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3 vols. 1805 726-8F

Biiiney (J.). See Mayhew's Criminal Prisons, 126D, &c.
Binney (T., Dissenting Minister, b. 1798, d. 1874), Fourteen Lec-
tures on the Book of Proverbs. 1851 iiZ

Is it Possible to make the Best of. Both Worlds? 1874 8;Q



Binney (T.) Practical Power of Faith. 1844 2Q

Sermons on Various Occasions 2Qg\\.

Sermons preached in the King's Weigh-house Chapel, London,

[1829-1869]. 1869 2ogT

His Life, &c., by Hood. 1874 5120

BIOGRAPHY Works of : (See also under Kings, Statesmen,
Authors, Name of any Person Required, History. Authors*
Lives will be frequently found in their works. Especial atten-
tion is invited to Roth's Complete Biographical Index to the
Living Age, R.L., and Leslie Stephens Biographical
Dictionary, R.L. See special list of Reference works at the
end of Catalogue, &c.)

Biographical and Critical Essays, by Prescott. 1 855 1 56T

- Miscellanies, by Prescott. 1856 5?8D

Contributions to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, by Macaulay IO20Q

Dictionary of every Age and Nation, by Jones. 1822 i8;Z

Essays, by Hugh Miller. 1875 8o6R

History of Philosophy, by Lewes, 4 vols in 2. 1852 1750-iZ

Sketches by Kegan Paul. 1883 13220

Studies, by Bagehot. 1851 I45F

- Treasury, a Dictionary of Universal Biography, by Maunder 943Q

Biography. Beeton's British, from the Earliest Times to George III. 5296

British Military, from Alfred to Wellington. 1841 i9oZ

Naval, from Howard to Codrington. 1840 igiZ

by Tupper (F. B.) [Family Records, Guernsey] , .... 255F

Cyclopaedia of, by Godwin. 1856 5I4O

[Newton, Galileo, Wren, Caxton, Blake, Coke, Niebuhr,

Wolsey, and Mahomet] I46F

of Literary Characters of Great Britain and Ireland [Anglo-
Norman Period], by Wright. 1846 M4-F

[Anglo-Saxon Period], by Wright 649F

the British Stage. 1824 looiO

Sacred, by Hunter. 1841 625F

Short Biographies for the People [R.T.S.] :

Vol. i Luther. Calvin. Farel. Melanchthon. Rollock. Wycliffe.

Anselm. J.Wesley. Durer. Johnson. Knox. Huss 628F

Vol. 2 Lawrence. Maxwell. Rabaut. Augustine. Erasmus. Lati-

mer. Cowper. Tyndale. Baxter. Bugenhagen. Brew-

ster. Carey 62gF

Vol. 3- Sidney. Wilberforce. C.Wesley. Shaftesbury. Chrysostom.

Howard. Morrison. King Alfred. Judson. F. Bacon.

Whitefield. J.Bacon 6 3 oF

Vol. 4 Chalmers. Livingstone. Valde"s. Burder. A'Lasco. J.

Watts. Kelly. Foxe. Palissy. Evans. Faraday. Gossner. 631 F
Universal, by Lempriere. 1808 545F


Actors. See Donaldson's Recollections of an Actor, 2iiZ. Kings and
Queens of an Hour, S^F. Pascoe's Dramatic List, 13230, &c.

Artists. See also Women Artists. Cunningham's British Artists, 245-507.
Cunningham's British Painters, Sculptors, and Architects, 1048-530.
Eastlake's Great Painters, 650-10. Fairholt's English Artists, 362!^.
Gower's Figure Painters, 11230. Illustrated Biographies of Great
Artists, 10960. Ottley's Recent and Living Painters, e/oB. Pil-
kington's Dictionary of Painters, 438-gF. Scott's Italian Sculptors
1098-1 looO. Vasan's Painters, Sculptors and Architects, 887-910, &c.



BIOGRAPHY Works of -.(continued. )


Classical and Scriptural. See Beaton's Classical Dictionary, 8goR.
Gallaudet's Scripture Biography, 1691-32. Long's Lives from Plu-
tarch, isoZ. Plutarch's Lives, 445-soF, 1130-60. and 789-927^!.
Robinson's Scripture Characters, 26 1-2 A. Bible, Classics, &c. and. Missionaries. See Adam's English Churchman,
68iO. Adams' Heroes of the Cross, 12986. Arnold's Our Bishops
and Deans, 879-800. Bullock's Bishops and Clergy, 12910. Godol-
phin's Evangelical Ministers, 35Z. Japp's Missionaries, 77oQ. Ryle's
Christian Leaders, 5790. Walsh's Mission Field, 7060, c.

