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by George John Whyte Melville 819 and 836X

Gladys Fane, a Story of Two Lives, by T. Wemyss Reid 42 and 643X

Gladys' Peril, by John Coleman and John C. Chute 22O5X

GLEIG (George R., Historian, &c. t l>. 1796) :

Chelsea Pensioners I475X I Light Dragoon 2580 & 29O7X

Hussar I474X | Subaltern I473 X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Glenmavis, by Agnes Smith i83oX

Glimpse of the World, by Elizabeth M. Sewell 2635X

Glorinda [Kentucky, Negroes, &c.], by Anna Bowman Dodd 2OO3X

Glorious Fortune, by Walter Besant... 7&4X

See also All the Year Round, v. 53, iSi^J.

Glorious Return, a Story of the Vaudois, by Temple [S. at II., v. 36] 2886J

Glory, a Wiltshire Story, by Mrs. G. Linnaeus Banks 2376X

God and the Man, by Robert Buchanan 557^

GODDARD (Arthur), Under Currents 2882X

GODDARD (Julia, Serial Writer, &c.) :

Grace Selwode [O. A. W.] 2285J j Ursula's Stumbling Block ... 2334X

GODFREY (Mrs. G. W., Serial Writer, &c.) :

Beautiful MissRoche[L. A.] 3I79J
Also Temple Bar, v. 61 .... i39 T J

Mrs. Forrester's Secret I4OIJ

Unspotted from the World... 1395]
Little Bohemian [T. Bar] 1390]

Godfrey Morgan, a Californian Mystery, by Jules Verne iO2iX

See also Boys' Own Annual, v. 5, 2955.7.

GODKIN (G. S.), An Easter Long Ago [Christian World Magazine] 249J

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Godolphin, by Lord Lytton 218 and 237X

God's Providence House [Slave Emancipation, 1791], by Mrs. Banks 2377X
GOETHE (J. W. Von, German Poet, Novelist, <5rV., b. 1749, d. 1832),

Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship and Travels 1 295X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Gold Fish, by Rev. A. N. Malan [Boys' Own Annual, v. 7] 29S7J

Gold in the Sky, by Jeanie Hering [Quiver, v. 19] 3 2 &9j

Golden Argosy, by Fred M. White [Chambers' Journal, v. 63] I9&3J

Golden Bar, by E. M. Archer 562X



Golden Butterfly, by Walter Besant and James Rice .....................

Golden Calf, by Miss M. E. Braddon [Mrs. J. Maxwell] ...............

Golden Dream, or Adventures of the Far West, by Ballantyne ......

Golden Grasshopper, a Story of the Days of Sir T. Gresham, by W.

H. G. Kingston ................................................... " ...... 2446X

Golden Hills, or Single Influence [Leisure Hour, v. 8] .................. 26i8J

Golden Incubus, by George M. Fenn [Chambers' Journal, v. 65] ... 1965^"

Golden Justice, by W. H. Bishop [Atlantic Monthly, v. 57] ............ I547f

Golden Key, a Fairy Tale, by George Macdonald ....................... 1879^

Golden Ladder, by Elizabeth Wetherell [Susan Warner] ............... 1 859X

Golden Lion of Granpere, by Anthony Trollope [Good Words, v. 13] 2i83j

- See also Harper's New Monthly Magazine, v. 44, 16247.

Golden Locks [Home Treasury of Old Story Books] ..................... 2863X

Golden Prime, by Frederick Boyle ..................... ...... , ............. 2283^

Golden Shaft, by Charles Gibbon [Good Words, v. 23] .................. 2193!

Golden Sheaves, or Grace Reynold's Work for the Master ............. 2246X

Golden Sorrow [Chambers' Journal, v. 49] ................................. I95ij

GOLDSMITH (Oliver, Irish Author, b. 1728, d. 1774), Vicar of

Wakefield ............................................. 1305, 22SjX and 888Z

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Goldsmith's Wife [Jane Shore, &c. ] by William Harrison Ainsworth 94X

Golowin'S Banishment to Siberia [Leisure Hour, v. 4] .................. 2614!

Gone Wrong, a Burlesque Novel, by Francis C. Burnand... ........... 5?6X

Good as Gold, by Mary Bennett [Family Friend, 1860] .................. 7i6R

Good Aunt [Moral Tale], by Maria Edgeworth ............................. 2436X

Good Bye, Sweetheart, by Rhoda Broughton ...... , ........................ 2i7iX

- - See also Temple Bar, v. 32, 13627.

