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See also Living Age, v. 143, 3iy3j.

He would be a Gentleman, or Treasure Trove, by Samuel Lover 2686X

HEAD (Sir F. B., Soldier and Essayist, b. 1793, d. 1874), Emigrant. 26o5X
Head, of the Family, by Miss Muloch [Mrs. Dinah M. Craik] 2768X



Head Station [Bush Life, Australia, &c.], by Mrs. Campbell Praed... 3I2;X
Headsman, The, or the Abbaye des Vignerons, by James Feniir.ore

Cooper 309, 321, 2552, 2Q03X

Heal ey [Phases of Lancashire Life], by Jessie Fothergill &94^

HEARNE (M. A.). See Farningham (Marianne).

Heart of Erin, an Irish Story of To-day, by Miss O. Blackburne ... !56oX

Heart of Midlothian [Porteous Riots, 1736], by Sir Walter Scott

8 99> 947, 986 and IOO2X, also 1030-3%

Hearts, by David Christie Murray I659X

Hearts of Gold, a Tale of Normandy [Family Friend, 1862] 7!9R

Hearts-Ease [Sunday at Home, v. 34] 2884J

Hearts-Ease in the Family, by Worboise [Mrs. Guyton] I i83X

Heartsease, or the Brother's Wife, by Charlotte Mary Yonge 2228X

Heathcotes, or the Wept of Wish-ton- Wish, byJ.,F. Cooper 2542 & 2Q32X

Heather and Harebell, by Mrs. Emma Marshall i;22X

HECTOR (Mrs. Annie). See Alexander (Mrs.).

Hector O'Halloran, by William Hamilton Maxwell i7i;X

Hector Servadac [Astronomical Romance], by Jules Verne lonX

Hedged in, a Religious Tale, by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps i6i4X

Heidelberg, by G. P. R. James [30 Years' War, Germany] 690 and
Heidenmaur, or the Benedictines, a Legend of the Rhine, by James

Fenimore Cooper 286, 321, 329 and

Heir of Kilfinnan, a Tale of the Shore and Ocean, by Kingston 298oX

Heir of Linne, by Robert Buchanan 3<x>2X

Heir of Redclyffe, by Charlotte Mary Yonge 2I94X

Heir of Sandford Towers, a Story of Conflict [Quiver, v. 29] 3 2 99j

Heir of West Wayland, by Mary Howitt 26o8X

Heir Presumptive, by Florence Marryat [now Mrs. F. Lean] 3252X

Heiress of Bruges [Netherlands' struggle with Spain], by Grattan. 259OX

Heiress of Cheevely Dale, by Mrs. Prosser [Leisure Hour, v. 1 6] ... 2626J

Heiress of Dedlow Marsh, by Bret Harte 3I74X

Heirs of Errington, by Emma J. Worboise [Mrs. E. Guyton] nggX

Held in Bondage, or Granville de Vigne, a Tale of the Day, by Ouida

[Mademoiselle Louise de la Rame] ,.856 and 86iX

HELDMANN (B., Jersey Author], Mutiny on Board the ship

Leander 193, 337 and 338X

Helen, a Moral Tale, by Maria Edge worth 651 and 2545X

Helen Charteris, by Mrs. Ward 2759 and 2888X

Helen Mordaunt, or the Standard of Life, by Mrs. J. B. Webb I&39X

Helen Quatermaine, or For Conscience' Sake [Quiver, v. 20] 3290!