Engineers, Mechanics, and Inventors. See Foucaud's Mechanics,
13320. Howe's American Mechanics, 13310. Smiles Engineers,
250-1 F, 522, 528, 839 and 9630. Smiles' Industrial Biography,
73iO. Smiles' Men of Invention, c., ii72R, &c.

Justices and Lawyers. See Campbell's Chancellors, 774-830. Camp-
bell's Chief Justices, 784-70. Campbell's Lord Chancellors, 29-35 F.
Fosse's Judges of England [1066-1870], 595F. Roscoe's Lawyers,
oi 5Q, &c.

Kings, Queens and Members of Royal Families. See Bullock's

England's Royal Home, 13240. Dixon's Two . Queens, 38-4iF.
Doran's Queens of England, 36-7F. Duncan's Dukes of Normandy,
8740. Finch's Princesses of Wales, 932-40. Fitzgerald's Royal
Dukes and Princesses, 7 4 - 5 F. Fitzgerald's William IV., 8 7 F. Halli-
' '

England, 795-8000. Strickland's Queens of Scotland and English
Princesses, 5I-8F. The Queen's Our Life in the Highlands, 378 & 37gK.

Literary Men, Poets, &C. See Andrew's Great Writers, 8840.
Brougham's Men of Letters, 353F and sgSR. Clarke's Recollections of
Writers, 9390. De Quincey's Lake Poets, 647R. Disraeli's Literary
Characters, c., 678-83R. Field's Authors, 10520. French Poets
and Novelists, 6580. Gautier's Famous French Authors, 254F.
Griswold's Poets of America, 4680. Hall's Retrospect [Authors,
Actors and Artists], 3og-ioF. Hamilton's Poets Laureate, 9270.
Howell's Modern Italian Poets. Hewitt's British Poets, 7130.
Irvine's Scottish Poets, 490-1 F. Japp's German Life and Litera-
ture, 272F. Johnson's British Poets, 788-910. Johnson's Poets
[Selections], 2427. Literary and Scientific Men of France, toio-iQ.
Morley(J.) English Men of Letters, 10540. Nicoll's Great Scholars,
99iQ. Peabody's Great Authors, 8830. Robertson's Great Writers,
12670. Rossetti's Poets, 7920. Swinburne's Miscellanies [Poets,
&c.], 13410. Timb's Wits and Humourists, 1040-10. Townsend's
Great Schoolmen, 6830. Trollope's Italian Poets, 714-50. Wright's
Literary Characters, I44F. Authors, Poets, Literature, &c.

Military and Naval. See British Military Biography, from Alfred to
Wellington, igoZ. British Naval Biography, from Howard to Cod-
rington, igiZ. Campbell's British Admirals, i-8F. Gleig's Com-
manders, 9i6-8Q. Low's Soldiers of the Victorian Age, 505-6 F.
Marshall's Naval Biography, g-2oF. Military Adventures, &c.,
942-40. Military Biographies, 12460. Verne's Great Navigators,
2 86F.

Musicians and Cpmposers. See Barrett's Church Composers, 12230.
Bourne's Eminent Musicians, 68oO. Bourne's Great Composers,
68oO. Hueffer's Great Musicians, i2i6O. Tytler's Musical Com-
posers, 86oO, &c.

Orators and Preachers. See Carpenter's Eminent Preachers, 935
Fowler's American Preachers, 78K. Hood's Great Preachers, 54iM.
Nicoll's Great Orators, 992(5. Pulpit Memorials, 28oK. Taylor's
Scottish Pulpit, 63sA, also under Justices, Statesmen, &c.

Philosophers. See Brougham's Philosophers, 597R, &c.

Physicians. See Eminent Medical Men, 1727. Francis' New York Sur-
geons, 9890. Munk's Gold-Headed Cane [Medical Sketches],
n64R, &c.

Popes. See Lives of the Popes, 177-802. Ranke's Popes, 327A. Wiseman's
Last Four Popes, 326A, &c.



BIOGRAPHY Works of -.(continued. )


Scientists. See Brewster's Martyrs of Science, 827^0. Heroes of Science,
702-60. Jean's Electricians, 12850. Macgillivray's Zoologists, 93gZ.
Nicholson's Naturalists, 13120. Stoughton's Worthies of Science,
10500, &c.

