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[Geology of], v. 17, 2420]. Harper's Monthly, v. 79, 1659.!, c.

York and Lancaster, Rival Houses of, by Roberts, 2 vols. . 1827 ... 3 14-5 H
York (Anne Hyde, Duchess of, MotJier of Queens Maiy and Anne,

b. 1637", d. 1671) [Molloy's London under Charles II. ] 2590

York (His Royal Highness Frederick, Duke of, Second Son of George

///., b. 1763, d. 1827), Biographical Memoir, by Watkins ... 588F
York (James, Duke of). See Stoughton's Religion in England, 94-6M, &c.
Yorke (S.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Youatt (W., Professor in Royal Veterinary College, b. 1777, d. 1847),
The Horse, its Breed, Management and Diseases, with a

Treatise on Draught, by Brunei, illustrated. 1876 8560

The Dog, illustrated. 1879 8i7F

Youghal. See Woman's World [an Old-Fashioned Irish Town], v. i, 1888, R.L.
Youl (E.). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760, &c.
Youle (Dr.). See Tyndall's Heat, sogR, &c.

Youmans (E. A.), First Book of Botany, Designed to Cultivate the

Observing Powers of Children, illustrated. 1872 7R

Young, Books for the. See Juvenile Literature, &c.

Young Chevalier. See Stuart. Charles-Edward. Chevalier, &c.

Young Collector Series, illustrated, v.D. :

British Butterflies, Moths and Beetles, by Kirby 139^

British Fungi, Lichens and Mosses, by Holmes and Gray i4iR

Crustaceans and Spiders, by Skuse I43R

Handbook of English Coins, by Jewitt M4R

Handbook of Mosses, by Bagnall I38R

Naturalists' Diary, edited by Roberts I45R

Pond Life, Insects, by Butler i4oR

Seaweeds, Shells and Fossils, by Gray and Woodward I42R

Young Horsewoman's Compendium of Riding, by Stanley. 1827... II20M
Young Ladies' Journal, an Illustrated Magazine of Fashion, Fancy

Work, Reading, &c., from vol. 35. 1890 3475'J

Young Lady's Book of Elegant Recreations, Arts, Sciences and

Accomplishments [Bonn's Library]. 1859 983^!

Young Lady's Treasure Book, or Cyclopaedia of Occupations and

Amusements suitable to Young Ladies

Young Man in the Battle of Life, by Landels 96oZ

Young Man's Friend and Guide through Life to Immortality, by

James. 1851 236(3

Young Men, Lectures to, on various Important Subjects, by Beecher 595 R.

Young Men of Scripture, by Hitchings. 1879 345^

Young Men's Christian Association. See Excelsior, 1926-3^. Harper, v. 64,
i6 44 J, &c.

Young, Pages for the [Sunday at Home], from vol. 1 285 1 -J

Young Woman's Companion, in all her Social Relations, &c. 1863 978M

Young. In connection with this word see also subject required.

Young (Arthur), Travels in France during the Years 1787-89, with

an Introduction, Biographical Sketch and Notes, by M.

Betham- Ed wards. 1889 I753R

Young (A. W.), Science of Government and Compend of the Civil

Jurisprudence of the United States. 1860 227R

Young (B. C.), Short Arguments about the Millennium, or Plain

Proofs for Plain Christians. 1867



Young (C. A.), LL.D., The Sun [Inter. Scien. Series], illus. 1883 458R

Young (Sir C. L.). $ ee Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Young (E., Poet, b. 1684, d. 1765), LL.D., Night Thoughts, a Poem,

with Life and Notes by Gilfillan. 1853 4630

Poems and Dramas 462D

Poems, Life by Mitford [British Poets], 2 vols. 1864 57-8Q

Poetical Works, and Life by Johnson. 1807 37I-4Z

See also New English Theatre, &c.

Young (J. R.), Algebra. 1844 5i8R

Mathematical Tables, Logarithms of all Numbers, from I to

36,000. 1833 .'. 743D

Young (R.), LL.D., Holy Bible, consisting of the Old and

New Covenants, Translated according to the Letter and

Idioms of the Original Languages. 1881 537^1

Light in Lands of Darkness : a Record of Missionary Labour,

illus. 1883 544M.