Helena, Lady Ilarrogate, by John B. Plarvvood [Chambers', v. 55]... I955J
Helena's Household, a Tale of Rome in the First Century [Paul,

Luke, Nero, &c.], by Mrs. Charles 2D48X

Helene, by Mrs. Arthur Kennard I93IX

Helen's Diary, by Mrs. Emma Marshall I725X

Helen's Escape, by H. F. Abell [Chambers' Journal, v. 65] I965J

HELME (Elizabeth), Farmer of Inglewood Forest 2282X

HELMORE (M. C.), A Little Western Flower 28oiX

Helon of Alexandria, a Jewish Tale of the Days of the Maccabees

[Sunday at Home, v. 30] 2S8oJ

HELPS (Sir A. 5 Essayist, b. 1817, d.- 1875), Realmah [Macmillan] 947}

HEMYNG- (Bracebridge), Called to the Bar 229QX



Hendricks the Hunter, or the Border Farm, Tale of Zululand, by

W. H. G. Kingston . x . 2g8iX

Henrietta Temple, by The Earl of Beaconsfield 134 and 2565X

Henry de Pomeroy, or the Eve of St. John, a Legend of Cornwall

and Devon, alsoThe White Rose, by Mrs. Bray 1224 and 252oX

Henry Masterton, or the Adventures of a Young Cavalier, by G. P.

R. James [Commonwealth, Worcester Fight, 1651].... 685 and 265 iX

Henry of Guise, or the States of Blois [Massacre of St. Bartholo-
mew, 1572], by George Payne Rainsford James 2662X

Henry Smeaton, a Jacobite Story [Reign of George L, Buccaneers], by
George Payne Rainsford James

HENTY (George Alfred, Journalist and Writer of Military Ad-
venture, b. 1832) :

By Sheer Pluck i68iX

Cornet of Horse IO45X

For Name and Fame i682X

Also Every Boy's Annual . . . 1305!!

Friends though Divided... IO46X

Gabriel Allen, M.P 22O4X

In the Reign of Terror 3372X

Jack Archer ................. 339 & 34oX

Out on the Pampas ........... IO73X

St. George for England ...... i68;X

True to the Old Flag ......... i684X

Winning his Spurs ............. I3MX

W T ith Clive in India ............ I685X

Under Drake's Flag ............ IO74X

Young Colonists ................ iS86X

In Times of Peril IO72X

Her Dearest Foe, by Mrs. Alexander [Mrs. Annie Hector]

See also Temple Bar, v. 44, 1374.7. Living Age, v. 126, 31567.

Her Dignity and Grace, by H. C 22COX

Her Father's Name, by Florence Marryat [now Mrs. F. Lean] I7O4X

Her Friend Laurence, by Frank Lee Benedict !545X

Her Husband's Keeper, by Mrs. Daniel 3 2 53X

Her Lord and Master, by Florence Marryat [now Mrs. F. Lean] I5^7X

Her Neighbours, by J. E. A. Brown [Sunday Magazine, v. 16] 2466!

Her Object in Life, by Isabella Fyvie Mayo [Girls' Own Annual, v. 3] 215531

Her Own Choice, by Ruth Lamb [Girls' Own Annual, v. 5] 2 555j

Her Sailor Love, by Katherine S. Macquoid 3 2 54X

Her Two Millions, by William Westall [Good Words Mag., v. 28]... 2198?

Her Wedding Day, by Marion Harland [Mrs. Terhune] 98iX

Her Week's Amusement, by Mrs. Argles [The Duchess] 3*57X

HERBERT (Henry William, Greek Scholar, b. 1807), Cromwell .... I323X

HERBERT (Lady), Edith [A Tale of the Present Day] 2i8iX

Here and There in the South, by Rebecca H. Davis [Harper's Mag.] 1655!

Hereward the Wake [Saxcns, nth Century], by C. Kingsley 736 and 3O37X

See also Good Words, v. 6, 2iy6J.

