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heart .......................

Macleod of Dare ............

Also Good Words, v. 19. ... 2i8gJ

- Harper, v. 56 ...... 1636 J

Living Age v. 136 . . 3i66J


i 963

Madcap Violet

Also Macmillan, v. 33 ......

Maid of Killeena ............

Marriage of Moira Fergus

[Cornhill, v. 31] ......... 3iiJ

Penance of John Logan... 333iX

Princess of Thule [Mac-
millan, v. 27]

Sabina Zembra

Shandon Bells

Snow Idyll [Good W., v. 30]
A ho Harper, v. 64

Strange Adventures of a
House Boat

Strange Adventures of a


Also Living Age, v. 112

Macmillan, v. 25


Three Feathers

A Iso Cornhill, v. 30

" Living Age, v. 122

White Heather [Longman's]

White Wings

A Iso Cornhill, v. 40

Harper, v. 59






i6 44 J








N.B. See also the General
Catalogue for this Author.

Black Arrow, by Robert Louis Stevenson

Black Beauty, the Autobiography of a Horse, by E. M. Sewell

Black but Comely, or the Adventures of Jane Lee, by Melville

Black Donkey, or the Guernsey Boys, by Darley Dale [S.P.C.K.]...

Black Dwarf, by Sir Walter Scott 897, 945 and 985X and

Black Eagle, or Ticonderoga, by G. P. R. James

Black Flag, by W. S. Hayward

Black Ivory, a Tale of Adventure among the Slaves of East Africa,

by R. M. Ballantyne

Black Poodle and other Stories, by F. Anstey [F. A. Guthrie]

See also Longman's Magazine, v. i, 891 J.

Black Prophet, a Tale of Irish Famine, by W T . Carleton 2524 and

Black Robe, by Wilkie Collins









Black Sheep, by Edmund Yates [All the Year Round, v. 16]

Black Story[Once a Week, v. 38] 2298;

Black Troopers [Leisure Hour, v. 19] 2629}

Black Tulip, by Alexandra Dumas 4I2X

Black Watch, by James Grant 922X


HeartofErin !56oX

Chronicle of Barham
[Quiver, v. 21] 32917

N.B. See also the General

Catalogue for this Author.

BLACKFORD (Mrs.), Scottish Orphans I2I9X

Blackmail, by R. Mounteney-Jephson 22OiX

BLACKMORE (Richard Doddridge, Poet and Novelist, b. 1825) :

Alice Lorraine

Also Blackwood's M., v. 115
- Living Age, v. 121 . .
Christowell ................... 51

Also Good Words, v. 22 ....

Clara Vaughan ............... 454-X

Cradock Nowell ............. I563X

Also Macmillan, v. 12 ...... 942!

Cripps the Carrier .......... 2O28X

Lorna Doone 482X

Maid of Sker [Black wood, v.

no] i8oj

Also Living Age, v. in 3141 J

Mary Anerley [Eraser, v. 100] 710}
Springhaven [Battle of Tra-
falgar, &c.] 2059X

Also Harper's Monthly, v. 72 . . i6S2j

Erema [Cornhill, v. 34] ... 314] Tommy Upmore.,

A Iso Harper's Monthly, v. 54 J 634J
Blackwood, Tales from :

Vols. 1-2. Glenmutchkin Railway. Vanderdecken's Message Home. Float-
ing Beacon. Colonna the Painter. Napoleon I. A Legend of
Gibraltar. Iron Shroud. Lazaro's Legacy. Story without a
Tail. Faustus and Queen Elizabeth. How I became a Yeoman.
Devereux Hall. Metempsychosis. College Theatricals 282iX

Vols. 3-4. A Reading Party in the Long Vacation. Father Tom and the
Pope. La Petite Madelaine. Bob Burke's Duel with Ensign
Brady. The Headsman : a Tale of Doom. The Wearyful
Woman. How I Stood for the Dreepdaily Burghs. First and
Last. Duke's Dilemma. Old Gentleman's Teetotum. " Woe
to us when we lose the Watery Wall." My College Friends :
Charles Russell, the Gentleman-Commoner. The Magic Lay of
the One- Horse Chay 2822X

Vols. 5-6. Adventures in Texas. How we got Possession of the Tuileries.
Captain Paton's Lament. The Village Doctor. A Singular
Letter from Southern Africa. My Friend the Dutchman. My
College Friends : Horace Leicester. The Emerald Studs. My
College Friends: Mr. W. Wellington Hurst. Christine: a
Dutch Story. The Man in the Bell 2823X

