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TUCKERMAN (H.), Sad Bird of the Adriatic 228oX

TUPPER (Martin Farquhar) :

This author's Tales, Sketches and other works of fiction being charac-
teristic, will be found under the name of author and title of work in
the General Catalogue.

Turn of the Tide, by Lady Margaret Majendie 337^

TURGENEV (Ivan S., Russian author, b. 1818, d. 1883):

First Love and Punin andBaburin, translated from the Russian... 2385X

Unfortunate One, translated by A. Thompson 3339^

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

TURNER (Edward F.), More T. Leaves 2432X

TWAIN (Mark [Samuel Langhorne Clemens], American Humorist} :

A Yankee at the Court of King Arthur, a Satire 3CQ9X

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer's Comrade M99X

Adventures of. Tom Sawyer 3oo6X

Choice Humorous Works [Innocents Abroad, New Pilgrim's

Progress, Life of the Author, &c. ] I49&X

Innocents Abroad [Records of a Pleasure Trip] 285X

Innocents at Home..... 2icoX

Life on the Mississippi [History of the River, Southern Sports, &c.] I497X

Practical Jokes with Artemus Ward , 2755 & 2756X

Prince and the Pauper [Edward, Son of Henry VIII., &c.] I498X

Roughing It [Silver Mines of Nevada] 233iX

Tramp Abroad [Tour through Europe, 1878] 2347X

TWAIN (Mark) and WARD (Artemus), Letters to " Punch " and

Practical Jokes [Artemus Ward in London, &c.] 2 755X

TWAIN (Mark) and WARNER (C. D.), Gilded Age 233oX

'Twas in Trafalgar's Bay, by Walter Besant and James Rice 88.$X

See also All the Year Round, v. 41, iSoiJ.

Tweeddale Traditionary Tales [Chambers' Miscellany, v. 10] 627R

Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea, by Jules Verne... 1012 and 2C6JX
Twenty Years After [Mazarin, i;th Century, Sequel to Three

Musketeers], by Alexandre Dumas 635X

Twice Bought, A Tale of the Oregon Gold Fields, by Ballantyne 499X

See als Boys' Own Annual, v. 5, 29557.

Twice Lost, Story of Shipwreck and Adventure in the Wilds of

Australia, by William II. G. Kingston 7*3^

Twice Loved, by Alice King J673X

Twice Told Tales, comprising the Gray Champion, W T edding Knell,

Gentle Boy, &c., by N. Hawthorne 1320, 2602 and 2892X

See also Hawthorne's Legends of the Province House, 28g3X.

Twin-Captains [French Empire, 1804], by Alexandre Dumas 4OQX

'Twixt Love and Duty, by Tighe Hopkins [Leisure Hour, v. 34] .... 26445



TWO Admirals, by James Fenimore Cooper 290, 318 and 2546X

Two Bad Blue Eyes, by Rita [Mrs. O. von Booth] I623X

Two Birthdays [Sunday at Home, v. 17] 2867!

Two Brothers [Quiver, v. 19] , 3 28 9j

Two by Tricks, by Edmund Yates i89oX

Two Cabin Boys, a Story of Adventure by Land and Sea, by Louis

Rousselet [Boys' Own Annual, v. 4] 2954}

Two Chiefs of Dunboy, or an Irish Romance of the Last Century,

by James Anthony Froude 241 7X

Two Chums, a Grammar School Story, by Paul Blake [B. O. A., v. 5] 2O55J

Two Days in a Lifetime, by T. W. Speight [Chambers' Journal, v. 61] 19613"

Two Destinies, by Wilkie Collins [Temple Bar Magazine, v. 46] I376J

Two Dreamers, by John Saunders 33o8X

Two Drovers, by Sir Walter Scott 929 and 977X

Two Friends, or Life in Earnest, by Marriott, Old field 27I4X

Two Great Surprises, a Short Guernsey Tale [Guernsey Mag., v. 9]..