Young (Dr. Sydney). See Nature, v. 39, 2699.7, &c.

Young (Thos., Physician and Natural Philosopher, b. 1773, <?

1829), F.R.S., Egyptian Antiquities. 1823 6ooD

Young (T., Land Agent}, A Residence on the Mosquito Shore [1839-

41], with an Account of Bonacca, Truxillo and Roatan. 1842 i63gR

Young (\V. B.), Arithmetical Dictionary, or Book of Reference 737D

Youth. See Percy Anecdotes, gi6Z. Stark's Life's Stages, I252M, &c.

Youthful Diligence and Future Greatness, by Tweedie. 1881 1253^

Yriarte (T. De, Spanish Poet, b. 1750, d, 1791). See Longfellow's Poets and

Poetry of Europe, 473D, &c.
Yucatan, Incidents of Travel in, by Stephens, illus., 2 vols. 1843 745'6'K

See also Harper's [The New and Old in], v. 70, i6soj. Becher's Mexico,

738K. Stanford's Compendium, 851 K. Stephen's Central America,
747-8 K. America, Mexico, &c.
Yukon Territory. See Dall's Alaska, 6028, &c.
Yule. See Brand's Antiquities, icosM, &c.

See Stanley's Dark Continent, 1563!^. ; How I Found Living-
stone, 604-5 and 6o6K. Universal Review, v. 3, 3323!, &c.

Zaphnath-Paaneah, or the History of Joseph, by Smith. 1856 463^1

Zedekiah {KingofJwdeJi % b. about 618, d. after 588 B.C.) See Ewald's Israel,

64K. Israel, &c.
Zedlitz (J. C., Gentian Poet, I. 1790, d. 1862). See Dana's Household Book of

Poetry, 4760. Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe, 4730, &c.
Zeeland. See Pictures from Holland, 335B. Holland, &c.
Zeller (E., German Philosopher, b. 1814), History of Greek

Philosophy, from the Earliest Period to the Time of Socrates,

translated by Alleyne, 2 vols. 1881 ... 538^!

Outlines of the Plistory of Greek Philosophy, translated by

Alleyne and Abbott. 1886 1196!!

Zend-Avesta, The, and the Religion of the Parsis, by Mitchell ... 238!"
Zenobia (Queen of Palmyra, 266-274). See Clayton's Female Warriors, 6430.

Niebuhr's History of Rome, 88H, &c.

Zeus and Melissa. See Inman's Faiths, g6K. Keary's Primitive Beliefs, xoiK.
Zimmerman (J. G., Swiss Physician, l>. 1728, d. 1795), On Soli-

tude, with a Life of the Author, by Ridley, illustrated. 1804 H42-3H

[8 5 8]


Zimmern (Helen), Arthur Schopenhauer. 1876 ........................ 955O

- The Hansa Towns [Story of the Nations]. 1889 ............. ..... 15540

[Litbeck. Bergen. Bruges. Hamburg. Livonia, c.]

- (and Alice;, Half Hours with Foreign Novelists, 2 vols. 1882 :

Vol. i. Sand, Murger, Auerbach, Busken-Huet, Stifter, Farina, Daudet.

Spielhagen, Sacher-Masoch, Cherbuliez, c .................. .' 6870

Vol. 2. Turgenieff, Freytag, Caballero, Feuillet, Kraszewski, Marlitt,

Bjornson, Balzac, Heyse, Gaboriau, Keller, Sandeau, &c ....... 688O

Zinc. See Beckmann's Inventions, 6g8Q. English Mechanic, v. 46-7, 1046 and

10470. Simonin's Mines, 632-31$. Ure's Dictionary, 8-9 D, &c.
Zincali, or Gipsies of Spain, by Borrow. 1846 ........................ SgoM

Zincke (F. B., Vicar of Wherstead, 1840), A Month in Switzer-

land. 1873 .............................................................. I705R

- A Walk in the Grisons, or a Third Month in Switzerland. 1875 I77^

- Some Thoughts about the School of the Future. 1852 ............ 3O4R

- Swiss Allmends, or a Second Month in Switzerland. 1874 ...... I7O6R

Zingari, The. See Salvertes' Magic, sggH. Gipsies, &c.

