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Lorna Doone [Days of James II., Seventeenth Century], by Richard

Dodridge Ulackmore 482X

Lost Bank Note, by Mrs. Henry Wood 2323X

See also Leisure Hour, v. 12, 26227.

Lost Bar, by Mrs. Emma E. Hornibrook [Christian World Magazine] 258J
Lost Chamois Hunter, a Tale of the Matterhorn [Every Boy's Annual] 1303!^

Lost for Love, by Miss M. E. Braddon [Mrs. Maxwell] 191 & I99X

Lost in the Crowd, or Better Broke than Kept, by Mrs. Houstoun ... I9&2X

Lost in the Post, and other Tales, by Mrs. Henry Wood 281 iX

Lost in the Valley [All the Year Round, v. 59] i8i9j

Lost in the Winning [Quiver, v. 18] 3288J

Lost Name, by J. Sheridan Le Fanu [Temple Bar, v. 20] J 35oJ

Lost Sir Massingberd, by James Payn [Chambers' Journal, v. 41] ... I947J

Lost Son, and the Glover's Daughter, by Mary Linskill 2O36X

1 Sec also Leisure Hour, v. 34, 26447.

Lothair, by the Earl of Beaconsfleld 125, 136 and I37X

LOTHROP (Amy [A. B. Warner], American Writer] :

Dollars and Cents I5O7X | Speculations 2674X

Lotta Schmidt and other Stories, by Anthony Trollope 1108 and H23X



Lottery, The, by Maria Edgeworth 2444\"

Lottie Lonsdale, by Emma Jane Worboise [Mrs. E. Guyton] i8;3X

Lough Dearg Pilgrim [Irish Priests, &c.j, by William Carleton I 2 39X

Louisa, by Katherine S. Macquoid 3i6sX

Louisa Pallant, a short Story, by Henry James [Harper, v. 76] 1656}

Louise de la Valliere, by M. J. Mclntosh 269iX

Louisiana, by Frances H. Burnett [Scribner's Monthly, v. 19] 1869!.

Love and Discipline, or Two Ways of Teaching [Family Friend, 1863] 72iR

Love and Duty, by Mrs. Anne Marsh 2682X

Love and Life, by Charlotte Mary Yonge 2I78X

Love, by Lady Charlotte Bury 2262X

Love Dream of Gatty Fenning, by Sarah Doudney [Quiver, v. 32] 3302 J,

Love for Life, a New England Story, by Walworth [Family Friend] 723!^

Love, Honour and Obey, by Iza Dufius Hardy 3266X

Love Match, by Hon. Mrs. Maberly 2694 and 2Q2iX

Love Me for Ever, by Robert Buchanan 2o86X

Love me little, Love me long, by Charles Reade 2IO3X

Love, or a Name, by Julian Hawthorne 3267X

Love the Avenger, by Baroness Blaze De Bury [Once a Week, v, 19] 2279];

Love the Debt [Cornhill Magazine, v. 43] 323^

Love's a Tyrant, by Annie Thomas [Time Magazine, v. 1 6] I5o6f

Love's Crosses, by Fanny E. Millett Notley 2260 and 3268X

Love's Empire i6g2\

Loves of an Apothecary, by Greenwood ... 2794X

Love's Young Dream, by Fanny E. Millett Notley 3^6g\

LOVELL (Edward), Owl's Nest in the City [St. Paul's Mag., v. 13]. 1173!^

Lovell the Widower, by William M. Thackeray 1085 and logSX

See also Cornhill Magazine, v. i, 28iJ. Harper's Magazine, v. 20, i6ooj.

Lovels of Arden, by Miss M. E. Braddon [Mrs. J. Maxwell] i7iX

LOVER (Samuel, Irish Poet, <SrY., />. 1797, d. i!

Handy Andy I373X

He Would be a Gentle-
man . 2686X

Legends and Stories of Ire-
land I422X

Rory O'More 2oO5X

Lover upon Trial, and A Voice, by Lady Lyons 2788X

Lover's Conscience, by P. Deming [Atlantic Monthly, v. 62] I 5S 2 1

Lover's Creed, by Mrs. Cashel Hoey 3325X

LOW (Lieut. C. R., Naval Writer) :

Autobiography of a Man o' War's Bell [Boys' Annual, 1874] *3O4H

Captain of the Maintop, &c. [Boys' Annual, 1869] I3O3H

Further Adventures of Joshua Hawspipe [Boys' Annual, 1869] ... 1303!!
N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Loyalty George, by Mrs. Parr [Temple Bar Magazine, v. 80] I4ioj

LiUCius Davorcn, or Publicans and Sinners, by Miss M. E. Braddon. I75X
Luck is everything, or the Adventures of Brian O'Linn, by W. H.

