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FARRAR (F. W., Archdeacon of Westminster, b. 1831), D.D. :

Eric 879X I St. Winifreds 887X

Julian Home 88oX |

See also the General Catalogue.

Farrers of Budge Row, by Harriet Martineau 78iX

Fashion and Famine, by Mrs. Ann S. Stephens 2745X

Fashion and Passion, by the Duke of Pomar . . . , 3248X

Fast and Steady, or the Career of Two Clerks [Leisure Hour, v. 10] 262oJ

Fast Life, an Autobiography of a Man upon Town 2778X

Fatal Three, by Miss M. E. Braddon [Mrs. John Maxwell] 33O6X

Fatal Whisper, by John Gait [Romancist and Novelists' Library] ... 228oX

Fatal Zero, by Percy H. Fitzgerald [All the Year Round, v. 21] i;8ij

Fate, a Tale of Stirring Times [Revolution, 1688], by G. P. R. James 6g2X

Fated to be Free, by Jean Ingelow i69oX

See also Good Words, v. 16, 2i86J. Living Age, v. 124, 31547.

Father Butler, by William Carleton I239X

Father Clement, a Roman Catholic Story [Times of George L,

Buccaneers], by Grace Kennedy I287X and I557Z

Father Connell, by the O'Hara Family [John Banim] 2774X

Father Darcy, an Historical Romance [Gunpowder Plot, Guy

Fawkes, James L], by Mrs. Anne Marsh 2684X

Father Fabian, the Monk of Malham Tower, by E. J. Worboise ngoX

Fathers and Sons, by Theodore Hook I274X

Faucit of Balliol, a Story in Two Parts, by H. C. Merivale I72IX

Favorite Fairy Tales I288X

Fawn of Sertorius, by R. E. Landor I289X

Fearful Responsibility, by William D. Howells I297X

Feats on the Fiord, a Tale of Norway [i8th Century], by Harriet

Martinean I5552T-

See also Living Age, v. 19, 30497.

Felicia, by Matilda Betham Edwards I55IX

Felix Holt, the Radical, by George Eliot [Mrs. J. W. Cross]. ..124 and 446X

Fenella [Sunday at Home, v. 17].... 2867J

FENN (George Manville, Writer for Boys] :

Readings by Starlight 229 ij

Rosery Folk [C. J., v. 60] ... 19607

Silver Canon 335X

Also Boys' Own Annual, v. 6. .

Thereby Hangs a Tale 229

Antony Grace

Curlieu Bog [B. O. A., v. 8] 2958J

Devon Boys 886X

Dutch the Diver [O. a W.] 2299J

Golden Incubus [C. J.] ... 1965}

Haute Noblesse [Good W.] 22OoJ

Lass that Loved a Soldier 3259X

London Legend [O. a W.] 22g8J

Menhardoc 32O5X

Off to the Wilds 333, 334 I979X

One Maid's Mischief 3278X


This Man's W f ife [Good W.] 2179

Also Living Age, v. 168

Under an African Sun [C. J.] I

Under the Yellow Flag 2

Vicar's People 1 364X1

Yussuf the Guide



FENN(W. W.) and BUXTON (B. H.), Noble Name ...............

FERN (Fanny [Mrs. S. Parton], b. 1811, d. 1872) :

Fern Leaves [Fam. F.]... 7o;R I Ginger Snaps ....................

Also Living Age, v. 39 ..... 3 6 9J | Love and Duty [Fam. F.]...

Fern Glen Farm, by Helen Pinkerton Redden ............ ................ 224OX

Fernyhurst Court [Good Words, v. n] .................................. 2i8iJ

- See also Living Age, v. 107, 3I3/J.

FERRIER (James Walter), Mottiscliffe ..................................... IQ65X

FERRIER (Miss Mary, Scotch Novelist, b. 1782, d. 1854) :

Destiny ................... 453 & 454X I Marriage ............ 449, 450 & 3icoX

Inheritance .............. 451 & 452X |

Ferrol Family, or Keeping up Appearances [Leisure Hour, v. 9] ...... 2619!

