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John Maxwell] ................................................... 176 and 2I53X

WEBB (Mrs. J. B., Serial Writer, &><:.) :

Alypius of Tagaste 286 1 J

Helen Mordaunt

Julamerk 1511 &

Naomi 2242X

Oliver Wyndham 1 64OX

Pilgrims of New England... 2<)6gX.
Pomponia, or the Gospel in

Cresar's Household 2863J

WEBBER (Charles W., American Writer, b. 1819), Adventures in

the Comanche Country in Search of a Gold Mine I5I2X

WEBER (V.), Woman's Revenge [Romancist and Novelists' Lib.].. 228iX

Wee Wifie, by Rosa Nouchette Carey I399X

Week on the Thames, by Paul Blake [Boys' Own Annual, v. 3] 2 953j

Weighed and Wanting, by George Macdonald 1535^

Wellfields, by Tessie Fothergill 3040 and 3o8oX

Wept of Wish-ton-Wish [United States War of King Phillip of

Pokanoket, I7th Century], by James Fenimore Cooper 3I2X

WERNER (E., German Novelist, <SrY.) :

Fickle Fortune 373X I Raymond's Atonement 3286X

No Surrender 3O74X | Success and how he \Von it. . 3O75X

Wessex Tales, Strange, Lively, &c., by Thomas Hardy 3I47X

WESTALL (William, Serial Writer, &c. ) :

Her Two Millions [G.W.] 2198] \ Nigel Fortescue 2OO6X

Jarousseau [C. W., 1886] 255J

Phantom City

Red Ry vington 592X

John Brown and Larry

Lohengrin 2OO5X

Westward Ho ! or the Voyages and Adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh,
of Burrough, in the County of Devon, in the Reign of her
most glorious Majesty Queen Elizabeth [Spanish Armada,

1588], by Charles Kingsley 735 and 3O34X

WESTWOOD (J. C.), Claude Hambro [a Love Story]
WETHERELL (Elizabeth [Susan Warner], American Novelist] :

Daisy 2206 and 278iX

Daisy in the Field

Daisy Plains

Ellen Montgomery's Book

Shelf I858X

Golden Ladder

Grace Howard .................. 286oX

Little Camp on Eagle Hill...

Melbourne House ...... 1861 & 2396X

Old Helmet ..................... I864X



WETHERELL (Elizabeth) continued :

Queechy 2071 & 286iX

Say and Seal i86;X

Stories of Vinegar Hill

What she Could, and Oppor-
tunities [a Sequel]

Wide, Wide World 2069 & 286gX

N.B. Daisy Series. See under Daisy for order of reading.

WETHERELL (Elizabeth) and LOTHROP(Amy), Golden Ladder iSsgX

WEYMAN (Stanley J.), House of the Wolf [English Illus., v. 6] ... 19967

What can She do ? [Advocating Self- Reliance, Religion, &c.], by Roe 2239X

What hast Thou done ? by 7. Fitzgerald Molloy 58oX

What He Cost Her, by 7ames Payn [All the Year Round, v. 36] 17967

What I did at Belgrade, a Short Tale, by C. Lever [Blackwood, 103] 173}

What is her Name, a Tale, by Rev. Dr. Edersheim [S. at H., v. 19] 28697

What Men Live By, by Count Lyof N. Tolsto'i 2633^

What She came through, by Sarah Tytler [Good Words, v 17] 21877

See also Living Age, v. 129, 3159.7.

What she Could, and Opportunities [a Sequel], by E. Wetherell i648X

What will He do with It ? by Lord Lytton 2OoX

What will Society Say? a Story of Society and the Stage, by Coape I9&7X

What will the World Say? by Charles Gibbon 1953^

WHATELY (Miss E. 7ane, daughter of Bishop W /lately} :

Cousin Mabel's Experiences [Sunday at Home, v. 27] 28777

Failures and Successes, or Sketches of Character [S. at H., v. 26] 28767

Perplexities in Daily Life, or Which Way ? [Sunday at H., v. 19]. 28697
N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

