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Caged Lion, by Charlotte Mary Yonge 33^3X

Cagot's Hut, by Thomas Colley Grattan 2589X

CAINE (T. Hall) :

Shadow of a Crime I2 35^ | Splendid Spur 3HOX

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Cakes and Ale, by Douglas Jerrold 7IQX

Calderon, the Courtier, by Lord Lytton 222X

CALDWELL (Mrs. Anne Marsh). See Marsh (Mrs. Anne).

Caleb Booth's Clerk, a Lancashire Story, by Mrs. G. L. Banks 2 375X

Caleb Field, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant I4O5X

Caliph's Adventure [Romancist and Novelists' Library] , 228 1 X

Called Back, by Hugh Conway [Frederick John Fargus] 28;2X

Called to the Rescue [Argosy, v. 27] 27j

CAMDEN (Charles), Hoity Toity, the Good Little Fellow 3o62X

CAMERON (Mrs. II. Lovett, Writer in Characters,

A Life's Mistake ... 3181 & 3379X
A North Country Maid... 566X
Deceivers Ever

Juliet's Guardian 3^98X

Pure Gold 2286X


CAMERON (V. L., Commander in Royal Navy, b. 1844), C.B. :

Adventures of Herbert Masseyin Africa [Every Boy's Annual]... I3O6H
Tom Saunders, his Shipwreck and Wanderings in Tropical

Africa [Boys' Own Annual, v. 9] 2 959j

Cameronians, by James Grant 96iX

Campaign in Kabylia, the Narrative of a Chasseur d'Afrique, by

Erckmann-Chatrian [CasselFs Magazine, v. 7] 2 347j

CAMPBELL (Lady Colin), Darell Blake, a Study 3375X

CAMPBELL (Sir G.), Treasure of the Cacique [Boys' Annual, v. 10] 2960}
N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Campion Court, by Emma Jane Worboise [Mrs. E. Guyton] i868X

Can You Forgive Her? by Anthony Trollope nooand H4(3X

Candalaria, a Story of the Rocky Mountains founded on Fact, by

J. A. Owen [Girls' Own Annual, v. 5] 2 555j

Canonbury Holt, a Life's Problem solved, by Emma J. Worboise... 869X

Canon's Ward, by James Payn 3 2 38X

CANTACUZENE (Princess Olga), Carmela I577X

Cape Cod Folks, by Sally Pratt McLean 2O32X

Capriccio, a Love Story, by Katherine Carr [Argosy, v. 46] 46J

Captain Blake, Adventures of, by W. Hamilton Maxwell 2 3 I 5X

Captain Dangerous, by George Augustus Sala [Temple Bar, v. 4] ... I334J

Captain Hatteras, Adventures of, by Jules Verne i847X

Captain Kidd's Money, by Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe !75iX

Captain Lobe, by John Law S^S^

Captain of the Guard [James II. ], by James Grant 9 2 4X

Captain of the Maintop and other Tales, by C. R. Low [Boys' An.] I3O3H

Captain of the Vulture, by Miss Braddon [Mrs. John Maxwell] 655X

Captain Paul, by Alexandre Dumas 4O7X

Captain Singleton, &c., by Daniel Defoe 637R

Captain Spencer's Card Case [All the Year Round Magazine, v. 43] i823j

Captain Stauncy's Vow [Leisure Hour, v. ii] 262iJ

Captain's Room, by Walter Besant and James Rice 782X

See also All the Year Round, v. 48, 1808 J.



Captain's Story, or Adventures in Jamaica [Leisure Hour, v. 8] ... 2618!

Carasoyn, The, a Tale, by George Macdonald i SygZ

Cardinal Mazarin, or Twenty Years After, by Alexandre Dumas 426X

Cardinal Pole, or the Days of Philip and Mary, by Ainsworth...63 and QiX

Cardinal Sin, by Hugh Con way [Frederick John Fargus] 24o6X

Carew Ralegh, or the Heir of Sherbourne, an Historical Romance,

by Mrs. Thomson 2752X

CAREY (Rosa Nouchette, Writer for Girls, SrY.) :

Aunt Diana [G. O., v. 6] 2556J j Nellie's Memories 3io8X

Esther [Girls' Own, v. 5] 2555) I Only the Governess 3O77X

Merle's Crusade [Girls'

Own, v. 8] 2558J

Wee Wifie 1 399X

Wooed and Married 1 58oX

Carita, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant 192 and i76oX

See also Living Age, v. 130, 3i6oJ. Cornhill Magazine, v. 33, 3137.

