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Bonaparte, 101-4, io6and I07-8F, 865-6, 867-10, 1290 and 13560, 1056-7(3,
260, 261, 262, 875-6 and looi-oZ. Napoleon (Prince), 644 F. Napoleon
III., no-iF, 8710. Nathaniel, I52K. Nebuchadnezzar, T5iK. NefF
(F.), 8720. Nehemiah, isiK. Nelson (Lord) 632-30, 4I5-6F, 1362-30,
ios8Q, 264-sZ. Newton (Sir T.), 4T7F, IO54Q, i68and 266Z. Newton
(R.), D.D., 8730. Nicodemus, i 52 K. Nicoll(R.), 336Q. Nightingale
(Florence), 11520. Noah,i 5 iK. North (C.), 4 i8F. O'Connell (D.),
13760. Oglethorpe(General), 8760. Onesimus, I52K. Opie(J.), 5 9 7F.
Orsi (Count), 8 7 80. Owen (R. D.), i 3 6 7 O. Palissy (B.), 99 6Q.

Pallas (P. S.), 66iQ. Palmer (E. H.), 8 92 O. Palmerston (Lord),
12400. Palmerston (L. C.), 13750. Panizzi (Sir A.), 4i 9 -2oF.
Parnell (T.), D.D., 3487. Parr (Dr. S.), 6soR. ^Pascall, u 79 O.

Patteson (J. C.), 8o 4 - 5 O. Patti (A.), 13710. Pattison (M.), 8 9 6O.
Paul, i 5 2K. Paul (St.), 356 and 3 8 9 A, 2 68M. Payson(K), D.D.,
8 97 O. Peabody (G.), 8 9 8O. Peel (Sir R.), 4 2iF, 899 and 12410.

Penn (W.), 422-sF, 900 and goiO. Pennant (T.), 6soQ. Penne-
father (W.), 4 2 5 F. Pepys (S.), 902 and 9 o8O, 9o 3 -6R. Peroh (M.
Francois), 668Q. Peter, I52K. Peter the Great, 10740.. Petrarch,
426-7F, n8oO. Peyton (W. M.), 428F. Pfeiffer (Ida), 8710..
Pharaoh, i 5 iK. Phelps (S.), 6i 9 F. Philip, i 52 K. Philip II.,
430-2F. Philip, III., 4 36- 7 F. Philips (A.), 3 79 Z. Philips (John),
34?Z. Pierce (Franklin), 9770., 24iZ. Pindar (Peter), si 9 Z. Pitt
(C.), 37oZ. Pitt (Rt. Hon. W.), 44o"-2F, 913-5 and 12420. Pizaro,
9i6O. Pliny (Caius), 443- 4 F, 652Q, Plutarch, 445 F. Poe (E. A.),
728 and 72 9 M, 925-60. Pollock (Sir F.), 1359-600. Pomfret (J. >,
332Z. Pontius Pilale, I52K. Pope (A.), 10790, 35 sZ. Portsmouth
(Duchess of), 6 43 F. Pounds (J.), 93 oO. Pradt (Ah>b6 de), 6 44 F.
Prentiss (Elizabeth), 93 iO. Prescott (W. H.), 577 D. Prior (M.),
13460, 3 28Z. Punshon (W. M.), 6nF, 93 6O. Purcell, i22oO.
Pycroft (J.), 598-gF. Quinet, 46 9 F. Rabelais, n8iO. Rachel,
11380. Racine and Corneille (H.), n86O. Raffles (SirT. S.), 6siQ.
Raikes (R.), 94 8Q. Raleigh (A.), 937 O. Raleigh (Sir W.), 938 and
12040,9350.. Raynard(Mrs.), 11520. Raphael, nc6O. Rapp(GenU,
iosF. Ray (J.), 676Q. Reed (A.), 11480. Rembrandt, 11070. Re"-
musat (Madame de), 221 and O44F, 6o 9 O. Renan (E.), 13040. Rerebby
(Sir J.), 47pF. Reubens (P. P.), 950 and no 9 O. Reynolds (Sir J.),
np8O. Richard I., io6 9 Q and 1509-100. Richardson (S.), I275R.
Richmond (L.), 473F. Robertson (F. W.), 948-9 and 13380. Robinson
(T.), 26i-2A. Rochester (John, Earl of), 228 and 32sZ. Roland
(Madame), 11310. Romilly (Sir S.), 297-81". Rornney, 11030.
[6 4 ]


BIOGRAPHY Works of '.(continued.']