Statesmen. See Broglie (Due De), Personal Recollections, 645-6F.
Brougham's Statesmen, 59g-6oiR. Crowe's Statesmen, 919-210..
Ewald's Representative Statesmen, 47I-2F. Hayward's Eminent
Statesmen, 248F. King's French Political Leaders, 6sgO. Lardner's
British Statesmen, 2 8 3 - 4 T. Men of the Third Republic, 8 3 6O.
Smith's Ambassadors, 686O. Twelve English Statesmen, 1391-14020,

"Women. See Adams' Englishwomen of the Victorian Era, 12820. Adams
Noble Women, 13270. Adams' Women of Fashion, &c., 1047-80.
Anderson's Memorable Women, 831-20. Baynes' Great English-
women, ioioO. Bethune's Female Poets, 6yiM. Blackburne's
Illustrious Irishwomen, 32iF. Child's Good Wives, 9840. Clay-
ton's Female Artists, 252-^". Cunningham's Eminent English'
women, 2I-8F. Darton's Christian Women, 13100. Darton's Famous
Girls, 13260. Ellet's Queens of American Society, 468F. Ellens
Women Artists, 10450. Gray's Biographies for Girls, 13330. Hack's
Self-Surrender [Religious Women], 9570. Higrgins (Mrs.), Women
of Europe in the isth and i6th Centuries, 582-^. Ingram's Eminent

Women, 11250. James' Celebrated Women, 829-300. Kavanagh's
in France, 1043-40. Menzies' Political Women, 928-90.
Owen's Heroines, 952(3. Pitman's Mission Heroines, 7070. Star-


ling's Noble Deeds of Women, isiiO. Simpson's British Females,
5150. Wade's Women Past and Present, 10460. Women of Worth.
3i4T. Yonge's Good Women, 9850.. Yonge's Seven Heroines,
9580, Sec.

Miscellaneous. See Adams' English Churchmen, 68iO. Adam's Good
Samaritans, 278F. Adams' Great Names, 6820. Arnold's Roman
Commonwealth, 72H. Aubrey's Eminent Men, i7th and i8th Cen-
' '

Historical Portraits, 541 F. Burke's Vicissitudes of Families, 1015-60.
Cash's Where There's a Will There's a Way, 6 7 6T. Cobbett's
Rural Rides, issiR. Cooke's Great Lives, 10030. Cowper's
(Countess) Diary [1714-20], igg~F. Crispin Anecdotes, 1497^. Crof-
fut's Vanderbilts, 13410. Croker Papers, 2co-2F. Cunningham's
Eminent Englishmen, 2I-8F. Curwen's Booksellers, 5200. Dis-
tinguished Men of Modern Times, 2o6-qZ. Emerson's Lectures, 9450.
Eminent Anglo-Saxons, 170-717. Eminent Persons, 247F. Famous
Boys, &c., 13280. Fitzgerald's Lives of the Sheridans, 638-gF. Fitz-
gerald's The .K enables, 333-4F. Field's Memories of Men and Women,
6470. Friswell's Footsteps to Fame, 6520. Forney's Anecdotes,
948 R. Foxe's Memories of old Friends, 8330. Gilbert's Viceroys of
Ireland [836-1509], 548F. Gladstone's Gleanings, 882Z. Gower's Re-
minscences, 648F. Greville Memoirs, 2Q3-304F. Grosart's Nonconfor-
mists, 9466. Guizot's St. Louis and' Calvin, 8o8O. Hall's Great
Men and Women of the Age, 28 $F. Hannay's Barons of Gournay,
French Protestant Refugees, 3i4A. Hare's
4040. Japp's Labour

902- _ _ _

Girondists, gf>3-sQ- Lang's English Worthies, i2oiO. Lennox's
Celebrities, 1014-7^ Lives of Illustrious Men, 25iZ. Madden's
Shrines and Sepulchres, 242-3!^. Mahomet's Successors, ioo6Q.
Martin's Memories of Seventy Years, 8340. Martyrs, 27oM. Mis-
cellaneous Biography, I46F. Mozley's Essays, 1023-4^ Muir's
Annals of the Early Caliphate, 36sF. Oliphant's Makers of Florence,
359O. Our Old Nobility, 885-60. Pepys' Diary [1659-1669], 902
and 9070. Pepys' Diary, go3-6R. Pratt's Dawnings of Genius, 2O$Z.
Prescctt's Biographical Miscellanies, 5780. Pressense"s Contem-
porary Portraits, 5916. Ramsay's Scottish Character, 9560. Redd-