CARLETON (William, Irish Novelist, b. 1798, d. 1869) :

Tales and Sketches 227oX

The Dead Boxer I238X

Tithe Proctor, &c I236X

Black Prophet 1237 & 2524X

Clarionet 1238 & 2525X

Emigrants of Abadarra 2526X

Father Butler I239X

Rody the Rover [All the
Year Round, v. 8] 1 768J

Traits and Stories of the

Irish Peasantry 2268X

Valentine M'Clutchy 2267X

Carleton, by Willis [Romancist and Novelists' Library] 2282X

Carlino, by J. Ruffini [Living Age, v. 104] , 3I34J

Carl's Secret, a Story of Life in Vienna [Sunday at Home, v. 20] .... 2870!

Carlyon's Year, by James Payn [Once a Week, v. 17] 2277J

Carmela, by Princess O. Cantacuzene I577X

Carola, by Hesba Stretton [Miss Hannah Smith] 23I7X

CARR (Alaric), Treherne's Temptation 57iX

CARR (Katherine), Capriccio, a Love Story [Argosy, v. 46] 46J

CARROLL (Lewis [Rev. C. W. Dodgson], Writer of Fairy Tales} :

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 2361 and 2452X

Sylvie and Bruno 3O98X

Through the Looking Glass and what Alice found there 2452X

Carrots, Just a Little Boy, by Mrs. Molesworth 3o84X

Case of Mr. Lucraft and other Tales, by Besant and Rice 786X

Cashel Byron's Profession, by G. B. Shaw 3o87X

Cast in the W 7 aggon, by Sarah Tytler[Good Words, v. 3] '2173!

Castaway, by Edmund Yates [All the Year Round, v. 26] I786J

Caste, by Miss Jolly 32ioX

Casting away of Mrs. Leeks and Mrs. Aleshine, by Frank R.

Stockton [Century Magazine, v. 10] i882j

Castle Avon, by Mrs. Anne Marsh 268iX

Castle Daly [Irish Famine, 1847], by Keary [Macmillan's Mag., v. 29] 959J
Castle Dangerous [Scottish Wars], by Sir' Walter Scott

935> 936, 984, 987, IOO3X and IO4OZ
Castle of Ehrenstein, its Lords Spiritual and Temporal [Otho. IV.,

Robber Barons], by G. P. Rainsford James 2622 and 29I4X

Castle Rackrent [Irish Character, iSth Century], by Maria Edgeworth 2448X
Castle Richmond [Famine, 1847], by Anthony Trollope
Castle Warlock, by George Macdonald



Castleneau, or the Ancient Regime, by G. P. R. James. ..683, 693, & 266$X.

Catching a Tartar, by G. Webb Appleton 22i6X

Catharine, by William Makepeace Thackeray 1085 and ICQSX

'Catharine Blum, by Alexandre Dumas 4 2 9^

Catharine de Medicis, or The Queen-Mother, by L. S. Costello I265X

'Caught by a Thread, a Story of Real Life [Once a Week, v. 21] ... 228 ij
Cavaliers and Roundheads, or Stories of the Great Civil War, by

JohnG. Edgar I282X

Cavalry Life in Barracks and Out, by John Strange Winter 2435X

Caxtons, a Family Picture, by Lord Lytton 216, 244, 245 and 246X

See also Blackwood, v. 63, issJ. Also Sequel, My Novel, 204, 231 & 233X.
Cecil Castlemaine's Gage and other Novelettes, by Ouida

[Mademoiselle Louise de la Rame] 845 and 85iX

Cecil, or the Adventures of a Coxcomb, by Mrs. Gore 1240 and 2iy6X

Cecil's Tryst [Chambers' Journal, v. 48] !95J a

Cedar Creek, from the Shanty to the Settlement, a Tale of Canadian

Life [Leisure Hour. v. 10] 262C-J

Celia [Living Age, v. 144] 3 T 74J

Celia and her Legacy, by M. E. Hullah [Girls' Own Annual, v. 5].... 2555J

Cerise, a Tale of the Last Century, by J. G. Whyte Melville 83 iX

CERVANTES (Miguel de) Don Quixote 1242 and I243X

Chaff and Wheat [Once a Week, v. 37] 22Q7J

Chainbearer, or the Little Page Manuscripts, by Cooper ...287 and 324X
Chamber combe, a Tale of North Devonshire [Leisure Hour, v. 14] 2624J

CHAMIER (Frederick, Captain, b, 1796, d. 1870), Ben Brace 2ii8X

Chance Acquaintance, by William D. Howells 1 293X

Chandc-S, by Ouida [Mademoiselle Louise de la Rame] 848X

Change of Luck, by William Cyples [Chambers', v. 45] I949J

Changes and Chances, by Mrs. Carey Brock 2374X

Channings, The, by Mrs. Henry Wood 2, 40, 55 and IQ26X

See also the Sequel, Roland Yorke, 3, 1525 and isaSX.