Rondelet (W.), 796Q. Rosa (Salvator), 476-7F. Roscommon (Earl of),
324Z. (Dante Gabriel), 4/8F, 12670. Rossini, 12190. Rousseau,
11820. Rowe(NA 34oZ. Ruskin(J.), 873H, 827R. Russell (William,
Lord), gsiO. Saint Simon, 11830. Salt(SirT.), 953 and ii 49 O.
Salviani(H.), 6780.. Samuel, isiK. Sand (George), 479-8iF, 11320.
Satan, isiK. Saul, isiK. Saumarez (Lord de), 224-5^. Savage
(R-)> 375^- Schamyl (Circassian, Sultan and Warrior), 12J3R,
6 34 Z. Scheffer (Ary), 4 8 2 F. Schiller (F.), 954, 1189 and 12840.
Schomburgh (R. H.), 682Q. Schopenhauer (A., 9550. Schubert,
12180. Schumann (R.), 12270. Scott (Sir G. G.), 484F. Scott
(T.), 4 8 5 F. Scott (Sir W.), 486-9 and io8oO. Segur (Count), 492- 4 F.
Selwyn (G.), ia 7 6R. Semmes (Capt.), 2 3 iD. Senior (N. W.), 612-30.
SeVigne" (Madame De), 226-7F, 11870. Shadrach, Meshach and
Abednego, isiK. Shaftesbury (First Earl of), i2o.sO. Shaftesbury
(Third Earl of), 12320. Shaftesbury (Seventh Earl of), 6o4-6F and
13430. Shakespeare, 495 and 496 F. Sharpe (S.), 9590. Shelley (P.
B.), 960 and io8iO. Shenstone (W.), 38^. Sheridan (Rt. Hon. R.
B.), 497-8F, I078H, 1084, 1085 and logoR, 299 and 3oo-iT. Sherlock
(Bishop), 23-4(3. Sherman (Genl.), 2920. Sibbold (Sir R.), 6440..
Sidney (Sir P.), logiR. Sieveking (A. W), 9610. Sister Dora,
13730. Sloane (Sir H.), 666Q. Smellie (W.), 6 45 Q. Smith (Ed-
mund), 3477. Smith (S.), 5O3F. Smith (T. A.), scnF. Smollett
(T.), 9640, 1051 and io63X. Solomon, isiK. Somerville(M.), 9660.
Somerville (W.), ^Z. Southey (R.), 969-74 and 10820. Spenser
(E.), 4130, 10830, 292Z. Spinoza (B. De), 595!*, 9760, io8oQ.
Spurgeon (C. H.), so8F, 13420. Spurgeon (Mrs.), 13010. St. Al bans
( Duchess oO, 607-8 F. Stael (Madame De), 6io-iO. Scandish( Miles),
9770. Stanhope (Lady H.), 978-800. Stanley (A. P.), gSiO. Stanley
(E. and C.), 9 8 2 O. Steele(Sir R.), sog-ioF, iao6O. Stein (H. F. C.),
5ii-3F. Stephen, I52K. Stephenson (G.), 5i4F. Stephenson (G.
and R.), 11500. Stephenson (R.\ 5I5-6F. Sterne (L.\ 10840,
i6sT. Stockmar (Baron), 985-60. Stonnor (C.), 9870. Story (J.),
579-8oD. Strafford (Earl of), 553, 555-6F and 2841?. Sumner (C.),
5i8-gF. Sumner (C. R.), D.D., 9880. Swammerdam (J.), 6710,.
Swedenborg, i86-7A. Swift (Dean), 5870, 522F, 10850, uo6R,
I275R, 333Z. Tait (C.), 9930. Tasso (1\), 994-5 and n8 4 O, 5 i6Z.
Taylor (Bayard), 997-80. Taylor (H.), 52 5 -6F. Taylor (Jeremy),
ii24H. Taylor (J. S.), M.A., 1125!!. Taylor (Col. M.), 9960.
Teignmouth (Lord), 52 7 -8F. Telford, 8 39 O. Tennyson (A. ), 8 73 H.
Teresa (St.), 999 O. Thackeray (W. M.), io86O. Thirl wall (Bishop),
53oF. Thomson (J.), 34iQ, 37 7 Z. Thoreau(H. D.), 10020, io3gQ.
Tickell(T.), 352Z. Tintoretto, inoO. Titian, 53I-2F, miO. Toc-
ueville(A. De), 612-30. Todd (J.), 533 F. Tone (T. W.), 273 Z.
Treffry (R.), 10050. Trench (Mrs.), 536F. Trevithick (R.), 53 7 F.

