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Tales and Sketches [Witches, America, &c.], by William J. Stone... I 4 68X

Tales and Sketches [Inheritance, Boarding Schools, c.], by R. Topfer I 4 88X
Tales and Sketches, illustrating the Characters, Usages, Traditions,

Sports, and Pastimes of the Irish Peasantry, by W. Carleton 227oX
Tales from tilackwood. See Blackwood, Tales from.

Tales from the German of Zschokke, translated by P. Godwin I523X

Tales from the German, translated by J. Oxenford and G. A. Feiling 226 4 X

Tales from the History of the Saxons, by Emily Taylor 2O75X

Tales from the Old Dramatists, by Shirley Brooks [Gent. Mag., v. 2] 722J
Tales of a Grandfather, by Sir Walter Scott, first, second, third, and

fourth series.. 989, 990, 991 and 992X

Tales of a Traveller, by Washington Irving 66 1 and 2867X

Tales of Adventure, by R. M. Ballantyne :

Flood, Field and Mountain, 487 and 502X. On the Coast, 489X. On
the Sea, 4 86X. Wild Work in Strange Places, 4 88X.

Tales of all Countries, by Anthony Trollope ingX

Tales of Charl ton School, by Rev. H. C. Adams 2762X

Tales of Fashionable Life, by Maria Eclgeworth 2 44 9X

Tales of Flemish Life [Amsterdam, 1696], by Hendrik Conscience... I258X

Tales of Good and Great Kings, by M. Fraser Tytler !5ooX

Tales of my Landlord. See Sir Walter Scott's Works.

Tales of Mystery, Imagination and Humour, and Poems, by Poe ... 27I7X

Tales of Old Flanders : Count Hugo of Craenhove and Wooden

Clara, by Hendrik Conscience J 2 55X

Tales of the Crusaders [Betrothed, Talisman], by Sir Walter Scott.;2-5Z

See also Scott's complete Works.

Tales of the O'Hara Family, by John Banim !2iiX

Tales of Three Cities, by Henry James, Jim 3336X

Tales of To-Day, by George R. Sims , 3337X

Tales of Woods and Fields, second series of Two Old Men's Tales,

by Mrs. Anne Marsh I367X

Tales Told Round a New Zealand Camp Fire [Once a Week, v. 28] 2288!
Talisman [Third Crusade, Richard, Saladin and Knights Templars,

1189], by Sir Walter Scott 926 and 97 4 X and io7 4 -5Z

Talk of the Town, by James Payn 322iX

See also Cornhill Magazine, v. 50, 33oJ.





Tall Man, by Gustav Nieritz [Leisure Hour, v. 24] 2634}

Tallangetta, The Squatter's Home, a Story of Australian Life, by

William Howitt 1 344X

Tallants of Barton, by Joseph Hatton io8oX

Tailored, or The New Crusade, by the Earl of Beaconsfield 133, 143 & 257oX

Tanglewood Tales, by Nathaniel Hawthorne 289OX

Tapestried Chamber [Time of George III.], by Scott 929 and 977X

Tarantella, a German Tale, by M. Blond 2O54X

TAUTPHQEUS (Baroness, German Authoress, 6-Y.) :

Cyrilla 3243X | Quits 2II2X

TAYLOR (Bayard, American Traveller and Writer, b. 1825, d.

1878), Eldorado [San Francisco, Gold Regions, Mexico, &c.] 2748X
N.B. Sec also the General Catalogue for this Author.

TAYLOR (Edgar, Scholar, d. 1839), Ed., German Popular Stones 2245X
TAYLOR (Emily, Historical and Instructive Writer for the Young),

Tales from the History of the Saxons 2O75X

Teacher of the Violin, by J. Henry Shorthouse 23O6X

Tell Me a Story [Tales for Children], by Mrs. Molesworth 32I9X

Tell Tale, a School Story, by Ascott R. Hope [Boys' Own An., v. 5] 29555
TEMPLE (Crona, Serial Writer, &c.) :

Glorious Return, a Story of the Vaudois [Sun. at Home, v. 36] 2886J

In the Days of the Great Armada [Sunday at Home, v. 35] 2885J

Temptation and Atonement, and other Tales, by Mrs. Gore 2584X

See alsa Living Age, v. n, 30417.