Two Lilies [Tale of an Architect], by Julia Kavanagh 1668 and

Two Little Wooden Shoes, by Ouida [Mdlle. Louise cle la RameJ 853X

Two Marriages, by Miss Muloch [Mrs. Craik] 1573^

Two Midshipmen, by Captain C. F. Armstrong 447^

Two Miss Flemings, by the Author of " Rare Pale Margaret " i848X

Two Mrs. Scudamores, by Mrs. Oliphant [Scribner's Mon. Mag., v. 3] i853j
Two Old Men's Tales : The Deformed, and The Admiral's Daughter,

by Mrs. Anne Marsh I3&7X

Two on a Tower, a Romance, by Arthur S. Hardy 979X

Two Pastors, a Tale of Religious Life in Germany [Sun. at H., v. 7] 2857!

Two Pilgrims, or Love and Good Deeds, by Count Lyof N. Tolstoi... 2629X

Two Sides of a Shield, by Charlotte Mary Yonge 33O9X

Two Stories in One, by William Gilbert [Quiver, v. 15] 3285J

Two Supercargoes, or Adventures in Savage Africa, by W. H. Kingston 7I4X
Two Tales of Married Life : Hard to Bear, and a True Man, by

Georgiana M. Craik and M. C. Stirling 1836 and 28igX

Two Thousand Years Ago, or the Adventures of a Roman Boy, by

Alfred J. Church 2386X

Two Voyages, or Midnight and Daylight, by William H. G. Kingston 724X

See also Sunday at Home, v. 12, 2862].

Two Years, by Isa Craig-Knox [Quiver, v. 13] . 3283J

Two Years Ago, by Charles Kingsley 731, 732, 1943, 1983 and 3035^

Tylney Hall, by Thomas Hood 226iX

Typee, a Peep at Polynesian Life, by Herman Melville 27ogX

TYTLER (Margaret Fraser, Writer for Young People) :

Tales of Good and Great Kings [Gustavus Vasa, Henri Quatre, &c. ] 1 5ooX

The Deformed, a Short Scottish Tale 225oX

TYTLER (Sarah, Writer for Young People] :

Beauty and the Beast 2O3oX

Also Good Words, v. 25 2igsJ

Living Age, v. 160. . . ^igoj

Bride's Pass [G. W., v. 20] 2190)"

Also Living Age, v. 140 .... SiyoJ

Cast in the\Yaggon[G.W.] 2173)

Days of Yore.! 3O88X

Huguenot Family in the

English Village 2O55X

Also Sunday Magazine, v. 3 2453]

In the Fort [Sun. M., v. 12] 2462J

Lady Bell [Good W., v. 14] 2184)

Noblesse Oblige [G.W.,v. 10] 2180)

Sukie's Boy [L. A., v. 119] 3149}

Summer .Snow 28ooX

What She came Through ... 2i87j

Douce Lass I 5 2 9 X Aho Livin * A * e ' v " I2 3 ' 55j

N.B. See also the General
Catalogue for this Author.



TjNCLE Bob's Niece, by L. Keith [Keith Johnston] [A. Y. R., v. 60] 1820}

Uncle Jack, Sir Jocelyn's' Cap, &c., by Walter Besant 784 and 205 iX

Uncle Jeremy's Household, by A. Conan Doyle [B. O. A., v. 9] 2959]

Uncle John, by George John Whyte Melville 825^

See also Temple Bar Magazine, v. 39, 1369!.

Uncle Remus, or Mr. Fox, Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Terrapin [Ngro

Tales, &c.], by Joel Chandler Harris 2o;oX

Uncle Silas, a Tale of Bartram-Haugh, by J. Sheridan Le Fanu 2348X

Uncle Tom's Cabin, or Slave Life in America, by H. B. Stowe 1469 and I47OX
Uncle Tom's Cabin, Key presenting the Original Facts and Docu-
ments upon which the Story is founded, together with
corroborative statements verifying the truth of the work, by

Harriet Beecher Stowe i47iX

Uncle Towser, a Story for Boys Young and Old, by Rev. A. N.

Malan [Boys' Own Annual, v. 12] 2962]

Uncommercial Traveller, by Charles Dickens 349, 369, 370 and 29S5X

See also All the Year Round, v. 2, 1762],

Under a Strange Mask, by Barrett [Cassell's Family Mag., v. 15] .... 2364.!

Under an Afric Sun, by George Manville Fenn [Chambers' J., v. 65] 1966)

Under-CUrrentS, a Story of the Period, by Arthur Goddard 2882X.