queville(A. De), 612-30. Todd (J.), 533 F.
Treffry (R.), 10050. Trench (Mrs.), 536F.

Trollope (A.), 31 iT, ioo6- 7 O. Trumbull (J.), 538F. Tucker (A.),
62oH. Tupper(M. F.), 542F. Turenne ( Marshal), 1029 and 12470,
I273R. Turner (J. M. W.), 1008, 1119, and usiO. Tussaud
(Madame), 264F. Ulfeldt (Leonora Christiana), i88F. Vambry
(A.), lonO. Vandeleur (Major A.), 10130. Vanderbilts(The), 13410.
Van Dyck, ni2O. Vemet (H.), in^F. Vicars (Capt. H.), 10140.
Vico, I078Q. Victor Emmanuel II., 1017-80. Victoria (Queen),
2250, 13450. Vinci (Leonardo Da), I075M, no6O. Virgil, ngiH..
Voltaire, 54gF, 1023 and i igoO. Wagner(R.), 12170. Walker(J.),
646Q. Waller (E. ), 3oi-2Z. Washington (General), 274^. Water-
ton (C.), sSo-iQ. Watson (R.), 2 oM. Watt (J.), 97 iO. Watteau
(A.), iu 5 0. Watts (Dr. T.), 55 oF, 344 Z. Weber (C. M.), 12160.
Webster (D.), 620-1 B. Webster (N.), io 4 iQ, 3 ioT. Wellington
(Duke of), 55^ and 552-3F, 1029 and 14090, 970 and 972(3, 1273 R..
Werner (A. G.), 6 72 Q. Wesley (J.), 559-61 and 5 6 2 F, 6i 7 H, 5 i6M,
1031 and 12830, 276Z. Wesley (Susanna), 10130.. Wesley's Mother
12970. West(B.), 5 6 4 F. Whatley (R.), 565-6 F. Whewell (W.),
56 7 F. White (H. K.), 5 68- 7 oF. Whiteneld(G.),5 72 - 3 F. Wiclif(J.),
574-5F. Wilberforce (S.), 576-8F. Wilberforce (W.), 1036, 1037
and io 3 8O. Wilkie (Sir D.), m 4 O. William I., i 39 iO. Wil-
liam III., 13980. William IV., 10260. William (Emperor of
Germany), 14030. Williams (J. ), 379^- Williams (k.), D.D., 10390..



BIOGRAPHY Works of -.(continued.}


Willoughby (F.), 6 4 8Q. Wilson (A.), 6 47 Q. Wilson (J. Christopher
North), 418 and 580 F and 8750. Witt (J. De), 6oo-iF. Wolseley
(General Lord), 10420. Wolfe (Genl. J.), s8iF. Wolff (J.),. D.D.,

5 6o-iK. Wolsey (Cardinal), 1395 and 2 8 3 T. Wren (Sir C.),
58sF. Wright (Chauncey), 10510. Wycliffe (J. De), 1747. Yates
(E.), s86- 7 F. York (Duke of), 588F. Young (E.), LL.D., 37 iZ.

Zimmerman(J. G.), II42H. Zimzendorf(Count), 10530. Zschokke
(H.), 59iF. Su&lement.VaKter (Right Hon. W. E.), 652^.
Henry II., 13920. Lytton (Lord) 658-9*". Quekett (W.), 6siF.
BIOLOGY (See also Botany, Life, Zoology, 6v.).