Zinzendorf (N. L., Count, Bishop of the Moravian Brethren, b.

1700, d. 1760), Life of, by Spangenberg. 1838 ............... 10530

Zion. See Sunday at Home [Round about], v. 34, 2884.7, '&c.

Zodiac. See Humboldt's Cosmos, 485-6!^.. Astronomy, Sun, &c.

Zodiac Stones. Sec Emanuel's Precious Stones, 1163^!, &c.

Zola(Emile. French Writer, b. 1840). See Fortnightly, v. 37, 21277 ; v. 44, 21347.

Zones. See Humboldt's Cosmos, 48311, &c.

ZOOLOGY Works relating to : (See also Natural History,
Names of Animals, and under Divisions such as Entomology^
Ornithology, also under Names of Countries, &c. )

Zoological Recreations, by Broderip. 1849 ........................ 715^

Zoologists, by Duncan [Heroes of Science] ........................ 7020

- Lives of, from Aristotle to Linnreus, by Macgillivray. 1834 939Q
Zoology. A Manual of, by Edwards, translated by Knox, edited

by Blake. 1863 ................................................... 18697

- Book of Nature ......................................................... 39O-II5

- by Newton [Elementary Science, S.P.C.K.]. 1886 ......... 1834?,

- Facts and Fictions of, by Wilson [Humboldt Library]. 1882 779F

- Introduction to, by Gosse, 2 vols. 1844 ........................ H4-5R

- Manual of, for the Use of Students, by Nicholson. 1873 ____

- or Four Plans of Animal Creation, by Alcock [Manchester

Science Lectures] ................................................... 45 1 R

- See also Agassiz (L.), 473-40. Brown's Science for All, 626-96.

Buckland's Log-Book, I28R. Buckley's Life and Her Children,
io6R. Cooke's Toilers in the Sea [Marine], 2I24R. Excelsior,
i926-3iR. Fellows' Asia Minor, 67sB. Foster's Embryology,
828M. Gill's Pacific, i64sR. Harper's Index, i64oja. Harvey's
Sea-Side Book, i868Z. Hunter's Indian Empire, 48sK. Huxley's
Crayfish, I23R. Jones' Bermuda, 823F. Kitto's Palestine, 6ioB.
Koldeway's Arctic Expedition, 6056. Murray's Africa, 8370..
Nature, v. 39, 26ggJ ; [Zoological Gardens], v. 39, 2699] . Palgrave's
Arabia, sS^K. Schoedler's Book of Nature, 713!^. Science Gossip, v. i,
S4iiJ. Science Lectures, 45iR. Stanford's Compendium, 850-4K.
Stanley's Dark Continent, 1563^. Timbs' Knowledge for the People,
I747Z. Timmins' Warwickshire, I4T3H. Wallace's Island Life,
778F. Whewell's Inductive Sciences, 768!"). Wynter's Curiosities
[Zoological Gardens], gigM. Jardine's Naturalists' Librar. Fishes
Microscope, Natural History, Palaeontology, &c.

Zoophytes, British, found in Great Britain, Ireland, and the
Channel Islands, by Pennington. 1885 ...........................

- See also Book of Nature, 390-16. Cooke's Toilers in the Sea, 2I24R.
Science Gossip, v. 5, 2412], Sowerby's Aquarium, 6320,, &c.



Zoroaster (Native of Bactria, Founder of the Magian Religion'). See Frost's
Conjurors, 8030. Inman's Faiths, g6K. Salvertes' Magic, 599H and
9I4-5M. Nineteenth Century [Religion of], v. 9, 2219].

Zschokke (H.)> Autobiography of. 1845 59^F

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Zululand [Haggard's Cety wayo and his White Neighbours]. 1888 15240

Zulus of Natal, South Africa, Life with the, by Mason. 1855 I268R

. See also Austral Africa [Zululand and England], 1402!!. Boys' Own

Annual [The Future of], v. i, 2951]. Co*'s Colenso, 62T-2F. Dilke's
Problems of Greater Britain, 334H. Fortnightly Review [Story of the
Zulu War], v. 31, 2i2iJ ; [Future of], v. 38, 2I28J. Gillmore's Africa,
799K. Good Words, v. 20, 2iox>J. Stanford's Compendium
8 4 9K, &c.