HERING (Jeanie, Writer for the Young, &*<:) :

Gold in the Sky [Quiver] 328gJ | Truth will Out [Quiver, v. 16] 3286J

Heritage of Langdale, by Mrs. Alexander [Mrs. Annie Hector] ... 372X

Hermit of Warkworth [Henry Percy, &c.] [Chambers' Miscellany].. 624R

Heroine of Home, by Isa Craig-Knox [Quiver, v. 23] 3 2 93j

Herr Baby, by Mrs. Molesworth 2190 and 3o85X

Herr Paulus, his Rise, his Greatness and his Fall, by W. Besant 3ooiX

Hester Morley's Promise, by Hesba Stretton [Cassell's Mag., v. 7]... 2347J

Hester's Venture, by Margaret Roberts 1743 and 24OOX

HETHERINGTON (William M., Scotch Ecclesiastical Historian},

The Minister's Family I3 2 4X

Hetty, by Henry Kingston [Once a Week, v. 20] 228oJ

[9 2 5l


Hever Court, by R. Arthur Arnold [Once a Week, v. 16] 2276}

HEWLETT (J. T.), Parsons and Widows 2/84X

Hidden Gold, by Frank Barrett [Cassell's Family Magazine, v. 6]... 2355}

Hidden Talent, by M. Nicholson [Christian World Magazine, 1875] 244}
Hide and Seek, or the Mystery of Mary Grice [New Forest, 1647],

by Wilkie Collins 267 and 278X

High. Mills, by Katherine Saunders [Good Words, v. 12] 2182}

High Spirits, Stories written in Them, by James Payn 322OX

High-Ways and By-Ways, or Tales of the Roadside picked up in

the French Provinces by a Walking Gentleman, by Grattan. !3ioX

Highland Widow, by Sir Walter Scott , 929 and 977X

Hilary St, Ives, by William Harrison Ainsworth 92X

Hilda and her Pet [Sunday at Home, v. 33] 2833]

HILDRETH (Richard, American Abolitionist, b. 1807), Ed.,

White Slave, or Memoirs of a Fugitive I3 2 5X

Hill and the Valley, by Harriet Martineau 774-X

Hill Farms [Sunday at Home, v. 23] 2873^

Hillyars and the Burtons, by Charles Kingsley [Macmillan, v. 9]... 939J

Hinchbrook, by J. C. Jeaffreson [Fraser's Magazine, v. 51] 66iJ

HIRST (J. Crowther), Hiram Greg I9O6X

His at Last [Once a Week, v. 29] 228gJ

His Brother's Keeper [Temple Bar Magazine, v. 30] I3oj

His by Right, by Alton Clyde [Mrs. A. Jeffreys] [Quiver, v. 15] 3258J

His Cousin Betty, by Frances Mary Peard IO3X

His Good Sister [Girls' Own Annual, v. 6] 2 556J

His Heritage, by Linda Gardner n6X

His Inheritance, by Adeline Trafton [Scribner's Monthly, v. 14] i864j

His Last Stake, by Shirley Smith 1909 and 2O25X

His Little Cousin [Ravenna, &c.], by Emma Maria Pearson i78oX

His Little Mother, by Miss Muloch [Mrs. Dinah M. Craik] i56oX

His Little Serene Highness, by F. Renter [Living Age, v. 116] 3H6J

His Next of Kin, by Emma Jane Worboise [Mrs. E. Guyton] H72X

His Only Enemy, by Mrs. Arnold [Leisure Hour, v. 26] 2636!

His Own Executor [Chambers' Journal, v. 50] I 95 I Ja

His Secret, by Miss M. E. Braddon [Mrs. John Maxwell] 2324X

His Steadfast Purpose, by Anne Beale [Quiver, v. 22] 3 2 9 2 J

His Uncle and her Grandmother [Blackwood, v. 147] 217]"

History of a Walking Stick in Ten Notches, by R. Le Free 2O79X

History of John Marten, a Sequel to the Life of Henry Milner, by

Mrs. Sherwood I44IX

History of Margaret Catchpole, a Suffolk Girl, by Rev. R. Cobbold !25iX

History of Sir Charles Grandison, by Samuel Richardson 87oX

History of Theophilus and Sophia, by Mrs. Sherwood 1 548Z

Hobgoblin and Demon, by Mrs. De Witt [Every Boy's Annual] I3O6H

Hobson'S Choice, by Button Cook [Once a Week, v. 15] 2275!

