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Wilberforce (W., Philanthropist, b. 1759, d. 1833), M.P., Pre-
vailing Religious System of Professed Christians contrasted
with Real Christianity, with a Memoir of the Author.. 83Q, 86, 1669^

Speech on Abolition of the Slave Trade, I3th May. 1789 1279!!

by S toughton. 1 880 10360

His Friends and Times, by Colquhoun. 1866 10380

Life of, by his Son, S. Wilberforce. 1868 10370

See also Adam's Good Samaritans, 278F. Knight's England, 152-4^ Poole's

Index, R.L. Quiver, v. 30, 33ooJ. Temple Bar [some Recollections
of], v. 83, 1413.7, &c.

Wilcox (C.)- See Griswold's Poets of America, 4680, &c.
Wjlcox (J.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja, &c.
"WTld Animals. See Boy's Own Annual [Adventures with], v. i, 2951.7, &c.
"Wild-Cat, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 65g-6oQ. Natural History.
"Wild Ducks. See Auckland's Curiosities, 5070.. Birds, &c.
Wild. Flowers, Birds and Insects of the Months, by Adams, illus. ... 56 iQ

by Pratt, 2 vols. [S.P.C.K.], illustrated. 1857 846-7^

of the Year [R.T.S.] 842Z

Our English [Boy's Own Annual, v. 8], coloured plate 29587

Season among the, by Wood 73R

their Medicinal Uses, &c., by Thomson, colored illustrations.. $62Q

Worth Notice, by Lankester, illustrated. 1879 75R

See also Century Magazine [Visit to the], v. 12, 18847. Girl's Own Annual

[Wanderings among our], v. 3, 2553.7. Flowers, Botany, &c.
Wild Fruits. See Coleman's Woodlands, 536Q. Fruits, &c.

Wild Sports in the Highlands, by St. John 8o8Q and I2Q2R



Wild Tribes of the Soudan, by James, illustrated. 1883 653K

Wild Wales, its People, Customs and Manners, by Borrow 31 ill

"Wild. In connection with this word see Animals. Flowers, or any other subject

Wild (Jonathan), History of, by Fielding 464X and 17952

Sec also Chronicles of Newgate [his Career], v. i, 33oD.

Wilde (Lady), Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms and Superstitions

of Ireland. 1888 96oF

"Wilde (R. H.). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Griswold's Poets

of America, 4680, &c.

Wildermuth. (Ottilie). See Fiction Class List following the General Cata-
logue, c.
Wilderspin (S., Promoter of Infant Schools, b. 1792, d. 1866),

Early Discipline Illustrated, or the Infant System Successful 33 iK

Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship, by Carlyle. 1874 72-4T

Wilkes (C., American Federal Admiral, b. 1801, d. 1877), United

States Expedition, 2 vols. [Nat. Illus. Lib.]. 1852 i3O9-oR

Voyage Round the World, embracing the Principal Events of

the Narrative of the United States Exploring Expedition, ill. 32oK
Wilkes (J., Lord Mayor of London, temp. George III.}, M.P., Life

of, by Fitzgerald, 2 vols. 1888 !37oO

See also Knight's England, 152-4!!. Leisure Hour [in House of Commons],

v. 30, 26407. Loftie's London, 2510. Mahon's History of England,
217-90. Trevelyan's Life of Fox, 26oF, &c.

Wilkie (Sir D., Scottish Painter, b. 1785, d. 1841), by Mollett

[Great Artists]. 1881 , 11140

See also Frith's Reminiscences, 6is-6i6Fa. Wall's Good Queen's Reign,

44oO, &c.

Wilkins (A. S.), M.A., Greek Antiquities [History Primers]. 1878 I534Z
Roman Antiquities [History Primers]. 1 879 1 5357

Wilkins (Dr. J.), Principles and Duties of Natural Religion. 1710. 52iM

Wilkins (W. J.), Modern Hinduism, being an Account of the Re-
ligion and Life of the Hindus in Northern India. 1887 698A

Wilkinson (H.), Sunny Lands and Seas, a Voyage in the S.S.