Zurcher and Margolle (MM.), Volcanoes and Earthquakes,
translated by Lockyer, illustrated. 1868

Zurich Letters [1558-1602], edited by Robinson, 2 vols 206-7A

See also Alison's Europe, 124-60. May's Democracy, 38H. Williams'

Alps, Switzerland, c., 5906, &c.

Zujrder Zee. See Pictures from Holland, 3356, &c.

Zwingli (A., Swiss Reformer, b. 1484, d. in Ba ttle, 1531) [Short

Biographies] 632F


In this List each Work is entered twice, viz., under the name of its
author, and also in the alphabetical order of the first word of its
own Title, except when that first word is the article a, an, or the,
in which case the second word is used.

When a Work is followed by the name of a Magazine, for instance :
"Abbott (J.), Rodolphus [Harpers Monthly, v. 4], 1584]," it
signifies that the story in question will be found in a serial
for i)i in the particular volume of the Magazine indicated.

Pseudonymotis Works or works written under a nom-de-plume
will generally be found entered tinder such nom-de-plume, seeing
that it is the one by which the author is tisually best known to the
reader. As, for instance, in the case of " Ouida^ which is the
nom-de-plume adopted by Mademoiselle Louise de la Rame. The
real names of authors, however, when known, are also e?itered in
their proper alphabetical sequence, accompanied by a reference to
the Pseudonyms under which their works are given.

The fullest entry of any work of fiction will generally be found where it
appears under its title, in order to save space.

When several numbers follow a work, as in "Abbot" The, by Sir W.
Scott, each additional number denotes a duplicate copy, so it will
be seen there are five copies of this work in the Library.

A Subject Index to many of the Novels and Romances will be fotmd at
the end of this class. The period or subject of many works has
also been noted in brackets following the title entries.

To save space under author entries the references to many of the
Magazines have been abbreviated, as for instance : "All the Year
Round" \A.Y.R^j "OnceaWeek\O.aW^; " Leisure Hour"
\L. H.'}; "Sunday Magazine" \S. M.~\, rv., but they will generally
be found in full under the title entries.



ABBEY Mill, by Emma Jane Worboise li6;X

Abbot, The [Mary Queen of Scots], by Sir Walter Scott 908, 956, 996 and

997X and io88-9oZ
ABBOTT (Jacob, American Writer for the Young, l>. 1803, d. 1879),

Rodolphus [Harper's Monthly, v. 4] '584J



Abigel Rowe, a Chronicle of the Regency, by Hon. Lewis Wingfield 53oX

About buying a Horse, by F. C. Burnand 56gX

ABOUT (Edmoncl, French Writer, b. 1828, d. 1885), Tolla !2o8X

Above Suspicion, by Mrs. J. H. Riddell iSoiX

Absentee, The, a Tale of Fashionable Life, by Maria Edge worth... 2454X

Academician, by Henry Enroll 323oX

Across the Plain [Quiver, v. 19] 3289]

Adam and Eve, by Louisa Parr 1 766X

See also Temple Bar, v. 58, 1388.7. Living Age, v. 143, 3173.7.

Adam Bede, by George Eliot 195, 432 and 44iX

Adam Brown, the Merchant, by Horace Smith I459X

Adam Dickson, or Sae Sweet, Sae Bonnilie, by Thomas Mason 3O42X

ADAMS (H. C., Writer for the Young, mostly school tales], M.A. :

Barford Bridge [Every Boy's Annual, 1867] 1302! I

College Days at Oxford, or Wilton of Cuthbert's 2/6oX

For James or George, a Schoolboy Tale of 1745 [Boys' Own

Annual, v. 6] 29565

Hair-Breadth Escapes, or the Adventures of Three Boys in .South

Africa 28 loX

Tales of Charlton School 2762X

ADAMS (Mrs. L.), Novels and Tales :

Geoffrey Stirling [All the Year Round, v. 50] 1810}

Lady Deane [All the Year Round, v. 47] 1807!

My Land of Beulah [All the Year Round, v. 42] 1 802!

