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Princess Napraxine, by Ouida [Mdlle. Louise de la Rame] .......... I582X

Princess of Thule, by William Black [Macmillan's Magazine, v. 27] 957J

Princess Rosetta [Home Treasury of Old Story Books] ............... 2863X

Princess Sarah, by John Strange Winter [Leisure Hour, v. 37] ...... 2^47]

Princess Sunshine and other Stories, by Mrs. J. H. Riddell ......... 333 2 X

PRINSEP (Val), Virgine, a Tale of One Hundred Years Ago [Long-

man's Magazine, Y. 15] .................................. ................ 905}

Priscilla [Story of a Boy's Love], by Clara L. Willmets ................ 2243X

- See also Christian World Magazine, 1879, 2487.

PRITCHARD (H. Baden), Old Charlton ................................. I786X

Private Secretary, by Chesney [Blackwood's Magazine, v. 128] ....... igS]

Privateer's Man, One Hundred Years Ago, by Captain Marryat ... 8ooX

Probation, by Jessie Fothergill ............. ................................... 8g6X

- See also Temple Bar Magazine, v. 55, 13857.

Probation of Dorothy Travers, a Story of Waiting [Cassell's, v. 7] 2356!

Prodigal Daughter, a Story of Female Prison Life, by Mark Hope. I646X

Prodigal Son, by Button Cook [Once a Week, v. 6] ..................... 2266J

- - See also Living Age, v. 73, 31037.

Prodigal's Progress, by Frank Barrett .................................... 553X

Professor, The, by Charlotte Bronte [Currer Bell] ..................... I57X

Proper Pride, by B. M. Croker ................................................ 3O78X

Prophet of the Great Smoky Mountains, by C. E. Craddock [Atlan-

tic Monthly Magazine, v. 55] .......................................... J 545j

PROSSER (Mrs., Serial Writer] :

ClacketsoflnglebrookHall 2629]
Crinkles of Crinklewood

Hall [Leisure Hr. , v. 25] 2635 J

Day after To-morrow 2868J

Days of the Cattle Plague. 2865]"

Gwen Beverly [S. at H. ,28] 2878}

Heiress of Cheevely Dale 2626]

Laura Loft, a Tale of Wo-
man's Rights [Leis. Hr.,22] 2632]
Man in Possession [L. H.,i8] 2628J
Master of Aynhoe [L. H., 20]

Number Twenty-Nine

Under the Mulberry Tree

[Sunday at Home, v. 18].. 2868J

Protestant, The [Days of Queen Mary, i6th Cent.], by Mrs. Bray... 25I7X

Provost, and other Tales, by John Gait I994X

Prudence, by Mrs. John Lillie [Harper's New Monthly Mag., v. 64] i644j

Prudence Winterburn, by Sarah Doudney [Sunday at Home, v. 28] 2878J

Prussian Vase, and other Tales, by Maria Edgeworth 2436X

Public and Private Life of Animals, by J. Thomson 23&JX

Puck, his Vicissitudes, Adventures, Observations, Conclusions, Friend-
ships and Philosophies, by Ouida [Mdlle. Louise de la Rame] 86oX

Puck to the Rescue [Boys' Own Annual, v. 4] 2954.J

Punch's Letters to his Son, Punch's Complete Letter Writer and

Sketches of the English, by Douglas Jerrold 7i6X

Purchase, by F. Liardet [Tales by a Barrister] I358X

Pure Gold, by Mrs. H. L. Cameron 2286X

Puritan and his Daughter, by J. K. Paulding 1410 and 27I5X

PURNELL (T.), Lady Brasilia, a Psychological Romance



Pat to the Proof, by Caroline Fothergill 2409 and i62iX

Put Yourself in His Place, by Charles Reade 3398X

See also Cornhill Magazine, v. 19, 2997.

