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Cats, &c.



BlackwOOd's Edinburgh Magazine -.(continued.)

Vol. 47, 1840. Thoughts upon Asses. Afghanistan Expedition. Cole-
ridge's Plagiarisms. War with China and the Opium Question.
Aboukir. Khiva, Central Asia and Cabul. Salmon Fry. Modern
Superstition, &c.

Vol. 48, 1840. Style. Omens, Dreams, &c. Metropolitan Stage. Leonardo
da Vinci and Corregio. Democracy in America. Austrians. Ten
Years of Whig Government. Louis-Philippe. Turkish History.
Caucasian War. Raymond : a Tale. Population, &c.

Vol. 49, 1841. Mohammed Ali. England, France, Germany and Russia.
Syria. Secret Societies of Asia : Assassins and Thugs. Warren
Hastings. Banking and Currency. Niebuhr. World of London.
Wars of the Scots in France. Russia in 1812, &c.

Vol. 50, 1841. The Colmans. Non-Intrusion. Results of our Afghan Con-
quests. French in Algeria. Spanish Gipsies. Homer and the
Homeridae. Sketches of Italy. Tower of London, &c.

Vol. 51, 1842. Caleb Stukely, by Phillips. Roamings in Rome. Northern
Circuit : Legal Tales. Cabul and Afghanistan. Berkeley and
Idealism. Science and Agriculture, &c.

Vol. 52, 1842. Cicero. Afghanistan and India. Modern Greece. Human
Sacrifices in India. Ricardo and Adam Smith. League's Re-
venge, &c.

Vol. 53, 1843. Taste and Music in England. Eyre's Cabul. Comte.
Schiller's Poems and Ballads. Occupation of Aden. Salmon and
Sea Trout. Commercial Policy : Spain, Russia. Marston : Me-
moirs of a Statesman, by Croly, &c.

Vol. 54, 1843. English Music and English Musicians. Commercial Policy:
Europe. Repeal Agitation. Woman's Rights and Woman's
Duties. Adventures in Texas. Banking House, by Phillips, &c.

The above volumes of Blackwood's Magazine will be found in the Reference
Library ; the following are in the Lending Library :

Vol. 55, 1844. State Prosecutions. Secession from the Church of Scotland.
Free Trade and Protection. Slave Trade. British Fleet. Ire-
land. Beau Brummel, &c *25j

Vol. 56, 1844. Portugal. Afghanistan. Lord Eldon. Louis Blanc. Burn's
Festival. Goethe's Poems and Ballads. O'Connell Case. French
Socialists. Scottish Banking System. Edmund Burke. Guizot, &c. ra6 J

Vol. 57, 1845. Homer, Dante and Michael Angelo. A Ramble in Monte-
negro. Coleridge and Opium Eating. Goethe's Poems and
Ballads. Mesmerism. Suspiria de Profundis : Sequel to the
Confessions of an Opium Eater, by De Quincey. Sismondi.
Maynooth, &c 127 J

Vol. 58, 1845. Marlborough. Baron Von Stein. Montesquieu. Science
of Languages. Humboldt. Mozart. Sketches of Italy. Rail-
ways. Three Years in Constantinople. Reign of George III., &c. 128 J

Vol. 59, 1846. Campaign in Texas. Sicilian Sketches. Servia and the
Servian Question. Recollections of a Lover of Society. Roman
Campagna. Rajah Brooke. Marquis Wellesley. The Crusades.
Shakespeare and the Drama, &c 1-29$

Vol. 60, 1846. Peru. Last Recollections of Napoleon. Romantic Drama.
Cookery and Civilisation. Mexico, its Territory and People.
Algeria. Water Cure. Wild Sports and Natural History of the
Highlands. Operation of the English Poor-Laws. Annals and
Antiquities of London. Game Laws, &c i3oj

Vol. 61, 1847. Court of Louis Phillipe. Modern Italian History. French
Players and Playhouses. Reign of George II. Direct Taxation.
Pauperism and its Treatment. Java. Truths contained in
Popular Superstitions. Cromwell. The Fighting 88th. Lessons
from the Famine. Scotch Marriage Bill, &c 131 J