Ade, a Romance, by G. M 2314^

Adela Cathcart, by George Macdonald I538X

Adelaide Lindsay, by Mrs. A. Marsh 2685X

ADELER (Max [C. H. Clark], American Humorous Writer} :

An Old Fogey and other j Out of the Hurly Burly 25OOX

Stories 27O4X

Random Shots 2/24X

Elbow Room 27o6X

Admiral's Daughter, The Deformed, and Two Old Men's Tales, by

Mrs. A. Marsh I367X

Admiral's Second Wife [Chambers' Journal, v. 54] J954J

Adolphe Renouarcl, or Peasant Life and Political Clubs in France,

by James Ward !5o6X

Adonijah. a Tale of the Jewish Dispersion, by f. M. Strickland ... I467X

Adopted, a Short Story by Anne Beale [Girls' Own Annual, v. 5] ... 2555J

Adrian [Eraser's Magazine, v. 66] 676!

Adrian Bright, by Mrs. Caddy 2OOiX

Adrian Vidal, by W. E. Norris 323iX

Adriana, by Jean Boncoeur [Once a Week, v. 14] 2274!

Adrien, or Parent Power, by A. M. Maillard 26o8X

Adrift in a Boat, a Story for Boys, by W. H. G. Kingston 2 975X

Adrift in the Pacific, by Jules Verne , 3O65X

See also Boys' Own Annual, v. u, 2g6iJ.

Adventurers of the Polly [Boys' Own Annual, v. 3] 2953J

Adventures Afloat, or the Story of a Supercargo, by W. H. G.

Kingston [Boy's Own Annual, v. 3] 2953J

Adventures by Flood and Field [Boys' Own Annual, v. i] 2951}

Adventures in the Camanche Country, in Search of a Gold Mine,

by C. W. Webber I5I2X



Adventures in the French War [Chambers' Journal, v. 51] I95 2 J

Adventures of a Boston Boy among Savages, by Ascott R. Hope

[Boys' Own Annual, v. 3] 2953!

Adventures of a Three Guinea Watch [Boys' Own Annual, v. 3]... 2Q53J

Adventures of a Younger Son, by Captain Trelawney I49IX

Adventures of an Aide-de-Camp, by James Grant 2I2OX

Adventures of an Atom, by Tobias Smollett _ io6iX

Adventures of Arthur O'Leary, by Charles Lever 757^

Adventures of Captain Blake, or My Life, by W. H. Maxwell 23I5X

Adventures of Captain Hatteras, by Jules Verne I S47X

Adventures of Harry Richmond, by George Meredith [Cornhill, v. 22] 3O2J
Adventures of Herbert Massey in Africa, by Commander V. Lovett

Cameron [Every Boy's Annual, 1887] 1306!!

Adventures of Herr Baby, by Mrs. Moles worth 2 190 and 3o85X

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer's Comrade, by

Mark Twain I499X

Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green, an Oxford Freshman, by Cuth-

bert Bede^Rev. E. Bradley] 2424 and 3O57X

Adventures of Oliver Twist [Scenes of London Life, Workhouses,

&c.], by Charles Dickens 364, 377 and 378X

Adventures of Philip, by William Makepeace Thackeray , IO93X

See also Cornhill, v. 3, 2837. Harper, v. 23, 16037.

Adventures of Rob Roy [Jacobites, iSth Century], by James Grant 92oX
Adventures of Rupert Long, by Browne [Sunday at Home, v. 28]... 28;8J
Adventures of the Bodley Family, by author of " Dream Children "

[H. E. Scudder] 2IO4X

Adventures of three Englishmen, and Three Russians in South

Africa, by Jules Verne IO22X

Adventures on the Spanish Main, by S. Whitchurch Sadler [Boys'

Own Annual, v. 5] 2 955j

Afar in the Forest, a Tale of Adventure in North America, by W.

H. G. Kingston 2976X

Affinities, by Mrs. Campbell Praed 3232X

Afloat and Ashore, a Sea Tale by James Fenimore Cooper [Sequel

to Miles Wallingford] 302, 318 and 2347X

After Dark [Artist Life], by Wilkie Collins 26iX

After Long Grief and Pain, by Rita [Mrs. E. M. J. G. Von Booth]

After Long Years [All the Year Round, v. 54]

Against Herself [Quiver, v. 17] 3287

Against the Stream [Slave Emancipation, i8th Century], by Mrs.