BIOGRAPHY Works of -.(continued.}


ing's Remarkable Misers, 9400. Revolutionary Plutarch, o.6iQ.
Russell's Eccentric Personages, 1307-80. Russell's Extraordinary
Men, 13300. Scott's Memoirs, no^-^Z. Simcox's Episodes, to86R.
Smiles' Life and Labour, 13550. Stevenson's Church Historians of
England, 2/7-83A. Stevenson's Men and Books, 6400. Successful Men
of Modern Times, lysZ. Thackeray (Miss) Book of Sibyls, 502F.
Thackeray's English Humourists, 1042(3. Timb's Eccentrics, 850-1(3.
Tooley's Lives, 8oiO. Tweedie's Earnest Men, 6220. Tyerman's
Oxford Methodists, 2goA. Tytler's Songstresses of Scotland, 739-oM.
Vandam's Amours of Great Men, 4870. Verne's Great Explorers,
287F. Walford's Our Great Families, H26-9R. Ware's Famous
Centenarians, 12950. Wayland's Pursuit of Knowledge, 1334-50.
Wilson's Wonderful Characters, 10490. World's Workers, 11490.


(As a rule see wider name in General Catalogue for fuller title
and particulars of any person ; also in Reference Library ',
Stephens Biography, Vincent's Biography, Ward's Men
of the Time, &c.)

^ce AbednegO, isiK. Abel, i5iK. Abram, isiK. Absalom, isiK.
Adam, isiK. Adams (J. Q.), 4710. Addison (J.), 10540 and 3387.
Agassiz (L.), 473-40. Ahab, isiK. Aikin (J.), ii9-2oF. Akenside
(MA 3892. Albany (Countess of), 11250. Albert Prince Consort,
3276 and 327Ba, 90 and 92-6F, 475 and 4760. Aldrovandi (U.), 666Q.
Alexander the Great, i82Z. Ali Pasha, 1837. Alice (Princess), 4800.
Alison (Sir A.), I27-8F. Andersen (H. C.), I544Z. Andrew, i52K.
Angelico, Fra, 10970. Anne (Queen), 236-8H. Anson, i3oF.
Appleton, 131 F. Arago (F.), 982(1, I276R. Aristotle, 657Q. Arm-
strong (J.), M.D., 3g6iZ. Arnold (T.), ioi6- 7 Q. Arteveld (J. &
P.), 10120. Atterbury, I32F. Auerback (B.), 888R. Austen (J.),
4890. Azara (Don Felix D'.), 662(3. Bacon (Lord F.), I38F,


(John ot), 497-8O. Barnum (P. T.), 499O and 3i3T.
10980. Bates (W.), D.D., I26M. Bauer, I59-42F. Baxter (R.),
592F, n6oO, 186 and 1673^. Beaconsfield (Lord), 1347 ar| d J 374O.
Beattie (J.), 477Z. Beckett (Thomas A'), 5000. Bede (Venerable),
i68M. Beecher(H. W.). Beethoven, 5090. Belshazzar, isiK. Benoni