Under Drake's Flag, a Tale of the Spanish Main, by G. A. Henty... IO74X
Under Foot, a Tale, by Alton Clyde [Mrs. Jeffreys] [Quiver, v. 12]... 3282J
tJnder Salisbury Spire in the Days of George Herbert [The Recol-
lections of Magdalene Wydville], by Emma Marshall 3395^

Under the Meteor Flag, the Log of a Midshipman during the

French Revolutionary War, by Harry Collingwood 33 2 ^

Under the Mulberry Tree, by Mrs. Prosser [Sunday at Home, v. 1 8] 2868J

Under the Red Flag, by Miss M. E. Braddon [Mrs. J. Maxwell] 33ioX

Under the Storm, by Charlotte Mary Yonge 33iiX

Under the Waves, or Diving in Deep Waters, by R. M. Ballantyne. 673X

Under the Yellow Flag, by George M. Fenn [Once a Week, v. 37]. 2297]"

Under Two Flags, by Ouida [Mademoiselle Louise de la Rame] 867X

Under which Flag, a Short Tale, by A. E. Barr [Chris. World Mag.] 258!

Under which Lord [Husband or Priest], by E. Lynn Linton i7ooX

See also Gentleman's Magazine, v. 22, N.S., 742 J.

Under Wild Skies [Once a Week, v. 30] 23OOJ

Undine, by Rev. T. Tracey [Romancist and Novelists' Library] 2282X

Undiscovered Country, by William D. Howells 1 3O7X

Unequal Yoke [Sunday at Home, v. 2] 2852J

Unforeseen, by Alice O'Hanlon [Gentleman's Magazine, v. 34, N.S.] 754^

Unforgotten, by Beatrice Bristowe [Christian World Magazine] 249]"

Unfortunate One, by Ivan S. Turgenev 3339X

Ungava, a Tale of Esquimaux Land, by R. M. Ballantyne 674X

Unguarded Hour [Romancist and Novelists' Library] 2282X

Unholy Wish, and other Stories, by Mrs. Henry Wood 3^97X

Unsocial Socialist, by G. Bernard Shaw 335X

Unspotted from the World, by Mrs. G. W. Godfrey [Tern. B., v. 65] 1395;.

Up-Stairs and Down-Stairs, by Dutton Cook [Once a Week, v. 17] 2277J

UpS and Downs of a Donkey's Life, by C. L. Mateaux 2875X



Ursula, a Tale of Country Life, by Elizabeth M. Sewell ... 1036 and 2842X
Ursula's Stumbling Block, or Pride comes before a Fall, a Tale

for Girls, by Julia Goddard 2334X

VAGABOND Heroine, by Mrs. Annie Edwardes [T. B., v. 37] ... I367J

Vagabond. Lover, by "Rita" [Mrs. Gollan von Booth] 33I2X

Vaia's Lord, by Jean Middlemass 3359^

Val Strange, by David Christie Murray i672X

Vale of Cedars, or the Martyrs [Expulsion of Jews from Spain,

1492], by Grace Aguilar u6iX

Valentine M'Clutchy, the Irish Agent, or the Chronicles of Castle

Cumber [Evictions in Ireland, &c.], by William Carleton ... 2267X
Valentine Strange, a Story of the Primrose Way, by D. Christie

Murray [Chambers' Journal, v. 59] J 959j

Valentine Vox, the Ventriloquist, by Henry Cockton 2OOOX

Valentino, an Historical Romance of the i6th century in Italy [The

Borgias, &c.], by William Waldorf Astor 2iioX

Valerie, an Autobiography, by Capt. Frederick Marryat 27ooX

Valerie's Fate, by Mrs. Alexander [Gentleman's Mag., v. 31, N.S.].. 75iJ
See also Living Age, v. 160,

Valley of a Hundred Fires [Wales, &c.], by Mrs. Anne Marsh 2466X

Valley of Poppies, by Joseph Hatton [Gentleman's Mag., v. 7, N.S.] 727 J
VAMBERY(Armenius), My Early Adventures, an Autobiographical

Sketch [Cassell's Family Magazine, v. 9]

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Vanished. Diamond, a Tale of South Africa, by Jules Verne 2O35X

or Star of the Settlement. See also Boys' Own Annual, v. 7, 2957.7.

Vanity Fair, by William Makepeace Thackeray 1075 and loSSX

VELEY (Margaret, Serial Writer, &>c.) :


Also Cornhill Magazine, v. 45 3 2 5j
For Percival [Cornhill, 36] 316]

Mitchelhurst Place 634X

Also Macmillan's Magazine, v.