Charles 5 99 X

See also Sunday Magazine, v. 2, 24597.

Against Time [Living Age, v. 103] 3I33J

Agatha's Husband, by Miss Muloch [Mrs. Dinah M. Craik] 2879 and I395X
Agincourt, a Romance [War in France I5th- Century], by

G. P. R. James ,,.. 2621 and 2gi2X

Agnes de Mansfeldt [Reformation in Brunswick, iyth Century], by T.

C. Grattan '</>* 1309 and 2782X

Agnes of Sorrento [Times of Savonarola], by Stowe [Cornhill, v. 3 283J




AGrUILAR (Grace, of Jewish descent, b. 1816, d. 1847) :

Mother's Recompense II57X

Woman's Friendship H58X

Women of Israel 1*59^

Vale of Cedars ii6iX

(Hamilton), Introduced to Society 645X

AIMARD (Gustave, French Novelist and Traveller in America, l>.
1818, d. 1883) :

Days of Bruce 1152 & n62X

Home Influence

1156, 2507 & 28o7X
Home Scenes, &c H59X

Indian Chief 86X

Last of the Incas 87X

Prairie Flower 8 9 X

Tiger Slayer 9 6X

Trapper's Daughter 2O5X

White Scalper 225X

Aimee, by E. M. Archer [Longman's Magazine, v. 6]
AINSWORTH (W. Harrison, Historical Novelist, b. 1805, d. 1882) :

8 9 6J

Auriol 73X

Beau Nash 6iX

Boscobel 62X

Cardinal Pole 63 & 9 iX

Chetwynd Calverley 88X

Constable De Bourbon... 57X
Constable of the Tower... 74X

Crichton 65X

Flitch of Bacon '. 66 & 25C-4X

Goldsmith's Wife 94X

Guy Fawkes 76 & 84X

Hilary St. Ives 9 2X

Jack Sheppard 75X

James the Second 25oiX

John Law 64X

Lancashire Witches ...77 & 25O2X
Leaguer of Lathom 6 9 X

Lord Mayor of London 6oX

Manchester Rebels 7oX

Mervyn Clithroe 25O5X

Miser's Daughters 67X

Myddleton Pomfret 7 9 X

Old Court 8oX

Old St. Pauls 83X

Ovingdean Grange 97 & 25C-3X

Preston Fight 77 & 85X

Rookwood 72X

St. James's ... 58X

Spanish Match 68X

Spendthrift 71 & 25o6X

Stanley Brereton 5 9 X

Star Chamber 8iX

Tower of London 9 3X

Windsor Castle .. 82X

Airy Fairy Lilian, by The Duchess [Mrs. Argles] I995X

Al Lyn Sahib, by Percival [Gentleman's Magazine, v. 14, N.S.] 734!

Alaric Spenceley, by Mrs. J. II. Riddell 33O2X

Alas ! by Rhoda Broughton [Temple Bar, v. 88] I4i8j

Alasnam's Lady, by Leslie Keith 22I 9 X

ALCOCK (Miss D., Moral Writer] :

Elder's Cottage [Sunday at Home, v. 22] 2872J

In the Desert, a Story of France before the Revolution [Sunday
at Home, v. 21]

In the Shadow of God, a Story of the Eighteenth Century [Sun-
day Magazine, v. 12] 2462J

On the Wings of the Morning [Sunday Magazine, v. 17] 2467^

ALCOTT (Louisa M., American Nurse in Civil War, b. 1833) : -

Jack and Jill 366X I Moods 27iX

LittleMen 226X Old-fashioned Girl 28o2X

Little Wives 227X Rose in Bloom 247X

Little Women 2345 and 28 99 X I The Eight Cousins 234X

ALDRICH (T. B., American Author, b. 1836) and Oliphant

(Mrs.), The Second Son [Atlantic Monthly, v. 5 9 ] *549j

Alec Forbes of Howglen, by George Macdonald I484X

ALEXANDER (G. G., Major- General}, Doctor Victoria 1534^



ALEXANDER (Mrs. [Mrs. A. F. Hector], Popular Novelist] :

By Woman's Wit ......... 2232X

Crooked Path ............ 33i?X

Executor, The ............ 22;2X

Freres, The ............... I938X

Also Temple Bar v. 61 .. i39ij

- Living Age, v. 148
Her Dearest P'oe .........

