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- 3 vols. 1838 ....................................... 69-7iZ

- Surveyed in the Nineteenth Century [Parrot's Journey to Ararat]

translated by Cooley. 1845 .......................................... 3 2 4K

- Ten Years of the World's Progress, by Putnam. 1861 ........... 2i6R

- The World's Birthday, by Gaussen. 1861 ........................... 8O4Z

- See also Cornhill [End of], v. 45, 3257. Inman's Faiths, g6K. Knowledge,

from v. i, 253iZ. Timbs' Works, 853^ ; [End of the World Fore-
told], 856Z ; [Seven Wonders of the], SssZ. Zeller's Greek Philosophy,
538-9M. Creation, Earth, &c.
"World," The, by Moore and others [British Essayists] .............. 32-5T

36 [849]


"World of Wonders, a Record of Things Wonderful in Nature, Science

and Art 665 13

Worlds, More Worlds than One, the Creed of the Philosopher

and Hope of the Christian. 1876 239M

"Worlds, Other Worlds than Ours, by Proctor. 1878 44oR

Plurality of. 1853 76gD

See also Astronomy.

World's Workers Series, V.D. :

Cobden (R.), bv Govvring 11400

Dickens (C.), by his Daughter 11410

Franklin (B.), by Tomkinson 1 1420

Gordon (General), by Swaine 1 1530

Guthrie, Matthew. Burset and Livesey, by Kirton U43O

Handel, by Clarke n 44 O

Havelock and Colin Campbell, by Phillips 1 1450

Lincoln (A.), by Foster 11460

Livingstone (D.), by R. Smiles "4?O

Miiller (G.)and Reed (A.), by Pitman u 4 8O

Nightingale (Florence), &c., by Alldridge 11520

Salt (Sir T.) and Moore (G.), by Burnley 11490

Stephenson (G. and R.), by Mate"aux iiSoO

Turner the Artist, by Swaine usiO

Wormell (R.), M.A., Ed., Electricity in the Service of Man, by

Urbanitzky, illustrated. 1886 6890

"Worms. See Darwin's Vegetable Mould [Earth], 2iR. Duncan's Sea Shore,
6 27 Q. Wood's Lane and Field, 62 4 Q, &c.

Wornum (R. N., Art Critic, l>. 1812, d. 1877). Epochs of

Painting Characterized. 1847 1485 and I732Z

Worsaae (J. J. A., Danish Archaeologist i l>. 1821), F.S.A., Indus-
trial Arts of Denmark, before the Danish Conquest of Eng-
land [South Kensington Handbooks]. 1882 IO35M

Worship, Public, Best Methods of Conducting it, by Pearsall. 1867 445M

Sacrificial, of the Old Testament, by Kurtz, translated by

Martin [Clark's Theological Library]. 1863 774^

" See also Inman's Faiths, g6K. Kurtz's Church History, 7o6A. Living Age
[Mechanical Modes of], v. 163, 3193.!. Pressense's Ancient World and
Christianity, ug4M. Church, Religion, Theology, c.
"Worship of Masculinity. See Gentleman's Magazine, v. 265, 76iJ, &c.
Worsley (P. S., Scholar, d. 1866), M.A., Jr., Odyssey of Homer,

2 vols. 1861 II38-9H and Soo-iM

"Worsley-Benison. See Benison in Supplement.

"Worsted. See McCulloch's British Empire [Worsted Manufacture], juH.
Ure's Dictionary [Worsted and Worsted Stuffs], gD, &c.

Worth and Wealth, Maxims for Men of Business, by Hunt. 1856... 246R
Worthies of All Souls, Four Centuries of English History, illustrated

from the College Archives, by Burrows. 1 874

Worthies of Science, by Stoughton 10500

Wortley (Lady E. S. W., Poet and Traveller, b. 1806, d. 1855),

Travels in the United States [1849-0]. 1851' ..

See also Living Age [Travels in America], v. 29, 3059J, &c.

"Wotton (Sir H., Diplomatist and Poet, b. 1568, d. 1639). See Dana's House-
hold Book of Poetry, 4760, &c.

"Wotton (Dr.). See Froude's England, 194-70, c.