Study of, &c., by Huxley [Humboldt Library], illustrated. 1882 78oF

Sec also Dawson's Life's Dawn, i6oR. Doherty's Organic Philosophy,

568H. Foster's Embryology, 828M. Phillip's Life on the Earth, i6iR.
Wilson's Evolution, 2 7 R, and Studies, 43R, &c.
Bion and Moschus, 7 ram. by Fawkes [Fam. Clas. Lib.]. 1832... II37Q

(Greek Poet, 280 B.C.). See Peter's Poetry of Greece and Rome, 4740.

BIRD, The Works relating 1 to : (See also Ornithology, Natural

History, Zoology, Names, e.g.. Eagle, Canary, 6-V., aho

under Countries and Travels).

Bird Architecture, by Rennie. 1844 717?,

illustrated. 1844 7I7Z

Bird-Catchers. [Buckland's Curiosities] 597Q

Bird of Passage, or Flying Glimpses of Many Lands. 1849 65oK

Bird- Stuffing* [Housman's Museum] 92R

See also Taxidermy.

Birds, Architecture of [Lib. Ent. Know.]. 1831 483T

- British, by Yarrell, illustrated, 3 vols. 1856 7o6-8F

in their Haunts, by Johns. 1876 777F

Cage, by Bechstein. 1881 59R

Eggs and Nests, British, by Atkinson, illustrated. 1867 6i6Q

British, by Jennings, colored illustrations 613 and 6i4Q

Faculties of (Lib. Ent. Know.). 1835 484T

Familiar History of, by Stanley, illustrated. 1865

Foreign Caged Birds, Parrots, Parrakeets, Cockatoos, &c. , by

Geclney, illustrated 57R

Habits of, by J. Rennie. 1833 533T

in the Museum of the Hon. East India Company [Catalogue],

by Horsfield and Moore, 2 vols. 1854-8 7O9-ioF

Journal of a Naturalist 787F

Humming, by Adams i^R

Natural History of, by Jardine, colored ill. 2 vols in I ... 6i7Q

Natural History of, for Young Persons, by Smith, 2 vols in I. 71 iZ

Nesting [All Year Round] i8o7j

Our Summer Migrants, by Harting, illustrated. 1877 5^R

The Poets', by Robinson [A List of Birds mentioned in

Poems with References and Notes]. 1883 737M

Wild Flowers and Insects of the Months, by Adams 56 iQ

fuj w^yi^. juuv,ivi<-y ^ Awiit n iXtiA^c, J-^yxx. v^ds^cil S JTilbLUIlc.S, I2O2i~l.

Cooper's Rural Hours, 3iR. Colquhoun's South China, 54I-2K.
Cooke's Woodlands, 622Q. Dall's Alaska, 6026. JDarwin's Origin
of Species, 22R. Du Chaillu's Africa, 591 K. Duncan's Sea Shore,
627Q. Fraser's Seaside Naturalist, sgoQ. Gill's China and Burmah,
5I2-3K. Half Hours in the Deep, s66Q. Hartwig's, The Sea and
its Living Wonders, 757F. Hemans' Poems, vol 5, sigQ. Ingersoll's



BIRD, The Works relating to : (continued.}

American Natural History, 582(3. Jardine's Naturalists' Library
[Library vols 1-14], 1884, 644-57(3 ; [Supp. vol],_ 1884, 68 4 Q. Jesse's
Gleanings, 579(3. Jones' Credulities, go2.M. Lindsay's Mind in the
Lower Animals, ju-iaF. Maling's Handbook for Ladies, 493T.
Morris' Naturalist, 114-210. Nares' Polar Sea, 6j2-^K.. Napier's
Lakes and Rivers, 623(3. National Miscellany, lo^jH. Proctor's
Nature Studies [Birds with Teeth], 44?R. Seasons of the Year, 569(3.
Taylor's Mountain and Moor, 625(3. Tiny Workers, 724Z. Twining's
Symbols, sojM. Valentine's Girl's Own Book [Song Birds], nSjR.
Wood's Lane and Field, 624(3. Wood's Strange Dwellings, s6R, &c.

