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who have lived to be 100 years old 1 2950

Ware (Samue Hibbert b. 1782, d. 1848), M.D. See Academy, v. 24, R.L.

Ware (W.), Letters of Lucius from Palmyra, or Zenobia. 1853 6$2Z

Rome and the Early Christians. 1855 623Z

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Waring (G.), M.A., and Bosworth (J.), D.D., The Gothic and
Anglo-Saxon Gospels in Parallel Columns, with Preface and
Notes. 1888 66gA

Waring (G. E., J inr.), Draining for Profit and Draining for

Health 82oM

Elements of Agriculture, a Book for Young Farmers. 1868 loggM

and (S. M.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja, &c.

Warington (R., Chemist, b. 1807, d. 1874), Chemistry of the

Farm. 1882 IIO2M



Warkworth. See Art Journal, v. 35, R.L. Northumberland, &c.

Warming, Ventilation, and Lighting, by Galton. 1884 pSQM

and Lighting a House [Health Lectures] 1439^

"Warner (A.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja, &c.

"Warner (Anna). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

"Warner (Miss A. B.). See Lothrop (Amy).

Warner (C. D.), Ed., American Men of Letters, v.n. :

Cooper, by Lounsbury 10407 I Thoreau, by Sanborn IO39Q

Irving, by Warner .... io38Q and 2j^Z \ Webster, by Scudder 1041^

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Warner (F.), M.D., Physical Expression, its Modes and Principles 393R
Warner (R.), Excursions from Bath. 1801 367K

Warner (Susan). See Wetherell (Elizabeth).

Warre (E.), M.A., and others, Athletics, or Physical Exercise and

Recreation [International Health Exhibition]. 1884

Warren (C., Captain R.E.), and Wilson (Captain), Recovery of

Jerusalem, Exploration and Discovery in the City and the

Holy Land, illustrated. 1871 543K

Underground Jerusalem and Its Exploration. 1876 887F

Warren (C. F. S.). See Notes and Queries, yth series, v. 7, 1099.7.

Warren (S., Novelist, b. 1807, d. 1877), Q.C., F.R.S., Lily and the

Bee, an Apologue of the Crystal Palace. 1851 56oT

Miscellanies, Critical, Imaginative and Juridical, 2 vols. 1855 II3I-2R

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Warren-Horne (E. T.). See Mathew's History of Music, 9430, &c.
Warrington. See Quekett's Reminiscences, 65iF, &c.

Warriors, Female, by Clayton, 2 vols. 1879 643-40

Warsaw, City of. See Alison's Europe, 122-330. Temple Bar, v. 10, 1340.7.
Russia, c.

Warter (J. W., b. 1806, d. 1878), D.D., Ed., The Doctor, &c., by

Southey. 1848 miH

Southey's Common-place Book, 4 vols. 1876 1 107-0!!

Warton(T., Poet Laureate, b. 1728, d. 1798). See Dana's Household Book of

Poetry, 4760. Hamilton's Poets Laureate, 9270, &c.
Warwick and Warwickshire [Black's Guides]. 1887 IQO2Z

History of, by Tim mins. 1889 iqiftl

See also All the Year Round [Chronicles of], v. 54, 1814.7. Freeman's Nor-

man Conquest, 204H, &c.

Warwick (J. Dudley, Earl of). See Dixon's Her Majesty's Tower, 32iH, c.

Warwick (Thomas De Beauchamp, Earl of). See Dixon's Her Majesty's
Tower, 32iH. Burke's Peerage, 170!), &c.

Warwick (Earls of). See Robert's York and Lancaster, 3 i4-sH. Burke, &c.

Wash. (The). See Cassell's Family Magazine [In the Wash], v. 15, 2364.7.

Washburne(E. B., American Ambassador to France, b. 1816), LL.D.,

Recollections of a Minister to France [1869-77], ill. 1887... 232-30

^V ashing. Ste Leisure Hour Magazine [Washing made Easy], v. 37, 2647J, &c.

Washington, Metropolis of the United States. See Campbell's White and
Black, 494H. Dixon's White Conquest, 493H. Macmillan [City of],
v. 54, 1074.7. Olmsted's Slave States, 729!^.. Stanford's Compendium,
8soK. Sunday at Home [and Chicago], v. 27, 2877.7. Dilke's Problems
of Greater Britain, 334H. United States, America, &c.

