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Altiora Peto, by Laurence Oliphant 648X

Alton Locke, Tailor and Poet, an Autobiography [Chartists, 1 9th

Century], by Charles Kingsley 737, 738, 2671 and 3O38X

Alypius of Tagaste, by Mrs. Webb [Sunday at Home, v. 11] 286iJ

Amber Witch [Time of Gustavus Adolphus], by W. Meinhold 2 735X

Amelia, by Henry Fielding ..... 4OQX

American Baron, by Professor De Mille [Harper, v. 42] 1622}

American Notes, Pictures from Italy, &c., by Dickens 349, 380 and 2945^

Among the Icebergs, a Tale [Once a Week, v. 35] 2295!

Amy Herbert, by Elizabeth M. Sewell 2639X

An Easter Long Ago, by G. S. Godkin [Christian World Magazine]... 249 f

An Old Fogey and other Stories, by Max Adeler [C. H. Clark] 2704^

An Ugly Duckling, by Henry Erroll 3inX

ANDERSEN (Hans Christian, Danish Novelist, b. 1805, d. 1875) :

Fairy Tales X2O9XJ Lucky Peer [Scribner's

Improvisatore I2IOX | Monthly Magazine, v. i] l85lj

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Andrea Vivano [Romancist and Novelists' Library] 228iX

Andrew Harvey's Wife, by L. T. Meade [Sunday Magazine, v. 16]... 2466]
Andrew Marvel and his Friends [Commonwealth. Worcester Fight,

1651], by M. Hall [Christian World] 242.!

Andrew Savoyard, from the French 2783^

Andrew Winpenny and Count de Deux Sous, by Author of "Job

Oxford " [Romancist and Novelists' Library] 228 iX

ANDROS (A. C., Giiernsey Author) Ed., Mrs. Brown's Visit to

Guernsey 1262, 2425 and 3O39X

Angela, by Mrs. Anne Marsh I37OX

Angelina, or L'Amie Inconnue, by Maria Edgeworth 2436X

Anglers of the Dove, by Harriet Martineau [Once a Week, v. 7] ... 2267J

ANLEY (Charlotte), Miriam, or the Power of Truth 2864X

Anna Karenina, a Russian Realistic Novel, by Count Tolstoi 3032 & 2439X
Anna Lee [The Three Eras in a Woman's Life], by T. S. Arthur ... 45oX

Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood, by George Macdonald 2ig2X

See also Sunday Magazine, v. 2, 24527.

Annals of the Parish and Ayrshire Legatee, by J. Gait I99OX

Annan Water, by Robert Buchanan 56iX

Anne, by Constance F. Woolson 2o85X

See also Harper's Monthly Magazine, v. 62, 16427.

Anne Boleyn, an Historical Romance, by Thomson ...1479, 2749 a d 2929X

Anne Furness, a Novel [Fortnightly Review, v. 14] 2IO4J

See also Harper's Monthly Magazine, v. 42, 16227.

Anne Hereford, by Mrs. Henry Wood 16, 1923 and 3O58X

Anne of Geierstein [i5th Century], by Scott ...932, 980, ioo6X and IO76-8Z

Annie Kilburn, by William D. Howells [Harper, v. 77] 16577

ANSTEY (F. [Thomas Anstey-Guthrie], Barrister, b. 1856) :

A Fallen Idol I9C-5X

Milner's Mistake [M.,v. 56] 986!

