 1855.. IDOOR
Ward (R. P., Novelist, b. 1765, d. 1846). See Fiction Class List following the
General Catalogue.

Ward (S. H.), M.D., Natural History of Mankind, illus. 1851 6i2Q

"Ward (T., Poet, b. 1652, d. 1689). See Griswold's Poets of America, 4680, &c.

Ward (Thomas H.), Ed., Reign of Queen Victoria, 2 vols. 1887.... I45-6H

Ward (Mrs. T. H.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Ward (Hon. Mrs.), The Microscope, illustrated. 1880 UlR

The Telescope, a Familiar Sketch, coloured plates. 1879 42 iR

Wardlaw (G.), M.A., The Leading Christian Evidences, and the

Principles on which to estimate them. 1870

Wardlaw (R., Scottish Congregational Divine, b. 1779, d. 1853),

D.D., Christian Ethics [Congregational Lectures]. 1852 .... IO5M

Systematic Theology, edited by J. R. Campbell, M.A. 1856 ... 256-8A

Wardrobes. See Art at Home Series, 963 M. Furniture, &c.

Ware (H.). See Griswold's Poets of America, 4680, &c.

"Ware (Mrs. H.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Ware (H. G.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja, &c.

Ware (J. R.), Ed., Famous Centenarians, upwards of 200 persons

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