Fettered yet Free, by Alice King ............................................. 3249X

Fickle Fortune, by E. Werner ................................................ 3O73X

Field of Ice, by Jules Verne .................................................... 2O95X

FIELDING (Henry), Amelia .............................................. 469X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

FIFE-COOKSON (Lieut. -Col.), Baylerbay, or Strangers in Turkey 2I74X
Fifine, by Katherine S. Macquoid [Macmillan's Magazine, v. 22]. ... 952J

Fifth Form at Saint Dominic's, a School Story [Boy's Own An., v. 4] 2954J
Fight with Fortune, by Mortimer Collins [R. T. Cotton] ..............

Fighting the Air, by Florence Marryat [now Mrs. F. Lean] .........

Fighting the Flames, Tale of the London Fire Brigade, by R. M.

Ballantyne .............................................................. 2485X

Filthy Lucre, a Story without a Crime, by Albany de Fonblanque

[Gentleman's Magazine, v. 21, N.S.] ............................. 74iJ

Fina's Aunt, some Passages from Miss Williamson's Diary [Cornhill] 322J
- See also Living Age, v. 148, sijSJ.

Fire and Sword, a Tale of the Indian Mutiny, by John Gray [O. a W.] 22Q9J
Fireside Fairy, by Mary Bennett [Family Friend, 1861] ............... 717!*.

First Friendship [Fraser's Magazine, v. 66] ................................ 676J

First Love and Punin and Babiirin, by I. S. Turgenev, translated

from the Russian, with a Biographical Introduction by

Sidney Jerrold ............................................................ 2385X

First Person Singular, by David Christie Murray .............. , ......... i674X

First Violin, by Miss Jessie Fothergill ....................................... 2O46X

- See also Temple Bar, v. 52, 1382.7.

Fisherman of Ange [Saint Paul's Magazine, v. 6] ..................... n66F

Fisherman's Daughters [Sunday at Home, v. 15] ........................ 2865J

Fitz of Fitz Ford, a Legend of Devon, by Mrs. Anna E. Bray .........

FITZGERALD (Percy H., Irish Novelist, b. 1834), F.S.A. :

Dear Girl [A. Y. R., v. 18] I778J

Fatal Zero [A. Y. R., v. 21] I78ij

Little Strangers [C. M., 5] 2345}

Never Forgotten [A. Y.R.] 1772}

Notes or Gold [A. Y. R.]. 1789}

Phcebe[AllYr. Rd.,v. 35] 1795)

Second Mrs. Tillotson [All

the Year Round, v. 15].... I775J

Sword of Damocles, or Me-
moirs of a Successful
Family [Once a Wk., v. 22] 2282J

Will he Escape [Gent. Mag.] 723J

Five Weeks in a Balloon, a Voyage of Discovery in Central Africa,

by Jules Verne IO2OX

Five Years in a Convent, by E. C. G. Murray [Time Magazine, v. 6] 1496!

Five Years' Penal Servitude, by one who has endured it 21O9X

Fixed Period, The [Blackwood's Magazine, v. 130] 2coj



Flag of Distress, a Story of the South Sea, by Captain M. Reid I798X

See also Chambers' Journal, v. 52, i952ja.