The Black Poodle 228iX

A Iso Longman'sMagazine, v. i 891 J

The Giant's Robe 2344X

Also Cornhill Magazine, v. 48 3287

Tinted Venus I9O7X

Vice Versa 22ogX

Anteros, by G. A. Lawrence [Harper's Monthly Magazine, v. 40] ... i62oj
Antiquary, by Sir Walter Scott 893, 941 and 998X and 1085-72:



Antonina, or the Fall of Rome [A.D., 546], by Wilkie Collins 268X

Antony Grace, by George Manville Fenn 3^3X

Apparition, The, by A. M. Brookfield 222iX

APPLETON (G. Webb) :

Catching a Tartar 22 1 6X | Terrible Legacy 3!5 6X

April Hopes, by William D. Ho wells [Harper's Monthly, v. 74] i654j

Arab Wife, The, a Tale of the Polynesian Seas [Chambers, v. 53] ... I9S3J

Arabella Stuart, a Romance from History [James I.], by James 2656X

Arabian Nights' Entertainments, edited and translated by E. W. Lane I355X

Arabian Nights' Entertainments, translated from the Arabic 227 iX


Aimee [Longman's, v. 6] 8g6J
Christiana North [Macn.] 955]"

Golden Bar 562X

My Sister Rosalind 1753^

Also Living Age, v. 114 .... 3I44J

ARCHIBALD (C. M.), Soldier's Story [Boys' Own Annual, v. 9]... 2959^

Archibald Malmaison, by Julian Hawthorne II29X

Archie [Sunday at Home, v. 29] 2879J

Archie Campbell, a Tale [Leisure Hour, v. 6] 2610}

Archie Lovell, by Mrs. Edwards [Temple Bar, v. 16] I346J

Ardath, by Marie Corelli 3233X

Arden, by A. Mary F. Robinson iSioX

ARGLES (Mrs. [The Duchess] :

Marvel 3i6iX

Mental Struggle 3 r 59X

Modern Circe 3i6oX

Portia [Time, v. 6] M97J

Troublesome Girl 3357X

Airy Fairy Lilian

Beauty's Daughters I978X

Green Pleasure and Grey

Grief 3I93X

Her Week's Amusement... 3I57X

Honourable Mrs. Vereker 3I58X

Ariadne, the Story of a Dream, by Ouida [Mademoiselle de la Rame] 857X

Armadale, by Wilkie Collins 276X

See also Cornhill, v. 10, 2goJ. Harper's Monthly, v. 30, i6ioj.

Arminell, by S. Baring Gould [Temple Bar, v. 85] I4 T 5J

ARMITT (Mary L.), Mr. Trench, of Brasenose [Cassell's, v. 15] ... 1365}

Armourer's Prentices, by C. M. Yonge [English Illustrated, v. i]... 1991}
ARMSTRONG (C. F., Captain) :

Cruise of the Daring 434X Two Midshipmen 447X

Medora 444X

Young Commander 448X

Sailor Hero 443X

Army Society, by John Strange Winter [Mrs. Stannard] 3234X

ARNOLD (F.), Farm on the Mountain [Sunday at Home, v. 17] ... 28677
ARNOLD (Mrs., Serial Writer, &c.) :

Edged Tools [T. B., v. 80] I4ioj I Misjudged, or the Troubles of

HisonlyEnemy[L. H.,26] 26367 | a City Man [L. H., v. 30]. 2640!

ARNOLD (R. Arthur), Hever Court [Once a Week, v. 16] 2270)

Around the World in Eighty Days, by Jules Verne !O2iX

Arrah Neil, or Times of Old [Times of Elizabeth], by James 2638X

Artemus Ward, his Book, by C. F. Browne [Artemus Ward] i5o5X

ARTHUR (T. S., American Writer, b. 1809) :

Anna Lee 45oX | Sow well and Reap well 452X

Arthur Bonnicastle, by J. G. Holland [Scribner's Monthly, v. 5] ... 1855!

Arthur O'Leary, Adventures of, by Charles Lever 757X

Artist's Son, a Tale [Sunday at Home, v. n] 286iJ

As a Tale that is Told, by Agnes Giberne [Sunday at Home, v. 23]... 2873}



As He Comes up the Stair, by Helen Mathers [Mrs. Reeve] 1435 and 2o;;X

See also Gentleman's Magazine, v. 17, N.S., 737].