Good Fight and other Tales, by Charles Reade .......................... I424X

- See also Once a Week, v. i, 2261 J.

Good for Nothing, or All Down Hill, by G. J. Whyte Melville ...... 824X

- - See also Eraser's Magazine, v. 63, 6737.

Good French Governess, by Maria Edgeworth ........................... 2436X

Good Investment, by W. J. Flagg [Harper's Monthly Magazine, v. 44] 1624}
GORE (Mrs., Fashionable Novelist, b. 1799, d- 1861) :

Cecil 2I76X

Diamond and the Pearl .... 2582X

Man of Honour [E. T. ] 225oX

Men of Capital 2583X

Temptation and Atonement 2584X

Hamiltons 2l68X j Also Living Age, v. ii 3Q4iJ

Gorilla Hunters, Tale of the Wilds of Africa, by R. M. Ballantyne 2492X
GOTTHELF (Jeremiah), Kate the Grandmother, or the True Way

out of Trouble [Sunday Magazine, v. i] 24517

GOULD (S. Baring, Incumbent of Dalton, b. 1834) :

Mehalah... 2426 & 2427X

Pennycome Quicks. 3I4&X

Red Spider 2220 & 301 3X

Richard Cable, the Light-

shipman [Cham. J., v. 64] 19647

Also Living Age, v. 172 3202J

Arminell [Tern. Bar, v. 85]

Court Royal 3242X

Also Cornhill Magazine, v. 51 331 J

Eve 3246X

Gaverocks, The 2I52X

A /w Cornhill Magazine, v. 55

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.
Gowrie, or the King's Plot [Scotland and France, I7th Century], by

George Payne Rainsford James 2659X

Grace and Isabel, or to Seem and to Be, by Maria J. Mclntosh

Grace Balmayns' Sweetheart, by Tames Runciman



Grace Darling, or the Heroine of the Fern Islands, by Reynolds ... 2256X

Grace Hamilton's School-Days, by E. J. Worboise [Mrs. Guyton]... n85X

Grace Howard, and the Family at Glen Luna, by E. Wetherell 286oX

Grace Kennedy [Living Age, v. 27] 3O57J

Grace Selwode, by Julia Goddard [Once a Week, v. 25] 2285!

Grafton Family [Leisure Hour, v. 2] 2612]

GRAHAM (Ennis). See Molesworth (Mrs.).

Grahams of Invermoy, by M. C. Stirling i839X

Granby, by Thomas Henry Lister I3&3X

Grandissimes by George W. Cable [Scribner's Monthly, v. 19] ... 1869}

Grandmother Dear, by Mrs. Molesworth 32i?X

Grandmother's Money, by F. W. Robinson..^. ... i8i8X

GRANT (Courteney), An Angel Unawares i6$oX

GRANT (James, Scotch Historian and Novelist, b. 1822, d. 1887) :

Adventures of an Aide-de-

Camp 2i2oX

Adventures of Rob Roy ... 92oX

Black Watch 922X

Bothwell I22OX

Cameronians 96iX

Captain of the Guard 924X

Constable of France 928X

Duke of Albany's Own

Highlanders 9&3X

Frank Hilton 93iX

Harry Ogilvie 2588X

Jack Chaloner

King's Own Borderers 94OX

Lady Glendonwyn 2OI3X

Letty Hyde's Lovers 942X

Oliver Ellis 953^

One of the Six Hundred i3ooX

Only an Ensign 955^-

Phantom Regiment 2777X

Queen's Cadet 957^

Romance of War

Royal Highlanders

Scottish Cavalier 1401 & 2586X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

ORANT (Robert), Ed., Confessions of a Frivolous Girl 2i3iX

Grants of Lockside, or the Life of Scotch Emigrants in Canada

[Leisure Hour, v. 25] 2635}

GRANVILLE (Charles), Broken Stirrup Leather 3I34X

Granvilles, an Irish Tale, by Hon. Thomas Talbot 547^

Grape from a Thorn, by James Payn [Cornhill Magazine, v. 43] 323J

Grasp your Nettle, by E. Lynn Linton I7O2X

Grateful Negro, The, by Maria Edgeworth 2444X

GRATTAN (Thomas Colley, Irish Novelist, b. 1795, d - l86 4) :