QUADROON, The, by Captain Mayne Reid I777X

Quatrefoil [a Welsh Tale], by Mary Deane l6o4X

Queechy, by Elizabeth Wetherell [Susan Warner] 2071 and 286iX

Queen Cophetua, by R. E. Francillon [Gentleman's Magazine, v. 24] 744J

Queen Eleanor and Fair Rosamond, by Mrs. Oliphant [Cornhill, 53]. 333)"

Queen Madge [Quiver, v. 16] 3286)

Queen of Hearts, by Wilkie Collins 62oX

Queen of Marriage, by Haycraft [Christian World Magazine] 255J

Queen o' the May, by AnnaBeale [Girl's Own Annual, v. 2] 2 55 2 J

Queen of two Worlds, by Laurence Brooke IS68X

Queen's Cadet, by James Grant : 957^

Queen's Maries, a Romance of Holyrood [Days of Mary, Queen of

Scots, i6th Century], by G. J. W. Melville 837 and 838X

Queen's Necklace, an Historical Romance [French Court, i8th Cen-
tury], by Alexandre Dumas 4i6X

Queer Cards [Once a Week, v. 34] 2294}

Quentin Durward [Days of Louis XL, I5th Century], by Sir Walter

Scott 919, 967Xand IO54-7Z

Quiet Heart, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant [Living Age, v. 41] 3071 J

Quiet Valley, by Agnes Giberne [Sunday at Home, v. 33] 2833!

Question of Cain, by Hoey [All the Year Round, v. 46] i8o6J

QUILLINAN (Edward), Rangers of Connaught 225oX

Quite Alone, by George Augustus Sala [All the Year Round, v. ill. I77ij

Quits, by Baroness Tautphseus 2II2X

RACE for a Wife, by Hawley Smart [Temple Bar Magazine, v. 28] 1358}

Race for Life [Chambers' Journal, v. 49] I 95 1 J

Race for Wealth, by Mrs. J. H. Riddell I796X

See also Once a Week, v. 14, 2274] .

Rachel Mauger, or the Two Courtships and their Sequels, a Guernsey

Story, by Adolphus Collenette [Guernsey Magazine, v. i] ... 238 ij

Rachel Ray, by Anthony Trollope 1103 and H2iX

Radna, or the Great Conspiracy of '81, by Princess Olga 3 2 8$ x

Rainbow Gold, by David Christie Murray [Cornhill Magazine, v. 51] 33iJ

Ralph Draper, or the Blight of Covetousness [Leisure Hour, v. 9].... 2619}

Ralph Ellison's Opportunity, by Leslie Keith [Keith Johnstone] 2885J

Ralph Hardcastle's Will, by Agnes Giberne 335oX

Ralph Raeburn's Trusteeship, by J. B. Harwood [C. F. M., v. 8].... 2357J
Ralph Somerville, or a Midshipman's Adventures in the Pacific

Ocean, by C. H. Eden 2878X





Ralpli the Bailiff, by Miss M. E. Braddon [Mrs. Maxwell]

Ralph the Heir, by Anthony Trollope 772 and III4X

See also St. Paul's Magazine, v. 9, T.i6gF.

Ralph Wilton's Weird, by Mrs. Alexander [Temple Bar, v. 43] 1373!

Rambling Story, by M. C. Clarke [Gentleman's Magazine, v. 12]... 732}
Ran Away to Sea, an Autobiography for Boys, by Capt. Mayne Reid I4I6X

See also the Sequel, Ocean Waifs, I776X.