Ten Thousand a Year, by Samuel Warren 2349X

Ten Years' Tenant, by Walter Besant and James Rice 883X

Tenant of Wildfell Hall, by Anne Bronte 25i6X

Tenants of Malory, byj. Sheridan Le Fanu [Living Age, .94] 3I24J

Tenth Earl, by John Berwick Harwood [Cassell's Magazine, v. 5]... 2354]"
TERHUWE (Mrs.). See Harland (Marion).

Terrible Legacy, a Tale of the South Downs, by G. W. Appleton... 3I56X
Terrible Temptation, by Charles Reade [Cassell's Magazine, v. 3]... 23435
THACKERAY (Anne Isabella [now Mrs. Ritchie], Daughter of
William Makepeace Thackeray} :

Bluebeard's Keys i824X Old Kensington [C. M. , 25] 305!

A Iso Cornhill Magazine, v. 23 3037 Also Harper's Magazine, v. 44 1624^

Da Capo [L. Age, v. 135] 3165} Story of Elizabeth [C. M., 6] 286J

A Iso Harper's Monthly, v. 56 1636 J Toilers and Spinsters i828X

From an Island [C. M., 18] 298! Village on the Cliff [C. M.] 294!

Jack the Giant Killer 296} The_following short tales also by

Miss Angel 2l82X tn ' s author will be found in

A Iso Cornhill Magazine, v. '31 311! Harper's New Monthly Maga-

Harper's Mag., v. 50 i6 3 oj zine : Miss Moriers Nerves, v.

Living Age, v. 124 .. 3154; 58, i6 3 8J. Peat tields>v. 53,

Mrs Dymond [Mac M.] 9 8 IT ^W.K.-See also the General

Also Living Age, v. 164 .... 3 i 94 J Catalogue for this Author.

THACKERAY (William Makepeace, Eminent Novelist and Essayist,

b. 1811, d. 1863):

Adventures of Philip, & c . IO93X Christmas Books of Mr.
^Cornhill Mag., v. 3 .... 2 8 3 J Titmarsh, &c 1086 & loggX

Barry i^^o^l ic^X C rnhi11 tO Grand Cair ,

Also Eraser's Magazine, v. 29 639 } IoSl & IO 94X

Book of Snobs .' 1083 & ioo6X I I)ems Duval 1085 & logSX

S3T ~rSS J I3& I 'SSHat.V- :: ^





THACKERAY (William Makepeace)

Four Georges 1084 & IO9;X

Great Hoggarty Diamond

1082, 1095 & I547Z
Also Eraser's Mag., v. 24 . . 6347

History of Henry Esmond

1078 & lOQiX

History of Pendennis. 1076 & i oSgX
Irish Sketch Book

1081, 1087 & I094X
Lovel the Widower 1085 & logSX

AlsoCornhill Mag., v. i 28 ij

Harper's Mag. , v. 20. . 1600 J

Memoirs of Yellowplush

1082, 1095 & 15472
Miscellaneous Sketches,&c. 3O27X

-continued :

Newcomes ............... 1077 &

Also Harper's Magazine, v. 7..

Paris Sketch Book

1081, 1087 &

Roundabout Papers. ...1084 &

Shabby Genteel Story .........

Vanity Fair .............. 1075 &

Virginians.... ......... ...1079 &

Also Harper's Magazine, v. 16

The following short tales also by
this author will be found in
Harper's New Monthly Maga-
zine: On being Found Out, v.
23, 16037. Two Children in
Black, v. 20, i6ooj.

N.B. See also the General
Catalogue for this Author.


Thaddeus of Warsaw, by Jane Porter [Poland, I9th Century] ........

That Aggravating School Girl [Girls' Own Annual, v. 2] ...............

That Bother of a Boy [Girls' Own Annual, v. 3] ........... ..............

That Boy of Norcott's, an Irish Tale, by Charles Lever ..................

- See also Cornhill Magazine, v. 18, 298 J.

That Girl in Black, a Short Tale by Mrs. Molesworth [Eng. 111. M.]
That Lasso' Lowrie's, a Lancashire Story, by Frances H. Burnett...

- See also Scribner's Monthly Magazine, v. 12, i862j.

That Little Frenchman [Once a Week, v. 29] ..............................

Their Pilgrimage, by Charles D. Warner [Harper's Monthly, v. 72]..
Their Summer Day [Quiver, v. 2oJ ..........................................