"Wounded, Aid for the. See Cassell's Family Magazine, v. 9, 2358.}, &c.
"Wounds. ^SV^South's Household Surgery, i857Z. Medicine, Surgery, &c.
"Wrangham (F., Archdeacon of Cleveland, b. 1770, d. 1843). See Knight's
Wordsworth, v. 1-3, 297-9F.

and others, Trs., Virgil [Family Classical Library], 2 vols. 1830 1115-60

Wranglers, Senior. See Cornhill, v. 45, 3257. Universities, &c.

[8 5 0]


Wraxall (Sir F. C. L., Essayist, b. 1828, d. 1865), and Wehrhan

(R.), Memoirs of Queen Hortense, Mother of Napoleon III. 7iSO
Wraxall (L. ), Trans. , Recollections of Russia, by a German Noble-
man. 1855 I300R

Wray(J. Jackson and T. Jackson, Writers of Moral Tales &=c.) See Fiction

Class List following the General Catalogue.

"Wreaths and Chaplets. See Friend's Flower Lore, 794F, &c.
"Wrecks. See Chambers' [Wrecked on the Goodwin*], v. 45. IQ49J. Gilmore's
Storm Warriors, &c., 2015 R. Leisure Hour [Wreckers, and Life-
Boats], v. 3, 26i3j ; [Wreck of the Ainherst], v. 35, 264sJ. Long-
fellow's Poetical Works [Wreck of the Hesperus, a Poem], 1417^!.
Wynter's Human Hive [and Wreckers], 2448.. Sea Voyages, &c.
""Wren, The. See Academy [Hunting of], v. 27-, R.L. Brand's Antiquities [Wren-
Hunting], looyM. Ingersoll's American Natural History, 582(3.
Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 645Q. Wood's Lane and Field, 624Q.
Birds, Ornithology, &c.
Wren (Sir C., Architect, b. 1632, d. 1723), His Family and His

Times [1585-1723], by Lucy Phillimore. i8Si

See also Cunningham's Eminent Englishmen, 24F. Loftie's London, 251-20.

Milman's St. Paul's, 32oH. Sunday Magazine, v. n, 2468 J, c.
"Wrestling. See Boys' Own Book, i^jZ. Cassell's Pastimes, I262H. Crawley's
Handbooks, H54M. Saturday Review, v. 57, R.L. New Review [in
Japan], v. i, 335iJ. Athletics, &c.

Wright (Dr. A.), Adventures in Servia, Experiences of a Medical
Free Lance among the Bashi-Bazouks, &c. , edited by Farqu-

har-Bernard, illustrated. 1884

Wright (C. ), Letters of, and some Account of his Life, by Thayer 10510

Wright (E. P.), F.L.S., Mammalia, their Various Forms and Habits,
popularly illustrated by Typical Species, adapted Irom the

text of Figuier, illustrated 51 R

Wright (G. N., Rector of St. Mary Woolnoth, London, b. 1812),

M.A., Life and Times of Louis Philippe, illustrated H2K

and Watkins (J.), LL.D., Life and Reign of William IV. 82-3F

See also Reid's Intellectual Powers, 58oH.

"Wright (Joseph, of Derby, Historical Painter, b. 1734,^. 1797). See Art Journal,

v. 35, R.L.

Wright (Mrs. J.), The Globe Prepared for Man, a Guide to Geology 1737^
Wright (R.), Life of General Wolfe. 1864 58iF

Memoir of General Oglethorpe. 1867 8760

Wright (Thomas, Antiquary, b. 1810, d. 1877), F.S.A., Biographia

Britannica Literaria, or Biography of Literary Characters of

Great Britain and Ireland [Anglo-Norman Period]. 1846 ... I44F

Early Travels in Palestine, 1848 I5ODR

Essays on Archaeological Subjects and on Various Questions

connected with the History of Art, Science, and Literature

in the Middle Ages, illustrated, 2 vols. 1861 912-3!''

History of Domestic Manners and Sentiments in England during

the Middle Ages, illustrated. 1862 942F

History of Scotland, 2 vols 468-91!