Bird (G.), Elements of Natural Philosophy, Study of the Physical

Sciences. 1839 459R

Bird (I. L.), A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains, ill. 1879-80 I598R

Six Months among the Palm Groves, Coral Reefs and Volcanoes

of the Sandwich Islands (The Hawaiian Archipelago), ill. 1876 i65oR
The Englishwoman in America. 1856 i6i4R

The Golden Chersonese and the Way Thither, ill. 1883 I488R

Unbeaten Tracks in Japan, illustrated, 2 vols. 1881 533-4-K

Birdwood (G. C. M.), C.S.I., Industrial Arts of India, ill. 1880 ... 9iiD
Birkbeck (G.), The Pioneer of Popular Education, by Godard. 1884 5160

See also Martineau's Thirty Years' Peace, 4496.

Birkenliead and its Docks [Land we Live in] 4646

Birks (T. R.), M.A., Exodus of Israel, its Difficulties Examined and

its Truth Confirmed, with a Reply to Recent Objections. 1864 233M
Birmingham, Historical and Descriptive Sketch of, illustrated. 1830 788K

See also Alison's Europe, 139-400. Granville's Spas, 352]^., &c.

Riots [Popular Tumults] I238Z

Birrell (A.), Obeiter Dicta [Literary Essays], 2 vols. 1884-7 151-iTa

Carlyle, Browning's Poetry, Truth Hunting, Actors, Falstaff, &c., isiT.
Milton, Pope, Johnson, Burke, Lamb, Emerson, Worn out Types,
Book-Buying, &c.

Births. See Malthus' Population, iog^F, &c.

Bishop (Sir H. R., b. 1780, d. 1855). See Tytler's Musical Composers 86oO, &c.
Bishop (]. L.), M.D., American Manufactures from 1608 to 1860,

2 vols. 1864 888-qD

BISHOPS and Clergy. (See also Clergy, Church, Ecclesiastics, &c.)

by Bullock [with Portraits] 12910

Deans, Our, by Arnold, 2 vols. 1875 879-100

See also Brodie's British Empire, 2I2-3H. Burn's History of Parish Regis-

ters, 536H. Freeman's Norman Conquest, 201-5 H. Froude's England,
192-2030. Gibbon's Roman Empire, 75-6^. Green's Conquest of Eng-
land, i87H. Green's English People, 189-92^ Milman's Early Chris-
tianity, 155-6(3. Stoughton's Religion in England, 92-7 M, &c.
Bismarck-Schonhausen (Otto Count Von, Prussian Statesman,
b. 1815), Our Chancellor, by Busch, translated by Kingston,

2 VOls. 1884..... 88I-2O

See also Adam's Great Names, 6820. Cassell's Franco-German War, 456-7 B.

Hayward's Statesmen, 248F. Vasili's Berlin Society, I222R, &c.
Bismuth. See Simonin's Mines, 632^, &c.

Bison. See Ingersoll's American Natural History, 582(3. Buffalo, c.
Bisset (A.), History of the Struggle for Parliamentary Government

in England, 2 vols. 1877 215-6!!

Bitter Cry of Outcast London 55iM

Black Cap, The. Sec Jardine's Naturalists' Library, 656(3, &c.

Black Forest, its People and Legends, by Seguin I354R

See also The Argosy, 337. Green's German Pictures, 333B, &c.

Black Hawk, the Great Indian Chief, His Life and Adventures. 1857 6990
Black Hills [America], by Dodge, illustrated. 1876 i6i6R



Black Lead. See Beckmann's Inventions, 6q8Q.

Black Sea. Set Marvin's Petroleum Region, Geography, &c., 8osK.

Black (A.) [Curwen's Booksellers] 52oO

Tourist's Guide to Derbyshire, its Towns, Watering Places, Dales

and Mansions, edited by Jewitt, illustrated. 1865 6o8Z

-Devonshire. 1865 6o8F

Black (C. B.), Touraine with Normandy and Brittany, illustrated ... 833(3
Black (Clementina). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Black (T- S.), Brougham's Philosophers 597R

Black (W.), Goldsmith [English Men of Letters]. 1878 10700

and Livingstonia Qapp's Missionaries] 770O

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Blackbird, The. See Woods, Lane and Field, 624(3.