Washington (George, First President of the United States, b. 1732,

d. 1799), Life of, by Irving, 4 vols. 1859 . 78o-3R

2 vols. 1840 274-5Z

Written by Himself, edited by Upham, 2 vols. 1856 1027-80

and Monk, Historical Studies, by Guizot. 1851 287T

Set also Austin's Massachusetts, 5iiH. Bryce's American Commonwealth,
5I7-8H. Chambers' Miscellany, 626R. Century [in New York in
1789], v. 37, 1887.7. Eggleston's United States, 42iH. Knight's Eng-
land, 152-3!!. Leisure Hour [with Portrait], v. 19, 26297. Mahon's
History of England, 216-90. Mothers of Great Men and Women
[Mother of], 682F. Rimmer's Old Country Towns [Washington
Family], I349R. United States, America, &c.


Wasps, Ants and Bees, by Lubbock. 1882 lOlR

See also Cooke's Woodlands, 62aQ. Half Hours in the Tiny World, 5679.

Jesse's Gleanings, 579Q. Jones' Bermuda, 823F. Lindsay's Mind in
the Lower Animals, 7H-2F. Nature [Carnivorous], v. 30, 2690].
Science Gossip, v. i, 24iiJ ; v. 3, 24iiJ ; v. 8, 24I3J ; v. 10, 24147.
Silver Wings and Golden Scales [and Hornets], 748F. Entomology, &c.
Waste. See Quarterly Review, v. 168, i2g8J, &c.

"Waste-pipe. See Teale's Dangers to Health, 92oK. Sanitation, &c.
Wastell (S.). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760, c.
Wat Tyler. See Tyler (Wat).

Watch and Clock-making, by Reid. 1826 193^

Watches and Clocks, Curiosities of, from the Earliest Times, by

Wood. 1866 836D

See also English Mechanic, v. 47, 10470. Leisure Hour [and how to use

them], v. 9, 26i9J. Timbs' Inventions, asSR. English Mechanic [a
Mysterious Watch], v. 50, 10500. Clocks, Horology, &c.
Watch.-Dog, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 662Q. Dogs, &c.

WATER, Air and Disinfectants, by Hartley [S.P.C.K.] I435Z

and its Teachings, by Morgan. 1882 8i5Z

Water-supplies and Unfermented Beverages, by Attfield. 1884 9Q2M

Bitter Waters,*Health Resorts of Hungary and Austria, by Rae... 94oK

Drops of, their Marvellous and Beautiful Inhabitants, by Catlow,

coloured illustrations. 1851 570

Forms of, by Tyndall. 1885 35iR

Plain Words about, by Church [South Kensington Handbooks]... IO46M

See also Brown's Science for All, 6266. Chambers' Papers for the People

[Supply of Towns], gijU ', Journal, v. 61, ig6ij. Deschanel's Natural
Philosophy, 8250. Eassie's Healthy Houses, &c. [Water Supply],
ooiM. English Mechanic, v. 46, 10460; v. 47, 10470. Fortnightly
[ The London Supply], v. 51, 2i4iJ. Gardner's Sanitary Science, 94iK.
Giberne's Ocean of Air, 2123^. Good Words [Life in a Drop of], v.
5, 2I75J. Half Hours in the Tiny World [Life in], s6jQ. Higgins
Philosopher, 72oQ. Household, The, iog6F. Leisure Hour [and
Washing], v. 27, 2637J. Man and his Maladies, 93gK. Moorman's
Mineral Waters, 827M. National Miscellany, io36H. Palgrave's
Arabia [Water Supply], 585-6K. Reclus' Phenomena [Circulation of ,
8o3F. Scribner's Monthly [its Ways and Uses], v. 2, i852j. Smith's
Foods, 38oR. Somerville's Microscopic Science, noR. Sunday at
Home, v. 33, 2833J. Teale's Dangers to Health, 92oK. Temple's
India [Water Supply], 486K. Tyndall's Heat, sogR. Ure's Dictionary
[Mineral, c.], 8-gD. English Mechanic [Weight of], v. 50, 10500.
Food, &c.