239-4 H- Bossvell and Johnson, iB^Z. Bourrienne (L. A. T. de).
6 44 F. Bradford (J.), 128 M. Brainerd (D.), 9 66Q, i88Z. Brassey,
5240. Brewster (Sir D.). Bright (Rt. Hon. J.), i5o-iF, 5260.
Brock (Sir S.), K.B., 53 oO, 975(3. Brock (T.), g 7 6Q. Brodie (Sir
B.), 5310. Broglie(Duc De), 645-6F. Bronte (C.), 5320, 1774-^.
Bronte (E.), 5330. Brooke (Sir J.), K.C.B, 334-60. Browne (W.),
LL.D., 3 6 9 Z. Brown (J. ), i 53 F. Brown (J.B.), I52F. Bruce (J.),
654 and 1044(3. Buckingham (George Villiers, Duke of), io2oO.
Buckland (F.), 539 O. Buckle (H. T.), 154-5^ Buffon (G. L. le C.),
670(3. Bull (Ole), 5410. Bunsen (Baron), 542-30. Bunsen (Baroness),
544-50. Bunyan (J.), 156?', 10570. Bunyan (J.), 1043(3. Burck-
hardt (J. L.), 683Q. Burleigh (Lord), 283!'. Burns (R.), 520 and
52iD, 10590. Burr (A.), 546-70. Burritt (E.), 11430. Bushnell (H.),
I57F. Butler (J.), 1029 and 1034(3. Butler (S.), 307Z. Buxton (Sir
T. F.1, 5480. Byron (Lord), 581 D, i^S-gF, io6oO, I072Q. Byron
(Admiral) 302H. Cain, 151 K. Calderon, 11740. Calvin, i6o-iF.
Campbell (T.), i64-5F, 326Q. Campbello (Count), 5520. Camper (P.),
664(3. Canning (Rt. Hon. G.), 553, 555-6 and 12070. Carey (W.),
i6 7 F. Carlyle (Jane Welsh), 1 7 2- 4 F,55 7 O. Carlyle (T.), i68- 7 iF,
S 7 3H. Carpenter (M.), 5620. Cartwright (Edmund), 13720. Cart-
\vright(P.), 5 6 3 O. Cary(R.), i 75 F. Cavour, : 7 6F. Caxton(W.), 2 oiZ.
Cellini, i 7 7-8F. Cervante.-, (M. De), 5660, io6 7 Q, cosZ. Chalmers



B IOGRAPHY Works of .(continued.')


(Thos.),D.D.,i79-8 2 F, n6 2 O. Chambers (R.),56gO. Chambers (W).,
560. Channing(W. E.), D.D., 571-20. Charlemagne, 1757. Charles
II. Charles John of Sweden, '117*'. Charlotte (Princess), 183 and