Vol. 62, 1847. Jean Paul Richter. History of the Navy. Sir R. Peel and
the Currency. Napoleon at St. Helena. Reid and the Philosophy
of Common Sense. Art in the Early Christian Ages. Naviga-
tion of the Antipodes. Evenings at Sea. Australia. Emerson.
Our Currency, our Trade, and our Tariff, &c i3zj

Vol. 63, 1848. Thirty Years of Liberal Legislation. Ireland. Russian
Empire. Cobden on the National Defences. Crimes and Re-
markable Trials in Scotland. Sir Sidney Smith. Hudson's Bay.
Conquest of Naples. Republican Paris. Revolutions in Europe.
How to Disarm the Chartists. Caxtons, by Lytton, &c , I33J


Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine -.(continued.}

VoL 64, 1848. Laws of Land. "Green Hand:" a "short" Yarn. Re-
publican France. Colonization. Siberia. Scottish Deer Forests.
Navigation Laws. Kaffirland. Moscow Retreat. Naval War
of the French Revolution. Lord Castlereagh. Mrs. Hemans.
Miseries of Ireland, &c I34J

Vol 65, 1849. French Conquerors and Colonists. Art and Artists in Spain.
Caucasus and the Cossacks. Dalmatia and Montenegro. Car-
lists in Catalonia. Peter the Cruel. Sir Astley Cooper. Austria
and Hungary. Romance of Russian History, &c I35J

Vol. 66 1849. Island of Sardinia. Game Laws in Scotland. Charles
Lamb. Jonathan in Africa. My Peninsular Medal. Lamar-
tine's Revolution of 1848. Scottish Marriage and Registration
Hills. Samuel Pepys. Transportation Question. National
Debt and the Stock Exchange. Free Trade, &c 136 J

Vol. 67, 1850. American Adventure. John Howard, P.P. British Agri-
culture and Foreign Competition. Goldsmith. W. Collins, R.A.
Cash and Pedigree. Great Protection Meeting in London, &c. . 137 J

Vol. 63, 1850. House of Guise. Free Trade and our Cotton Manufactures.
Courtship in the Time of James I. African Sporting. My
Novel, by Lytton. Sir R. Peel, &c.. . . . . i$>)

Vol. 69 1851. British Labour and Foreign Reciprocity. Curran and his
Contemporaries. Southey. Narratives of Sorcery and Magic.
Papal Aggression Bill. ./Eschylus. Shakespeare and Schiller.
Ancient Inhabitants of Scotland. Free Trade, &c i3gj

Vol. 70, 1851. What is Mesmerism? Census and Free Trade. D. M.
Moir. Ruskin's Works. New Zealanders. Italian Revolution.
Submarine Telegraph. Paris in 1851, &c 140 J

Vol. 71, 1852. Mont Blanc. Rural Superstitions of Western France.
Lord George Bentinck. Duke of Marlborough. Bull-Fights.
English Administrations. Tibet and the Lamas. Earl of Derby.
Thomas Moore. Policy of the Protectionists. Thoughts upon
Dinners, &c 141 J

Vol. 72 1852. Our National Defences. Nepaul. Celestials at Home and

Abroad. From Stamboul to Tabriz. Lord Jeffrey. Katie

Stewart, by Oliphant. Residence and Rambles in Australia.

Corneille and Shakespeare. Restrictive Tariffs. Flagellants, c. i42j

Vol. 73, 1853. Slavery in the United States. Lady Lee's Widowhood, by

Hamley. Palissy the Potter. Income-Tax Reform. John Rin-

" -agment of the Wreck. Malt-Tax. Spiritual J '
tations. Free Trade and High Prices, c

Vol. 74, 1853. -Gold and Emigration. Narcotics we indulge in. Napoleon
and Sir H. Lowe. New Readings in Shakespeare. Insurrection
in China. Scotland since the Union. Romans in Scotland.
Turkish Question, &c

Vol. 75, 1854. Past and Future of China. Beverages we Infuse. Aber-
deen Cabinet. Glance at Turkish History. Epidemics of the
Middle Ages. Commercial Results of a War with Russia.
Policy of Russia in Central Asia. Young Bengal, &c