Ranald Bannerman's Boyhood, by George Macdonald 2O33X

RANDOLPH (Mrs., Novelist, &c.) :

Cyclamen 2O2QX One of "Us" 63iX

Gentianello I78QX Wood Anemone 23O4X

No Love Lost I792X

Random Shots, by Max Adeler [C. H. Clark] 2724X

Rangers of Connaught, by Edward Quillinan 225oX

Ranulph the Red, or the Fen Fiend [i2th Century] I4 J 7 X

Rape of the Gamp, by C. Welsh Mason [Harper's Monthly, v. 49]... 1629}

Rapiers of Regent's Park, by J. C. Jeaffrieson 595 X

Rare Good Luck, byR. E. Francillon [Gentleman's Magazine, v. 17] 737J
RASPE (R. E., Hanoverian Mineralogist, b. 1737,^. 1/94), Original

Travels and Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen ... 24i6X

Rasselas, by Samuel Johnson 2253X

See also Johnson's Works, 993H.

HATHBONE (Mrs.). See Manning (Anne).

Rattlin the Reefer, by Captain Frederick Marryat 797 and 2325X

Ravens and Angels, and other Stories and Parables, by Mrs. Charles 594X
Ravenshoe [Crimean War,'i9th Cent.], by H. Kingsley [M. M. , v. 3] 933J

Ravensnest, or the Redskins, by James Fenimore Cooper 322X

Ray of Light to brighten Cottage Homes, by Mrs. H. S. Mackarness 141 iZ

Raymond, by F. M. F. Skene [Quiver, v. 19] 3289!

Raymond and Agnes, by Monk Lewis [Romancist and Nov. Lib.].. 2282X
Raymond Frezols, a Strange Story of Pluck, Pith and Peradventure,

[about Oil Wells], by A. Laurie [Boys' Own Annual, v. 12]. 2962!

Raymond's Atonement, by Ernst Werner 3286X

Raynham Farm, by M. R. Jarvis [Sunday at Home, v. 36] 2886J

REA (Alice), Beckside Boggle and other Lake Country Stones 2IO2X

READE (Charles, Barrister, &c. t b. 1814, d. 1884), D.C.L. :

Autobiography of a Thief I424X Never too Late to Mend I425X

Christie Johnstone I7&5X Peg Woffington 339 6X

Course of True Love I423X Perilous Secret [T. B., v. 72] I4O2J

Foul Play I767X Put Yourself in His Place ... 339&X

Also Once a Week, v. 18. . . . 22 7 8J Aho Cornhill Magazine, v. 19. . 299!

Good Fight, &c I 4 24X Si leton I420 X

' V-I o& ^ Harper's Mag., v. 45-... ^5J

v"::::::;:: 3399 ^ TT^&M:] **$

Hard Cash 3397X Woman Hater I795 X

A Iso All the Year Round, v. 9 1769! Also Blackwood's Mag., v. 119 i8gj

Jack of all Trades I424X Harper's Mag., v. 53... 1633]

Also Harper's Monthly, v. 16 isg6J N.~B. See also the General

Love me little, Love me Catalogue for this Author.

long 2I03X

READE (Mrs. Compton) :

Sidonie 2292X | Who was then the Gentleman? 3314^



Readings by Starlight, by George Manville Fenn [O. a W., v. 31].. 22giJ

Ready-Money Mortiboy, a Matter-of-Fact Story, by Besant and Rice 88 iX

See also Once a Week, v. 26, 22 86J.

Real Queen, by R. E. Francillon [Time iMagazine, v. 8] I49J

Realmall [Lake Dwellers], by Sir Arthur Helps [Macmillan, v. 17]. 947}

RE ANY (Mrs. G. S., Religions Writer] :

Found at Last, a Tale [Sunday at Home, v. 29] 2879}

How the Home was Won Back 2433X

Willie Wills' Wings [Sunday at Home, v. 35] 2885}

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Reata, What's in a Name? by E. D. Gerard 3287X

Rebecca Rioter, The, a Story of Killarney Life, by E. A. Dillwyn... i6o7X

Rebel of the Family, by E. Lynn Linton [Temple Bar, v. 58] *388J

Receipt, by F. Liardet [Tales by a Barrister] I35 8X

Reclnse of Norway, by Anna M. Porter 27i8X

Recollections of an Equestrian Manager, by Charles W T . Montague I957J

Rector of Oxburg, by J. B. Baynard 1539^

Rector's Home, by Agnes Giberne I677X

Rectory and the Manor, by Mrs. Carey Brock 1227 and 2O88X

Rectory Children, by Mrs. Molesworth

Rectory Guest, by Mrs. Grey

Red as a Rose isShe, by Rhoda Broughton

See also Temple Bar, v. 26, 1356].