5 9 8 J

Vendetta, or the Story of one Forgotten, by Marie Corelli 3O72X

Venetia [a Tale of the 1 8th Century], by the Earl of Beaconsfield

130, 140, 2572 and 2887X

Vengeance is Mine, by Eliza F. Pollard 337iX

Verdant Green, an Oxford Freshman, by Cuthbert Bede ... 2424 and 3O57X
Verena Fontaine's Rebellion, by Johnny Ludlow [Living Age, v. 145] 3I75J

See also Argosy, v. 29, 29 J.

VERNE (Jules, French Dramatist and Novelist, b. 1828) :

Adrift in the Pacific, or the Adventures of a Schoolboy Crew

See also Boys' Own Annual, v. n, 2961 J.

Adventures of Captain Hatteras [English at the North Pole, &c.]
See also English at North Pole, Ice Desert, Field of Ice, &c.


VERNE (Jules) continued:

Adventures of Three Englishmen and Three Russians in South

Africa IO22X

Among the Cannibals [Maoris, New Zealand, &c.] iSs6X

Around the World in Eighty Days [for a Wager] IO2IX

Barbicane & Co., or the Purchase of the Pole [B. O. A., v. 12]... 2962]

Begum's Fortune and the Green Ray IO25X

See also Leisure Hour, v. 28, 26387.

Blockade Runners [American Rebellion, 1862], &c IO23X

Boy Captain, a Tale of Adventure by Land and Sea [B. O. A.,v.2] 29527
Child of the Cavern, or Strange doings Underground
Clipper of the Clouds [Aerial Navigation, &c.j

See also Boys' Own Annual, v. 9, 2959.7.

Cryptogram. See Giant Raft, ioi4X and 29547.

Dick Sands, the Boy Captain [Whaling, Shipwreck, &c.]

Dr. Ox's Experiment and Master Zacharius 1019 and 2O66X

English at the North Pole [Part I. of Captain Hatteras]...i847 and i849X
Exploration of the World [Celebrated Travels and Travellers] ... i85oX

Field of Ice [same as Captain Hatteras] 2C95X

Five Weeks in a Balloon, a Voyage of Discovery in Central Africa IO2OX

Floating City [a Tale of the Great Eastern Steamship], &c IO23X

From the Earth to the Moon, Direct, in ninety-seven hours

twenty minutes, and Around the Moon ioi8X

Fur Country, or Seventy Degrees North Latitude ioi6X

Giant Raft, Part I., Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon ; Part

II., The Cryptogram [Brazil, South America, c.] IOI4X

See also Boys' Own Annual, v. 3, 29537.

Godfrey Morgan, a Californian Mystery IO21X

See also Boy's Own Annual, v. 5, 2955.7.

Green Ray, a Romance of the Scottish Highlands IO25X

Hector Servadac [Algeria, Adventures, &c.] < lonX

Ice Desert [Part II. of Captain Hatteras]

Journey into the Interior of the Earth

Kereban the Inflexible, Part I., The Captain of the Guidore ;

Part II., Searpante the Spy [Turkey and Russia] IO24X

See also Boys' Own Annual, 1305!!.

Martin Paz and Five Weeks in a Balloon IC2OX

Michael Strogoff, the Courier of the Czar [Russian Police, &c.]... ioi5X

Mysterious Document [Chili, Straits of Magellan, &c.] J^SSX

Mysterious Island [Sequel to 20,000 Leagues under the Sea] IO43X

See also Scribner's Monthly Magazine, v. 7, 1857.7.

Round the Moon, a Sequel to From the Earth to the Moon lOiSX

Star of the Settlement. See Vanished Diamond, 2035X.

Steam House [Indian Mutiny, Nana Sahib, &c.] IO44X

Survivors of the Chancellor, Diary of J. R. Kazallon, Passenger.. IOI3H

Tour of the World in Eighty Days 2O68X

Tribulations of a Chinaman [Adventures in the Sea, &c.] IO26X

Troubles of a Chinaman [Leisure Hour, v. 29] 2639!

Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea 1012 and 2o6;X

See also the Sequel, Mysterious Island [Death of Captain Nemo, &c.].