iSsF. Chateaubriand, 5730. Chatterton (T.), io2sR. Chaucer (G.),
io6iO, 2 7 8Z. Chesterfield (Earl ot), 9o 3 -6H, i2 7 6R. CHRIST, 3,
102, 103, 104-9, 39 " 1 ar >d 4o6- 7 A, 158, 170, and 39 7 M, 38, 151 and I52K.
Chrysostom (St.), 9520. Churchill (C-), i2 7 sR, 393 Z. Cicero (M. T.).
Clifford (W. R.),886H. dive ( Lord), 2 59 F, 2 8iT. Clyde (Colin Camp-
bell, Lord), i62-3F, 11450. Cobden(R.), igo-iF, 11400. Codrington
(Sir E.), i92- 3 F. Colchester (Lord), 2 4 i- 3 H. Cole (Sir H.), i9 4 -sF.
Colenso (Bp.), 621-2!'". Coleridge, (S. T.), 1062 and 12650, 326Q.
Coligny (G. De), 979 and 10240}. Collingwood (Lord), 5880.
Collins (Mortimer), io 53 R. Collins (W.), 3 8 3 Z. Columbus (C.),
682-3K, 990 and io 7 3Q, 8g4-5Z. Conde" (Prince Louis of), sgoO,
ioo3Q. Congreve (W.), 337Z. Cook (Emile), 5920. Combe (G.),
ig6-7F. Cooper (J. F.), io4oQ. Corneille, ig8F. Corneille and
Racine, n86O. Cornelius, I52K. Cortes (H.), 524-6!!, 594-50.
Cowley (A.), 3iiZ. Cowper (W)., 10630, 967 and 995Q, I572Z.
Crabbe (G.), 525Q. Cranmer (Abp.), 283!', i6gZ. Cromwell (O.),
I 39?O> I0 43Q> 204Z. Cruikshank (G.), 597-80. Cunningham (J.),
39iZ. Curran(J. P.), 206 and 207-8F, 8g8H. Cuvier(G. L. C. F. D.),
659Q. Daniel, isiK. Dante, 599 and 11750. Darwin (C.),
6i2-4F. David, isiK. Davy, 2og-ioF. Defoe (D.), 10640, I275R.
Denison (Archdeacon), 22oF. De Quincey (T.), 490 and 10650.
De Saumarez (Lord), 640-1 F. Desborough (Major General John),
204Z. Descartes (R.), IO26Q. Desmoulins, 228F. Dibden (C.),
4830. Dickens (C.), 229-31 and 232^', 1066, 1141, 1266, and
12960. Dodington (George Bubb), 2ioZ. Donaldson (W.), 2iiZ.
Donatello, nooO, Dodds (J.), 6i8O. Dore", 235F. Douglas (F.),
62oO. Douglas (Sir Howard), 236F. Drake, Cavendish, and
Dampier, 2i2Z. Drew (S.), 55 K. Drury (Dru), 6s8Q. Dryden
(J.), 10670, 3i4Z. Duff (A.), 582-30. Dundonald, 24I-2F. Dun-
can (J.), 62iO. Durer (Albrecht), 10960. Durham (Sir Philip
C. H. C), 2 43 F. Dyck (Sir A. Van), in 2 O. Dyer (J.), 3 8oZ.
Edward (T.), 77 iO. Eldon, 2 44 -6F. Eli, isiK. Elijah, i 5 iK,
398M. Eliot (Sir J.), 628-90, 284'!'. Eliot (G.), 625-7 and 11260.
Elisha, isiK. Elizabeth (Queen), i2i-2F, 630-10, 2i6Z. Emerson
(R. W.), 6320. Enoch, isiK. Erasmus (D.), 636-70. Esau, isiK.
Esther, isiK. Euler, 873-4 and ii2iZ. Evans (Christmas), 6380.
Eve, isiK. Ezra, isiK. Fairfax (E.), 5 i6Z. Falconer (W.),
395Z. Fawcett(H.), 6420. Fenelon, 6 45 O. Fenton<E.), 35 iZ. Fer-
gusson(W.). 256F. Fichte (J. G.), 1028 and io3sQ. Fielding (H.). 648
andio68O. Fitch (J.), 6 4 6O. Fletcher (J. W.), 5 6 3 F. Forbes(J. D.),
25 7 F. Forsyth, 2 5 8F. Foster (J.), 653-40. Fox (C. J.), 2 6oF.
Fox (George), 261 and 262F. Frampton, 263?. Franklin (B.),
o 4 oH, 11420, 2i 7 -8Z. Franklin (Sir John), 668- 77 K, 6 5 sO. Fraser
(J., Bp. of Manchester), 5g6F. Frederick the Great, 656-7 and
12460, 959Q- Frederick the Second, lo^gQ. French Protestant
[Jean Marteilhe], 49I O. Frith (W. P.), 6is-6F. Frobel (F.), i 3 6iO.
Fry (E.), n 2 8O. Fuller (M.), 66A, ii2 7 O. Fuller (T.), D.D.,66 2 O,
1274R. Garfield (President), 26gF, 666 and 6670, ig8Z, Gardiner
(Colonel J.), 2igZ. Garibaldi, 668O. Garrison, 270-1 F. Garth (Sir
S.), 35oZ. Gay (J.), 3 66Z. George L, 3 6F, io8 4 X. George II.,
69-71 F, io84X. George III., 7 2-3F. George IV., 8o-iF, 10550;. Ges-
ner (C. ), 663Q. Ghiberti. i iooO. Gibbon (E.), 741 H, 669 and 10690.
Gibson (J.), 273F. Giotto Di Bondone, 11240. Gladstone (W. E.),
274 and 2 7 sF, 6 7 oO. Godwin (M. W.), n 3 6O. Godwin (W.),
276- 7 F. Goethe (J. W.), 672-3, 674-5, 1188, and 12680, 22iZ. Gold-
smith (O.), 676 and io 7 oO, loosQ, 3g8Z. Gordon (General), 677,
1153, 1292, and 13640, and 226Z. Gough (J. B.), 280 and 281 F,
22 7 Z. Gower's Reminiscences, 648F. Graham (M. J.), 6 7 8O.
Grant (General), 2910. Grant (U. S.), 602-3?. Granville (G.), 33 iZ.
Gray (R.), 283-4?. Gray (T.), io 7 iO, 388 and i 575 Z. Green (M.),
3 7 oZ. Gregory the Seventh, 389-90?. Greenwell (D.), 13030.
Grellet (S.), 291-2?, 11630. Gresham (Sir T.), aoiZ. Greville
(H.), 296?. Grimaldi (J.), 285!'. Griswold, 305?. Guizot (F.),



BIOGRAPHY Works of -.(continued.)