Vols. 7-8. My English Acquaintance. Murderer's Last Night. Narration
of certain Uncommon Things that did formerly happen to me,
Herbert Willis, B.D. Wags. Wet Wooing : a Narrative of '98.
Ben-na-Groich. Surveyor's Tale. Forrest-Race Romance. Di
Vasari : a Tale of Florence. Sigismund Fatello. Boxes 2824X

Vols. 9-10. Rosaura : a Tale of Madrid. Adventure in the North-West
Territory. Harry Bplton's Curacy. The Florida Pirate. The
Pandour and his Princess. The Beauty Draught. Antonio di
Carara. Fatal Repast. Vision of Cagliostro. First and Last
Kiss. The Smuggler's Leap. Haunted and the Haunters.
Duellists 2825X

Vols. ji-12. The Natolian Story-Teller. The First and Last Crime. John
Rintoul. Major Moss. The Premier and his Wife. Tickler
among the Thieves ! The Bridegroom of Barna. The Involun-
tary Experimentalist. Lebrun's Lawsuit. The Snowing-up of
Strath Lugas. A few Words on Social Philosophy 2&26X

Second Series, Vol. i. Irene Macgillicuddy. Nan. a Summer Scene.
The Bells of Botreaux. A Recent Confession of an Opium
Eater. Shakespeare's Funeral. A Night with the Volunteers of
Strathkinahan. The Philosopher's Baby. The Secret Chamber a827X



Blackwood, Tales horn (continued.)

Vol. 2. The Battle of Dorking. Late for the Train. The Congress and
the Agapedome. Maga's Birthday. Grace Owen's Engagement.
The Raid of Arnaboll. How to make a Pedigree 2828X

Vol. 3. Who Painted the Great Murillo de la Merced ? A Parochial Epic.
A Military Adventure in the Pyrenees. The Pundrapore Resi-
dency. Falsely Accused. Witchampton Hall 282gX

Vol. 4. The Romance of Ladybank. Metamorphoses. Betsy Brown, a
True Story. The Last French Hero. Unlucky Tim Griffin. The
Spectre of Milaggio 283oX

Vol. 5. The 'Autobiography of a Joint-Stock Company (Limited). Bee or
Beatrix. The Night- Wanderer of an Afghaun Fort. Ayrshire
Curling Song. The Light on the Hearth. How to Boil Peas.
Clive's Dream before the Battle of Plassey 283iX

Vol. 6. What I did at Belgrade. Wrecked off the Riff Coast. Dollie and
the Two Smiths. A Railway Journey. A Dog without a Tail.
Wassail 2 8 32 X

Vol. 7. Cousin John's Property. A Modern Magician. Edgar'.Wayne's
Escape. The Lost Secret of the Cocos Group. The Two Mrs.
Scudamores. Bates's Tour s833X

Vol. 8. The Devil's Frills : a Story of Eulenberg. The Shadow of the
Door. The Wreck of the Strathtnore. Hero-Worship and its
Dangers. Annie and her Master. A Feuilleton 2&34X

Vol. 9. Guy Neville's Ghost. The Great Unknown. The Easter Trip of
Two Ochlophobists. Rapping the Question. My Adventures
with Peter Schlemihl. Aunt Ann's Ghost Story. The Blue
Dragoon. Lord Hatton 2835X

Vol. 10. The Missing Bills: an Unsolved Mystery. My Hunt of the
Silver Fox. Narrative of Prince Charlie's Escape. A Fenian
Alarm. The Philosopher's Pendulum. Lady Adelaide : a Study.
A Christmas Tale. How Frank Thornton was Cured. -In Life
and in Death : a Page of Family History. A Cause worth
Trying , 28J6X

Vol. ii. The Haunted Enghenio. Milly's First Love. Mrs. Beauchamp's
Vengeance. A Family Feud. The Disappointing Boy. The
Cottage by the River. A Ride for Life. A Sketch from Baby-
lon. The Engine-driver to his Engine. The Coachman of the
' ' Skylark " 28 37 X

Vol. 12. Left-handed Elsa. The Great Earthquake at Lisbon. Some One
Pays. Sir Tray : an Arthurian Idyl. Whittlebridge. Nenu-
phar : a Fancy. Whist at our Club. My Investment in the Far
West. Brown's Peccadillo 2838X

BLAKE (Paul, Writer for Boys) :

A Week on the Thames [Boy's Own Annual, v. 3] 29537

" Marquis " of Torchester, or Schoolroom and Playground [Boys'

Own Annual, v. 9] 2959!