Vanished Diamond, a Tale of South African Diamond Fields 2O35X

See also Boys' Own Annual, v. 7, 2957 J.

Winter amid the Ice, and other Stories IO22X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Verner's Pride, by Mrs. Henry Wood 6, 53 and I964X

See also Once a Week, v. 7, 22677.



VERNEY (Lady, Serial Writer, SrV.) :

FernyhurstCourt[L.A. 107] 3I37J Stone Edge [Cornhill Maga-

Lettice Lisle [Cornhill, 18] 298; zine, v. 15] .................... 295)

Also Living Age, v. 99 ....... 3i2gJ

VERNON (J. R. ), Bertram Raven, a Story of College Life [L. H. , 24] 2634;

Veronica, or the Free Count of Aarau, by H. Zschokke .............. I522X

- - See also All the Year Round, v. 22, 1782].

Veronique, by Miss Florence Marryat [now Mrs. F. Lean] ............ 2O42X

Very Simple Story, and Wild Mike, by Florence Montgomery ......... 22I4X

Very Strange Family, by Frederick William Robinson .................. 3U2X

Veva, or the War of the Peasants, an Historical Tale [Flemings and

the French Republic] by Ilendrik Conscience ......... 1257 and 2$2gX.

Via Crucis, by Louisa Ronile ................. , ................................. l8l$X.

Vicar of Bullhampton, by Anthony Trollope ..................... 773 and H35X

Vicar of Wakefield, by Oliver Goldsmith ......... 1305, 2253X5 888 and ii62Z

Vicar of Wrexhill, by Anthony Trollope

Vicar's Daughter, by George Macdonald

- - 'See also Sunday Magazine, 2458J.

Vicar's People [Cornish Mines, &c.], by George Manville Fenn ...... I3O4X

VICARY (John Fulford), a Stork's Nest [Danish Stories, &c.] ........ 2O93X

Vice Versa, or a Lesson to Fathers, by F. Anstey [F. Anstey Guthrie] 22ogX.

Vicomte de Bragelone [Sequel to 637X3, by Alexandra Dumas ...... 637X

Victims, by Theo Gift [T. Havers] [All the Year Round, v. 57] ... i8i;J

Victor and Vanquished, by Mary Cecil Hay .............................. H33^

Victory and the Vanquished, by Mrs. Charles ........................... 596X

VIDOCQ (E. F.), Memoirs of, as a Convict Spy and Agent of the

French Police ............................................................. 1 5oiX

Vignettes of a Northern Village, by Mary Linskill [Gocd Words]... 2199}

Village Belles, a Tale of English Country Life, by A. Manning ...... 2792X

Village Blacksmith, by Small [Argosy, v. 47] ...................... .' ....... 47j

- See also Argosy, v. 45, 45].

Village Commune, by Ouida [Mdlle. Louise de la Rame] ............. 1584^

Village Doctor, by D'Arbouville [Family Friend, v. n] ................ 7O3R

Village on the Cliff, by Thackeray [Cornhill Magazine, v. 14] ........ 294!

- See also Living Age, v. 90, 3i2oJ.

Village Tragedy, by Margaret L. Woods

Villette, by Charlotte Bronte [Currer Bell] ......................... 150 and I54X

Vincenzo ; or, Sunken Rocks, by J. Ruffini [Macmillan's Mag., v. 6] 936J
Violet Douglas, by Mrs. Emma Marshall ................................... 1734^

Violet Vaughan, or the Shadow of Warneford Grange, by Emma

Jane Worboise [Mrs. E. Guyton] ................................... 1177^

Virgine, a Tale of One Hundred Years Ago, by Val Prinsep .......... 905;

Virginians, The [Eve of American War, i8lh Century], by William

Makepeace Thackeray ...................................... 1079 and IO92X

See also Harper's Magazine, v. 16, I576J.

Virginians in Texas, by William M. Baker [Harper's Mag., v. 34], 16147
Visited on the Children, by Theo. Gift [All the Year Round, v. 45] 1805}
- See also Living~Age, v. 147, 31777.
Vittoria [Lombard Campaign, c.], by George Meredith ............. 26ioX

- See also Fortnightly Review, v. 3, 20937.

