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England, 307-8H, &c.

Witt (J. De, Dutch Statesman, b. 1625, killed 1672), Grand Pensionary
of Holland, or Twenty Years of a Parliamentary Republic,
by Pontalis, translated by Stephenson, 2 vols. 1885 6oo-iF

See also Poole's Index, R.L. Holland, &c.

[8 4 2]


Witt (Madame De), A Christian Woman, being the Life of Madame
Jules Mallet, translated by Goodhart. 1882

Monsieur Guizot in Private Life [1787- 1874], translated by M. C.

M. Simpson. 1880 ,. 306!-'

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Wittgenstein (Count). See Alison's Europe, 129-360, &c.

Wittish (W.), Curiosities of Physical Geography. 1853 688t>

Wohler (Frederick, German Chemist, b. 1800, d, 1882). See Nature, v. 26 and
29, 2686 and 2689.7.

Woflington (Margaret [Peg], Irish Actress, b. 1718, d. 1760), Saturday Review,
v. 58, R.L. Fitzgerald's Kings and Queens of an Hour, -85]?, &c.

WolCOtt (John, Satirical Poet, b. 1738, d. 1819). See Pindar (Peter).

Wolf, The. See Atkinson's Russian Acquisitions, 6nB. Jardine's Naturalists'
Library, 66iQ. Lindsay's Mind in the Lower Animals, 7H-2F.
Southesk's Rocky Mountains, SiyK. Natural History, &c.

Wolfe (C., Irish Poet, b, 1791, d. 1823). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry,
476D. Griswold's Poets and Poetry of England, 4720.

Wolfe (J., General, b. 1726, killed 1759), Life of, by Wright. 1864. 581 1"

Wolfert's Roost and other Papers, by Washington Irving. 1855 I296R

Wolff (Rev. J., Missionary, b. 1795, d - 1862), D.D., Mission to
Bokhara in 1843-45, to ascertain the Fate of Colonel Stoddart
and Captain Conolly. 1852 I489R.

Travels and Adventures of [Missionary Travels], 2 vols. i86i..56o-6iK

Wolkenberg (M.), Tr., Genesis, with a Talmudical Commentary,

by Hershon, and an Essay by Spence. 1883 722 A

Wollaston (A. N.), C.I.E., Half Hours with Muhammad, an Ac-
count of the Prophet of Arabia. 1886. : 689 and 14780

Wollstonecraft (M-). See Merydew's Love Letters, v. 2, 677^".

Wolseley (Lord, General, l>. 1843), G.C.B., a Memoir, by Low 10420

See also Adams' England at War, i9gH. Cox's Colenso, O22F. English

Illustrated [a Character Sketch], v. 2, ig92j. Leisure Hour [with Por-
trait], v. 31, 26417, &c.

Wolsey (Thomas, Cardinal and Statesman, b. 1471, d. 1530), by

Creighton [Twelve English Statesmen]. 1888 13950

See also All the Year Round, v. 42, i822j. Campbell's Chancellors, 7740.

Cunningham's Eminent Englishmen, zaF. Dixon's History of Two
Queens, 38-4tF. Froude's England, 1920. Gairdner's Henry VIII.,
234-5 H. Green's English People, igoH. Lardner's Cabinet Cyclo-
paedia], 283T. Milman's St. Paul's, 32oH. Palace and Hospital,
15350. Henry VIII., England, &c.

Wolverhampton. See Leisure Hour [Manufactures of], v. 21, 26317.

Wolzogen (Alfred, Baron Von), Raphael Sand, His Life and his

Works, translated by Bunnett. 1866 405!'

WOMAN Works relating to : (See also Anthropology, Crea-
tion, Ethnology, History, Man, 2\aces, Habits, Manners,
Society, Working Classes, &Y.) '

Woman and Her Work in the \Vorld, by Cresswell. 1876 9I7R

Family Monitor and Domestic Guide, by Ellis i86D

[Women of England. Daughters of England. Wives of England.
Mothers of England.]