Maxwell I7I9X

Luck of Ladysmede [Blackwood's Magazine, v. 85] I55J

See also Living Age, v. 62, 3092 J.

Luck of the Darrells, by Jams Payn [Good Words, v. 26] 2196?

Lucky Peer, by Hans C. Andersen [Scribner's Monthly, v. i] 1851)

liucretia, or the Children of Night, by Lord Lytton 208 and

LUCY (Henry W.), Gideon Fleyce 506 and





Lucy Hardinge, or Allies Wall ing ford, Second Series of Afloat and

Ashore, by James Fenimore Cooper

Luttrell, of Arran, an Irish Tale, by Charles Lever , 752X

LYALL (Edna [Miss A. E. Bayly], Writer on Secularism, erV.) :

Novelist 3H2X

In the Golden Days 2I47X

Knight Errant 2434 & 3O3OX

We Two 2144 & 2437X

Won by Waiting 2145 & 2464X

Derrick Vaughan,

Also Murray, v. 5 I4&5J

Donovan 2143, 2146, 2462 2463^

Hardy Norseman 3ioiX

Also Good Words, v. 30 22ooJ

Lyndon of High Cliffe, an Old Soldier's Love-Story, by C. Despard

[Cassell's Family Magazine, vol. Ii]

LYNN (Miss E.). See Linton (Mrs. E. Lynn).
LYONS (Augusta Louisa, Lady, Novelist, &c.) :

Lover upon Trial, c. ... 27S8X | Olivia I3&4X

LYSTER (A. ), Faithful, the Story of Daisy May 2332X

LYTTON (Edward Bulwer, Lord, Celebrated Author, Statesman and
Dramatist, erY., b. 1803, d. 1873) :

Alice [sequel of Ernest Mal-

traversj...202, 243, 249 & 254X
Calderon the Courtier ... 222X

Caxtons 216, 244, 245 246X

A Iso Blackwood, v. 63 I33J

Coming Race I4I8X

Devereux 207, 242 & 26S7X

Disowned 213, 239 & 24iX

Elizabeth Sirani [.Cornhill] 283;
Ernest Maltravers

202, 243, 249 & 255X

Eugene Aram 2c6X

Eva, Pilgrims of the Rhine,

111- Omened Marriage ... 25oX

Falkland and Zicci 142 1 X

Godolphin 218 & 237X

Harold 209, 236 & 238X

Kenelm Chillingly 25 iX

Last Days of Pompeii 211 & 256X

Last of the Barons 219 & 235X

Last Words [Cornhill v. 2] 282}
Leila, or the Siege of Granada 222X

Lucretia 208 & 24oX

My Novel 204, 231 & 233X

A ho Blackwood, v. 68 1 38J

Harper, v. i iS^iJ

Living Age, v. 27 357.r

Night and Morning 22oX

Parisi ans 224X

A Iso Blackwood, v. 112

Living Age, v. 1 16 31

Paul Clifford 212 & 22*

Pausanias, the Spartan

Pelham 2ioX

Pilgrims of the Rhine 217, 248,

Rienzi 215, 223 and

Strange Story 2I4X

Also All the Year Round, v. 5. . I765J
What will He do with It?... 2OoX

Zanoni 221 & 2688X

The following short tale also by this
author will be found in Har-
per's New Monthly Magazine,
Haunted and Haunters, i6o2j.
N. B. See also the General
Catalogue for this author.


M or N, " Similia Similibus Curantur," by G. J. W. Melville ..........