Chantry House, by Charlotte Mary Yonge 2393X

Chantry Priest of Barnet, by Alfred J. Church 3 2 39^

Chaplain of the Fleet, by Walter Besant and James Rice 2O53X

Chaplet of Pearls [St. Bartholomew, 1572], by Charlotte M. Yonge ^oSgX

See also Macmillan's Magazine, v. 17, 947 J.

Charity Helstone, by Mrs Carey Brock 543^

CHARLES (Mrs., His tor cal Novelist} :

Against the Stream 599^

Also Sunday Magazine, v 2. 2459]

Bertram Family 59oX

A Iso Sunday Magazine, v 12 24627

Chronicles of the Schon- .

berg-Cotta Family I245X

Conquering and to Con-
quer ...'. 597X

Diary of Mrs. Trevylyan ... 59 iX

Dray tons and Davenants . ... 6ooX

Joan the Maid 593X

Also Sunday Magazine, v. 15.. 2465"

Lapsed but not Lost [Sun. M.] 2463

Ravens and Angels 594^

Victory and the Vanquished. 596X

Winifred Bertram 2O96X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Charles O'Malley, by Charles Lever 764X

Charles Tyrrell, or the Bitter Blood, by James 687, 2620 and

CHARLESWORTH (Mrs., b. 1819, d. 1880) :

Broken Looking Glass 6o6X

Ministering Children 6o2X

Ministry of Life ................. 24ilX

Oliver of the Mill



Charlie, a Waifs History told by Himself, by Mrs. Woodward i8;2X

Charlie'is My Darling, by Anne Beale [Girls' Own Annual, v. n]... 2561]

Charlie Thornhill, or the Dunce of the Family, by C. C. Clarke 6o9X

Charlie's Courtship, a Guernsey Story, by Adolphus Collenette

[Guernsey Magazine, v. 7] 2 37j

Charlotte's Inheritance, by Miss M. E. Braddon [Mrs. Maxwell].. 5OiX

Charmed Scarf, by Morton [Romancist and Novelists' Library] 228 iX

Charmed Sea, and other Tales, by Harriet Martineau 77X

Charming Fellow, by F. E. Trollope [All the Year Round, v. 33]... 1793]

Charmouth Grange, a Tale of the Seventeenth Century, by Groves 336X

Charms and Counter-Charms, by Maria Mclntosh 2692 and 2924X

Cheaterie Packman, by Ritchie [Romancist and Novelists' Library] 2282X

Checkmate, by J. Sheridan Le Fanu [Cassell's Magazine, v. 2] 2342}

Chelsea Householder, Anonymous 5i8X

Chelsea Pensioners, by George Robert Gleig 1475^

CHERBULIEZ (Victor, of the French Academy, b. 1832), Saints

and Sinners 2266X

Cherry Ripe, by Helen Mathers [Mrs. Reeve] 1 7 1 2X

See also Temple Bar, v. 49, 1379!.

CHESNEY (Colonel C. C., Writer on Military Affairs, l>. 1827, d.

1876), Private Secretary [Blackwood's Magazine, v. 128] 198}

CHESNEY (Colonel G.), Dilemma [Blackwood's Magazine, v. 117] 187!

CHETWYND (Hon. Mrs. Henry W.), March Violet 1925^

Chetwynd Calverly, by William Harrison Ainsworth 88X

Chevalier de Maison Rouge, a Tale of the Reign of Terror, by

Alexandre Dumas 399^

Chevy Chase [Home Treasury of old Story Books] 2863X

Chicot the Jester, French Historical Romance, by Alexandre Dumas 4OoX

Chien d'Orj by Walter Besant and James Rice 885X

Child of Nature, by Robert Buchanan 555X

Child of Stafferton, by W. J. Knox Little 3I38X

Child of the Cavern, or Strange doings Underground, and Dr. Ox's

Experiment, by Jules Verne IOI9X

Child of the Revolution, by Margaret Roberts 324OX

Child Ruth, by Beatrice Leigh Hunt [Quiver, v. 17] 3287;

Child Wife, by Captain Mayne Reid

Childhood, Boyhood, Youth, by Count Lyof N. Tolstoi

Children at Home, by Mrs. Carey Brock 544X

Children of Gibeon, by Walter Besant 783 and i98oX

See also Longman's Magazine, v. 7, 8g7j.