Ceylon. 1883 837K

Wilkinson (Sir J. G., Egyptologist, b. 1797, d. 1878), A Popular

Account of the Ancient Egyptians, illustrated. 1854 I526-7R

Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians, illustrated. 1847 866-oF

On Colour and on the Necessity for a General Diffusion of Taste

among all Classes, illustrated. 1858 948D

Wilkinson (W.), Outlines of Physiology, Anatomy, Surgery. 1851 I463Z

"Wilks (R.). See Fitzgerald's English Stage, 3 37 -8D, &c.

Will Power, its Range in Action, by Fothergill. 1885 I228R

See also Bastian's Brain, 387R. Grey's Self-Culture, 261 R. Knowledge,

^r^T TVT/-^_U J , l\^:~J _.OA O 1 1\ ,T r c*

5) 25857. M'Cosh's Mind, 74&A. Sunday Magazine [a Sermon to
Young Men], v. 14, 24717, &c.

"Willaert (A., Flemish Musical Composer). See Naumann's Music, Q28D, c.

"Willard (I 1 ranees E.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

William I. (the Conqueror, King of England and Duke of Nor-
mandy, b, 1027, d. 1087), by Freeman [Twelve English States-
men] I39IO

History of, by Abbott. 1853 14420

See also Cunningham's Eminent Englishmen, 21 F. Freeman's Norman Con-
quest, 201-sH. Palgrave's Normandy and England, i82H. Pike's
Crime in England, 307^ Thierry's Norman Conquest, 562-4^ Eng-
lish History, &c.

"William ^- (Rufus, King of England, son of above, b. 1056, killed \ TOO). See
Harper [Great Hall of], v. 69, 16497. Palgrave's Normandy and Eng-
land, i83H. Strickland's Bachelor Kings, 14140. England, &c.



William III. (A /'// of England and Prince of Orange, I. 1650, d.

1702), by Traill. 1888 , I398O

Letters illustrating the Reign of, edited by James, 3 vols. 1841. 77-pF

See also Burton's Scotland, 336-7!!. Dixon's Royal Windsor, 328!!.

Leisure Hour [of England, Landing at Torbay, 1688], v. 14,, 2624.7.
May's Democracy, 38-gH. Presbyterian Church, 2yiA. Stoughton's
Religion in England, Q2-6M. England, &c.

William IV. (King of England, b. 1765, d. 1837), and Caroline Von

Leusingen, unpublished Love-Letters, translated by Arundel. IO26O

and Victoria, Courts and Cabinets of, by the Duke of Bucking-

ham, 2 vols. 1861 88-9F

Life and Reign of, by Wright, 2 vols. 1837 82-3F

Times of, by Fitzgerald, 2 vols. 1884 86-7F

Sec also Alison's Europe, 141-30. Lennox's Celebrities, 1014!!. Greville

Memoirs, 300-2 F. Wall's Good Queen's Reign, 4400. Walpole's
Lord Russell, 609 F. England, &c.

William I. (Emperor of Germany, b. 1797, d. 1888), and His Reign,

by Simon, translated, 2 vols. 1886 66S-6F

William of Germany, a succinct Biography, by Forbes. 1888 52 1

- Story of the Life of, for Boys and Girls, by Tulloch. 1888 14030

See also Adam's Great Campaigns, 47!!. Leisure Hour [and the Crown

Prince], v. 20, 263oJ. Cassell's Franco-German War, 456-76. Vasili's
Berlin Society, I222R. English Illustrated [Some Recollections of],
vol. 5, iggsj. Prussia, Germany, &c.
William of Malmesbury's Chronicle of the Kings of England to the

Reign of Stephen, edited by Giles. 1847 , 1030

"William of Wykeham. See Bramston's Winchester, 3010. Cunningham's
Architects, io5iQ, &c.