Vittoria Contarini, or Love the Traitor, by Dubourg [T. B.. v. 45] 1375}

Viva [French Society, &c.]. by Mrs. Forrester ............................ i6i5X

Vivian and his Friends, or Two Hundred Years Ago [S. at H., v. 10] 286oJ
Vivian Grey, by B. Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield ......... 102, 127



Vivian the Beauty, by Mrs. .Annie Edwarcles [Temple Bar, v. 56].... 1386?

Vivienne, by Rita [Mrs. Gollan von Booth] 2c8aX

Vixen, by Miss M. E. Braddon [Mrs. John Maxwell] I9;X

Sec also All the Year Round, v. 41, iSoiJ.

VOG-EL (Sir Julius), Anno Domini 2,000, or Woman's Destiny 3393^-

Voice, A, and The Lover upon Trial, by Lady Lyons 2/88X

Voice in the Wilderness, by Caroline Fothergill 33 1 3X

VOLTAIRE (F. M. A. cle), Zadig [Romancist & Novelists' Library] 2282X

Round the \Vorld, by William H. G. Kingston 725X

WAGES of Sin, by Miss M. E. Braddon [Mrs. John Maxwell] 232 4 X

Wages of Sin, by Lucas Malet [Universal Review, v. 6] 3326!

Waif of the Plains [Prairie Life, &c.], by Bret Harte 3 125X1

Wait a Year, by Rev. T. S. Millington [Leisure Hour, v. 28] 2638.!

Waiting Supper, The, by Thomas Hardy [Murray's Magazine] 1463!

Waiting to Win, a Story of Fairlawn Grange [Once a Week, v. 21] 228iJ
WALFORD (L. B., Serial Writer, &<;.) :

Baby's Grandmother 3236X

Also Blackwood Mag. , v 134 2 4J

Dick Netherby

Pauline [Blackwood v. 121] 191]"

Also Living Age, v. 133 316;

Sage of Sixteen 3106

Troublesome Daughters i


Also Good Words, v. 22 .... 2iQ2j

WALFORD (Mrs.), Stiffnecked Generation

WALKER (Annie L.), Hollywood ,

WALSH (A. Stewart), Mary the Queen of the House of David and

Mother of Jesus [the Story of her Life] I23X

Walter's Word [Italian Brigands, &c.], by James Payn i6o3X

See also Chambers' Journal, v. 12, ig52ja.

WALTON (Mrs. O. F., Serial Writer, &r.) :

Little Faith, or the Child of the Toy-Stall [Sunday at Home, v. 26] 28;6J

Peep Behind the Scenes [Wandering Actors, Circus, &c.] 3O96X

WAL WORTH (M.), Love for Life [Family Friend] 723R

Wanda, by Ouida [Mademoiselle Louise cle la Rame] 863 and 2356X

Wanderer and His Home, being a Continuation of Memoirs of my

Youth, 2563X5 by Alphonse de Lamartine 2564X

Wanderers, Adventures in the Wilds of Trinidad, and up the Orinoco,

by William Harrison Gainsford Kingston 726X

War and Peace : I. Before Tilsit ; II. The Invasion ; III. French at

Moscow, by Count Lyof N. Tolstoi. r. 2438X

War Correspondent, by the Wandering Jew [Once a Week, v. 36] ... 2296!
War Trail, or the Hunt of the Wild Horse, by Captain Mayne Reid. I785X
Sec also Chambers' Journal, v. 27, ig4oj.

WARBURTON (Eliot 15. G., Irish Novelist, b. 1810, .drowned

1852), Darien, or the Merchant Prince I5O2X

WARD (Artemus [Charles F. Browne], American Humorist and
Lecturer, b. 1836, d. 1867) :

Book of Goaks 3364X I Lecture at the Egyptian Hall 3366X

His Book 1 505X I Travels among the Mormons 3365X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.



WARD (Artemus) and TWAIN (Mark), Letters to "Punch" and

Practical Jokes 2755X

WARD (Herbert D. ), The Master of the Magicians 335 X

WARD (Mrs. Humphrey, Writer of Travels, &c.) :

Helen Charteris 2759 & 2888X I Miss Bretherton 3i8oX

Jasper Lyle 2 75& & 293oX | Robert Elsmere 1419, 2008 & 2468X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

WARD (James, Biographer, &c.) t Adolphe Renouard [France] i5o6X

WARD (Robert Plumer, Novelist and Politician, b. 1765, d. 1846) :

De Clifford 22;6X | De Vere I2;6X

WARD (Mrs. T. H.), Milly and Oily [among the Mountains] 2063^

Warden, The, by Anthony Trollope 1127 and H38X

WARE (William, Unitarian Minister, l>. 1797, d. 1852), Letters

from Palmyra ; or Zenobia 2761 and 293iX

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

WARE (Mrs. Hibbert), The Water Tower i86oX

Warleigh's Trust, by Emma Jane Worboise [Mrs. E. Guyton] n66X

See also Christian World Magazine, 251 J.