Red Cloud, the Solitary Sioux, a Story of the Great Prairie, by

Lieut. -Col. Butler 33iX

Red Court Farm, by Mrs. Henry Wood 15, 1957 and 3O59X

Red Eric, or the Whaler's Last Cruise, by R. M. Ballantyne 279X

Red Fingered Cyril, or the Russian Prince and the Tartar Boy, by

David Ker [Boys' Own Annual, v. 9] 2959J

Red Gauntlet [Jacobite Conspiracies, i8th Century], by Sir Walter

Scott 923 and 97iX and 1096-82

Red Man's Revenge, a Tale of the Red River Flood, by R. M.

Ballantyne , 28oX

See also Boys' Own Annual, v. 2, 29527.

Red Riding Hood, a Novel, by Fanny E. Millett Notley 2188 and 3288X

Red Rivington, by William Westall S92X

Red Rooney, or the Last of the Crew, by R. M. Ballantyne 28iX

Red Rover, by James Fenimore Cooper 283, 310, 318 and 255iX

Red Spider, by'S. Baring Gould 2220 and 36i3X

See also Temple Bar Magazine, v. 79, 14097.

Red Towers, by E. C. Price [All the Year Round, v. 61] i82lj

REDDEN (H. P.), Fern Glen Farm 224OX

Redeemed, by Shirley Smith 556X

Redskins, or Indian and Injin, by James Fenimore Cooper 2g8X

REED (Talbot Baines, Serial Writer for Boys] :

A Dog with a Bad Name [Boys' Own Annual, v. 9] 2959J

Master of the Shell, a Public School Story [Boys' Own An., v. 10] 2960}

My Friend Smith [Boys' Own Annual, v. 5] 2955J

Reginald Cruden, a Tale 6f City Life [Boys' Own Annual, v. 7] 2957}

Sir Ludar, a Story of the Days of the Great Queen Bess [B.O.A.] 2961!

Willoughby Captains, a School Story [Boys' Own Annual, v. 6] 2956}



Refugees of the Black Forest [Leisure Hour, v. 2] 2612]

Regent's Daughter, by Alexandre Dumas t>32X

Regimental Legends, by John Strange Winter [Mrs. Stannard] .... 246oX

Reginald Cruden, a Tale of City Life, by Talbot Baines Reed 2957}

Reginald Hetherege, by Henry Kingsley !4iiX

Reginald Warrender, or Days at Eton, by William H. G. Kingston 1302!!

REID (Captain Mayne, Irish Writer of Tales of Adventure among
the American Indians , at Sea, &<;., b. 1818, d. 1883) :

Boy Slaves iy68X

Boy Tar i77iX

Child Wife 3i3iX

Cliff Climbers 1 773X

Death Shot i;8iX

Desert Home 2II9X

Flag of Distress I7Q8X

Also Chambers' Journal, v. 51 iQ52ja

Forest Exiles I782X

Free Lances .. 3322X

Giraffe Hunters !774X

Hunter's Feast 2722X

Ocean Waifs I776X

Oceola [Chambers, v. 29] ... I94ij

Quadroon 1 777J

Ran Away to Sea i4i6X

Rifle Rangers ... 272iX

Scalp Hunters 2723 & 2926X

The Plant Hunters 34O5X

War Trail I7&5X

Also Chambers' Journal, v. 27 1940 J

White Chief I779X

White Squaw I784X

Wild Huntress r 943j

N.B. 'See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

EID (T. Wemyss), Gladys Fane 642 and 643X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Reigning Favourite, by Annie Thomas 3i68X