FLAGGr (W. J.), A Good Investment [Harper's Mon. Mag., v. 44].. 1624)

FLAUBERT (Gustave), Salammbo 2o;8X

Flitch, of Bacon, or the Custom of Dunmow, a Tale of English

Home, by William Harrison Ainsworth 866 and 25O4X

Floating- City, by Jules Verne IO23X

Floating Light of the Goodwin Sands, by R. M. Ballantyne 2486X

Flood and Field [Boys' Own Annual, v. i] 295?J

Flower and Weed and other Tales, by Miss Braddon [Mrs. Maxwell] 2I48X

Flower-Girl of Hampstead [Sunday at Home, v. 15] 28657

Flower of the Family, by Elizabeth Prentiss i6iQX

Flying- Skull, by Rev. P. B. Power [Quiver Magazine, v. 31] 3301}

FOLI (Mme. R.), Last Stake, a Tale of Monte Carlo 2222X

Folk and Fairy Tale, by Mrs. B. Harrison 293$X

Folle-Farine, by Ouida [Mademoiselle Louise De La Rame] 854X

Following up the Track [Chambers' Journal, v. 53] 1953J

FONJBLANQUE (Albany de, Lawyer, b. 1797, d. 1872) :

Bad Luck igooX | Filthy Lucre [Gent. Mag.] ... 741!

FONTAINE (James), Memoirs of a Huguenot Family 23igX

Fool's Errand, by one of the Fools [Albion Winegar Tourgee] 2O9iX

Fool's Task [Cornhill Magazine, v. 59] 339J

FOOTE (Mary Hallock) :

John Bodewin's Testimony [Century Magazine, v. 9] l88ij

The Led-Horse Claim, a Romance of the Silver Mines [Cent., 3]. 1875)"

For Better for Worse, by Edmund Yates [Temple Bar, v. i] I33ij

For Cash Only, by James Payn i"j6gX

For Each and for All, by Harriet Martineau 777 X

For England, Home and Beauty, a Tale of the Navy Ninety Years

Ago, by Gordon Stables [Boys' Own Annual, v. 10] 2960!

For Faith and Freedom, by Walter Besant 3O76X

For Himself Alone, by T. W. Speight [Living Age, v. 156] 3i86J

For James or George, a Schoolboy's Tale of 1745, by H. C. Adams 2956f

For Lack of Gold, by Charles Gibbon 9I7X

For Life and Death, or the Chief of the Red Sword, a Tale of

Northern India, by David Ker [Boy's Own Annual, v. 12] ... 2962^

For Love and Life, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant IS^SX

For Name and Fame, by George Alfred Henty i682X

See also Every Boys' Annual, 1886, 1305!!.

For Percival, by Margaret Veley [Cornhill Magazine, v. 36] 3i6J

For Pity's Sake [Living Age, v. 129] 3I59J

For the Good of the Family, by Eyre [Cassell's Fam. Mag., v. 14]... 2363J

For the Major, by Constance Fenimore \Voolson [Harper, v. 65] J 645J

For the Right, by K. E. Franzos, translated by Sutter, with a Preface

by George Macdonald IO4X

For the Term of"His Natural Life, by Marcus Clarke 3o66X

FORBES (Urquhart A.), Otterstone Hall 2307^

Foregone Conclusion, by William D. Howells I3OIX

Forest Days, or Robin Hood, by George P. R. James 684 and 2667X

Forest Exiles, by Captain Mayne Reid 1782X

Forest of Vazon, a Guernsey Legend of the Eighth Century... 3046 and 3O47X

Forester, The, by Maria Edgeworth 2436X

Foresters, by Professor Wilson 297oX

Forged Will [Leisure Hour, v. n] 262iJ



Forgery, The, or Best Intentions, by G. P. R. James 680 and 2634X

Forget Me Not, by Mrs. Parr, a Short Tale [Temple Bar, v. 82] ... 1412}
Forgotten by the World, Memoirs of an Englishman, by Macquoid I54QX

See also Sunday Magazine, v. 5, 24557.
Forlorn, yet not Forsaken, the True Story of a Nursery Governess

[Girls' Own Annual, v. 7] : 2 S57T


I have Lived and Loved... 3255X
My Lord and My Lady .. 2OO7X

Viva i6i5X

Young Man's Fancy 329QX

Forsaken Tom, by A. K. Green 3I33X

Fort Desolation, or Solitude in the Wilderness, by R. M. Ballantyne 249/X

See also Every Boy's Annual, 1866, isoiH.