School and the World, a Story of School and City Life [Boys'

Own Annual, v. 7] 2 957j

Siguard the Viking [Boys' Own Annual, v. 4] 2 954j

The New Boy [Boys' Own Annual, v. 3] 2953!

Two Chums, a Grammar-school Story [Boys' Own Annual, v. 5] 2955!

Blanche Montaigne, by P. H. Myers 27I3X

Bleak House, by Charles Dickens 363, 382 and 295oX

See also Harper's Monthly Magazine, v. 4, I584J.

BLIND (Mathilde), Tarantella 2O54X

See also the General Catalogue.

Blind Beggar's Daughter of Bethnal Green [" Home Treasury of old

Story Books"]

Blind John Netherway [Sunday at Home, v. 14] 2864}



Blind Justice, by Helen Mathers [Mrs. Reeve] 3320

Blithedale Romance, by Nathaniel Hawthorne 1322 and 2889X

Blockade, An Episode of the Fall of the First French Empire, by

Erckmann-Chatrian 22I3X

Blockade Runners [American Civil War], by Jules Verne ...." IO23X

Blondel Parva, by James Payn [Chambers' Journal, v. 45] ... ,, T 949j

Blood-money and "other Stories, by Charles Gibbon 3O82X

Blue and Green, or the Gift of God, a Romance of Old Constanti-
nople, by Sir H. Pottinger I775X

Blue Bell, by Maud Bramston 2795X

Blue Ribbon, by Miss Tabor I972X

Blue Roses, or Helen Malinofska's Marriage, by C. Dempster I566X

Blue Stocking, by Mrs. Annie Edwardes 22I5X

See also Temple Bar, v. 50, 1380.7.

Bluebeard's Keys, by Miss Thackeray i824X

See also Cornhill Magazine, v, 23, 3037.

Blues and Buffs, by Arthur Mills [Eraser's Magazine, v. 101] 7llJ

Blush Rose, a Short Story, by Mrs. Linnreus Banks [Girls' Own, v. 3] 2553J

Boarding-House Romance [All the Year Round, v. 52] i8i2j

BONCCEUR (Jean, Serial Writer] :

Adriana [Once a Week, v. 14] 2274J

Joyce Dormer's Story [Once a Week, v. 15] 2275J

On Silver Wings [Once a Week, v. 24] 2284)

Bond of Wedlock, by Mrs. Campbell Praed 33O5X

Bones and I, or the Skeleton at Home, by G. J. Whyte Melville ... 82$X
Boniface (J. X.). See Saintine (X. B ).

Book of Goaks, by Artemus Ward [Charles F. Browne] 33^4X

Book of Snobs, by W. M. Thackeray 1083 and IC96X and I547Z

Book of the Passions and other Tales, by G. P. R.James 7ooX

Book without a Name, by Lady Morgan I393X

Booth. (Mrs. E. M. J. Gollan Von). See Rita.

Boots and Saddles, or Life in Dakota with General Custer, by Custer I266X

Border Shepherdess, by Amelia E. Barr 22g6X

Border Tales and Legends of the Cheviots, by W. H. Maxwell 27O2X

Borderers, or the Heathcotes, a Romance of Prairie Life, by James

Fenimore Cooper 319 and 29O2X

Borderland, a Country Town Chronicle, by Jessie Fothergill 98X

Borne Back, a Tale, by Emma E. Hornibrook [Quiver, v. 24] 3294J

Boscobel, or the Royal Oak, a Tale of the Year 1651 [Escape of

Charles II.], by William Harrison Ainsworth 62X

Bostonians, The, by Henry James 2i4iX

See also Century Magazine, v. 7, 1879.7.

Bothwell, or the Days of Mary Queen of Scots, by James Grant ... I22OX

Bound to Earth [Girls' Own Annual, v. 4] ". 2554}

Bourgonef [Living Age, v. 161] . 3191}

BOWER (A.), Asserted but not Proved, or Struggles to Live 2346X

BOWMAN ( Anne, Writer for the Young) :

Kangaroo Hunters I22IX | Pirate Island [E. B. A., 1866] 1301!!