Mabel Grey's Workbox, by Anna Depe [Christian World Magazine]
Mabel Vaughan [American Story of Joy and Affliction], by Miss

Cummins .................................................................. 231 8X

.Mabel's Progress, by Anthony Trollope [All the Year Round, v. 17] I777J

MABERLY (Hon. Mrs.), Love Match ........................... 2694 and 292iX





MCCARTHY (Justin, Irish Historian and Novelist, b. 1830), M.P. :

Comet of a Season 1439^

Also Gentleman's Magazine. 7467

Dear Lady Disdain I443X

Also Gentleman's Mag., 14.. 734]

Donna Quixote I444X

Maid of Athens I482X

Miss Misanthrope [G. M.] 738;

My Enemy's Daughter ... i48iX

Also Harper's Mag., v. 38.. i6i8J

Roland Oliver 3333^

The following short tales also
by this author will be found
in Harper's New Monthly
Magazine : Along the Wires,

i62oj. Caught by an Heiress,
i623j. Character Mask, 16307.
Daughter of Music, 1623 J. Diana
Polville's Prisoner, 16177. II
Bacio, 1625.7. Little Brown Fist,
i62ij. Little Sensation Drama,
16287. New Judgment of Paris,
1620} . Nobler Love, 16237.
Only a Woman's Hair, i62oj. Re-
vealed in a Song, i62oj. Secretary
with a Secret, 16177. Too Clever
by Half, 16197. Tread of Invisible
Feet, 16237. Widow's Mite, 16257.
N.B. See also the General
Catalogue for this Author.



3044 X

MCCARTHY (Justin), M.P., and PRAED (Mrs. C.), The Right
Honourable, a Romance of Society and Politics

MCCARTHY (J. H.. son ofalove), Doom, an Atlantic Episode

MACAULAY (James, Editor of Leisure Hour, &>c., b. 1817) :

Stirring Stories of Peace and War by Sea and Land

Wonderful Stories of Daring Enterprise and Adventure

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

McCLINTOCK (Letitia), March of Loyalty

Macdermots of Ballycloran, by Anthony Trollope

MACDERMOTT (Hugh F.). See Pax.

MACDONALD (George, Scotch Poet, frv., b. 1825), LL.D. :

Adela Cathcart I538X i Princess and the Goblin... . 2o8oX





Alec Forbes of Howglen.. I484X
Annals of a Quiet Neigh-

Also Sunday Magazine, v. 2.

Castle Warlock

Cross Purposes 18797

David Elginbrod.... I485X

Donal Grant 1 544X

Elect Lady [Sun. M., 17]. 2474J

Guild Court I5O4X

Also Good Words, v. 8 .... 21787

Home Again 2442X

Malcolm !5i6X

Marquis of Lossie !52oX

Also Living Age, v. 131 .... 31617

Mary Marston I53OX

Paul Faber 2o8iX

Portent 2113X6!: 18777

Princess and Curdie 2I93X

Ranald Bannerman's Boy-

Robert Falconer

A Iso Argosy, v. 3

St. George and St. Michael.

Seaboard Parish

Also Sunday Magazine, v. 4. .

Sir Gibbie

Also Living Age, v. 139

Stephen Archer

Thomas Wingfold, Curate...

Vicar's Daughter

Also Sunday Magazine, v. i

Weighed and Wanting

What's Mine's Mine

Wilfred Cumbermede

A Iso Living Age, v. 107

Saint Paul's Mag., v. 7.

203 3\"


Scribner, v. i . .

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.
MACDONELL (Agnes), Edward Turner, Carpenter and Builder....

MACEWEN (Constance), " Gin a Body Meet a Body "

MACFARLANE (C.) Romance of History [Italy] [Chandos Classic]



53 2X





244 1 X
I 53 6X




McINTOSH (Maria J., Writer for Young Persons} :

Charms and Counter

Charms 2692 & 2Q24X

Juvenile Tales for all Seasons
Louise de la Valliere

Grace and Isabel 26QOX

Mackarel Will, the Young Fish Dealer, by George E. Sargent 2949X

MACKARNESS (Mrs. H. S., Domestic Writer, &c] :

Ray of Light to Brighten Cottage Homes I4IIZ

Trap to Catch a Sunbeam and A Merry Christmas 2&56X

MACKAY (Charles, Scotch Journalist, l>. 1814), LL.D., Longbeard,

or the Revolt of the Saxons [i2th Century] 2695 and 2922X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

McLEAN (Sally Pratt), Cape Cod Folks 2O32X

MACLEOD (Norman, Scotch Writer, b. 1812, d. 1872), D.D. :

Old Lieutenant and his Son [Good Words, v. 2] 2172!