As in a Looking-Glass, by F. C. Phillips 3 2 35^

Ascanio, an Historical Romance [Jesuits, i6th Century], by Dumas 41 iX

Aspern Papers, by Henry James [Atlantic Monthly, v. 61] I55ij

Asphodel, by Miss Braddon [Mrs. J. Maxwell] i62X

See also All the Year Round, v. 45, 1805 J.

Asserted but not Proved, or Struggles to Live, by A. Bower 2346X

ASSOLLANT (Alfred, French Novelist, b. 1827), Fantastic History

of the Celebrated Pierrot, translated into English by Munro 3O64X

Asfbury's Bargain, by Charles Gibbon [Chambers' Journal, v. 66].. . IQ66J

ASTOR(W. M. Waldorf), Valentino, an Historical Romance of Italy... 2iioX

Astray, a Tale of a Country Town, by C. M. Yonge and others 2328X

At any Cost, by Edward Garrett [Living Age, v. 163] 3 J 93j

At Her Mercy, by James Payn [All the Year Round, v. 30] I79OJ

At His Gates, by Mrs. Oliphant [Good Words, v. 13] 2i83j

See also Scribner's Monthly Magazine, v. 3, iSssJ.

At the Bar, by Charles Collins [All the Year Round, v. 14] 1774}

At the Mast Head [Boy's Own Annual, v. i] 2 9S 1 J

At the Moment of Victory, by C. L. Pirkis [All Year Round, v. 62] .. 1822}

At the Red Glove [Harper's Monthly, v. 70] I ^>SI

At the Sign of the Violet [Leisure Hour, v. 36]. . . .- 2646^

At War with Fate [Christian World Magazine, 1887] 256}

Atelier du Lys, or An Art Student in the Reign of Terror [French

Revolution, 1793] by M. Roberts.. I537X

Athelings, or the Three Gifts [Living Age, v. 50] 3o8oJ

Atonement of Learn Dundas, by E. Lynn Linton i6ggX

See also Cornhill Magazine, v. 32, 3i2j.

Attache, or Sam Slick in England, by Thomas C. Haliburton I45OX

Attila [Gaul and Italy, 5th Century], by G. P. R. James 689, 698 & 2663X

Attractive Man, by Mrs. F. Trollope 2754X

All Large, by George W. Cable [Century Magazine, v. 13] 1885}

Aubrey, by Mrs. Anne Marsh 2677X

AUERBACH (Berthold, German Writer, b. 1812, tf. 1882) :

Country House on the Rhine 3I29J | On the Heights I7*3X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Aunt Diana, by Rosa N. Carey [Girls' Own Annual, v. 6] 2556]

Aunt Dorothy's Story Book, by M. and E. Khby 2236X

Aunt Jane's Hero, by E. Prentiss i6i7X

Aunt Judy's Letters, by Mrs. Gatty

Aunt Lucia's Locket [Quiver, v. 20]

Aunt Phillis' Cabin, or Southern Life as it is, by Mrs. Eastman 2364^

Aunt Rachel, by David Christie Murray 2I54X

See also English Illustrated, v. 3, iggsJ.

Auriol, or the Elixir of Life, by William Harrison Ainsworth 73X

Aurora Floyd, by Miss M. E. Braddon [Mrs. Maxwell] 2324 and l83X

See also Temple Bar, v. 4, I334J.

AUSTEN (Jane, Novelist of Domestic Life, b. 1775, d. 1817):

Emma 108 and 25O9X

Lady Susan IO5X

Mansfield Park 107, 118 and 25I2X

Northanger Abbey and Persuasion no, 2511 and 2973X

Pride and Prejudice 109 and 25I3X

Sense and Sensibility 106, 2508 and 29OiX

N. B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.



Austin Elliot, by Henry Kingsley ............................................