Fortress, The, an Historical Tale of the 1 5th Century, from Records

of the Channel Islands [Mount Orgueil Castle, Jersey] !2QiX

Fortune's Favourite, by Emma Worboise [Mrs. E. Guyton] 1179 and n89X

See also Christian World Magazine, 1884, 2537.

Fortune's Fool, by Hawthorne [Macmillan's Magazine, v. 45] 975X

Fortune's Marriage, by Georgiana M. Craik [now Mrs. May] 1594^

Fortune's Wheel, by Shand [Blackwood's Magazine, v. 137] 2O7J

Sec also Living Age, v. 165, 3195.7.

Fortunes of Bertram Oakley, by John B. Harwood [Chambers', v. 18] I958J

Fortunes of Cyril Denham, by Emma Jane Worboise [Mrs. E. Guyton] Ti86X

Fortunes of Duncuft, a Family Story, by L. T. Meade [Q., v. 28] 3298J

Fortunes of Glencoe, by Charles Lever 765X

See also Living Age, v. 47, 30777.

Fortunes of Nigel [Days of James I.], by Scott... 914, 962, IOO4X, io82-4Z

Fortunes of Philippa Fairfax, by Burnett [Christian World Mag.]... 259J
Fortunes of the Colville Family, or a Cloud and its Silver Lining,

by Frank E. Smedley , r 455X

Forty Five Guardsmen, an Historical Romance, by A. Dumas 413^

FOSTER (Frank), All Round the World i6r8X

Foster Brothers of Doon, a Tale of the Irish Rebellion [L. H., v. 13] 2623J
FOTHERGILL (Caroline) :

Put to the Proof... 1 62 1 and 24ogX | Voice in the Wilderness 33I3X

FOTHERGILL (Jessie, Popular Author} :

Borderland 98X Lassies of Leverhouse 3258X

First Violin 2O46X

Also Temple Bar, v. 52 .... 13827
From Moor Isles [T. B. , 82] 141 2j

Made or Marred 32o6X

Peril [Temple Bar, v. 70] ... I4OOJ
Probation [Temple Bar, v. 55] 13853"

Wellfields, The 3040 & 3o8oX

Healey 894X

Kith and Kin 9ogX

Also Temple Bar Mag., v. 61 i39*J

Foul Play, by Charles Reade I767X

See also Once a Week, v. 18, 22787.

Found at Last, by Mrs. G. S. Reany [Sunday at Home, v. 29] 28797

Found Dead, by James Payn [Chambers' Journal, v. 45] I949J

Foundling of the Fens [Sunday at Home, v. 10] 286oJ

Four Georges, The, Sketches of George L, II., III. and IV., by

William Makepeace Thackeray 1084 and IO97X

Four Ghost Stories, by Mrs. Molesworth 2i9iX

FOX (Franklin), Conqueror Compass, or the Days of John Company

[Boys' Own Annual, v. n] ... 296iJ

Foxglove Manor, by Robert Buchanan 2I98X

Fragoletta, by " Rita " [Mrs. Eliza M. J, Gollan Von Booth] i625X

Framley Parsonage, by Anthony Trollope [Cornhill Mag., v. i] 28iJ



FRANC (Maud Jean [now Mrs. Evans]) :

BeatriceMeltoYi'sDiscipline ignX I Minnie's Mission

Emily's Choice 1 91 3X | Silken Cords IQI6X

FRANCILLON (R. E., Editor of the " Law Magazine," b. 1841) :

By Day and Night [G.M.] 749} i Olympia [G. M., v. 12, N.S.] 732!

DOIT and his Shadow 735J | Queen Cophetua [G. M., 24] 744J

Earl's Dene [Black., v.io6] 176}

Also Living Age, v. 103 3 I 33J

Esther's Glove [G. M., 23] 743)"

Jack Doyle's Daughter ... i8o7j

Rare Good Luck[G. M., 17] 737.