Children of the New Forest [Civil War, 1 7 th Cent. ], by Capt. Mar ryat 1 5 52X
Child's Influence, or Kathleen and her Great Uncle, by L. Lockyer 3o6iX

Choice Humorous Works of Mark Twain, by S. L. Clemens I496X

Chris, by W. E. Norris 3I36X

See also Macmillan's Magazine, v. 57, 9877.

Chrisna, the Queen of the Danube [Living Age, v. 61] 309iJ

Christian Vagabond, by Blanchard Jerrold [Gent. Mag., v. 4, N.S.].. 724}

Christian's Mistake, by Miss Muloch [Mrs. Dinah M. Craik] 2I99X

Christie Johnstone, by Charles Reade J 765X

Christie's Faith, by Frederick W. Robinson i8i4X

Christina North, by E. M. Archer [Macmillan's Magazine, v. 55]... 955J

See also Living Age, v. 114, 3144!-

Christmas Books, by Charles Dickens 375, 376 and 2959X

Christmas Eve, or the Sympathies of Life, by Mrs. H. Brock 285iX



Christmas Stories from " Household Words" and "All the Year

Round," by Charles Dickens ................................. . ........ 2Q6iX

- See also above named Magazines.

Christmas Tales [Boys' Own Annual, v. 4] ................................. 2954;

Christopher Kenrick, his Life and Adventures [Gentleman's Maga-

zine, v. i, N.S.] ......................................................... 72iJ

Christowell, by Richard Dodridge Blackmore .......................... 5i6X

- See also Good Words, v. 22, 2192],

Chronicle of Barham, by E. Owens Blackburne [Quiver, v. 21] .....

Chronicle of Ethelflecl, by Anne Manning ................................ 324iX

Chronicles of Carlingford and Salem Chapel, by Mrs. Oliphant ... I244X
- See also Blackwood, v. 90, i6oj. Living Age, v. 71, 3ioiJ.

Chronicles of the Canongate, by Sir Walter Scott ..................... io6;-8Z

Chronicles of the Schonberg-Cotta Family [Reformation, i6th

Century], by Mrs. Charles ............................................. I245X

Chrystalbel, or Clouds with Silver Linings, by Emma J. Worboise... I i;8X
Chums, a Tale of the Queen's Navy, by Severne ............... 190 and I583X

CHURCH (Alfred J., Profesor of Latin at University College,
London, b. 1829) :

Chantry Priest of Barnet. . . 3239X

Stones from Homer iigSR

Stories from Livy II67R

Three Greek Children 33S5X

To the Lions ! 3356X

Also Quiver, v. 32.

Stories of the Magicians ... 235 iX | Two Thousand Years Ago ... 2386X
N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.
CHURCH (Alfred J.) and SEELEY (Richmond), The Hammer, a

Story of the Maccabean Times

Church Catechism, by Mrs. Carey Brock 536X

Cinnamon and Pearls, by Harriet Martineau 78oX

Circe's Lovers, by James Leith Derwent 2ig6X

Circumstantial Evidence, a Guernsey Story, by Frederick James

Clarke [Guernsey Magazine, v. 10] 2 39J

Citizen Bonaparte [Maria Therese, i8th Cent.], by Erckmann-Chatrian 844X

Citizen of Prague [French Revolution, 1744-1815], trans, by Howitt I333X

City and Suburb, by F. G. Trafford [Mrs. Riddel] I788X

City of Sunshine, by Alexander Allardyce 2I73X

City of the Sultan and Domestic Manners of the Turks, with a Steam

Voyage up the Danube, by Miss Julia S. H. Pardoe I4O9X

Clackitts of Inglebrook Hall, by Prosser [Leisure Hour, v. 19] 2629J

Clairvoyant, a Tale, from the German of Zschokke [Gentleman's

Magazine, v. 6, N.S.] 726J

Clan-AIbyn, a National Tale, by Mrs. Johnstone 1350 and 267oX

Clara, or Slave Life in Europe, translated from the German of F.