French Women of Letters, Biographical Sketches, by Ka-

vanagh, 2 vols. 1862 66o-6iO

Historical Picture of, or the volume of affections, by Cornish 594T

How Women may Earn a Living, by Grogan 5i8T

in France during the Eighteenth Century, by Kavanagh .1043-40

her Social and Domestic Character, by Sandford. 1837. 595T

the Angel of Life, a Poem, by Montgomery. 1833 479D>



WOMAN Works relating to -(continued}.

Woman, the Five Talents of. 1889 99 6M

What Girls can Do, by Browne 9 8oM

Woman's Work and Woman's Culture, by Butler. 1862 io88F

Womanhood, Infancy to, by White. 1882 H33R

True, Memorials of Eliza Hessel, by Priestley. i85 9 7ioO

Women Artists in all Ages and Countries, by Mrs. Ellet. i85 9 10450

Biographies of Good Women, by Yonge. 1876 95Q

Celebrated, by James, 2 vols. 1837 829-00

Duties of, by Cobbe. 1881 979M

> in the Reign of Queen Victoria, by Caplin 974M

Lives of Noble Women, by Adams. 1881 13270

Noble Deeds of, by Starling. 1850 , !3iiO

of England, Their Habits, &c., by Mrs. Ellis. 1839 9 27R

Europe in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries, by Mrs.

Higgins, 2 vols. 1885 582-3F

Fashion and Representative Women in Letters and

Society, by Adams, 2 vols. 1878 1047-80

the Puritan Times, by Anderson, 2 vols. 1862 831-20

Worth, a Book for Girls, illustrated by Dickes 3I4T

Past and Present, by Wade. 1859 10460

Political, by Menzies, 2 vols. 1875 928-90

Remarkable, as Examples for Girls, by Swaine. 1882 2 9 6T

Some Eminent Women of our Times, Short Biographical

Sketches, by Mrs. H. Fawcett. i88 9 14870

[E. Fry, M. Somerville, M. Carpenter, C. Herschell, S. Martin, Queen
Victoria, H. Martineau, F. Nightingale, M. Lamb, A. E.Jones, C.
and E. Bronte, E. B. Browning, Lady Sale, E. Gilbert, J. Austen,
M. Edgeworth, Queen Louisa of Prussia, D. Wordsworth, Sister
Dora, Mrs. Barbauld, J. Baillie, H. More, American Abolitionists,
P. Craudall and L. Mott.].

Subjection of, by Mill. 1869 IO28R

Two Great Englishwomen, C. Bronte and Mrs. Browning,

by Bayne. 1881 lOloO

See also Academy [Woman Question in Europe], v. 26, R.L. Adams'

Englishwomen of the Victorian Era, 12820. Arnold's Politics [Legal
Position of Married Women, and Woman Suffrage], 86oH. Bellair's
Girls and Maidens, 984M. Bourkes' Snake Dance, &c., 7I7.K.
Brand's Antiquities, ioo6-7M. Brenner's Gymnastics for Ladies,
jogsF. Bryce's American Commonwealth [Position of], 5i8-gH.
Capital and Labour, insF. Chambers' [Clever Married], v. 57,
J 957J- Chambers' Miscellany [Trials in Humble Life], 632!^.
Compayr^'s Pedagogy, 2g6R. Contemporary Review [in France], v.
5, -2015] ; [Education of], v. 7, '2017^ ; [Powers of], v. 14, 2024J ;
[Employment of, Married Women in Factories], v. 41, 2051} ;
[Christianity and the Equality of the Sexes], v. 46, 2os6J. Cum-
ming's China, 789^. Darton's Christian Women, 13100 ; Famous
Girls, 13260. Dixon's White Conquest, 492-3^ Eden's China,
8isQ; Japan, 8i4Q. Ellet's Queens of American Society, 468F.
Eminent Women Series, 11250. Escptt's England and its People,
ioi7-8F. Fawcett's Essays [Education of], icr^F. Fortnightly
Review [of Chivalry], v. 48, 2I38J ; [The Enfranchisement of], v. 51,
2i4iJ. Fraser [Education of], v. 74, 684J. Girl's Own Annual
[of Intellect, Womanhood, &c.], v. 3, 2553J ; [What is her Appointed
Position and Work], v. 5, 2555J ; v. 6, 2556J. Gould's Germany,
3630. Grey's Self-Culture, g6iR. Hack's Self-Surrender [Religious],
9570. Harper [Convicts], v. 28, i6o8J. Inman's Faiths, g6K.
Jameson's Mothers and Governesses, c., gSsR. Jeaffreson's Book
about the Clergy [Clerical], v. i, 502A ; ^Bridals, 983-4^ Lecky's
Morals, 384^!. Leisure Hour [as Physicians], v. 19, 2629 J; [Savings
of], v. 34, 2644J. Living Age [Our Grandmothers], v. 171, 3201}.