Their Wedding Journey, American Tale, by W. D. Howells .........

Thelma, a Norwegian Princess, by Marie Corelli .......................

Theo Leigh, by Annie Thomas [Once a Week, v. u] .....................

Theophilus and Sophia, by Mrs. Sherwood ...............................

Thereby Hangs a Tale, by G. Manville Fenn [Once a Week, v. 33]
They were Married, by Walter Besant .......................................

Thicker than W'ater, by James Payn [Longman's Magazine, v. i] ...
Thieves, Fallen among Thieves [Boys' Own Annual, v. 5] ............

Thing of Beauty, by Mrs. Alexander Fraser ..............................

Third Miss St. Quentin, by Mrs. Molesworth .............. . ..............

Thirlby Hall, by W. E. Norris ...............................................

This Man's Wife, by George Manville Fenn [Good Words, v. 27]....

- See also Living Age, v. 168, 3198.7.

This Mortal Coil, by Grant Allen [J. A. Wilson] [Chambers' J., v. 65]
This Son of Vulcan, by Walter Besant and James Rice ..................

Thistledown Lodge, by M. A. Paull .......................................

THOMAS (Annie [Mrs. Pender Cudlip], b. 1838) :

Allerton Towers [Time, 6] I496J Kate Valliant ...................

Col thorpe Cousins ......... i85iX Love's a Tyrant [Time, 1 6]..

Dennis Donne ............... i83iX Narrow Escape [A. Y.R.] ...

Friends and Lovers ......... i832X No Alternative [A. Y.R.] ...

Jenifer ....................... 1956X Passion in Tatters ............

A ho All the Year Round, v. 51] i8nj Reigning Favourite ............

THOMAS (F. W., American Poet, b. 1810), Howard Pickney .......

Thomas Wingfold, Curate, by George Macdonald .......................


2 55 2 J
2 553T



3 2 9J

227 ij




THOMPSON (W. T.), Major Jones' Courtship 2O49X

THOMSON (E. W.), Colonel Pellinore's Gold [Boys' O. A., v. 7] 2957}
THOMSON (Mrs. Katherine, Historical Novelist} :

Court Secrets i48oX

Tracey, or the Apparition... 275iX

White Mask 2753X

Anne Boleyn 1479, 2749 &
Carew Ralegh, or the Heir

of Sherborne 2752X

THORBURN (S. S.), David Leslie [or the Afghan Frontier] 23C9X

THORNBURY (George Walter, Antiquarian, &V., b. 1828), Every

Man his own Trumpeter 4&3X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.
THORNE (Eglanton, Serial Writer, <5rV.) :

Alclyth's Inheritance 2561]" | My Brother's Friend[G.O.A.] 2557!

Thorney Hall, by Holme Lee [Harriet Parr] I356X

Thorny Path, by Hesba Stretton [Hannah Smith] 224iX

See also Sunday at Home, v. 26, 2876].

Thornycroft Hall, its Owners and its Heirs, by E. J. Worboise... H95X
THORPE (Benjamin, Anglo-Saxon. Scholar, b. 1780, according to

Vincent, d. 1870), Ed. , Yule-tide Stones I486X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Thoth, a Romance of Athens, &c 333X

Thoughts on Bores, by Maria Edgeworth 25ioX

Thousand and One Nights, or the Arabian Nights' Entertainments,

edited and translated by E. W. Lane J 355^

See also Arabian Nights.

Thraldom, byj. Sturgis [Longman's Magazine, v. 10] 900!

Three Admirals and the Adventures of their Young Followers [Sequel

to Three Commanders], by William H. G. Kingston 7o8X

Three Ages [Political Sketches], by Harriet Martineau 78 iX

Three Brass Balls [Pawnbrokers, &c.], by George R. Sims 337oX

Three Brides, by Charlotte M. Yonge i896X

Three Brothers, by Mrs. Oliphant [St. Paul's Magazine, v. 4] n64F

Three Clerks, The, by Anthony Trollope 3H4X

Three Commanders, or Active Service Afloat in Modern Days, by

William H. G. Kingston [Sequel to Three Lieutenants].... 7ogX

See also the sequel, Three Admirals.