Homes of Other Days, or Domestic Manners in England from

Ancient to Modern Times. 1871 I97L)

Literature, Superstitions and History of England in the Middle

Ages, 2 vols. 1846 78-90

The Celt, the Roman, and the Saxon, a History of the Early In-
habitants of Britain, illustrated. 1861 1 5200

Ed.) King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. 1866... 1 141 -3R

The Vision and Creed of Piers Ploughman, from a Contem-
porary Manuscript [Poetry], 2 vols. 1887 14I3-4M

Travels of Marco Polo. 1854 I522R


Wright (W.), D.D., Empire of the Hittites, with Decipherment of
Hittite Inscriptions, by Sayce ; a Hittite Map, by Wilson
and Conder, and a Set of Hittite Inscriptions, by Rylands. ... IQ4-K
Wright (William Alclis, Librarian of Trinity College}, Ed., Letters

and Literary Remains of Edward Fitzgerald, 3 vols. 1889... 990-20

Writers, Our Great Writers, by Andrews. 1884 8840

"Writing. See Argosy [Easy Writing], v. i, ij. Bastian's Brain, sS/R. Beck-
mann's Inventions [Pens], 6Q7Q. Boys' Own Annual [Secret Writing],
v. 9, 2959J. Compayre's Pedagogy, 2O.6R. Knight's Pictorial Bible,
400-4M. Leisure Hour [Hints to Writers and Speakers], v. 5, 2615.7.
Pitman (I.), Works on Phonography [Writing by Sound]. Cassell's
Family Magazine [Ancient and Modern], v. 15, 236^, c.
"ViTryneck, The. See Science Gossip, v. 7, 2413], Birds, &c.
Wmfstan (St., Bishop of Worcester). See Freeman's Norman Conquest, 202-sH.
Wurtz (A., Professor at Paris, b. 1817), Atomic Theory, translated

by Cleminshaw [International Scientific Series]. 1888 366R

Elements of Modern Chemistry, translated and edited by Greene. 41 7R

See also Nature [with Portrait], v. 30, 2690.7, &c.

Wurtzburg (C. Von). See Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 473!), c.

"Wyandotte Cave and its Fauna. See Nature, v. 7, 2667.!, &c.

Wyatt (M. D., Architect, b. 1820, d. 1877), M.A., Fine Art and its

Application to Industry. 1870 9OiI>

and Tymms (W. R. ), History, Theory, and Practice of Illu-
minating I I24ivl

Wyatt (Sir T., Statesman and Poet, b. 1503, d. 1542), Poems and

Life [British Poets]. 1864 5o6Q

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760. Froude's England,

IQ2-6O. Thomson's Friendships, 5640, &c.

Wyatt (Sir T., The Younger, son of above, b. about 1520, executed 1554). See
Dixon's Her Majesty's Tower, 32iH. Royal Windsor, 327H. Froude's
England, 192-60, &c.

Wycherley (W., Dramatist, b. 1640, d. 1715). See New English Theatre.
Stirling's Old Drury Lane, i33gR, &c.

Wycliffe (J., Reformer, b. 1324, d. 1384), and His English Pre-
cursors, by Lechler, translated by Lorimer, 2 vols. 1878 ... 574-5F

Movements for Reform, by R. Lane Poole [Epochs of Church

History]. 1889 262T

Life of [R.T.S.] I74Z

See also Blackwood [Life and Work of], v. 136, 206 J. Brave Confessors,

14400. Fortnightly Review [and the Bible], v. 43, 2I33J. Green's
English People, iSgH. Harper's Monthly [with Portraits], v. 70, 1650.7.
Jeaffrespn's Book about the Clergy, v. i, 5O2A. Jusserand's English
Wayfaring Life, ig25R. Moulton's English Bible, 4i8M. Quarterly
Review [and his Works], v. 168, 1298.7. Stubbs' History, 211-20. Sun-
day at Home [ Visit to Birthplace of], v. 30, 288oJ. Reformers, 14670.

Wye, River. See Art Journal [Down the], v. 38, R.L. Land we Live in, 4646.

~W"ykeham (William of). See Stubbs' History, 211-20. Winchester, &c.

Wylde (A. B.), '83 to '87 in the Soudan, with an Account of Sir W.