WHATELY (Miss M. L., Philanthropist}, Story of a Diamond 26267

What's Mine's Mine, by George Macdonald 244iX

What's the Odds? by Francis Cowley Burnand 55^

Wheat and Tares [Eraser's Magazine, v. 61] 6717

WHELPTON (Edwin), Lincolnshire Heroine i866X

When the Sea gives up its Dead, by Julie Sutler [Sunday Magazine]. 24697

When the Tide was High [Cassell's Family Magazine, v. 4] 23537

When we Two parted, by Sarah Doudney 644X

When we were Boys, by William O'Brien 3I9OX

When we were Girls Together, a Story of School Life, by Sarah

Doudney [Girls' Own Annual, v. 6] 25567

Where Love is there God is also, by Count Lyof N. Tolstoi 2626X

Which ? or Eddies round the Rectory [Living Age, v. 57] 30877

Which Shall it be ? by Mrs. Alexander [Mrs. A. F. Hector] 367X

Whim, A, and its Consequences, by George Payne Rainsford James. 2654X

Whispering Unseen, by A. L.O.E. [Miss Tucker] 43iX

WHITE Y (Beatrice), The Awakening of Mary Fenwick 33$7X

WHITE (Fred M., Serial Writer, crV.) :

By Order of the League Golden Argosy [C. J., v. 63] 1963!

[Ghana. Journal, v. 63], 19637 Silver Stream [C. 7., v. 65].. 1965}

White Chief, a Legend of Mexico, by Captain Mayne Reid I779X

White Fawn, The, A North American Story, by Colonel Johnson .. 225oX

White Heather, by William Black [Longman's Magazine, v. 5] 895J

White Hoods, an Historical Romance [Netherlands' Civil Wars, i6th

Century], by Mrs. Anna Eliza Bray I222X



White Mask [Time of William and Mary], by Mrs. Thomson 2753X

White Rose, a Domestic Tale, by Mrs. Anna Eliza Bray 252OX

White Rose, by George John Whyte Melville 835X

See also Fortnightly Review, v. 7, 20977.

White Rose of \Vhitelake, by Anne Beale [Quiver Magazine, v. 22] 32927

White Scalper [American War for Independence, '75-84], by Aimard 225X

White Slave, or Memoirs of a Fugitive, edited by R. Hildreth I3 2 5X

White Squaw, and Yellow Chief, by Captain Mayne Reid I^X

White Wings, a Yachting Romance, by William Black 3O5oX

See also Cornhill Magazine, v. 40, 32oJ. Harper's Magazine, v. 59, 16397.

White Witch [Argosy, v. 37] 37 J

Whitebqy, a Story of Ireland in 1822, by Mrs. Hall 1306 and i3o8X

Whitefriars, or the Days of Charles II., an Historical Romance
[Oliver Cromwell, Prince Rupert, Roundheads, &c.], by

Jane Robinson 2770 and 2Q28X

Whitehall, or the Days of Charles L, an Historical Romance

[Claude Duval, Col. Blood, Titus Gates, &c.], by Robinson 276gX

Whiteladies, by Mrs. Oliphant [Good Words, v. 16] 2i86J

Whither Drifting, by Anne Beale [Quiver Magazine, v. 25] 3295!

WHITING (Mary Bradford, Serial Writer, &C.) :

Living of Langleys [Sunday Magazine, v. 22] 2472J

Stronger than Fate [Sunday Magazine, v. 17] 2 474J

WHITNEY (Mrs. A. D. T., American Poet and Novelist, b. 1824):
A Summer in Leslie Gold- Faith Gartney's Girlhood...

Gayworthys IQO2X

We Girls 28o3X

thwaite's Life I9O4X

Bonnyborough 2352X

WHITTY (Edward M.), Knaves and Fools [London Life] 2IO5X

Who was then the Gentleman ? [a Social Story], by Compton Reade 33HX

Whose Wife shall She Be ? by James Stanley Little 336 iX

Why Frau Frohmann Raised her Prices, by Anthony Trollope [G. W.] 2i88f

Wicked Girl, by Mary Cecil Hay 33I5X

Wicked Woods of Tobereevil, by Miss Mullholland [A. Y. R., v. 27] 1787!

Wide, Wide World, by Elizabeth Wetherell 2069 and 2862*

Widow and the Marquess, or Love and Pride, by Theodore Hook... 2i66X

Wife's Trials, The, by Emma Jane Worboise [Mrs. E. Guy ton] i874X

See also Living Age, v. 47, 30777.

WIGHTWICK (M. G.), Mrs. Carr's Companions [Argosy, v. 35]... 35J
Wild Adventures round the Pole, or the Cruise of the Arrandoon, by

Gordon Stables [Boys' Own Annual, v. 4] 2954!"