Three Diggers, by Percy Clarke 3354^

Three Feathers, by William Black 3055^

See also Living Age, v. 122, 3152], Cornhill Magazine, v. 30, sioj.

Three Greek Children [Athens, B.C.], by Rev. A. J. Church 3355^

Three Homes, by F. T. L. Hope [Quiver, v. 16] 3286!

Three Hundred Virgins, a Tale of the Southern Seas [O. a W., v. 35] 2295)
Three Kearneys, by Picken [Romancist and Novelists' Library]...?... 2282X
Three Lieutenants, by William H. G. Kingston [Sequel to 7iiX]. ... 7ioX

See also the Sequel, Three Commanders, yogX.

Three Love Dreams [Living Age, v. 53] 30837

Three Midshipmen, by William H. G. Kingston 7iiX

See also the Sequels, Three Lieutenants, 7ioX, Three Commanders, yogX,

and Three Admirals, 7 o8X.

Three Musketeers [La Rochelle, 1627], by Dumas 422and633X

See also the Sequels, Twenty Years After, 63$X. Vicomte de Bragelonne,

637X. Iron Mask, 3403X. Louise de la Valliere, 34O4X.
Three Recruits and the Girls they Left Behind them, by J. Hatton... I3I6X

Three Red Men, by W. S. Hayward I233X

Three Years of a Girl's Life [Girls' Own Annual, v. i] 2 55 I J



'Through a Needle's Eye, by Hesba Stretton [Hannah Smith] 2336X

See also Sunday Magazine, v. 14, 24647.

Through Fire and through Water, by Rev. T. S. Millington [B.O. A.] 295^

Through Gates of Gold [All the Year Round, v. 43] IQ23J

Through Green Glasses, by F. M. Allen 238;X

Through Night to Light, by Marianne Farningham [Christ. World], 243J

Through one Administration, by Frances H. Burnett igSiX

See also Century Magazine, v. i, 1873.7.

Through the Darkness, or the Conquest of Angola, by Ker [B.O. A.] 29617
Through the Deepest Canon, or the Wildest of the Wild West, by

William H. Rideing [Boys' Own Annual, v. 4] 2954!

Through the Linn, or Miss Temple's Wards, by Agnes Giberne 2878]"

Through the Looking-Glass, and what Alice found there, by Lewis

Carroll [C. L. Dodgson] 2452X

Through the Snowdrifts [Napoleon's Retreat from Moscow], by

Madame De Witt [Every Boys' Annual, 1888] ijO7H

Thrown Together, by Florence Montgomery I74OX

Thwarted, or Duck's Eggs in a Hen's Nest, a Village Story, by

Florence Montgomery 24 1 3X

Thy Heart's Desire, a Tale of Three Wishes, by Sarah Doudney 2466]

Thy Name is Truth [an Irish Social Novel] 6ioX

Thyrza, by George Gissing lOiX

Ticonderoga [United States, Old French War, Defeat of Aber-

crombie, i8th Century], by George P. R. James 2624X

TIFFANY (Osmond), Brandon, or a Hundred Years Ago, a Tale of

the American Colonies , I487X

Tigerskin, The, a Story of Central India, by Louis Rousselet 2956!

Tiger-Slayer, a Tale of the Indian Desert, by Gustave Aimard g6X.

Tilbury Nogo, or Passages in the Life of an Unsuccessful Man, by

George John Whyte Melville 815 and 82oX

Tini Cronin, an Irish Tale, by Mrs. Hoare [Chambers' Miscellany]... 632R
Tim Thomson's Trial, or All is not Gold that Glitters, by George

Weatherley 2383X

TIMES (John, Antiquary, b. 1801, d. 1875), F.S.A., Romance of

London [Chandos Classics] I2OIX

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Time shall Try, by F. E. M. Notley [Cassell's Family Mag., v. 4].... 23537

TIMPERLEY (W. H.) Bush Luck, an Australian Story [B. O. A.] 2962!

Tinted Venus, by F. Anstey [F. A. Guthrie] I9O7X

TITCOMB (Timothy). See Holland (J. G.)

Tithe Proctor [Ireland, Church Imposts, 1 9th Cent.], by Carleton... I236X

To be Given up, by Kate Eyre [Cassell's Family Magazine, v. 16] ... 23657

To Call Her Mine, &c., by Walter Besant 26i2X

To Leeward, by F. Marion Crawford 2O94X

To the Bitter End, by Miss M. E. Braddon [Mrs. Maxwell] i68X

To the Lions [a Tale of the Early Christians], by Rev. A. J. Church 3356X

See also Quiver, v. 32, 33027.