BOWRA (Harriette), Cross Currents, a Tale [Leisure Hour, v. 24].. 2634J

Box for the Season, by Charles Carlos Clarke 6o8X

Boy and Man, a Story for Young and Old, by Millington [Leisure

Hour, v. 25] 2635!





Boy Captain, The, a Tale of Adventure by Land and Sea, by Jules

Verne [Boys' Own Annual, v. 2] 2952!

Boy-Slaves, The, by Captain Mayne Reid i;68X

Boy Tar, The, by Captain Mayne Reid l?7lX

Boys and Girls' Illustrated Gift Book, with upwards of 250 illustra-

trations by Wolf, Harrison Weir, &c. , &c 345^

Boy's Campaign, by Ascott R. Hope [Boys Own Annual, v. 2] 2952!

BOYLE (Frederick), Golden Prime 2283X

BRADDON (M. E. [Mrs. J. Maxwell], Popular Novelist, b. 1837) :

Asphodel i62X

Also All Year Round, v. 45 . . iSosJ
Aurora Floyd 183 & 2324X

Also Temple Bar, v. 4 1334!

Birds of Prey 5OiX

Captain of the Vulture.... 655X

Charlotte's Inheritance *79X

Cloven Foot 159 & 2324X

Day will Come 33-4.2X

Dead Men's Shoes 2i5;X

Dead Sea Fruit 5*7X

Doctor's Wife [T. B. , v. 10] 1340;
Eleanor's Victory 180 & i84X

Also Once a Week, v. 8 .... 2268 J

Fatal Three 33o6X

Flower and Weed 2I48X

Golden Calf 5igX

His Secret 2324X

Hostages to Fortune ...181 & 252X

Ishmael 2408 & 2I49X

John Marchmont's Legacy 52oX

Also Temple Bar, v. 7 *337j

Just as I am 21 56X

Lady Audley's Secret 2324X

Lady Lisle 522X

Lady's Mile i65X

Like and Unlike 2O24X

Lost for Love 191 & I99X

Levels of Arden i7iX

Lucius Davoren *75X

Mohawks 2O23X

Mount Royal 523X

Octoroon 2324X

Only a Clod 525X

Only a Woman 529X

Open Verdict I74X

Phantom Fortune 526X

Ralph the Bailiff I98X

Rupert Godwin I78X

Sir Jasper's Tenant i66X

Also Temple Bar, v. 13 I343J

Strange World i8$X

Strangers and Pilgrims ' I77X

Taken at the Flood i88X

To the Bitter End i68X

Trail of the Serpent i82X

Under the Red Flag 33ioX

Vixen i9;X

A Iso All the Year Round, v. 41.. iBoiJ

Wages of Sin 2324^

Wavering Image 2324X

Weavers and Weft 176 & 2I53X

Wyllard's Weird 528X

Bradley (Rev. E.). See Bede (Cuthbert).

BRADSHAW (Mrs. John), Merevale 23iiX

Braes of Yarrow, by Charles Gibbon 913^

Brambletye House, or Cavaliers and Roundheads, by Horace Smith I458X

Bramleighs of Bishop's Folly, by Charles Lever 745X

See also Cornhill Magazine, v. 15, 295.7. Living Age, v. 96, 3126.7.

BRAMSTON (Maud), Blue Bell 2795X

Brandon, or a Hundred Years Ago, a Tale of the American Colonies,

by O. Tiffany., I48;X

Brandreths, The, by A. J. B. Beresford Hope 2i8oX

Brave Geordie, the Story of an English Boy, by Grace Stebbing 282OX

Brave Lady, by Miss Muloch [Mrs. D. M. Craik] [Harper, v. 38]'... i6l8J

See also Macmillan's Magazine, v. 20, 95oJ.

Brave Life, by Isa Craig-Knox [Quiver, v. n] 3 2 8lJ


De Foix

Fitzof Fitz-Ford

Hartland Forest and Rose-


Henry de Pomeroy 1224 &. 252oX

Paul Bradley 285oX

The Protestant 25iyX


Bravo, The, by James Fenimore Cooper 306 and 2532X

BRAY (Mrs. A. E., Historical Novelist, &c. t b. 1800, </. 1883) :

The Talba, or Moor of Portugal 252 iX

Trelawney of Trelawne 1 223X

Trials of the Heart 25i8X

White-Hoods I222X

White Rose 252oX

N.B. See also the General
Catalogue for this Author.