RELLSTAB (Louis), Polish Lancer [Napoleon in Russia, 1812] ... 2725X

Remarkable Adventures [All the Year Round, v. 34] I794J

Reminiscences of a Highland Parish, by Norman MacLeod [G. W 7 .] 2I74J
Renounced Treasure, the [from the Swedish of Nicander], by

William Howitt 225<DX

Rent in a Cloud [Germany, Italy, &c.], by Charles Lever 747 and 758X

See also All the Year Round, v. n, i77tj.

Reproach, of Annesley, by Maxwell Gray [Murray's Magazine, v. 4] I464J

Reputed Changeling, by Charlotte Mary Yonge 3 1 52X

Rescued from Egypt [Exodus 1491 B.C.], by A. L. O. E 424X

Restored, by Emily Spender 23i6X

Return of the Native, by Thomas Hardy [Harper's Magazine, v. 56] i636J

Reuben Sachs [Jews in Modern Society, &c.], by Amy Levy 3i2iX

REUTER (Fritz, Serial Writer, 6-V.) :

His Little Serene Highness [Living Age, v. 116] 3M6J

Seed-Time and Harvest, or During my Apprenticeship [L. A.]... 3138^

Revelations of a Commonplace Man [Living Age, v. 32] 3o62j

Reverberator, The, by Henry James [Macmillan, v. 57] 987)

Revolt of Man, by Walter Besant 203 and 2372X

REYBAUD (Madame Charles), Old Convents of Paris 2726X

Reynard the Fox, translated by Thomas Roscoe 2O34X


W- Grace Darling 2256X1 Pickwick Abroad.... 2225X

Rhoda Fleming, by George Meredith 2587X

RHODES (Albert), Monsieur at Home [about the French] 2O9OX

BICE (James;. See Besant (Walter) and Rice (James).

Rich Woman [Quiver, v. 22] 3292J





Richard Cable, the Lightshipman, by S. Baring-Gould [Chambers]

See also Living Age, v. 172, 32027.

RICHARDSON (Mary), Not very Kind [Christian World Mag., 1886]
RICHARDSON (Samuel, Dramatist, 6v.):

Clarissa 8y;X | Sir Charles Grandison

1$.B.- -See also the General Catalogue for this Author.
Richelieu [Manners of the i6th and i;th Century], a Tale of

France, by George Payne Rainsford James

Richer than Wealth

RICHTER (Louise M.), Melita, a Turkish Love Story

RIDDELL (Mrs. J. H., Editor of '" St. James 1 Magazine," 1867) :

Above Suspicion iSoiX | Mystery in Palace Gardens..

Alaric Spenceley 33O2X

Berna Boyle 3I23X

City and Suburb i;88X

Earl's Promise 1 79oX

Far above Rubies 2362X

Joy after Sorrow I79 J X

Life's Assize..., i?93X

Maxwell Drewitt 2i6iX

Mitre Court [T. B., v. 73] 1403]



Nun's Curse ....
Prince of Wales's


Princess Sunshine

Race for Wealth

Also Once a Week, v. 14. ...

Senior Partner

Struggle for Fame

Too Much Alone ..



3 i8 3 X

I7 94 X
i7 9 6X

22 74 J



Riddle of Ivygreen [Once a Week, v. 21]

RIDEING (William H.), Through the Desert Canon, or the

Wildest of the Wild West [Boys' Own Annual, v. 4] 2954}

Rienzi, the Last of the Roman Tribunes [i4th Century], by Lord

Lytton .'...215, 223 &268QX

Rifle Rangers, or Adventures in Southern Mexico, by Capt. M. Reid 272iX

RIG-BY (Elizabeth [Lady Eastlake]), Livonian Tales 2965X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.
Right Honourable, a Romance of Society and Manners, by Justin

McCarthy and Mrs. Campbell Praed 3O33X

Righted Wrong, by Edmund Yates i889X

Ring and Coronet, a Story of Circus Life, by Arena I9O3X

Ring o' Bells, by George R. Sims 3368X

Rip Van Winkle [Irving's Works, v. 5] 657X

Rise of Iskander, by Benjamin Disraeli, Lord Beaconsfield I44X

Rise of Silas Lapham, by William D. Howells

See also Century Magazine, v. 7, 1877.7.