Agnes de Mansfeldt I3OQX

Cagot's Hut

Heiress of Bruges

Highways and Bye- Ways .... 13 loX

Conscript's Bride 2589X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.
ORAY (John), Fire and Sword, a Tale of the Indian Mutiny [Once

a Week, v. 39] 22997

GRAY (Louisa M.), Mine Own People I263X

GRAY (Maxwell, Serial Writer, &>.):

Reproach of Annesley.... 14647 | Silence of Dean Maitland.... 245iX
Oraysons, The, a Story of Illinois, by Edward Eggleston [Cent.]... i886J
Great African Travellers, from Mungo Park, to Livingstone, Stanley

and Cameron, by W. H. G. Kingston and Frith 2 979X

Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens 358, 393 and 2956X

See also All the Year Round, v. 4, 17647.

Great Tontine, by Hawley Smart 2297X



Great-Grandmamma Severn, by Leslie Keith [Leisure Hour, 37]
Great Heights Gained by Steady Efforts, or Perseverance and Faith-

fulness Triumphant, by T. S.Wilson .............................. 2244X

Great Hoggarty Diamond, by W. M. Thackeray ... 1082, IO95X and 15472

See also Eraser's Magazine, v. 24, 6347.
Great Mistake, a Story of Adventure, by Rev. T. S. Millington

[Boys' Own Annual, v. 8] ............................................. 2958}

Great Porter Square, a Mystery, by B. L. Farjeon ..................... .. 22I7X

Great Van Broek Property, an American Story [Leisure Hr., v. 15]. 26257

Greatest Heiress in England, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant ............ 22I2X

GREEN (Anna Katherine, Writer of Tales of Crime, &>c.) :

Behind Closed Doors ...... 3I32X I Leaven worth Case ............ 32O7X

Forsakenlnn ............... 3 1 33X | Strange Disappearance ....... 32o8X

GREEN (Evelyn Everett, Serial Writer, &<:.) :

Barbara's Brothers[S. at H.] 2884} I Monica or Stronger than

Dorothy's Vocation [Q.]... 3302) Death [Cassell's M., v. 14] 2363!

Marcus Stratford's Charge 2885) j Oliver Langton's Ward [Q.]. 3299^!

Green Hand, a Short Yarn [Black wood's Magazine, v. 64] ............ 134!

Green Pastures and Piccadilly, by William Black ........................ 5O7X

- See also Living Age, v. 132, 3162].

Green Pleasure and Grey Grief, by Mrs. Argles [The Duchess] ...... 3I93X

Green Ray, a Romance of the Scottish Highlands, by Jules Verne... IO25X

Greene Feme Farm, by Richard Jefferies [Time Magazine, v. i] ... 149 ij

GREENWOOD (Fred), Loves of an Apothecary ....................... 2794X

GREENWOOD (James, Amateur Casual), Dick Temple ............ i632X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.
GREG (Percy, Political Writer), Sanguelac .............................. 586X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.
Gregors, A Cornish Story, by Jane Spettigue .............................. 2i3oX

Greifenstein, by Francis Marion Crawford .................. 3 150 and 3377X

Gretchen, by "Rita" [Mrs. Eliza M. J. G. Von Booth] ............. 223iX

- See also All the Year Round, v. 60, i82oj.
GREY (Mrs. Col. E. C., Popular Authoress} :

Gambler's \Vife 2787X

Little Wife 2593X

Rectory Guest

Sybil Lennard 2594X

GREY (Mrs. M. J.) and SHIREFF (Miss E.), Passion and Principle 2592X
GREY (Rowland), By Virtue of His Office ..................... 2450 and 2461 X

Grey and Gold, by Emma Jane Worboise [Mrs. Guyton] ... 1165 and u8oX
Grey House at Endlestone, by Emma Jane Worboise [Mrs. Guyton] U92X

GRIFFIN (Gerald, Irish Novelist, b. 1803, d. 1840) :

Collegians, the, or the Colleen Bawn, a Tale of Garryowen 1311 & 3OI4X
Rivals, The ......................................................... 2595 and 29o8X

Griffith Gaunt, by Charles Reade [Argosy, v. i] ........................ ij

GRIFFITHS (Arthur), Lola

Griffith's Double, by Mrs. C. Hoey [All the Year Round, v. 35] ... 1795J
GRIMM (J. L. and W. K., German Philologists, 1785-1863), Grimm's