Real Queen [Time Mag., 8] 1498

Strange Waters [A.Y.R., 38] 1798)"

Streaked with Gold [G. M.] 735}

Frank Fairleigh, or Scenes from the Life of a Private Pupil, by

Frank E. Smeclley 1454 and 2742X

Frank Hilton, a Military Romance, by J. Grant [Arabia, i8th Cent.] 93iX

Frank Lay ton, an Australian Story [Leisure Hour, v. 3] 26i3j

Frank Meanwell [Family Friend, 1850] 695R

Frank Miklmay, or the Naval Officer, by Captain Marryat 1550 and 2325X
Frank Raleigh of Watercombe, by author of "Wolf Hunting in

Brittany" i6z4X

Frank Sinclair's Wife [CasselFs Magazine, v. 2] 2342J

Franklins, The, or the Story of a Convict [Leisure Hour, v. 12].... 2622}

FRANZOS (Karl Erail), For the Right IO4X

FRASER (Mrs. Alexander) :

She Came Between 335 iX | Thing of Beauty i627X

FRASER (James Baillie), Khan's Tale 2579X

Frau Frohmann, by Anthony Trollope I4OX

Freaks on the Fells, and why I did not Become a Sailor, by R. M.

Ballantyne 2487X

Fred Kenny, or Out in the World

Fred Markham in Russia, or the Boy Travellers in the Land of the

Czar, by William H. G. Kingston 2977X

FREDERIC (Harold) Seth's Brother's Wife 3292X

Free Lances, a Romance of the Mexican Valley, by Captain Mayne

Reid 3322X

Freedom, a Tale of the East [Sunday at Home, v. 4] 2854J

FREEMAN (Philip), Guessing Stories 2854X

French Heiress in her Own Chateau, by E. C. Price 2258X

French Janet [Cornhill Magazine, v. 58] 338J

French Wines and Politics, by Harriet Martineau 777^

Freres, The, by Mrs. Alexander I938X

See also Temple Bar, v. 61, isgij. Living Age, v. 148, 31787.

Friar Bacon [Home Treasury of Old Story Books] 2863X

Friend Fritz, by Erckmann-Chatrian 872X

Friend of the Family, by Theodore Hook 1 327X

Friendly Hands and Kindly Words 2962X

Friends and Lovers, by Annie Thomas [Mrs. Pender Cudlip] i832X

Friends Though Divided, a Tale of the Civil War, by Henty IO46X

Friendship, by Ouida [Mademoiselle Louise de La Rame]...858 and 868X
FRISWELL (James Hain, Essayist, b. 1827), One or Two, or a

Left-Handed Bride [Once a Week, v. 23] - 2283J

FRITH (Henry) :

Cruise of the Wasp [Every Boy's Annual, 1889] I3O8H

Struggles of Abel Strong [Cassell's Family Magazine, v. 15]
FRITH (Henry) and KINGSTON (William H. G.) :
Great African Travellers... 2979X | Notable Voyages



Fritters, or, It's a Long Lane that has no Turning, by Sarah Pitt... 2333X

From an Island, by Miss A. T. Thackeray [Cornhill Magazine, v. 18] 298}

From Cadet to Captain, by Captain Groves 395X

From Dawn to Dark in Italy, a Tale of the Reformation in the Six-
teenth Century [Sunday at Home, v. 9] 2859!

From Exile, by James Payn 1772 and 2Oi8X

From First to Last, or Gwendoleen's Engagement [Once a Week.]. ... 2294J

From Generation to Generation, by Lady A. Noel 2O64X

From Jest to Earnest, by E. P. Roe 28o6X

From Keeper to Captain, by Drayson [Every Boy's Annual, 1888] ... 1307!!