"WOMAN Works relating to (continued}.

Longman's Magazine [Work and Wages], v. 12, 902.7. Lubbock's
Primitive Man, 6726. Lytton's France, 3ioO. Macmillan [Suffrage
for], v. 30, 960 J ; [Emigration for], v. 45, 9757. Mallet's Northern Anti-
quities, ioo8M. Malthus' Population, iog3F. Michelet's Priests,
Women, c., 4iiM. Mill's Discussions [Enfranchisement of], 648!!.
Mrs. Ellis' Family Monitor [Women of England, Their Social
Duties, &c.], i86D. Nineteenth Century [and Politics], v. 19, 2229.7.
Nordhoff s Communistic Societies, I045F. Peasant Properties [The
Powers of Women], 2OosR. Percy Anecdotes, 933Z. Pike's Crime
in England, 307- 8H. Quarterly [Rights of], v. 75, 12057. Reaney's
Our Daughters, 45oM. Saturday Review [Hypocrisy], v. 56, R.L.
Scribner's Monthly [English and American], v. 7, 18577. Smiles'
Life and Labour, 13550. Stanley's Dark Continent, is^R. Stap-
fer's Palestine [Time of Christ], 477M. Sunday at Home [Her Glory
and Greatness], v. 6, 28567. Temple Bar [Excessive Influence of],
v. 49, 13797. Timpson's Female Biography, 5150. Williams'
Forensic Facts and Fallacies [Married], 288R. Faithfull's America.
Cornhill [George Meredith's Views of], v. 86, 14167. New Review
[Three Types of Womanhood], v. i, 335iJ. Woman's World [and
Democracy], v. i, R.L. ; [Field Work for], v. 2, R.L. ; [Woman's
Suffrage], v. 2, R.L. Fortnightly Review [Eastern], v. 52, 2142.7;
[Women's Suffrage], v. 52, 2142.7. Westminster Review [In Public
Life], v. 132, R.L. igth Century [Decline of Reserve among], v.
27, 22377, &c.

Woman's Journey Round the World, by Pfeiffer, ill. in full. 1850... I322R

Wombwell (Sir G., MenageHst, b. 1777, d. 1850). See Lennox's Celebrities,
ioi6H, &c.

Wonderful Characters, by Wilson and Caulfield .......................... 10490

Wonderful Things, Ten Thousand, edited by King .................... iniR

Wonders Near Home [Natural History Rambles of Two Boys, by

Houghton [R.T.S.] ..................................................... 73iZ

- of Creation. 1875 .......................................................... SogZ

- Nature and Art. 1828 ................................................ I329H

- - [Astronomy], by Rudolph. 1882 ............................... 54oR

- Organic Life [R.T.S.] .................................................. 737Z

- the Underground World, by Adams. 1878 ..................... 59 2 Q

-Vegetable World. 1877 ......................................... 844^

- - World, in Nature, Art and Mind, edited by Ince, illus.... 325 K
See also any special Subject Required.

"Wood. See Beckman's Inventions [Floating of], ^9?Q- Boy's Own Annual
[Artificial], v. 5, 29557. English Mechanic, v. 46-7, 1046-70. Leisure
Hour [Artificial], v. 30, 26407. Mantell's Wonders of Geology [Fossil],
724-5(3. Ure's Dictionary [Preserving], gD. Timber, Trees, &c.

Wood (A.), Tr., Dead Cities of the Zuyder Zee, by Havard ..... .... 463!^

"^Tood (Sir C.). See Martin's Life of the Prince Consort, 93-6F.

Wood (C. J.), Food and Cookery for Infants and Invalids. 1884 ...... 985^!