Vol. 76, 1854. European Alliance and Russia. Greek Revolution. Specu-
lators among the Stars. Nineveh and Babylon. Crimean War
and the Ministry. Story of the Campaign. Prospects of the
Modern Drama. Zaidee, by Oliphant, &c

Vol. 77, 1855. Conduct of the War. Peace and Patriotism. Schamyl and
the War in the Caucasus. Lord Metcalfe. Bulwer. Ministerial
Changes. Charles Dickens. Death of Nicholas. Palmerston
Administration, &c

Vol. 78, 1855. Imperial Policy of Russia. War, Cabinet, and Conferences.
Canada and North-West States. Baltic in 1855. Simony and
Lay Patronage, &c

Vol. 79, 1856. Drinking and Smoking. The Drama. Lessons from the
War. Scottish Fisheries. Sydney Smith. Laws concerning
Women. The Scot Abroad. Fish-Ponds and Fishing-Boats.
Crimean War. Travels in Circassia. Athelings, by Oliphant.
The Peace, &c

Vol. 80, 1856. Greece and Italy. Dispute with America. Macaulay.
Sea-Side Studies. India under Lord Dalhousie. African Travel.
Ruskin and his Theories. Scandinavia. Art of Cavilling. Food
of London, &c



JBlackwood's Edinburgh Magazine : (continued.}

Vol. 81, 1857. Scenes of Clerical Life, by Evans. European Politics.
Persian War. Letters from a Lighthouse. Barry Cornwall.
Arctic Adventure. Sculptured Stones of Scotland. What will
he do with it? by Lytton. Manchester Exhibition of Art
Treasures, &c 151 J

Vol. 82, 1857. Charles v - Charlotte Bronte. Sir Charles J. Napier.
Bengal Mutiny. Representation of the Colonies. Notes on the
Isthmus of Panama. Our Indian Empire. Michael Angelo,&c. 1527

Vol. 83, 1858. Hunger and Thirst. Scottish Universities. Poorbeah
Mutiny. Ruskin. Beranger. Delhi Campaign. Condition of
Women. Zanzibar, and Two Months in East Africa, by Burton.
Our Convicts. Cumberland. Oude, &c 153!

Vol. 84, 1858. Lucknovv. Gladstone on Homer. John Company's Fare-
well to John Bull. Lord Clyde's Campaign in India. Edward
Irving. Cherbourg. Bright Absurdities, &c *54j

Vol. 85, 1859. Angling Saunter in Sutherland. Royal Proclamation to
India. Mirage Philosophy. Castes and Creeds of India. Napo-
leon III. and Europe. Luck of Ladysmede. Christianity in
India. Fleets and Navies : France. War Speculations, &c 155 J

Vol. 86, 1859. Leaders of the Reformation. Voluntary and Involuntary
Actions. Cruise on the Tanganyika Lake, by Speke. Sir
William Hamilton. Allied Operations in China. Fight on the
Peiho. Fleets and Navies : England, &c I56J

Vol. 87, 1860. Norman Sinclair, by Aytoun. France and Central Italy.
Lord Elgin's Mission to China and Japan. Wellington's Career.
Lady Hamilton. Speke's Adventures in Somali Land. Scottish
National Character, &c 1 57 J

Vol. 88, 1860. Secret History of the Russian Campaign of 1812. National
Defences and Volunteers. Pursuit of Tantia Topee. Grea
Earthquake at Lisbon. Sir Robert Peel. King Arthur and hi
Round Table. Iron-Clads, &c .. .. I58J

Vol. 89, 1861. English Embassies to China. Spontaneous Generation.
Biographia Dramadca. China War of 1860. Spontaneous Com-
bustion. Americanisms. Life in Central Africa. Punjab in
1857. Euthanasia of the Ottoman Empire. Pitt. Book-Hunter,
&c I59J

Vol. 90, 1861. Book-Hunter again. Mad Dogs. Scotland and her
Accusers. Persian War of 1856-7. Book- Hunter's Club. Ernest
Renan. Pugin. American Civil War. Chronicles of Carling-
ford, by Oliphant. Rector and Doctor's Family, &c i6oj