Aut Caesar aut Nihil, by Von Bothmer ............... ........................ 512X

Author's Daughter, by Catherine Ellen Spence ............................ !^33X

Author's Daughter, by Mary Howitt [Living Age, v. 6] ............... 3Oj6J

Autobiography of a Man-o'-War's Bell, by Lieut. C. R. Low ....... 1304 H

Awdries and their Friends [Leisure Hour, v. 14] ....... . ................. 26247

AYTOUN (W. E., Scotch Poet and Scholar, b. 1813, d. 1865), Nor-

man Sinclair [Blackwood's Magazine, v. 87] ..................... I57J

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Azalia, by Joel Chandler Harris [Century Magazine, v. 12] ............ 1884!

BABES in the Wood [Home Treasury of Old Story Books] 2863X

Baby'3 Grandmother, by L. B. Walford 3236X

. See also Blackwood's Magazine, v. 134, 2O4J. Living Age, v. 160, 3igoJ.

Bachelor's Blunder, by W. E. Norris 3 2 37X

See also Temple Bar Magazine, v. 76, i4o6J.

Back to Life, a Tale of the Jungle, by Hutchinson [Boys' Own, v. 10] 2g6oJ

Bad Luck, by Albany De Fonblanque igooX

BAILEY (J. M.), Mr. Miggs of Danbury 287iX

BAKER (J.), John Westacott [A History of Every-day Events] 113 & 2472X

BAKER (William M.), New Timothy [Harper's Monthly, v. 36] i6i6J

Virginians in Texas [Harper s New Monthly Magazine, v. 35] !6i5j

[The following short tales also by this author will be found in Harper's
Monthly Magazine: Clergyman's Adventure, i6o3j. Glitter and
Gold, i6oij. Little Miss Mouse and her Scholar, i637_J. Mr. Dods'
Six Shots, i6i2_J. Natural Selection, i632_J. Survival of the Fittest,

BALFOUR (Clara L.), Family Honour and Kate Ormond's Dower

[Quiver, v. 9] 3 27 9 J

Ballad Story [Girls' Own Annual, v. 2] 2 55 2 J

Ballads, by William Makepeace Thackeray 1085 and logSX

BALLANTYNE (R. M., Instructive Writer for the Young] :

Big Otter 2478X

Also Every Boy's Annual . . 1305!!

Black Ivory 24/9X

Coral Island 248oX

Deep Down 248iX

Dog Crusoe and his Master 2482X

Dusty Diamonds 2483X

Erling the Bold 2484X

Fighting the Flames 2485X

Floating Light of the

Goodwin Sands 2486X

Fort Desolation 2497X

Also Every Boy's Annual . . 1301 H

Freak on the Fells 2487X

Fugitives 2488X

Giant of the North
Golden Dream

Gorilla Hunters ................. 2492X

Hudson Bay .................... 2 493X

In the Track of the Troops. . . 2494X

Iron Horse ....................... 2 495X

Island Queen ................. 2496X

Life in the Red Brigade ...... 2497X

Lifeboat ........................ 2498X

Lighthouse ...... ........ '. ...... 2 499%.

Lonely Island .................. i I9X

Madman and the Pirate ...... !2oX

Martin Rattler ......... ........ !2iX

Middy and the Moors, an

Gascoyne 2 4 8 9 X [ Algerine Story [B.O.A.]... 2 9 6oJ





BALLANTYNE (R. M.) (continued.)

My Doggie and I I48X

Also Boys' Own Annual, v. 3 29537

Norseman in the West *49X

Philosopher Jack 257X

Pirate City 258X

Post Haste 25gX

Prairie Chief 26oX

Also Boys' Own Annual, v. 8 29587

Red Eric 27QX

Red Man's Revenge 28oX

Also Boys' Own Annual, v. 2 29527

Red Rooney , 28iX

Rivers of Ice 455X

Rivers of the Andes 456X

Settler and the Savage 45?X

Shifting Winds 458X

Six Months at the Cape 459X

Tales of Adventure :