Hewett's Mission to King John of Abyssinia, 2 vols. 1888.. 275-6H
Wylde (H., Musician, b. 1822), Music in its Art-Mysteries. 1867... 947L>
Wylde (Katherine). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Wylie (J. A.), LL.D., History of Protestantism, 3 vols 78-8oA

The Papacy, its History and Prospects. 1856 328A

Dogmas, Genius and Prospects. 1888 682 A

Wyndham (H. P., b. 1736, d. 1819), Diary of the late George

Bubb Dodington, Baron of Melcombe Regis, from 1749 to 1761 2ioZ
Wynne (J.), Works of. See Harper's Index, 1640 Ja.



Wynter (A., Editor "British Medical Journal '," 1845, f>. 1819, d.

1876), M.D., Curiosities of Civilization. 1860 919^1

Curiosities of Toil, 2 vols. 1870 II44-5R

Fruit between the Leaves [Miscellaneous Sketches], 2 vols in I... II46R

Our Social Bees, Pictures of Town and Country Life U59R

Peeps into the Human Hive, 2 vols. 1874 243-41^

Subtle Brains and Lissom Fingers, being some of the Chisel-
marks of our Industrial and Scientific Progress, and other
Papers. 1869 26gR

Wyttenbach (J. H.), The Stranger's Guide to the Roman Antiqui-
ties of the City of Treves, trans., edited by D. Turner 9o6F

,A, and Y, a Long Vacation Ramble in Norway and Sweden. 1857
Xavier (Francis [St. Francis], Jesuit Missionary to the Indies, b.

1506, d. 1552), Life of, by Morgan. 1826 277Z

See also Dana's Household Book of Poetry. 4760, &c.
Xenophon (Athenian General and Philosopher, b. 445, d. 359 B.C.),

Anabasis, or Expedition of Cyrus, &c., translated by Watson II79H

by Grant [Ancient Classics for English Readers]. 1877 IO99Q

translated by Spelman and Cooper [Fam. Clas. Lib.], 1830

See also Josephus, 67!!. Mitford's Greece, 104-5!!, &c.

.Xerez. See Tovey's Wine Countries, 2I25R, &c.

Xerxes (Kings of Persia, fl. 485-425, B.C.). See Josephus, 66-7!!. Mitford's
Greece, 102-5!!. Persia, &c.

See Capello's Africa, 83T- 2 K, &c.
Yachting, by Lord Brassey and others [Badminton Library]. 1890 1137^

in the Arctic Seas, by Lament, illustrated and edited by Livesey. 674K

Sunshine and Sea, a Yaching Visit to the Channel Islands, by a

Country Doctor. 1885

Yachts. See Art Journal [Types of Cruising Yachts], v. 33, R.L. Bowies'
Flotsam and Jetsam, i36oR. Boys' Own Annual [Model Yachts], v. 2,
2 95 2 J [and Canoe Building and Yachting at Kensington], v. 5,
2955J ; [Model Yachts], y. 7, 2957] ; [Our Winning Yachts], v. 8,
2 958J ', [Model Yachting in 1888 and 1889, containing also a notice^ of
tlie Guernsey Model Yacht Pond], v. ir, 2961 J. Century Magazine
[and Yachting], v. 2, 1874.7. Chambers' [and Yacht Clubs], v. 33,
T943J. Coffin's America's Cup, &c. [Yacht Races], i2isR. Crawley's
Handbooks [Yachting and Sailing], H52M. English Mechanic, v.
46, 10460. Fortnightly [Yacht Racing], v. 44, 2I34J. Harper [the
Modern Yacht], v. 67, 1647 J. Houston's Texas, &c., i6o7-8R. Knight's
Falcon on the Baltic, 1746^. Leisure Hour [English Yachts], v. 33,
Lennox's Fashion Then and Now, ioi8-gH. Longman's [a

A : ir l_ i. /-> . -T t r- - ^ a T>

Formal American Yacht Cruise], v. 12, 902.). Saturday Review
[Yachting in 1883], v. 55 and 56, R.L. ; [Yachting in America], v. 59,
R.L. ; [Small Yachts], v. 60, R.L. Scribner's Monthly [and Yachting],
v. 4, i854j. Stonehenge's Rural Sports, 68iT. Temple Bar [Cruise in
the Yacht Merlin], v. 28, 13587. Gentleman's Magazine [in Norfolk
Waters], v. 42, N.S., 762J, c.