" RITA " ([Mrs. Eliza M. J. Gollan Von Booth], Popular Novelist} :

After Long Grief and Pain I986X

An Autobiography I426X

Dame Durden i622X

Fragoletta 1 625X

Gretchen 223iX

Also All the Year Round, v. 60 i82oj

Lady Nancye 3169 and 3223X

My Lady Coquette I985X

Sinless Secret 24O5X

Two bad blue Eyes
Vagabond Lover

RITCHIE (Leitch, Scottish Historical Novelist, b. 1801, d. 1865) :

Cheaterie Packman 2282X

Game of Life. .1428, 2727 & 2927X

Magician, The 2^2gX

Romance of History,

[France] I2O2X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.




Wearyfoot Common [Cham-
bers' Journal, v. 21] I937J

Also Living Age, v. 41 3071 J

Winter Evenings 1427^


RITCHIE (Mrs. Richmond). See Thackeray (Anne Isabella).

Rival Crusoes, by William H. G. Kingston 161 and 6j()X

Rival Heirs [Leisure Hour, v. n] 2621!

Rival Houses of the~Hobbs and Dobbs, by Crochet Crayon 2JJ6X

Rivals, The, and Tracey's Ambition, by Gerald Griffin 2595 and 2go8X

See also Boys' Own Annual, 2957.7.

Rivers of Ice, illustrative of Alpine and Glacier Action [Moun-
taineering, &c. ], by R. M. Ballantyne 455^

Rob Roy, Adventures of [Jacobites, i8th Cent.], by James Grant ... 92oX
Rob Roy [Conspiracies of the Jacobites, i8th Cent., Clan Mac Gregor,

Highlands, &c.], by Sir Walter Scott... 895, 943, 2255X & 1099-1 lOiZ
Robber, The [Times of Charles II., i;th Cent.], by G. P. R. James 2658X

Robbie and his Mother [Sunday at Home, v. 17] 286;J

ROBBINS (Mrs. S. S., Serial Writer for Boys, &c.) :

Ben Morton, a Frontier Story [Boys' Own Annual, v. 2] 2952J

Stephen Mitchell, a Florida Story [Leisure Hour, v. 27] 2637J

Robert Elsmere, by Mrs. Humphrey Ward 1419? 2008 and 2468X

Robert Falconer [Religious Belief, &c.], by George Macdonald I5I?X

See also Argosy, v. 3, 3J.

Robert Ord's Atonement, by Rosa Nouchette Carey i8o7X

Robert Wreford's Daughter, by E. J. Worboise [Mrs. E. Guyton]... ii68X
See also Christian World Magazine, 244],

ROBERTS (Miss Margaret) :

Atelier Du Lys

Child of the Revolution . . . 324OX

Hester's Venture ............ I743X

Kathleen's Handful [Girls'

Own Annual, v. 1 1] 2561!

Sydonie's Dowry

ROBERTSON (Margaret M.), Perils of Orphanhood, or Frederica

and her Guardians , 3,o63X

ROBIN (Ellen Mary, Guernsey Author] :

Daisy's Ear-ring [Guernsey Magazine, v. 9] 2389!