From Moor Isles, by Jessie Fothergill [Temple Bar Mag., v. 82]... 1412}
From Powder Monkey to Admiral, Story of Naval AdVenture, by

William H. G. Kingston 2978X

See also Boys' Own Annual, v. i, 29517.

From Strength to Strength, by Alice King [Girls' Own Annual, v. 2] 2552J
From the Earth to the Moon Direct in Ninety-seven Hours and

Twenty Minutes, by Jules Verne iciSX

From the Green Bag, by F. M. Allen 3O4$X

From the Wings, by B. H. Buxton I574X

FROUDE (J. A., Historian, b. 1818), The Two Chiefs of Dunboy,

or an Irish Romance of the Last Century 24I7X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Frozen Deep and other Tales, by Wilkie Collins 273X

See also Temple Bar Magazine, v. 42, 13727.

Frozen Pirate, by W. Clark Russell.' 3166 and 3224X

Fugitives, or the Tyrant Queen of Madagascar, by Ballantyne .... 2488X
FULLERTON (Lady Georgina, Daughter of First Earl Gran-

villc, b. 1812, d.. 1885), Lady-Bird 3I24X

Fur Country, or Seventy Degrees North Latitude, by Jules Verne ioi6X

FURLEY (C. Grant), Troth of Odin [All the Year Round, v. 63]... i823j
Further Adventures of Joshua Hawespipe, Master Mariner, by

Lieut. C. Low [Every Boy's Annual, 1869] 1303!!

IjABLE House [Sunday at Home, v 29] 2879!

Gaboon, The, or Adventures in Gorilla Land, by Thomas Miller

[Every Boy's Annual, 1869] 1303!!

GABORIAU (Emile, French Writer} :

In Peril of His Life 2224X

Lerouge Case 2223X

Little Old Man of the

Batignolles [Liv. Age]... 3164!

Slaves of Paris I987X

Gabriel Allen, M.P., by George Alfred Henty 22O4X

Gabriel Conroy, by Bret Harte [Scribner's Monthly, v. II] i86ij

Gabrielle de Bourdaine, by Mrs. Spender , 52iX

Gabriel's Appointment, by Anna H. Drury i6i2X

See also Argosy, v. 23, 23],

Gala Days, by Gail Hamilton [Mary A. Dodge] 1313^

GALBRAITH (W.), Mrs. Farquharson's Niece [Chambers, v. 65]. I965J
GALT (John, Scotch Novelist, b. 1779, d. 1839) :

Annals of the Parish I99OX Painter 2282X

Book of Life 2282X Provost, and other Tales I994X

Fatal Whisper 228oX

Haddad-Ben-Ahab 228oX

Sir Andrew Wylie of that Ilk 199 iX
The Entail 1993^



Gambler's Wife, by Mrs. Colonel Grey

Game of Life, by Leitch Ri tchie ........................... 1428, 2727 and 2Q27X

Garden of Eden ................................................................ I&45X

Garden of Memories [Living Age, v. 170] ................................. 3 2OO J

GARDINER (Linda), His Heritage ....................................... n6X

GARNETT (Edward), Light and Shadow [Universal Rev., v. 4] ... 3324}

GARRETT (Edward [Isabella F. Mayo], Serial Write,-, cSrY.) :

At any Cost [Liv. A., 163] 3193}
By Still Waters, a Story

for Quiet Hours [S. M.] 2460}
Crooked Places, a Story of

Struggles and Hopes.... 2459!

Her Object in Life [G.O.A.] 25537

House by the Works [S.M.] 2464!

Husband and Wife [S. M.] ... 2474)

King's Daughter [G.O. A.]... 255 <jj

Occupations of a Retired Life 2454!

Also Living Age, v. 95 3125 J

Stranger within the Gales 3299}

Crust and the Cake [S. M.] 24557
Equal to the Occasion [Q.] 3295]"

Garrison Gossip, by John Strange Winter [Mrs. Stannard] 2I55X

Garth, by Julian Hawthorne 1933^

Sec also Harper's Magazine, v. 51, i63ij.
Gascoyne, the Sandal-Wood Trader, a Tale of the Pacific, by R.