Vol. 91, 1862. J. M. W. Turner, R.A. Convulsions of America. Phy-
sicians and Quacks. Defence of Canada. Caxtoniana ; Essays
on Life, Literature, and Manners. Lord Castlereagh. Inter-
national Exhibition, &c. ... , i6ij

Vol. 92, 1862. Rights of Woman. Jefferson Davis. Ten Days in Rich-
mond. Italy and France. Scot in France. Thiers on Waterloo.
Crisis of the American War. Professor Wilson, &c i6^J

Vol. 93, 1863. Month's Visit to the Confederate Head-quarters. Belligerent

Rights at Sea. Frank in Scotland. Spirit-Writing in China, &c. i63j

Vol. 94, 1863. George Cruikshank. Pyramids who Built them? and
When ? Tony Butler, by Lever. Sheridan Knowles. Navies of
England and France. American War, &c i64j

Vol. 95, 1864. European Crisis. Charles the Bold. Fleet of the Future.
Napoleon III. as a General. Herat and Afghanistan. Schleswig-
Holstein War, &c i6sJ

Vol. 96, 1864. Education and Training of Naval Officers. Napoleonic
Idea in Mexico. Victor Hugo on Shakespeare. City of Gold.
General McClellan. Confederate States, 1863-4, &c 166 J

Vol. 97, 1865. Nile Basins and Nile Explorers. Miss Marjoribanks, by
Oliphant. Modern Demonology. Etoniana. Gladstone. William
Blake. Earl Russell. Sir Brooke Fossbrooke, by Lever. New
Zealand, &c i6 7 J

Vol. 98, 1865. Josiah Wedgwood. Memoirs of the Confederate War for
Independence. Laying of the Atlantic Cable. Lord Palmerston.
Educators. Switzerland in Summer and Autumn, &c i68J

Vol. 99, 1866. J. S. Mill on our Belief in the External World. F. W.
Robertson. Gipsies. Negro and Negrophilists. Reform Bill.
Life of Steele, &c ... r6gj

[73] &&


Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine : (continued.)

Vol. 100, 1886. Nina Balatka, by Trollope. American Struggle. West-
minster School. British America. Nile. Review of the Con-
tinental War. John Bright. Victor Hugo, c i7oj

Vol. 101, 1867. Our Naval Defences. Admiral Sir William Parker.
Brownlows, by Oliphant. The Army. Turret-Ships of England
and America. Co-operative Societies. Elizabeth and Mary.
Transatlantic Fenianism. The Reform Bill. Strikes and Trades

Unions, &c 171 J

Vol. 102,1867. Napoleon I. Death of Sir Archibald Alison. Maximilian.
Linda Tressel, by Trollope. Monetary Reform. Work and
Murder. Reynolds and the Portrait-Painters of the Past Cen-
tury. Women in the Middle Ages, &c 172]

Vol. 103, 1868. \Vhat I did at Belgrade, by Lever. Historical Sketches of
the Reign of George II., by Oliphant. Fenianism, Abyssinian

Expedition. Charles Kean and the Modern Stage, c I73J

Vol. 104, 1868. Peter Pindar. Jamaica Committees. Right Hon. B.
Disraeli. Baron Bunsen. Clever Women. Dean Milman. Re-
ligious Equality and Unlimited Franchise, &c *74J

Vol. 105, 1869. Army Organisation. Gladstone and Disestablishment.
New Zealand and its Goldfields. Stage Morality and the Ballet.
Sir John Lawrence. Northmen, Heathen and Christian, &c. . . . *7SJ

Vol. 106, 1869. Recollections of Lord Byron. Earthquakes and Volcanoes.
Earl's Dene, a Novel. Land Question of Ireland. Faroese
Saga. Egypt and the Story of the Suez Canal. Mystery or

Passion Plays, &c I7 6J

Vol. 107, 1870. Lord Mayo and the Umballa Durbar. Opening of the
Suez Canal. Byron and his Calumniators. University Tests.
Chatterton. Montalembert. Trade-Unions. Education Diffi-
culty. Our Ironclad Ships, &c I77 J

Vol. 108, 1870. The Lords and the Irish Land Bill. Greek Massacre.