Wild Flower of Ravensworth, by M. Betham Edwards 84iX

Wildgoose Lodge , Clarionet, Dead Boxer, &c., by William Carleton I238X

Wild Huntress, a Romance, by Capt. Mayne Reid [Chambers, v. 34] I943J

Wild Huntsman, and other Tales, by Erckmann-Chatrian 32O4X

Wild Kathleen [Girls' Own Annual, v. i] 255iJ

Wild Man of the West, a Tale of the Rocky Mountains [Buffaloes,

Bears, Redskins, &c.], by R. M. Ballantyne 675X

Wild Mike, and Very Simple Story, by Florence Montgomery 22I4X

WILDERMUTH (Ottilie), Disillusion, or Mary of the Mill and

the Countess Maria [Leisure Hour, v. 16] 2626!

Wilfrid Cumbermede, Autobiographical Story, by George Macdonald I536X
1 See also St. Paul's Magazine, v. 7, n67F. Scribner's Magazine, v. i,
18517. Living Age, v. 107, 31377.



Wilful Young Woman, a Tale [Cassell's Magazine, v. 11] 2361;

"Wilhelm Meisters Apprenticeship and Travels, from the German of

J. \V. Von Goethe 955 R and I 2 95 X

"Will, by Georges Ohnet 33*6X

Will, The, and other Tales-, by Maria Edgeworth 2444^

Will he Escape, a Tale, by Percy Fitzgerald [Gent. Mag., v. 3, N.S.] 723J

Will he no' Come Back Again, by Jessie M. E. Saxby [L. H., v. 30] 2640)

Will She be Happy? by Mrs. Woodward 22o8X

Will Weatherhelm, the Yarn of an Old Sailor about his Early Life

and Adventures, by William H. G. Kingston 7 2 7X

WILLARD (Frances E.), Nineteen Beautiful Years 652X

Willard's Weird, by Miss M. E. Braddon [Mrs. John Maxwell] 528X

William Fitz-Osbert, a Story of London Life in the Days of

Richard Coeur De Lion [Family Friend] 93'5D

WILLIAMS (R. Folkestone), Youth of Shakspeare !5i8X

WILLIAMS (W. H.), Silkrobed Cow, a Story of Life in the

Canadian North-West [Boys' Own Annual, v. 9] 2959!

Willie Wills' Wings, a Short Tale, by Mrs. Reaney [S. at H., v. 35] 2885)

Willing to Die [All the Year Round, v. 28] i;88J

WILLIS (John R.), Carleton, or Duty and Patriotism 2282X

WILLIS (Nathaniel Parker, American Journalist, &c.} :

Life Here and There 2;65X | People I have Met 2 754X

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

WILLMETS (C. L.), Priscilla, Story of a Boy's Love 2243X

See also Christian World Magazine, 1879, 2487.

Willoughby Captains, a School Story, by T. B. Reed [B. A. O., v. 6] 2956J

WILLS (W. G.), David Chantry [Temple Bar Magazine, v. 13] 1343!

WILMER (John), Modern Vassal [Living Age, v. 23] 3S3T

Wilmingtons, The, by Mrs. Anne Marsh 2683X

WILSON (J. Arbuthnot). See Allen (Grant).

WILSON (Professor John [Christopher North], Scotch Philosopher
and Essayist, b. 1785, d. 1854) :

Foresters, a Scotch Tale 297oX

Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life, Margaret Lindsay, &c 297oX

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.
WILSON (T. P., Rector of Smithcote, Temperance Writer, &c.) :

Great Heights gained by Steady Efforts 2244X

WILTON (L. E.), Mary Browne, a Tale for Girls igigX

WILTON (T.), Mongrels [a Tale of a Boy's Hardships] 6i3X

Wincherley Hall, a Tale, by M. M. Pollard [Sun. at Home, v. 30] 288oJ

Windaway Hill, by Beatrice Bristowe [Christian World Magazine] 247J
Windsor Castle [Times of Henry VIII., i6th Century], an Historical

Romance, by William Harrison Ainsworth 82X

Wing 1 and Wing, or Le Feu Follet, by James Fenimore Cooper 3OoX

WING-FIELD (Hon. Lewis, Novelist, &=c.) :

Abigel Rowe 53X I Curse of Koshiu [Japan] 2OO9X

Barbara Philpot 333X | Gehenna [Havens of Unrest] i869X

Winifred Bertram, and the World She Lived in, by Mrs. Charles... 2O96X

Winifred Power, a Love Tale, &c ... 2OO4X

See also Argosy Magazine, v. 35, 35J.