Toby, a School Story [Boys' Own Annual, v. 3] 2953J

Toilers and Spinsters, by Miss Thackeray i828X

Toilers of Babylon, by B. L. Farjeon [Sunday Magazine, v. 17] 2474J

Toilers of the Sea [a Tale of Guernsey], by Hugo 1342, 1346 and I347X

Tolla, Tale of Modern Rome [igth Century], by Edmund About I2O8X



TOLSTOI (Count Lyof N., Russian Author, b, 1828) :

Anna Karenina 2439 & 3O32X

Childhood, Boyhood,

Youth 275oX

Cossacks, The 2730 & SogoX

Dominion of Darkness 332 iX

Invaders 3344X

Ivan Ilyitch, &c 309 iX

Long Exile and other

Stories for Children 2O26R

My Husband and 1

Russian Proprietor, &c 3O92X

Sevastopol 2O25R

Two Pilgrims, The 262QX

War and Peace 243&X

What Men Live By 2633X

Where Love is, there God is

also 2626X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.
Tom Brown at Oxford [Sequel to Tom Brown's Schooldays], by

Thomas Hughes 1 339X

See aho Macmillan's Magazine, v. i, 93iJ.

Tom Brown's Schooldays, by Thomas Hughes I34OX

Tom Burke of Ours [Wars of Napoleon, &c.j, by Charles Lever 762X

Tom Cringle's Log [Sea Life, Pirates, Slavers, &c.], by Michael Scott. 23I2X

Tom Holt's Log, a Tale of the Deep Sea, by W. Stephens Hayward I2I4X

Tom Jones, a Foundling, by Henry Fielding 466X

Tom Ray, or the Mother's Prayer answered [Sunday at Home, v. 3].. 2853}
Tom Saunders, his Shipwreck and Wanderings in Tropical Africa, by

Commander V. Lovett Cameron [Boys' Own Annual, v. 9]... 2959!

Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] 3Oo6X

See also the Sequel, Huckleberry Finn, i49pX.

Tom Stanton, a Story of Country Life [Boys' Own Annual, v. 7] 2957!

Tommiebegr Shootings, or a Moor in Scotland, by Thomas Jeans ... 2668X

Tommy Upmore, by Richard Doddridge Blackmore 45X

To-morrow, and other Tales, by Maria Edgeworth 2444X

Tony Butler, by Charles Lever [Black wood's Magazine, v. 94] i64j

See also Living Age, v. 79, 3I09J.

TOO clever Capture by Half, by W. W. Fenn [Every Boy's An., 1886] 1305^!

Too Fast to Last, by John Mills [Fast Life, Racing, &c.] I73OX

TOO Good for Him, by Florence Marryat [Mrs. F. Lean] iSoiX

TOO Much Alone, by Mrs. J. H. Riddell [F. G. Trafford] I799X

Too Soon [Leisure Hour, v. 22] 26^2]

TOPFER (Rodolph, Swiss Novelist, erv.) :

Parsonage 1489 & 2i2iX | Tales and Sketches I488X

Touch, and Go, by Jean Midcllemass I727X

Tour of the World in Eighty Days, by Jules Verne 2o68X

TOURGSE (Albion W., American Judge, Novelist,

Bricks without Straw 2ioiX

Fool's Errand 2C>9iX

John Eax I49OX

Mamelon I49OX

TOUBGEWIEFF, or Toorge"ymeff (Ivan S.) See Turge"nev (Ivan S.)
Tower of London, an Historical Romance [Lady Jane Grey, i6th

Century], by W'illiam Harrison Ainsworth 93X

Town and Forest, by Anne Manning [Living Age, v. 60 ] 3090}

Toydonia, or the Land of Toys, by Emma Brewer [G. O. A., v. 6]. 25567

Tracsy, or the Apparition, by Mrs. Thomson 275 iX

TRACY (Rev. Thomas), Undine, or the Spirit of the Waters 228oX

Traditionary Tales of Tweeddale [Chambers' Miscellany, v. 10] ... 627!^
TKAFFOKD (F. G.). See Riddell (Mrs. J. H.)
46 [1009]



TRAFTON (Adeline, Serial Writer, &>f.) :

His Inheritance [Scrib.v. 14] i864j | Katherine Earle [Scrib.,v.7] 18577

Tragic Comedians, by George Meredith [Fortnightly Review, v. 34] 2124!