By Flood, Field, and Moun-
tain 487 and 502X

On the Coast 4 8gX

On the Sea 4 86X

Wild Work in Strange Places 4 88X

Twice Bought 499X

A Iso Boys' Own Annual, v. 5 . . 29557

Under the Waves 673X

Ungava 6^X

Wild Man of the West 675X

World of Ice 676X

Young Fur Traders 677X

Young Trawler 678X

Ball-room Repentance, by Annie Eclwardes [Temple Bar, v. 64].... 1394!
BALZAC (Honore de), and others, Public and Private Life of

Animals 2384X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

BANIM (John, Irish Novelist, b. 1800, d. 1842) :

Father Connell 2774X I John Doe 2773X

Ghost Hunter & his Family 25I4X | Tales of the O'Hara Family 121 iX

BANKS (Mrs. G. Linnseus, Manchester Novelist, b. 1821) :

Manchester Man ..2377 and 2378X
Also Cassell's Magazine, v. i.. 23507

More than Coronets [Girls'

Own Annual, v. i ] 255iJ

Wooers and Winners 3298X

Blush Rose [G. O. A. , v. 3] 2553J

Caleb Booth's Clerk ...... 2375X

Glory 2376X

God's Providence House... 2377X

In His Own Hand 3256X

Barbara Philpot, by Hon. Lewis Wingfield 33O3X

Barbara Street, a Family Story of To-day [Quiver, v. 26] 32967

Barbara's Brothers, by Green [Sunday at Home, v. 34] 2884!

Barbara's Warning, by Mrs. Houstoun , 2I97X

Barbicane & Co., or the Purchase of the Pole, by Jules Verne

[Boys' Own Annual, v. 12] 29627

Barchester Towers, by Anthony Trollope IJ 54^

BARDSLEY (C. W.), Brownie 2799X

BABHAM (Rev. A. H.). See Ingoldsby (Thos.).

BARKER (Lady, Traveller in Africa], Sybil's Book 2848X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Barford Bridge, or Schoolboy Trials, by Rev. H. C. Adams 1302 II

Barnaby Rudge, a Tale of the Riots of 'Eighty [Gordon Riots,

1780], by Charles Dickens 346, 383, 384, 1069 and 294iX

Barney Branagan, by William Carleton I238X

Baron Munchausen's Original Travels and Adventures [by Ras'pe] ... 24i6X
Baronet and the Balloon [Temple Bar Magazine, v. 84].,
BARR (Amelia E., Scotch Writer] :

Border Shepherdess 22g6X

Daughter of Fife

Faint Heart never won
Fair Lady [Harp. v. 63]

In Spite of Himself 3 143X

Jan Vedder's Wife

Last of the MacAllisters 2643J

Lone House [Leisure Hour,

v. 36] 2646!

Squire of Sandal Side i883X

Under which Flag [C. W. M.] 258J





Barren Honour, by G. A. Lawrence [Eraser's Magazine, v. 64]

BARRETT (Frank, Serial Writer} :
By Misadventure [Cassell's
Family Magazine, v. 14]

Harlowe's Helpmate

Hidden Gold [Cassell's
Family Magazine, v. 6]



2 3 6lJ



7ohn Ford, his Faults and
Follies, and what came

of Them 23597

Major Godfrey's Discovery... 23567

Prodigal's Progress 553^

Under a Strange Mask 23647

Barriers Burned Away [Great Chicago Fire], by E. P. Roe I7&4X

Barrington, by Charles Lever 75X

Barry Lyndon, by William Makepeace Thackeray 1078 and logiX

See also Eraser's Magazine, v. 29 6^g]

BARTLETT (J. Allen), Bill Martock, a Tale of the Severn Sea

[Boys' Own Annual, v. 10] 29607

BASIL. See King (Richard Ashe).