Water-Babies, A Fairy Tale for a Land-Baby, by Kingsley. 1889 i^R
Water-Colours. See Ellis' Sketching from Nature, io67M. Hamerton's
Graphic Arts, IO76M. Art, Painting, ~&c.

Water Cure in Chronic Disease, by Gully. 1846 9i6K

See also Hydropathy, Medicine, &c.

Waterfalls. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja. Hutching's Scenes of Wonder, 72iK.
Stanley's Dark Continent, is63R. Sunday at Home [and Waterways],
v. 34, 2 88 4 J, &c.

Water Hen, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 6ssQ.
Water-Meter. See Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 8D.

Water-Raising by Hydraulic and other Machines, by Ewbank 830

Water-Spirits. See Keighley's Fairies, c., loogM. Fairies, &c.
Water-Spouts. See Boy's Own Annual [and the Whirlpool], v. n, 2g6iJ.
Household Words, v. 9, T749J. Lardner's Lectures [and Whirlwinds
756D. Nature, v. 25, 2685}, &c.

Water- Wheel, The. See Brown's Science for All, 62763, &c.
Waterford. See Crookshank's Methodism, 66g-7iA. Ireland, &c.
Watering Places. See Miller's Our English Shores, T.j2^R. Granville's Spas of
England, 35I-3K, &c.

Waterloo, Story of the Battle of, by Gleig. 1854 26;O

See also Adam's Great Campaigns, 47H ; Battles, 2410. Alison's Europe,

I37-8O. Fraser, v. 24, 634], Macaulay's Stories, 3044X. Siborne's
War in France and Belgium, 279-oH. Simpson's Paris after Waterloo,
6i8Z. Napoleon, Wellington, &c.

[82 3 ]


Watermen. See Woodgate's Boating, I266R, &c.

Waterproofing. See Boy's Own Annual, v. 7, 2057.7.

Waterton (C., Naturalist, b. 1782, d. 1865), Essays on Natural
History, chiefly Ornithology, with an Autobiography of the
Author, first and second series. 1844 58o-iQ

Watkin (Sir E. W., Railway Director, b. 1800), M.P., Canada and

the States in 1851-86 i;o8R

Watkins (H. W.), M.A., Commentary on St. John [School Com-
mentary] 1 39Q

Watkins (J.), LL.D., Biographical Memoir of his late Royal

Highness Frederick, Duke of York and Albany. 1827 588F

Memoirs of the Right lion. R. B. Sheridan, 2 vols. 1818 497-SF

Watkins (M. G.), M. A., In the Country. 1883

Watson (A., Incumbent of Bedford Chapel, Bloomsbury, b. 1815, d.

1865), M.A., Ed,, Sermons for Sundays, Festivals, and Fasts,
Contributed by Bishops and other Clergy of the Church. 1846 287K

Watson (F. P.) and Burney (Admiral J.), Whist. 1842 I533Z

Watson (J.), Sylvan Folk, Sketches of Bird and Animal Life in

Britain. 1889 ! 2II2R

Watson (J. L.), and Tytler (S.), Songstresses of Scotland. 1871 739-oM
Watson (J. S.), M.A., Tr., Sallust, Floras, and Valleius Paterculus 1174!!

The Anabasis, or Expedition of Cyrus, from the Greek of Xeno-

phon. 1 855 ii 79H

Watson (J. T.), M.D., Poetical Quotations, from various authors.... 4640
Watson (J. W.), Works of. See Harper's Index. i64oja.
Watson (Richard, Bishop of Llandaff, b. 1737, d. 1816), D.D., An
Apology for Christianity in a Series of Letters addressed to
Edward Gibbon, Esq., also Remarks on Mr. Gibbon's History

of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. 1777 i84K

others, Evidences of Christianity. 1824 24Z

Watson (Richard, Methodist Preacher, b. 1781, d. 1833), Works of,
13 vols. 1857-8 :

Vol. i. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Author 2oM

Vols. 2-4. Sermons and Sketches of Sermons 21-3^!

Vol. 5. Life of Wesley and Observations on Southey's Life of Wesley. . . . 24M

Vols. 6-8. Conversations, Miscellaneous Papers, Reports of Sermons, &c. . 25-7^!