HODGKETTS (Professor J. F., Historical Novelist] :

Edric the Norseman [Boys' Own Annual, v. 10] 2960}

Harold, the Boy Earl, a Tale of Old England [Boy's Annual, v. 6] 2956}

Ivan Dobroff, a Russian Story [Boys' Own Annual, v. 7] 2957}

Kormak the Viking, or the Shield-Borne Boy [Boys' Annual, v. 8] 2958}



HOEY (Mrs. Cashel, Serial Writer,
All or Nothing [A. Y. R.] i8oij
Blossoming of an Aloe

[Chambers' J., v. 51]... 1969!
Griffith's Double [A. Y. R.] 1795}

House of Cards [Liv. Age]... 3I28J

Lover's Creed 3325X

Question of Cain [A.Y.R.,46] i8o6J

Stern Chase [All Yr. R., 56] i8i6J

HOFLAND (Mrs.), Young Crusoe, or the Adventures of a Ship-
wrecked Family on a Desolate Island 2855^

Hoity Toity, the Good Little Fellow, by C. Camden 3O62X

Holiday Romance, by Charles Dickens [Household Words, v. 19]... I779J
HOLLAND (J. G. [Timothy Titcomb], American Jotirnalist, b.
1819), M.D. :

Arthur Bonnicastle [S.M.] 1855} Story of Sevenoaks [S. M.] .. 18597

Nicholas Minturn [S. M.]. 1863}

Holly-Tree Inn, by Charles Dickens [Household Words, v. 12) I752J

See also Household Words, v. 12, ijsaj.

Hollywood, by Annie L. Walker 2I77X

Holmby House, a Tale of Old Northamptonshire, by Melville 82 iX

See also Eraser's Magazine, v. 59, 66gJ. Living Age, v. 61, sogij.

HOLMES (Emra), Lady Muriel 2847 and 29ioX

HOLT (Emily S.) :

Behind the Veil 393^ I Stephen Mainwaring's Woo-

It Might have been 3O94X | ing 2O72X

Home, or Life in Sweden, by Fredrika Bremer 588X

Home Again, by George Macclonald 2442X

Home as Found, Sequel to Homeward Bound, by J. F. Cooper 3 1 3^~

Home at Greylock, by Elizabeth Prentiss i62oX

Home Influence, a Tale for Mothers and Daughters, by Grace

Aguilar 1156, 2507 and 28o7X

See also the Sequel, Mother's Recompense, ns/X.

Home Memories, or Echoes of a Mother's Voice, by Mrs. C. Brock... 2C44X

Home Scenes and Heart Studies, by Grace Aguilar JI 59^

Home Stories, or Pleasant Tales, by Miss Sedgwick J554Z

Home Sunshine, or Family Life, by Catherine D. Bell 297 iX

Home Treasury of Old Story Books, ed. by Summerly and Merton... 2863X

Homes Abroad, by Harriet Martineau 777^

Homeward Bound, or the Chase, a Tale of the Sea, by James Feni-

more Cooper 282 292, 316 and 2543X

HOMFRAY (Alfred), Salaratus Spec, a Tale of Golden Gulch 2293;

Honourable Mrs. Vereker, by Mrs. Argles [The Duchess] 3I5&X

HOOD (Thomas, Famous Writer and Humourist, b. 1798, d. 1845) :

Hood's Own, or Laughter Tylney Hall 226iX

from Year to Year 225oX

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

HOOK (Theodore, Journalist, erV., b. 1788, d. 1841) :