WARNER (Anna B., Sister of Susan Warner {Elizabeth \Vetherell}. See

Lothrop (Amy).
WARNER (Charles Dudley, Barrister and Journalist, b. 1829) :

Little Journey in the World [Harper's Magazine, v. 78]

Their Pilgrimage [Harper's Monthly Magazine, v. 72]

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

WARNER (Charles Dudley) and TWAIN (Mark), Gilded Age....
WARNER, (Susan, Celebrated American Novelist, b. 1818). See Wetherell


Warrawarra, the Carib Chief, a Tale of 1770, by Henry H. Breen I225X
Warren Knowles [a Tale of Revenge, &c.]> by Alan James Gulston. I&38X
WARREN (Samuel, Recorder of Hull, 1854, b. 1807, d. 1877), M.P. :

Diary of a Late Physician [Tales of Vice and Virtue] . . 1508 and 2H7X

Now and Then, Lily and the Bee, &c 1509 and i5ioX

Ten Thousand a Year [English Society, I9th Century] 2 349^

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.
Was He Severe? Lost Bank-Note, Doctor's Daughter, Haunted

Tower, &c., by Mrs. Henry Wood 2323X

Was it Wise to Change [Cassell's Family Magazine, v. 8] 7j

Washington Square, and other Tales, by Henry James, junr 336oX

See also Harper's Magazine, v. 61, 1641}. Cornhill Magazine, v. 41, 321 J.

Waste Not, Want Not, and other Tales I552Z

Watchmaker [a German Romance], by Alexandre Dumas 414^

Water Babies, A Fairy Tale for a Land Baby, by Charles Kingsley 734X

See also Macmillan's Magazine, v. 6, 936.7. Living Age, v. 75, 3105.7.

Water Tower, by Mrs. Hibbert Ware i86oX

Water Witch, or the Skimmer of the Seas, by James Fenimore

Cooper 285, 321 and 2554^

Waterloo [French Empire, 1815], by MM. Erckmann-Chatrian .... 874X

Waters of Hercules [Black wood's Magazine, v. 136] 2o6J

WATSON (Lily, Serial Writer, &c.) :

In the Days of Mozart, the Story of a Young Musician [G. O. A.] 2558J

Mountain Path [Girls' Own Annual, v. 6] 2556J

Wavering Image, by Miss M. E. Braddon [Mrs. John Maxwell] ... 2324X
Waverley [Bonnie Prince Charlie, The Jacobites, Scotland, i8th

Century], by Sir Walter Scott 889, 937, loioX and IO23-5Z



Way we Live Now, by Anthony Trollope... .................................

Ways of the Hour, by James Fenimore Cooper ....... . ....................

We and Our Neighbours, or Records of an Unfashionable Street

[New York], by Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe ..................... 28O4X

- See also Christian World Magazine, 2437.

We and the World, by Juliana Horatia Ewing .............................. 658X

We Costelions [Devonshire County Family], by Jessie S. Lloyd ....... i888X

We Girls, a Home Story, by A. D. T. Whitney ........................... 28O3X

We Two, by Edna Lyall [Miss Ada Ellen Bayly] ............... 2144 and 243;X

Weaker Vessel, by David Christie Murray [Good Words, v. 29] ...... 2IQ9J

Weal and Woe in Garveloch, by Harriet Martineau .................... 775^

Wearyfoot Common, by Leitch Ritchie [Chambers' Journal, v. i] .. IQ37J
- See also Living Age, v. 41, 3071 J.

WEATHERLEY (George), Tim Thomson's Trial .................... 2383X

Weaver of Naumberg, or Triumph of Meekness [Leisure Hour, v. 5] 2615}
Weavers and Weft, and other Tales, by Miss M. E. Braddon [Mrs.

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