Reminiscences of a Highland Parish [Good Words, v. 4] 2174)

Starling, The 2O3iX

See also Good Words, v. 8, 2178]. Living Age, v. 93, 3' 2 3J-
N.E.See also General Catalogue for this Author.

MacLeod of Dare, by William Black

, v. 19,
Living Age, v. 136, 3166}.

by W

See also Good Words, v. 19, 21897. Harper's Magazine, v. 56, 16367.

MACQUOID (Katherine S., Serial Writer,

By the Sea I546X

Doris Baragh[G.W.,v. 18] 2i88J

Also Living Age, v. 135 3 l6 5~J

Faithful Lover !7oiX

Fifine [Macmillan, v. 22] 952)

Forgotten by the World... I549X

Her Sailor Love 3254X

Kitty [Macmillan, v. 23] 953!

Louisa 3^5^

My Story 1959^

Patty [Living Age, v. no]... 3140!

Also Macmillan, v. 23 9537

Story of Yves [Macmillan] .. 972}
N.E.See also the General
Catalogue for this Author.

Mad Willoughbys, and other Tales, by Mrs. E. Lynn Linton 3214^

Madam, by Mrs. Oliphant 3o86X

See also Longman's Magazine, v. 3, 8937.

Madame de Fleury, by Maria Edgeworth 2454X

Madame Delphine and other Tales, by George W. Cable 2428X

Madame Therese [French Revolution, 1792], by Erckmann Chatrian 873X

See also Living Age, v. 99, 31297.

Madcap Violet, by William Black !95oX

See also Macinillan's Magazine, v. 33, 9637.

Madea Man of [Sunday at Home, v. 31] 288 ij

Made or Marred, by Jessie Fothergill 32o6X

Madeleine [Sunday at Home, v. 30] 288oJ

Mademoiselle De Mersac [Cornhill Magazine, v. 39] 319!

Mademoiselle Panache, by Maria Edgeworth [Sequel to 2368X].... 243&X

Madman and the Pirate, by R. M. Ballantyne I2OX

Madonna Mary, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant 2877X

See also Living Age, v. 88, 31187.

Maggie's Watch [Quiver, v. 31] 33 OI J

Magic of Kindness, or the Wondrous Story of the Good Huan, by

Brothers Mayhew 1 383 and 2967X

Magician, The [Charles VII., France, &c., 1437], by Leitch Ritchie 272gX

Magnum Bonum, or Mother Carey's Brood, by C. M. Yonge 2693X

Magnus and Morna, a Shetland Fairy Tale, by Miss Muloch 1633)





Maid of Athens, by Justin McCarthy

Maid of Honour, by Mrs. Gore 225oX

Maid of Killeena, by William Black 3O53X

Maid of Sker, by R. D. Blackmore [Blackwood's Magazine, v. no] i8oj

See also Living Age, v. in, 3141.!.

Maiden Aunt [Living Age, v. 15] 345j

Maiden May, by W. H. G. Kingston [Leisure Hour, v. 23] 2633]"

Maiden's Work [Coffee Rooms, Religious Meetings] by Lady Hope 2O39X

MAILLARD (Annette Marie, Novelist, &v.) :

Adrien , 2698X j Compulsory Marriage 2697X

Main Chance [Leisure Hour, v. 14] 2.624]

MAITLAND (Margaret). See Oliphant (Mrs.)

Maiwa's Revenge, or the War of the Little Hand, by H. R. Haggard 2473X

See also Harper's Magazine, v. 77, 16577.
MAJENDIE (Lady Margaret) :

On the Scent 3164 & 3376X | Turn of the Tide 337X

Major and Minor, by W. E. Norris 3"5X

See also Good Words, v. 28, 21987. Living Age, v. 172, 32027.

Major Godfrey's Discovery, by Barrett [Cassell's Magazine, v. 7] 2 356J

Major Jones' Courtship, by W. T. Thompson 2O49X

Major Lawrence, F. L.S., by Lawless [Murray's Magazine, v. i] I4^ij

See also Living Age, v. 173, 32037.

Major Monk's Motto, or Look before you Leap, by F. Langbridge .. 2382X
Major's Valediction, in Two Chapters, by D. C. Murray [Time, v. 4] I494J
Making the Worst of It, by John Baker Hopkins [Gent. Mag., v. 10] 739J
MALAN (Rev. A. N., Writer for Boys} :

Buried Treasure, a Story of the Sea-Shore [Boys' Own Annual] 2959J

Cycnotragsedia, a Swan Tragedy [Boys' Own Annual, v. n] 296iJ

Gold Fish, The [Boys' Own Annual, v. 7] 2 957J

Smuggling Adventure [Boys' Own Annual, v. 10] 29<:oJ

Tale of a Red Coat [Boys' Own Annual, v. 8] 2958!