Tragic Muse, by Henry James [Atlantic Monthly, v. 63] 1553;

Trail of the Serpent, by Miss M. E. Braddon [Mrs. John Maxwell].. l82X

TRAILL (Mrs.), Stories of the Canadian Forest 285QX

Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry, by William Carleton 2268X

Tramp Abroad [Tour through Europe, 1878], by Mark Twain 2347X

Transformation, the Romance of Monte Beni, by Hawthorne !3i8X

Transformed, by Florence Montgomery [Girls' Own Annual, v. 8]... 2558J

Transformed Island, a Story of the South Seas [Sunday at H., v. i] 285iJ
Trap to Catch a Sunbeam, and a Merry Christmas, by Mrs.

Mackarness 2856X

Trapper's Daughter [Rocky Mountains], by Gustave Aimard 2O5X

Traseaden Hall, " When George III. was King," by G. Hamley.. 6a8X

Travels among the Mormons, by Artemus Ward [C. F. Browne] ... 3365X

Travels and Adventures of Monsieur Violet, by Captain Marryat .... 26QQX
Travels in the Interior, or the Wonderful Adventures of Luke and

Belinda [Human Physiology], by L. T. Courtney I22X

Treasure Hunters, or the Search for the Mountain Mine [O. a W.] . 22Q2J

Treasure of Franchard, by Robert L. Stevenson [Longman, v. i]... SgiJ

Treasure of the Cacique, a Mexican Story, by Sir Gilbert Campbell 2Q6oJ

Treherne'S Temptation, by Alaric Carr 57 iX

TRELAWNEY (Captain), Adventures of a Younger Son !49iX

Trelawney of Trelawne, or the Prophecy, a Legend of Cornwall, by

Mrs. Anna Eliza Bray I223X

Trevelyan [a Society Tale of Richmond] [by Lady Scott] I492X

Trevelyil Hold, by Mrs. Henry Wood 18, 1527 and I9&3X

Trial, The, [sequel to " Daisy Chain,"] by Charlotte Mary Yonge ... iSgSX

Trials of Margaret Lindsay, by Professor Wilson [Christopher North] 297oX

Trials of the Heart [Orphans of La Vendee, &c.], by Mrs. Bray 25i8X

Trials of the Tredgolds, by Dutton Cook [Temple Bar Mag., v. 7]... I337J

Tribulations of a Chinaman [Sea Adventures], by Jules Verne IO26X

TriCOtrin, The Story of a Waif and Stray, by Ouida [L. de la Rame] 862X

Tried, by F. M. F. Skene [Quiver Magazine, v. 14] 3284J

Tristram Shandy, by Lawrence Sterne 1464 and 2253X

See also Blackwood Magazine, v. 95, i6sJ.

Triumph of Truth, a Story for the Young [Family Friend, 1854] 7o8R

Trixy, or Those who live in Glass Houses should not throw Stones,

by Maggie Symington 238 1 X

TROLLOPE (Anthony, Celebrated Novelist and Writer of Travels,
b. 1815, d. 1882) :

American Senator ....189 & H28X

A Iso Temple Bar, v. 47 ..... *377J

Attractive Man .............. 2754X

Barchester Towers ......... 1 1 54X

Eelton Estate ....... mo &

Also Fortnightly Review, v. i 2091 J

Living Age, v. 86 ......

Bertrams u

Can You Forgive Her?