Winifred's Wooing and other Tales, by Georgiana M. Craik 28i6X

Winnie's History ["France, &c.], by Mary C. M. Simpson :822X

Winning his Spurs, a Tale of the Crusades, by George Alfred Henty I3I4X

WINTER (John Strange [Mrs. Stannard, Writer of Military Tales]} :

Army Society 3 2 34-X

Beautiful Jim 26g6X

Booties' Baby 23O2X

Booties' Children 23<D3X

Cavalry Life, in Barracks 2435X

Little Fool , .................... 3263X

Mrs. Bob

My Poor Dick

Princess Sarah [L.H., v. 37] 2647!

Regimental Legends .......... 246oX

Seige Baby, A .................. 2I75X

A Iso Living Age, v. 162 ....... 3202 J

Confessions of a Publisher 23OOX

Garrison Gossip 2I55X

Harvest 325 iX

Winter Amid the Ice, and other Stories, by Jules Verne IO22X

Winter Evenings [Characteristic Tales], by Leitch Ritchie IA27X

Wire and the Wave, or Cable-laying in the Coral Seas, a Tale of the

Submarine Telegraph, by J. Munro [Boys' Own An., v. 12]. 2962!

Witches Head, The, by Henry Rider Haggard] 3I2OX

With a Show through Southern Africa, and Personal Reminiscences

of the Transvaal War, by Charles Du Val 2i64X

With a Stout Heart, by Mrs. Sale Barker [Every Boy's Annual, 1874] I3O4H

With Axe and Rifle, or the Western Pioneers, by W. H. G. Kingston 343X

With Clive in India, or the beginnings of an Empire, by G. A. Henty if&jyX

With Costs, by Mrs. Newman [Time Magazine, v. 3] I493T

With Harp and Crown, by Walter Besant and James Rice 886X and 3o6o.X

With the Immortals, by F. Marion Crawford ic62X and 34OiX

See also Macmillan's Magazine, v. 56, 986.7.

Within Sea Walls, or How the Dutch kept the Faith [S. at H., 17] 28675
Within the Clasp, a Story of the Yorkshire Jet-Hunters, by J. Ber-
wick Harwood [Cassell's Family Magazine, v. 9] 2 359j

Within the Maze, by Mrs. Henry Wood II, 31 and I966X.

Within the Precincts [Society Tale, &c. ], by Mrs. Oliphant 1 595X

See also Cornhill Magazine, v. 37, 3i7j. Living Age, v. 136, 3i66J.

Without Further Delay [Chambers' Journal, v. 49] I95ij

Without Intending it, or John Tincroft, Bachelor and Benedict, by

Sargent [Leisure Hour, v. 21] 26315

Witness my Hand, a Fenshire Story [Cassell's Family Mag., v. 9]... 2359!

WITT (Madame Guizot De, French Writer'] :

Hobgoblin and Demon [Every Boy's Annual, 1887] , 1306!!

Parisian Family, translated by Miss Muloch 328oX

Through the Snowdrift [Napoleon's Retreat from Moscow] I3O7H

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Wives and Daughters, by Mrs. E. C. Gaskell 496, 497 and 2OI4X

See also Cornhill Magazine, v. 10, 290.7. Living Age, v. 85, 3iis5-

Wizard's Son, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant 3394^

Sec also Living Age, v. 157, 31875. Macmillan's Magazine, v. 47; 9775.

Wolfert'S Roost, and other Tales, by Washington Irving 666X

Womanlike, by Florence M. King [Cassell's Family Magazine, v. 16] 23655
Woman Against Woman, by Miss Florence Marryat [Mrs. Lean] ... I56^X

Woman Hater [Germany, &c.], by Charles Reade 1795^

See also Black-wood's Magazine, v. 119, 1895. Harper's Mag., v. 53,





"Woman I loved and the Woman who loved me [Once a Week, v. 6]
- See also Living Age, v. 73,


Woman in Red [Magicians, Jews, &c.], by W. S. Hay ward ............ II52X

Woman in White [Story of a Woman's Patience], by Wilkie Collins 263X

Sec also All the Year Round, v. 2, 17627.