Cousin Geoffry * 2 73X

Cousin William, &c 1329X

Danvers, &c I3 2 7X

Doubts and Fears i32gX

Fathers and Sons I274X

Friend of the Family I327X

Gervase Skinner I2 75X

Gilbert Gurney 3382X

Gurney Married I248X


Jack Brag

Marquis 21 66X

Maxwell I27IX

Merton I277X

Parson's Daughter 2i65X

Passion and Principle.. 1326 & I328X

Sutherlands, &c I328X

Widow 2i66X


HOPE (Right Hon. A. J. B. B.) M.P. :

Strictly Tied Up i842X | The Brandreths 2i8oX

HOPE (Ascott R., Writer for Young Persons) :

Adventures of a Boston

Boy among Savages 2953}

All by Himself, a Story of

the Highlands [B.C. A.] 2954}

Book about Boys I279X

Boys' Campaign [B. O. A.] 2952!

Buttons I278X

Emigrant Boy's Story

Parlour Boarder, a School

Sister Mary, a Public School

Story [Boys' O. A., v. n]. 2g6iJ

Stories of the Wild West

[Every Boy's Annual, 1889] I3O8H

Strange Trip Abroad [B.O.] 2959!

Tell Tale, a School Story ... 2955?

Young Rebels lagoX

Youngsters' Yarns [Every

Boy's Annual, 1887] 1306!!

Story [Boys' Ann. , v. 1 1 ] 296 1 J

HOPE (Dora, Writer for Girls'] :

Difficulties of a Young Housekeeper and how she overcame Them 2552}
Margaret Trent, and how she kept House [Girls' Own Ann., v. 3] 2553}
She couldn't Boil a Potato, or the Ignorant Housekeeper and

how she acquired Knowledge [Girls' Own Annual, v. 8] 2 55<3J

HOPE (Lady E. R.), Maiden's Work [Coffee Rooms] 2O39X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

HOPE (F. T. L.), Three Homes [Quiver, v. 16] 3286!

HOPE (Mark), Prodigal Daughter i646X

Hope Leslie [Puritans in America, Indians, c.,], by Miss Sedgwick I44OX

Hopes and Fears, by Charlotte Mary Yonge i893X

See also Living Age, v. 64, 30947.

HOPKINS (Arabella M.), Life's Fitful Fever [Cassell's Mag., v. 13] 23625

HOPKINS (John Baker, Serial Writer, &c.) :

By the Waters of Babylon I496J I Making the Worst of it
Glimmer's Fortune 2286} | [Gent. 's Mag., v. 10, N.S.] 73oJ

HOPKINS (Tighe, Serial Writer, &c.) :

Phayre Phenton, Side Scenes of the Garibaldian Revolution [L. H.] 2646)
'Twixt Love and Duty [Leisure Hour, v. 34] 2644!

HOPKINSON (Arabella, Serial Writer, cSrY.) :

Sweet Christabel[Cassell's] 2360} j Woman's Strength [Cassell's] 2364)

HOPPUS (Mary A. M. [Mrs. Alfred Marks]):

Locket, a Tale of Old

Story of Carnival 6i6X

Guernsey 33&2X

Horace McLean, a Story of a Search in Strange Places [Cassell's]... 2355!

Horace Saltoun [Cornhill,v. 3.] 283J

See also Living Age, v. 69, 30997.

HORNBOOK (Adam [Thomas Cooper]), Family Feud I33OX

Hornby Mills and Other Stories, by Henry Kingsley I4O4X

HORNER ( I u^eph A. ), Edgar Akeroyd , a Yorkshire Tale 26o7X

HORNIBROOK (Emma E., Serial Writer, &><:.) :

Borne Back, a Tale [Q.]... 3294}
Lost Bar [Christian World] 258]"

Marvellous in Our Eyes,

a Story of Providence ... 3296J

Hostages to Fortune, by Miss Braddon [Mrs. John Maxwell] 181 and 252X

HOUSE (E. H.), Yone Santo [Atlantic Monthly, v. 61] I55ij

House by the Works, by Edward Garrett [Sunday Magazine, v. 14]... 2464!
House Divided against Itself, by Mrs. Oliphant [Chambers' Journal] 1962)
See also Living Age, v. 164, 31947.