Williams (B. S.), F.R.H.S., Orchard Grower's Manual, Brief Des-
criptions of upwards of Four Hundred and Forty Orchidaceous
Plants. 1862 72R

Williams (C.), The Alps, Switzerland and North of Italy, with

Directions for Travellers, illustrated. 1854 59oB

Williams (C. T.), M.A., Climate of the South of France, and its
Varieties most Suitable for Invalids, with Remarks on Italian
and other Winter Stations. 1867 823M and I392R

Williams (D. E.), Life and Correspondence of Sir Thomas Law-
rence, 2 vols. 1831 34I-2F and 688-9F

Williams (E. V, Judge of Common Pleas, d. 1875), Laws of Execu-
tors and Administrators, 2 Vols. 1856 ... 25O-ID

Williams (Folkestone), Memoirs and Correspondence of Francis
Atterbury, Bishop of Rochester, 2 vols in I. 1869

Williams (Frederick S.), Our Iron Roads, their History, Construc-
tion and Administration, illustrated. 1883 887D

Williams (G., Scholar, b. 1814, d. 1878), M.A., The Holy City, or

Historical and Topographical Notices of Jerusalem. 1845... 658 A

Williams (Howard), M.A., English Letters and Letter- Writers of

the Eighteenth Century, with Explanatory Notes, first series 698F

The Ethics of Diet, a Catena of Authorities Deprecatory of the

Practice of Flesh-Eating. 1883 845M

Williams (J.), A.M., Life of Alexander the Great io66Q and i82Z

Williams (Jane), History of Wales from Authentic Sources... 3I2H

Williams (John, Missionary of Polynesia, b, 1796, killed 1839), Life

of, by Ellis I493O

Prout. 1843 579F

See also Christian Biography, 14410, &c.



Williams (John, Archbishop of York,b. 1582, d. 1650). See Brodie's British
Empire, 212-3!!. Campbell's Chancellors, 7760. Dixon's H.M.
Tower, 323H. Gardiner's History of England, 462-90, &c.
Williams (J. B-), F.S.A. See Henry (Matthew).

"Williams (J. Carvell). See Bicentenary Lectures, 68iA. Supplement.
"Williams (K. F.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.
Williams (Monier, Orientalist, l>. 1819,), D.C.L.,. Modern India

and the Indians. 1878 489!^

- Hinduism [S.P.C.K.]. 1878 93 Q

Williams (R., Vicar of Broadchalke, b. 1817, d. 1870), D.D., Life

and Letters of, edited by his Wife, 2 vols. 1874 10390

Bimsen's Biblical Researches [Essays and Reviews] 66A.

See also Replies to Essays and Reviews, 663A.

Williams (R. F.), Story of the Youth of Shakespeare. 1839 noiH.

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760.

Williams (S. E.), Forensic Facts and Fallacies, a Popular Con-
sideration of some Legal Points and Principles. 1885 288R.

Williams (T.), A Dictionary of all Religions, and Religious Denom-
inations. 1823... i87K

Williams (\V. M.), F.R.A.S., A Simple Treatise on Heat. 1880... 477!*

Science in Short Chapters. 1882 502 and 537R

[Fuel of the Sun. Lunar Volcanoes. Benefits of Paraffin. Formation of
Coal. Meteoric Astronomy. Barometer and the Weather. Oiling the
Waves, &c.]

Williams (W. M.), Through Norway with Ladies 869!-:

Williams (W. R.), D.D., Religious Progress, and Lectures upon the

Lord's Prayer 626^

Williamson (Prof. W. C., Owens College], F.R.S., Coals and Coal

Plants, illustrated. 1876 18447.

See also Manchester Science Lectures, 28R, S:c.

Williamson (W. C.)- See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760, &c.

Willis (N. Parker, American Essayist, b. 1807, d. 1867), Fun-Jot-
tings, or Laughs I have Taken a Pen to 1135 and I9O6R

Hurry-Graphs, or Sketches of Scenery and Society [America] .. 1905!^

[Alboni, Poe, Irving, Lind, Married Ladies, Etiquette, Watering Places,
Opera, Mayday, Railway, The Hudson, J. F. Cooper, Lover, Buhver,
Cape Cod, Delawares, c.]