Basil Plant, a Present Day Story, by Ethel Coxon I592X

Basil Woolcombe, Midshipman, by Arthur Lee Knight 2 9597

BASKIN (Mary), Conquered at Last [Christian World Magazine]... 244}
Bateman Household, and what became of Them, by 7ames Payn

[Chambers' 7ournal, v. 33]

Baylerbay, or Strangers in Turkey, by 7. C. Fife Cookson

BAYLEY (Thomas Haynes, Lyric Poet, b. 1799, d. 1839), Kindness

in Women

BAYLY (Ada Ellen). See Lyall (Edna).

BEACONSFIELD (Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of, Celebrated Statesman
and Author, b. 1805, </. 1881)

Alroy 132, 138, & I44X

Coningsby 131, 141, 142 & 2568X
Contarini Fleming 129, 146,

Endymion 126 &

Henrietta Temple 134 "

Ixion in Heaven 2573X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

BE ALE (Anne, Serial Writer, <5rY.) :
Adopted, a short Story

[Girls' Own Annual, v. 5]
Charlie is My Darling

[Girls' Own Annual,

v. n]

Courtleroy [Girls' Own A.]

Farm on the Down

His Steadfast Purpose ...
Idonea [Leisure Hour].



In Vanity and Vexation . . .
Miller's Daughter [Quiver]

Lothair 125, 136 and I37X

Sybil 135, 139, 145, 2566X

Tancred 133, 143, 257oX

Venetia 130, 140 &2572X

Vivian Grey 127 & 25&7X

Young Duke..., ...I28&

Old Gwen [Sunday at H.]...
Pennant Family [Quiver] ...
Queen o' the May[G. O. A.]
Rose Mervyn of Whitelake..
Seven Years for Rachel, or
Welsh Pictures sketched

from Life .............. ..... 3I94X

Also Girl's Own Annual, v. 6 jj 2556]

Squire Lisle's Bequest [L. H. ] 26417
White Rose of Whitelake ...

Whither Drifting [Quiver]


BEARNE (L. W.), Sister Ursula [Christian World Magazine, 1883]

Beatrice, or the Unknown Relatives, by C. Sinclair

Beatrice Melton's Discipline, by Maud J. Franc

Beau Nash [Fashionable Manners, i8th Cent.], by W. H. Ainsworth

Beau Tancrede, or the Marriage Verdict, by Alexandre Dumas

Beauchamp, or the Error, by George Payne Rainsford 7ames









26 3 iX


Beauchamp's Career, by George Meredith 2574X

See also Fortnightly Review, v. 22, 2ii2j.

Beauclercs, Father and Son, by Charles Clarke [Fraser, v. 72] 682]

Beauforts of Beatrice Gardens, by L. T. Meade [Quiver, v. 31].... 3301!

Beautiful Jim, by John Strange Winter [Mrs. Stannard] 26g6X

Beautiful Miss Roche, by Mrs. G. W. Godfrey [Temple Bar, v. 61] I39ij

See also Living Age, v. 149, 3179].

Beautiful Wretch, by William Black 3O52X

Beauty and the Beast, a Fairy Story [Treasury of Old Story Books] 2863X

Beauty and the Beast, a Novel, by Sarah Tytler

BEDE (Cuthbert [Rev. E. Bradley], Antiquarian Novelist, b. 1827,

d. 1889), Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green 2424 and

See also Good Words, v. 25, 2IQ5J. Living Age, v. 160, 3i9oJ.

Beauty's Daughters, by Mrs. Argles [The Duchess] I978X

Beckside Boggle, and other Lake Country Stories, by Alice Rea. ... 2IO2X

Bede's Charity, by Hesba Stretton [Hannah Smith] 2o89X

See also Sunday at Home, v. 19, 28693.