[ 9 28]


House of Bondage, by Emma Jane Worboise [Mrs. E. Guyton] ......

See also Christian World, 1872, 241],

House of Cards, by Mrs. Cashel Hoey [Living Age, v. 98] ............ 3 r 2S[

House of De Valdez, by Browne [Leisure Hour, v. 19] ............... 2629")

House of Halliwell, by Mrs. Henry Wood [Argosy, v. 49] ............ 49j

House of the Seven Gables, by Nathaniel Hawthorne .................. 2898X

House of the Wolf, by Stanley T. Weyman [English Illustrated, v. 61 1996!

Barbara's Warning ......... 2 1 97X | Lost in the Crowd ............ I962X

How it all came Round, by L. T. Meade [Sunday Magazine, v, 12]... 2469}

How Molly made both ends meet, by Phillis Browne [Cassell's, v. 9] 23581

How the Home was Won Back, a Story for Mothers, by Reaney ...... 2433^

How they Loved Him, by Fl-orence Marryat [now Mrs. F. Lean] ......

How two Boys served King George [Every Boys' Annual, 1888] ...... I3O7H

How Vickerscroft was Redeemed [Cassell's Family Magazine, v. 6J... 2355J

How we Girls Earned our Living [Cassell's Family Magazine, v. 13] 2363 f
HOWARD (Lady Constance, Society Novelist, &<:.) :

Mated with a Clown ...... 32/2X I Sweetheart and Wife ......... I292X

Mollie Darling ............... 2295X |

Howard Pickney, by F. W. Thomas [Romancist and Novelists' Lib.] 228oX
HOWELLS (William D., American Writer, b. 1837) :

Annie Kilburn [Harper]... 1657} Minister's Charge ............ 2293X

April Hopes [Harper, V. 74] l654j i Also Century Magazine, v. 9 i88ij

. Chance Acquaintance ...... I293 X Modern Instance ............... I3 T 3 X

Counterfeit Presentiment.. I2Q6X ! ~ A J SO , C , ent ^ y M ?s azine > v - * > 8 73J
Doctor Breen's Practice ... 33 7 3 X gut of the Question 1302 and 3 2O 9 X

Fearful Responsibility ...... I2 9 ;X I Rise of Silas Lapham ......... 2 43 iX

-T. r-s , * AT I Also Century Magazine, v. 7. . 1870!

Foregone Conclusion ....... i 3 oiX ; Their Wedding Journey.... ..

Indian Summer ............. 2 43 oX Undiscovered Country

.:. 133$


lso Century Magazine, v. 3
N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.
HOWITT (Mary, Poet, &<:., 1821-1869):

Author's Daughter [L. A.] 3036] I Wood Leighton 2609, 291 rX & I539Z
Heir of West Wayland ..... 2608) | Citizen of "Prague, trans. ... I333X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.
HOWITT (William, Quaker Poet, &>c., b. 1795, <?> i8?9) :

Johnny Darbyshire ......... 225oX I Tallangetta, the Squatter's

Renounced Treasure ...... 225oX | Home ........................ I344X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.
HOWITT (W. and Mary), Stories of English and Foreign Life ....... 2475X

Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer's Comrade, Adventures of, by

Mark Twain [Samuel L. Clemens] ................................ I499X

Hudson Bay, Everyday Life in the Wilds of North America, by R.

M. Ballantyne ........................................................... 2493X

HUGHES (Thomas, b. 1823), M.P.

Tom Brown at Oxford ... I339X

Also Macmillan's Mag., v. i . . 93I J ^ Sequel>

HUGO (Victor. Celebrated French Poet, b. 1802, d. 1873) :

Tom Brown's Schooldays ... I34OX

By the King's Command.. 2I35X

Also Gentleman's Mag., v. 2 7 2 2j

Les Miserables 2I32X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.
41 [929]

Ninety Three i688X

Notre Dame 647X

Toilers of the Sea 1342, 1346 & I347X


Huguenot, The, a Tale of the French Protestants, by G. P. R. James 2632X

Huguenot Family in the English Village, by Sarah Tytler. 2O55X

See also Sunday Magazine, v. 3, 24537.