Fairy Tales, with Illustrations by E. H. Wehnert ............... 28i8X

GROVES (Major J. Percy, Librarian of Candie Library, Guernsey,
Writer of Military Adventures] :

A Soldier Born ............... 44?X

Anchor and Laurel
Charmouth Grange


From Cadet to Captain 395^

The Duke's Own 468X


Gryll Grange, by T. L. Peacock [Fraser's Magazine, v. 61] 67 ij

Gudrun and other Stories, from the Epics of the Middle Ages, by

John Gibb 2IO7X

Guernsey Lily, or How the Feud was Healed, a Story for Boys and

Girls, by Susan Coolidge [Miss Woolsey] 2273X

Guessing Stories, a Book for the Young, by Rev. Philip Freeman... 2854X

Guild Court, a London Story, by George Macdonald I5O4X

See also Good Words, v. 8, 2178 J.

Gulab Singh, a Story of Peril and Heroism, by Rev. R. D. O.

Martin [Boys' Own Annual, v. u] 296iJ

Gulliver's Travels into several Remote Nations of the World, by

Jonathan Swift 1477^

GULSTON (Alan James), W 7 arren Knowles i638X

Gummer's Fortune, by John Baker Hopkins [Once a Week, v. 26] 2286J

GUNTER (Archibald Chvering) :

Mr. Barnes of New York 9O5X | Mr. Potter of Texas 1997^

Gurney Married, by Theodore Hook I248X

Gustavus Vasa, or Prince and Peasant, by Gustav Nieritz [L. H.] 263 ij

GTJTHRIE (F. Anstey). See Anstey (F.).

Guy, Earl of Warwick, by Elizabeth Wetherell [Home Tieasury of

Old Story Books] 2863X

Guy Fawkes [Gunpowder Plot, 1605], by W. H. Ainsworth 76 and 84X

Guy Livingstone, by George A. Lawrence 3<D4iX

Guy Mannering, by Sir Walter Scott 891, 939X and IO45-7Z

Guy Rivers, the Outlaw, by W. Simms [Romancist & Novelists' Lib.] 228oX
GUYTON (Mrs. E.). See Worboise (Emma Jane).

Gwen Beverly, by Mrs. Prosser [Sunday at Home, v. 28] 2878J

Gwendoline, or Halcots and Halcombes, by Agnes Giberne 2880)

Gwendoline's Harvest, by James Payn [Chambers' Journal, v. 47] I95oj

(F. W.), Clara, or Slave Life in Europe I246X

Haddad-Ben-Ahab, by J. Gait [Romancist and Nov. Lib.] 228oX

Hadji's Amulet, by James Cox [Boys' Own Annual, v. 8] 2958J

HAGGARD (Capt.), Dodo and I 3I49X

HAGGARD (Henry Rider, Barrister, &v., b. 1856) :

Allan Quatermain

2138, 2458, 2459 & 3029X
Allan Quatermain [Long.] 899J

Allan's Wife

Cleopatra, being an account
of the Fall and Venge-

ance of Harmachis, the
Royal Egyptian, as set
forth by his own Hand

3048 and 3049X

Colonel Quaritch, V.C., a

Dawn 2I39X

Jess 2327X

Also Cornhill Magazine, v. 53.. 333J
King Solomon's Mines

2136, 2453, 2455 & 3026X

Maiwa's Revenge 247 3X

A Iso Harper's, v. 77 16575

Royal Egyptian, as set Mr. Meeson's 'Will io 5 8X

She ............... 2137, 24S6&2457X

Witch's Head, The ............ 3I2OX

N.B. See also the General

Tale of Country Life 2389,:


Catalogue for this Author.


Hair-Breadtli Escapes, or Adventures of Three Boys in South

Africa, by H. C. Adams 28ioX

HAKE (T. St. E., Serial Writer, &c.) :

In Danger's Way [C. J.]... 1965) | Legal Secret [Chambers' J.].... 1966;

HALE(E. E.), Philip Nolan's Friends [Scribner's, v. 11] i86ij

Half a Million of Money, by A. B. Edwards [All Year R., v. 13] ... 1773]

Half-Brothers, or the Head and the Hand, by Dumas 421 and 425^

Half-Sisters, by Geraldine Endsor Jewsbury 266gX

Half-Sisters, by Isa Craig-Knox [Quiver, v. 10] 3280}

HALIBURTON (Thomas Chandler [Sam Slick], Colonial Judge
and Humorist, b. 1796, d. 1865) :