Uncle Towser, a Story for Boys Young and Old [Boy's Own An.] 2962]"

Malcolm, by George Macdonald

See also the Sequel, Marquis of Lossie, i52oX.

MALET (Lucas [Mrs. Harrison], Serial Writer, &c.} :

Colonel Enderby's Wife... 246gX Wages of Sin [Universal

Counsel of Perfection J974X Review, v. 6]

Also Murray's Magazine, v. 3 I463J

MALLOCK (W. H., Political Writer, &*<:.) :

Romance of the Nine- I New Paul and Virginia ...

teenth Century I377X |

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

MALOT (M. Hector), No Relations [Performing Dogs, &c.}

Malvina, by H. Sutherland Edwards [Gentleman's Magazine, v. 5] 725!

Manielon, or the South without the Shadow, by A. W. Tourgee I49OX

Man and Wife, by Wilkie Collins 62iX

See also Cassell's Magazine, v. i, 2341!.

Man at Arms [France, St. Bartholomew, 1 6th Cent.], by G. P. R.James 6S8X

Man Every Inch of Him, by Jackson Wray i876X

Man in a Million, a Tale of the Indian Ocean, by Gordon Stables

[Cassell's Family Magazine, v. 15] 2364]



Man in Possession, by Mrs. Prosser [Leisure Hour, v. 18] 2628J

Man Made of Money, and the Chronicles of Clovernook, by Jerrold 7i8X

Man of Many Friends, by Theodore Hook I328X

Man of the Name of John, by Florence M. King [Cassell's, v. 13].... 2362J

Man-o'-War's Bell, by Lieut. C. R. Low [Every Boy's Annual] 1304!!

Man Wolf, by Erckmann-Chatrian 32O3X

Manchester Man, by Mrs. G. Linnaeus Banks 2378X

See also Cassell's Magazine, v. i, 23507.

Manchester Rebels of the Fated 45, by W. H. Ainsworth 7oX

Manchester Strike, by Harriet Martineau 7?6X

Mandarin's Daughter, a Story of the Chinese Great Rebellion, by

Samuel Mossman [Leisure Hour, v. 23] 2633J

MANDAT-GRANCEY (Baron E. de), Paddy at Home 2373*

MANNING (Anne [Mrs. Rathbone], Historical Novelist} :

The Faire Gospeller !28sX

Town and Forest [L. Age]... 3090!

Village Belles 2792X

N.B. See also the General
Catalogue for this Author.

Chronicles of Ethelfled....
Ladies of Bever Hollow... I354X
Stories from the History

of Italy 2966X

Manoeuvring, &c. [Fashionable Life] by Maria Edgeworth 2449X

Manor House at Milford [Chambers' Journal, v. 51] I 95 2 J

See also Living Age, v. 122, 31527.

Mansfield Park [Society Tale 1 8th Century] by Jane Austen.. 107, U8&25I2X

Manuel, a Spanish Story of To-day [Sunday at Home, v. 33] 2833J

Manufacturers, The, by Maria Edgeworth 2444X

Manuscript Man [Sunday at Home, v. 15] 2865J

MANZONI (Allessandro, Italian Poet, &> f ., l>. 1784, d. 1873), Be-
trothed Lovers 1 378X

See also Christian World Magazine, 1875, 2447.

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

March of Loyalty, by Letitia M 'Clintock ~ 574^

March Violet, by Hon. Mis. Chetwynd I925X

Marcia, by W. E. Norris [Murray's Magazine, v. 7] I4&7J

Marcus Stratford's Charge, or Roy's Temptation, by Green [Sunday

at Home, v. 35] 2885J

Marcus Warland, or the Long Moss Spring [Family Friend, 1852].. 6ggR.

Maretimo, a Tale by Bayle St. John [Chambers' Journal, v. 22] I937J

Margaret [Sunday Magazine, v. i] 2458^

Margaret and Elizabeth, by Katherine Saunders[St. Paul's Mag., 12] I I72F

Margaret and her Bridesmaids, by Mrs. Anne Marsh 2^6^X.