Yams. See Earth's Central Africa, 845 and 847 K, c.

Yarmouth, Quaint Old, by Rideing, illus. [Harper's Monthly, v. 65] 16453
See also All the Year Round [Yarmouth Notes], v. 42, 18227. English Illus-
trated, v. 3, I993J. Walford's Pleasant Places, 8isQ, &c.
Yarrell (W., Naturalist, b. 1784, d. 1856), F.Z.S., History of

British Birds, illustrated, 3 vols. 1856 7C-6-8F

Yarrow. See Saturday Review [Reminiscences of], v. 61, R.L., c.

Yarrow (W. H.), Life and Work of Spurgeon. 1880 5c8F

Yates (E., Novelist and Diamatist, b. 1831), His Recollections and

Experiences, 2 vols. 1884 : 586-7F

See also Academy [Recollections of], v. 26, R.L. Fortnightly [Recollections

of], v. 42, 2132.7. Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Yates (Frederic, Actor, Father of Above, b. 1797, d. 1842). 6V^Stirling'.s Old

Drury Lane, i^S-gR, c.
Ye Olden Time, English Customs in the Middle Ages, by Holt loipM

Year-Book of Facts in Science and Art, edited by Timbs, c. :

1840. Steamers and Railways. Daguerreotype. Galvanic Apparatus.
Chemical Science. Mammalia, Birds, Reptiles and Insects.
Vegetable Physiology. Geology. Meteors, c i7OiZa

1841. Ship-Building. Electrotype Processes. Photography. Structural
Economy. Newly Discovered Plants. Earthquakes and Land-
slips. North West Passage, c i702Za

1842. Civil Engineering. Tides. Electro-Metallurgic Processes. Zoo-
ohytes and
VIeteors, &c.

1843. Thames Tunnel. Diving-Bell Operations. Lighthouses. Waves
and Tides. Weights and Measures. Electric Light. Torpe-
does. Microscopic Researches. Botany. Artesian Wells, c..

1844. Glass Working. Telescope and Microscope. Voltaic Apparatus.
Chromotype. Tithonotype. Fishes. Reptiles. Earthquakes
and Volcanoes, c i7osZa.

1845. Mining and Working Metals. The Great Rosse Telescope. Hydro-
Electric Machines. Amphitype. Mammalia and Birds.
Comets and Meteors, c i7o6Z

1846. Steam Navigation and Locomotion. Nutrition of Plants. Electric
Telegraphs. Photography. Reptiles and Zoophytes. Physical
Geography. Comets, c I7O7Z.

1847. Architecture. Bridges. Electric Conduction. Galvanic Apparatus.

Gun-Cotton. Birds and Insects. Glacial Theory. Astronomy. 1708^

1848. Machinery and Manufactures. New Phenomena of Light. Light-
ing and Smelting by Electricity. Chemical Science. Mammalia
and Reptiles. Glaciers. New Comets, &c 1709^

1849. Gas Lighting. Watchman's Clock. American Steamers. Litho-
graphy. Atmospheric Waves. Berkeley's Theory of Vision.
Benefit of Volcanoes. Zoology. Botany. Geology. As-
tronomy, c 17102

1850. Rapid Printing. Gutta Percha. Ventilation of Coal Mines. Fire-
Proof Buildings. Law of Storms. The Phantoscope. Gj'psies.
Electric Light. - Cholera. Chloroform, &c i7iiZ

1851. Building for the Exhibition. Great Suspension Bridge of Russia.
Lighthouses. Glass. Atlantic Waves. Telegraph}-. Light
and Heat. Zoology. Geology. Astronomy, c I7I2Z

1851. Great Exhibition ; with account of the Articles and Objects Ex-
hibited therein . . . i7i^Z

phytes and Insects. Progress of Geology. Asteroids and

1852. Flax Manufacture. Life-Boats. Peat and its Products. Rotation
of the Earth. Electrical Science. Natural History. Glacial
Period, &c ..................................................