Inklings of Adventure, 2 vols in I. 1836 I9O7R

Life Here and There, or Sketches of Society and Adventure at

Far-Apart Times and Places. 1854

[Edith Lindsey. Scenes of Fear. Incidents on the Hudson. Pedlar
Karl. Niagara, Lake Ontario. The St. Lawrence. Cherokie's
Threat. F. Smith. Leaves from the Heart-Book of Earnest Clay.
Beaut}' and the Beast. Miss Jones' Son. Lady Rachel. Wigwam
versus Almanacks].

People I Have Met, or Pictures of Society and People of

Mark. 1850

[Two Buckets in a Well. Brown's Day with the Mimpsons. Lady Ravel-
gold. Beware of Dogs and Waltzing. Flirtation and Fox-Chasing.
Revenge of the Signer Basil. Love and Diplomacy. The Icy Veil.
Born to Love. Pigs and Chickens, &c.]

Prose Works. 1854 133!*'

[Pencillings by the Way in France, Italy, Greece, Asia, Turkey and Eng-
land, Adventures, Tales, &c.]

Rural Letters, and Records of Thought and Leisure 1134 and 1902^

[Letters from under a Bridge. The Four Rivers. Open-Air Musings in
the City. Invalid Rambles in Germany. Letters from W T atering-
Places. A Plain Man's Love, &c.]

Trenton Falls, Picturesque and Descriptive, illustrated. 1862 i6o5Ri

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Griswold's Poets of

America, 468D. Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.



Willis (R.), M.D., Harvey and his Discovery of the Circulation of

the Blood. 1878 3 I2F

"Willmets (C. L.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
"Wlllmott (R. A., Biographer, b. 1809, d. 1863). See Dana's Household Book of

Poetry, 4760, &c. (F., Naturalist, b. 1635, d. 1672). See Jardine's Naturalists'

Library, 6 4 8Q, &c.

Willoug-hby (H.), Australian Pictures Drawn with Pen and

Pencil. 1866 332B

Willoughby (Lady), Diary of 75F

"Willow, The. See Science Gossip, v. 12, 24157. Botany, &c.

Wills of their Own, Curious Wills, by Tegg 1759^

See also Beeton's Everybody's Lawyer, 324!*. Byrne's Curiosities of the

Search Room [Curious Wills], 923?!. Cassell's Family Magazine [I
must Make my Will], v. 15, 1365]. Chambers [How to Prove, in
England], v. 63, 19637. Leisure Hour [and Will-Making], v. 14, 26247.
Williams' Facts and Fallacies [and their Pitfalls], 288R. Law, &c.

Wills (G. S. V.), Chemistry, Inorganic, vol i. 1888 6730

Willyams (J. L.), Chillon, or Protestants of the Sixteenth Century,

an Historical Tale, 2 vols. 1845 523-4M

The Waldensian Church in the Valleys of Piedmont, from the

Earliest Period to the Present Time, edited by Mrs. Mathe-

son [R.T.S.] 522M

Wilmot (Sir John Eardley,y//rt^, . 1810), Reminiscences of J. A.
Smith, or the Pursuits of an English Country Gentleman

Wilson (Alexander, Scottish Ornithologist, b. 1766, d. 1813), and
Bonaparte (C. L.), American Ornithology, edited by
Jameson [Constable's Miscellany], 4 vols. 1831 7c7-ioZ

See also Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 647(3.

Wilson (Andrew, Lecturer on Zoology, <5rY.), Ph.D., Chapters on

Evolution, illustrated. 1883 27R

Facts and Fictions of Zoology [Humboldt Library], ill, 1882... 77QF

Leaves from a Naturalist's Note-Book. 1882 639Q

Leisure-Time Studies, Chiefly Biological, a Series of Essays and

Lectures, illustrated. 1878 45R

Wilson (Sir C. W., Director General of Ordnance Survey, b. 1836),

Korti to Khartoum [Attempt to Relieve Gordon]. 1886 2770

Wilson (Capt.), and Warren (Capt.), Recovery of Jerusalem, a

Narrative of Exploration, with an Introduction by Dean

Stanley, edited by Morrison, 2 vols. 1871 543-4K

Wilson (Daniel, Bishop of Calcutta, b. 1772, d. 1858), D.D., [Short

Biographies] 632F

See also Sunday at Home, v. 33, 28837, & c -

Wilson (Daniel), Antiqitarian, &*<:., b. 1816), Memorials of Edin-
burgh in the Olden Times. 1886 442H