Bread upon the Waters and other Stories, by Miss Muloch [Mrs. Dinah

Maria Craik] 28i4X

Breadwinners 638X

See also Century Magazine, v. 4, i8;6J.

Breach of Promise, by Mrs. Smythies 2786X

Breakfast in Bed, by George Augustus Sala [Temple Bar, v, 6] ... 13367
Breaking a Butterfly, or Blanche Ellerslie's Ending, by George A.

Lawrence 2363X

Bred in the Bone [Chambers' Journal, v. 47] 195!

BREEN (Henry H.), Warrawarra, the Carib Chief, a Tale of 1770 I225X

Breezie Langton, by Hawley Smart...: I996X

BREMER (Fredrika, Swedish Traveller, b. 1801, d. 1865) :

President's Daughters 587X

Strife and Peace 2522X

Easter Offering

Home or Life in Sweden... 588X

Neighbours.... J 336X

BRENDA [Mrs. Castle Smith], Shepherd's Darling [S. Mag., v. 23] 2473J

BREWER (Emma), Toydonia, or the Land of Toys [G. O. An. , v. 6] 25567

Brian Fitz-Count, a Story of Wallingford Castle and Dorchester

Abbey, by A. D. Crake 3*99X

Brian O'Linn, or, Luck is Everything, by W. H. Maxwell I7I9X

Briar and Palm, by Anna Swan 3i86X

Bricks without Straw, by A. W. Tourgee 2ioiX

Bridal of Borthwick, by Moir [Romancist and Novelists' Library] ... 2282X
Bride of Lammermoor, by Scott... 901, 902, 949, 950, 987, IOO5X & IO34-6Z

Bride of Landeck, by G. P. R. James [Harper's Monthly, v. 5] *585j

Bride's Pass, by Sarah Tytler [Mrs. Keddie] [Good Words, v. 20] .. 2I9OJ
See also Living Age, v. 140, 3170 J.

Bridge Between [Quiver, v. 18] 3288!

Bridget, by M. Betham Edwards 2O57X

Briery Creek, by Harriet Martineau 78iX

Brigand, or Corse De Leon, by G. P. R. James 2615 and 291 $X

BRISTOWE (Beatrice, Serial Writer, &c.) :

Clarissa's Tangled Web 2O38X

Also Christian World Magazine, 1881, asoj.

Midway on Life's Journey [Christian World Magazine] 252!

Mona Manwearing [Christian World Magazine] 255J

On this Side Heaven [Christian World Magazine] 2 53j

Only by Sight [Christian World Magazine] 255J

Unforgotten [Christian World Magazine] 2 49j

Windaway Hall [Christian World Magazine] 24 7j

Brittany and La Vendee, Tales and Sketches, by E. Souvestre I462X





BROCK (Mrs. Carey, Popular Authoress, loife of the Dean of Guernsey} :

Home Memories 2O44X

Journeying of Children of

Israel 54OX

Margaret's Secret 54&X

Rectory and the Manor 1227 2o88X

Scripture Characters 541 6o6X

Working and Waiting 2O45X

Old Robin and his Proverb.. 2852X

Almost Persuaded

Charity Helstone 543X

Children at Home 544^

Church Catechism 53&X

Clear Shining after Rain ... 338 1 X

Collects, The 538X

Hatty and Nellie 53 J X

BROCK (Mrs. Henry F.) :

Christmas Eve 285iX

Broken Blossom, by Florence Marryat[Mrs. F. Lane] 2O4iX

Broken Looking Glass, or Dorothy Cope's Recollections of Service,

by Mrs. Charlesworth 6o6X

Broken Stirrup Leather, by C. Granville 3I34X

Broken to Harness, a Story of English Domestic Life, by Yates 2io6X

See also Temple Bar, v. 10, i34oj.

Broken Trust, by Sir C. L. Young [Once a Week, v. 25] 2285!

Broken Vow, by Canon W. J. Knox Little 3*37X

BRONTE (Anne [Acton Bell], Novelist, Sister of Charlotte, d. 1849),

Tenant of Wildfell Hall 25i6X

BRONTE (Charlotte [Currer Bell], Celebrated Novelist, />. 1816, d.