Vols. 9-12. Theological Institutes, and Index 28-3iM

Vol. 13. Exposition on Matthew, Mark, and other parts of Holy Scripture 3aM
Watson (Robert, Scottish Historian, b, 1730, d. 1781), History of

the Reign of Philip II., King of Spain, 3 vols. 1785 43O-2F

and Thomson ( W. ), LL. D. , History of the Reign of Philip III. ,

King of Spain, 2 vols. 1793 436-7F

Watson (S. B.), M.D., Ed., Hints towards the Formation of a more

Comprehensive Theory of Life, by Coleridge. 1 848 640! I

Watson (T.), Divine Cordial, or the Transcendent Privilege of those

that Love God, and are Savingly called [R. T. S. ]. 1 836 75Z

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760.

Watson (W. C.), Ed., Men and Times of the Revolution, or
Memoirs of Elkanah Watson, including Travels in Europe
and America, from 1777 to 1842. 1856 " 507!!

Watt (A.), History of a Lump of Chalk, its Family Circle and their

Uses. 1883 54iR

Mechanical Industries Explained, showing how many Useful

Arts are Practised, illustrated. 1881 III7M

[Carving Irish Bog-Oak, Etching, Galvanized Iron, Cutlery, Gold-Beating,
Bookbinding, Lithography, Jewellery, Crayons, Balloons, Needles,
Lapidary, Iron-Founding, Pottery and Porcelain, Type-Founding,
Bread-Making, Bronze-Casting, File-Making, Or Moulu, Papier
Mache &c.]



Watt (A.), Science in a Nutshell, in which Rational Amusement is
Blended with Instruction, illus. 1882

Scientific Industries Explained, showing how some of the Im-

portant Articles of Commerce are made, 2 vols. 1881 :

Vol. i. Aniline Colours, Pigments, Soap-Making, Candle-Making, Paper-
Making, Gunpowder, Glass, Alcohol, Beer, Acids, Alkalies,
Phosphorus, Bleaching Powder, Inks, Vinegar- Making, Acetic
Acid, Fireworks, Coloured Fires, Gun-Cotton, Distillation, &c. in8M

Vol. 2. Electric Light, Gases, Cheese, Preservation of Food, Borax,
Scientific Agriculture, Oils, Gelatine, Isinglass, Tanning, Nickel-
Plating, Cements and Glues, Tartaric Acid, Stained Glass,
Artificial Manures, Vulcanized Indiarubber, Ozone, Galvanic

Batteries, Magnesia, The Telephone, Electrotyping, &c uiQM

Watt(F.), M.A., Life and Labours of John Bright 5260

"Watt (James, Father of the great Engineer, b,\ 1699, d. 1782). See Muirhead's

James Watt, 222F.
Watt (J., Scotch Engineer and Inventor, b. 1736, d. 1810), and the

Steam Engine [R.T.S.] 1505^

Life of, by Ar ago. 1839 97iQ

with Selections from his Correspondence, by Muirhead.... 222F

See also Brougham's Philosophers, sqyR. Chambers' Miscellany, 630!?..

Cunningham's Eminent Englishmen, 28F. Smiles' Engineers,
5220, &c.
Watteau (A., French Landscape Painter, b. 1684, d. 1721), by

Mollet t [Great Artists] 1 1 1 50

Watts (A. A., Poet, b. 1797, d. 1864), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.
"Watts (George Frederic, Historical and Portrait Painter, b. 1820). See Art

Journal, v. 36, R.L., &c.

Watts (H., Chemist}, F.R.S., A Manual of Chemistry [based on
Fownes]. 1883-6 :

Vol. i. Physical and Inorganic 6720

Vol. 2. Organic or Carbon-Compounds 6730

Watts (J., Nonconformist Divine, b. 1674, d. 1748), D.D., Logick,

or the Right Use of Reason. 1801 605!!

The World to Come. 1815 i8sK

Poems, Life by Southey [British Poets]. 1864 497Q

Poetical Works, and Life by Johnson [Bell's Poets of Great

Britain], 3vols. 1807 344-6Z

Life and Correspondence of, by Milner. 1858 55F

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Jones' Poets, 662M.