Dreamland in the English Channel [Guernsey Magazine, v. 12]... 2392J

On the Sark Cliffs [Guernsey Magazine, v. 1 8] 2 3g8J

Robin, by Mrs. Harriet Parr 5ooX

See also Living Age, v. 152, 3182 J. Temple Bar, v. 64, 1394!-

Robin Goodfellow [" Home Treasury of Old Story Books "] 2863X

Robin Hood and Little John [" Home Treas. of Old Story Books "].. 2863X

Robin Hood, by J. B. Marsh SOogX

Robin Hood, Story of, by W. Heaton 3OioX

Robin the Runner [Sunday at Home, v. 10] 286oJ

Robina Crusoe and her Lonely Island Home [Girls' Own An., v. 4]. 2554}
ROBINSON (A. Mary F. [now Madame Darmesteter], Poetess, &c.,

b. 1857), Arden iSioX

ROBINSON (F. Mabel), The Plan of Campaign 339oX

ROBINSON (Frederick William, Popular Novelist, 1860) :

Mattie, a Stray ....; i8i6X

Milly's Hero i8o8X

Owen, a W r aif iSigX

Poor Humanity l82iX

PoorZeph[G. M., v. 19].... 739J

Second Cousin Sarah [C. M.] 2348)

Very Strange Family 3II2X

\Voman's Ransom i8i3X

Women are Strange iSo5X

Christie's Faith

Courting of Mary Smith ...

Coward Conscience 1 8 1 2X

Disenchantment 1 73^

Fair Maid 2i5oX

Grandmother's Money i8i8X

Hands of Justice 1 8o6X

In Bad Hands 2I24X

Lazarus in London 21 23X

Little Kate Kirby [C. M.]



ROBINSON (Jane, Historical Novelist, &V.) :

Owen Tudor ................. 1803X1 Whitehall..-, ..................... 276gX

Whitefriars ........... 2770 & 2Q28X |

ROBINSON (Philip Stewart [Phil Robinson], War Correspondent
of " Daily Telegraph" in Zululand,\&'c., b. 1849), In my
Indian Garden ............................................................ I42QX

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.
Robinson Crusoe of York, Mariner, by Daniel De Foe.. ..2254 and 2853X

Rocky Mountain Sketches [Sunday at Home, v. 31] ..................... 288iJ

Roderick Random [Bombardment of Carthagena, 1741], by Tobias

Smollett ................................................. 1051, 1052 and IO53X

, v. 4] ......

Rodolphus, a Franconia Story, by Jacob Abbott [Harper,

Rody the Rover, or the Ribbonman, by William Carleton ............... 1 768Z

ROE (Azel Stevens, Popular American Novelist ', b. 1798)

I've been Thinking I43OX

Looking Round I756X

ROE (Rev. Edward P., Serial Writer

A Face Illumined i76iX

Barriers Burned Away ... I764X
From Jest to Earnest 28o6X

Woman our Angel

Near to Nature's Heart 1 759X

Opening of a Chestnut Burr.. I762X

What Can she Do 2239X

Nature's Serial Story

Roger Kyffin's Ward, a Story of Adventure by Land and Sea, by

William H. G. Kingston [Boys' Own Annual, v. 8] 2958J

See also Leisure Hour, v. 20, 26307.

Rogue, The, by W. E. Norris 3289X

See also Temple Bar, v. 82, 14127.

Rogues and Vagabonds, by George R. Sims 33^9X

Roland Cashel [Italy, Ireland, &c.], by Charles Lever 766X

Roland Leigh, or the Story of a City Arab [Leisure Hour, v. 6] 26i6J

Roland Oliver, by Justin McCarthy 3333 X

Roland Yorke [Sequel to The Channings], by Mrs. Henry Wood

3, 1525, 1528 and I958X
ROLLS (Eliza, Serial Writer, &c.) :

In Another Man's Garden 258J | Organist of Henderley Church 25 5j

Roman Singer, by F. Marion Crawford 2187 and 24i8X

Romance of a Mummy, by Theophile Gautier 2O74X

Romance of a Shop, by Amy Levy I988X

Romance of Agostini, a True Story of Modern Rome [L. A., v. 67]. 3097!