W. Hacklander I246X

Clara Vaughan, by Richard Dodridge Blackmore 454-X

Clare, by Lizzie Alldridge 2796X

Clarence, a Tale of Our Own Times, by Mrs. Sedgwick I44OX

Clarionet, by William Carleton I238X

Clarionet and the Dead Boxer and Barney Branagan, by Carleton.. 2525X

Clarissa, or the History of a Young Lady, by S. Richardson 877X

Clarissa's Tangled Web, by Beatrice Bristowe 2O38X

CLAKK (Charles Heber). See Adeler (Max).

[88 7 ]


CLARKE (Charles Carlos, Serial Writer, &<:.) :

Beauclercs, Father and

Son [Eraser, v. 72] 682X

Charlie Thornhill

Lord Falconberg's Heir 6nX

Box for the Season 6o8J

CLARKE (Frederick James, Editor of the " Guernsey Ntzus" and

" Guernsey Magazine ") :
Circumstantial Evidence : I Perotine : a Guernsey His-

a Guernsey Story

torical Tale [Guernsey

[Guernsey Mag., v. 10].. 2390} Magazine, v. 8] ............ 2388J

CLARKE (Marcus), For the Term of his Natural Life ............... ... 3o66X

CLARKE (Mary C.) Rambling Story [Gent. Mag., v. 12, N.S.] ...... 7327

CLARKE (Percy), Three Diggers .................. ....... ................. 3354X

Claude Hambro, by J. C. Westwood

Clavering'S, by Anthony Trollope ................................. 1104 ami H39X

- - See also Cornhill, v. 13, 2937. Living Age, v. 8, 3ii8J.

CLAY (Lady), Stranger in a Strange Land ................................. 53X

Clear Shining after Rain, a Tale of Guernsey, by Mrs. Carey Brock 338 iX
Clemence D'Orville, a Novel of Russian Life [Living Age, v. 103] 3133!
CLEMENS (S. L.) Choice Humorous Works of Mark Twain ....... I496X

Cleopatra, being an Account of the Fall and Vengeance of Harnia-
chis, the Royal Egyptian, as set forth by his own Hand, by
Henry Rider Haggard ....................................... 3048 and 3O49X

Cleve Hall, by Elizabeth M. Sewell ........................ 1038, 1041 and 284iX

Cleveden, by Stephen Yorke ................................................ i8;8X

Clever Woman of the Family, by C. M. Yonge [Living Age, v. 82], 3U2J
Cliff Climbers [A Sequel to Plant Hunters], by Captain Mayne Reid. I773X
Clipper of the Clouds, by Jules Verne ....................................... 303 iX

- See also Boys' Own Annual, v. 9, 2959.7.

CLIVE (Mrs. Archer) Paul Ferroll .......................................... I249X

CLIVE (Katharine), Eberhard ................................................ 524X

Clockmaker, or the Sayings and Doings of Samuel Slick of Slick -

ville, by Thomas Chandler Haliburton ........................... I449X

Closer than a Brother, by G. B. Stuart [All Year Round, v. 61] ...... i82ij

Cloven Foot, by Miss M. E. Braddon [Mrs. Maxwell] ............ 159 & 2324X

CLYDE (Alton [Mrs. Arnold Jeffreys^ Serial Writer, &V.) :

L Better than Gold [Quiver, 'John Hesketh's Charge

v. 16] 3286J

His by Right [Quiver, 15] 3285}

[Quiver, v. 14] 3284J

Under Foot [Quiver, 12] 3282]"

Clyffards of Clyffe, byjames Payn [Chambers' Journal, v. 42] I947ja

Cly tie, a Novel of the Day, by Joseph Hatton lOOlX

See also Gentleman's Magazine, v. 10, N.S., 73oJ.

Coals of Fire and other Stories, by David Christie Murray I744X

COAPE (H. C.), What will Society say I967X

COBBAN (J. MacLaren), Master of his Fate [Blackwood, v. 146]... 2i6J
COBBOLD (Richard, of Ipswich, b. 1797, d. 1877) :

History of Margaret Catch-

Mary Anne Wellington
Zenon .

pole I25IX

Cobwebs, by Mabel Collins .

Cobwebs and Cables, by Hesba Stretton [Miss Hannah Smith]

See also Sunday Magazine, v. 17, 246/J.