Americans at Home 966X

Attache i45oX

Letter Bag of the Great

Western I452X

Clockmaker 100 & I449X | Old Judge 968X

HALL (M.), Andrew Marvel [Christian World Magazine, 1873] 2 4 2 J

HALL (Mrs. S. C., Irish Novelist and Caricatiirist, b. about 1804) :

Buccaneer, The 2597X I Outlaw 2 599X

Marian 2598X |

Halves, by James Payn [All the Year Round, v. 34] 1 794J

HAMILTON (Gail [Mary H. Dodge]) :

Gala Days I3I3X j Summer Rest I3I2X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

HAMILTON (W. A. Baillie), Mr. Montenello 6iqX

Hamiltons, or Official Life in 1830, by Mrs. Gore 2i68X

Hamiltons, The, a Story of Australian Life, by Harriet M. David-
son [Chambers' Journal, v. 55] I955I

HAMLEY (Sir E. B.," Lieutenant- General, b. 1824), Lady Lee's

Yv'idowhood [Blackwood, v. 73] I43J

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.
HAMLEY (W. G. P., Major-General, Late of the Royal Engineers],

Traseaden Hall [Time of George III.] 628X

Hammer, The, a Story of the Maccabean Times, by Alfred J.

Church and Richmond Seeley ... 3IO5X

Hampdens, The, by Harriet Martineau [Once a Week, v. 8] 2268!

Hand and Word [Irish Life], by William Carleton I236X

Hand of Ethelberta, a Comedy in Chapters, by Thomas Hardy 2257X

See also Cornhill Magazine, v. 32, siaj.

Hands of Justice, by F. W. Robinson i8o6X

Handy Andy, a Tale of Irish Life, by Samuel Lover I373X

Hannah, by Miss Muloch [Saint Paul's Magazine, v. 7] n67F

See also Living Age, v. 108, 31387.

Hannah Fenwell's Secret, by L. W. Bearne [Christ. World Mag.]... 25qJ

Hans Sterk [Boys' Own Annual, v. 3] 2953!

Hanworth [Living Age, v. 59] 3089}

Sec also Living Age, v. 59, soSgJ.

Happiness or being Rich, by Hendrik Conscience 3O43X

Happy Thoughts, by Francis Cowley Burnand 572X

Hard Cash, by Charles Reade [All the Year Round, v. 9] 1769!

Hard Lines, by Hawley Smart i827X

Hard Times and Pictures from Italy, by Charles Dickens 396X

Sec also Household Words, v. 9, I/49J.





Harding, the Money-Spinner, by Miles Gerald Keon ................. 1975^

HARDING-E (William M.), Out of the Fog [Temple Bar, v. 80] ..... HiqJ

HARDY (Arthur S., Serial Writer, &v.) :

But Yet a Woman ......... 97oX | Passe Rose [Atlantic, v. 6 1]. I55ij

HARDY (Iza Duffus), Love, Honour and Obey .......................... 3266X

HARDY (Miss), The Confessor, a Jesuit Tale of the Times
HARDY (Thomas, Architect, &>c.', b. 1840) :


A Pair of Blue Eyes

Far From the Madding

Crowd [Cornhill, v. 29].

Also Living Age, v. 120

Hand of Ethelberta

Also Cornhill Mag., v. 32. . .

Also Harper's Mag., v. 56..

Hardy Norseman, by Edna Lyall [Mrs. Ada Ellen Bayly]

See also Good Woods, v. 30, 22ooJ.

HARLAND (Marion) [Mrs. Terhune] :


3 T 5J


1636 J

Mayor of Casterbridge 236oX

Return of the Native [H.M.] i636J

Trumpet-Major [Good Wds.] 2i9iJ

Two on a Tower 979^

Waiting Supper [Murray] ... I4&3J

Wessex Tales 3M7X


Also Macmillan, v. 54

Eve's Daughters 21 2SX

Her Wedding Day.

Jessamine lOOoX

Harlowe's Helpmate, by Frank'Barrett [Cassell's Fam. Mag., v. n] 2361!

HarmOEia, a Chronicle, by author of " Junia " " I72X

Harold, the Boy Earl, a Story of Old England, by Professor J.- F.