Year-Book of Facts in Science and Art (continued).

1853. Bridges. Pantograph. Coal Gas. Cotton Manufacture. Balloon
Ascents. Physiology of Vision. Early Egyptian Chemistry.
Strychnine and Bitter Beer. Fish and Insects. Sheet Light-
ning, &c 17152

1854. Crystal Palace at Sydenham. Steam Hammers. Steam Naviga-
tion. Diving Apparatus. Perpetual Motion. Magnetism.
Stereoscope. Table Moving. Geology. Astronomy, &c i7i6Z

1855. Tunnelling. Raising Sunken Vessels. Reaping Machines. War
Missiles. Lock-Making. Photography. Osmotic Force.
Zoology. Botany. Mineralogy, Astronomy, &c i? 1 ?^

1856. Exposition at Paris. Rifles. Sugar Manufacture. Paper and Paper-
Making. Standard of Measure. Aurora Borealis. Sponta-
neous Combustion. Charcoal. Birds. Reptiles. Geology, &c. ijiSZ

1857. Manufacture of Iron and Steel without Fuel. Bridges. Steam
Boilers. Westminster Clock. Stone-Cutting Machines. Mag-
netism of Iron Ships. Colour Blindness. Fish. Botany.
Geology. Astronomy, &c ijigZ

1858. Leviathan Steam Ship. Railways. Lighting Mines by Gas.
Great Bell of Westminster. Standard of Length. Figure of
the Earth. Silver in Sea-water. Insects. Geology. Astronomy. lyaoZ

1859. Steam Navigation. Ship Building. Miners and Waste of Life.
Patent Printing Type. Decimals. Atlantic Telegraph Cable.
Animal Ammonia. Zoology. Botany. Mineralogy, &c i72iZ

1860 Civil Engineering. Destructive Engines of War. Supply of Coal.
Conservation of Force. Light. Destructive Effects of Waves.
Atlantic Cable. Reptiles. Insects. Fossils. Earthquakes and
Volcanoes. Astronomy. Obituary, &c I722Z

1861. Improvements in the Steam Engine. Ship Building. Rifled
Cannon. Street Railways. Light-houses. Storms. Colours.
Human Ear. New Dye-Colours. Fish. Insects. Botany.
Antiquity of Man. Eclipses, &c i7 2 3Z

1862. Building for the Exhibition. Rifled Ordnance. Fleet of the
Future. Iron Construction. Light. Heat. Causes of Earth-
quakes. Torpedoes. Cure for Serpents' Bites. Paraffin. The
Gorilla. Imperial Crown of England, &c I724Z

1863. Metropolitan Subterranean Railway. Civil Engineering. Ironclad

Navies. Bridges. Fires. Storms. Balloon Ascents. Heat.

Telescopes. Telegraphy. Lime Light. Photography. Geology.

Astronomy, &c J 7 2 5Z

1864. Armstrong Gun "Big Will." Auto-Topography. Earthquake in

England. Submarine Cables, Chemical Science. Mammalia.

Birds, &c I726Z

1865. Steam'Engine. Gunnery Experiments. Petroleum Oils. Iron and
Steel. Bridges. Electrical and Chemical Science. Fish. Rep-
tiles. Geology, &c ijz-jZ.

1866. Shipbuilding. Iron and Steel. Lights and Light-houses. Planets.
Meteors. Comets. The Microscope. Electricity. Schultze's
Gunpowder, &c I728Z

1867. Torpedo Experiments. Thames Embankment. Solar Physics.
Heat. Magnesium Light. Researches in Photography. Zoology.
Botany. Mineralogy. Astronomy, &c ij2gZ

1868. Researches in Mechanical Science. Ventilating Apparatus. Sound-
ing and Sensitive Flames. Discoveries in Electricity. Progress
of Chemistry. Botany. Geology. Meteorology, &c i73oZ

1869. Holborn Viaduct. Railways. Iron. Coast Defences. London
Street Tramways. Electro-Magnetism. Elephants. Statistics

of Coal. Earthquakes, &c i73 J Z

Year of Consolation [a Year in Italy], by Mrs. Butler [Fanny

Kemble], 2 vols. 1847 142I-2R



Housekeeping in South Africa, by Lady Barker, ill. 1877... I543R
Yeast. See Estes' Recreations in Science, 4g6R. Schiitzenberger's Fermenta-

tion, s62R, &c.
Yeatman (J. P.), Introduction to the Study of Early English

History. 1874 .......................................................... 2310 See Seward's Travels, 6oiB. Jeddo, Japan, &c.