COCKTON (Henry, Serio-Comic Writer} :

Sylvester Sound 1999^ | Valentine Vox 2OOoX





Coelebs in Search of a Wife, by Hannah More I252X

Co-Heirs, a Cornish Story, by John Berwick Harwood [Cassell's

n .. - A "'""Family Magazine, v. 9] 23587

COLE (Sir Henry). See Summerly (Felix).

COLEMAN (John) and CHUTE (John C.), Gladys' Peril 22O5X

COLERIDGE (C. R.), An English Squire I586X

Collects, The, by Mrs. Carey Brock 538X

College Days at Oxford, or Wilton of Cuthbert's, by H. C. Adams 2;6oX

College Life of Maifre Nablot, by Erckmann-Chatrian [Cassell's, v. 8] 2348J
Collegians, The, or the Colleen Bawn, a Tale of Garryowen, by

Gerald Griffin 1311 and 3OI4X

COLLENETTE (Adolphus, Guernsey Lecturer and Sa'enfist),F.C.S. :

Charlie's Courtship: a
Guernsey Story [Guern-
sey Magazine, v. 7] 2 3%7]

Leaf of the Log of a Voy-
age of Life [Guernsey
Magazine, v. 5] 2385;

Rachel Mauger ; or, The
Two Courtships and their
Sequels : a Guernsey Story
[Guernsey Magazine v. i]..
N.B. See also the Supplement

to the General Catalogue for this




COLLINS (Charles), At the Bar [All the Year Round, v. 14]

COLLINS (Mabel, Psychological Writer, &*c.) :

An Innocent Sinner 1 922X j Cobwebs I589X

COLLINS (Mortimer [R.T. Cotton], Journals f and Novelist, b. 1827):

Fight with Fortune.. 1894^

Mr. Carrington, a Tale of

Love [St. Paul's, v. 12] H72F

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

COLLINS (Wilkie, Popular Novelist, b. 1824, J. 1889) :

Sweet and Twenty I9I4X

Sweet Anne Page 6 1 2X

You Play me False

After Dark z6iX

Antonina 268X

Armadale 276X

A Iso Cornhill, v. 10 290 J

Harper, v. 30 i6ioj

Black Robe, &c 3OO4X

Dead Secret 272 & 274X

Also Household Words, v. 15 1755]
Living Age, v. 52 .... 3082}

Dream Woman J 37 2 J

Evil Genius, The 23ioX

Frozen Deep 2 73^

Also Temple Bar, v. 42 I372J

Girl at the Gate [Eng. Ill.J 1992]

Hide and Seek 267 & 278X

I Say No 3OO5X

Jezebel's Daughter..... 6i8X

Law and the Lady 266X

Legacy of Cain 326iX

Man and Wife 62iX

Also Cassell's Magazine, v. i 23417

Miss or Mrs

Moonstone 275X

Also All the Year Round, v. 19 I779J

My Miscellanies 262X

New Magdalen 264 & 27oX

A Iso Harper, v. 45 2645 J

Temple Bar, v. 36 1366 J

No Name 277X

Also All the Year Round, v. 7. . 1767!

No Thoroughfare [A. Y. R.] 1778)

Poor Miss Finch 265X

Also Cassell's Magazine, v. 4 . . 2344 J

Queen of Hearts 62oX

Two Destinies [Temple Bar] I376J

Woman in White 263X

Also All the Year Round, v. 2
The following short tales also by
this author will be found in
Harper's New Monthly Maga-
zine : Marriage Tragedy, Percy
and the Prophet, v. 55, 1635.7.

2 4 6 9 X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Colonel Enderby's Wife, by Lucas Malet [Mrs. Harrison]

Colonel Pellinore's Gold [Boys' Own Annual, v. 7] 29577

Colonel Quaritch, V.C., Tale of Country Life, by Haggard... 2389 & 23goX

Colonel's Story [Boys' Own Annual, v. 4] 2954J

Colthorpe Cousins, and other Stories, by Annie Thomas 185 iX



Comedy of a Country House, by Julian R. Sturgis [Murray, v. 5] ... 1465}

Comet of a Season, by Justin McCarthy I439X

See also Gentleman's Magazine, v. 26, N.S., 7467.