1855) :

Jane Eyre 151 i^3X | Shirley I55X

Professor I57X | Villette 150 I54X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.
BRONTE (Emily [Ellis Bell], Novelist, Sister of Charlotte, d. 1848),

and BRONTE (A.), Wuthering Heights and Agnes Grey. 152 & 6isX

BROOKE (Laurence), Queen of Two Worlds I568X

Brooke and Brooke Farm, by Harriet Martineau 774^

Brookes of Bridlemere, by G. J. Whyte Melville 832X

BROOKFIELD (A. M.), The Apparition 222iX

Brookfield Rectory, Twelve Years Ago, by H. H. Dobney [Chris-
tian World Magazine, 1877] 246J

BROOKS (C. Shirley, Novelist & Dramatist, b. 1815, d. 1874) :

Silver Cord [Once a Week, v. 3] 2263J

Tales from the Old Dramatists [Gentleman's Magazine, v. 2, N.S.] 722J
N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

BROOME (Lady), Harry Treverton, a Tale of Colonial Life [Boys'

Own Annual, v. 10] 2960!

Brother Adam, by Harriet Parr [Holme Lee] [Good Words, v. 13] 2183!

Brother Gabriel, by Matilda Betham Edwards I548X

Brothers and Sisters, by Farningham [Christian World Magazine] ... 24iJ

Brothers and Sisters, or True of Heart, by Emma Marshall I735X

Brought to Life, by Thomas Speight [Chambers' Journal, v. 43] ... 1948J
BROUGHTON (Rhoda, Popular Novelist, b. 1840) :

Joan 187 I94IX

Nancy 55iX

Not Wisely, but too Well. ... 2i62X

Red as a Rose is She 55 2 X

A Iso Temple Bar, v. 26 I356J

Second Thoughts 554^

Alas [Temple Bar, v. 88

]. i 4 i8J

A Iso Temple Bar, v. 67 .
Cometh up as a Flower
Doctor Cupid
Good-bye Sweetheart ...
A Iso Temple Bar, v. 32 .





Brown Papers, by Arthur Sketchley [Rev. G. Rose] 2Q72X

BROWNE (Charles F. ). See Ward (Artemus).
BROWNE (Frances, Serial Writer}-.

House of De Valdez [Leisure Hour, v. 19] 2629}

Martha's Vineyard [Sunday at Home, v. 27] 2877!

Neighbours of Kilmaclone [Leisure Hour, v. 21] 263 I J

Seventeen- Seventy-Six, a Tale of the American War of Indepen-
dence [Leisure Hour, v. 25] 2635!

BROWNE (H. J.), B.A., Adventures of Rupert Long [Sunday at

Home, v. 28] 28;SJ

BROWNE (J. E. A.), Her Neighbours [Sunday Mag., v. 16] 2466]"

BROWNE (Phillis), How Molly made both Ends Meet [Cassell's

Family Magazine, v. 9] 2 358J

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Brownie, by C. W. Bardsley 2 799X

Brownlows, by Mrs. Oliphant [Blackwood's Magazine, v. 101] i;ij

See also Living Age, v. 92, 31227.

BRUCE (L. De), Not Ended Here 252!

Brudenells of Brude, by Emma J. Worboise [Mrs. E. GuytonJ n64X

BRUNTON (Mary, Scotch Novelist, Writer of works on Self-Control,
&c., l>. 1778, d. 1818) :

Discipline 2523X | Emmeline I228X

Bubbley Parva.'a Tale with a Will [Once a Week, v. 31] 229 ij

Buccaneer, The, by Mrs. Samuel Carter Hall 2597^

BUCHANAN (Robert, Scotch Poet and Critic, b. 1841) :

Annan Water ................. 56iX

Child of Nature ............ 555X

Foxglove Manor ............ 1 982X

God and the Man ......... 557X

HeirofLinne ............... 3OO2X

Love me for Ever..., . 2O86X

Master of the Mine 5^3X

Matt, a Story of a Caravan. . . 558X

New Abelard 3OO3X

A Iso Gentleman's M.,v. 30, N.S. 750 J

Shadow of the Sword 56oX

A Iso Gentleman's M., v. 16, N.S. 736 J

Stormy Waters

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.
BUNGENER (L. F., Historical Writer, &c.) :

Julian 1 22gX 1 Preacher and the King

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

BURBURY (Mrs.), Katharine, a Tale of Woman's Trials

Burgomaster's Family, a Dutch Story by Christine Muller [Fraser's

Magazine, v. 85] ^95J

Sec also Living Age, v. 114, 31447.