Margaret Catchpole, by Richard Cobbold !25iX

Margaret Denzil's History [Cornhill Magazine, v. 8] 288J

Margaret Graham, by George Payne Rainsford James 264GX

Margaret Maitland of Sunnyside, by Mrs. Oliphant 1375 and 2775X

Margaret Percival, by Elizabeth M. Sewell 1034 and 265oX

Margaret Torrington, or the Voyage of Life, by E. J. Worboise H74X

Margaret Trent, and how she kept House, by Dora Hope [G.O.A.] 2553J

Margareta Colburg, a Tale of the Reformation [Sun. at Home, 35] 2885J

Margaret's Secret and its Success, by Mrs. Carey Brock 546X

.Marguerite de Valois, an Historical Romance [Henry of Navarre,

Catherine de Medicis, Huguenots], by Dumas 4O5X

Marian, presumably by Robert B. Brough [Chambers' Journal, v. 50] 195 I la

Marian, or a Young Maid's Fortune, by Mrs. S. C. Hall.... ~





Marine Residence [Chambers' Journal, v. 47] .............................. I95oj

Marjorie Bruce's Lovers, by Mary Patrick ................................. I77&X

Mark Dudley, by M. Nicholson [Christian World Magazine. 1876]... 245!

Mark Seaworth, a Tale of the Indian Ocean, by W. H. G. Kingston 2989^

Mark Thoresby, or the Evangelist among the Indians [S. at H., v. 4] 2854}

Mark Twain's Library of Humour, by Twain .............................. II 5X

Market Harborough, or how Mr. Sawyer went to the Shires, by

G. J. Whyte Melville ................................................... 823X

MABKS (Mrs. Alfred). See Hoppus (M. A. M.).

Mark's Reef, or the Crater, by James F. Cooper ......... 319, 330 and 2535X

Marmaduke Merry, the Midshipman, a Tale of Naval Adventures

in Bygone Days, by William H. G. Kingston ..................... 299OX

Marooned, by W. Clarke Russell [Macmillan, v. 59] ................... 989}

Marquess and the Widow, by Theodore Hook ............................ 2i66X

Marquis of Torchester, or Schoolroom and Playground, by Paul

Blake [Boy's Own Annual, v. 9] .................................... 29597

Marquis of Lossie [Sequel to Malcolm, I5I6X], by G. Macdonald.. I52OX
See also Living Age, v. 131, 3i6iJ.

31 ij


Marriage, by Miss Ferrier 449, 450 and 3iooX

Marriage of Moira Fergus, by William Black [Cornhill Magazine]...

See also Living Age, v. 125, sissJ.

Marriage, or the Bachelor in Search of a Wife [Leisure Hour, v. 4]

Married Beneath Him, by James Payn [Chambers' Journal, v. 41]

Married Life, or the Story of Philip and Edith, by E. J. Worboise.. II76X
Married Well [Chambers' Journal, v. 44] I948ja<

Vlrs. F. Lean], Daughter of Captain

MARRYAT (Florence [now

Marry at} :

Broken Blossom ............ 2O4iX

Crown of Shame ............ 331 8X

Daughter of the Tropics... 2i5iX

Driven to Bay .............. 3245X

Facing the Footlights ...... J 558X

Fighting the Air ............ J 565X

Heir Presumptive ......... 3252X

Her Father's Name ......... 1 7O4X

Her Lord and Master ...... I567X

How they Loved Him ..... 2i8gX

Little Stepson ............... I7O7X

MARRYAT (Frederick, Captain,

1848), R.N. :

Children of the New Forest I552X
Dog Fiend, or Snarleyyovv

795 and 8o2X
Frank Mildmay ............ T 55X

Jacob Faithful.... 799, 808 & 8nX

Japhet in Search of a

Father ............... 793 & SogX

King's Own ............ 798 & 8i3X

Masterman Ready .........

Midshipman Easy ...... 796 &

Naval Officer ...............

Newton Forster, or the
Merchant Service

791, 804, 812 & 2974X
N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.


Master Passion

My Sister the Actress

Nelly Brook

On Circumstantial Evidence.

Peeress and Player

Petronel ,

Root of all Evil

Spiders of Society

2043 X


Too Good for Him ............ i56iX


Woman against Woman ......

Naval Writer, b. 1792, d.