Stoughton's Religion in England, 96 M. Sunday at Home, v. 6,

28s6J ; v. 21, 287iJ, &c.

Watts (Theodore). See Athenaeum, 1882 [pp. 432 and 529], R.L.
Waugh (A.). See Hood's Preachers, 541 M, &c.
Waverley Anecdotes, illustrative of Scott's Novels and Romances... i259-6oZ

Novels. See Bagehot's Studies, 864H. Scott (Sir W.) Fiction Class

List, &c.
Waves. See Deschanel's Natural Philosophy [Wave-lengths], 8270. Hart's

World of the Sea, 755 and 807^. Hartwig's The Sea and iti Living

Wonders, 757F. Williams' Science in Short Chapters [Throwing Oil

on the], 502 and 537R. Sea, Ocean, &c.

Wax. See lire's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, 8D, &c.
W r ax-flowers, &c. See Young Lady's Book, gB^M. Ure's Dictionary, jD, &c.
"Waxwork Humanity. See Chambers' Journal, v. 58, I958J, &c.
Waxworks. See Tussaud (Madame).

Way to Fortune, Essays, Anecdotes, c 52oT

Wayfaring Life in the Middle Ages [Fourteenth Century], by

Jusserand, illustrated. 1889 I925R

Wayland (F.), D.D., Ed., Pursuit of Knowledge under Difficulties. 1334-50
Waymarks for Little Feet, by Wallace. 1866 i7oT



"Wealden Fossils, c. See Mantell's Geology, 724-50.

Weale (J., Publisher, b. 1791, d. 1862), Ed., Measures, Weights,

and Moneys of all Nations, by Woolhouse [Weale Series] 5i6T

Weale'S Rudimentary Series, V.D. :

Algebra, by Haddon. 1867

Architecture, by Garbett. 1850

Book-keeping, by Haddon. 1854 ,

Calculus, Integral, by Hann. 1850

Drainage of Towns and- Buildings, by Dempsey. 1849

Electricity, by Harris. 1848

Euclid, by Law, 2 vols, 1862

Foundations and Concrete Works, by Dobson. 1872

Limes, Cements, Mortars, c., by Burnell. 1872.
Magnetism, by Harris. 1850

Masonry and Stonecutting, by Dobson. 1849 35T

Masting and Rigging, by Kipping. 1866 75Q

Mathematical Instruments, by Heather. 1851

Measures, Weights and Moneys of all Nations, by Woolhouse. 1872. . . .

Mensuration, by Baker. 1859

Pneumatics, by Tomlinson. 1848

Statics and Dynamics, by Baker. 1851

Telegraph, The, by Bond. 1862

Wealth and Population of United States, by Tucker. 1843 .....

of Nations, by A. Smith, 3 vols. 1806

Science of, by A. Walker. 1866 IO25F

See also Century [Christianity and], v. 6, 1878 J. Fortnightly Review [and

the Working Classes], v. 47, 2137] . George's Progress and Poverty,
I023F. Lubbock's Pleasures of Life, igoSRa. Malthus' Population,
IO94F. Riches, &c.

Weapons. See Boutell's Arms, &c., 3660. Boy's Own Annual [Strange, and

stranger ways of using them], v. 4, 2954,7. Names, e.g., Swords, Guns.

Weasel, The. See English Illustrated [and his Family], v. i, iggij ; v. 5, iggsj.

Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 66oQ. Wood's Lane and Field [and

Stoats], 6240.. Natural History, &c.

WEATHER, a Popular Exposition, by Abercromby. 1888 548R

Elementary Meteorology, by Scott, illustrated. 1883 45SR

Folk-Lore, by Swainson. 1873

See also Abercromby' s Seas and Skies, 84381. All the Year Round [Old-

Brown's Science for All [Telegraphy], 6276 ; [Forecasts], 6296. Good
Words [and Morals], v. 22, 2ig2j ; [Watching

Fashioned], v. 50, i3ioj. Brand's Antiquities [Omens], ioo7M.
for All [Telegraphy], 6276 ; [Forecasts], 6296. Good
itching the, on Ben Nevis], v.