- Handbook of Nursing, with a Glossary of the most Common

Medical Terms ....... . ................................................... I47OZ

Wood (C. W., Ed. of the "Argosy" from 1887), Under Northern

Skies, illus. 1886 ...................................................... I766R

- For other "works by this Author see the Argosy from f. i, ij.

Wood (Sir E., General in Ashantee War, b. 1838). See Cox's Colenso, 622F.

Wood (E. J.), Curiosities of Clocks and Watches from the Earliest

Times. 1866 ............................................................. 836!)

Wood (H.), A Season among the Wild Flowers, illustrated. 1883... 73R

Wood (Mrs. Henry, Novelist and Editor of the "Argosy" b. 1820, d. 1887).
See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Wood (J. G., Naturalist^ b. 1827, d. 1889), Common British Insects,
selected from the Typical Beetles, Moths and Butterflies of
Great Britain, illustrated. 1882 ..................................... 9iR

- Common Objects of the Microscope, illustrated. 1864 ............ 6o8(>



Wood (J. G.), Common Objects of the Sea Shore, including Hints

for an Aquarium 7i6Z

Dominion of Man over Animals 2i3oR

Fresh and Salt-Water Aquarium, coloured illustrations. 1868... Ji^Z,

Horse and Man 2i3iR

Insects Abroad, an Account of Foreign Insects, illustrated. 1874 749F

Lane and Field [S. P. C.K.], illustrated. 1879 624(3

Man and Beast Here and Hereafter, 2 vols. 1874 7i9-oF

r= Nature's Teachings, Human Inventions Anticipated by Nature... 7HF

OutofDoors 2I32R

Petland Revisited [Pet Animals], illustrated. 1884 53^

Sketches and Anecdotes of Animal Life, illustrated. 1855 48R

Strange Dwellings [Sunbeam Library, vol. i]. 1882 3476

being a Description of the Habitations of Animals 56R

The Boy's Own Book of Natural History, illustrated i85R

Brook and its Banks [Girl's Own Annual, vol 8] 2558J

Common Moths of England, coloured plates iS6R

Life and Work of. 1890 59F

"Wood (Samuel). See Everyday Heroes, 14550, &c.

Wood (Sara), Dwellers in Our Gardens [Birds, Butterflies., &c.] 1877 II7R
Wood (Thomas), A.M., Mosaic History of the Creation of the

World, revised by Durkin. 1831 484A

Wood (T.), M.D., Primitive Inhabitants of Ireland. 1821.. 383 K

Wood (T.), M.E.S., Practical Lessons on Insect Life, illus. 1882.... 9;R

Wood-Carving, edited by Miller, illustrated III3M

and Turning. See also Art Journal, v. 17 and 38, R.L. Cassell's Pastimes,

I262H. Every Boy's Annual, 1304!!. Illustrated Carpenter and
Builder, from v. i, agSi-J. Rees' Home Decoration, 94sM. Ure's
Dictionary [Machinery], gD. Carving, Carpentry, Joinery, &c.

Wood-Engraving, Bewick and his Pupils, by Dobson. 1889 14840

See also Century Magazine, v. 3, 1875] ; v. 38, i888J. Girl's Own Annual,

v - 7> 2 557J Hamerton's Graphic Arts, I076M. Harper [History of],
v. 64, i644j. Ruskin's Works, 834 R, &c.

Wood-Pigeon and Woodcocks. See Cassell's Family Magazine [Woodcocks],
v. 7, 2356J. Chambers' Journal [Strange Story of a Wood Pigeon], v.
60, ig6oj. Gentleman's Magazine [Plover, Woodcock and Snipe], v. 43,
N.S., 76sJ. Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 6460,. Birds, &c.

Wood Leighton, or a Year in the Country, by Howitt. 1853 I539Z

Woodfall (Henry). See Knight's Old Booksellers, ~i 45 iO.

Woodfall's Junius, The Letters of Junius from the latest London

Edition. 1888 H39R

Woodgate (W. B.) Boating, with an Introduction by Edmond

Warre, D.D. [Badminton Library], illustrated. 1888 i266Ra

[Amateurs Past and Present. Books on Boating. Cambridge Clubs. Eton.