Burgomaster's W T ife, a Tale of the Siege of Leyden, by G. Ebers... 2I72X
Buried Treasure, a Story of the Sea-Shore, by Malan [B. O. A., v. 9] 29597
BURKE (J. Bernard, Ulster King-at-Arms, b. 1815), Family

Romance, or Domestic Annals of the Aristocracy I232X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Burlesques, by William Makepeace Thackeray 1082 and IO95X

BURNAND (Francis Cowley, Editor of "Punch," l>. 1837) :

About Buying a Horse... 56gX More Happy Thoughts S73X

Gone Wrong 576x Round about my Garden 582X

Happy Thoughts 572X Strapmore 5&4X

Mo-Keanna 575^ What's the Odds 55^

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

38 [881]


BURNETT (Frances Hodgson, b. 1849):

Fair Barbarian 2I59X

Also Scribner, v. 21

Fortunes of Philippa Fair-

fax [Christ. World Mag.] 259}
Haworth's [Macmillan, 38] 968'

Little Saint Elizabeth 3IO2X

Louisiana [Scribner, v. 19]... 18697

Sara Crewe 1 1 2X

That Lass o' Lowrie's./ 2O97X

Also Scribner, v. T 2 i862j

Through one Administration 198 iX
A Iso Century, v. i i%73]

A Iso Scribner, v. 17 i86 7

Little Lord Fauntleroy 1 1 1 & I97?

BURY (Baroness Blaze de, Serial Writer, &c.) :

All for Greed [L. Age, 95] 3125! , Love the Avenger [O. a \V.] 2279}
Also St. Paul's Mag., v. i.. n6iF '

BURY (Lady Charlotte), Love 2262X

Bush Life in Queensland [Living Age, v. 144] 3*741

Bush Luck, an Australian Story, by W. H. Timperley [B. O. A.]... 2962}

Bushford Case [Chambers' Journal, v. 64] 19647

But for Ilion [Cassell's Family Magazine, v. 5] 2395]"

But Yet a Woman, by Arthur S. Hardy 37oJ

BUTLER (W. F., Major General, b. 1838), C.B., Red Cloud 33iX

BUTT (B. Mary [Mrs. W. Hutt], Cousin Felix [Temple Bar, v. 62].. 13927

Buttons, the Trials and Travels of a Young Gentleman, by Hope ... I278X
BUXTON (Mrs. B. H., Society Novelist] :

From the Wings 1 574X | Sceptre and Ring 622X

BUXTON (Mrs. B. H.) and FENN (W.), Noble Name..., 24I2X

By Celia's Arbour, a Tale of Portsmouth, by Besant and Rice 785X

By Day and Night, by Francillon [Gentleman's Mag., v. 29, N.S.] ... 749J

By Hook or by Crook, by Millington [Leisure Hour, v. 31] 26417

By Mead and Stream, by Charles Gibbon [Chambers' Journal, v. 61] 19617

By Misadventure, by Barrett [Cassell's Family Magazine, v. 14] 23637

By Order of the King. See By the King's Command.

By Order of the League, by Fred M. White [Chambers' Jour., v. 63] 19637

By Proxy, by James Payn I596X

By Rule of Thumb [Once a Week, v. 27] 22877

By Sheer Pluck, by George Alfred Henty i68iX

By Still Waters, a Story for Quiet Hours, by Garrett [Sunday Mag.]. 24607

By the Gate of the Sea, by D. C. Murray [Cornhill Magazine, v. 47] 3277

By the King's Command, by Victor Hugo 2I3$X

Sec also Gentlemen's Magazine, v. 2, N.S., 7227.

By the Sea, by Mrs. Katherine S. Macquoid I546X

By the Waters of Babylon, by C. Despard [Quiver, v. 30] 33oc>7

By the Waters of Babylon, by 7ohn Baker Hopkins [Time, v. 6] ... 14967

By Virtue of his Office, by Rowland Gray 2450 and 24617

By Woman's Wit, by Mrs. Alexander [Mrs. A. F. Hector] 2232X

BYNNER (Edwin Lassetter) Begum's Daughter [Atlantic, v. 63] ... 15537

BYRON (Henry J., Dramatist and Actor], Paid in Full [T. B., v. 11] 13417


ABLE^George'W., Novelist, b. 1845) :
Au Large [Century, v. 13] 1885} I Dr. Sevier [Century, v. 5] ... 1877!

Bonaventure 2354^ j Madame Delphine ...,, 2428X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.



CADDY (Mrs. F., Historical Writer, <SrV.) :

Adrian Bright 2OOiX | Lares and Penates * 2 34X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

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