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Wilson (Edward, Vicar of Norton}, M.A., Memoir of John Hamil-
ton Forsyth. 1852 258F

Wilson (Erasmus), F.R.S., The Egypt of the Past, coloured illus ... 375O

Ed., Art of Prolonging Life, by Hufeland. 1853 i^6gZ

Wilson (G., Technologist, b. 1818, d.. 1859), F.R.S.E., Electricity

and the Electric Telegraphy. 1852 7O2Q

Telegraph, together with the Chemistry of the Stars,

an Argument touching the Stars and their Inhabitants. 1854 I283R

Inorganic Chemistry, revised and enlarged, by Madan. 1872 ... 41 3R



Wilson (H.), and Caulfield (J.), Book of Wonderful Characters.... 10490
Wilson (H. B., Theologian, b. 1803), B.D., Seance Historique de

Geneve, The National Church [Essays and Reviews] 662 A

Wilson (H. H., Orientalist, b. 1786, d. 1860), M.A., Rig-Veda-

Sanhita, a Collection of Ancient Hindu Hymns, 2 vols. 1850 459A
Wilson (H. Schutz), Alpine Ascents and Adventures, or Rock and

Snow Sketches, 1878 1436 and I438R

"Wilson (James, Naturalist, <i. 1856), F.R.S.E. See Jameson's Africa, 922(3.

"Wilson (James G.), Works of. See Harper's Index, i64oja.

Wilson (James M.), M.A., Essays and Addresses, an Attempt to

Treat some Religious Questions in a Scientific Spirit. 1887 I2O9R

for Fifty Years Philanthropist and Scholar in the East, Life of,

by Smith, illustrated. 1878 , 58oF

Wilson (John, Missionary in India, d, 1875), D.D., Suppression of

Infanticide in Western India. 1855 io86F

Wilson (John [Christopher North], Scotch Philosopher, b. 1785, d.

1854), Works of, edited by Professor Ferrier, 12 vols. 1855-8 :

Vols. 1-4. Noctes Ambrosianse 870-73!?.

Vols. 5-8. Essays Critical and Imaginative 874-7!?.

Vols. 9-10. Recreations of Christopher North 878-gR

Vol. ii. Tales 88oR

Vol. 12. Poetical Works 88iR

Memoir of, by his daughter, Mrs. Gordon. 1879 8750

See also Black wood, v. 131, 20iJ. Christian Biography, 14410. Dana's

Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Griswold's Poets and Poetry of
England, 472!). Poetical Works, 4820. Knight's Life of Wordsworth,
v. 1-3, 297-9 F. Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
See also under North (Christopher).

Wilson (John Grant), Bryant and his Friends. 1885 76F

Wilson (J. H.), M.A., Brands Plucked from the Burning, and how
they were Saved, with Examples of Christian Life and Cha-
racter. 1864 224Q

Moral Wastes and how to reclaim them , 1 74T

Our Father in Heaven, the Lord's Prayer explained for the

Young. 1869 i65Q

Wilson (General Sir R.), Invasion of Russia by Napoleon, &c. [1812],

edited by Randolph. 1860 44OH

Wilson (T.), The Child's Book of Facts. 1875 I258Z

Wilson (T. P.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Wilson (Walter), History of Dissenting Churches and Meeting

Houses in London, 4 vols. 1808 i88-9iK

Wilson (William), M.A. See Ante-Niceue Library, &c.

Wilton (Edward, Divine, b. 1820, d. 1864), M.A., The Negeb, or

" South Country " of Scripture. 1863 1304^!