Yeldham (S.) M.R.C.S., Homoeopathy in Acute Diseases. 1849 Q28K

Yellow, the Colour. See Tingry's Painter's Guide, 107 rM. Wilkinson's On

Colour, 94 8D. Colours, &c.
Yellow-Fever. See Knowledge [Vaccination for], v. 6, 2586.7. Stanford's

Compendium, SsiK, &c., The. See All the Year Round [Nest of the], v. 43 182^!.

Wood's Lane and Field, 62 4 Q. Birds, &c.
Yellowstone Region in the Rocky Mountains, edited by Richard-

son, illustrated. 1874 ................................................ I594K.

- - See also Leisure Hour [Marvels], v. 21, 2631 J. Scribner's Monthly [Won-

ders of the], v. 2, i85?J. Stanford's Compendium, 8soK. Stanley's
Wonderland, isgsR, &c.
Yeo (J. B.), M.D., Health Resorts and their Uses, being Vacation

Studies in various Health Resorts. 1882 ........................ 84iM

Yeo (L.)- See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Yeowell (J.), Chronicles of the Ancient British Church, anterior to

the Saxon Era. 1847 ................................................ 536M

Yesterdays with Authors, by Fields. 1881 ................. . ............ 10520

Yew. See Brand's Antiquities, icos-6M. Science Gossip [Poisonous Properties

of the], v. 22, 2 4 22j. Trees, &c.
Yezid (Omniad Caliphs, JJ. 644-744). See Mahomet's Successors, loojQ, &c.

Yoke of Christ, by Bishop Thorold. 1884 ................................. 33Q

Yokohama. See Brassey's Voyage in the Sunbeam, i682R. Eden's Japan,

8i4Q. Japan, c.
Yonge (C. D., Professor of History and Classical Writer, b. 1812),

M.A., British Navy from the Earliest to the Present Times. 302-3 H

- Constitutional History of England [1760-1860]. 1882 ............ 21 iH

- Life and Administration of Lord Liverpool, 3 vols. 1868 ...... 35O-2F

- of Marie Antoinette, 2 vols. 1876 ................................. 815-60

- The Seven Heroines of Christendom. 1878 ........................ 95O

[Joan Dare. Margaret of Anjou. Isabella of Castile. Charlotte, Coun-
tess of Derby. Maria Teresa. Flora Macdonald. Marie Antoinette.]
, __ Ed. and Trans. See Old English Chronicles, loo-iO, &c.

Yonge (C. M., Novelist, &-V., />. 1823), Hannah More [Eminent

Women Series]. 1888 ............................................... 14220

- History of Christian Names, 2 vols. 1878 ........................ II47-8R

- - France [History Primers]. 1878 ................................. UpZ

- J. C. Patteson, Missionary Bishop, 2 vols. 1874 .................. 894-50

. - Stray Pearls, Memoirs of Margaret de Ribaumont, Viscountess

of Bellaise, 2 vols. in i. 1883 ....................................... I435O

- The Herb of the Field. 1887 ............................................. I77R

- Ed. , Biographies of Good Women. 1876 .......................... 9^5Q

- Youth of Queen Elizabeth [1533-58], by Wiesener. 1879 ...... 630-10

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List following the General Catalogue, &c.

Yonge (J. E.), M.A. See Exell's Monthly Interpreter, v. 3, 62iA.
Yorick (Mr.). See Sterne (Laurence).
York, About Yorkshire, by Macquoid, illustrated. 1883 ............... I35OR

- by Ornsby [Diocesan Histories] .......................................... I843Z

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- Yorkshire Legends as told by her Ancient Chronicles, her Poets

and Journalists, by Parkinson. 1890 .............................. g6iF

- Oddities, &c., by Baring-Gould, 2 vols. 1874 ................. S8iM



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