Woman of Business, by W. M. Savage [Fortnightly Review, v. iij. 2ioiJ
Woman our Angel, or Led into the Light, by A. S. Roe ............... *757X

Woman's Friendship, a Story of Domestic Life, by Grace Aguilar... II58X
Woman's Hand, by E. M. Ellis ............................................. 2I25X

Woman's Kingdom, by Miss Muloch [Mrs. Craik] ...................... I57&X

- See also Good Words, v. 9, 21797. Harper's Magazine, v. 36, i6i6J.

Woman's Love Story, by Alice Mangold Diehl ................. ....... . . 32Q6X

Woman's Patience, by Emma Jane Worboise [Mrs. Guyton] .......... HQ6X

- See also Christian World Magazine, 1878, 2477.
Woman's Ransom, by Frederick William Robinson
Woman's Reason, an American Tale, by William D. Howells

See also Century Magazine, v. 3, 18757.

Woman's Revenge, by Veit Weber [Romancist and Novelists' Lib.] 228 iX
Woman's Strength, A, by Hopkinson [Cassell's Family Mag., v. 15]
Woman's Thoughts about Women, by Miss Muloch [Mrs. Craik] ...

Woman's Vengeance [Oxford, the Thames, &c., France], byj. Payn i6o5X
- - See also Chambers' Journal, v. 49, igsij.

Women are Strange, &c., by Frederick William Robinson ............ i8o5X

Women of Israel, Characters and Sketches from the Holy Scriptures

and Jewish History, by Grace Aguilar ............................. , 1 1 5gX

Won [Hamburg, Lovers, &c.] by Mrs. B. H. Buxton .................. 2OioX

Won, Not Wooed, a Tale [Chambers' Journal, v. 48] ..................... I95oja

Won by Waiting, by Edna Lyall [Miss Ada Ellen Bayly] ..... 2145 and 2$6.

Wonderful Stories of Daring Enterprise and Adventure [Columbus,

John Brown, &c.], by Dr. James Macaulay .................... 238oX

WOOD (H. F. ), Passenger from Scotland Yard ........................... 3348X

WOOD (Mrs. Henry, Celebrated Novelist, b. 1820, d. 1887) :



Anne Hereford... 1 6, 1923 & 3C58X

Bessy Rane 729 & I924X

Bessy Wells 295iX

Also Sunday Magazine, v. n 24617

Channings 2, 40, 55 & 1926X

Court Netherleigh ... 26 & I927X

A Iso Argosy, v. 31 31 J

Danesbury House, a Tem-
perance Tale I929X

Dene Hollow 8, 50 & I93OX

Doctor's Daughter 2323X

East Lynne...i, 52, 1932 & 2323X
Edina 24, 36 & I934X

A Iso Argosy, v. 21 21 J

Elchester College 24O2X

Elster's Folly 19, 33 & I935X

George Canterbury's Will

14, 38 & I937X

Haunted Tower 2323X

House of Halliwell [Arg.] 49j
Johnny Ludlow, first

series 27 & 1939*

Johnny Ludlow, 2nd series 28X
Johnny Ludlow, 3rd series 3I29X

Lady Adelaide 12, 46 & 56X

Also Temple Bar, v. 17 *347J

Lady Grace 2142 & 3i2gX

A Iso Argosy, v. 43 43J

Life's Secret

17, 34, 1943, 2323 & 282iX

Also Leisure Hour, v. n a62ij

Lord Oakburn's Daughters

10, 30, 1524 & I945X

Also Once a Week, v. 10 227oJ

Lost Bank Note 2323X

Also Leisure Hour, v. 12 2622]

Lost in the Post 28nX

Master of Greylands

13, 43, 49 & I946X

Mildred Arkell 20, 37 & i9 4 8X

Mrs. Halliburton's Troubles

4, 42 & 48X

Orville College 22, 32 & 195 iX

Oswald Cray 9 & I952X

Also Good Words, v. 5 21757

Parkwater 23, 41, 54 & I954X

Pomeroy Abbey 25 & I955X

A Iso Argosy, v. 25 35 J

Red Court Farm. ..15, 1957 & 3O59X






WOOD (Mrs. Hemy) (continued)