Wilton (J.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

"Wilton (L. E.). Sec Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

"Wilts. See Heath's Peasant Life, I329R, &c.

"Wimbledon. See Macmillan [Rifle Meeting at, 1860], v. 2, 93^. Murray's
Magazine [Thoughts on the Last Wimbledon Meeting], v. 6, I466J.

Winceslaus {King of Bohemia). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe,
4 73 U, &c.

Winchester, by Benham. 1884 i6o2Z

Historic, by Bramston and Leroy. 1882 3OlO

See also Academy [Benham's Diocesan History of], v. 27, R.L. Freeman's

Norman Conquest, 2oi-sH. Century [Winchester Cathedral], v. 38,
i888J. Woman's Wcrld [A City of Memories], v. i, 1888, R.L., &c.

College, School Life at [by Mansfield]. 1866 loSoR

Winchilsea. See Walford's Pleasant Places, 8isQ, &c.



Winckelmann (J. J., German Historian, b. 1620, d, 1697). See Japp's German
Literature, 272 F.

Wind. See Half Hours in the Deep, s66Q. Hartwig's Tropical World, 758F.
Humboldt's Cosmos, 483R. Eraser's Seaside Naturalist [and Tides],
59oQ. Maury's Physical Geography, 757H. Reclus' Phenomena,
8o6F. Stanley's Dark Continent, 156311. Sunday at Home, v. 28,
28787 ; v. 33, 28337. Cyclones, Storms, Meteorology, &c.

Windermere. See Knight's Lake District, 8i7Q. Land We Live in, 4646.

"Window Garden. See Boy's Own Annual, v. 10, 29607, &c.

"Windows. See All the Year Round, v. 50, iSioJ. Wilkinson's On Colour, 9480.

Windpipe. See Meyer's Organs of Speech, 3goR. Throat, &c.

Windsor Castle, with a Description of the Park, Town, and Neigh-
bourhood, by Loftie, illustrated. 1887 , 833K

Royal, by Dixon, 4 vols. 1879 325-8H

See also Jesse's Gleanings [and Windsor Park], 57gQ. Leisure Hour, v.

8, 2628J ; v. 37, 26477. Old Sights with New Eyes, I754R, &c.

Wine and Wine Countries, a Record and Manual for Wine Merchants

and Wine Consumers, by Charles Tovey. 1877 2I25R

Art of Making. 1816 956M

Testimony of the Bible to the Use and Abuse of, by Kelly. 1851

See also Beeton's Household Management, gg-jM. Donovan's Domestic
Economy [Wine-Making], 732T. Drewry's Foods, sgiT. Fortnightly
Review [Duties on], v. 44, 21347. French's History of Toasting, 8i8M.

Health Lectures [as a Drink], SsgM. Kitto's Palestine, 6ioB. Letters
and Essays [Wine-Question], ioi3H. Peto's Taxation, &c., ioi6F.
Saturday Review [Old Rhine], v. 57, R.L. Smith's Foods, sSoR.
Stanley's Dark Continent, iSO^jR. Thudichum's Alcoholic Drinks,
986 M. Tomes' Champagne Country, 874(3. Ure's Dictionary, 8D ;
[Adulteration of], gD. Gentleman's [and Music], v. 42, 762J, &c.

Winer (G. B.), A Grammar of New Testament Diction, intended as
an Introduction to the Study of the Greek New Testament
translated by Masson. 1859 246A

Winged Words, or Truth Re-Told, by Haweis. 1885 I923R

Wingfleld (Hon. L.). See Saturday Review [p. 738], v. 56, R.L. Fiction Class
List following the General Catalogue, &c.