Blackburn (H.), Art in the Mountains, the Story of the Passion

Play, ill., and an Appendix of Information for Travellers. 1880 9030

Breton Folk, an Artistic Tour in Brittany, ill. by Caldecott. 1880 599B

The Pyrenees, a Description of Summer Life at French Watering

Places, illustrated. 1881 3380

Blackburn (T.). See Dana's Household Book of Poetry, 4760, &c.

Blackurne (E. O.), Illustrious Irishwomen, 2 vols in i. 1877 32iF

See also Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Blackford (Mrs.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.
Blackie (J. S., Scotch Scholar, b. 1809), F.R.S.E., Altavona, Fact

and Fiction, from my Life in the Highlands. 1882 J 357R

On Self-Culture, Intellectual, Physical and Moral. 1874 66gT

Wisdom of Goethe. 1883 22iZ

Blackie (W. G., b. 1820), D.D., Leaders in Modern Philanthropy

[R.T.S.] 7620

Howard, Wilberforce, Fry, Chalmers, Livingstone, Sturge, Salt, Moore,
Grellet, Reed, Macaulay, &c.

Blacklock (A.), Treatise on Sheep, with the best means for their

Improvement, General Management, &c., illustrated. 1841 744Z
Blackmore (R. D.). See Fiction Class List following the General Catalogue.

Blackpool. [Granville's Spas, &c.] 35 iK

Blackstone (Sir W., English Jurist, b. 1723, d. 1780), Commen-
taries on the Laws of England, 4 vols. 1811 252-50

Blackwood (W., b. 1776, d. 1834) [Curwen's Booksellers] 5200

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, from vol I, 1817 {The works of
fiction contained in this Magazine will also be found under
their proper headings in Fiction Class List at the end of the
Catalogue. See also Poolers Index, Reference Library, for many
subjects treated of in this Magazine. Vols. I to 54 belong to the
Reference Library set] :

Vol. i, 1817. Bonaparte at St. Helena. Cobbett. Craniolosy. Scottish
Gipsies. Lithography. Greek Tragedy.
Animal Magnetism. Oath of Bread and Salt, &c.

Lithography. Greek Tragedy. Witchcraft. Pirates.

Vol. 2, 1817-18. Bothwell. Early English Dramatists. Noticesof the Acted
Drama in London. Letters on Shakespeare. Kraken and Great
Sea Serpent, &c.

Vol. 3, 1818. Brewster's Kaleidoscope. Popular Superstitions in Wales.
Jeffrey and Hazlitt. Lake Poets. Fox and Pitt. Letter from
Nell Gwyn. Curious Clubs in London, &c.

Vol. 4, 1818-10. American Sea Serpent. Breakwaters. Burns and the
Ettrick Shepherd. Velocipedes. Expedition to the North Pole.
Greece. Red Snow, &c.

Vol. 5, 1819. English Manners. Catholic Legends. Fly- Fishing. Ma-
hometan Sermon. Northern Memoirs. John Gilpin and Mazeppa.
Human Beauty, c.



JBlackwood's Edinburgh Magazine : (continued.}

Vol. 6, 1819-20. Military Errors of the Duke of Wellington. Robert Bruce.
Arctic Land Expedition. Wit and Humour. Physiognomy.
Scotchman in London, c.

Vol. 7, 1820. Chantrey. Song Writing. Fly-Fishing in Northumberland.

Jeremy Collier and the Opponents of the Drama. Eloquence, &c.

Vol. 8, 1820-21. Critics and Criticism. State of Ireland. Trial of Queen

Caroline. James Barry, Painter. On the Lives of Actors.

Steamboat Voyages and Travels of Thomas Duffle, &c.

Vol. 9, 1821. Caroline Matilda, Queen of Denmark. Vulgar Prejudices
against Literature. Mary, Queen of Scots. Captain Parry's
Voyage. Leg of Mutton School of Poetry. Character of Seamen.