23, 21937. Guernsey Magazine, v. 17, 2397.7. Herschel's Familiar
Lectures [and Weather Prophets], 68gQ. Hone's Every-Day Book
[Prognostication], 934F. Lardner's Lectures, 7560. Leisure Hour
[Forecasts], v. 26, 2636J ; [Weather Charts and Storm Warnings], v.

[Our Progress in Weather Knowledge], v. 28, 2288J. Poole's Index,

R.L. Science Gossip [Notes on], v. 18, 24.20] ; v. 24, 2423J. Scribner's

Monthly [Weather Telegrams and Storm-Forecasts], v. i, i8sij.

Timbs' Works [Weather- Wisdom], SsiZ. lire's Dictionary [Weather

Charts], gD. Meteorology, Climate, &c.
Weathercocks. See Beckmann's Inventions, 6980., &c.
Weatherley (G.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Weaving (Who were the First Weavers?). 1869 568Q

[A work on Silkworms, &c.]
See also Capital and Labour [Weavers], iiisF. Quiver, v. 30, 33ooJ. Ure's

Dictionary [by Electricity], 8D, &c.

Webb (J. and W. E.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i6 4 oja.
Webb (Mrs. J. B.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
"WTebb (Captain M., famous Swimmer across the Channel, drowned at Niagara

Falls, 1888). See Boy's Own Annual, v. 5, 2955), &c.
Webb (T. W.), M.A., Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes. ... 64oQ

Optics without Mathematics [S. P. C.K.] 7i6Q

The Sun, a Familiar Description of his Phcenomena, ill. 1885... 426R

Webber (C. W.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.



Weber (K. M. Von, German Musical Composer ; b. 1786, d. 1826),

by Benedict [Great Musicians] i2i6O

Sec also Naumann's Music, 9290. Rockstro's History of Music, 533H.

Tytler's Musical Composers, 86oO, &c.

"Weber (V., German Poet,_fl. in Fifteenth Century). See Longfellow's Poets and
Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.

Webster (A. D.), British Orchids, illustrated I99R

Webster (D., American Statesman and Orator, b. 1782, d. 1852),

Great Orations of. 1853 I35F

Webster (D.), Private Correspondence of, edited by F. Webster, 2

vols. 1857 ". 620-iB

See also Century Magazine, v. i, 1873.7. Harper [Personal Recollections of],

v. 64, i6 44 J, &c.
Webster (Noah, American Lexicographer, b. 1758, d. 1843), by

Scudder [American Men of Letters]. 1883 iO4iQ and 3ioT

Wedderburn (Sir David), Life of, by his Sister 6oF

Wedding Days. See Family Friend, 7iiR, &c.
"Wedding Ring. See Brand's Antiquities, icx>s-6M, &c.

"Weddings. See Hone's Year Book, 937 F. Lovett's Norwegian Pictures, 3296.
Sketches and Essays [and Wedding Presents], 1087 R. Temple Bar [A
Humorous Sketch], v. 5, 1335!. Bridals, Marriage, &c.
Wedgwood (G. R.), History of the Tea-cup, with a Descriptive

Account of the Potter's Art, illustrated 836Z

Wedgwood (Josiah, Manufacturer of Art Pottery^ b. 1730, d. 1795),
Life of, with notices of his Works and their Productions,
Memoirs of the Wedgwood and other Families, and of the

Early Potteries of Staffordshire, by Jewitt, illus. 1865 455F

See also Gladstone's Gleanings, 882Z. Marryat's History of Pottery and

Porcelain [Memoir and Works], 9360, &c.

Wedgwood (Julia), John Wesley and the Evangelical Reaction of

the Eighteenth Century. 1870 5i6M

Wedmore (F., Art Critic, b. 1844), Life of Honore de Balzac

[Great Writers]. 1890 12700

Pastorals of France. 1877 I39OR

"Week of Seven Days. See Contemporary, v. 50, 2o6oJ, &c.

Weeks (H.), R.A., Lectures on Art 9$iD

"Weevils. See Wood's Insects Abroad, 74gF. Entomology, &c.

Weigall (Lady R.), Memoir of Princess Charlotte, Daughter of
George IV. 1874

Weight. See Bastian's Brain, 387R. English Mechanic, v. 46, 10460. Guille-

min's Applications of Physical Forces [Laws of]> I59D, &c.