& 8o6X

Outward Bound, or a
chant's Adventures .........

Pacha of Many Tales .........

Percival Keene ............ 794

Peter Simple ........ : ...... 801 & 8ioX

Phantom Ship .................. I553X

Pirate and Three Cutters ..... I555X

Poacher .......................... 79X

Privateer's-Man One Hun-

dred Years Ago ............. 8coX

Rattlin the Reefer ............ 797X

Travels and Adventures of

Monsieur Violet ............. 26ggX

Valerie ............................ 27OOX


Marrying and Giving in Marriage, by Mrs. Molesworth 2288X

See also Longman's Magazine, v. 9, 899.7.

MARSH (Mrs. Anne, Historical Novelist}-.

Adelaide Lindsay 2685X Lattice Arnold 2263 & 26;6X

Admiral's Daughter

Angela i37oX

Aubrey 267 7^

Castle Avon 268iX

Country Vicarage and

Love and Duty 2682X

Deformed I3&7X

Docteur Noir I368X

Emilia Wyndham... 2470 & 2&78X

Limoelan I368X

Love and Duty 2682X

Margaret and her Bridesmaids 2465X
Mount Sorel, or the Heiress

of the De Veres 268oX

Norman's Bridge 2675^

Previsions of Lady Evelyn... 26"jgX

Valley of a Hundred Fires... 2466X

Wilminglons, The 2683X

Father Darcy 2684X

MARSH (John B.) :

Lady Godiva 242 iX | Robin Hood

Marsh Island, by S. O. Jewett [Atlantic Monthly, v. 55] I545J

MARSHALL (Mrs. Emma, Writer of Religions Tales, <&v.) :

Brothers and Sisters 1735^

Dorothy's Daughters I726X

Edward's Wife I722X

Heather and Harebell I723X

Helen's Diary 1 725X

Joanna's Inheritance 1737^

Job Singleton's Heir I726X

Millicent Leigh I728X

Mrs. Willoughby's Octave... I73IX

Now-a-Days I732X

Poppies and Pansies ijzgX.

Violet Douglas I734X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.
MARSHALL (W.), B.A., Strange Chapman, a North of England

Story I70QX

Marstons, The [Eraser's Magazine, v. 74] 684J

MARTELL (Martha), World's Opinion [Family Friend, 1852] 6Q8R

Martha and Mary I93X

Martha the Gypsy, presumably lay Theodore Hook I3 2 7X

Martha's Vineyard, by Frances Browne [Sunday at Home, 27] 2877!

MARTIN (Mrs. Herbert), Amor Vincit 2395^

MARTIN (Rev. R. D'O.), M.A., Gulab Singh, a Story of Peril and

Heroism [Boys' Own Annual, v. n] 296iJ

Martin Beck, or the Story of an Australian Settler, by Alexander

Harris 1 379 and 26ooX

Martin Chuzzlewit, by Charles Dickens 196, 353, 392, 1071 and 2943X

Martin Paz [Peruvian Indians, &c.], by Jules Verne IO2OX

Martin Rattler, or a Boy's Adventures in the Forests of Brazil, by

R. M. Ballantyne -. !2iX

Martin Toutrond, or Adventures of a Frenchman in London, by

James Morier 27I2X

MARTINEAU (Harriet, Educational Writer, b. 1802, d. 1876) :

Anglers of the Dove [Once a Week, v. 7] 2267J

Family History [Once a Week, v. 12] 2272!

Feats on the Fiord, a Tale of Norway I555Z

Hampdens, The [lyth Century] [Once a Week, v. 8] 2268J

Sister Anna's Probation [Time of Henry VIII.] [Liv. Age, v. 73] 3103"!

Son Christopher, an Historiette [Once a Week, v. 9] 2269!!



MARTINEAU (Harriet) continued:

Popular Tales [Illustrative of Political Economy, &c.], 9 vols :

Vol. i. Life in the Wild. Hill and Valley. Brooke and Brooke Farm. . . 774 X

Vol. 2. Demerara. Ella of Garveloch. Weal and Woe in Garveloch. . . . 775X

Vol. 3. A Manchester Strike. Cousin Marshall. Ireland 7?6X.

Vol. 4. Homes Abroad. For Each and for All. French Wines and

Politics 777 X

Vol. 5. Charmed Sea. Berkeley the Banker 77 8X

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