Voyages and Travels of Columbus, Secundus, &c.
Vol. 10, 1821. Fifaena. Cranioscopy. Craniology. Phrenology, &c.

Man-of-War's Man. Emigrants' Voyage to Canada. Leg of

Mutton School of Prose, &c.
Vol. ii, 1822. Rousseau. Adventure. Byron. Noctes Ambrosianae, by

Wilson. Calcutta. The Drama. Metaphysics of Music, &c.
Vol. 12, 1822. Greeks and the Greek Cause. Italian Art of Hoaxing. Auto-
biography of Timothy Tell. Rossini. Roman Wall, &c.
Vol. 13, 1823. Dante and his Times. Scotch Character. Visit to the

Shakers. French Poets of the Present Day. Time's Whispering

Gallery, &c.

Vol. 14, 1823. London Oddities and Outlines. George Cruikshank. Na-
poleon. Parisian Sketches. Bartholomew Fair. Cobbett.

Modern British Dramatists. Miracles. Spain. Wrestliana, &c.
Vol. 15, 1824. South America. Curliana. Visits to the Harem. Wesley.

Henry Alken. Ireland. Holy Alliance. Pompeii. Political

Economist, &c.
Vol. 16, 1824. North America. Joanna Baillie. Edmund Kean. American

Writers. Mansie Wauch, by Moir. Southey and Byron, &c.
Vol. 17, 1825. Burke. Scotch Poets. Diving Bell. Sir Egerton Brydges.

Free Trade. American Mines, &c.
Vol. iS, 1825. Thomas Bewick. Catholic Question. Last Days of Byron.

The Drama. India. Country Curate. Garrick. Essay on

Doubleday's Babington, &c.
Vol. 19, 1826. Birds. Cant in Dramatic Criticism. Ode to a Steamboat,

by Doubleday. Free Trade. Bismarck. Tales of the Wedding.

Central Africa, &c.
Vol. 20, 1826. Sheridan. Inquisition of Spain. Gymnastics. Death of

Murat. Shipping Interest. Greece. Civilization of Africa.

Impressment of Seamen, &c.
Vol. 21, 1827. What will become of Poor Ireland ? Selwyn in Search of a

Daughter. Kant. Persia. Corn Laws. Murder, considered as

one of the Fine Arts, by De Quincy. Subaltern in America.

Steam Navigation. The Navy, &c.
Vol. 22, 1827. Scots' Law of Marriage. Napoleon. Duke of Wellington.

Invasion of India. Cock Fighting. Game Laws. Huskisson

on the Shipping Interest, &c.
Vol. 23, 1828. Battle of Navarino. Decline of the Drama. Whiggism.

Byron and his Contemporaries. Tales of the Wedding. Fuseli.

Gastronomy. Burns. British Colonies. Poor Laws, &c.
Vol. 24, 1828. Usury Laws. Hieroglyphics. Ireland and the Catholic

Question. Shakespeare a Tory, and a Gentleman. Character of

Hamlet. Notes on the United States. Ireland as it is in 1828.

Coronation Oath, &c.
Vol. 25, 1829. Luther. Italy and the Italians. Millennium. Sketches on

the Road in Ireland. Church of Rome. Bosworth Field. Duke

of Wellington and Sir R. Peel. Working of the Currency.

Ireland, &c.
Vol. 26, 1829. Adventure in Ceylon. Superstitions of Italy. Canting

Poetry. British Settlements in Western Africa. Political Eco-
nomy. My Landlady and her Lodgers, by Gait. Law of

Divorce, &c.
Vol. 27, 1830. Education of the People. Colonial Question. Madame de

Genlis. Free Trade. Variations in the Currency. Reform of

the House of Commons. Punishment of Death, &c.
Vol. 28, 1830. Bear-Hunting. Wild-Fowl Shooting. Diary of a late

Physician, by Warren. Supply and Value of the Precious Metals A


Blaekwood's Edinburgh Magazine : (coniimied.}

French Revolution. Sir Frizzle Pumpkin, by White. France
and England. Opening of the Liverpool and Manchester Rail-
road, &c.