306 and sgSF. Gurney (J. J.), 3O7-8F. Gustavus Adolphus, 1064(3.
Guthrie (T.), D.D., 684-5 and n 43 O. Guyon (Madame De La Mothe),

13660. Hall(R.), u6iO,24 3 Q, 9 6 5 R. Hall(S. C.), soo-ioF. Haller
(A. Von), 656Q. Haman, isiK. Hamilton (A.), 13650. Hamilton
(Lady), 690 and 1362-30. Hamilton (Sir W.), 12330, 1031 and 10370..
Hammond (J.), 3837. Handel (G. F.), 1144 and 12240. Hannibal
the Carthaginian^ 22gZ. Hannington_ ( j.), D.D., 6giO. Hare

B rough ai

7 o8O. Herschel (Mrs. C.), 7090. Hessel (Eliza), 7 ioO. Hessel(J.),
7iiO. Hezekiah, isiK. Hill (Sir Rowland), 3i6>7F, 2327. Hippo-
lytus, 2I5-8M. Hobart Pasha (Admiral), 7120. Hobart (J. H.),

2 86T. Hobbes (T.), io 32 Q. Hogarth (W.), noiO. Holbein (Hans),
11020. Holcroft (T.), 9 8iQ, i2 7 6R. Holland (Sir H.), 7 i6O. Hood
(E. P.), 7170. Hood (T.), 7690. Hook (Dean), 3i8-9F. Hortense
(Queen), 7 i8O. Howard (J.), 3 2oF, 2 33 Z. '

iio2O. Holcroft (T.), g8iQ, i2 7 _6R.__Ho\l<md (Sir H.), 7 i6O. Hood

in), 318-9^. Hortense
Howe, 69 and 2ooA.
Hugo (V.), 722, 723, and
7250. Humboldt (A. and W.), 7260.
' Hunt (L.),

(Queen), 7180. Howard (J.), 32oF, 23
Huber (F.), 6 77 Q. Hughes (G.), 7 2oO.

7240. Hullah (J.), LL.D., 7256. HUUIUUIUL V.T.. *"" ;, y*
Humbold (A. von), 10240, 68oQ. Hume, 10730, lojgQ. Hunt (
727-80. Hunter (J.), 66sQ. Hutcheson (F.), 12320. Hutchir
(Colonel), 7290. Hyacinthe (Father), 7300. Ida, 13510. Ireton
(H.), 2o 4 Z. Irving (H.), 733 O. Irving(W.), 1405-60, 8 97 - 9 Z. Isaac,
iSiK. Jackson (Thomas), 7340. Jackson ((j enl. Stonewall), 7350.
Jacob, ijiK. James, I52K. James I., 678R. Jameson (Anna), 323 F.
Jarousseau (J.), 7320. Jehoshaphat, isiK. Jenyns (i'oame), 397Z.
Jefferson (T.), 324-7F. Jeremiah, isiK. Joan of Arc, 322F, io2iQ.
Job, isiK. Johnson (S.), LL.D., 737-40, 962 and 10740, I275R,
236-40, 241 and 39gZ. John the Baptist, I52K. John the Evange-
list, I52K. Jonah, isiK. Jones (A. E.), loigQ. Jones (J. Paul),
7420. Jones (Sir W.), 328F. Jonson (Ben), 12020. Joseph, isiK.
Josephine (Empress), io7iQ. Joshua, isiK. Josiah, isiK. Judas,
I52K. Junot (Madame), 329-3^. Kant (Immanuel), 33 2 F, io^Q,
6 4 8R. Keats (J.), io88O. Kemble (F. A.), 747-520. King (W.),
326Z. Kingsley (C.), 753-40. Kitto (J.), 755O. Knox (J.), 756 and
11640. Kossuth (L.), 870. Lacepede (M. Le Comte De), 66gQ.
Lacordaire (H. D.), 13500. La" Fontaine, 11760. Lamarck (J. B.
P. A. De Monet, Chevalier De), 6 74 Q. Lamartine (A. De), 757-80,
ioi8Q. Lamb (C.), 7590. Lamb (M.), 11290. Landor (W. S.),
339F, loSgR. Las Casas (Count de), 338F, 7600. Latrielle (P. A.),
6 75 Q. Lavater (J. K.), i66Z. Law (J.), 7 6iO. Law (W.), 34 oF.
Lord Lawrence, 343-4!^. Lawrence (Sir Thomas), 34I-2F, 11030.
Lawson (Sir Wiltrid), 2ooZ. Le Brun (Madame), 34sF. Le
Febore (T.), 7 6 4 O. Legge (J.), 7650. Leibnitz (G. W.), iO2 7 Q.
Leifchild, 346F. Leighton (R.), 421 A. Leo the Tenth, 766-70, I76Z.
Lessing (G. E.), 347-8F. Le Vaillant (F.), 6 55 Q. Lieber (F.),
575D. Lincoln (A.), 773 and 11460, IO23Q. Linnaeus (C.), 649Q.
Liszt (Franz), 1353-40. Liverpool (Lord), 35O-2F. Livesey (J.),
11430. Livingstone (D.), 11460. Locke (J.), 10760. Lockhart
(W.), 3 8 4 F. Longfellow (H. W.), sgo-iF, sgiFa, i 2 6 4 O. Lot, isiK.
Louis XII., 97-8F. Louis XIV., 804-5 and 13090. Louis XVII.,
806-70. Louis Philippe, ii2F. L'Ouverture (Toussaint), 8ogO.
Luther (M.), 356 and 62oF, 811 and 8i2O,_947 and 949Q. Lyell