HULL AH (M. E.), Celia and her Legacy [Girls' Own Ann., v. 5] 25557

Humbling of the Memblings, by Walter Besant 782X

Humphry Clinker [Methodists, iSthCent.], by T. Smollett 1061 and io64X

Hunchback of Notre Dame [Old Paris, ijth Century], by V. Hugo 647X

Hundredth Man, by Frank R. Stockton [Century Magazine, v. 11] 1883]
HTJNGERFORD (Margaret [The Duchess]). See Argles (Mrs. M.)

HUNT (Mrs. Alfred W.), Hazard of the Die i65iX

HUNT (Beatrice L.), Child Ruth [Quiver, v. 17] 3287!

Hunted Down and other Pieces, by Charles Dickens 35X

Hunter's Feast, or Conversations around the Camp Fire, by Reid ... 2722X

Hunting Sketches, by Anthony Trollope H34X

Hurlock Chase, by George E. Sargent [Leisure Hour, v. 13] 26237

Hurricane Hurry, or the Adventures of a Naval Officer Afloat and

on Shore [American War, 1775-84], by W. H. G. Kingston.. 2Q82X

Husband and Wife, by Edward Garrett [Sunday Magazine, v. 17]... 2474!

Husbands and Wives, by Emma J. Worboise [Mrs. E. Guyton] ... 2I58X

Hussar, The [Peninsular War, &c.], by Rev. George Robert. Gleig. I474X
HUTCHINSON (Rev. J. R.), Back to Life, a Tale of the Jungle

[Boys' Own Annual, v. 10] 2960]

Hypatia, or New Foes with an Old Face [Egypt, 5th Century], by

Charles Kingsley 733^

See also Eraser's Magazine, v. 45, 655.7.

JL HAVE Lived and Loved, by Mrs. Forrester ........................... 3255X

I Promised Father [Girls' Own Annual, v. 2] ................................ 2 552j

I Say No, by Wilkie Collins ...................................................... 3QO5X

Ice Desert [Voyages of Captain Hatteras], by Jules Verne ..... 1847 &

Ida Conway, byj. M. C. [Fraser's Magazine, v. 45] ..................... 655J

Idalia, a Romance, by Ouida [Mademoiselle Louise de la Rame] ..... I579X

Idiot of Dixmuyde, by William H. G. Kingston [Quiver, v. 17] ...... 3287J

Idonea, by Anne Beale [Leisure Hour, v. 29] ............................. 2639J

Ilderim the Afghan, a Tale of the Indian Border, by David Ker

[Boys' Own Annual, v. 8] ............................................. 2 958J

Ill-Omened Marriage, by Lord Lytton ....................................

Ill-Used Boy, or Lawrence Hartley's Grievances, by Mrs. Eiloart

[Boys' Own Annual, v. 4] ............................................

Illustrated Penny Readings, by Various Authors ........................ 2247X

Image of his P'ather, a Tale of a Young Monkey, by Bros. Mayhew.. I382X

Imagination, by J. F. Cooper [Romancist and Novelists' Lib.] ..... 228oX

Impending Sword, by Edmund Yates ..................................... I5I5X

Impressions of Theophrastus Such, by George Eliot .................. 438X

Improvisatoire, or Life in Italy, by Hans Christian Andersen ...... i2ioX

In a Glass Darkly [about Vampires, and other Mysteries], by J.

Sheridan Le Fanu ...................................................... 2423X

In a Minor Key ..................................................................... 1 654X

In a Winter City, by Ouida [Mademoiselle Louise de la Rame] ....... l58iX



In all Shades, by Grant Allen [Chambers' Journal, v. 63] 1963!