Vol. 29, 1831. French Revolution. Local Government of the Metropolis.
Reform. Dr. Parr and his Contemporaries. Fate of the Duke
de Biron. Tom Cringle's Log, by Michael Scott, &c.

Vol. 30, 1831. Ireland and the Reform Bill. Greek Drama. Financial
Reform. Fragments from the History of John Bull. Foreign
Policy of the Whigs. Citizen Kings, &c.

Vol. 31, 1832. House of Orange. Belgian Question. What caused the
Bristol Riots ? Papal Government. Chateaubriand. Review of
Tennyson's Poems by Christopher North. Tory Misrule. Parlia-
mentary Reform and the French Revolution, &c.

Vol. 32, 1832. Fall of the Constitution. Plan for the Abolition of Negro-
Slavery. Upper Canada. Traditions of the Rabbins. Partition
of the Netherlands, &c.

Vol. 33, 1833. Nights at Mess, by White. Portuguese War. Ireland.
Edmund Burke. Tithes. Revolution of Greece. East India
Question. Twaddle on Tweedside. French Revolution, &c.

Vol. 34, 1833. Prussia. British Tropical Colonies. Northern Lighthouses.
Irish Union. Marshall Ney. First Session of the Reformed
Parliament. Spenser. France in 1833, &c.

Vol. 35, 1834. Napoleon in St. Helena. Cruise of the Midge, by Michael
Scott. Trades' Unions. Mirabeau. My Cousin Nicholas, by
Barham, &c.

Vol. 36, 1834. Radical Rump. Mrs. Siddons. Fall of Earl Grey. Spenser.
Old Scottish Parliament. Ireland, c.

Vol. 37, 1835. William Pitt. Fall of the Melbourne Ministry. Prince
Talleyrand. Shakespeare in Germany. Ancient Scottish Poetry- :
Dunbar. Democracy in America, &c.

Vol. 38, 1835. Scandinavian Mythology. Edmund Kean. Anglimania.
Science of Swindling. Shall we Overturn the Peers? Naples
under the Bourbons and Bonaparte. O'Connell Domination.
Luther, &c.

Vol. 39, 1836. Orange Lodges in Ireland. Troubadours. Extracts from
the Journals of an Alpine Traveller, Stothard. Definitions of
Health. Job Pippins, the Man who couldn't help it. Protes-
tantism in France. Alcibiades the Boy. Foreign Policy and
Foreign Commerce, &c.

Vol. 40, 1836. British School of Painting. Old Manor House. Ethics of
Politics. Alcibiades the Young Man. Cadiz during the Siege.
Historical Painting. State Education in France. The World we
Live in, &c.

Vol. 41, 1837. Lucien Bonaparte and Professor Von Raurner. Democracy.
The Violin. Letter on Population to Lord Brougham, by Double-
day. Spanish Contest. Secrets of History. Picture Gallery:
Tales. Mediaeval Legends and Superstitions, &c.

Vol.42, 1837. Revolt of the Tartars. London and Rome. British Legion.
Circassia. Homer. Guizot. New Zealand. Justice to Ire-
land, &c.

Vol. 43, 1838. Russia. Philosophy of Consciousness. Trades Unions.
Thiers. Political Parallels. Canada and Ireland. Discontent*

of the Working Classes. Modern Greece. Court and Cabinet
Gossip of a New Reign, &c.

Vol. 44, 1838. Casimir Perier. Food of the Herring and Salmon. Reci-
procity and Colonial Systems. New South Wales. Affairs in the
East. Historical Coincidences, c.

Vol. 45, 1839. Ancient Scottish Music. Lamartine. Persia, Afghanistan
and India. _ Dilemmas on the Corn Law Question. Mathews
the Comedian. Secular and Religious Education. Bannister
the Comedian. Scotch Nationality. Raphael. Jrish Oyster
Eater, &c.

Vol. 46, 1839. Hume's Argument against Miracles. Turkey, Egypt, and
the Affairs of the East. Song Writing : Burns, Moore. Chartists
and Universal Suffrage. Cossacks. Grattan. Feigned Mad-
ness of Hamlet. Goethe. Ten Thousand a Year, by Warren.

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