Cometh up as a Flower, by Rhoda Broughton 549X

Comic Dramas, by Maria Edgeworth 2455X

Coming Race, by Lord Lytton !4i8X

Coming thro' the Rye, by Helen Mathers [Mrs. Reeve] I436X

Commissioner, The, or Adventures of a Gentleman, by James ... 2265X

Compulsory Marriage, by Annette Maillard 2697X

Con Cregan, The Irish Gil Bias, by Charles Lever 749 and 759X

Confession, or the Blind Heart, by W. G. Simms I259X

Confessions of a Clarionet Player, by Erckmann-Chatrian 864X

Confessions of a Frivolous Girl, a Story of Fashionable Life, edited

by James Grant 2i3iX

Confessions of a Publisher, by J. Strange Winter [Mrs. Stannard] 23ooX

Confessions of an Etonian, by Charles Rowcroft..." 2733X

Confessions of Con Cregan, the Irish Gil Bias, by Lever ... 749 and 759X

Confessions of Harry Lorrequer, by Charles Lever 748 and 76oX

Confessor, The, a Jesuit Tale of the Times, by Miss Hardy... 1254 and 278gX

Confidence, by Henry James i659X

Confidential Agent, by James Payn I598X

Confirmed Bachelor [Chambers' Journal, v. 49] 195 ij

Coningsby, or the New Generation, by B. Disraeli, Earl of Beacons-
field 131, 141, 142, 2568 and 29O4X

Conquered at Last, or Marian De Grey's Story, by Mary Baskin ... 2445

Conquering and to Conquer, by Mrs. Charles 597X

Conqueror Compass, or the Days of John Company, by Fox [B. O. A.] 29615
CONSCIENCE '(Hendrick, Flemish Poet, b. 1812, d. 1883) :

Tales of Old Flanders I255X

The Happiness of being Rich

and Life of the Author . . . 3O43X

Tales of Flemish Life I258X 1 Veva 1257 & 252X

Conscript, The, by Erckmann-Chatrian 865X

Conscript's Bride, by Thomas Colley Gratton 2589X

Conspirators, or the Chevalier d'Harmental, by Dumas ... 420 and ic>56X

Constable De Bourbon, by William Harrison Ainsworth 57X

Constab]e of France, by JamesGrant 928X

Constable of the Tower, an Historical Romance, by Ainsworth 74X

Consuelo, by George Sand [Madame Dudevant] 2734X

Contarini Fleming, a Psychological Romance, by B. Disraeli, Earl

of Beaconsfield 129, 146, 2569 and 29O5X

Contraband, by G. J. Whyte Melville 839X

Contrast, The, by Maria Edgeworth 2444X

Convict, The, by George Payne Rainsford James 2628X

CON WAY (Hugh [Frederick John Fargus], d. 1885) :

Called Back 2872X Family Affair [Eng. 111. Mag.] I992J

Curse of the Village

Lion of Flanders... 1256 & 2528X
Miser Ricketicketack ..

Cardinal Sin 24O6X

Dark Days 2873X

Living or Dead 3324 and 3264^

Slings and Arrows 2294X

COOK (Button, Serial Writ

Doubleday's Children [All , Trials of the Tredgolds [Tern-

the Year Round, v. 37] I797J ! pie Bar Magazine, v. 7] ... I337J

Hobson's Choice [O. a W.] 2275J
Prodigal Son[O. a\V., v. 6] 2266J

Upstairs and Downstairs
[Once a Week y v. 17] 2277J

ving Age, v. 73 .... 3103; [ Young Mr. Nightingale 33COX





COOKSON (J. C. Fife), Baylerbay, or Strangers in Turkey 2I74X

COOLIDGKE (Susan) [Miss Woolsey], Guernsey Lily, or how the

Feud was Healed 2273X

COOPER (James Fenimore, Popular American Novelist, b. 1789,

d. 1851):

Afloat and Ashore 302, 318, 2547X
Borderers, Wyandotte,
Mark's Reef and Satan-

stoe 319 & 2902X

Bravo, The 306 & 2532X

Chainbearer 287 & 324X

Crater 289X

Deerslayer, The 299, 321 & 2558X

Eve Effmgham 316 & 254iX

Headsman 309, 321, 2552 & 29O3X
Heathcotes, The ...2542 & 2932X
Heidenmauer286, 321, 329,

Home as Found

Homeward Bound

282, 292, 316 & 2543X

Imagination 228oX

Jack O'Lantern 3 2 5X

Jack Tier 303 & 2553X

Last of the Mohicans

295> J757 & 253iX

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