Roland Yorke

3, 1525, 1528 & I958X
St. Martin's Eve. ..21, 35 & i96oX
Shadow of Ashlydyat

5, 51, 1961 & 3o6oX
Story of Charles Strange.. 45}

Tale of Sin 2323X

Trevelyn Hold 18, 1527 &

Unholy \Vish

Verner's Pride ... 6, 53 &

A Iso Once a Week, v. 7 2267]

Was He Severe? 2323^

Within the Maze ....II, 31 & I966X

Wood Anemone, a Society Tale, by Mrs. Randolph 23O4X

Wood Leighton, or a Year in the Country, by Mary Howitt 2609 and 291 iX

Wood Magic, a Fable [about Weasles, Squirrels, &c.~J, by R. Jeffries. I348X

Woodlanders, The, by Thomas Hardy 3297X

See also Macmillan's Magazine, v. 54, 984$.

Woodman, The, an Historical Romance [Times of Richard III., I5th

Century], by George Payne Rainsford James 2644X

WOODS (Margaret L.), Village Tragedy 24I9X

Woodstock [Commonwealth, Cromwell, Charles II., Worcester

Fight, 1651], by Sir Walter Scott 927, 975X and 1093-5%

WOODWARD (Mrs., Novelist; &c.) :

Charlie i872X | Will She be Happy

Wooed and Married, by Rosa Nouchette Carey

Wooers and Winners, by Mrs. G. Linnaeus Banks

Wooing o : t, by Mrs. Alexander [Mrs. Hector]

See also Temple Bar, v. 35, 1365.7.

WOOLSEY (Miss). See Coolidge (Susan).
WOOLSON (Constance F., Serial Writer, &c.) :



3 2 9 8X


Anne ...........................

Also Harper's Mag., v. 62. . .


WORBOISE (Emma Jane [Mrs. E,
Novelist, b. 1825) :

Abbey Mill ii67X

Amy Wilton n82X

Brudenells of Brude ii64X

Campion Court i868X

Canonbury Holt 869X

Chrystabel II78X

Emilia's Inheritance IJ 97X

Esther Wynne H9iX

Evelyn's Story i87iX

Father Fabian ugoX

Fortune's Favourite H79& u89X

Also Christian World Mag.. 2537

Fortunes of Cyril Denham n86X
Grace Hamilton's School

Days n85X

Grey and Gold.... 1165 and n8oX

Grey House at Endlestone ng2X

Heart's-Ease in the Family 1 1 3X

Heirs of Errington H99X

His Next of Kin U72X

Jupiter Lights [Harp., v. 78]
For the Major [Harp., v. 65]

Guyton], Popular Religions

House of Bondage ............

Also Christian World Mag. . .
Husbands and Wives .........

Joan Carisbroke ...............

Labour and Wait [F. F. ] . . . .

Lady Clarissa .................

Lottie Lonsdale ...............

Margaret Torrington .........

Married Life ...................

Maude Bolingbroke ............

Millicent Kendrick ............

Mr. Montmorency's Money..
Nobly Born .....................

Oliver W r est\vood ...............

Also Christian World,. 1873 - -

Our New House ................

Overdale .......................

Robert Wreford's Daughter..

Also Christian World, 1875 ....

St. Beetha's... .



241 J






1 1 7oX






WORBOISE (Emma Jane [Mrs. E. Guyton]) (continued}

Singlehurst Manor 8i4X Violet Vaughan H77X

Sir Julian's Wife ii84X Warleigh's Trust n66X

Also Family Friend, 1865 726R Also Christian World Magazine ., 251 J

Sissie H93X Wife's Trial i874X

Story of Penelope 1163X1 A Iso Living Age, v. 47 3077!

Also Christian World Mag. 24gJ Woman's Patience II9&X

Thomeycroft Hall I I9$X | Also Christian World Magazine . . 247 J

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

Work, Wait, Win, by Ruth Lamb [Girls' Own Annual, v. n]

Working and Waiting, or Patience in Well-doing, by Mrs. C. Brock-
World of Ice, or the \Vhaling Cruise of the Dolphin, and Adventures

of the Crew in Polar Seas, by R. M. Ballantyne 676X

World we Live in [a Society Tale], by Oswald Crawfurd 535^

World Well Lost, by E. Lynn Linton i697X

World Went very Well Then, by Walter Besant 2367, 2368 and 24O7X

World's Opinion, by Martell [Family Friend, 1852] 698 R

Worth Winning, by Mrs. H. Lovett Cameron

WRAY (Rev. J. Jackson, Temperance Writer \ &-V.) :

Man Every Inch of him... i876X

Matthew Mellowdew

Paul Meggitt's Delusion...