Beechcroft at Rockstone, by Charlotte Mary Yonge 3153 and 3378X

Beggar's Daughter of Bethnal Green [Chambers' Miscellany] 623R

Begum : S Daughter, by Edwin Lassetter Bynner [Atlantic Monthly,

v -63l I553J

Begum's Fortune, by Jules Verne IO25X

Behind Closed Doors, by Anna Katharine Green 3I32X

Behind the Veil, a Tale of the Days of William the Conqueror, by

E. S. Holt 3093X

also Leisure Hour, v. 28, 26387.

Beleaguered City, a narrative of Certain Recent Events in the City
of Semur, in the Department of the Haute Bourgogne, a

Story of the Seen and the Unseen, by Mrs. Oliphant 2476X

Belinda, by Maria Edgeworth 244$X

Belinda, by Rhoda Broughton I57IX.

See also Temple Bar, v. 67, I397J.

BELL (Acton, Currer and Ellis). See Bronte.

BELL (Catherine D.), Home Sunshine 297iX

BELL (M.)i Deeds and Words 1217 and i2i8X

Bell of St. Paul's, a short Tale by Besant [Longman's Magazine, v. 13] go3j

Belton Estate, by Anthony Trollope I no and IH5X

i. See also Fortnightly Review, v. i, aogij. Living Age, v. 86, 3ii6J.

Ben Brace [Days of Nelson, i8th Century], by Captain Chamier 2ii8X

Ben Norton, a Frontier story, by S. S. Robbins [Boys' Own An. v. 2] 2952J

Beneath the Wheels, by F. E. M. Notley 232iX

BENEDICT (Frank Lee), Her Friend Laurence I545X

Benedicta, by Mrs. Alfred Phillips : I7S3X

BENNETT (Mary, Serial Writer} :

Fireside Fairy [Fam. Friend] 7I7R | Good as Gold [Family F.].. 7i6R

Benyowski's Adventures [Macaulay's Stories] 3O44X

Beppo, the Conscript, by T. Adolphus Trollope [Once a Week, v. 9]. 2269J

Berenice 2056X

BERESFORD (Mrs.), Poppy 5I5X

Berna Boyle, by Mrs. J. H. Riddell 3I23X

BERSIER (Madame E.), Micheline 548X

Bertha, or Smiles and Tears [Leisure Hour, v. 8] 26i8J





Bertie and I, a Home Story [Quiver, v. 24] 3 2 94j

Bertie Danby's Training, by Leslie [Sunday at Home, v. 35] . 2885}

Bertram Family, by Mrs. Charles 59X

See also Sunday Magazine, v. 12, 2462 J.

Bertram Raven, a Story of College Life, by Vernon [Leisure Hour] 2634}

Bertrams, The, by Anthony Troffope 1137 and II53X

Bertrand De La Croix, by James [Romancist and Novelists' Library] 22&iX

BESANT (Walter, Scholar and Novelist, b. 1838) :

All in a Garden Fair ...... I947X

Also Good Words, v. 24 - - 21947
All Sorts and Conditions

of Men ............ 2366 and237iX

Bell of St. Paul's, a Short

Tale [Longmans, v. 13] 90 3j

Captain's Room, &c ....... 7^ 2 X

Also All Year Round, v. 48 1808 J
Children of Gibeon ...783 & i98oX

Also Longman's Mag., v. 7 8977

Dorothy Forster ............ 2O37X

For Faith and Freedom... 3O76X
Glorious Fortune ............

Also All Year Round, v. 53
Herr Paulus, his Rise, his

Greatness and his Fall

300 iX

Humbling of the Memb-

lings, &c 782X

In Luck at Last, &c 74X

Also All the Year Round, v. 55 1815 J

Katharine Regina 22llX

Last Mass [Harper, v. 78] ... 1658!

Let Nothing you Dismay ... 782X

Also All the Year Round, v. 51 i8nj

Murder of Nick Vedden 7&2X

Revolt of Man 203 and 2372X

They were Married 782X

To Call Her Mine 26i2X

World went very Well then

2367, 2368 and 24O7X

N.B. See also the General
Catalogue for this Author.