Weights, Measures and Moneys of all Nations, &c., by Woolhouse. 5l6T
Weights and Measures. See Nature, v. 27, 26877. Ure's Dictionary, 8D, &c.
"Weimar. See Edward's Holiday Letters, 1472!^.
Weir (Harrison, Artist, especially for Animals, b. 1824), Our Cats 2I29R

Weir (Marion E.), Patience to Work, &c., a Tale 2O9Q

"Weismann (Dr. August). See Nature, v. 40, 27007, &c.

Weiss (C.), French Protestant Refugees, translated by F. Hardman. 3T4A

Weisse (J. A.), M.D., The Obelisk and Freemasonry according to

the Discoveries of Belzoni and Commander Gorringe, illus... III3F
Weisse (S.), Sark, a Sermon in Stones. See Blackwood's Magazine, v. 142, 1887

[pp. 178-198], 2I2j.

Welby (H.). See Timbs (John).

Welcker (F. C., German Scholar, b. 1784, d. 1869), Ed., Ancient

Art, by Muller, translated by Leitch. 1852

Weld (A. G.), Sacred Palm Lands, or the Journal of a Spring Tour

[Egypt and Palestine]. 1881



Weld (C. R., Assistant Secretary to Royal Society, b. 1813, d. 1869),

Florence, the new capital of Italy. 1867 1425!?.

History of the Royal Society, 2 vols 666-670

Welldon (J. E. C., Headmaster of Harrow School, b. 1854), Tr.,

Politics of Aristotle, with Analysis and Critical Notes. 1888 788M

Wellesley (Arthur). See Wellington (Duke of).

Wellesley (Richard Cowley, Marquis, Statesman, b. 1760, d. 1842),

Life of, by Malleson 6iF

WELLINGTON (Duke of, Field Marshal and Statesman, b. 1769,

d. 1852), by Hooper [English Men of Action]. 1889 14680

Characteristics apart from his Military Talents, by Earl De

Gray. 1853 55iF

His Character, Writings, &c., by Maurel. 1853 97 2 Q

Life of, by Browne [S. P. C.K.]. 1856 9700

Clarke, 2 vols 552-3F

Memoir [from The Times of September 15-16, 1852] ...10290 and 12731%.

Notes of Conversations with [1831-1851], by Stanhope 62!"

Public and Private Life, by Browne. 1888 .* 14090

Victories of, by Maxwell. 1852 2780

See also Adam's England at War, ig8H ; Great Campaigns, 47H. Alison's

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248F. Knight's England, 151-4!!. Leisure Hour, v. i, 261 ij. Len-
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History of Our Own Times, ip3-6H. Martineau's Thirty Years' Peace,

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Foreign Secretaries, 208 and 209H. Torrens' Memoirs of Viscount
Melbourne, 38s-6F. Walpole's Lord Russell, 6og-ioF. Wall's Good

Sueen's Reign, 4400. Murray's Magazine, v. 5, 1465.7. Greville
emoirs, &c. /

Wells. See Gardner's Sanitary Science, Q4iK. Sunday at Home [of the Bible],
v. 31, 288iJ> Teale's Dangers to Health, g2oK. Water, &c.

Wells (D. A.) and Bliss (G.), Junr., Eds., Annual of Scientific Dis-
covery, Exhibiting the most Important Discoveries and
Improvements in Mechanics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Meteor-
ology, Botany, Geology, Antiquities, &c. 1850 498 R

Wells (J. W.), F.R.G.S., Exploring and Travelling Three Thousand

Miles through Brazil, from Rio De Janeiro to Maranhao, ill. 8l3-4K

Wells (R.), Pastrycook and Confectioner's Guide for Hotels, Res-
taurants, &c. 1889 998M

Wells (W. V.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i6 4 oja.

Welsh. See Wales.

Wendover (Roger de). See Roger de Weridover.

Wentworth (Thomas, Earl of Strafford, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland,

b. 1593, beheaded 1641], Life of, by Cooper, 2 vols. 1874 ... 555-6F

See also Gardiner's History of England, 461-50. Strafford (Earl of), &c.

Wentworth Papers [1705-1739], and a Memoir of Thomas Went-

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