Peter Pengelley, or True as

the Clock 2404X

Stephen Akroyd's Guerdon.. 3292!

WRAY (J. Jackson and T. Tackson), Old Crusty's Niece 3IO4X

Wreck of the Grosvenor, Mutiny of the Crew, &c., by W. C. Russell i66oX

Wrecked in Port, by Edmund Yates [All Year Round, v. 21, N.S.].. 1781!

Wrecker, a Tale of the Sixteenth Century [Romancists' Library] ... 228iX

Wreckers [Smugglers, Shipwrecks, &c.], by Rosa Mackenzie Kettle I372X

Wrong 1 Side of Life, by Sarah Doudney [Sunday Magazine, v. 15]... 2465J
Wuthering* Heights and Agnes Grey, by E. and A. Bronte, with a

Preface and Memoir of both Authors, by Charlotte Bronte. 152 & I56X
Wyandotte, or the Hutted Knoll, by James F. Cooper.. 297, 319 and 2559X

WYLDE (Katherine), Dreamer i87SX

Wyllard's Weird, by Miss M. E. Braddon [Mrs. John Maxwell] .... 528X
WYSS (J. R. Von), The Swiss Family Robinson, or the Adventures
of a Shipwrecked Family on an Uninhabited Island near New

Guinea, translated by Mrs. H. B. Paull 28oSX

iANKEE at the Court of King Arthur, by Mark Twain 3O99X

YATES (Edmund, Dramatist and Novelist, b. 1831) :

Black Sheep[A.Y.R.,v.i6] 1776!

Broken to Harness 2io5X

Also Temple Bar, v. 10 1340 J

Castaway [A. Y. R., v. 26] 1786]

For Better, for Worse

Impending Sword

Kissing the Rod i88aX

Land at Last [T. B., v. 14] I344J

Scenes and Characters, or
Eighteen Months at Beech-
croft 3374^

Silent Witness [A. Y. R., 33] 1793!

Two by Tricks i89oX

Wrecked in Port [A. Y. R.]. I78ij
Yellow Flag [All the Year
Round, v. 27]

Righted Wrong 1 88gX

N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.
Year One of the Republic, the Story of a Peasant [French Revolution,

I793]> by Erckmann-Chatrian





Yeast, a Problem, by Charles Kingsley 730, 2876 and 3O37X

See also Fraser, v. 38, 6487.

Yellow Chief and White Squaw, by Captain Mayne Reid I784X

Yellow Flag, by Edmund Yates [All the Year Round, v. 27] I7&7J

Yellow Gown, by Why te Melville [Fraser, v. 58] 668J

Yellow Plush Papers, by William Makepeace Thackeray... 371, 1082 & IO95X

YEO (Leslie), Youngest Son 64iX

Yolande, by William Black 5 I 4 X

Yone Santo, a Child of Japan, by E. H. House [Atlantic, v. 61] 1 SS 1 }

YONGrE (Charlotte Mary, Popular Novelist, b. 1823) :

Armourer's Prentices *99iJ Heartsease 2228X

Astray, a Tale of a Coun- Heir of Redclyffe 2I94X

try Town 2328X Hopes and Fears I&93X

Beechcroft at Rockstone A Iso Living Age, v. 64 3094 1

3153 and 3378X Kenneth 34 i 4 X

Caged Lion 33^3X Little Duke 3438X

Chantry House 2393X Love and Life 2I78X

Chaplet of Pearls SoSgX Magnum Bonum, or Mother

^/^Macmillan'sMag., v. 17 g^J Carey's Brood .- 26g3X

Clever Woman of the Pillars of the House i95X

Family [Living A., v. 82] 3H2j Prince and the Page 34iiX

Cunning Woman's Grand- Reputed Changeling 3*52X

son 3 J 39 X Three Brides, The i896X

Daisy Chain i8i2X Trial, The [sequel to i8i2X] i898X

Danvers' Papers 3429X Two Sides of a Shield

Disturbing Element 2797X Under the Storm

Dove in Eagle's Nest [M.] 942J
N.B. See also the General Catalogue for this Author.

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