Poetry and Humour of the Scottish Language. Why is Prussia

Victorious ? Red River Expeditions. War Letter of Corkhardt, &c. I78J

Vol. 109, 1871. Lord Palmerston. Fair to See, by Lockhart. Before

Paris. British Navy. Retrospect of the War. Charles Dickens.

Cowper, &c J7 gj

Vol. no, 1871. Commune of Paris. Maid of Sker, by Blackmore. Ballot
Bill. Sir Walter Scott. Wordsworth. Coupd'Etat. Coleridge.

French Home Life. House of Lords, &c i8oj

Vol. in, 1872. Nine Hours' Movement. Burns. Voltaire. General Lee.

Shelley. Church Reform. Situation in France. Zanzibar, &c. i8ij
Vol. 112, 1872. -Byron. Earl of Mayo. Charles James Lever. Japan.

Parisians, by Lytton. Montalembert. La Bruyere. Goethe, &c. i82j
Vol. 113, 1873. Lord Lytton. Second Gladstone Administration. Bengal

Ryot. Explorations. In London. Doctor Abroad, &c i8sJ

Vol. 114, 1873. Newfoundland. Dumas. Schiller. Vienna in Exhibition-
Time. Republic or Monarchy in France? Liberal Party and
National Education. Conservative Party and National Educa-
tion, &c . J84I

Vol. 115, 1874. John Stuart Mill. Indian Mutiny; Sir Hope 'Granit!

Alice Lorraine, by Blackmore. Story of Valentine and his

Brother, by Oliphant. Elections of 1868 and 1874. Ashantee, &c. " i8sJ

Vol. 116, 1874. Brackenbury's Narrative of the Ashanti War. Abode of

Snow. Civil War in America. Agricultural Strike. School-

Board Religion. Founders of Modern Liberalism, &c i86J

N ol. 117, 1875. Inkerman. China War of 1860: Sir Hope Grant. Di-
lemma, a Novel, by Chesney. Budget and National Debt.
British Workmen Past and Present. France and Germany.

Polar Exploration, &c j8 7 J

Vol. 1 13, 1875. Modern Scepticism and its Fruit. State' of ' the' French
Army. Rivers. London Police Court. British Sea-Fisheries.
Michael Angelo. French War Preparations in 1870. Legends

and Folk-Lore of North Wales, &c !88 T

Vol. 119, 1876. Lace and Bric-a-brac. Army Reform. Lamartine.
Secondary Education in Scotland. Eton College. -Lord Palmer-
ston. Norman Macleod. Swift. Macaulay. Woman-Hater,

by Reade. Winter in a Northumbrian Watering-Place, &c i8gj

\ ol. 120, 1876. Eastern Question. Mo'iere. Gortschakoff and Bismarck.
Mobilisation of the Army. Swift and Macaulay. Home Agita-
tion and the East. Conference at Constantinople, &c 190?



Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine : (continued.}

Vol. 121, 1877. Inside the House of Commons. George Sand. Pauline, a
Novel, by Walford. Balzac. Crete. Harriet Martineau.
Anglo-Indian Tongue. Nelson in the Bay of Naples. Storm in
the East, &c 191 J

Vol. 122, 1877. Egyptian Campaign in Abyssinia. English Diplomacy.
Heine. Victor Hugo. Our Indian Policy. Samuel Warren.
Political Results of the War. Opium-Eater, &c igaj

Vol. 123, 1878. French Home Life. Fall of Plevna. Ironclads and Tor-
pedos. North American Fisheries and the Halifax Commission.
England and Russia. Foreign Opinion on England in the East.
John Caldigate, a Novel, c . . . . 193 J

Vol. 124, 1878. Gaelic Lore and Modern Slang. South African Question.
The Berlin Congress. Bismarck. Treatise of Peace. Cyprus.
New Routes to India. India and Afghanistan. Progress of
Naval Architecture, &c 194 J

Vol. 125, 1879. Elector's Catechism. Medium of Last Century. Afghan
War and its Authors. Contemporary Literature. Zulu War.
Hamlet. Country in 1849 and 1879. Some Aspects of the
present French Republic. Bank Failures and their Remedies, &c. ig$J

Vol. 126, 1879. Zulu War. Afghan Peace and our New Frontier. Notes
from Cyprus. Stock-jobbing and the Stock Exchange. India
and the Silver Question. Cabul Mutiny. Syria. Among the
Afghans. Theatrical Reform, &c 196 J

Vol. 127, 1880. The Roman Breviary. The Reign of Queen Anne. A
White Rajah. British Interests in Ireland. Irish Atrocities.