37 & II53X


I ioo & II46X

Castle Richmond H36X

Claverings 1104 & U39X

Also Cornhill Magazine, v. 13. . 293"

Living Age, v. 88 3118

Cousin Henry 1 144

Doctor Thome 170 & nogX

Doctor Wortle's School I97X

Duke's Children [A. Y. R.]... 1803}

Eustace Diamonds 7/0 & no6J

Also Fortnightly Review, v. 16. . . 2io6J





TROLLOPS (Anthony) continued:

EyeforanEye U4oX

Framley Parsonage IH3X

Also Cornhill Magazine, v. i 28 ij

Frau Frohmann i84oX

Golden Lion of Granpere 2183}
Harry Heathcote I I42X

Also Living Age, v. 120 .... 3150.!
He Knew he was Right ... HI7X

Hunting Sketches IJ 34X

Is he Popenjoy 1131 & II43X

Also All Year Round, v. 38 *799J
Kellys & O'Kellys..iio5 & H22X

Kept in the Dark H5iX

Also Good Words, v. 23. ... 21937
Lady Anna HI2& H25X

Also Fortnightly Rev., v. 19
Last. Chronicle of Barset

La Vendee

Leonora Casaloni [F. R.]
Linda Tressel[Blackwood]

Also Living Age,v. 95

Lindisfarn Chase [L. A.].
Lotta Schmidt and other

Stories iio8&H23X

Mabel's Progress [A. Y. R. ] 1 777]
Macdermots of Ballycloran i i2oX

Miss Mackenzie H24& H5OX

Mr. Scarborough's Family 542X

Also All the Year Round, v. 49 iSopJ
Nina Balatka [Blackwood].. 170}

Also Living Age, v. 91 3 I2 *J

Old Man's Love 545X

Orley Farm ni8& H4QX

A Iso Harper's Mon. Mag.,v. 22 1602 J

A Iso Living Age, v. 95 .

St. Paul's Mag., v.

Phineas Finn 164 & IIO2X

3 I2 5J




Phineas Redux..

Prime Minister

Rachel Ray 1103 &

Ralph the Heir 772 &

Also St. Paul's Mag., v. 9

Sir Harry Hotspur

Also Macmillan's Mag., v. 22
Small House at Allington

1116 &

Also Cornhill Mag., v. 6

Harper's Mag., v. 25.. . .

Struggles of Brown, Jones

and Robinson [Corn. M.]

Tales of all Countries La

Mere Barouche, &c

Three Clerks

Veronica [A. Y. R., v. 22]...
Vicar of Bullhampton... 773 &

Vicar of Wrexhill

Warden 1 1 2 7 &

Way we Live Now

Why Frau Frohmann Raised
her Prices [G. W., v. 18]
The following short tales by this
author will be found in Harper's
New Monthly Magazine :
Courtship of Susan Bell, v. 21,
i6oij. O'Conors of Castle
Conor, v. 20, i6ooj. Relics of
General Chasse', v. 20, i6ooj.

N.B. See also the General
Catalogue for this Author.



2 86J
i6o 5 J

28 4 J

3 n 4 X
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TROLLOPE (Mrs. Frances E., Mother of Anthony, b. 1778, d.
1863) :

Anne Furness [Harper's] 1622! I Petticoat Government

Charming Fellow [A. Y.R.] 1793! | Sacristan's Household, a

Mrs. Mathews 1494X1 Story of Lippe-Uetmold

Old World and the New... I493X | [St. Paul's Mag., v. 2]

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

TROLLOPE (Thos. Adolphus, Brother of Anthony, b. 1810),

Beppo, the Conscript [Once a Week, v. 9]

Family Party in the Piazza of St. Peter, &c

N.B. See a!so the General Catalogue for this Author.

Troth of Odin, by Grant Furley [All the Year Round, v. 63]

Trouble it Brought, by C. E. Despard [Cassell's Magazine, v. 7]....

Troubles at Sandstone [Chambers' Journal, v. 32]

Troubles of a Chinaman, by Jules Verne [Leisure Hour, v. 29]

Troubles of Chatty and Molly [Quiver, v. 14]

Troublesome Daughters [a Scotch Tale], by L. B. Walford

Troublesome Girl, by Mrs. Argles [The Duchess]







True Blue, Life and Adventures of a British Seaman of the Old

School, by William H. G. Kingston 7I2X

True to the Old Flag, by George Alfred Henty i684X

TRUEBA (T. de), Romance of History [Spain] [Chandos Classics]. I2O3X

Trumpet-Major, by Thomas Hardy [Good Words, v. 21] 21917

Trust and Trial [a Norwegian Tale], by Mary Howitt 1495^

Trustee, by Frederick Liardet [Tales by a Barrister] , I358X

Truth will Out, by Jeanie Hering [Quiver Magazine, v. 16] 3286J

TTICKEB (Miss Charlotte). See A.L.O.E. (a Lady of England).

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