Hodgetts [Boys' Own Annual, v. 6].. 2 956J

Harold, the last of the Saxon Kings, by Lord Lytton 209, 236 and 238X

Harrington [Slavery & Southern Society, igth Cent.], by Edgeworth 25ioX

HARRIS (Alexander), Martin Beck, the Australian Settler..' 26ooX

HARRIS (Joel Chandler) :

Azalia [Cent. Mag. , v. 12].. i884j | Uncle Remus 2O7oX

HARRISON (Mrs. Burton), Folk and Fairy Tales 293$X

HARRISON (Jennie), On the Ferry Boat 2964X

HARBISON (Mrs.). See Malet (Lucas).

Harry Coverdale's Courtship and All that came of It, by Frank

Edward Smedley 1050, 1453 and 2743X

Harry Heathcote of Gangoil, a Tale of Australian Bush Life, by

Anthony Trollope 1049 and H42X

See also Living Age, v. 120, 31507.

Harry Lawton's Adventures, or a Young Sailor's Wanderings in

Strange Lands

Harry Lorrequer, Confessions of, by Charles Lever 748 and 76oX

Harry Ogilvie, or the Black Dragoons [Civil War in Scotland, i;th

Century], by James Grant 2588X

Harry Richmond, Adventures of, by George Meredith [Cornhill, v. 22] 3027

Harry, the Whaler, by George E. Sargent 2 947X

Harry Treverton, a Story of Colonial Life, by Lady Broome [Boys'

Own Annual, v. 10]

HARTE (Bret [Francis Bret Harte], American Humourist, b. 1839) :


A Iso Macmillan, v. 58 988 J

Gabriel Conroy [Scribner's] i86i[
Heiress of Dedlow Marsh. 3I74X
In the Carquinez Woods... 8g2j
N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

[ 9 2I]

Left out on Lone Star Moun-
tain [Longman's Magazine] 893J
Ship of '49 [Eng. 111., v. 2].. 1992}

Snow-Bound at Eagle's 2i7oX

Waif of the Plains .. . TI2SX




Hartland Forest [North Devon, i8th Century] and Roseteague, by

Mrs. Anna Eliza Bray 3I26X

Hartleigh Towers, or English Life [Sunday Magazine, v. 13] 2463}.

Harvest, by John Strange Winter [Mrs. Stannard] 3 2 5 1 ^

Harveys, The, by Henry Kingsley , , i678X

HARWOOD (John Berwick, Serial Writer, 6^. ) :

Co-Heirs, a Cornish Story [Cassell's Family Magazine, v. 9] 2 358J

Fortunes of Bertram Oakley [Chambers'" Journal, v. 58] 1 95%J

Helena, Lady Harrogate [Chambers' Journal, v. 55] I955J

Merchant Prince, being the Fortunes of Bertram Oakley 57?X

One False, Both Fair, or a Hard Knot [Chambers' Journal, 60].. 1960}

Ralph Raeburn's Trusteeship [Cassell's Family Magazine, v. 8]... 2357)"

Tenth Earl [Cassell's Family Magazine, v. 5] 2354!

Within the Clasp, a Story of the Yorkshire Jet-Hunters [Cassells] 2359}

Young Lord Penrith [Chambers' Journal, v. 56] I956J

Hassan, or the Child of the Pyramid, an Egyptian Tale [Nineteenth

Century], by Hon. Charles A. Murray I396X

HatchupS of Me and my Schoolfellows, by Peter Parley 2238X

Hathercourt Rectory, by Mrs. Molesworth 1736, 2287 and 2353X

HATTON ( Joseph, Journalist, b. 1837) :

Christopher Kenrick 72iJ Stranger than Fiction 728J

Clytie lOoiX Tallants of Barton ic8oX

^/^Gentleman's Mag.,v. 10 73 oJ Three Recruits and the Girls

Cruel London icvtfX they Left Behind them i3i6X

Gay World 3 3 23X Valley of Poppies 727!

John Needham's Double... 23o8X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Hatty and Nellie, a Story of Two Marriages, by Mrs. Carey Brock.. 53 iX

Haunted Hearts, by J. P. Simpson [Time Magazine, v. 7] I497J

Haunted Jungle, a Legend of North Ceylon [Living Age, v. 169] ... 3I99J

Haunted Marsh, by George Sand [Madame Dudevant] 2726X

Haunted Tower, by Mrs. Henry Wood 2323X

Haute Noblesse, by George Manvillc Fenn [Good Words, v. 30] ... 2200]

Haven under the Hill, by Mary Linskill [Good Words, v. 27] 2197.!