Julia, &c

Also English
v. i


BESANT (Walter) and POLLOCK (Walter Herries) :

784X ] Sir Jocelyn's Cap 784X

Also Longman's Magazine, v. 5 895 J

*99iJ i Uncle Jack, &c 784 and 2O5iX

BESANT (Walter) and RICE (James) :

By Celia's Arbour 785X

Case of Mr. Lucraft 786X

Chaplain of the Fleet 2O53X

Chien d'Or 88sX

Golden Butterfly 787X

Monks of Thelema 788X

My Little Girl

Also Once a Week, v. 27

Over the Sea

A Iso All Year Round, v. 46 . .
Ready Money Mortiboy...

Also Once a Week, v. 26. ...

7 8 9 X

22 8 7 j
88 3 X




Seamy Side 882 and 3o68X

Also Time Magazine, v. i I 49 I J

Shepherds all and Maidens

Fair 885X

Such a Good Man 885X

Sweet Nelly 883X

Ten Years' Tenant 883X

This Son of Vulcan 884X

'Twas in Trafalgar's Bay 88sX

Also All the Year Round, v. 41 i8oij

With Harp and Crown 886 & 3O6QX

Bessie Among the Mountains, by Mathews [sequel to i7o6X] ... I7O3X

Bessie and her Friends, by Joanna H. Mathews I7O6X

Bessie and Maggie, by Joanna H. Mathews [sequel to !7o6X] !7iiX

Bessie at School, by Joanna H. Mathews [sequel to J7O3X] !7c8X

Bessie at the Seaside, by Joanna H. Mathews i7ioX

Bessie on her Travels, by Joanna H. Mathews [sequel to !7o8X] ... I7O5X

Bessy Rane, by Mrs. Henry Wood 7, 29 and IQ24X

Bessy Wells, by Mrs. Henry Wood 2Q5iX

See also Sunday Magazine, v. n, 24617.

Best of Husbands, by James Payn [Chambers' Journal, v. 5] J 95 2 J

Betham-Edwards (M.). See Edwards (M. Betham).

Betrothed, The, [Crusades, &c., I2th Century] by Sir W. Scott 925 & 973X





Betrothed Lovers, by A. Manzoni, translated by Worboise

See also Christian World Magazine, 1875, 244].

Better than Gold, by Alton Clyde [Mrs. A. Jeffreys] [Quiver, y. 16]
Between the Heather and the Northern Sea, by Mary Linskill

[Good Words, v. 25]

Beyond Recall, by Adeline Sergeant

Beyond the Gates, by E. S. Phelps ,

Beyond the Seas, by Oswald Crawford

Big Otter, a Tale of the Great Nor' West, by R. M. Ballantyne

See also Every Boy's Annual, 1886, 1305!!.

Bill Martock, a Tale of the Severn Sea, by Bartlett [B. O. A., v. 10]
Bimbi, Stories for Children, by Ouida [Mademoiselle De la Rame]...
Binko'S Blues, a Tale for Children of all Growths, by H. C. Merivale

Bird of Passage, by J. Sheridan Le Fanu [Temple Bar, v. 29]

Bird Talisman [Family Friend, 1861]

Birds of Prey, by Miss M. E. Braddon [Mrs. John Maxwell]

BISHOP (William H.) The Golden Justice [Atlantic Monthly, v. 52]

BLACK (William, Scotch Novelist, b. 1841) :






Beautiful Wretch ............ 3O52X

Daughter of Heth ......... 504^

Green Pastures and Picca-

dilly [Sequel to 5O5X] 5o;X

Also Living Age, v. 132 .... i62

In Far Lochaber [Harper's

Magazine, v. 76] .......

In Silk Attire ......... . ..... 568X

Judith Shakespeare ......... 51 iX

Also Harper, v. 68 ........ i648J

Kilmeny ..................... $ioX

Lady Silverdale's Sweet-

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