"Wings. See Pettigrew's Animal Locomotion, 354R. Science Gossip [of Birds],

Winkles (II.' and B.),' Cathedral Churches of England and Wales,

illustrated by Garland I25D

Winkworth (Catherine), Christian Singers of Germany H3&R

Ed. , Life of Amelia W. Sieveking, tr. 1863 9610

Winners in Life's Race, or the Great Back-boned Family [Zoology,

Vertebrates], by Buckley, illustrated. 1882 I29R

Winnipeg, Canada. See Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 334H. Leisure

Hour, v. 34, 26447. Lome's Canadian Pictures, 3316. Canada.
Winslow (O.), Inquirer Directed to an Experimental and Practical

View of the Atonement. 1842 87Z

Winter, Sylvan, by Heath, illustrated. 1886 I274H

See also Brand's Antiquities, xooyM. Chambers' Journal [Hints for

Travellers], v. 60, 19607. Gentleman's Magazine [Cold Winters], v. 22,
N..S., 742J. Good Words [in England], v. 26, 21967 ; [the Charm
of), v. 29, 2iggJ. Guernsey Magazine, v. 17, 23977. Saturday Re-
view [Health Resorts], v. 54, R.L. Seasons of the Year, 56gQ. Sunday
at Home, v. 7, 28577. Sunday Magazine, v. i, 24517; [Tales of Ter-
rible Winters], v. 12, 24697, &c.

Winter Tour in Spain, by Pemberton. 1868 428K

Winter Qohn Strange [Mrs. Stannard]). See Fiction Class List following the

General Catalogue.

"WinthTOp (J., American Slates/nan, First Governor of Massachusetts,
/>. 1587, d. 1649), History of New England [1630-1649], with
Notes by Savage, 2 vols. 1853 509-10!!



"Wire. See English Mechanic, v. 46-7, I046-7D. Eeckmann's Inventions [Wire-
drawing], 6g7Q. Ure's Dictionary [Wire-rope], 8-gD,

"Wisconsin. See Featherstonhaugh's Canoe Voyage, 72(5K. Harper's New

Wisby. See Harper's Magazine [Ancient City of], v. 78, 16587.
n. See Featherstonhaugh's Canoe Voyage, 726K.
Monthly Magazine, v. 76, i656J. Leisure Hour [Life in the .Backwoods

of], v. 35, 2645.], &c.
Wisdom Grave and Gay, Select Speeches of Sir W. Lawson, and

Life, edited by Jameson. 1889 2Oi6R

of the Ancients [Bacon's Works] 1070

See also Girl's Own Annual [The Secret of], v. 3, 2553^. Sunday at Home

[and 'Divination], v. 8, 28s8J, &c. See also Subject required in con-
nection with this word.
"Wise Men of Gotham. See Chap-books, isaiH.

Wise Sayings of the Great and Good H37R and U5T

Wise, Witty and Tender Sayings in Prose and Verse, from George

. Eliot, by Main. 1881 H56Z

Wise Words and Loving Deeds, Biographies for Girls, by Gray. 1884 13330
Wise (Lieut.), U.S.N., Los Gringos, or an Inside View of Mexico
and California, with Wanderings in Peru, Chili and Poly-
nesia. 1850 55K

Wiseman (N. P. S., Cardinal, b. 1802, d. 1865), Lectures on the

Connection between Science and Revealed Religion, 2 vols. I22-3Q

Recollections of the Last Four Popes, and of Rome in their

Days. 1858 326A

Wisliart (G., Bishop of Edinburgh, d. 1671), D.D., Memoirs of

James Graham, Marquis of Montrose. 1819

Wishart (G., Scottish Martyr, burnt 1546). See The Reformers, i 4 6 7 O.

Wit and Humour of josh Billings I863Z

- Life, Talks with Young Christians, by Stanford. 1886 473M

Wisdom from West Africa, by Burton. 1865 9i8M

of Sidney Smith

the Bench and Bar, by Moncreiff. 1 882

See also Blackwoocl, v. 6, R.L. Leisure Hour, v. 23, 2633 J. Paley's Greek

Wit, I232-3Z. Tegg's Mixture for Low Spirits, 12572. Timbs*
Wits and Humourists, 1040-410. Bon Mots. Jeux D'Esprit, &c.

"Witchcraft and Devil- Lore in the Channel Islands, by J. L. Pitts. 4420
"Witchcraft, Witches, &c. See Brand's Antiquities, icos^M. Brown's Palaeolithic
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