Henley Regatta. Chinese Junks. Oxford Regattas. Rivers and

Courses. Sculling. Steering. Temple of Fame [List of Winners of

Races]. Thames Preservation Act. Universities. Watermen, &c.]

Woodhouse (F. C.), M.A., Military Religious Orders of the

Middle Ages. 1879 2730

Woodhouselee (Lord). See Tytler (Hon. A. F.).

Woodland, Moor and Stream, being the Notes of a Naturalist,

edited by Owen. 1889 2I26R

Woodlands, The, by Cooke [S.P.C.K.], illustrated. 1879 622Q

See also Longman's Magazine, v. 12, go2j. Forests, &c.

Woodlark, The. See Science Gossip, v. 7, 24^. Birds, &c.
Woodpecker, The. See Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 6ssQ. Science Gossip,

v. 2, 241 1 J. Birds, &c.
Woodruff (E.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja.



Woods (L.), D.D., Memoirs of Mrs. Harriet Newell, wife of the

Rev. Samuel Newell, American Missionary to India. 1815.. 2Q2T
"Woodville(F.lixabeth, Queen of Ediuard IV. t d. 1498). See Strickland's Queens

of England, 8ooO, c.

Woodward (G. E. ), Architecture and Rural Art, illustrated. 1869... IO92M
Woodward (H., Comedian, b. 1717, d. 1777). See New English Theatre.
Woodward (H. B.), F.G.S., Geology of England and Wales, with

Notes on the Physical Features of the Country, 2 vols. 1844 677-80
Woodward (Mrs.)- See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Woodward (S. P., Geologist, b. 1821, d. 1865), A.L.S., Manual of
the Mollusca, a Treatise of Recent and Fossil Shells, with

Appendix, by Tate. 1868 i8lR

Woodworth. (S., American Poet, b. 1785, d. 1842). See Dana's Household
Book of Poetry, 4760. Griswold's Poets of America, 4680, &c.

Wool, Ancient History of. 1845 2I3D

See also Leisure Hour [Wool Trade], v. 29, 2639.7. McCulloch's British Em-
pire [Woollen Manufacture], 711 H. Simmond's Animal Products,
I033M. Stanford's Compendium, 850-4^ Ure's Dictionary [Woollen
Manufacture], 8-gD. Sheep, &c.
Wool-work. See Girl's Book, i2 57 H, &c.

Wool-gathering [American Humorous Sketches], by Gail Hamil-
ton. 1868 968R

Woolhouse (W. S. B.), F.R.A.S., Measures, Weights, and Moneys
of all Nations, and an Analysis of the Christian, Hebrew, and

Mahometan Calendars [Weale Series]. 1872 5i6T

Woollcombe (Lieut.-Col. J. Dobre"e, of Guernsey), C.B. See Sarnia [p. 102],

14160, &c.

Woolsey (Miss S. C.). See Coolid^e (Susan), in Fiction Class List.
Woolson (C. F.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja. Fiction Class List

following the General Catalogue, &c.

"Woolwich. See Leisure Hour [Arsenal], v. 3, 26137. Once a Week [a day at],

v. 5, 2265.7. Penny Magazine, v. 8, 1466. Wynter's Curiosities, gigM.

Worboise (Mrs. E. J., Novelist, b. 1825), Ed., Christian World

Magazine from 1872 2 4iJ

See also Fiction Class List following: the General Catalogue, &c.

Worcester, by Smith [Diocesan Histories], 1883 l842Z

See also Leisure Hour, v. 21, 26317. All the Year Round [Chronicles of], v.

54, 1814.7. England, &c.

Worcester (Edward Somerset, Second Marquis of, PhilosopJier, b.
1601, d. 1667), Life and Scientific Labours and a Reprint of
his "Century of Inventions," with notes by Dircks. 1865... 690!
"Word in Season, A. See Chambers' Journal, v. 59, I959J.