The North-East Passage. Conviviality. The Afghan_War.

: Propri-
Consort. Dr. Wortle's School, by Trollope. Peter the Great,

Metternich. The Peasant Proprietors of Norway. The Prince

and Syria. Morocco and the Moors. Russia, and Nihilism,

the Novels of M. Tourge"nief. The University of the Prairies.

Suicide. Fishing and Fishing Literature, &c 197 J

Vol. 128, 1880. Dr. James Beattie. Country Life in Portugal. School and
College. Wellington and Reform. Financial Situation in India.
A Reindeer Ride through Lapland. A Talk about Sonnets.
Central Asia : The Meeting-place of Empires. Irish Distress
and its Origin. The Pillars of the State. The Bayard of the
East. A Week in Athens. New Novels. Memory. Society
and the Salons before the French Revolution. The Private
Secretary, by Chesney. Army Reform. Close of the Affghan
Campaign. Indian Famine Reports. Winter Sports and
Pleasures, &c ig8J

Vol. 129, 1881. Cellini. Some of Shakespeare's Female Characters, by
Lady Martin. The Land of Gilead. King George III. and Mr.
Fox in their Early Days. The Government and Ireland. George
Eliot. Among the Albanians of Southern Epirus. Lord Herbert
of Cherbury. Freaks of the Telegraph. Vallombrosa. Old
Scottish Society. The Sword. Short Service and its Supporters.
Margaret, Duchess of Newcastle. The New Nostrum for Ire-
land. The Earl of Beaconsfield. The Land of Khemi, by Oli-
phant. A Talk about Odes, &c iggj

Vol. 130, 1881. Besieged in the Transvaal. Reminiscences of Prison Life.
A French Lady and her Friends. Recollections a la fourchette.
Tunis. . Uncle Z ; a Tale. Hints for the Vacation Ramble.
Edward Gibbon. The Meiningen Company and the London
Stage. The Fixed Period. Decadence of Frenchwomen. A
New Don Quixote. The Threatened Abolition of Bank Notes.
Carlo Goldoni. David Scott. The Pyrenees. A Few French
Novels. Adventures of a War Correspondent, &c 2ooJ

Vol. 131, 1882. Inside Kairwan. Eels and Eel-Sets. Finance, West of
the Atlantic. Romance in Business. Electric Progress. Lord
Crawford and the House of Mar. Recent Novels. The Ladies
Lindores, by Oliphant. Bilochistan, our Latest Acquisition.
Fenianism. The Borders and their Ballads. Democracy. Pis-
ciculture ; its Progress and Utility. State of Art in England.
Mozart. Faiths of the World. False Coin in Poetry. The
Lights of " Maga," &c soij



Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine : (continued.)

Vol. 132, 1882. Carlyle's Life and Reminiscences. Lucy Hutchinson.
Alice Thornton. Our Food Supplies in War Time. Machine-
Made Soldiers. Sport in a German Forest Country. Ladies in
Iceland. The Coming of the M;:hdy. Curiosities of British
Politics. Tunis. Nottingham Lace ; its History and Manufac-
ture. False Coin in Sacred Hermeneutics. Sketches from the
Dutch Seaside. Resemblances in Literature. Jewish Tales and
Jewish Reform. Four Months in Morocco, &c 202 J

Vol. 133, 1883. Some of Shakespeare's Female Characters. Literary
Bohemians. Omens of Trouble. American Literature in
England. The New Legal Position of Married Women. Fire-
side Musings on Serious Subjects. The Secrets of Salmon
Growth. Bishop Wilberforce. Jonathan Swift. Progress of
the New Dominion. Contemporary Art Poetic and Positive.
Recent French Novels. The Millionaire, by Jennings. Madame
Roland. Shakespeare and George Eliot. Curiosities of Politics.
Recent German Novels. A Sketch from Cornwall. The Death
of Rothesay, &c 203J