In another Man's Garden, by Elizabeth Rolls [Chris. World Mag., 1888] 258)

In Bad Hands, and Other Tales, by Frederick W. Robinson 2I24X

InCheviot's Glens, a Scottish Tale, by Jane T. Stoddart 236^

In Danger's Way, by T. St. E. Hake [Chambers' Journal, v. 65] I965J

In Duty Bound, by Isa Craig-Knox [Quiver, v. 13] 3283J

In Far Lochaber, by William Black [Harper's Monthly Mag., v. 76]. i656J

In Her own Right [Quiver, v. 31] 33 OI J

In His own Hand, by Mrs. G. Linnaeus Banks 3256X

In Honour Bound, by Charles Gibbon [Cassell's Magazine, v. 9] 2349!

In Luck at Last, Julia, Uncle Jack, &c., by Walter Besant 784X

Sec also All the Year Round, v. 55, iSisJ.

In Maremma, by Ouicla [Mademoiselle Louise de la Rame] 2884X

In my Indian Garden [Fairy Tales, Natural History, &c.], by Phil

Robinson 1 42gX

In New Granada, or Heroes and Patriots, by W. H. G. Kingston...! 60, 2983X

In Peril of his Life, by Emile Gaboriau 2224X

In Prison and Out, by Hesba Stretton [H. Smith] [Sun. Mag., v. 15] 2465!

In Silk Attire, by William Black 568X

In Spite of Himself, by Amelia E. Barr 3 J 43^

In the Carquinez Woods, by Bret Harte [Longman's Magazine, v. 2]. 892]

In the Clouds, by Charles Egbert Craddock [Atlantic Monthly, v. 57] I547J
In the Days of Mozart, the Story of a Young Musician, by Lily

Watson [Girls' Own Annual, v. 8] 2558J

In the Days of the Great Armada, by Crona Temple [Sun. at H., v. 35] 2885J
In the Desert, a Story of France before the Revolution, by Miss

Alcock [Sunday at Home, v. 21] 287 ij

In the Fort, a Short Tale, by Sarah Tytler [Sunday Magazine, v. 12]. 2462}

In the Golden Days, by Edna Lyall [Mrs. A. E. Bayley] 2I47X

In the Middle Watch [Sea Tales and Sketches], by W. Clark Russell 3225X
In the Reign of Terror, the Adventures of a Westminster Boy

[French Revolution, 1793], by George Alfred Henty 3372X

In the Rocky Mountains, a Tale of Adventure, by W. H. G. Kingston
In the Shadow of God, a Story of the Eighteenth Century, by

Louisa Alcock [Sunday Magazine, v. 12]

In the Spring-time, by I. Henderson-Browne 1 643X

In the Track of the Troops [Russo-Turco War], by Ballantyne

In the Wilds of Africa, a Tale for Boys, by W. H. G. Kingston

In the Wilds of Florida, Tale of Warfare and Hunting, by Kingston... 2g86X

In Times of Peril, a Tale of India [The Mutiny], by G. A. Henty ... IO72X

In Trust, the Story of a Lady and her Lover, by Mrs. Oliphant

[Fraser's Magazine, v. 103] 7I3J

See also Living Age, v. 150, 3i8oJ.

In Vanity and Vexation, by Anne Beale [Quiver, v. 24] 3 2 94T

In War Time [American Rebellion], by S. Weir Mitchell [All., v. 53] 1543)

Incidents Ashore and Afloat [Leisure Hour, v. 12] 2622J

Incognito fa Tale of Kingston, Wimbledon, &c.], by Henry Creswell 625X

Indian Chief, a Tale of the Desert, by Gustave Aimard , 86X

Indian Nabob [Leisure Hour, v. 7] , 261 7j

Indian Summer [a Tale of Florence, &c.], by William D. HowelLs 243oX

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