M. Ballantyne 248gX

GASKELL (Mrs. E. C., Poetess, &Y., b. 1813) :

Cousin Phillis [Cornhill, 8] 288J My Lady Ludlow[TI. W.]... 17587

. A Iso Living Age, v. 80 3 IIO J j North and South 49oX

Cranford 491X1 A Iso Household Words, v. 10. . ijsoj

Dark Night's Work[AH the I Ruth 493 & 494X

Year Round, v. 8] 1768! I Sylvia's Lovers 495X

Lizzie Leigh 498 & 277 iX Wives & Daughters 496, 497, 2OI4X

Also Household Words, v. i. i/4ij Also Cornhill, v. 10 2goj

Mary Barton 492 & 2772X Living Age, v. 85 . 3 n 5 j

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author..

GASPARIN (Countess Agenor de), Sunny Fields I4OOX

Gaston de Latour, by Walter Pater [Macmillan's Magazine,- v. 58].. 988J

Gates Ajar, or Our Loved Ones in Heaven, by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps i6o6X

Gates of Eden, by Anna Swan 3i87X

GATTY (Mrs. Alfred), Aunt Judith's Letters 91 iX

GAUTIER (Theophile, French Journalist, b. 1811, d. 1872), Ro-
mance of a Mummy 2O74X

Gaverocks, The, by S. Baring Gould 2I52X

See also Cornhill Magazine, v. 55, 335J.

Gay World, by Joseph Hatton 3323X

Gayworthys, The, by Mrs. Whitney I9O2X

Gehenna, or Havens of Unrest, by Hon. Lewis Wingfield i869X

Gems she Wore, by L. T. Meade [Sunday Magazine, v. 22] 2472J

General Bounce, or the Lady and the Locusts, by Melville 828X

See also Eraser's Magazine, v. 49, 659.7.

Genevieve, a Tale of Peasant Life, translated from the French of

Alphonse De Lamartine i34iX and i8o4Z

Genevieve, or the Children of Port Royal [Sunday at Home, v. 34]. 2S84J

Gentianella, by Mrs. Randolph I789X

Gentleman of the Old School, by George P. Rainsford James 263oX

Geoffry Hamlyn, by Henry Kingsley I385X

Geoffrey the Genius and Percy the Plodder [Leisure Hour, v. 8] 26i8J

George Burley, his History, Experiences, and Observations, by G.

E. Sargent [Leisure Hour, v. 15] 26257

George Canterbury's Will, by Mrs. Henry Wood I4X

40 [913]




George, or the Planter of the Isle of France, by Alexandre Dumas... 2577X

Gerald, by E. C. Trice [All the Year Round, v. 53] 1813!

GERARD (E. D.), Reata: What's in a Name ? 328;X

German Novelists, translated from the Originals with Critical and

Biographical Notices, by Thomas Roscoe 1 2o6X

German Popular Stories, edited by Edgar Taylor 2245X

German Tales and Traditions. See Thorpe's Yule Tide Stories, I486X

Gertrude, by Elizabeth Sewell 1029, 1040 and 2843X

Gervase Skinner, by Theodore Hook 1275 and I32QX

Ghost-Hunter and His Family, by John Banim [O'Hara Family]... 25I4X

Ghost in the Snow [Once a Week, v. 30] 2290!

Ghost of the School [Boys' Own Annual, v. 5] 2955]

Ghost Stones [All the Year Round, v. 7] 1767}

Giant of the North, or Pokings Round the Pole, by Ballantyne 249OX

Giant Raft, by Jules Verne, Part I., Eight Hundred Leagues on the

Rt: EA c '" : ' Amazon Part II., The Cryptogram IOT4X

See ah Boys' Own Annual, v. 3, 295.?J.