Romance of History [France], by Leitch Ritchie 1 2O2X

Romance of History [Italy], by C. Macfarlane I2O4X

Romance of History [Spain], by Don I. De Trueba I2O3X

Romance of London, by John Timbs !2oiX

Romance of Matrimony, a Tale Founded on Fact [Poetical] 7I9M

Romance of Real Life, by Charlotte Smith I456X

Romance of the Castle, by G. Haines [Romancist and Nov. Lib.].. 228iX

Romance of the Nineteenth Century, by W. H. Mallock I377X

Romance of Two W T orlds, by Marie Corelli 3O7oX

Romance of War, or the Highlanders in Spain [i8th and igth cen-
turies], by James Grant 2585X



Romeo and Juliet, or, the Lovers of Verona, by Matteo Bandello ... 228iX
ROMER (Isabella F., English Authoress, d. 1851), Stunner A Tale of

Mesmerism and other Sketches from Life] 143 iX

Romola [Savonarola, 1 5th Century], by George Eliot 3O56X

See also Cornhill Magazine, v. 6, 286J. Harper's Monthly, v. 25, i6o5j.

RONILE (Louisa), Via Crucis '. i8i5X

Rookstone, by Katherine S. Macquoid [Leisure Hour, v. 20] 2630}

Rookwood [Gipsies, Dick Turpin, &c.], by William H. Ainsworth.. 72X

Root of all Evil, by Florence Marryat [now Mrs. F. Lean] 329OX

Rory O'More [South of Ireland], by Samuel Lover 28c>5X

Rosalind and Felicia, or The Sisters, by Author of " Historical Pic-
tures of the Middle Ages " 2i67X

Rosanna [Examples of Content, &c.], by Maria Edgeworth 2444X

ROSCOE (Thomas, Author and Translator, b. 1791, d. 1871) :

German Novelists I2O6X Spanish Novelists I2O5X

Italian Novelists I2O7X

N.B. See also the General

Catalogue for this author.

Rose and the Key [All the Year Round, v. 25] 1785]

Rose and the Ring, by William Makepeace Thackeray 1 086 and IO99X

Rose Bush, The [Advantages of Religion], by C. Von Schmid 85oZ

Rose d'Albert [Manners, i6th Century], by George P. R. James 702 & 2652X

Rose in Bloom, by Louisa May Alcott [sequel to " Eight Cousins"] 247X

Rose in June, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant I4O6X

See also Cornhill Magazine, v. 29, sogj. Living Age, v. 121, 3151 J.

Rose Mervyn of Whitelake, by Anne Beale I542X

Rosery Folk, by George M. Fenn [Chambers' Journal, v. 6c] 1960}

Roses and Thorns, or Five Tales of the Start in Life 1433^

Roses on the Brink, by William Sawyer [Once a Week, v. 34] 2294J

ROSETTI (C. G.), Strange Journey [Egypt and Soudan] 6o4X

Rosine, Story of the Red Revolution, by G. J. Whyte Melville 8i8X

Roslyn's Trust, by Lucy C. Lillie 3 IO 3 X

Roughing It [Silver Mining in Nevada, &c.], by Mark Twain 233 iX

Roumanian Fairy Tales and Legends 2757X

Round about my Garden, by Francis Cowley Burnand 582X

Round the Galley Fire, by W. Clark Russell 3227X

Round the Moon [Sequel to " From the Earth to the Moon "J, by

Jules Verne ioi8X

Roundabout Papers, by William Makepeace Thackeray ....1084 and IO97X

See also Cornhill Magazine, v. i, 28iJ.

ROUSSELET (Louis, Writer for Boys, &c.) :

Drummer Boy, a Story of the Days of Washington [B.O. A., v. 5] 2955!

Son of the Constable of France [Rome, Pirates, &c., 1605] 344^

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