HAVERS (Miss Dora). See Gift (Theo).

Haworths, by Frances Hodgson Burnett [Macmillan's Mag., v. 38]. 968!

See also Scribner's Monthly, v. 17, 1867.7.

HAWTHORNE (Julian, Son of Nathaniel Hawthorne, b. 1846) :

Archibald Malmaison II29X The following short tales also by

Dust, anovel [Gent's. Mag.] 748J |tf^r5S5ftiS52E

Ellice Quentm I64IX Case of my Friend Hrowne, V.

Garth '933X 44, 1624]. Picturesque Trans-

A Iso Harper's Monthly, v. 51 1631] formation, v. 46, 1626]. Star

Love or a Name 3267X ?nd Candle, v. 44, i6 24 J. Why

Pearl-Shell Necklace 73 8J ^j^Why

Sebastian Strome :8o2j v. 53, 1623).



HAWTHORNE (Nathaniel, American Poet, b. 1804, d. 1864) :

Blithedale Romance 1322 & 2889X

Doctor Grimshawe's Se-
cret 24I4X

House of the Seven Gables

1319 & 2898X

Legends of the Province

House 2893X

Mosses from an Old Manse

2601, 2895 & 2909X

New Adam and Eve 2896X

Our Old Home 2897X

Pauline [Cornhill Magazine] 324J
Scarlet Letter.... 1320,^ 2604 & 289iX
Septimus, a Romance of Im-
mortality [St. Paul's Mag.] nyoF

Snow Image 2893X

Tanglewood Tales 289oX

Transformation 131 8X

Twice Told Tales

1320, 2602 & 2892X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.
HAY (Mary Cecil, Popular Novelist, rc.) :

Nora's Love Test I I45X

Squire's Legacy 22O3X

Victor and Vanquished
Wicked Girl

HAYCRAFT (Mrs. Margaret Scott, Serial Writer, fry.) :

A Queen of Marriage 255} j Sweet will be the Flower ... 255}

HAYNES (D. F.), Romance of the Castle 228iX

HAYWARD (Ben), All Else of no Avail 2O2;X

HAYWARD (W. Stephens, Romancist, &c.) :

Black Flag I2I5X

Tom Holt's Log I2I4X

Woman in Red 1 1 52X

John Hazel's Vengeance... I226X

Three Red Men I233X

Hazard of the Die, by Mrs. Alfred W. Hunt

HAZLITT (W.), Ed., Romancist and Novelists' Library :

Vol. 2. Guy Rivers, the Outlaw, by Simms. The Fatal Whisper, by
Gait. Howard Pinckney, by Thomas. Imagination, by Cooper.
Undine, by Tracy. Paul, the Spanish Sharper, by Stevens.
The Sad Bird of the Adriatic, by Tuckerman. Haddad-Ben-
Ahab, by Gait 22 8oX

Vol. 3. Andrew Winpenny, Count de Deux Sous, by Author of "Job
Oxford." Woman's Revenge, by Weber. The Charmed Scarf,
by Morton. The Criminal, from the German of Frederick
Schiller. Bertrand de la Croix, by James. The Caliph's Ad-
venture, by a popular Author. Edric, the Forester, by Mrs.
Ker. Romeo and Juliet, from the Italian of Matteo Bandello.
Edward Morgan, by the Author of the " Old Town Pump."
The Wrecker, a Tale of the Sixteenth Century. The Romance
of the Castle, by Haines. Andrea Vivano 228iX

Vol. 4. Carleton, or Duty and Patriotism, by Willis. Raymond and
Agnes, by Lewis. Zadig, or the Book of Fate, from the French
of Voltaire. The Three Kearneys, by Picken. The Unguarded
Hour. The Farmer of Inglewood Forest, by Helme. The
Cheaterie Packman, by Ritchie. Eisenbach, by Picken. The
Mysterious Guest, by Cranky. The Bridal of Borthwick, by
Moir. The Book of Life, by Gait. The Painter, by Gait 2282X

He Knew he was Right, by Anthony Trollope 771 and IU7X

He that will not when he May, by Mrs. Oliphant [Macmillan, v. 41].. 97 ij

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