A /S0 Temple Bar, v. 44 .. 1374
Living Age, v. 126 3156

Heritage of Langdale ... 3/2X

Life Interest .................. 3262X

Mrs. Vereker's Courier Maid

[Gent. Mag., v. 33, N.s.]. 753X

Mona's Choice _____ ............. 2O26X

Valerie's Fate [Gentleman s

Magazine, v. 31, N.S. ] ...... 75 ij

Also Living Age, v. 160 ...:.. sigoj

Which shall it be ? ............ 36yX

Wooing O't ..................... 368X

Also Temple Bar, v. 35 ........ J 36sJ

Alexia, by E. C. Price [All the Year Round, v. 58] ..................... i8i8J

Alfonso and Gregorio, or the Burning Island [Boys' Annual, v. 4] 2954]"

Alfred Hagart's Household, by Alexander Smith [Good Words, v. 6] 2176!
Alhambra [Conquest of Granada, 1492], by Washington Irving 663 and 664X

Alice, or the Mysteries, by Lord Lytton [sequel to Ernest Maltravers] 254X

Alice Gray [Family Economist. 1857] .................... ; ............. ____ 692R

Alice Lorraine, a Tale of the South Downs, by R. D. Blackmore ..... 28o9X

- See also Blackwood, v. 115, 185.7. Living Age, v. 121, 3i5iJ.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll [Rev. C. Lut-

widge Dodgson] ............................................. 2361 and 2452X

All by Himself, a Story of the Highlands, by Ascott R. Hope [Boys'

Own Annual, v. 4] ...................................................... 2954!

All Else of No Avail, by Ben Hayward ....................................... 2O2;X

All for Greed, by Baroness Blaze de Bury [St. Paul's Magazine, v. i] u6iF

- See also Living Age, v. 95, 31257.

All in a Garden Fair, the simple story of Three Boys and a Girl, by

Walter Besant ............................................................ I947X

See also Good Words, v. 24, 21947.

All or Nothing, by Mrs. Cashel Hoey [All the Year Round, v. 41]

All Round the World, or What's the Object ? by F. Foster ............ l6i8X

All Sorts and Conditions of Men, an impossible story, by Walter

Besant ........................................................... 2366 and 237iX

Allan Quatermain, by H. Rider Haggard ......... 2138, 2458, 2459 and 3O29X

- See also Longman's Magazine, v. 9, 899 J.

Allan's Wife, by H. Rider Haggard [Allan Quatermain] ............... 3O97X

ALLARDYCE (Alexander), City of Sunshine ........................... 2I73X

ALLDRIDG-E (Lizzie) :

Clare ........................... 2796X | Old Abbot's Road ............ 2O5oX

ALLEN (F. M.):

From the Green Bag ...... 3O45X | Through Green Glasses ...... 2387X

ALLEN (Grant Q. A. Wilson], Popular Scientific Author; b. 1848) :

Devil's Die 3126X

In all Shades [C. J., v. 65] 1965]

This Mortal Coil [C. J. , v. 65] 1965!
N.B. See also the General

Catalogue for this Author.

Allerton Towers, by Annie Thomas [Time Magazine, v. 6] ,

Allhusen (Mrs. William Hutt). See Butt (Beatrice Mary).

Almeria and Vivian [Tale of Fashionable Life], by M. Edgeworth... 2449X

Almost Persuaded, by Mrs. Carey Brock 532X

A.L.O.E. (A Lady of England [Miss Charlotte Tucker], Writer for the Young):

Exiles in Babylon 4O2X I Whispering Unseen 43iX

Rescued from Egypt 422X | Story of a Needle 24OiX

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Alone in London, by Hesba Stretton [Hannah Smith]

37 [865]


Along the Silver Streak, a Tale [Living Age, v. 1 58] 3 1 88J

Alroy [Mesopotamia, nth Cent.], by the Earl of Beaconsfield 132, I38& I44X

Alsatian Schoolmaster, by Erckmann-Chatrian 842X

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