(Sir C.), 358-9F. Macaulay (Lord), 366-7 F, io 77 O. Machiavelli
(N.), 8 5 0. Me Ilvaine, 3 6oF. M'Lean (A.), i 5 iM. Macmillan
(D. >, 8i 3 O. Macready (W. C.), 362- 3 F. Mahomet, 3 6 4 F and i 7 ooZ.
Maintenon (Madame De), 602. Malan (C.), 8140. Mallett (DA
387Z. Mallett (Madame), loogQ. Malmesbury (Earl of), 368-9^.
Manasseh, isiK. Margaret of Anjou, 37o-iF. Margaret (Queen of
Navarre), 11370. Marie Antoinette, gg-iooF, 815-6 and 8170.
Marie-Louise (Empress of France), 13560. Marlborough (Duke of),
308-90, 378F, 12030, 942 and io6sQ. Marmontel (J. F.), 8i8-2iO.



BIOGRAPHY Works of -.(continued.)


Marot (C.), 8220. Marsden (S.), 994Q- Marsh (Miss C.), 11520.
Marsh (J.), 8230. Marsh (W.), 379?. Marteilhe (Jean), 49 iO.
Martineau (H.), 824-6 and 11300. Martin (John), 1305-60. Martyn

(H.), saoF, 11650. Mary, I52K. Mary, Queen of Scots, 34JH,

S3-4O, I076-7Q. Massillon (J. B.), 4sQ. Massinger (P.), 3ioQ.
athevv (Father), 11430. Matthew, I52K. Maurice (F. D.

38i-2F. Maxwell (J. C.), 383?. Medici (Lorenzo De), 215-6
AK-issouicr (J. W.), 11040. Melbourne (Viscount), 38s-6F. Mel-
chizedek, isiK. Melito (M. de), 2i 7 -8F. Melville (A.), 387-8!''.

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (J. L. F.), 837, 838 and 12250. Meriau (M.
S-), 673Q, 95R. Meshach isiK. Metcalf (J.), 8390. Metternich
(Prince), 644 and H3-6F, 13770. Miall (E.), 3 8 9 F. Mill (J. S.),
39oF,8 4 oO. Miller (Hugh), 8o 9 R. Milnor (J.), 3QiF. Milton (J.),
10786, 303Z. Mirabeau, 3 99 F. Mitford (M. R.), 845-90. Moffat
(Robert and Mary), 4ooF. Mohammed, I075Q. Moir (D. M.),
346Q. Moliere, 11770. Molinos (M.), io3Q. Monod (A.), 8520.
Montagu (Lady Mary Wortley), 40I-2F. Montagu (Marquise De),
6030. Montaigne, 11780. Montalembert, 1014-50.. Montpensier
(Mademoiselle De), 604-60. Montrose (Marquis of), 4O3F. Moore
(G.), 404F, 11490. Moore (Sir John), 4o6~7F. Mordecai, isiK.
More (Hannah), 853-60. More (Sir T.), 283 and 288T. Moreland
(Henry, Earl of), 4 o8F. Morgan (A. De), 2i 9 F. Morgan (Lady),
409-ioF. Morley (S.) 6i8F. Moses, isiK. Motley (J. L.), 8570.
Mozart (W. A.), 858-9 and 12260. Miiller (G.), 11480. Murchison
(Sir Roderick (T.), 4 n- 2 F. Napier (General Sir C. J.), 86i- 4 O.
Napier (M.), 273^ Napier (General Sir W.), 4I3-4F. Napoleon

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