Giant's Heart, a Tale, by George Macdonald 1 8787

Giant's Robe, by F. Anstey [F. Anstey Guthrie] 2344X

GIBB (John), Gudrun and other stories 2IO7X

GIBBON (Charles, Scotch Novelist, &<:.) :

Fancy Free ig8X

For Lack of Gold Qi?X

Golden Shaft [G. W., v. 23] 2193?

In Honour Bound [Cass., 9] 2349!

Of High Degree !97oX

Robin Gray

What will the World say ?

Astbury's Bargain [C. J.].. I966J
Blood Money and other

Stories 3o82X

Braes of Yarrow 9*3^

By Mead and Stream 196 ij

Dead Heart, a Tale of the

Bastile 3o8iX

Family Secret [Cham. J.] I965J

GIBERNE (Agnes, Writer of Domestic Tales] :

As a Tale that is Told ... 2873J | Life's Changes [S. at H., 26]

Curate's Home, The 1918X1 Muriel's Key-Note [S. at H.]

Dalrymples [S. at H., 36] 2886J j Number Three, Winifred
Decima'sPromise[G. O. A. ]
Enid's Silver Bond[S. at H.]
Gwendoline, or Halcots
and Halcombes[S. at H.]

Jacob Witherby

Kathleen, the Story of a


9 I 5 X



Home [S. at H., v. 29]

2553! Place [Sund. at Home, 31] 2881!

2882) Quiet Valley [S. at H., 33] 2833}

Ralph Hardcastle's Will 335oX

Rector's Home I&77X

Sisters of Duesbury Dee [Q.] 32giJ
Through the Linn, or Miss

Temple's Wards [S. at H.] 2878J
N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Gideon Fleyce, by Henry W. Lucy 506 and 6g$X

GIFT|(Theo [Miss Dora Havers], Serial Writer, &c.) :

Matter-of-Fact Girl 3273X I Visited on the Children [All

Pretty Miss Bellew [Cass.] 2350! the Year Round, v. 45]... i8o5j

Victims [A. Y. R., V. 57] l8l7j | Also Living Age, v. 147 3 i 77 J

Gil Bias of Santillane, by Alain-Rene Le Sage !46oX

GILBERT (William, Serial Writer, 6~Y.) :

Landlord of "The Sun" I359J I Two Stories in One [Quiver,

Struggle in Ferrara [S. M.] 2456]] v. 15] 3285!

Gilbert Gurney, by Theodore Hook 3382X

Gilbert Rugge [Eraser's Magazine, v. 69] 679]



Gilded Age, a Tale of To-day, by Mark Twain and Chas. D. Warner 233oX

Gilded Pill [Once a Week, v. 39] 2299}

Gin a Body Meet a Body, by Constance Mac Ewen I9I2X

Ginger Snaps, by Fanny Fern [Mrs. S. Parton] 7o;R

Gipsy Breynton, by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps i6o8X

Gipsy Girl of Sorrento [Sunday at Home, v. 25] 2875!

Gipsy, The [Times of George II.], by G. P. R. James 2617 and 2gi6X

Gipsy's Cousin Joy, by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps [Sequel to i6o8X]... i6ioX

Gipsy's Sowing and Reaping, by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps i6nX

Gipsy's Yearat the Golden Crescent, by E.S. Phelps [Sequel to i6ioX] i6i3X

Giraffe Hunters, by Captain Mayne Reid 1774^

Girl at the Gate, by Wilkie Collins [English Illustrated, v. 2] 1992 J

Girton Girl, by Mrs. Annie Edwardes i88oX

See also Temple Bar, v. 72, 1402.7.

GISSING (George, Serial Writer, &c.} :

A Life's Morning [Cornhill] 337J j Nether World 3O83X

Gladiators, a Tale of Rome and Judaea [Fall of Jerusalem I A.D.],

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