Vol. 134, 1883. Three Days with Juvenile Offenders in France. Red Hot
Reform. A Sketch from South Warwickshire. The Belka
Arabs. Recent French Novels. Reminiscences of a Ross-shire
Forest. James Ferguson, the "Astronomer." The Canal
Dilemma ; Our True Route to India. Letters from Galilee.
The Baby's Grandmother, by Walford. From Tangier to Wazan.
Story of a Little War. Anthony Trollope. The French in Ton-
quin and Anam. The Vallons of Nice. The Corrupt Practices
Bill, &c 204 J

Vol. 135, 1884. Old Lady Mary ; a Tale. Figures in the Fire. A Lady's
Ride across Spanish Honduras. The Scottish Parody on Home
Rule. The New Phajdo ; Dialogues, by Lewes. The Brigand's
Bride ; an Adventure in Southern Italy. The Recent Dispute in
the Coal Trade. Army Vivisection. Salmo-Hucho Fishing in
Bavaria. The Earthly Paradise. Bourgonef. The State of Art
in France. An Idle Hour in my Study. The Sons of the Pro-
phets ; Two Representatives of the Catholic Faith, A Ramble to
the Riviera. The Chinese Army. New Views of Shakespeare's
Sonnets. Magda's Cow. Taxation and Representation, under
the New Reform Bill, &c 205J

Vol. 136, 1884. Berlin in A.D. 1884. Investigation and Prosecution of
Crime. Sceptical Theories. Venice. Russia's Advance upon
India. Curiosities of Politics. Three Young Novelists. The
People and the Army. The World's Oil Supply in the igth
Century. Some of Shakespeare's Female Characters. Scottish
Capital Abroad. The Soudan and Abyssinia. The Franchise
Bill Unmasked. The Waters of Hercules, by Gerard. The
Right Hon. John Wilson Croker. Outlying Professions. An
Artist's Autobiography. Life in a Druse Village. John Wycliffe ;
his Life and Work, &c 2 o6J

Vol. 137, 1885. Recent Degradation of Military Rank. Malta and its
Knights. Sir Alexander Grant. George Eliot. Some of Shakes-
peare's Female Characters. National Insurance. Our Egyptian
Atrocities. Mr. Chamberlain and the Rights of Property. For-
tune's Wheel, by Shand. Reminiscences of Sir Herbert Stewart.
Epidemics and Alcohol. The Royal Mail. Summer 'in the
Soudan. The Torpedo Scare. New Views of Shakespeare's
Sonnets. Gordon, Wolseley, and Sir Charles Wilson, c 207 J

Vol. 138, 1885. The Decline of Art. Becket. Crofter Agitation. The
Crack of Doom, by Minto. What has become of the Middle
Classes? Reminiscences of an " Attache^ " by Jerningham.
Thoughts on Free-Trade Policy, A.D. 1846-1885. General
Gordon. Florida. Orlando. England and France, in Indo-
China. The Negroes of the Congo. Stories about the Colonies.
The Land Question. What about Ireland? Helen Faucit,
Lady Martin. The Scotch and English Bowmen. Riots.
Establishment and Disestablishment, &c 208 J,



Black wood's Edinburgh Magazine : (continued.}

Vol. 139, 1886. Jane Taylor. The Irish Difficulty. Moss from a Rolling
Stone, by Oliphant. What the Colonies think of us. Our
Military Policy towards the Native States of India. New
Views of Shakespeare's Sonnets. Scotch Local History-.
Principal Tulloch. Aerial Navigation. Holman Hunt. The
Crofters. Sarracinesca, by Crawford. Indian Arms. John
Gwillim, Rouge Croix Pursuivant-at-Arms. Heavy Political
Clouds, &c sogj

Vol, 140, 1886. Burmese Border Tribes. Debates on the Elections.
Europe versus England. Facts and I 1 ictions in Irish History.
Sir Samuel Ferguson. Elizabeth Fry. Mr. Gladstone arid Lord
Brabourne on Irish History. Home Rule for Scotland. Order

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