Word-Book of the Romany, or English Gypsy Language, by Borrow 8g6R
Words and Phrases peculiar to the United States, by Bartlett. 1869 i87l>

Biographies of, and the Home of the Aryas, by Max Miiller 2OOIR

On the Study of, by Trench [Humboldt Library], 2 vols H29-oH

Study of, by Trench. 1878 in8R

1 See also Cassell's Book of Amusements [Word Puzzles], I259H. Chambers'

Journal [Lapses in], v. 60, ig6oj. Dictionary of Every-Day Difficul-
s [Words made easy], igisR. Good Words [Short Biographies of]>
27, 2I97J. Leisure Hour [and Places], v. 21, 263^. Science of

Thought, s8c;H. Language, &c.

Words for the Heart and Life, by Morris. 1855 588M

Words from the Cross and Thoughts for these Times, Sermons by

Vaughan. 1875 229Q

Words of Hope and Comfort to those in Sorrow. 1874 534^4

Words of the Apostles, by Stier, translated by Venables [Clark's

Foreign Theological Library]. 1869 752A

Wordsworth. (Charles, Nephew of the Poet, Bishop of St. Andrews and Tutor
to Mr. Gladstone, b. 1806). See Knight's Life of Wordsworth, v. 3,
29gF. Saturday Review, v. 56, R.L., &c.



"Wordsworth. (Christopher, Bishop of Lincoln, Nephew of the Poet,
Brother of Above, b. 1807), D.D., Lectures on the Apoca-
lypse [Hulsean Lectures, 1848], 1849

On the Interpretation of Scripture [Replies to Essays and Re-

St. Hippolytus and the Church of Rome in the Earlier Part of

the Third Century. 1880 535M

See also Knight's Life of Wordsworth, v. 1-3, 2gj-gY.

^fords "worth. (J.). $ ee Knight's Life of Wordsworth, v. 1-3, 297-gF.

Wordsworth (W., Poet Laureate, b. 1770, d. 1850), Poetical Works $I2D

by Myers [English Men of Letters]. 1881 10870

Life of, by Knight, 3 vols. 1889 297-9!^

Poems and Life [British Poets], 7 vols. 1864 :

Vol. i. Life. The Borderers. Lucy Gray. We are Seven. The Pet
Lamb. Westmorland Girl. Lament of Mary Queen of Scots.
Maternal Grief. The Sailor's Mother. The Childless Father.
Idiot Boy. Her Eyes are Wild, &c . 4 9gQ

Vol. 2. The Waterfall and the Eglantine. To the Daisy. The Wagoner.
To the Cuckoo. She was a Phantom of Delight. Power of
Music. Star-Gazers. Gypsies. The Thorn. To a Skylark.
Wishing Gate. Peter Bell. To Sleep. Grief. Retirement. To
a Snowdrop. Captivity. Mary Queen of Scots. Filial Piety.
At Furness Abbey, &c SooQ

Vol. 3. At the Grave of Burns. Rob Roy's Grave. The Brownie's Cell.
To Toussaint L'Ouverture. Occasioned by the Battle of
Waterloo. Three Cottage Girls. At Dover. The Egyptian
Maid. Flowers. Stepping Stones. Whence that low Voice.
In the Sound of Mull. Highland Hut. Bothwell Castle. Fancy
and Tradition, &c 5oiQ

Vol. 4. The White Doe of Rylstone. How soon, alas ! did Man created
Pure. Crusaders. The Vaudois. The Virgin. Charles the
Second. Aspects of Christianity in America. The Marriage
Ceremony. Regrets. By the Sea-side. Mary Queen of Scots.
Isle of Man. The Somnambulist. To my Sister. Fidelity.
Humanity. To May. So Fair, so Sweet, withal so Sensitive.
Men of the Western World! in date's Dark Book. Young
England what is then Become of Old, &c

Vol. 5. Liberty. The Gleaner. How Beautiful the Queen of Night on
High. To a Child. Inscriptions. Troilus and Cressida. Epi-
taphs and Elegiac Pieces, &c 5O3Q

Vol. 6. Dedication. The Wanderer. The Solitary. Despondencj'. The
Pastor. The Churchyard among the Mountains. The Parson-
age, &c S04Q>

Vol. 7. Growth of a Poet's Mind. School-Time. Summer Vacation.
Books. Residence in London. Residence in France. Imagina-
tion and Taste, how Impaired and Restored, &c 5O5Q

See also Bagehot's Studies [Wordsworth, Tennyson and Browning], 864.H.

Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Field's Authors, 10520.
Griswold's Poets and Poetry of England, 472D. Hamilton's Poets
Laureate, 9270. Leisure Hour, v. 4 and 12, 2614 and 2622 J. Noel's
Essays, lo^gli. Poole's Index, R.L. Stephen's Hours in a Library
uo 4 R, &c.

"WORK amongst Working Men, by Hopkins 532T

and Adventure in New Guinea [1877-1885], by Chalmers and

Gill, illustrated. 1885 i64iR

Pay, by Levi. 1877 2S$R

Play, by Bushnell. 1864 885*!

Wages, by Rogers. 1885 284R

Six Centuries of, by Rogers. 1886 1IO2F



Work ; Health, and Play, by Aclancl. 1856 ................................. 18447,

- Religious, Among Working Men, by Hopkins ........................ 53 2 T

- See' also Browne's'What Girls can Do [Work for Pleasure and Necessity],

gSoM. Bullock's Talks with the People, v. i, igjZ. Girl's Own Annual
[and Workshops], v. 3, 25537 ; [versus Idleness], v. 5, 2555]. Nineteenth
Century [Work-girl's Diary], v. 24, 22347. Richardson's Health, &c.,
I4O3Z. Overwork, Labour, &.c.
Workhouse Medical Officer, Reminiscences, by J. Rogers. 1889... 14520

- Visiting and Management during Twenty-five Years, by Twining 528!"
"Workhouses. See Ashton's Reign of Queen Anne [Hospitals, &c.], 68F. Capi-

tal and Labour, insF. Escott's England and its People, xoiyF.
Nineteenth Century [Cruelties in, in England], v. 20, 22307. Quiver
[Workhouse Worries], v. 32, 33027. Sunday at Home [Life in Town
and Country], v. 36, 28867, &c.
Working and Middle Classes [by Wade]. 1833 ........................... 52iT

- Class, Progress of the, by Ludlow and Jones. 1867 ............... 238R

- Classes, Habits and Customs of the, by a Journeyman Engineer.. 895M
- Speeches upon Subjects having Relation to the, by the Earl of

Shaftesbury. 1868 ...................................................... io8sR

- Wages and Earnings of, by Levi. 1885 ........................... 1O24F

- See also Alison's Europe, 140-60. Carlyle's Evangelical Alliance, 66oA.

Dilke's Problems of Greater Britain, 33sH. Escott's England and its
People, IOI/-8F. Leisure Hour [Abroad], v. 22, 26327. Sunday at
Home, v. 23, 28737, &c.
Working Girls, Clubs for, by Maude Stanley. 1890 .................. 2O2QR

- See also Girl's Own Annual [How they Live in London], v. 10, 25607.

Working Men and Women, by a Working Man. 1879 ...... ......... U4oR

- Lectures to, by Brown, 2 vols in i. 1866 ........................ H3T

Workmen and their Difficulties, by Bayly. 1861 ........................ 522T


See also All the Year Round [Workmen's Train], v. 50, 18107. Capital and
Labour [Working Tailors], insF. Cassell's Pastimes [The Workshop],
I262H. Heckthorn's Secret Societies [Unions], 3770. Illustrated

Carpenter and Builder [the Workshop], from vol i, 29817. McCulloch's
British Empire, 7ii-2H May's Democracy [International Society of],
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Workshop, Health in the, by Lakeman. 1884 ........................... 99iM

WORLD, A Trip around the, by Caine. 1888 ............................ 855 K

- See also Voyages, Travels, &c.

- before the Deluge, by Figuier, illustrated. 1866 .................... 686D

- Countries of the, by Brown, 4 vols ..................................... 160-3!)

- Origin of the, according to Revelation and Science, by Daw-

son. 1888 ................................................................ 564R

- of the Sea, by Tandon, translated and enlarged by Hart,

illustrated .................................................................. 755F

- Sacred and Profane History of the, by Shuckford, 2 vols. 1810 i6i-2K
- History of the, as Displayed in the Creation, by Turner. 1834 47iA

by Turner, 2 vols. 1834 ................................. 29I-2K

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